Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cooking channel that specializes in 18th century delicacies comes under attack by Trump supporters for sharing "Orange Fool" recipe.

I have actually watched this guy's channel before, and thought it was mildly interesting, and certainly NOT politicized in any way.

But then I am not among those who thought that NPR tweeting the Declaration of Independence was an attack on Dear Leader.

Courtesy of Munchies:  

Townsends, a popular cooking channel with almost 300,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos, specializes in 18th-century cooking and lifestyle content. It's where you might go to learn how to make parched corn or salt-glazed pottery—and it unintentionally ignited a firestorm when it released a video on July 3 about a traditional dessert known as the "orange fool.

"If you read those two words and immediately thought of our current commander-in-chief, you're not alone. The typically quaint comments section of the Townsends video was quickly inundated with mentions of "cucks" and MAGA. The reaction to the video was so acrimonious—viewers on both sides of the aisle argued, and Trump supporters threatened to unsubscribe—that Townsends decided to issue a response video two days later, titled "The Intrusion Of Modern Politics On Our YouTube Channel," to address the perceived political motivations of "orange fool."

Jon Townsend, the man behind Townsends (and host of the videos) is clearly exasperated, saying "We've entered this era where everything has to do with politics...[It's] frustrating to me that everything we do, even in a simple episode cooking episode, has to be dragged into that arena." 

"Two words and people are thinking that's the message one way or the other," Townsend told MUNCHIES over the phone. He says they have taken down the contentious comments to try and promote a more positive dialogue.
I swear folks you cannot make this shit up.


  1. Adding a t to the end of MAGA thrills Drumpf supporters no end. MAGAts, MAGAts

    I immediately thought of the mangled apricot when I saw Orange Fool. What else could anyone think?

  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    SO disappointed they took teh comments section down. It's evidence of the delusion of illiteracy of 21st century America, EVEN with all our connectivity. It took me @ 4 seconds to click on the definition of "fool," granted, it's the secondary definition and required two clicks instead of one to see teh expanded definition at Merriam Webster:
    noun: fool; plural noun: fools
    a cold dessert made of pureed fruit mixed or served with cream or custard.
    "raspberry fool with cream"

  3. Anonymous5:35 AM

    /illusion of literacy/

  4. Anonymous5:36 AM

    or /delusion of literacy/?

  5. It only took two words to get these people riled up. That's their limit.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      If the foo shits!

    2. Anonymous6:14 AM

      And they call the left snowflakes...

    3. Leland6:30 AM

      to continue 5:57's quote, ..."wear it!"

      A really old joke that seems appropriate here. Thanks 5:57!

  6. Anonymous7:20 AM

    "I love the poorly educated." Trump 2-24-16

  7. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I believe that since the likes of Palin feeding supporters lies ignoring their threats of violence followed by Trump encouraging violence to silence others that our country has gone mad.

    It is a sad commentary when people are so defensive they leap to irrational conclusions even a recipe is an attack on Trump.
    I applaud Tonsend for his measured response and clear boundaries.

  8. Anonymous8:35 AM

    My husband and I are foodies, and we watch similar programs on PBS and BBC. We weren't aware of this one, but will start following it now. I've made Raspberry Fool--think pudding.

    I'm not even going to let the Orange Fool who occasionally inhabits the nation's capital deter me from trying the original recipe.

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Occasionally and temporarily. Will our democracy survive this attack by the stupids?

    2. Grey One talks sass12:13 PM

      The USA will survive only because the fool is bringing out the infection, exposing it to the Light of Day.

      We are Americans, the children and descendents of penal colonists and settlers alike. If there is one thing we the people are good at it is surviving.

  9. This was George Washington's favorite desert. An orange custard pudding.

    Just another instance of the illiteracy of our population. No surprise since they are so ignorant of history they are running to embrace round two of the horrors of WWII.

  10. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Orange Fool, deep down trump supporters know that he is an orange fool or why would they ever make this absurd connection.

  11. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Besides he was totally entitled to do and say what he wants. This is America. Right?

  12. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Are "Orange Julius" stores still open in malls? If so, they should give away free ones on his BD, like 7-11 does slurpees every year.

  13. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Why would they watch an 18th -c. cooking show if they didn't know that a "fool" is a kind of custardy dessert? Any fool knows that.

    1. Leland12:41 PM

      They are not fools, though, 10:55. They're IDIOTS!

  14. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Anyway, you know what General George Washington, the first President of these United States, would think of his successor, the 45th. "Orange Fool" would be kind.


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