Monday, July 24, 2017

Donald Trump accused the New York Times of allowing a terrorist to escape. The New York Times corrects the record.

You may remember seeing this tweet Saturday:
I remember reading that and having no damn idea what Trump was talking about, but realizing that he was essentially accusing the NYT or treason.

I also thought that it was most likely bullshit.

And I was right.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

Mr. Trump’s statement appeared to be based on a report by Fox News; he is known to be an avid viewer, and a version of the story was broadcast about 25 minutes before he posted. The report said that The Times had disclosed intelligence in an article on June 8, 2015, about an American military raid in Syria that led to the death of one of Mr. Baghdadi’s key lieutenants, Abu Sayyaf, and the capture of his wife, who played an important role in the group. 

That Fox News report cited comments by Gen. Tony Thomas, the head of the United States Special Operations Command, in an interview conducted Friday by the network’s intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. 

General Thomas said that a valuable lead on Mr. Baghdadi’s whereabouts “was leaked in a prominent national newspaper about a week later and that lead went dead.” He did not name The Times.

But a review of the record shows that information made public in a Pentagon news release more than three weeks before the Times article, and extensively covered at the time by numerous news media outlets, would have tipped off Mr. Baghdadi that the United States was questioning an important Islamic State operative who knew of his recent whereabouts and some of his methods of communication. Further, the information in the Times article on June 8 came from United States government officials who were aware that the details would be published.

So Trump essentially attacked the New York Times for accurately reporting news, based on fake news that he heard on Fox and Friends. 

Now I don't know if the Times has a legal case against Trump for essentially accusing them of interfering in America's war on terrorism, and helping an enemy to escape, but the reason that I don't know is because NOTHING like this has ever happened before.


All I know is that we are in very, very dangerous waters here, and if Trump remains in office much longer there is no telling the amount of damage he might cause.


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I heard that this particular terrorist was hiding out in Trump tower with Tinump's SIL Jared and Donald Jr.

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Got that RIGHT^

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Remember when Bush II was president and we all thought we were falling down Alice's rabbit hole. Well, we're well beyond the hole now and in one of the circles of hell with Trump in the Oval Office and twittering away at all hours of the day and night.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      He is one mentally sick puppy!

  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    OK Alaskans, this is your last chance. You called? Call again. Both my senators are solid no.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      "Other female senators who have expressed reservations are Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, some distance from the Northeast."

  5. Just file a charge against Drumpf, any charge and let the discovery begin-much to Drumpf's chagrin.

  6. Anonymous3:09 PM

    dRUMPf"“For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc on the lives of innocent, hardworking Americans.”"

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      The Don obviously isn't listening to Americans. The majority like and use The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.

      He's a horrid listener! What a joke!

    2. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Seventeen years?! We were barely into Dubya's disaster. His idiotic following will believe it, too.

    3. Anonymous4:40 PM

      17 years? How did he stumble upon that number??

    4. Anonymous4:47 PM

      440 .. Ask Alex Jones or Roger Stone. Sarah Palin could tell you, I bet. Bannon is still on the down low in the White House. He would know.

    5. Anonymous4:59 PM


    6. Anonymous5:43 PM

      "I love the poorly educated."
      Let's make that number yuuuuge!

  7. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Gaslight Nation: Trump Attacks Democrats For Not Helping Repeal Obamacare

  8. Anonymous3:38 PM

    In 2016, Corker again tried to get his EMSI bill passed, and again, he failed. But, with great bravado, Corker now claims the EMSI became law. Corker’s tale is extraordinary as he publicly brags about his close relationship with Ivanka. Their collusion on this matter places President Trump in what would normally be a precarious situation of inexperience and undue nepotism influence. Now, he is in a position where he violates his own campaign pledge to Drain the Swamp, while now simultaneously Expanding the Swamp.
    When nepotism produces the art of a deal that nukes the art of good governance it becomes a national concern.

  9. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Jared Kushner smiles as he explains his four innocent meetings with Russians. He did not collude.
    Donald is fast making up stuff as the day goes on. Putin style. Inundate them with bullshit till they can't take no more and then they surrender.
    It's called crazy making. Donald is good at it.
    Every day is a teenage girl life with the Donald. Drama. Drama. Drama.
    Every day. Turn on the news, Donald is making chaos.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    We need to go after the fat blob's ass. He is an idiot and has no clue what he talks about. Fuck him and his! Impeach him before he leads our country to mass destruction!

  11. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I'm get I'm beginning to get the feeling if Anthony Scaramucci fails as WH Comm Director, Trump will bring in Ryan Seacrest for the job.

  12. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Thanks for the reminder. I just called and left a message for Lisa.

  13. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Oh, he does have really tiny hands.

  14. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I notice Jared had to read his message today to the press. He must have a really poor memory. If one tells the truth a piece of paper is unnecessary. Just saying. Bad optic.

  15. Anonymous7:29 PM


    I thought Trump was going to speak at the Boy Scout National Jamboree. I went to sleep in front of the teevee, waked up with CNN showing his speech . . . I thought Sweet Thing had changed the channel to the History Channel and I was watching a documentary on Hitler Youth!!!!

    OUTFUCKINGRAGEOUS!!!! Trump tells them to boo Obama and they do . . . where are the goddam adult leaders??? Trump telling Scouts about cocktail parties and his sleazy friends!!!!

    I'm calling Boy Scouts HQ tomorrow, telling them they have seen my last donation; telling the local troop I will no longer volunteer with them; my son has already called -- he's pulling my oldest grandson out of the Scouts and resigning as assistant troop leader.

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Holy crap.

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Thank you. Everyone saw that and no one said a thing. You on the other hand are going to pull the funds. That's where Donald will hurt.

    3. Trump Youth more like it.

      They claim non-partisan but have very Republican policies.

      Anti-LBGTQ no matter what they say.

      Don't try to tell me they keep politics out.

      How abhorrent to have Trump speak there. He is the complete opposite of every fucking tenet of their Boy Scout laws. He violates every single one.

      That speech was beyond disgusting.

  16. Trump embarrassed us again in front of the Boy Scouts.

    This doofus can't do one damned thing right.

    "Dozens of former Boy Scouts condemned President Donald Trump’s address Monday to nearly 40,000 young men gathered at the group’s 2017 National Scout Jamboree, saying efforts to politicize his speech were “embarrassing,” “mortifying” and a “disgusting display.”

    Trump, speaking in Glen Jean, West Virginia, began his remarks with a pledge that he wouldn’t talk about the current climate in Washington, D.C., commenting, “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?”

    However, he quickly veered from his prepared remarks and proceeded to hit many of his favorite rallying points to press his own agenda. The president railed against former presidential rival Hillary Clinton, drawing ebullient boos from onlookers, and spent time speaking about ongoing efforts to repeal Obamacare. He even joked that he would fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price if the repeal effort failed."

    "Boy Scouts are encouraged to live their lives by a set of values which include trustworthiness, loyalty and courtesy. But President Donald Trump appeared to violate almost every one of those ideals during his rambling speech to 40,000 youngsters at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday."

    "And here’s how Trump stacked up:

    TRUSTWORTHY: Trump asked “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” before going on to talk about politics in front of the Boy Scouts.

    LOYAL: Trump jokingly threatened to fire his Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price during the speech.

    FRIENDLY: Trump was less than friendly when boasting about his election victory over former presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

    COURTEOUS: Trump was hardly courteous when it came to the “fake news” media; he used his speech to slam its coverage of the administration.

    KIND: Trump criticized former President Barack Obama and encouraged the Boy Scouts to boo him for never attending a jamboree. Obama did address the Scouts’ 100th-anniversary event in 2010 by video.

    THRIFTY: Trump’s story about a friend who sold his company for “a tremendous amount of money” and then had “a very interesting life” on board a yacht did little to promote the value of carefully using time and property."

    I can't think of a worse role model for the Boy Scouts unless he was invited as an example of everything the Boy Scouts do not stand for and what you should never do or say. He basically violates every tenet of the Boy Scout code of honor.


    They couldn't have picked a worse example if they had scoured the prisons for the lowest criminal. His speech was an affront to everything the Boy Scouts represent.


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