Monday, July 03, 2017

Buzz Aldrin listening to Donald Trump trying to sound smart about space exploration represents us all.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Trump’s remarks began with the president’s usual boasting:

“We’re going to lead again like we never led before.” But he then appeared to claim all of space for the U.S., calling it the “next great American frontier.” 

Trump also referred to space “providing the security that we need to protect the American people.” And he sent Aldrin’s eyebrows shooting up when he added, inexplicably, “At some point in the future, we’re going to look back and say, ‘How did we do it without space?’” 

“We know what this is, space. That’s all it has to say: space,” Trump said as he prepared to sign his executive order. He then turned to Aldrin and asked, “There’s a lot of room out there, right?” 

“To infinity, and beyond,” Aldrin quipped as others laughed. 

But Trump apparently didn’t get the reference to Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase in “Toy Story.” “This is infinity here. It could be infinity,” Trump answered in a rambling response. “We don’t really don’t know. But it could be. It has to be something — but it could be infinity, right?”


One of the first two humans to land on the moon, and the second to walk on it, and now he is reduced to standing next to a tangerine colored moron spewing stupid into a microphone.

Oh the humanity.


  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    I don't know how anyone can stand next to this proven fraud. This person rigged the presidential election. He is not president nor worthy of respect. He is a liar.

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      When you are invited to stand next to this idiot do you have the option of declining the invitation?

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      5:42: yes, you do.

    3. Anonymous11:26 AM

      5:42: Yes, you do. Except when your name is Buzzard Aldrin...

  2. Anonymous3:38 AM

    As stupid sounding as Sarah word salad Palin.

    1. Anonymous4:53 AM

      " I hear these horror shows, and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us.” He added for emphasis:
      “Everybody knows what I’m talking about.”

    2. Anonymous5:16 AM

      Happy Quitter's Day, Stupid $arah!

  3. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Space: That recognizable void between Donald Trumps ears.

    1. Anonymous4:40 AM

      not valid or legally binding.
      "the contract was void"
      invalid, null, ineffective, nonviable, useless, worthless, nugatory
      "the election was void"
      completely empty.
      "void spaces surround the tanks"
      empty, vacant, blank, bare, clear, free, unfilled, unoccupied, uninhabited
      "vast void spaces"
      noun: void; plural noun: voids
      a completely empty space.
      "the black void of space"
      vacuum, emptiness, nothingness, nullity, blankness, vacuity; empty space, blank space, space, gap, cavity, chasm, abyss, gulf, pit, black hole
      "the void of space"
      verb: void; 3rd person present: voids; past tense: voided; past participle: voided; gerund or present participle: voiding
      declare that (something) is not valid or legally binding.
      synonyms: invalidate, annul, nullify; negate, quash, cancel, countermand, repeal, revoke, rescind, retract, withdraw, reverse, undo, abolish; vacate; formal-abrogate
      discharge or drain away

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      4:40 Congratulations! You have mastered the art of cut and paste. Now you're a right click fool.

  4. Anonymous4:23 AM

    OT?"The Sekulow family has full control of CASE, which raked in $229 million in donations from 2011 to 2015 alone"

  5. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Funny to hear Trump talking about space when he could careless about our climate, water and everything else we depend on here in "OUR SPACE - EARTH"

     “At some point in the future, we’re going to look back and say, ‘How did we do it without space?’”
    -President Donald Trumpski

  6. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Poll: Trump's approval rating sinks below 40 percent as Twitter controversies swirl
    - 2 hours ago

  7. Anonymous4:35 AM

    To Welcome Trump, Poland Taps Old Communist Party Playbook

    Back when Poland was part of the Soviet bloc, the Communist Party would bus people into Warsaw from the provinces to ensure there was a compliant crowd to welcome high-level visitors from Moscow.

    Now with President Donald Trump heading to Poland this week for a day-long state visit, the country's right-wing government is tapping the old playbook.

    "Every deputy from PiS [the Law and Justice Party] is allowed to invite 50 people to Trump's Thursday appearance in Warsaw and the party will pay for the bus," Joachim Brudzinski, vice-marshal of the Polish parliament, said in amessage to party members.

    Michal Kobosko of the Atlantic Council, a longtime observer of Polish politics, said the ruling Law and Justice party is pulling out all the stops to make sure the Trump visit is a success — though this particular tactic is not without irony, given party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski was an anti-communist dissident...

  8. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Trump is exceptionally stupid. Emotionally, he's retarded. He is the face of those who voted for him ... limited and gullible rubes.
    They believe he is going to make things 'all better' for them. Clueless fools. Some of them think coal is coming back.

    1. Anonymous5:38 AM

      There's no talking with them either. Fingers in ears, "I can't hear you!" The older I get, I just cannot suffer fools any more. They'll find out soon enough when their livelihood is cut off at the knees.

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM

      And, they deserve the loss of financial stability that will be coming their way. Then, perhaps, they will realize what a horrid man for whom they cast their vote!

  9. Anonymous5:01 AM

    "There are only two motivations that cause Trump to do anything, O’Brien said,
    “Either self-preservation or self-aggrandizement.”

  10. Anonymous5:15 AM

    "He is in the strange position of being a B-list celebrity who is also the most famous man in the world."
    "He needs them the way a junkie needs his junk. Donald Trump cares more about how he is perceived in the media than he cares about anything else in the world, including money. Trump is a true disciple of Bishop Berkeley, professing the creed of the social-media age:
    Esse est percipi— “To be is to be seen.” Trump is incapable of enjoying anything — money, success, sex — without being perceived enjoying it."Trump wrote of the third lady that he chose her because he wanted to be able to enter a room with her and make other men envious —
    to see “grown men weep”
    during a public appearance whether she’d have married Trump if he weren’t rich, she answered: “If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” There is a certain clarity in that"...

    Read more at:

  11. Anonymous5:37 AM

    We have such a stupid potus. I really have begun to think that he has a mental problem and needs to be impeached.

    I fear for our country which has already begun going downhill (and in such a 'short' time under Trump's dictatorship!).

    Contact all your Republican Senators and Representatives from your state and let them know how you feel about Trump and them!

    They need and want your vote to stay in power and we are the ones that decide whether or not they work for 'us'.

  12. Anonymous5:39 AM

    We know Trump claims there's fake news. How about his twitter followers?

    Are trump followers fake?
    ● 5 million followers in just a few days and that nearly half are “fake” —

    ● “In my expert opinion, something strange is going on,”

    Washington Post:
    ‘Something fishy’ is going on with Trump’s Twitter account, researchers say

    Reports have zinged around the Internet this week about a sudden and mysterious surge in President Trump’s Twitter following, along with dark musings that something nefarious may be afoot.

    The wildest of these claims — including the suggestion that Trump had gained up to 5 million followers in just a few days and that nearly half are “fake” — are clearly overblown, analysts say. But several researchers who study social media have also reached the conclusion that something fishy may be going on with Trump’s account.

    That something fishy may involve the mass creation of “bots,” a catch-all term for accounts that are automated, meaning a single individual or a team can run hundreds or thousands at time. This is something Trump’s supporters have a history of doing well, far better than his political opponents, according to work by several researchers.

    “In my expert opinion, something strange is going on,” said  Samuel C. Woolley, research director for the Computational Propaganda project at Oxford University. “It’s consistent with other strange things that have gone on before with this politician’s Twitter feed.”...

    1. Anonymous5:47 AM

      Donald J. Trump is no politician, Mr. Woolley. An incompetent boob of a puppet, yes.

  13. Anonymous5:53 AM





    Judd Legum 

    Chris Christie gets caught lounging on New Jersey beach he closed to public 

    5:03 PM - 2 Jul 2017

    Tony Dearing 

    Gov. Chris Christie and family soak up sun on state beach he closed to the public.@AndyMills_NJ …

    3:30 PM - 2 Jul 2017

    JULY 2 2017 8:21 PM

    Chris Christie and His Family Get Beach to Themselves Amid State Shutdown

    ....At the news conference a reporter asked Christie if he got sun today. “I didn’t,” he replied. “I didn’t get any sun today.” His spokesman later tried to valiantly explain that lie when he was told about the aerial photographs: “Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office. He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on.”

    1. And what does he say to all of the peons that complain about it? "They're not the governor."

      His approval rating was 15%. Most assuredly lower now. He's a lame duck so probably doesn't give a shit about appearances or his approval ratings.

      He says it's not like it was a secret that he was going to spend the 4th at the governor's mansion on this beach. What is an affront to everyone is that he closed the beach due to the budget deadlock, but he and his family still went there. So essentially he created his own private beach for the holidays.

      I'd like to see a lot of New Jersians invade that beach tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Christie is as much a joke as is Trump! No wonder they like each other! Christie's disapproval rating is huge - higher than Trump's currently, but that could change!

  14. Anonymous6:01 AM

    So often Trump's remarks are cringe worthy. I think he must believe his lies that he has the best words and is the smartest because he obviously does not ask for help from experts nor prepare well thought out remarks.

    Although our citizens have varying educational backgrounds it baffles me that people wanted him as our elected leader even if he in some ways represents them. Trump did cheat by verbally lying and bashing Clinton demonizing her as he does the press.
    Trump is a master of smears, degradation and humiliation pathological liar who will not stop even after he wins.

  15. Marthe6:12 AM

    Some of his sentences about "space" and "infinity" make no sense at all. He sounds like Sarah Palin on her best days.

    1. Anonymous2:52 AM

      Ninety-five percent of the sentences uttered by Trump make no sense at all. The other sentences are only there to link the nonsensical ones together.

  16. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I watched that clip twice. The first time looking at Buzz Andrin's facial expressions - priceless. Those early astronauts had more smarts & courage than Trump has in his pinky- pinky finger.

    The next time I watched the clip I watched Pence's face and he looks like a Stepford Wives with a smirk of adoration for that POS Trump. I question the mental health of the POTUS and the VPOTUS.

  17. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Wilbur Ross again. Why is he always in these pictures that seem to have nothing to do with him? Official photo bomber?

  18. Anonymous8:24 AM

    MORON$::They are fierce deniers of Climate Change, steadfast opponents of corporate regulations and dangerous loyalists and benefactors of the right wing Tea Party regime."
    "David Koch consisted of such nefarious objectives as the elimination of the following: Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, minimum wage, Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Act, FDA, FAA, Welfare and Relief programs, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Department of Energy and Campaign Finance Laws."
    The Obamacare repeal is a personally funded vendetta of the Koch brothers. Deregulation of the business industry, denouncement of Climate Change, removal of criminal liability of executives involved in hazardous operations, Medicaid cuts and tax breaks for the rich? All legislation founded and funded by Charles and David Koch. PAYOUT
    "400 MILLION dollars to Republican candidates in 2018."
    "We must RESIST"

    1. Anonymous2:51 AM

      I find it curiously interesting that the Koch brothers have invested in renewable energy projects. Are they hedging their bets? After convincing the GOP in Congress (probably not hard to do) that climate change is imaginary, the Kochs went and invested in solar and wind. Just in case, I guess.

      In general, I cannot fathom why so many billionaires hate the rest of humanity so much. What have we done to harm them? Other than simply being alive. Don't they need lesser mortals around to do all of the work and pay the taxes they do their best to avoid? One of the brothers once ran for public office as a libertarian, did very poorly and, since that time, they've gone underground to do their worst. Such cowards.

    2. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Beaglemom. Help is on the way!

  19. Anonymous8:40 AM

    "by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions, Trump is causing “avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and for our children.”“I fear evolution has inbuilt greed and aggression to the human genome. There is no sign of conflict lessening, and the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could make that disastrous. The best hope for the survival of the human race might be independent colonies in space,” S.H.

  20. No one made him go. He was invited. He could have declined. It's not like they arrested him and held him there in chains.

    Anyone that associates themselves with this self-serving spoiled brat of a man-child deserves what they get.

  21. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Aldrin must have been shitting green nickels while listening to the moron in the white house!

    Trump is inept as to his speeches! Especially after we had two terms of an eloquent speaker such as President Obama!

    Trump is a disaster and needs to be impeached!

  22. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Lost all respect for Aldrin - he chose to stand next to The Rump. Fool.


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