Saturday, July 01, 2017

Trump's Election Integrity Commission wants the name, address, voting history, social security number, and party affiliation of every voter in America. Did anybody else just feel a cold chill?

Courtesy of WaPo: 

The chair of President Trump's Election Integrity Commission has penned a letter to all 50 states requesting their full voter-roll data, including the name, address, date of birth, party affiliation, last four Social Security number digits and voting history back to 2006 of potentially every voter in the state. 

In the letter, a copy of which was made public by the Connecticut secretary of state, the commission head Kris Kobach said that “any documents that are submitted to the full Commission will also be made available to the public.” 

On Wednesday, the office of Vice President Pence released a statement saying “a letter will be sent today to the 50 states and District of Columbia on behalf of the Commission requesting publicly available data from state voter rolls and feedback on how to improve election integrity.”

Can you say "Massive voter suppression?"

I don't know about you but I would not trust this administration to water my plants for the weekend, much less hand them all of my voter information.

Don't forget that Donald Trump once volunteered super classified information, gathered by an Israeli spy, to the two Russians that he invited into the White House.

Besides if this is in fact "publicly available data" then why can't they gather it their own damn self?

(And I don't know about everybody else but my social security number is certainly NOT "publicly available data.")

Fortunately almost half of the states are already refusing to cooperate.

All of this of course is in response to the in person voter fraud that the Republicans believe is happening all over the country, and for which there is absolutely no supporting evidence.

(And let's not forget that we have a president who is convinced that he would have won the popular vote if it was not for 3 million illegally cast votes for his opponent.)

But in my opinion the real plan is for the Trump Administration to get their hands on this information so that they can challenge the legality of votes in the next upcoming elections, and once again undermine our Democracy.

Hell if they pull this off they may not even need the Russians to help them again.


  1. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Cold Chill? When I first read about that I wanted to vomit.

    Plus, I can't think of a better way to suppress votes than to let everyone know that how they vote is going to be "public". We have always been told that how we vote is secret. THAT we vote (or not) is probably less secure, and I know that how we are registered is not secure because the parties use that info to do polling, target robocalls, etc.

    This could probably even suppress people wanting to vote, knowing that Big Brother is keeping watch.

    The heroes in this are the states refusing to cooperate.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      It more than disturbs me that Oregon is not on the list of those abstaining. It's none of their damned business how I vote.

  2. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Yes I felt that cold chill and also that cold family feeling when it is said that grandparents and uncles are not close family for immigrants to declare on visa's. 32 million will have zero healthcare. Many will die. Goodness!! the division this evil Grinch has planned for usa is dangerous. If there is a devil? don may be related.

  3. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Trump is melting this morning on Twitter over this because states said no to releasing the info. "What do they have to hide" needs to trend but with all the shit Trump keeps hidden.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      I just came over to report that. And he is still attacking Joe and Mila.

    2. Anonymous6:20 AM

      Has the old bat on the dead lake commented yet, 5:36 AM? She'd better keep her trap SHUT. "Brad Hanson."

    3. Anonymous7:41 AM

      "Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!"

      dominated? Mommy i$$ue$?

    4. Anonymous7:54 AM

      "Cray Z Joe & Mica<R good peeps, on the 'down low' dominated 'buy' who watches. Too bad 4 ME!"

      Jealous? tiny djt...

  4. Since we all know there was hacking, how would this not be the largest case of identity theft ever? Here's how: Kobach said they'd make it publicly available: wouldn't want to waste the hackers' time.

  5. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I'm wondering if some big news might drop over the weekend. Twitler is tweeting away insulting Joe & Mika, screaming about fake news, etc. Then again, it could just be a typical Saturday morning for the Trump "presidency". How on Earth is the nation going to survive four years of this petulant, spoiled brat shitting all over the Oval Office?

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      That's what I want to know. I am so far beyond disgusted!

    2. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Any CEO of any corporation, especially a public one, would be canned by the Board of Directors if they behaved this way. Why is it that the most powerful position (well, at least it used to be) can have an idiot cry-baby juvenile in place who it is just about impossible to remove from that position?

      There needs to be serious change made to the laws of this country re: qualifications to run for president and to keep the job once in it. If we survive this disaster it has to be the rule of the land that it can never happen again. No more incompetent petulant child in control, and no more inability to get himher out of control as soon as it is clear that he/she is not qualified.

      Also, I would like to know how many of his waking hours he spends plotting and carrying out his various "revenge's" vs how many are spent on doing his job vs how many are spent playing golf, watching TV, etc. There is no doubt in my mind that this president spends less time working for the country than any other president before him.

    3. Anonymous7:11 AM

      He's as thin skinned as Palin. Whatever happened to taking the high road and (gasp) being an adult? Their remarks must be too close to the truth.

      Reminds me of posts that Gryph makes when the trolls come out in force. "Uh oh, Gryph, looks like you hit a nerve!" and I LAUGH.

      Petulant children.

    4. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Palin's skin is paper thin.

    5. Anonymous8:08 AM

      ....and the Palin deranged (after nine freaking years!) strike again.

    6. Anonymous10:59 AM

      8:08 AM - call me whatever you want to; I don't care. I WILL keep bringing her up because people's memories are short, and that dumb broad will never get that close again if I can help it.

  6. Anonymous7:25 AM

    tiny PECKER$ ALL:

  7. Anonymous7:30 AM

    If Trump will attack that the states that supported him in a presidential election because he believes in a conspiracy theory, there are no limits to the damage that the mentally unwell president could cause.

    "The states did something that the President’s party won’t do. They stood up to Trump, and as a result, the President is psychologically breaking with reality."

  8. Anonymous7:59 AM


  9. Anonymous8:01 AM

    LOL, Melania must be having a bad time at the White House?

    She's used to living in her golden perch looking down on the world and not having to watch on tv the wars her 70 year old baby is having with everybody.

    Life used to be quiet for her and Barron.

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      She'll never have the respect that former First Ladies have had. Not one ounce of sympathy for her.

  10. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I just wrote to our smarmy, cowardly governor (Rick Snyder) that he should be ashamed not to be among the governors who have refused to provide the information. I also chided him for not announcing that Michigan would adhere to the Paris Climate Accord. We are surrounded on almost all sides by the Great Lakes.

    Trump's so-called "voter fraud investigation" should be challenged in the courts. I'm sure the White House will share all the data with any GOP group that wants it as well as his best friend, Vladdie.

  11. Anonymous8:12 AM


    In short this is part of New York Times post that talks about Trump inviting Joe and Mitka to lunch and Trump wanted to be jacked off (I'm sorry,stroked) regarding his first week of office. A couple of weeks later Trump called Joe Scarborough and a argument broke out

    New York Times:
    ....The president invited Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski to lunch at the White House, where, Vanity Fair reported, he even offered to officiate at their wedding should they have one (they have sincepublicly announced their engagement).

    “He said, ‘How do you think the first week went?’ and I sort of stammered a little bit, and I said, ‘Well, you know, there have been some problems,”’ Mr. Scarborough said, adding that his critical emphasis was on the president’s first attempt at imposing a travel ban, which had been promptly blocked in court.

    “He blanched and he said, ‘You didn’t like how this first week went?’ He started repeating that, and he said, ‘Hey Steve, hey Reince, Joe says he doesn’t think we had a great first week.”’

    Then came what he described as a screaming match over the phone a couple of weeks later, after Ms. Brzezinski and Mr. Scarborough mercilessly mocked Mr. Trump’s aide Stephen Miller for his overheated proclamation that the president’s power to impose the travel ban should “not be questioned” by the courts.

    “It went back and forth for 20 or 30 minutes and it was a very ugly call,” Mr. Scarborough said. “He was screaming at me saying, ‘Why are you being so tough on this kid — I invited you to lunch at the White House, and you know I could have invited Sean Hannity,’ and I said, ‘Well, invite Sean Hannity — we’re not going to be schmoozed because you gave us some fish.’”

    The White House had no comment, but the administration and its supporters have made Mr. Trump’s views clear.

    On Thursday, during an interview on Fox News, the Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said of Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski: “They’ve said he has dementia. They’ve said he’s stupid. They’ve called him a goon. They’ve called him a thug. They’ve said he’s mentally ill.” And they have said all that.

    For now, Mr. Scarborough no longer has a place at Mr. Trump’s table. Mr. Hannity of Fox News, though, has a singular place at it, providing Mr. Trump a far more flattering television mirror....

    Very sad, read entire post at:

  12. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Effer has decent data, just verify. Stupids in the house.
    So they will just register white people.
    Effong bastards

  13. Anonymous8:47 AM

    AM Joy tv show Saturday morning: Trump surrounds himself with weak minded women (Melania, Kathyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee).

    They forgot to add Sarah Palin

  14. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Let's also release all the names, so sec numbers, and a complete list of guns owned by every NRA member in the country then. Can you imagine the outrage over that ?


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