Saturday, July 29, 2017

Donald Trump spent morning pushing hard for Senate Republicans to use "nuclear option."

Actually there WAS a 51 vote majority, that voted AGAINST passage of the GOP "skinny" bill.

Damn! Somebody was certainly over caffeinated this morning!

What Trump is referring to is the Senate "nuclear option" which is what McConnell used to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court. (After first refusing to allow a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland of course.)

However while McConnell may have felt compelled to alter the rules to place a conservative on the Supreme Court he is less likely to do the same for Trumpcare.

First off there is every likelihood that even more Senators will come out against the bill than the three who blocked the "skinny" bill the other night.

And secondly if it DOES pass only because the Republicans changed the rules, every American voter who loses health care, or has a family who suffers as a result, will take their outrage to the polling stations punish the GOP.

That is a risk far more concerning than the ravings of a mad man on Twitter.

But Trump didn't stop there.
That's right Trump is threatening to end Cost Sharing Reduction payments to insurance companies, which reduce co-payments and deductibles for lower income customers under Obamacare, and end insurance for members of Congress altogether.

And if that threat was a little too subtle Trump followed it up with this.
Yep, gaining cooperation through verbal insults and intimidation. Isn't that how the Mob gets people to do what they want?


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM


    The very outdated filibuster rule must go. Is killing R's in Senate. Mitch M, go to "ONE POTUS" Vote NOW and WIN. IT'S TIME!

  2. Merrick Garland, not Gardner.

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Are we getting any closer to the breaking point for Republicans yet? Is the accumulation of money and power and the passage of bills that deliberately hurt the poor and middle class going to be worth it when there's no country left to plunder? Is the obliteration of everything that President Obama accomplished important enough that they would be willing to sacrifice our very existence?

    I've hated Trump since I first became aware of him in the 70s. I knew he would be a disaster as president but even I'm shocked at how much destruction he has caused to our country in only 6 months. I knew he was a disgusting a human being but never realized just how insane he is.

    What does he have to do before the Republicans in Congress take the measures necessary to remove him from office?

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Remember that all the signings he televised were nothing but baloney. They were not Bills and were not submitted to Congress....they didn't go anywhere and were not accomplished.

      He's a retarded idiot - nothing more nothing less. Should not be potus and needs to be impeached. (Remember too that Hillary Clinton beat him as to majority votes - she should be the POTUS!)

  4. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Donnie, why is it that you hate democracy so much?

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM

      'cause it has laws, checks and balances, and a constitution and he's not god-king-emperor like he thought he was going to be.

      Not that those laws he's broken left right and center are going to be addressed by a corrupt Congress, or answered for. It's enough to make one spit!

      Mueller better have a water-tight case; that's why it is taking so long....? tho it's still 50-50 he will be fired in August.

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Trump is a Dictator!!! He could give a shit less as to the Americans he will hurt. Republicans are in big, big trouble!

  6. Drumpfy is such a piss poor leader he cannot get anything done the right/proper/legal way. He is not interested in what gets done as long as he can take credit for it.

    Lock him up as a warning to the next right wing dictator wannabe.

  7. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Donny, no moatter how many votes are taken, that two inch dick of yours will never be eight. Face it, Obama Check Mated you!

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      And that's what irritates the HELL out of him. His piece de resistance, "take THAT, Obama!" as the final blow. "Who's with me?"

      Like a petulant child kicking up dirt on the school playground because he's not getting his way. You don't mess with people's health, idiot,.

    2. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Yeah but there's always 3 or 4 insecure toadies who stay in the playground with Donnie after all the normal kids have moved on to middle school. That's who has the country by the balls, those few assholes in the playground.

    3. Anonymous4:19 PM

      I'm sure he has one of the most limp dicks in the nation. He's 71, overweight, not in shape physically, probably on various medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol (look at his diet of fast foods!) and is angry and nasty every minute of the day.

      He'll keel over from a stroke or heart attack is my prediction. Can't occur soon enough!

  8. Anonymous2:25 PM

    His tweets are driving me insane. It's like he has to complain about everything. Someone give him is meds. Maybe that will calm him down. Oh, and change his diapers while you're at it. Gads!

  9. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Grandpa Simpson with six facelifts.

  10. Anonymous2:36 PM

    How are we ever going to live through listening to this whiney bitch? Hopefully, he does not make it to four years and is impeached or jailed. He deserves and has earned both scenarios!

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      I'm hoping for a fatal massive heart attack or stroke.It would save the impeachment hearings and who knows if the rethugs would vote to impeach.

    2. Anonymous9:17 PM

      2:57 -
      I couldn't stand having to watch the circus of a state funeral this pig would get if he died in office. Let him live but be incapacitated enough that he needs be resign or be removed from office.

  11. Anonymous2:36 PM




    ....If the Senate doesn't pass a bill soon, Trump warned, he may halt Obamacare payments subsidizing health plans for low-income individuals — an idea adamantly opposed by Republicans and Democrats alike.

    Trump also appeared to take a personal shot at lawmakers, seemingly warning that he could revoke their own health benefits on the exchanges.

    "If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!" Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon....

    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      WAH, WAH, WAH day in, day out, from the toddler-in-chief who can't get his way.

      It's embarrassing to be an American.

    2. He got his bill.

      It's the sanctions bill that denies the president the power to rescind or change it.

      Suck to be you, LOSER.

  12. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Waiting for POTUS to complain his ice cream is too soft

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Or cold.

  13. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Read Ira Glasser article.on why the ReTHUGS an:t do repeal and replace.

    1. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Why Republican Efforts To Defeat Obamacare Were Doomed From The Start
      Obamacare was imperfect progress, but that is almost always how progress is made. And the inertia of imperfect progress is difficult to overcome.

      ...As more and more people, many of whom had opposed Obamacare, began to benefit from it, it became harder and harder to take those benefits away, harder and harder to go back to the time before Obamacare. As a result, the Republican campaign to repeal Obamacare, necessarily became, had to become, repeal and replace.

      This was because of an insufficiently recognized political reality: the inertia of partial progress. This reality was perhaps best exemplified by the old Robert Moses “get the legislature to authorize the first ten miles of a proposed 100-mile road, and it will be very difficult, and as a practical matter probably impossible, for them subsequently to refuse to authorize the remaining 90 miles, once the first 10 miles are built.”

      That reality was also why, once Social Security was enacted, with all its omissions and imperfections, it has proved impossible to do away with, and it has been expanded instead. This is because once lots of people receive benefits, they come to believe they are entitled to them, they get used to and dependent upon them, they see them as normal and as theirs by right, and even though they might not have clamored for such benefits before they were enacted, once they are enacted and people get used to them, they cannot politically be taken away, at least not easily. This is particularly true of benefits that inure to an electorally potent constituency.

  14. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Sorry, lil dick, you still don't understand branches of government, do you? They don't have to do a damned thing you say.

    Saints preserve us, I absolutely abhor him.

  15. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Anonymous2:42 PM, any complaints about Dolt45's ice cream and other junk being too soft are the province of his wife, Messy.

  16. Randall3:15 PM


  17. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Well, how do you like *that*!! Trumplethinskin acts like he's holding our nation hostage. Whadda role model. /s

  18. Anonymous3:25 PM

    When millions of folks vote for a malicious self entitled buffoon for president, we are in trouble. They can't even see what is obvious to anyone with average intelligence. He is a feral monstrous toddler born into wealth and privilege. Is is all about adoration and absolute control for Trump. None of it is about compassion and building a better society that helps most of us.

  19. Anonymous3:25 PM


    The Nooge is at it again.

  20. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Melania already filed the too soft complaints. But not about ice cream.

  21. Dumbass can't count.

    They only needed 51 and they couldn't get them. They LOST, 51 to 49.

    Bitch McConnell could only get 49 fucking votes you orange anus.

    1. And he stood right there at the front desk as each Senator came forward to vote -- McConnell bearing down on each one, daring them to vote NO. Kuddos to the two women. McCain's No, without them, would have been useless.

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      McConnell is just as nasty as is Trump! The two of them match perfectly. Way past time for both of them to go.

      Watch how you vote Kentucky when next McConnell come up for reelection! McConnell is NOT your friend and supporter - nor does he represent the majority of Americans. He's lost his clout last night w/Republicans losing the health care vote.

    3. Anonymous5:13 PM

      I think they actually were told they needed 60, for some procedural reasons.

    4. He still only got 49 so they still would have lost.

      Loser and imbecile.

  22. Anonymous3:46 PM

    "Like Kate's Law and great healthcare" WTH there was not a vote on "great healthcare" that Trump promised. I suppose his stupid supporters will read those tweets and be played as fools that there was a vote for great healthcare, better and cheaper for everyone. Total bullshit by Commander in BS again.

    Who the hell does Trump think he is threatening, bullying, exacting revenge...oops he is the same Trump we did not vote for because of his deplorable behaviors and coarse vulgar persona.

  23. Anonymous3:49 PM

    trump , the stupidest dicktator alive!
    If you can't effectively threaten everyone to get what you want, then cheat and change the rules.
    What's is your butt boy zinke? He needs to threaten mconnel, the turtle. He is the other idiot, just like you!

  24. Anonymous6:19 PM

    GOP Effort to Kill Obamacare is Personal, Not Business

    Donald Trump and his cohorts of the GOP are malevolently complicit in a political assassination attempt, that leaves American citizens as collateral damage. Republicans have engaged in a universal effort to erase the legacy of Barrack Obama and will stop at no cost including the lives of the people that they serve.

    ...From the moment that Obama took office the intentions of Republicans were clear. They wasted no time in laying down a political gauntlet conceived to undermine the newly elected POTUS. GOP resident wolf in sheep’s clothing, Sen. Mitch McConnell, publicly declared the goal of the GOP when he said “The single most important thing we want to achieve is to make Barack Obama a one term president,” almost immediately upon Obama being elected.

    McConnell’s words were an unprecedented public sign of disloyalty and disrespect to a newly chosen president. It also signaled open season on Barack Obama from all sides, in and out of government. McConnell’s declaration served as the impetus for the creation of the Tea Party, a political abomination that was determined to submarine Obama and his administration. Additionally, Obama was forced to endure the disrespect of the Birther Movement, spearheaded by none other than Donald Trump. The Liar in Chief propagated a conspiracy theory, claiming Obama wasn’t an American citizen and therefore was exempt from serving as POTUS. The striking irony of this bombastic attack is that Barack Obama appeased the blatant racist accusers, unlike Trump, by releasing his birth certificate. Trump has been dogged by his insistence on keeping his tax returns private and refusing their release for public scrutiny to date. The genesis for these unthinkable actions by the GOP and its supporters? Obamacare stands as the inciting incident for GOP unrest.

    Republicans from day one of the implementation of the ACA, have resolved to repeal and replace it, in its entirety. The GOP was offended by Obama’s audacity and determination to provide the comprehensive health care package. Republicans were instructed to disparage the package via television, radio, print and across the internet. This was done in a concerted effort to demean the legislative competency of Obama. Once again, the difference between Obama then and Trump now is revealing.

    The ACA was met with more than its fair share of naysayers and detractors. However, Obama took those concerns into consideration and traveled across the country, to address the questions of Americans in town hall meetings. In doing so, Obama submerged himself in the details of the package and took ownership of the legislation. Obama stood front and center and answered all the questions with dignity and grace, accepting the ultimate accountability for its failure or success. This is in stark contrast to the truly unqualified and cowardly Lying King Trump, who at the first sign of trouble relinquishes responsibility of his administration’s repeal and replace mission.

    Donald Trump campaigned long and hard on HIS ability to provide affordable healthcare for ALL Americans. He boasted about his business sense and skill at making deals. A large contingent of his support was based on his promise to make a better deal. The truth is Trump knows NOTHING about healthcare and what it entails. Just like every other task in the White House, Trump is inept to serve as a leader in the creation or streamlining of legislation.

    1. Anonymous10:55 PM

      When Obama was voted in, we got to see just how racist the boys in Washington were. They were against women, blacks, mexicans, gays, transgenders. The list is long. And all back by the pious so called Christians. It kicks my ass when I think of those assholes telling folks that God loves them and then being racist as hell. It's a fricking club is all. You gotta be a white conservative in order to translate for the almighty.

  25. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Joe Biden Reportedly Called John McCain Ahead Of Crucial Obamacare Repeal Vote
    McCain has the same kind of brain cancer that Biden’s son Beau died of in 2015.

    1. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Until it happens to them or someone in their family, they give shit about the people they claim to represent, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a damned fool,

      I sure do miss President Obama and Vice President Biden. Honor among men.

    2. Lieberman, a long time friend of McCain also called him and urged him to vote no.

  26. Anonymous8:29 PM

  27. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Are we getting any closer to the breaking point for Republicans yet?

    Solar eclipse means disaster for Trump.

    The effects of the coming eclipse could take time to show up, according to astrologers’ claims. Caves believes the impact will appear over the next two years. Donald Trump’s presidency was written in the stars—at least that’s what astrologers are saying. He was born during a lunar eclipse, they point out, which makes him more susceptible to the power of eclipses.

    At least one president followed astrology, and Trump considers him an idol. Ronald Reagan is said to have scheduled important meetings, presidential debates, surgery, State of the Union addresses and his 1967 inauguration as governor of California based on astrological information.
    To make their predictions about how heavenly bodies influence activity down on Earth, astrologers such as DeLeo-Moolenaar and Caves consult thousands of years’ worth of theory and materials. They form charts based on dates—such as August 21 for the coming eclipse and June 14 for Trump, his birthday—and sometimes compare such charts.
    “The closest career that’s out there is an economist,” says Caves, because they also look for patterns in the past in order to make predictions.
    Caves (Wade Caves, an astrological consultant who earlier in July published a 29-page analysis of the coming eclipse) singled out certain dates that could prove significant: October 10, November 21, November 26 and December 17 through 19. It’s “possible that there will be a sudden health issue that lands on Trump’s shoulders, pulling him out of the Oval. It’s also quite reasonable to suspect ousting, either through official channels (i.e. impeachment) or a mutiny behind closed doors,” he wrote. “What we can say with reasonable assurance is that these charts, when properly considered, make it difficult to imagine Trump has smooth sailing ahead

    1. Anonymous5:47 AM


    2. Anonymous7:04 AM


  28. Anonymous10:57 PM

    29 JUL 2017 ‘Absolute piece of sh*t’: Here’s how long it took Ted Nugent to break his ‘civility pledge’ with attack on Obama

    Promises, promises

    Apr 20, 2017 Donald Trump invited Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent to the White House for a 4 hour romp.

    If you love Trump like a mooch, there is nothing more important than continuing his most vital job, trashing Obama/Clinton and doing your part to obliterate any sign of an Obama legacy.

    Seriously, what else do Republicans do? They could not be more stuck in their useless revenge soaked past, so stuck the stuck is normal for them. Rendering them incapable of progress. That is why they will do all the can to create another Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.....

    ... Trump sends his minions out to spread the stuck on stupid agenda.

    The show must go on...

    Ted Nugent made actual threats against Hillary and Obama ?

  29. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Hey if the Republicans want to be the hero's they should do "Healthcare for All", the more signed up and paying into the system the lower the cost. Combining Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Railroad, Gov, Indian, etc Healthcare will simplify and lower cost. It is a no brainer. But since the republcian agenda is to take away, division, create chaos and hate, this will be the Democrats idea. They will finally do it and socialize healthcare. If you pay taxes? you have healthcare. If you are old young poor rich healthy not health, you have regular healthcare exams and prevention. It is one less important worry for Americans. Remove the insurance corp profits and invest in technology and outcomes. The idea? A healthy society. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is our right and written and for us. Our tax dollars at work from the people, by the people, for the people.


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