Monday, July 24, 2017

Jared Kushner: "I did not collude with Russia."

So that was Jared "Screech" Kushner claiming that all of this talk is a mistake and he is innocent of any wrong doing. Because you know if he was guilty he would totally tell us.

 Here is more courtesy of WaPo:

Jared Kushner, President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, spent about two hours Monday answering questions from Senate investigators about his contacts with Russian officials, insisting he had not colluded with foreign agents before or after the 2016 presidential campaign. 

After his closed-door questioning, Kushner spoke briefly to reporters outside the White House. 

“Let me be very clear: I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so,” Kushner said. “I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds for my businesses and I have been fully transparent in providing all requested information.” 

“Since the first questions were raised in March, I have been consistent in saying I was eager to share whatever information I have with investigating bodies and I have done so today,’’ he said. “All of my actions were proper.’’ 

He dismissed outright the idea that Russia could be responsible for his father in law’s election victory. 

“Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won. Suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him,’’ Kushner said. 

Actually, ridiculing those who voted for Trump is kinda my thing.

As for Trump having a better message, and running a smarter campaign, that is only true if you believe that a better message was pandering to the racists and xenophobes and if you think a smarter campaign means working with Russia to steal our election.

I am sure that this pampered little shit thinks that he has managed to get the investigative hounds off his scent, but I would be willing to bet that his dog and pony show has only revealed even more inconsistencies for them to follow up on, and that this whole thing is just now revving up.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    ‘Detail oriented and always had an agenda’: Former Kushner employee calls BS on his Russia meeting excuses

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Trump’s “victims of Obamacare” actually saved by Obamacare

  3. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Jared Kushner may have just been caught in a massive lie during his Senate testimony in his role in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. Kushner claimed to have had no idea who the Russian attorney was in his Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr and others. But based on a new report, Kushner had a recent business connection to the attorney in question, making it extraordinarily difficult for him to sell the idea that he didn’t recognize her or know whom she worked for.

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      "Unexpected." Sarah Palin

      Sarah is among those of a like mind: "So sick of this BS being hashed and re-hashed. What about Obama's birth certificate?? If the so called "press" would have been all over that issue like the supposed Russian collusion, it would have been a different story!~S" Sarah N Andrew Mikek

    2. Anonymous3:44 AM

      Anan at 8:36 pm. So Sarah Palin still does not believe that President Obama was born in the US? She tried to go to college in Hawaii and her family has visited there. Did they need their passports? She will forever be as dumb as rocks.

    3. Anonymous7:34 AM

      What was Sarah not expecting?

    4. Anonymous12:24 PM

      734 to be caught laundering
      Russian money. Oops daisy!
      I gotta resign garbled speech.

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Alt-right activists cheer Trump for giving them ‘the space to destroy’ by not prosecuting domestic terrorists

    “He’s going to give us space to operate, and frankly, it is space to destroy,” Peinovich said of Trump.

    “Now is the time that we have to make hay while the sun shines,” ‘Jazzhands McFeels’ argued, insisting the alt-right should take advantage “while these investigations of ‘domestic terrorist groups’ are not being funded by the government, they’re not being pushed by the Department of Homeland Security.”

    Contrasting Trump’s administration with a hypothetical Hillary Clinton presidency, Peiovich added the alt-right would “probably be facing f*cking [racketeering] charges or some shit like that,” adding the movement has “to use these four years to grow into something that can’t be defeated by that kind of thing.”

    ‘Jazzhands McFeels’ said members of the Trump administration “kind of expect us to be doing this,” clarifying that why he doesn’t believe Trump is “our guy,” the president’s top White House counselor Steven Bannon “wants us to be able to operate in that space.”

    “So we should and we are,” “Jazzhands McFeels” added.

    “I hope the way that [Trump] is looked back on in history is that he was the vehicle that moved the alt-right movement, the white identity movement in the United States, back into the forefront of the political scene,” Peinovich said.

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      What next?

  5. Anonymous5:11 PM

    They truly are monsters.

    House Republicans greeted current and future federal employees with two controversial body blows in recent days — one amounts to a pay cut and the other would allow new feds to be fired for “no cause at all.”

    The House Budget Committee approved a spending plan that would save the government $163.5 billion over 10 years by taking that amount from federal employees. They would pay that in the form of “greater contributions to their own defined benefit retirement plans,” according to the panel’s budget document.

    1. Anonymous8:29 PM

      This is what Michigan did t their teachers 8 years ago, after the GOP 'borrowed' from their pension plan and never paid it back. Teachers had bargained for health care and pensions, taking lower salaries to do so. THEN they not only got no raises, but they paid $1000 each, took more pay cuts, and are now paying most of their pensions and the premiums. The GOP is evil.

    2. Anonymous3:42 AM

      Republicans in Congress (and in the White House) have never cared at all about working people. Now they're viciousness has reached federal employees, whose job it is to keep the country doing its job. They're alienating all the poor and disabled in the country, now all those who work for the country. Pretty soon they'll alienate all of the senior citizens and just about anyone who has a job in the private sector as well. I guess the next step is to stop having elections and just leave the GOP in charge.

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    In 47 states, a smaller part of the population now approves of Trump than voted for him

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      I wish they'd call me so I could tell them I didn't vote for Trump and never would. For some reason, they never poll me!!

    2. Too late now.

      And they'll vote for him again along with all of the other Republicans, no matter how much the Death Party fucks them over.

    3. Anonymous8:38 PM

      You would be correct, mlaiuppa!

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    July 24, 2017 - 09:07 PM EDT
    McCain returning to Senate in time for health vote

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      How tough is John McCain?
      John McCain Goes on Hike with Daughter Meghan Just 3 Days After Brain Cancer Diagnosis

      McCain to make dramatic return for Obamacare vote

      "a vote to procede is a vote to repeal"

      Both the BGR Group and the Hungary Initiatives Foundation have given at least $100,000 (and possibly much more) to the McCain Institute. And the Prague Freedom Foundation (PFF), which lists the BGR group as its address, is also a McCain Institute donor. PFF is ostensibly concerned with promoting independent journalism, but "U.S. international broadcasting insiders suspect that it was set up as a front" in its founder's quest "to acquire State Department properties and influence public broadcasting," according to The Daily Beast. BGR founder Ed Rogers, a major advocate of U.S. military action in Syria, is also the designated lobbyist for Raytheon—another big McCain Institute funder, as well as one of the largest U.S. defense contractors and a world leader in producing guided missiles. Raytheon is also a major beneficiary of government-surveillance tower contracts along the Arizona border, and it has recently been lobbying for the right to sell "smart bombs" to another McCain Institute funder, Saudi Arabia. In general, the institute is funded by an odd mix (for a human rights philanthropy, anyway) of shady foreign regimes, former McCain campaign advisors, and corporations—Freeport McMoran, Swift Transportation, Chevron—with interests before Senate committees that John McCain sits on. Behind the scenes, McCain Institute donors and their buddies get to mingle with Volker, Sen. McCain, other sitting U.S. officials, and foreign leaders and ambassadors at private luxury retreats in the Arizona desert. The 2017 meeting included government officials from Ukraine, Singapore, Qatar, Kurdistan, Germany, Canada, the U.K., and the Trump administration, along with business executives, bankers, and lobbyists from around the world.
      Publicly, however, the institute tends to downplay these connections and focuses on the anti-"human trafficking" (i.e., anti-prostitution) work that Cindy and her merry band of faux-humanitarians do.

      "I think that President Trump could come out and cure cancer, and the media would turn around and beat him up over that,"

      Human trafficking is a shared global shame. It is time to turn the tide of history on this global phenomenon with a Churchillian global call to action way beyond the bragging rights of what anti-trafficking leaders proffer to Capitol Hill. Models must be dismantled significantly where fertile grounds of human trafficking flourish. If large U.S. non-governmental organizations (NGOs) continue to assert their influence and falsely claim success where impact is slim and unsustainable, they will continue to create a toxic global tolerance harming victims and naïve donors.

    2. Hike, schmike.

      He's wasting his time as this bill, whatever it will end up being, is dead. So his vote is a wasted one and so is the trip. He's showboating. And for what? Like he's going to run for re-election?

      The changes in cabin pressure on the flight are not going to be good for him. I pray he has a very negative reaction, something on the Darwin Award stupid range, and that he arrives alternatively alive.

    3. Anonymous3:13 AM

      He is showboating for the McCain Institute. MxCain's legacy. He doesn't want to be remembered for Sarah Palin legacy. He is going for being tough and more humanitarian.

      Cindy Hensley McCain as some sort of "ambassador at large for human rights."

      Executive Director Kurt Volker and Ukraine.

      McCain Institute Executive Director Kurt Volker to be special representative for Ukraine negotiations.

    4. Anonymous3:35 AM

      Which way is McCain going to vote on the GOP anti-healthcare bill? We are all more curious now than ever because McCain is going to need a lot of healthcare over the next year or so.

    5. Anonymous5:25 AM

      McCain is going through with this drama to cast a vote to proceed with dark health care bill. How he votes, who knows? They have no idea what this is all about. He is doing it for a show.

      What these morons really care about is to destroy former President Obama's legacy. That is why they are united with all the lies and idiot behaviors.

      They can't move forward because they are stuck in their hate revenge. It is their jealousy that drives them. Jealousy and revenge. Their #1 agenda is to revise history. Lie, lie, lie.

      John McCain is a hail mary pass. They have no idea what they are voting on. Can the 'great war hero' unite fools for a stupid vote to save their loser leader?

    6. Anonymous5:58 AM

      If Tillerson leaves State Dept, who has a shot at being his replacement?

      McCain Institute Executive Director Kurt Volker....

      That would be worth dying for. John McCain wants to stay relevant and when he goes he wants to go out strong and influential.

      The McCain Institute also wants to promote Cindy McCain humanitarian and the sex, slave, human trafficking cause.

      Now there are 10 dead

      This is also a jobs issue. The driver is a 60 year old from Florida. He obviously needed a job. He claims he did not know what cargo was. Now he faces the death penalty in Texas.

    7. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Hope he has a seizure

    8. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Any TRUCKER does a safety check, before, during, after any haul. This one was lazy.

  8. Anonymous5:39 PM

    “Since the first questions were raised in March, I have been consistent in saying I was eager to share whatever information I have with investigating bodies and I have done so today,’’
    Oh? Did you testify under oath there f**kface?
    Yeah, innocent people don't need pardons.
    Also, too, pardoning someone who has committed an act of treason is, in and of itself, an act of treason.

  9. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Nope we don't believe him.

  10. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Uh huh... didn't collude... kinda like Sarah Palin's nonsensical stupidity didn't cost McCain the presidency in 2008.

    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      We loved the Black Man better two terms worth and she never got over it! "God told me, dammit," and now we suffer that we were a just a bit smarter while baby in the corner is going to make sure we all pay for it.

    2. Anonymous7:31 PM

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    "Had a better message and a smarter campaign." Oh, of COURSE he did, Jared, which is why he lost the popular vote by 3 million and mentions her almost daily. He lost to a (gasp) woman. Praise Jesus for the electoral college where money shifts hands!

    I am SO tired of these dumbf*cks and their bullshit. Kid Rock is entering politics and ahead in polls MI? Just make it STOP.

    When you think you've seen everything, and wake up to a new day to realize you haven't.

  12. Anonymous6:45 PM

    This guy lied 77 times on his security clearance forms, how is he even allowed in the White House anymore ?

    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      Because he's family. And the Trump White House is like a third world banana wannabe dictatorship. All we need now is for Trump to put on an ersatz military uniform with lots of brass buttons.

  13. Anonymous6:47 PM



    1. Anonymous12:26 PM

      You can stop humping the internet now. Your making a mess. Clean it up already.

  14. Anonymous7:00 PM

    More wussy Woody Allen than "Screech" IMHO.

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Whiny Wimpy...

  15. Anonymous7:32 PM

    "3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead." Benjamin Franklin


    1. Anonymous5:31 AM

      If they don't have Manafort and can't knock him off, there is only firing Sessions. That is if they don't convince him to retire.

  16. Anonymous7:33 PM

    40,000 ORGY!

  17. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Kinky teddy the cruZZer!

  18. Anonymous8:08 PM

    "saying the man she worked for never attend a meeting without knowing every detail that would be discussed." I find it implausible he would show up to a meeting without knowing what it was about.”"

  19. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I hope someone's taking notes because this will be a book one day. I wonder how it will end? Will the people fight back? Or will they continue to believe the lie that they are divided and let Trump, Putin, and Kushner take our country down a path of no return. The suspense. It's too much.

    1. Anonymous11:09 PM

      Well the Americans have not been told why this is so cozy a century later.
      It started under Woodrow Wilson. Start there folks.
      If anyone attempts a coupe of America, consider this:
      USA per capita, most guns
      USA capitol of business $
      USA becomes one in crisis
      Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the end! GoUSA!

  20. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Was Kushner Working as a Double Agent?

    Former FBI double agent Naveed Jamali says he believes Jared Kushner may have been working as a Russian agent. An MSNBC panel debates.

    See Video:

  21. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Good grief, yet another version of "I am not a crook." Don't these idiots realize who they sound like? That the question should ever arise, that any American citizen could be thought to let a foreign power interfere with an election here, should be enough to shame all of them. But it doesn't - probably because they don't care as long as they stay out of prison and rich.

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Don't these idiots realize who they sound like?

      They preform for their audience. That audience does not hear what sane reality based humans hear.

  22. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Move on. Huge day for health care and "American hero" Senator John McCain.

    President Trump on Tuesday said it’s “so great” that Sen. John McCain is returning to Capitol Hill to vote on the ObamaCare repeal bill after Arizona Republican was diagnosed with brain cancer.

    Trump in a tweet also called McCain an "American hero."

    “So great that John McCain is coming back to vote. Brave - American hero! Thank you John,” Trump tweeted.

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      The irony is unbelievable.Remember when trump said McCain was Not a hero because he got captured.He liked people who didn't get captured. When is this fucking nightmare going to end???

  23. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Lousy reality show actors, They all think a movie might be made from their REAL life scandal and there will be. But "they" should not receive a penny, credit or fame from it. A bunch of lousy actors, crooks, spies and liars stealing a USA Presidential Election from Americans to pay personal debts and with all the fluffy dirty distasteful swamp waterfront lingo that can be sold. Cheaters are not Winners. A Man is not Judged by wealth. Being a bully is not strength. Mr Trump and his selected loyal few are deranged and disconnected from reality. Americans ordered barrels of holy water to put out the fire.

  24. Randall6:37 AM

    Jared says he didn't do it?
    Oh, well... OK then
    I mean...
    why would he lie?

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Jared looked good standing in front of the White House and he spoke on the record to be seen by a TV audience. He delivered the well written attorney's pages of excuses.

      What more could the showman father-in-law want?

  25. Surprised he did not say "I am not a crook." After all, the Trump administration seems to be copying so much from the Nixon administration.

    I did not collude with Russia - I think you did.

    Nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so- Oh, I think you do. Junior and Manafort come immediately to mind. Sessions too, probably. I think you can name a plethora of campaign people who coordinated with Russia.

    I had no improper contacts - yeah, we know that one is a lie.

    I have not relied on Russian funds for my businesses - Your tax records will expose that one. You don't think Mueller has your tax records? If he's got Trump's, he's got yours.

    I have been fully transparent in providing all requested information - AFTER you've been caught. How many times have you had to "revise" your paperwork because you "forgot" to include something that later was exposed?

    Fucking liar. Fucking traitor.

    Until this entire investigation is concluded his security clearance should be immediately revoked.

    And Ivanka shouldn't even have one.


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