Thursday, August 10, 2017

New study finds that the reason that Brexit passed is because Britain is full of uneducated morons. They needed a study for that?

Courtesy of The Independent:  

Britain would have likely voted to remain in the European Union were its population educated to a slightly higher level, a new study has found. 

Researchers at the University of Leicester say that had just 3 per cent more of the population gone to university, the UK would probably not be leaving the EU. 

The researchers looked at reasons why people voted Leave and found that whether someone had been to university or accessed other higher education was the “predominant factor” in how they voted.

The level of higher education in an area was far more important than age, gender, the number of immigrants, or income in predicting the way an area voted, the researchers found. 

Age and gender were both significant but not as important as education level, the researchers found. Income and number of immigrants in an area were not found to be a significant factor in how people voted.

You know just back about seven or eight months ago this would be the part where I would point and laugh, "Ha ha England your country is full of  idiots."

But then this happened.

Yep, no pointing and laughing for us.

Just another opportunity to reinforce the importance of improving our educational systems and in helping our children gain access to colleges and universities.

Remember, dumb people vote for dumb policies and even dumber politicians. 


  1. "Yep, no pointing and laughing for us."

    Indeed. . . . .

  2. Anonymous4:21 AM

    What has happened to UK happened to the USA. It is not ignorance, it was a crime act, is was hacking, fake news and rigged election. The global republican parties are corrupt with nasty dirty lying dictators. It is time to rid the planet of them.

    1. Anonymous6:36 AM

      Why wouldn't the DNC let Nina Turner speak?

    2. I couldn't agree more.Everyone needs to quit blaming Dems and face the facts...the election was stolen/rigged. Trump did not win. They had to rid Annonymous to get away with this farce.

    3. Anonymous7:38 AM

      @6:36"Dictatorial." "Arrogant." "Pompous." "Superficial." "Tone-deaf."

      Turner, president of the political group founded by Bernie Sanders, recalled "a recent trip to deliver petitions to the party's headquarters in Washington where she and other progressives were greeted by barricades, security guards, and an offering of donuts and water that she saw as an empty gesture, indicative of an institution that isn't 'smart enough, humble enough, to say let's take a step back and really listen to the people,'"

    4. Anonymous7:50 AM

      How they did it!

      $eXxx, BULLying, MonEy
      add in Meek, Cretinous women


    5. Anonymous7:51 AM

      When will the Democrats make doing away with the electoral college a plank in their platform?

    6. Anonymous7:51 AM


      All those words have also been applied to Mrs Clinton by her detractors.

    7. Yes, @Anon 4:21, I agree there was indeed hacking, fake news, spreading of misinformation, voter suppression, ballots discarded, criminal electoral theft on a grand scale, and other assorted hijinks.

      Nevertheless, the gist of this article remains valid. If not for the ignorance of millions, these crimes would have not worked so effectively.

      Brainwashed by Fox News, emotionally traumatized by Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones, psychologically manipulated by social media, these nitwits have deliberately, some gleefully, voted to destroy this country. Likewise in the UK. When Russia's bots came along, these ignoramuses were low-hanging fruit, ripe for the picking, willing accomplices in the utter destruction of Western democracy.

      Because they have no ability to think critically and no desire to help POC, women, LGBTQ, the physically challenged, or non-Christians, they readily believe any propaganda that appeals to their base vindictiveness. If they see just one of "The Others" getting what in their myopic view is one single solitary advantage or leg up, they have a conniption and determine to burn the village down (even if it includes their own not so modest dwelling).

      I wish Civics 101 was required to get and renew driver's licenses. Some modern more stringent form of the Fairness Doctrine, with penalties for lying to the public, must be implemented. Plus, anti-intellectualism must be treated like a health threat to our very existence. It is serious, like cancer, Ebola, AIDS, cholera, or gun violence.

  3. Leland5:50 AM

    Seems to me this merely reinforces what I have suspected for decades. The repubes are DELIBERATELY destroying our public education system BECAUSE they already were aware of the predominant fact: "...dumb people vote for dumb policies and even dumber politicians."

    Those guys may be dumb, but they aren't - for the most part - STUPID.

    1. Anonymous6:39 AM

      For every blue collar democratic vote we lose, we'll pick up a "white collar republican from the suburbs"vote.

      -Chuck Shumer, architect of the rise of Donnie

      How much did Hillary get paid to take the fall?

    2. Anonymous8:18 AM

      I don't believe Hillary has filed suit yet against trump/rnc. So she has not been paid for damages yet. But she will. Damages to both President Clintons have been hard, thankfully most people understand that certain republicans are hateful and dangerous and now the usa justice system will.

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM


  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    In the US, when the teabaggers began winning seats in local school board elections, then in local town and county elections, everything started to come unglued. It is impossible to have a successful country if no one pays any taxes. Here in Michigan, we've been starved by the state, county and local governments because no one in the GOP majority is willing to talk about raising taxes to make things better. They simply refuse to do it, all the while upping their salaries and benefits. Our county just started a retirement trust fund - without any funding. Smart, isn't it?

    1. Likewise here in Georgia. The Republicans have their filthy little fingers on the steering wheel, and they are headed straight off a cliff! Electronic voting machines, the ones so easily hacked, are ubiquitous. The county commissioners meeting, all GOP except 1, is a monthly spectacle of hubris, ignorance, provincialism, and racism on embarrassing display. Citizens are required so sign up in advance if they want to voice their concerns, but they are limited to 3-5 minutes each, depending on how many people sign up. Of course, if the speaker is too vocal or disruptive, she will be quickly gaveled out of order and ushered out. Their misogyny is so overt, when the county administator/manager wanted to pay the new female department head the same beginning salary as they paid the male, they refused until the poor guy had no choice but to resign. That's the FIFTH one in six years! They have not a clue.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Clovis quotes^

  7. Anonymous10:26 AM

    It’s not just opioid addiction. Alcoholism is on the rise too.

  8. Which is why Trump put DeVos in charge of education.

    Republicans have been undermining education since REAGAN. It took a while but they have finally succeeded in getting enough stupid, uneducated people to assure they remain in power.


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