Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn starts defense fund to pay Russia probe legal bills.

Courtesy of Bloomberg: 

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn plans to set up a fund to raise money to pay his legal bills stemming from multiple investigations into possible Trump campaign ties to Russia, according to a person close to Flynn. 

Flynn may become the first associate of President Donald Trump to begin raising money for legal costs associated with the Russia investigation, though others also are weighing how to finance their legal defenses. So far, Trump’s campaign organization has only footed legal bills related to the investigation for the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., according to records of expenses through the end of June. 

Even if Flynn is never charged with a crime, his legal costs could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, said William Jeffress, a lawyer with Baker Botts. The tab could easily climb to $1 million for a criminal defense, Jeffress added. 

Legal preparations to establish Flynn’s defense fund are already underway, said the person close to Flynn.

I wonder how many Russian checks he will receive?

So now I have to wonder if those hints that Flynn is working with the FBI are in fact true, since one might think that cooperating would greatly reduce his legal expenditures.

I do think however that Flynn is only the first who will be seeking this kind of monetary support.

I have heard that there are many in the White House, even everyday staff, who are also being forced to lawyer up as the FBI and Robert Mueller probe deeper and deeper.

And that would include former Trump campaign communications adviser Michael Caputo who is now raiding his children's college funds in order to pay his attorney fees due to these investigations. 


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Lock the bastard up!

    1. Indeed. I wonder if he has enough self-awareness to reflect on the irony of the chants he brayed against Clinton to "Lock her up."

      Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is living a life of high status and of luxury, having earned the admiration of the ages, as well as survived her husband's betrayals--no small feat--and now bejeweled with her daughter Chelsea and her grandchildren. Forever and always, she will be remembered more favorably, and have a much greater fortune, than this short, ugly general officer. Or even her "first black President" husband.

      Flynn parlayed his lack of conscience into greater success than he could handle. Maybe his curse was his bland post-Vietnam combat experience in low-casualty conflicts, which didn't impress his peers.

      A book should be written about this weakness of general officers. They are legion. History later weighs theirs achievements against their losses. No generals since Omar Bradley (or according to my husband, General Bond in Vietnam) really deserve the grade.

      For Flynn, his screw-ups are consuming him from the bottom up. Somewhere in his failure, his own son played a role. Shame.

      He who laughs last, yes. And also, all things come to those who wait. Or at least those who have the patience to let the natural order of things unfold.

      Just be sure from the outset that you're on the right side. Failing that, only sincere charm, humility, and love will save you.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Well, Trump seems to want the RNC to pay his legal fees, and I wonder why they are even considering it. Unless they knew what he was up to I can't imagine they should pay for him. Let him pay, or let him walk away from them as is his habit. Would love to see him be sued by his lawyers for that.


    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Chump change to the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. Let them pay for it.

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Russia Scandal Explodes As White House Confirms Trump and Putin Held 2nd Secret Meeting At G-20

    After Ian Bremmer said that Trump and Putin held a second private meeting at the G-20, the White House finally confirmed that a meeting involving just Trump, Putin, and a translator happened.


    Donald Trump Had A Second Meeting With Vladimir Putin At G-20 Summit
    The meeting was previously undisclosed.


    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      No doubt Trump's worshipers believe Bill Clinton's meeting with Loretta Lynch was far more nefarious.

    2. Is anyone surprised?

      And of course it would be a Russian translator, not a U.S. one.

  4. Anonymous3:28 PM

    OT -- Trump had a second meeting with Putin at G20. Only one translator was present, Putin's translator.


  5. Anonymous3:33 PM

    So, turns out our Hair Führer has had a SECOND, UNDISCLOSED MEETING with Putin at the G20. Did not even have his own translator present!


    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      REVEALED: Trump and Putin engaged in second private meeting at G-20 summit


    2. Anonymous3:55 PM

      ‘A timeline of treason” Watch Keith Olbermann connect the dots of Trump’s ties to Putin’s Russia


    3. Anonymous8:31 PM

      My initial reaction about the second meeting in which Trump did not bring his own translator was that Trump is stupid. Then I realized if Trump and Putin discussed personal nefarious business of course Trump would not want any witnesses present.

      I am thinking Trump may have told his truth he believes he could get away with murder shooting someone. How the hell did Kushner, Trump Jr. and the rest of them think they would get away with this? Once again the Trump family lied! They surely are hiding nefarious activities.

      It is mind boggling the fat pig Donald would sell out our nation, reputation and position in the world and his family collude.

  6. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Holy shit, there's nothing like a financial burden to make somebody turn on someone else. Especially when that somebody has bragged how rich they are.. yet won't cover their freinds... er.. fall guys' legal bills.

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      For all those lawyering up, it would serve them right if they all went bankrupt over this. AND convicted.

    2. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Bankruptcy and jail for all of them would be satisfying. Maybe weatherboarding for the Donald since he is all for torture too!

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Wonder if that was when Ivaaahhhhhnker had to take his place.

  8. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Senate intelligence panel wants to interview all in Trump Jr.-Russia meeting


  9. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Ex-CIA Texas Republican calls for Trump to come clean on Russia

    Texas Republican Rep. Will Hurd, who spent 9 1/2 years as a CIA officer, knows that Russia cannot be trusted. And he is pleading with the Trump team to stop the "drips and drabs" of information and to fully come clean with the American people.


    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Oh, you know, that pee tape is coming soon to YouTube.

    2. Anonymous3:18 AM

      5:13 oh please oh please oh please.
      You know Mueller has seen it.
      And Hills and bill
      And pres. BO
      Oh, Angela Merkel, too.
      Maybe queen Elizabeth - she does have a sense of humor.

  10. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Confirmed: Special counsel is investigating secret Trump Jr.-Russia meeting


  11. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Mike Pence’s shadow campaign is failing, poll says he’s no better than Trump

    Mike Pence is in the middle of a campaign designed to separate him from Donald Trump's failing presidency, but a new poll shows America isn't buying the spin, and doesn't believe he'd be much of an improvement over Trump.


  12. Anonymous6:37 PM

    The people who will be paying Flynn's legal bills are the ones who doesn't want Flynn to squeal on them.

  13. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Sadly, the racists in this country will pony up money, too. Raid their kids' piggy banks, eat rice and hot dogs. So will the home schooling faction.
    Can't fix stoopid.

  14. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Damn this dude Flynn gives military, surfers and men bad names. The guy needs to confess and clean up his crap along with his good little boy just like trump and trump jr. POS's

  15. Anonymous11:02 AM

    What happened to all that Ruskie money he got from Putin?


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