Monday, July 10, 2017

The Right Wing is freaked out that Barack Obama may be functioning as a "shadow president" and undermining Donald Trump.

Seriously? You think this is MY fault?
Courtesy of Media Matters:  

Fringe media supporting President Donald Trump have claimed that former President Barack Obama violated federal law and is acting as a “shadow president” because he has talked to former and current foreign leaders since the end of his presidency. The claims, which have at least partially been parroted on Fox News, are an extension of conservative media’s ongoing conspiracy theory that Obama runs a “shadow government.” 

Since Trump’s inauguration, conservative outlets have baselessly claimed that Obama is running some kind of “shadow government,” a conspiracy theory which has since been invoked by a Republican congressman and by one of Trump’s attorneys. The right-wing hysteria took on a new level of feverishness after Obama met with a handful of former and current world leaders, some of whom he worked closely with as president. 

Pro-Trump fake news purveyors were quick to attack Obama for his post-presidency activities. Several websites, including American Today, Patriots On The Right, US Postman, and USA Daily Time, claimed in June that Obama was “undermining President Trump” while “advertis[ing]” his “shadow government.” They suggested that Obama had “committed treason” and “violated” the Logan Act, a law barring private citizens from interfering with American foreign policy and for which no one has ever been prosecuted. The Federalist Tribune and The Washington Feed also asserted that Obama would get “a lengthy jail sentence” as a consequence of the law. Eventually, more fake news purveyors continued to push the false narrative, with Mad World News, USA Newsflash, GOP The Daily Dose, The Angry Patriot, Global Politics Now, Freedom Daily, US Advisor, ENH, and Before It’s News joining in. 

Additionally, “alt-right”-affiliated Infowars and fake news purveyors Conservative Fighters, TruthFeed, and Red Rock Tribune hyped a Daily Caller piece suggesting Obama was a “shadow president.” “Alt-right”-affiliated The Gateway Pundit also called Obama a “shadow president” who “may be breaking the Logan Act.” 

As you might imagine Sarah Palin also jumped on this bandwagon with both feet. First off the only person undermining Donald Trump's presidency right now, is Donald Trump.

The guy is like an unhousebroken monkey climbing the curtains and crapping all over everything.

To blame former President Obama for what is happening is both sad and pathetic.

Secondly damn do I hope that Obama is out there mending fences and explaining to the leaders of other countries that this orange tinted asshole does NOT represent the majority of the American people.

We need a good will ambassador right now like never before, and let's face it, who better than Barack Obama?


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    This is one right wing nutjob theory that I hope like hell is true.

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      You are not lying, USA's rep is going down the toilet faster then a bad indian (India) dinner.

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I read it as bedwetting instead of bandwagon 'cause Donnie is into that.

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      What is it with these dRumpf males and pee-pee? Fetishists!!!

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Sorry Sarah Palin, Obama would not even screw you with someone else's dick.

    1. Anonymous12:20 PM

      Neither would Tawwwwd. But looks like Curtis Menard Jr got there, and maybe Tawd's ex business partner who fathered willow?

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Of the 4 Palin children I've heard that Bristol is the only child that was actually spawned by Todd.

      Willow is from Joe Schmidt, the high school friend that Sarah made head of Corrections, and of course Track is a Menard, and Piper is from either Menard or Brad Hanson.

    3. Anonymous5:29 PM

      timeline - wasn't Menard dead before Piper was a possibility? Oops, just checked - he died in Aug, 2001. Piper had been born the previous March (2001).

    4. Anonymous7:53 PM

      Ask her papa daddy how Maria is doing? Oh right. 2001. ;)

    5. Anonymous10:45 PM

      Reality 101 Sarah. 101. :-()

  4. I tease my Trump loving neighbor that I'm not worried about how much Trump is screwing everything up---Obama goes behind him on elephant crap clean-up.

    I'm pretty sure he hates me now and will be dumping his leaves in my yard this fall.

    1. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Hey , Angela, let him dump his leaves in your yard, they make the best compost! Your garden will look loads better than his and he won't ever figure out why.
      Just run your lawn mower over those leaves to mulch them up, or pile them in an area you want to make a new garden bed. Easy peasy!!
      Oh and to hell with your neighbor.

    2. Anon 12:19
      And I do compost.

    3. Anonymous5:30 PM

      And be sure if you add any "green matter" aka manure it is upwind from his dining room window.

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Trump will always kowtow to Putin. Putin says what Trump wants to hear, Putin gives it life in Trump world. Who else offers up such juicy Hillary tidbits? Who else could be behind former President Barack Obama violated federal law and is acting as a “shadow president”? Decent patriot Americans are not going to be buying into the Putin Trump types of spin.
    So are they charging the former President with Federal crimes or are they just hanging with their BS spin crap?
    Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump consistently broke from political orthodoxy in his effusive praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin. His glowing statements on Putin have become central in stoking the suspicion that he and his campaign were somehow connected to Russian interference in the election.
    Putin on his mind.

  6. If ever there has been a time that these United States need a steady, logical, sentient hand on the wheel, that time is now. When a scowling buffoons sits sulking while other world leaders are talking, making allies, networking, something is horribly wrong. Barack Obama is not loved & admired around the world simply because he is good-looking, has an extensive vocabulary, possesses magnetic charisma, and has an Ivy League law degree. Scoff all you want about his work as a community organizer, but the fact remains President Obama was superbly equipped to do the job and he did an amazing job despite GOP treachery & stonewalling. Obama is a leader. Trump is not. End of story.

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Obama understands everything that is happening now to the US, what, you think he didn't "get it" when Congress was stonewalling him and the religious right was taking over and we were falling to the bottom of the world barrel in educational prowess?

      Obama knows that America can't be fixed and now it's a question of trying to ask other countries to "keep the faith" and do business with us, all while the bottom is falling out and has been for quite some time.

      Seriously, our kids are the dumbest out of the 50 strongest first world countries, and even some second and third world countries are ahead of us.

      We live in a morass of "junk culture" and Trump is indicative of that, he's basically on the same level as the Kardashians and he got elected POTUS.

      America is stupid, full of itself and headed downwards at an amazing rate. Why do you think we fill 70% of our tech jobs with kids from foreign countries?

      We as a country are going to end up in the history books as a cautionary tale of what not to do, all while the idiots are screaming "exceptionalism"!

    2. Anonymous1:53 PM

      True, true 12:03 PM The majority in Alaska admire and respect President Obama. He got a Hell of a welcome here - people came out in droves to see his car drive by and then to meet him later.

      He was an outstanding POTUS and is liked in Europe and other countries - our allies. Don't kid yourself!

      Trump, on the other hand, is detested world wide!

  7. abbafan12:47 PM

    Really, $arah? McCain's gang NEVER vetted YOU, or the truth of you and your fuckin' pimp's association with a group bent on secession from the Union would have automatically disqualified you! They kept a tight lid on you two fuckin' traitors; now, you both are nothing but shit-stains on AK's drawers!! UNREAL.

    1. Anonymous1:24 PM

      Well said!
      Palin is not even a"had been".she is clearly a wannabe anything!
      Even with some larning,she will never make it to ignorant!

    2. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Don't worry - the Palin klan is very much disliked in Alaska and they rarely show their faces anywhere...even in their home area of Wasilla. The only time they might be viewed in Anchorage is when they catch a jet to head south. Alaska would be delighted to be rid of ALL of them!

    3. Anonymous8:34 PM

      1:37 well said!

  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    OT Shadow?

  9. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Wait, so Obama is "taking so many vacations" that they complained about it on Fox News the other week, and now they are complaining that he is "shadow Prez" ? So, what, damned if he does and damned if he doesn't? What, exactly, is the expected role of a retired president- painting in the bath tub?

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Seriously! He's a private citizen now; let him do what he wants! If they're being shown up, that's THEIR problem. Hence the whining.

    2. Anonymous5:01 PM

      Know what gets me, Yellowgirl? After the eight years that we suffered Dubya, off he went to paint his stress away and came out with that "Profiles Of Courage" book last year of veterans he maimed thanks to the wars he started.

      What a PIG, and I still want to pinch his face off!

  10. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Wow. They are trying to deflect from Trumps assholery. Nice try. Obama is visiting old friends. The leaders of different countries liked him as a person. He's just a likeable person.
    Donald on the other hand is like old cheese that needs to be thrown out. Sarah is like a stinky dishrag. And the Republican are like bedbugs and lice. They are literally gonna be there once they infest, and all the stuff on the shelf are hard to rid them from us. The right wingers so called Christians, the conspiracy theorists, they are your top notch control freaks. Instead of waiting for Jesus to return and do his thing the Christians have put all their faith in Donald. Just because of the black man who use to occupy the White House. And Alex whatshisface is just plain old loony tunes plus he makes a lot of money screaming that the sky is falling. People want to believe in the end of the world. That weird kind of thinking is hardwired into people's DNA. They want destruction brought on those who won't conform to their beliefs. Old school crazy. Cave men use to just beat cave people into submission. Nowadays, other methods have to be devised to make us miserable.
    Obama is visiting. He has that right. Even if his friends are world leaders.
    By the way did you see how isolated Donald was when they were taking pictures? That didn't stand well with him. The French president tried to put himself next to old autistic Donnie but Donnie didn't reciprocate the love. But Donnie did certainly shine when in Putin's presence.

    1. Anonymous1:58 PM

      That's because Putin owns him lock, stock and towers.

    2. Anonymous2:03 PM

      You're right about Trump glowing in Putin's presence. I think by and large everyone else was giving him a wide berth because (a) he's fat, and (b) he still has the stink from their last time all over him.

      I want to see the entire Obama family visiting with Her Maj. We know how much she likes them.

    3. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Stop it, stop it, stop it @1:05. aged cheese is wonderful, especially with the right wine. The Rump is nothing but Velveeta, an orange, cheese like substance.

  11. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Whenever Simple Sarah feels the need to chime in you can bet it' a big case of nothing-to-see-here.

    Someone should have given her the same advice that the Ben Stiller character in the movie Tropic Thunder received: "you never go the full retard Sarah".

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      I'm afraid it's a little late for that.

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      "I don't think about Sarah Palin." -- presidential candidate Barack Obama (with a huge grin).

      She'll jump on anything Obama-related even if it's nothing, yet who was hell bent to get to the head table Alfalfa Club dinner to touch him before Joe Lieberman swatted her away?

    3. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Isn't there some grocery store grand opening that she can cut the ribbon to satisfy her? Lord knows that she's too dried up for bikini modeling atop a hood at car shows.

  12. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Shadow government my ass.

    President Obama and President-elect Clinton need to call up the 82d Airborne Division, march on Washington, arrest the usurper and his henchmen, and restore the Constitution.

    Then hang the whole goddam lot of 'em on the National Mall as an example to the rest.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Sir, you are a fucking misinformed idiot. There is no President named Obama currently in the Whitehouse. There is also no President Elect Clinton. What you are advocating is an illegal Military Coup which by any rational mind would know is instant treason for anyone involved. I hate Trump like you but let's be reasonable. Let the investigation of Trump run its course.

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Made me think of Trae The Liberal>

  13. Anonymous1:35 PM

    They fear that former President will help DNC fundraising.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Obama returns to political fray for a Democratic Party cause

      Former president Barack Obama will formally reenter the political fray this week less than six months after leaving office, headlining a fundraiser for a group that could prove critical to the Democratic Party’s rebuilding efforts.

      Obama’s appearance Thursday before a few dozen people at a closed-door event in the District on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) highlights the balance he is trying to strike as his party seeks to regain its footing at both the state and national levels. Obama does not want to cast “a long shadow,” in the words of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, but he remains a central figure for a party that has yet to settle on a single strategy to combat President Trump.

      Help us Obi-Wan Obama. You are our only hope at this point.

    2. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Their shadow President is my loyal (to the country) opposition.

    3. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Ironic that Obama is more loyal to the USA then Trump.

  14. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Can't contribute much more than what's already been said above, so may I say that I love that pic of President Obama! Cracks me up every time, so suave is he!

  15. Randall1:47 PM

    I WISH Barack Obama were running a shadow government!

    But like everything else surrounding Trump and his ilk, they just don't understand what's going on. They don't get it. They think governing is like preening on some reality show rather than the nuts-and-bolts real-life world-changing HARD WORK of making complicated decisions in an ever-changing incredibly complex world.

    The only thing sadder are the fools that vote for them.

  16. Anonymous1:47 PM

    We DO need President Obama following behind the idiot Donald Trump and mending fences with our allies.

    Trump is a fucker from the word go and needs to be impeached. And, his family members tried for TREASON (all over the news today!) and jailed for the rest of their lives. The Trump family is a total calamity and horribly un-American!

    Thank you, President Obama for helping America and Americans 'behind the scenes'! We need you there!

  17. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Poor poor alt-r(wh)itey.
    Splodey heads keep splodin.
    Gotta distract doncha know!

  18. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Donald Trump Jr. Hires A Criminal Defense Lawyer As Russia Scandal Closes In On Trump

    Donald Trump Jr. has lawyered up, as a meeting that the White House tried to call nothing on Sunday has quickly mushroomed into a need for a criminal defense lawyer on Monday.

    The Top Senate Intel Democrat Just Dropped The Hammer And Sunk Trump In 20 Seconds

    ...It was the final 20 seconds of Warner’s comments that explained why the Russia scandal keeps following Trump.

    Sen. Warner (D-VA) said, “For a campaign and now a president who continues to say there’s no there-there, yet, virtually every week or two there’s more stories of meetings undisclosed meetings with Russian officials that beg the question if there’s no there-there, why aren’t more of these people coming clean in a more regular fashion?”

    Warner was correct. If there were really nothing to the Russia scandal, the Trump administration would have had everyone come forward immediately. They would cooperate with the investigations, and they would stop defending Russia’s attack on the 2016 election. There is something there. The fact that more information comes out each week is why the investigations must continue. The more the White House denies, the bigger the scandal gets.

    The more Trump fights against the choppy sea. The closer he gets to going under.

  19. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Sarah didn't jump on anything, all she's doing is linking clickbait hoping for a few cents.

    The Far Right were so frustrated while Obama was vacationing for so long.... they had their shadow government bullshit all lined up and ready to go and Obama was going nowhere and seeing no one...

    It would be lovely to think that SOMEone was running a shadow government, but when you remember that Barack Obama sat on the secret information that America was being compromised and let the chips fall where they may, it's too fucking late for Barack Obama to undo the damage that that did.

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      And how would he have relayed that to the public without being accused of trying to throw the election to Hillary?

    2. wa skeptic4:32 PM

      Get your facts straight; he did none of that. He did everything he was able to do, even confronting Putin in person and telling him to "Knock it off" re: interfering in the election.

      Should he have instead dropped a bomb on the Kremlin?

      You're such a stooge; don't get all your news from Faux News from now on.

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Plus, do not forget Comrade, that Barack had his hands tied because of the rabid Trump supporters. They were threatening to start a war if Hillary won. They were on enough meds to do it too.
      Putin knew that Barack was too genteel to react and he took advantage of it. That's the bugger we have to worry about, okay? Are we Russian wannabes or True Blue and red Americans.

    4. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Well what's all the yapping about adoptions. COUGH.

  20. Randall2:13 PM

    No shit: Vonnie's dumbass, redneck brother-in-law just called and asked if we knew that "Bronco Bama" was running a shadow government...

    I said I guess THAT explains why we just experienced our 81st straight month of economic growth and low gas prices!

    He hung up...

    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      You keep telling 'em, Randall! It fries me how many nutters give the credit to tRump. They know not one thing about how economies work and why the GOP strives to keep the uneducated just that.

  21. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Or HRC>"the governor said he was “relieved” the nation doesn’t have “a criminal like Hillary Clinton in the White House.”

    PS"“Governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, put your fat ass in a car and then go to one that’s open to all your constituents,”"

  22. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Lies, lies, lies...

  23. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Anonymous 2, Lou Sarah said to suck her dick

  24. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Look! Big scary black man! Booga-booga!

  25. wa skeptic4:29 PM

    Former POTUS is now a private citizen and can act as his integrity and intelligence decrees. (Both of these words being unknown to the present POTUS I suggest a good dictionary). I welcome Mr Obama's influence and actions. God only knows we are in dire need of them.
    And this hysteria from the right is rich in irony, as their POTUS has scorned "usual and ordinary" behavior from day one of the new administration.

  26. Anonymous5:19 PM

    The shadow government is the Kremlin, running circles around trump.

  27. Anonymous5:25 PM

    The cognitive dissonance again points to teh underlying racism.
    Then: He's a radical Muslim =/= he's been a failthful adherent of Jeremiah Wright.

    Now: He's always on vacation =/= he's runnign a shadow presidency.

    Irrational racists = every current Republican out there who hasn't disavowed what their party has become.

  28. Anonymous5:38 PM

    The RUmp just got pwned by Putin on Syria ceasefire: What a fucked up fucktard shitgibbon T.Rump is.


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