Friday, July 07, 2017

Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin, and allows himself to be dominated just as anticipated.

So as you can see Trump claimed to be "very honored" to meet with the man who interfered in our presidential election, and may have just hacked into our nuclear power stations.

Essentially showing himself to be Putin's bitch right off the bat.

As for what they discussed about any hacking, the two sides have very different accounts.

Courtesy of Business Insider:  

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday that President Donald Trump "pressed" Russian President Vladimir Putin on findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, during what Tillerson described as a "very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject." 

Tillerson said Russian meddling was discussed right at the onset of the pair's first bilateral meeting, at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. 

Russia's account of the discussions on the topic was quite different. 

According to Russia's Interfax news agency, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Trump acknowledged that an anti-Russian campaign in the US was "looking odd" and that he accepted Putin's past statements denying Russia had any involvement in the 2016 election. A White House official pushed back, telling NBC News that Lavrov's characterization was "not accurate.

Sort of hard to determine the truth when dealing with two habitual liars, but I have the feeling that Russia is actually providing the more accurate information in this case.
And if it is true that Trump proposed working WITH the Russians on cyber security that is like asking the mice to help you guard the cheese.

For his part Tillerson also had his description of the meeting.
"Not a lot of re-litigating the past," and "There was very clear, positive chemistry between the two" are not phrases that give me any confidence that Trump stood up to Putin in any way.

Of course before the meeting, instead of preparing, Trump made time to attack the media and oddly enough John Podesta.

I doubt that "everyone here" even knows who the the hell John Podesta is, though of course Putin might since he hacked his email account.

By the way Podesta was not in charge of the DNC and had NOTHING to do with their server.

Podesta did respond to this after learning about during a drive with his wife.
So to be clear it appears that Trump did NOTHING to seriously confront Putin for attacking our democracy, yet had plenty of time to attack a man who was one of the victims of that attack.


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    "Everyone here knows..."

    I'll stick with Angela Merkel's eye roll, thanks.

    1. Anonymous7:37 AM

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    It is Anti trump and putin in Germany. Serious protest from fellow humans.

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Drumph is a whore for his ego.This stupid shit is way over his big head /tiny brain.
    trump/pence they all need to go, fucking right now!

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    It's been obvious for a long time that Putin has some serious dirt on the Orange Menace.

  5. Anonymous6:07 PM

    If you missed it, Richard Engel's special report on Russia on tonight's Rachel Maddow was worth seeing.

  6. Anonymous6:13 PM

    When I saw Putin and Trump together, Putin's body language and facial expressions were that of a man in charge who showed confidence. Yeah, he's definitely got something on Trump - you can count on it.

  7. Anonymous6:43 PM


  8. Anonymous6:44 PM

    OT. Did you see this? What an idiot!

  9. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Holy shit on a cracker! We have joined the Russian mafia! Just watched Richard Engel's special on MSNBC, and he put all the pieces on the table. Trump is the final puzzle piece.
    Franklin Graham and his constituents sold us out because Putin and Russia's value system aligns with theirs. Homophobia and all.
    I am sick to the stomach. I hope that people stop acting like sheep and someone gets those two bastards off the leadership role.
    I knew all along, long ago, it was Putin had to fear. Donald is a puppet. And Sarah is also a plant. Holy shit!!!!
    It seems that the radical Republicans have lost their fucking minds!

    1. Anonymous7:31 PM

      "Represent our country well," my arse, the dumb@ss has to be pointed which way to go and what to do. SO out of his league, but he was there specifically to see his homie. A half hour meeting turned into two hours. While the media touts that they got along, I say, "oprn your damned eyes! You weren't invited to that closed door, and you're taking what they say as gospel???" SHIT.

      "The two leaders, I would say, connected very quickly. There was a very clear, positive chemistry between the two." Ya think? Very specific reason why Tillerson was demanded for SOS and no one else.

      As for "I Don't Need A Title" Palin, she's got her tongue so far up both their butts, and don't think that she doesn't under her guise of newfound godliness. BFF Franklin Graham, yesssirrreee, and suing people that tell the truth about her.

      Pardon my rudeness, I have HAD IT.

    2. Anonymous1:01 AM

      Ok. Woodrow Wilson did a big no no. He helped those who turned on him, and the world.
      They all lived their lives undercover. Big business they brought was welcome. Now What? Well. That will be discussed at a later date.
      Hey Sarah! Your still a Putz.

  10. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Sigh. One day I am up because it looks like we are gaining ground on getting rid of that fat orange lying bastard and his cohorts, and the next I am down because I realize that this game just got more dangerous with Putin in the picture.
    And what universe is it okay to talk like this was Donald's and Vlad's first meetings? And the over two hour meeting? The day the antichrist met with the beast.

    1. Anonymous8:45 PM

      Amen and Amen.

    2. Anonymous9:12 PM

      That fat orange ass was given a speech.

      The the only time he sounds half way intelligent is when his speech writers prepare a statement. He will get on twitter as soon as the glow from using Air Force One wears off and he realizes that America will not bus people in to praise his "Largeness" like Poland did.

      He will go play golf and bring in more money at his resort. Ivanka and Jared will be happy about yet another free vacation and we will see in the Daily Mail all the pics of Ivanka and her kids like we do every damn day.

      Welcome to the reality tv Presidency where the President cant go anywhere without his favorite daughter and her husband. They are his handlers.They are a bragging point for an insecure idiot who uses his "hot" wife and daughter for an ego boost.

      Welcome to the new America reality tv show where we need to be entertained by the crass and classless.

      like we do every damn day.

  11. Anonymous7:12 PM

    And Putin denied trying to interfere with the elections and told Trump " You won". And Trump puffed out his asshole lips, tightened his girdle and said " You understand Vlad, will you be my best ever buddy? I mean like the best most important person ever to realize my greatness? Can i tweet you? You have twitter in Russia right, if not i can fix it for you because i have the best brain and the best people working for me"And Putin smiled and said "Yes Donald we can work together very well. I know how the fake news can be and how you can handle it".

    Trump returns to the US believing that Putin is really a good guy who suffers from bad press just like he does!

    Putin could play on Trumps ego like a fiddle, hell anyone with half a brain could and that is why Trump is so ill suited to be in any position of power. He is a tool, period.

  12. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Oh, and let me add one more thing. It seems that besides wanting to shore up his failing bank account, and playing to the Nazi base in this country, Trump as somewhat of a daddy fixation. Only Putin is the daddy from hell.

  13. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Lets just face it. We have a President who is so damn shallow all you have to do is flatter his large ass and make him feel like he is "winning" to manipulate him. He really is intellectually void.

    We have a former nude model for First Lady who the Republicans are now trying to pass off as a new Jackie Kennedy talking about her clothes.Meanwhile Melania has no agenda except to shlump around behind her obese ridiculous hair husband as arm candy.

    Yay! we women have learned a lesson alright, get boob jobs, wear tight short clothes, be thin [This is most important ladies so take note] especially if you want to go into telivision news like say Fox News.

    Candy Crowley is the only woman i know who did not conform to this but where is she?So much for womens lib. When we try to raise our daughters to think they can achieve so much on their just their brains alone and it's not true and we know it. They are bombarded every day by the opposite message, from the Kardashions, to even the First Lady.

    Really, how far have we gotten as women when we are pushed to believe the new 50 is really the new 30. Give me a break.We are pushed into "makeovers" and botox .

    This is not to say women or men should let themeselves go but damn we should be allowed to age gracefully. We should aknowlege that we do and will age and is that a bad thing?

    1. Anonymous8:50 PM

      I'm fighting cancer at 59 and look like I'm 80. The words I have to say to this are not printable.

    2. Anonymous9:57 PM

      We have an ignorant orange asshole running the country and you're worried about aging gracefully.


      Know why President Obama won? Women.
      Know why Trump won? Women.

      Women should determine every single election. So either they voted for the orange asshole, or they didn't bother to vote.

      Thanks ladies.


    3. Anonymous10:05 PM


      Yes what you have to say means something. So go ahead and say it. I wish the best for you even if i don't know you.

    4. Anonymous11:00 PM

      I guess it was not understood that by "ageing gracefully" meant not giving in to society's ideal of what women should be and look like at any age.

      Women should not be hounded to be perpetually young and aging gracefully means just that, accepting your age and not be pushed into changing your face for anyone.Trump is part of this myth that having a younger hot wife builds his ego. Where did you misconstrue ageing gracefully as a priority? Wrinkles and all accepted is aging gracefully. That is the point.

    5. Anonymous6:25 AM

      8:50 It is good to speak up but please...Take care of yourself everyday the best that you can. I know it is hard but don't let the trumpfungus interfere in healing your body. There is an increase in illness since trumputin rigged the election.

    6. Anonymous6:32 AM

      In certain cultures aging family/citizens are respected honored and worshiped. Only in a society of hateful disrespectful brats do the elderly suffer.

  14. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Tillerson: 'The two leaders, I would say, connected very quickly. There was a very clear, positive chemistry between the two."
    Yea right, sociopaths recognize each other.

    1. Anonymous3:26 AM

      Tillerson, whose only interest (in his own words) is oil, has absolutely no business being the Secretary of State. Not only does he not have any idea about what his office means, he is not the least bit interested in trying to learn. He's been in Europe as Trump's babysitter and he's failed at that job too. Was he the one they charged with making the hotel reservations? Well, that would have been yet another failure.

  15. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Dominated? Pshaww
    Colbert described him as putin's c0ck s0cket.
    That seems pretty accurate.
    Colbert actually said c0ck h0lster but I like the
    alliterated version better.

  16. Anonymous10:46 PM

    No wonder putin and trump are best buddies. Besides both being sociopaths and in putin’s case a psychopath because he has actually killed people, they both sit like they are on the toilet or was Vlad mirroring him to feed little donnie’s ego.

    By the way, I wonder what they talked about for two hours, little donnie’s attention span is only 140 characters.

    1. " I wonder what they talked about for two hours, little donnie’s attention span is only 140 characters."
      Unless the topic is himself, in which case his attention span is approximately forever.

  17. Anonymous11:53 PM

    "Positive chemistry?" I'm sure Putin had nice things to say about Melania, and Trump had nice thing stop say about Putin's mistress and the Russian prostitutes he 'met' last time he was in Moscow. Trump barely understands English; can you imagine trying to engage him long enough for Putin to ask a question and then wait for the translation? Maybe that's why Trump was so tired at the actual G20 meeting and missed the call for the photo op? Poor dear. This presiding shoot is hard work. Who knew? And poor Mel, unable to take the river cruise with the other spouses and staying in her hotel (or wherever they ended up) watching TV (did you know they speak GERMAN in Hamburg?) and flipping through fashion magazines. Oh well, they let her out long enough to smile at Vlad and pretend she had something interesting to say. I do bet the Beethoven concert was a huge hit with he Trumps. Cultural events do not interest them. They've hosted no concerts, no plays, no poetry readings, nada, at the WH since they arrived. To be fair, maybe they have TRIED and no one will come???

  18. Trump is such a clueless tool. Yeah, I think the Russian version is more accurate but that's not saying much. Both sides are such freakin' liars.

  19. Anonymous12:25 AM

    After what happened in Germany with Russia, Trump's approval rating probably dropped again.

  20. Gee, I wonder who could be baiting news organizations with forged NSA documents?

    "MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said she had a “strange scoop” to share with audiences Thursday night after receiving what she believes is a meticulously forged document sent over her tip line with the intention to discredit her.

    “I feel like I need to send this up like a flare for other news organizations in particular,” Maddow said. “That’s part of what I’m intending to do here with this story tonight.”

    Over the next 20 minutes, the MSNBC host discussed how her show received a document, purportedly from the National Security Agency, labeled as classified and filled with such bombshells about Russia that Maddow said if it were authentic, it would be a “gun still firing proverbial bullets.” But after careful examination, which she describes in great detail, her show deemed the document a forgery.

    “We believe now that the real story we have stumbled upon here is that somebody out there is shopping carefully forged documents to try to discredit news agencies reporting on the Russian attack on our election, and specifically on the possibility that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians in mounting that attack,” she said."

    Toss up between James O'Keefe and Steve Bannon. My money is one O'Keefe.

  21. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Gryphen has the whole world in his hands. He just doesn't no it.

    1. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Does melania know putin already? Does melania speak Russian? the national enquirer has not said.

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Gees, deflect much 638?

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Melanie was able to sit next to Vlad at a dinner. They know each other now. She does not speak Russian. Vlad can speak English. He can teach her Russian.

  22. Anonymous3:23 AM

    How did the US miss out on the trade deal that is coming out of this meeting between the EU and Japan? If that had happened with a Democratic president in office, every Republican and corporate CEO in the country would be up in arms. But dead silence today. Trump's been busy tweeting - about his best pal, Vlad, and emails! Our country has been mortally embarrassed and compromised by the behavior this week of Trump and his administration as they've failed terribly at the G20 meeting.

  23. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Oh that is right, the russian cock holster joke. So the Russian spies and operatives are rolling around the room giggling at their creation. It was a show and trump played bad actor again. Trump was honored to be forgiven of debt by little putin the HUGE mastermind of fu^king with the world. Putin was on guard with shifty eyes and could not believe that the USA did not come to arrest him but instead sent the clown to entertain. Everybody is talking alright at the G-19, their talking about the poor usa empty chair and about the love affair of trump and putin.

  24. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Check out the one, dRUMPf sitting ALL ALONE.

    Stranger this>?


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