Thursday, August 03, 2017

Donald Trump's approval numbers hit a new low, but the good news is that his disapproval numbers hit a new high.

Courtesy of CBS News: 

A poll from Quinnipiac University found that only a third of American voters, 33 percent, approve of his performance in office, while 61 percent disapprove of it. This marks his lowest approval and highest disapproval number since he was inaugurated, Quinnipiac said. 

His latest approval rating is down 7 percentage points from the 40 percent approval rating Mr. Trump received in a similar survey in late June. 

Majorities of voters said that Mr. Trump is not honest, doesn't have good leadership skills, isn't a strong person, isn't intelligent, doesn't share their values and doesn't care about average Americans. Voters gave Mr. Trump negative approval ratings for handling key issues like foreign policy, the economy, immigration, health care and terrorism. 

More than half of voters also said that the president "has attempted to derail or obstruct the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election." Nearly two-thirds said that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 election. Thirty percent of voters said that the president did something illegal in dealing with Russia, with another 30 percent saying he did something unethical but not illegal and 32 percent saying he did nothing wrong.

Nate Silver also weighed in on this poll:
I swear some people are incredibly slow to figure shit out.

Still slowly Trump's supporters are starting to figure out what obvious to all of us with more than three brain cells to rub together figured out from the start.

Donald Trump is easily the WORST president that has ever, and I mean EVER, disgraced our White House.

He claims that the building is a real dump, but my response to that is "It sure wasn't when the last President lived there."


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    HA HA HA, this is going to ruin his vacation since he is obsessed with other people opinions, only his ignorant supporters still believe his lies.

    Why does little donnie already need a vacation anyway, all the stress from lying so much? He has been playing golf since Jan and I am sure we are paying hand over foot for it since he will over charge the secret service to stay at his resort plus he will manage to tack on extra for himself.

    I sure hope one of the impeach articles includes restitution for stealing taxpayer money to enrich himself. They can put him to work making license plates while he is in prison to pay us back :)

  2. Anonymous5:18 AM

    It is a palace compared to the tacky, gold painted, ugly place he lives in at tRump tower. He has no class at all, uncouth, no polish, slimeball.I cringe just seeing his photos, even before reading what stupid statement he has made now. Absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being, let alone president. The gop OWNS this tub of orange bile.

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Given his druthers, he'd redecorate the WH to look like One Eyed Jack's(Twin Peaks). Make him feel more at home for the place to look like a brothel, rather than merely a "dump", right donnie.

  3. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Damn and I thought I would never see anyone as bad as reagan and the shrub.This pig eyed asshole should be in a padded cell.Fire Sessions you fucking wimp and Meuller too.That should get rid of the impeachment problem.

    1. You should be blaming Ryan and McConnell. Trump would already be gone if it wasn't for them.

      He never would have been elected.

      I can see the slogans from the opposition for the 2018 campaign.

      "From the party that gave you Donald Trump...."

      That will be enough to turn off any voter even contemplating voting Republican.

  4. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Wonder what "...the White House is a dump..." will do to those on the fence. Can he go any lower? Just watch him.

  5. Anonymous5:51 AM

    "This is what you get for not wanting SARAH PALIN for president."
    - Barstool Meyer

    Majorities of voters said that Mr. Trump is:

    A. not honest,
    B. doesn't have good leadership skills,
    C. isn't a strong person,
    D. isn't intelligent,
    E. doesn't share their values
    F. doesn't care about average Americans.
    G. Voters gave Mr. Trump negative approval ratings for handling key issues like foreign policy, the economy, immigration, health care and terrorism. 

  6. Anonymous6:06 AM


    Or no one will believe anything you say!

    Donald J. Trump

    I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen. But Fake News said I called it a dump - TOTALLY UNTRUE

    12 hours ago · Twitter

    The Hill:
    Golf journalist: At least 8 people heard Trump call the White House a ‘dump’

    A golf journalist is standing by his report that President Trump called the White House a "dump" despite Trump's claim that it's "totally untrue."

    Alan Shipnuck told Golf Magazine that eight or nine people heard Trump call the White House a dump....

    1. Anonymous6:20 AM

      Shipnuck told Golf Magazine that a White House spokeswoman called him to demand a retraction for the statement, but that he would not do so because he heard it from multiple people and that he believes they are credible sources.

      “It might be inconvenient for her boss and she might wish he didn’t say it, but it’s not a lie,” he said. 

    2. Anonymous10:09 AM

  7. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Then why did you sign it? Are you weak and can be coerced?

    The President, still resentful after signing a bill Wednesday that placed new sanctions on Russia for election meddling -- and restricted his own ability to ease punishments in place against Moscow -- underlined the public discord Thursday morning.

  8. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I trust Nate Silver, and his accurate polling. I trust him completely. He's never, ever been wrong. Not once.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      I like your snark. I stopped following Nate Silver the day after orange oaf Donnie took the electoral college.

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    ‘This deal will make me look terrible’: Full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico and Australia

    ‘You cannot say that to the press’: Trump urged Mexican president to end his public defiance on border wall, transcript reveals

  10. Anonymous8:35 AM

    LISTEN: Explosive audio of the profane phone call that got Anthony Scaramucci fired

    Was An Affair With Kimberly Guilfoyle The Real Reason Anthony Scaramucci Was Fired?

  11. Anonymous8:40 AM

    “You cannot say that to the press,” Trump said repeatedly, according to a transcript of the Jan. 27 call obtained by The Washington Post. Trump made clear that he realized the funding would have to come from other sources but threatened to cut off contact if Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto continued to make defiant statements.

    The funding “will work out in the formula somehow,” Trump said, adding later that “it will come out in the wash, and that is okay.” But “if you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that.”

    The President threatened to not meet with the US’s ally and southern neighbor unless they stopped telling the truth about his wall. Trump was trying to blackmail Mexico into covering for his false statements.

    It didn’t work. Every time the wall makes the news, the response from Mexico is the same, ‘We’re not paying for the wall.’

  12. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Russia's state TV re: challenges posed by Congress forcing Trump to sign sanctions. Host concludes:"We need to elect our own U.S. Congress."

  13. Anonymous9:09 AM

    AP: Senators To Introduce Bill To Protect Robert Mueller

    1. Lindsay Graham had one in the works. I guess it went forward. After his last hire, it's needed. Lawyer specializing in illegal foreign bribery? You know Trump is sweating bullets now. Mueller has his tax returns and now the new lawyer? Hell yeah, Congress needs to protect Mueller.

      I think we've seen the results of the approval ratings. Trump has slipped so low that his party is abandoning him. It's not like they have anyone in the game any more. Trump is filling his administration with party outsiders. So no loss. They can do everything they want with Pence in office. The important thing now is to ensure they don't lose any seats in 2018. So they're lining up their ducks and getting ready to move. Just looking for an opening now and deciding whether it will be the 25th or impeachment.


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