Saturday, July 01, 2017

Oregon county Republican party to use militia members for security, because nothing can go wrong there.

Courtesy of The Portland Mercury:  

The Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) has formally decided to pair up with right-wing militia groups to run security at local events. 

The formal resolution was passed on on Monday and its text was leaked to the Mercury Friday morning. MCRP Chairman James Buchal, despite being displeased with the leak, confirmed his group approved pairing up with the Oregon Three Percenters and Oath Keepers via a resolution earlier this week: 

Proposed Resolution of Chairman Buchal: Resolve that the MCRP may utilize volunteers from the Oregon Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and other security groups. To provide security where such volunteers are certified to provide private security service by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Kay Bridges moved and Janice Dysinger seconded. Resolution passed. 

Such arrangements have already caused uproar. At the June 4 rally, a militia member was spotted helping a federal cop detain and arrest a protester. The Department of Justice announced it would investigate the incident. 

Militia groups have also previously volunteered as security at pro-Donald Trump rallies in Lake Oswego in March and at Patriot Prayer's Vancouver, WA, rally in April. 

Sure nothing like having a bunch of Rambo wannabes running around with automatic weapons, to "keep the peace."

Perfectly safe, if you're not an immigrant, Muslim, or minority that is.

The Chairman of the Multnomah County Republican Party cannot understand what all of the fuss is about:

"I don't understand how it's a whole hell of a lot different than rich people hiring private security guards," explained Buchal about the volunteer militias. "I don't understand why it's so different."

Well maybe it's due to the fact that typically private security personnel are ex-cops, or ex-military, with years of training who are not spending their weekends dressing up like GI Joe and pretending to kill Nazis, ISIS terrorists, or, in more southern states, union soldiers.

I'm just saying.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Coming $00n:". The Administration erased every reference, every stitch of scientific research on climate change, hoping that once dumped in that inconvenient truth memory hole, they’ll be gone for good."The reasons have nothing to do with conspiracy theories and everything to do with the fact that rising temperatures are more destructive in places that are already hot and with it comes a ricochet effect that begs the question: is this what you want to leave for your children?
    The reality of this study is Trump, not China is bringing America down"

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM


  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Right. And they breed the Jeremy Christians of the world who lash out at innocent people on public transportation, then stab to death those who come to their defense. Call them what they are: FUCKING COWARDS.

    The same goes for the brawling bunch in Wasilla.

  4. WA Skeptic9:46 AM

    Didn't this group of creeps occupy a preserve somewhere??? Malheur or something like that?

    F*** them.

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      That would the one! Excepting the strip of the west coast from Portland to Medford, this state is VERY red.

      I am so thankful for our Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden. House reps, not so much.

  5. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Ammosexual shit stains

  6. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Not a good idea.

  7. Anonymous1:26 PM

    There is one character missing from the picture: Mr. T with his mohawk and his gold necklaces. Goobers, the lot of them!

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Why don't these creeps just join the army and go to Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS? Are they just mama boys and can't pass basic training? I hear the army doesn't have an IQ quota one must have to be accepted.

    1. they would be kicked out before the end of BT

  9. Anonymous1:34 PM

    What's the doughboy with the baby blue shirt and the farmer tan who's sprouting an extra head doing in the group?

  10. Anonymous1:35 PM

    This isn't just 'a' county in Oregon, it's the county where Portland is...

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Correct. Can they "peacefully assemble" First Amendment right? Hell no....must set fires and sledgehammer windows of businesses.

      I don't DO thugs. You just lost your argument, @ssholes, in the country that you claim to love.

  11. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Just don't give these brainiacs tasers. As we already discovered, the natural reaction for pretend cops is to confuse their gun for the taser.

    Maybe it is a result of Pavlovian conditioning with these neanderthals. Their reaction to everything seems to be to ready their gun. Mention the word democrat...their gun goes up....mention Hillary...their gun goes up.

  12. Anonymous8:58 PM

    How soon does that Shaffer Cocks guy from North Pole (or wherever the fuck he was from) get out?

    Will he need a job?

    Can he get some of that wingnut welfare even though he won't be able to 2ATF for a few years?

  13. Anonymous9:38 AM

    One word...Altamont.

  14. At least they're not forcing anyone to pay them, like cops do.


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