Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tries to calm fears about war with North Korea as Donald Trump continues to puff up his chest like a middle school bully.

Courtesy of CNN:

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has sought to allay fears of a military confrontation with North Korea after President Donald Trump warned he could unleash "fire and fury" on the pariah state. 

Tillerson defended Trump's comments but said there was no sign that the threat level from North Korea had changed and that Americans should "sleep well at night." 

His unscheduled remarks, on a flight out of the region early Wednesday, appeared designed to dial back the unprecedented rhetoric from Trump.

Trump's remarks about  "fire and fury" has caused concerns all across the world, and especially in South Korea, Japan, and of course Guam which North Korea has specifically threatened.

However while Tillerson is desperately trying to put out these fires, Trump his running around with his leaky gas can.

First off I don't think that seven months is really enough time to "renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal."

And secondly WTF?

You know if you do indeed have the biggest penis in the frat house, you do not have to go around whipping it out at every party. People know.

Donald Trump is sitting on perhaps the single most powerful nuclear arsenal on the planet, he does not need to flaunt that.

It is like his tiny little hands make him feel that he constantly has to prove he is a man.

Only in this case his insecurities can cost the lives of millions.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    One does Not modernize nuclear weapons in six month. And what about appropriations? Mexico paid for this pipe dream like the wall?

    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      "One does Not modernize nuclear weapons in six month"

      Correct, this was begun under Obama. Trump is, once again, stealing credit for something he had zero to do with.

    2. Anonymous10:13 AM

      9:40 AM

      Trump world is special. When he says something the former intelligent people have to change what they think and believe and form a new perspective that is totally backing up his fantasy.

    3. Anonymous7:45 PM


      Full Monty of mental illness

      Front and Center

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM


    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      ON CNN>$NORT!

      Responsibility of>Command-Control-Care

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Everyone is so confused. The ruler is loving the chaos, the world hates it.

    General 'Mad Dog' Mattis is now supportive of Trump warmongering.

    This tabloid goes with the consensus that generals were not informed.
    Trump's generals were not consulted on his explosive 'fire and fury' warning to North Korea – but he did speak to his chief of staff and security 'team' on Tuesday

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    "My first order as President was to renovate and modernize"
    MY free new white 'Bawdy House'."

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      They say the White House renovations were planned long ago, I don't know. I bet it also has to do with getting rid of any bugs and put in a new system.

  5. abbafan8:56 AM

    Secretary Tillerson seems to be the reasonable adult in the room. Man-baby trump is too busy puffing out his chest, trying to act tough, when in reality, he is soft like his fat belly-blubber! trump must be jealous of his macho-looking guarantor puty-baby!!

    Secretary Tillerson is trying to pursue a solution through diplomacy, in conjunction with the Chinese government; even the Chinese perceive North Korea as a threat. But if pouty man-baby derails any negotiations through his twitter tantrums, don't be surprised if Tillerson says "fuck you", and resigns.

    It's high time General Kelly bitch-slaps trump, and yanks that fuckin' phone out of his fat, stubby hands, before innocent people get injured or killed!!

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      I wonder how long until Tillerson resigns.....

  6. Anonymous9:07 AM

  7. Anonymous9:07 AM

  8. Anonymous9:07 AM

    A terrifying axis of idiocy: Kim Jong-un baits Trump, who falls for it

    North Korea's erratic ruler trolls our clownish president into threatening nuclear war —the world holds its breath

  9. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Going full ‘Madman,’ Trump brags about his nuclear arsenal

    1. He is just itching to use one of those nukes. He's said it before. "If we have them, why don't we use them?"

    2. Anonymous3:58 PM

  10. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Wag The Dog

  11. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Pence hires veteran campaign operative in latest sign he’s preparing White House run

  12. Anonymous9:24 AM

    First of all President Obama initiated an overhaul of the nuclear arsenal in 2012. Apparently, as unfortunate as it seems it was needed. The overhaul is not completed yet so all Trump could have done is urge the process along.

    Secondly his first and second executive orders (on the night of his inauguration - a bad night for all of us), he signed an order nullifying some benefits to working class people government home loans and an order insisting that federal employees drag their feet on accommodating any part of the ACA. That was Trump's first night in office: cheat the people who voted for him and order federal employees to break the law.

  13. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Donald Trump's reaction to North Korea's nuclear capabilities have now proven that pre-election fears and concerns about his inability to handle the immense pressure of America's nuclear responsibility were completely accurate.

  14. Anonymous9:26 AM

    read the comments...

  15. Anonymous9:28 AM

    An unnamed diplomat told BuzzFeed that Trump “has no historical view” and “seems to think the world started when he took office.”

    Another unnamed European diplomat said Trump “is obsessed with Obama.”

    “It’s his only real position,” the diplomat said. “He will ask: ‘Did Obama approve this?’ And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: ‘We don’t.’ He won’t even want to listen to the arguments or have a debate.”

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      "S's European allies have been warning that the US president’s approach to world affairs is extremely dangerous – pointing to his apparent ignorance of other countries’ history, his unfiltered use of social media, and the lack of a strong, experienced team around him."“Trump could send a tweet in the middle of the night pissing off Kim Jong Un. And the next morning we wake up to a world on the brink of war,”

      "The current standoff is a dramatic illustration of the grave international concerns over Trump."
      "He [Trump] just bombed us with questions: ‘How many people do you have? What’s your GDP? How much oil does [that country] produce? How many barrels a day? How much of it is yours?" {OIL}
      "officials revealed that at international meetings, Trump has openly mocked his own aides, contradicting and arguing with them in front of other leaders. That has compounded the impression of an administration in chaos. “We can hear everything, it’s weird,” “The White House lacks crucial expertise,” one said. “The State Department and others are isolated. You have the generals, the National Security Council, and then a void. There aren’t enough diplomats, experts etc. in the White House. [Secretary of state Rex] Tillerson has a small team. Does Trump listen to [James] Mattis [secretary of defence], [H.R.] McMaster [national security adviser], to the experts?”

      The officials think only Trump's family members, in particular his daughter Ivanka, really have the president's trust. They described the body language between Trump and Tillerson as “terrible”. “He gets that Germany is important. He is very graceful with China’s Xi Jinping. The impression is that he is seeking affirmation and approval as president of the United States,” It is clear he dislikes Germany.”
      aka woman named 'Angela Merkel'

  16. Fuck Rex the Tex.
    He has ZERO credentials to run the State Dept.
    Except maybe that medal he got from Russia?
    WTF is anyone thinking.

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Good assessment.

  17. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Great - now "God" is telling trump it is ok to start a war and kill millions...

    ‘God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un,’ evangelical adviser says

  18. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Mr Exxon has no experience in political diplomacy, has an empty State Department, and Mattis seems to be relying on him.

    We're FUCKED.

  19. Anonymous9:45 AM

    OT? HIStory

  20. Anonymous9:55 AM

    ""Never forget," he tells national security advisers Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig in a conversation on December 14 1972, "the press is the enemy, the press is the enemy. The establishment is the enemy, the professors are the enemy, the professors are the enemy. Write that on a blackboard 100 times."

  21. Anonymous10:01 AM

    How Alaska’s governor is reacting to North Korea

  22. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Security costs before the nuke threat in Bedminister

    "Security costs from Trump family travel adding up"

  23. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Avoiding war takes patience, intelligence, care, skill and wisdom. Uh-oh.

    ...So let’s recap. Trump has strongly implied that he is ready to start a nuclear war in response to unspecified threats. What could go wrong?

    This may seem to Trump like a simple and satisfying reply to a very hard situation. The impulse toward simple and satisfying solutions to hard problems is how we ended up with Trump as president. Act in haste, repent at leisure. Those of us who survive will have ample leisure amidst the glowing ruins.

    War is the catastrophe that is always proximate. It is the easiest thing in world to cross that boundary and satisfy the primitive instinct. Unfortunately, the weapons arrayed these days are anything but primitive. Avoiding the already witnessed human carnage of nuclear warfare has required decades of hard work and restrained emotion. It has not always been satisfying, and it is never simple. The space between war and peace is a difficult, fraught terrain requiring some awareness and attention to tripwires and missteps. The space on the other side of a nuclear exchange is human tragedy.

    It is pointless hoping that Trump will ever understand any of this. The best we can hope for is that the people around him — yes, all of us — do.

  24. Anonymous10:17 AM

    The Madman With Nuclear Weapons is Donald Trump, Not Kim Jong-un

    For once, Donald Trump has a point. “We can’t let a madman with nuclear weapons let on the loose like that,” he told Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, according to the transcript from their bizarre phone conversation that was leaked to The Intercept in May.

    The madman the U.S president was referring to, of course, was North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The madman the rest of us should be worried about, however, is Trump himself, who — lest we forget — has the sole, exclusive and unrestricted power to launch almost 1,000 nuclear warheads in a matter of minutes, should he so wish.

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Read this and weep! We need to restrict this madman - sooner rather than later! IMHO, he is trying to start a diversion from Mueller, and does not care or understand that there will be MILLIONS of people who potentially will die if we start by throwing a couple of bombs at NK!

  25. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Of course the national enquirer dirty nasty rag and sexy fraud fox fake no news will have full coverage, detail by detail, fact by fact the most trusted network in the whole wide world of this tit for tat between to little fat dicktators.

  26. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Trump's aggressive 'fire and fury' language toward North Korea is almost entirely unparalleled in history

    ...“It’s hard to think of a president using more extreme language during crisis like this before,” historian Michael Beschloss told the Times.

    According to Beschloss, President Dwight D. Eisenhowever remained moderate even when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev told Americans that the Soviets “will bury you.” President John F. Kennedy called for “stable relations between our two nations” and to “move the world back from the abyss of destruction” even in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Soviet Union.

    “Presidents usually try to use language that is even more moderate than what they may be feeling in private, because they have always been worried that their language might escalate a crisis,” Beschloss said.

  27. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Donald Trump Cannot Be President Anymore

    ...The biggest threat here isn’t that Trump just drops the big one on the NorKors, a scenario that, at least at this time, is thankfully still far-fetched. But there is a danger that Trump gets into an ever-escalating conflict, then makes blunders that beget reactions he’s not prepared for and that spiral out of control. He’s selfish, volatile, and vindictive, and in a time of crisis he’d be unpredictable, slave to the hot thrums of his angry little lizard brain. In other words, Trump is exactly the wrong person to lead a war. Trump, friends, is a less rational leader than Kim Jong-Un.

  28. Anonymous10:56 AM

    The GOP agenda under Trump is basically what it would have been under Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, only with more chaotic news cycles and instantly lower approval ratings. The Matt Pattersons of the world didn’t create this reality—that would be the Charles Kochs and Sheldon Adelsons—but they do know how to keep it going. One way to keep the oligarchic agenda humming along is to give it an aesthetic of rugged authenticity. Trump does that very well, and he gets a lot of media help. It may be impossible to write a Trump Voter piece, however careful, that doesn’t end up doing the work of making age-old robber baron politics look like an Andrew Wyeth painting come to life. We should probably stop trying.

    1. Jeb Bush would never have appointed a cabinet this extreme, inept and anti-U.S.

      Jeb Bush also has a level head on his shoulders and wouldn't make threats or embarrass us in front of the world. He knows how to behave in polite company.

      Of all of the candidates, he was probably the least offensive. Him and Kasich. Not that either would be a prize. But at least they wouldn't tantrum us into a nuclear war with North Korea.

    2. Anonymous3:49 AM

      How about us voters demand better candidates for 'running the free world', instead of the lesser of 2 evils?
      That way, the largest demographic of voters, the NON-voters, miiiight just might vote next time. Novel approach.

  29. Anonymous10:58 AM

  30. Anonymous11:00 AM

    How Alaska’s governor is reacting to North Korea

    1. Anonymous3:34 PM

      " Experts concluded last month that, while Pyongyang's intercontinental ballistic missiles likely couldn't reach the contiguous U.S., "all of Alaska" was at risk."

      "he wanted to re-establish a naval base in Alaska." last month, (dan) Sullivan said in a statement that the U.S. "cannot and will not allow an irrational dictator to have a capability that threatens millions of American lives. Period."

  31. Anonymous11:16 AM

    As World Inches Closer to Nuclear Holocaust, Fox Business Runs Segment on Cheetos

  32. Anonymous11:20 AM

    He was just cranky.

  33. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I am not exactly sure that I read the below post correctly, but... Seems there is nothing and nobody that can hold Tiny Hands from pushing 'the button'!.

    I wish, mental health officials would come to him and put him into a secure straight jacket!

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      "The order is verified
      The senior officer in the Pentagon war room must formally authenticate that the person ordering the strike is indeed the president. The officer reads a “challenge code,” often two phonetic letters from the military alphabet, such as “Delta-Echo.” The president retrieves the “biscuit,” a laminated card the president or military aide carries at all times, and finds the matching response to the challenge code: “Charlie-Zulu,” for instance."

      "The war room prepares the launch order, a message that contains the chosen war plan, time to launch, authentication codes and codes needed to unlock the missiles before firing them. The encoded and encrypted message is only about 150 characters long, about the length of a tweet. It is broadcast to each worldwide command and directly to launch crews."

      In Le$$ then 4 minutes orders are to FIRE!
      dRUMPF's Greatest, Best word.

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM

  34. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Both babies are going to keep responding to each other and escalate their threats and nuke war talk.

    Trump Threatens North Korea Again: Nukes 'Far Stronger And More Powerful Than Ever Before'

    Any adult in the United States can't do much about Kim Jong-un. Something needs to be done right away.

    American adults find the way to get Donald Trump out of the White House. His administration is going to prop him up and feed him the propaganda doc. They must go along with him and his family.

  35. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Actually, it was Obama who launched $1-trillion modernization of the nuclear arsenal. A 30-year program.

    1. Anonymous7:48 PM

      Right. He probably toured the facility and updates.
      Hope they Still work he was probably thinking. May be.

  36. And he's got GOD on his side!

    "A right-wing pastor who serves on Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board claims God has given the president “full power” to launch an attack on North Korea.

    Robert Jeffress, head of the First Baptist Dallas megachurch, told CBN on Tuesday that a biblical passage in Romans allows rulers to use “whatever means necessary ― including war ― to stop evil.”

    He said:

    “In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un. I’m heartened to see that our president ― contrary to what we’ve seen with past administrations who have taken, at best, a sheepish stance toward dictators and oppressors ― will not tolerate any threat against the American people.”"

    Fucking Evangelicals.

    If we get nuked we should string them all up, castrate, draw and quarter, then pour on salt and let the vultures eat them alive.

    "Jeffress, who serves on Trump’s evangelical advisory panel and has been a guest in the White House, has a long history of intolerant rants directed against gays, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons and more."

    No shit.

    "North Korea said on Wednesday it is "carefully examining" plans for a missile strike on the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, just hours after U.S. President Donald Trump told the North that any threat to the United States would be met with "fire and fury"."

    Trump is endangering us all. He's getting in pissing contest with Un and no one can shut Trump up. He won't stop until he goads Un into using the bomb first or if Un won't, Trump will strike first and then claim it was pre-emptive. The old "I felt threatened" defense. After all, it works for the police.

    Neither Tillerson nor Perry can control him. They are totally out of their depths.

    Kelly can't control him or doesn't want to.

    We are so totally screwed.

  37. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Russian spy plane buzzes D.C.

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      They are approved by US gov. They will also fly over New Bedminister New Jersey. Kind of like a tribute to the famous golfer that lives there when not in White House. It is the place President Trump would like to be buried when he dies. It is a very special place,

  38. Anonymous12:47 PM

    The rhetoric is dangerous not only b/c little hands could push'the button'. His talk, and now his administration is acting unified and excusing it, can trigger the other nuke guy with itchy fingers. Say he does hit Guam or South Korea, Little Hands has to hit back and then what? The toxic clouds would be horrible all over.

  39. Anonymous2:35 PM

    This is a world problem. The USA and North Korea will not remove their leaders. The USA owns this mess and is responsible to expel their culprit. Other nations have shadow goverments, mercenaries and assassins that train for years to deal with problems. If USA can do nothing, it has to happen soon.

    It's only been since yesterday at the opioid meeting Trump started this. It has esculated more than imagined.

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      The Walking Dead.
      Hunger games.

      Life imitates art.
      Art imitates life.

  40. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Trump is nothing more that a middle-school bully. Unfortunately for Planet Earth, he's a childish bully with the ability to start a nuclear war.

  41. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Last night, I could not sleep. What movies speculated could happen, happened. Two crazy leaders were talking about sending nuclear warheads towards on another's country.
    My heart was sad. I feel that we are on the point of no return with this crazy president and there is so much hate in our country for opposing views that the Republicans are sitting back and seeing how far Trump will take this. Basically, he's accomplishing for them more than they dreamed or hoped for. War. They love that. Makes them money.
    All this without having to answer to the people of our country or the world. I suppose that if that is the case, then as humans we don't deserve this world.


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