Sunday, July 16, 2017

Elon Musk predicts that in 20 years new cars will no longer include a steering wheel.

Courtesy of Axios:

Elon Musk predicted that within 10 years nearly all new cars made in the U.S. will be autonomous, and half of those will be fully electric vehicles. "China is probably going to be ahead of that," the Tesla and SpaceX chief said Saturday, speaking at the National Governors Association meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Within 20 years, he said driving a car will be like having a horse (i.e. rare and totally optional). "There will not be a steering wheel."

This piggybacks well with my post from yesterday morning that predicted that all new cars in Europe will be electric by the year 2035.

I know a lot of you poo poo'd that prediction so I imagine this one will also receive some blowback from the those who fear and mistrust change as well.

But whether you like it or not the future is one where cars run on batteries and people are merely the passengers.

Remember, there was a time not so very long ago when research required a trip to the library, phones were attached to the wall, and computers took up several rooms of space.

We cannot imagine having to live without the conveniences we now take for granted, and soon the same will be true for manual driving.

Musk also had this to say about the future of energy: 

Musk noted that it would only take about 100 square miles of solar panels to power the entire United States and the batteries needed to store the energy would only need to take about a square mile. That said, he imagines the energy shifting to a large dose of rooftop solar, some power plant solar, along with wind, hydro and nuclear power. 

"It's inevitable," Musk said, speaking of shifting to sustainable energy. "But it matters if it happens sooner or later."

Personally I am very excited about the future. Well at least the future of technology.

I am still not at all confident that human beings are evolving as quickly as out technical advances. 


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    My friend said a few weeks ago that when he went to a movie there were no humans selling tickets, just self serve kiosks. Cashiering jobs will soon be a thing of the past too. While these are not high paying jobs it is just an example of whats to come. IMO, some of the criticism of the Democrats lacking a clear message is true. I think that a big part of that message needs to be that Democrats embrace progress rather than fighting it.

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    A great picture to add to this post would have been the picture of paranoid Bristol Palin driving.

    1. I don't need to see that vacuous, boring dimwit in posts that don't have a damn thing to do with her.

  3. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I feel bad for the future citizens of America. The simple joys in life will be gone. Cold thoughtless relationships, no emotions, no reason, no contact, no fun. America should retain her simple joys.

  4. Ever since Georgia removed driver's ed from the public school curriculum, I have noticed deterioration in driving ability on our state's highways and byways. Many drivers don't know what the solid yellow line in the middle of a 2-lane highways means, what to do at a busy 4-way intersection, what "right-of-way" means, or how to use signals to turn or change lanes. I am delighted at the prospect of driverless cars! Hip hip hooray!

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Or, my personal favorite, merge!

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      My favorite highway sign in MA is "Use yah blinkah!" But no one seems to know they exist. Maybe they just don't want to startle other drivers with blinking lights.

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I'd still like to know why people are so scared of solar energy.

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Esp since we use it all the time in the winter when we open the drapes to let the sun warm the house... solar heating.
      We have solar panels and our bills dropped over 50% even on the cloudy days. We schedule high electric usage things like laundry and dish washing on sunny days. It's free for us when we do that.
      Who knows why folks are scared, maybe they are so used to the way things are that they are fearful of change. I am coming 60 and can't wait for driver less cars. I hate driving because where I live everyone drives like it's NASCAR: right on your ass. I was taught to leave a space equal to x amount of car lengths per your speed.

  6. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Musk could embrace progress by not siring six fucking children!

  7. It will take longer than 10 years.

    I think it will follow the same path as the electric only new cars by 2035. 20 years. The tipping point, I.E. more than 50% sold will come sooner. We're already seeing a bigger percentage of EVs.

    Remember when the Prius and other hybrids came out? Their market share grew every year. Toyota predicted hybrid to plug in to EV. They now have a hydrogen powered car out on the market; only emission is water.

    The biggest deterrent to electric has been battery. The nickel metal hydride was a stepping stone and the Lithium-Ion was a big step. We are on the brink of better, stronger, longer, faster.

    The 100 mile charge barrier has been broken. Once they successfully manage a dependable 300 mile EV, there will be no going back.

    I've already got PV on my roof. 12 years now. As soon as I own an EV, a charger will go in the garage and I'll put more panels up.

  8. Randall4:34 PM

    I'm pretty sure in the post-Trump America just about ALL the vehicles (excluding those of the 1%) will be Mad Max-type war-machines.

  9. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I'd rather see more, and more comfortable, trains.

    1. I want an infrastructure like Europe. I rode the trains, subways, etc. in Italy and Germany and it is amazing. As a tourist I really didn't need a car. Sure there are beautiful places that you can only get to by car. But I would love to be able to travel by train, trolley and subway to a lot of America. Our train SUCK. We used to have a great rail system but it was torn up or allowed to rust away when cheap gas and cheap cars came on the scene. Now we have to rebuild it all and the resistance is great and the cost is high.


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