Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vatican backed article goes after Trump White House for “apocalyptic geopolitics.”

Courtesy of The Guardian:  

An explosive article written by two close associates of Pope Francis has accused Steve Bannon, the chief White House strategist, of espousing an “apocalyptic geopolitics” whose roots are “not too far apart” from that of Islamist extremism. 

The article in La Civiltà Cattolica, which is vetted by the Vatican before publication, lays out a scathing critique of “evangelical fundamentalism” in the US, arguing that, on issues ranging from climate change to “migrants and Muslims”, proponents of the ideology have adopted a twisted reading of scripture and the Old Testament that promotes conflict and war above all else. 

The piece was published just days after evangelical leaders met US president Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House and “laid hands” on him in prayer following discussions about religious freedom, support for Israel and healthcare reform.

Vatican experts said the article would have had the explicit backing of the church and Pope Francis. Its authors, Antonio Spadaro, the editor-in-chief of the publication, and Marcelo Figueroa, the editor-in-chief of the Argentinian edition of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, are known as confidantes of the Argentinian pope.

It claims that fake religious arguments are being used to demonise segments of the population – particularly when it comes to migrants and Muslims – and to promote the US as a nation that is blessed by God, without ever taking into account the “bond between capital and profits and arms sales”.

You know I find this to be a fascinating time for American Catholics.

Here they are torn between the Holy Father, a very progressive pontiff, and Donald Trump, who they clearly favored in the 2016 election. (Well, the white Catholics at least.)

One leads them toward the future, and other seems determined to drag them back to the dark ages.

And the fact that it is the Pope who is more forward thinking, and the US president who is resisting change, is perhaps the most troubling thing about it.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM


    Kushner's lawyer stepping back from representing him in Russia probe | The Hill
    17 hours ago

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Jared Kushner loses veteran D.C. lawyer in Russia investigation

    NY Daily News - 16 hours ago

  3. Leland6:26 AM

    I am REALLY looking forward to Humpty Trumpty's twitter responses (Yes, I said plural.) to this. My specific questions are: how many times will he claim it is fake news and they don't know what they are talking about?

  4. Anonymous6:35 AM

    As more intelligent people speak out ,others follow. Every little resistance gets us closer.I feel like it's starting to add up.
    We will crush trump and his sewage rat's . That day will come. Even a little at a time. Forward!

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Apply the pressures ,everyday ,our freedom and liberty are being discarded .
      These bastards are trying to take over.
      The are getting more openly bold and blatant in their monstrous take over.

  5. Olivia7:15 AM

    The Catholics who sold their souls to the Republicans to destroy reproductive rights and gay marriage are just waiting for this one to die. They were so thrilled with the Nazi pope and want him back.

    1. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Yes, isn't it funny that Pope Francis, who espouses what Jesus said in The Sermon On The Mount, is looked upon with such disdain.

      As far as I'm concerned, there IS no difference between Islam extremists and them.

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      There has always been a divide among catholics, though not as explicit as the Jews Orthodox through Reformed.

      There are the real reacties - those wo btch every time a part of the liturgy is slightly changed. They're also still waiting for Ozzie and Harriet to return on primetime TV, Rapidly dying off.

      THere are the unthinking middle of the roaers and some downright progressives wo tihnk Francis is great.

      There are the cafeteria Cetholics.
      There are the cultural Catholics.

  6. Anonymous8:00 AM

    The Vatican must really be impressed with Trump and pals development projects around the world.
    'This building is a white elephant set in the middle of nowhere. Never was meant to be used for anything other than the laundering of dirty money.'
    Ivanka Trump, oversaw the Baku Trump Tower project's overall development:

    'In 2011, residents were informed through letters from the local government that their houses would be demolished to make room for a project that was described as being significant for the government. Thirty families were evicted from their houses. One resident received a government payment of $18,000 to compensate for her house, which she estimated was worth five times the amount of what she was paid; she sued the government after discovering that a luxury tower was being built on the property formerly occupied by the houses'

    Ivanka at the Vatican, schmoozing with the Pope photo op.

    1. Anonymous9:35 AM

      What kind of an advisor to the President is Ivanka Trump? Jared has not been honest about his roles. Is Ivanka any better?

  7. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The outcome will depend on which brainwashing works best. I'd bet on the church, as they've had centuries to perfect their methods.

    The Pope is more interested in saving our Democratic Republic than the traitorous R's in congress.

  8. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I was a devout Catholic for most of my adult life (have since stepped back from religion in general); I cannot comprehend how anyone could consider him/herself to be religious and agree with/vote for Trump. I guess my Bible omitted the verse where Jesus said, "And f*ck the poor, the elderly and the vulnerable, for what good are they to my profits?"

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Lutheran (rebel Catholic LOL) here, and I couldn't agree more!

    2. Leland8:48 AM

      Atheist here, and I agree as well!

    3. Anonymous3:59 AM

      Not all Catholics supported Trump or the GOP.


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