Sunday, August 13, 2017

Barack Obama is returning to politics this fall but does not want to be "a foil" to Donald Trump. WTF?

Courtesy of The Hill: 

Former President Barack Obama will re-emerge on the national scene this fall, though Democrats expect him to do so with caution. 

One aide describes the beginning of a “delicate dance” that aims to put Obama in the Democratic fray but prevents him from remaining the face of the party. 

Aides will huddle with Obama in the coming weeks to plot out what shape the former president's fall schedule will take. Advisers close to him say that while he will play an active role in helping his party rebuild, much of his work will be behind the scenes. 

He is likely to take on fundraising, for example, something he has done for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee since leaving office. In recent months, Obama has played a larger behind-the-scenes role than was publicly known. 

The Hill reported in July that he met with DNC Chairman Tom Perez as well as lawmakers at his office to give his guidance on a number of issues. 

But advisers to the former president acknowledge he also doesn’t want to be “a foil” — as one top ally put it — for President Trump and the Republican leadership.

Well this is some bullshit right here.

Look I know that President Obama firmly believes in following the rules, but he has to understand that there ARE no rules anymore.

Yes it is considered poor form to criticize your successor, but typically your successor does not focus his entire presidency on undoing everything you accomplished during your terms in office.

Right now the Democrats do not have a strong leader to rally behind. They need Barack Obama to take back his place as the head of the party, and then perhaps help find and introduce the person who will then lead the party forward to victory. (I'm sorry, victories.)

Besides that Trump is tearing down everything that Obama spent eight years building, and if he does not stand up to protect it his legacy may be completely stripped away from him.


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    He doesn't want to anger mentally unstable people. Kind of similar to why he and trump made similar statements regarding violence.

    1. What utter bullshit. There are no similarities between President Obama's statements on violence and trump's.

      It was made very clear by trump that he doesn't want to anger his racist white supremacist base because he might lose their votes, which is the reason he refuses to call them out. He is a loathsome degenerate monster.

      Violent white supremacist racists and America's enemy, Russia. The two things you will never hear racist pig trump criticize.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      But Nefer they have no where to go. Not all republican's are racist but most racist's are republican. So why not choose the most racist party if you are racist?

    3. Anonymous8:29 PM

      I trust President Obama to do what he feels is best and I don't think it's wise or appropriate to ever say "wtf" regarding him. He doesn't need your advice, Gryphen.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I think that is President Obama's weakness all along: he always wants to make sure that 'we all can get along'! He is too much of an optimist - especially in light of the terror attack this weekend and the rising of the Nazis/White Supremacists/KKK.

    President aobama is a good guy, but too gullible. There is no turning back now. We HAVE to squish those extreme right folks.

    After all, many of our parents and grandparents fought exactly that force some 70+ years ago in Germany and all over Europe.

    1. Jesus. The first African-American to make his way through local, state, and federal politics to make it to the presidency in the face of the most vile racist attacks, is "gullible."

      Where did you get the idea he thinks we "can all get along"? Or that he doesn't intend to fight what the republicans are doing with every ounce of his being?

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      After eight years as President, Obama knows what's going on. Gullible hardly.

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM


  4. "Look I know that President Obama firmly believes in following the rules, but he has to understand that there ARE no rules anymore."
    I understand your frustration, but do you seriously think President Obama doesn't understand the current state of affairs?

    I don't think he is choosing this action plan to abide by the rules. I think he is choosing what he believes will be the more effective route to winning elections.

    This reminds me so much of the patronizing lectures he received from so many people (many of them white) while he was in office lecturing him on what it meant to be a black man in America and how naive he was about the republicans and how he just didn't understand politics (sure, all he accomplished was being the first African-American to work his way up from community service positions to the presidency of the United States).

    He served two full terms in office and left honorably at the end of his second term. By law he could not run again.

    If he is seen to be solely reacting to trump (acting as his foil), he can and will be portrayed as somebody who can't understand that his time is over and that he needs to stop obstructing the "rightful" successor to the presidency.

    If he thinks he can get a hell of a lot more done behind the scenes without it being widely known what he is doing, more power to him. Unlike trump, President Obama's ego isn't all wrapped up making sure that everything is all about him and that everyone knows it.

    If he can identify Democrats who can be supported in developing leadership roles in the party, personally I think that would be excellent, and heartening, to realize that we have many people who can develop a national voice with President Obama's support.

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Than you! I was furious as I read what Gryphon and a couple of the other posters wrote. What a relief to read your post!!! Obama was A great president, but SOME people think he wasn't quite enough. For Christ sakes, the man is not some super human comic book hero out on earth to save us all from Trump! He put in 8 long hard years doing work that not one of us could handle. He's too nice and guillable? Fuck you! People need to get off their butts and work for the legacy Obama left us. Quit your moaning that Obama isn't going to step in and save us!

    2. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Seriously! "Save us, Obama" is no different than the pee pond worshipping their golden calf. Heifer. Whatever she is.

  5. Anonymous3:01 PM

    You need to trust your president. He's always been a visionary and sees a far bigger picture than many of us. Trump is itching for an adversary and your president knows better than to give him one. What good would that due but to fire up the racists with the white guy attacking, smearing, degrading, mocking, ridiculing the black guy.

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      ++++++ I agree 100%

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Threats Of Violence From Racists Force The Cancellation Of Charlottesville Candlelight Vigil

    It is not safe enough to hold a vigil in Charlottesville because the President Of The United States sent a loud and clear message to the violent white supremacists that he has their backs. A strong leader and a human being with any moral compass would have made it clear that the United States government views the people engaging in violent acts as criminals. Donald Trump did the opposite. He emboldened the racists, which is one of the reasons why the city is not safe enough to hold a vigil for an innocent victim of the violence.

    The fire of racial hate that Trump cultivated during his campaign has grown into an inferno, and it looks like it may be up to individual communities to remove the violence and hate because the President isn’t interested in doing anything to help.

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Turn off the rhetoric and think about it. Why can we not live in peace with those unlike us? Why must there always be violence? Do I think I'm better than my neighbor? Heck, we're all just trying to survive! Enough of this bullshit!

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Oh pleaase. Money bitch.
      Guilty much may be here?

  8. And here we go again. . . .

    You mention Barack Obama's name and him having anything to do with working for the democrats and even liberals go batshit crazy. Does anyone effing get it that for eight years Obama took shit from republicans because they hated him so deeply they ended up insane-- AND many democrats because he
    didn't shoot rainbows out of his ass. Hell, he came back from vacation, spoke to bankers and the place fell apart. Democrats went nuts. WTF? Playing the purity game will make you end up a republican.

    If I was him I would continue to do what he is doing behind the scenes. Fuck this crazy assed political system. Let some young ones buck up and get the party out of the mud up front. The man is not resting, he just doesn't want Donald Nut Ass Trump to destroy the place because of his obsession with him. And it is an obsession.

    A very disturbing one.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      +++++ a thousand times

  9. Anonymous3:25 PM

    “We’re coming back to Charlottesville.” White nationalist organizer Eli Mosley.

    The ground underneath the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert Lee in Emancipation Park Saturday night was littered with evidence of President Donald Trump’s cultivation of the far-right: protest signs with messages like “The Jewish Media Is Going Down,” “The Goyim Know” and “We Support President Donald Trump.”

    Only several hours earlier here white supremacist demonstrators and counter-protesters had engaged in open combat for hours. The sounds of screams had mixed with the sounds of people coughing, their lungs full of mace. Tear gas canisters and rocks and full water bottles and bags of feces flew threw the air. Blood stained the sidewalk.

  10. Anonymous3:29 PM

    “These terrorists aren’t trolls — they’re terrorists,” a witness said.

  11. I think he is going to try to stay above the fray but Trump is so unstable...


    I'd call it more funny than unnerving.

    "President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have more in common than angry rhetoric.

    They’re also known for some pretty distinctive hairstyles. Twitter user @bornmiserable flipped their lids to show how each would look with the other’s ’do.' "

  13. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Get a grip, you are the last person who should be giving that man any fucking advice.

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Who are you talking to?

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      The idiot that is trying to give the chess player advice. It's not rocket science.

  14. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Barack Obama is not god, not our savior. It is IMO selfish to expect him to "fix" everything for us. One thing that I took away from his presidency is that it is our civic duty to get involved. I certainly welcome any assistance he can lend in getting people motivated and helping inform the public, but he can't fix our problems.


  15. Anonymous8:04 PM

    THREAT?"Nicolás Maduro Guerra, the son of the Venezuelan President, is threatening to seize the White House with rifles if President Donald Trump sends the US military to his nation.

    Trump on Venezuela: Military action an option
    Trump on Venezuela: Military action an option 00:41
    The White House has condemned President Nicolás Maduro's regime for human rights abuses. More than 120 people have died in anti-government protests since April.""If the unlikely event of defiling the homeland came to pass, the rifles would arrive in New York, " he told Venezuelan state media.
    "Mr. Trump, we would arrive and take the White House."

  16. Anonymous8:57 PM

    May be they are bringing "foil" to DC as a gift to the RNC folks.
    Make America Great Again Hats! ;)

    1. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Tin foil hats for RNC. ;-)º

  17. Anonymous9:13 PM

    President Obama’s very existence gets under the skin of the orange one. No way about it. The odd reference to Obama in Trump’s speech last night said it all.

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      It is his very existence that made him run for POTUS. He became completely unhinged at the mere thought of a black president. Dealing with insanity such as his is tricky. I trust BO to do it right.

  18. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Rumor around my parts is Congressman Seth Moulton is running in 2020. Upstanding ex-marine, Harvard degrees. No wife and he's young are only thing going against him.


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