Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Donald Trump has been sending private messages to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. WTF?

Courtesy of USA Today: 

President Trump has publicly called the widening federal investigation into Russia's election meddling a "witch hunt." But through his lawyer, Trump has sent private messages of "appreciation" to special counsel Robert Mueller. 

"He appreciates what Bob Mueller is doing,'' Trump's chief counsel John Dowd told USA TODAY in an interview Tuesday. "He asked me to share that with him and that's what I've done.'' 

Trump's legal team has been in contact with Mueller's office, and Dowd says he has passed along the president's messages expressing “appreciation and greetings’’ to the special counsel. 

“The president has sent messages back and forth,’’ Dowd said, declining to elaborate further.

Okay I think we have all seen enough movies about the Mafia to recognize this tactic.

This is like when Tony Soprano sends some ravioli out to the FBI guys sitting in the van monitoring one of his restaurants.

It is meant to unnerve the agents and keep them off balance while he continues conducting his illegal business right under their noses.

Of course Tony Soprano was never up against anybody like Robert Mueller before.

This courtesy of Law Newz: 

Donald Trump‘s messages to Robert Mueller are not only unusual, but could be the basis of an obstruction of justice accusation. Jimmy Gurulé, a law professor at Notre Dame University and a former U.S. Assistant Attorney General under the first president Bush, told that the messages leave the president vulnerable, legally speaking, because these could be construed as intimidation.

Gurulé said that anything Trump tells him could be used against him in the Russia collusion investigation. Also, the messages themselves could be construed as an attempt to influence the probe. 

“‘I’m watching you.’ How else could it be interpreted?” Gurulé said. ‘ Thank you for conducting an investigation into my campaign. Thank you for conducting an investigation into my son and my son-in-law.'” 

If nothing else, this sort of thing leaves the president vulnerable.

Trump seems to think he is dealing with one of the many small business people he swindled who were too intimated by his wealth and fame to fight back.

But Bob Mueller is not the owner of some mom and pop plumbing company, he is the former head of the FBI and has been taking down scum like Donald Trump since the 1970's.

Trump can play all of the games that he wants, but clearly Mueller is keeping his eyes on the prize.

Which is why the FBI apparently raided former Trump campaign manger Paul Manafort's home in the wee hours of the morning last month.

Perhaps Trump ought to call and thank him for THAT.


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    OT - trump's stupid idea for dealing with the opioid crisis:

    With his own First Lady Melania by his side, he told reporters, “We can keep them from going on [drugs] and maybe by talking to youth and telling them, ‘no good, really bad for you in every way,’ but if they don’t start, it will never be a problem.”

    The answer to the scourge of opioid addiction isn’t making treatment more affordable and available, or cracking down on doctors who over-prescribe prescription pain killers, or increasing funding to Medicare and other programs to address the issue on the ground. No, the answer is the “No Good, Really Bad For You” campaign.

    Trump Just Announced His Solution To The Opioid Epidemic, And It’s Embarrassing

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Just say NO! And lock up anyone that looks funny. Throw away the key and support private prisons.

    2. Anonymous12:15 PM

      Holy shit, it's Just Say No again.

    3. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Trump and team know nothing about their subject. They did not care a wit about the opioid crisis and all the families effected and the people that are dead and dying.

      They were just using something they know would be a popular subject and something they think makes them look like they care. None of them knows zip about opioids and what is happening in the country.

    4. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Just say no to buying it online from China. Just sayin.

    5. Anonymous7:42 PM

      305 I saw that on MSNBC. They had a reporter looking to buy fetenol online from China.:()
      I think he could get a kilo shipped to the USA. Unreal.

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Trump’s behavior is over the top confounding at first glance. Simply creepy when you consider the mafioso angle you presented. How do his supporters look themselves in the mirror each morning?

    1. Leland11:38 AM

      11:14, a person has to recognize there is a problem before looking in the mirror causes even the slightest negative reaction!

    2. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Trump is the Appointed One, so his supporters can look in the mirror all they want -- they are duped and nothing will deter them from their worship of their god and Trump, who both demand unwavering obedience and constant adulation. Don't expect this to change, NO MATTER WHAT.

    3. a. j. billings2:57 PM

      Trump worship by the deplorables, flyover states, and the Christians of the USA is delusional.

      They hated that a black man got to be President, it flies in the face of their "Take back my country" ignorance.

      They would not vote for Hillary because she's a women, she was tainted by Bill CLinton's scandals, and she was a hate libtard.

      Trump could call a press conference, march out a handcuffed illegal immigrant, and SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD ON LIVE TV.

      All his followers would just say "God bless our PResident Trump for doing what we'd all like to do

    4. Anonymous3:16 PM

      A.j. @ 2:57

      tiny djt isis Itching to do it, if he hasn't already...
      Like on 5th avenue in Manhattan.

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Trump's Enquirer pals are helping his buddy:


    Trumpster no like the sex scandal inquiries. Unless it is a pizza palour front for sex trafficking.

    1. Anonymous12:24 PM

      This spells trouble in River City... Well, ya got trouble, my friend, right here,. I say, trouble right here in River City

      Trump Has Implied He Controls the National Enquirer.

    2. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Trump continues to be nice to Michael Flynn. Something changed with Paul Manafort if he is turning on him.

      I don't get the point how this Enquirer article will make Manafort not spill with the new documents the FBI got July 26. I get the blackmail about his marriage would be something for Don to have to hold over his head. Now what difference does it make?

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Just like Nunez sending his Jr. Secret Agents over to intimidate Christopher Steele.

    As Malcolm Nance is fond of saying--"the Target's gettin' buggie."

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    As t anus has said "you have never seen anything like this" No we the people have not seen anything like this ever. Never have we witnessed such a lousy dirty liar pretending to be decent while raping America.

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Research Firm Tied To Trump Dossier Turns Over Docs To Senate Judiciary

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      This is good.
      Fusion GPS, was turning over records Wednesday in response to a request from the Senate Judiciary Committee. The panel is one of several investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

  7. Anonymous11:53 AM

    More attempted bullying. It's what he has been doing his entire life. It's worked for him so there is no reason for him to stop.

  8. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Mueller should interview past employees and signers of the trump disclosure, All of them. No wonder he hires from other countries, he can intimidate them easy vs americans.

    1. Anonymous12:14 PM

      How long will the "signatures foreswearing trump disclosures" hold up in court? What is Trump going to do? sue every last one of them? Bribe? Threaten? Blackmail? His schtick is getting very old and toothless.

    2. Anonymous1:42 PM

      Trump will use everyway possible to 'win'. He fought to the end of that University case and then suddenly quietly it was a settlement.

  9. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The prize Mueller should be looking for is the truth, not nailing someone or taking someone down. But Trump has done so much obstructing, it's probably taking up much more of Mueller's investigation than anybody ever believed possible, and now he IS looking to nail Trump et al for that. Take him down, bankrupt him, and kick him into the dustbin of American political disasters.

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      12:07 PM Mueller is looking for evidence. He wants to learn what happened and he needs fact and evidence to put things together. That is the truth.

      People lie and he can't just believe them when they say the dog ate my homework or I forgot the nothing burger meeting, it was so unimportant.

      They think that Manafort is hiding something. A judge agreed. They went in to try and get what they believe he is hiding.

      Remember it was said Manafort was on the phone. If he gave them the wrong phone, they would want the right phone. There are tons of documents and that is what they mention.

  10. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Medicaid expansion has hugely increased access to treatment for opioid addiction. But Medicaid is always in the crosshairs for Rethugs.

    "What we saw was this gigantic, rapid, ongoing expansion in treatment," says co-author Lisa Clemans-Cope. "It was particularly fast after 2014 when the big Medicaid expansion came into play. There's definitely an effect of people getting access to treatment. That's the primary driver of growth of spending."

  11. Anonymous12:18 PM

    ROFL seriously, this "president" does NOTHING but trip over his own dick. NOTHING.

    1. abbafan4:19 PM

      How can he trip over a shriveled-up cocktail weenie?? The fat fuck would have to eat a whole bottle of Viagra, so Melanona can see it!!

  12. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Body language showed trump as the 12yr old insecure bully he is. Arms crossed while spitting threats he is not sure he can keep. He may have to ask daddy congress and Our Military first.

  13. Anonymous1:16 PM


    About an hour after FBI agents conducted a predawn raid at Paul Manafort’s home, President Donald Trump started tweeting.

  14. Anonymous2:09 PM

    The newly revealed raid of Paul Manafort’s home sheds some light on the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia.

    New York Times report

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM


      Adam Schiff Drops A Bomb That Changes Russia Scandal By Suggesting Potential Collusion Evidence.

  15. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Cumming from a $peed freak Viagra junkie

  16. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Trump Just Blamed Obama’s Competence And Steadiness For The North Korea Mess


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