Tuesday, August 08, 2017

No, Donald Trump has NOT made the economy better.

Courtesy of WaPo: 

Kayleigh McEnany, who used to be a Trump propagandist on CNN before becoming one on the Pravda-esque Trump TV, thinks the fact that we've added more than 1 million jobs since Trump took office shows that he has “clearly steered the economy back in the right direction.” 

What she forgot to mention, though, is that this is slightly worse than things were at the end of President Barack Obama's term. That's right: The economy added an average of 181,000 jobs a month in Obama's last six months in office compared to an average of 179,000 a month in President Trump's first six months. That's a statistically insignificant difference — and a negative one at that — which shows that Trump hasn't made a diffference on the economy. And why would he have? He hasn't cut taxes or increased infrastructure spending or done anything else that would meaningfully boost GDP. (Going golfing and tweeting #MAGA a lot don't count.)

This, in a lot of ways, is the archetypal Trump story: trying to take credit for something he inherited. In his business career, that was all the money and connections he got from this father. Indeed, while Trump likes to say that he turned a “small” $1 million loan from his father into a “massive empire,” the truth is that Trump's father arranged and guaranteed all of the bank loans that made his son's first big project possible.

I remember when the conservatives were hammering President Obama because we were still suffering historic job losses during his first months in office.

Of course the facts were that his policies had not even taken effect yet, and the recovery was still some distance in the future.

The same holds true now, we literally have NO idea what impact Trump's presidency will have on the economy of this country. But if history is any guide, the country will probably have to file for bankruptcy. 


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Next yr everything will tank. Losing frm commodity contracts with Mexico and other countries will tank our country once again. I suggest that everyone pull out of the market and at this time I wouldn't eve suggest investing in the US dollar, try gold and silver, physical gold and silver not shares.
    Trump's economy will hit 4-6 weeks after grain harvest, it is not only the farmers but consumers. I would also suggest to buy sacks of raw grains and a simple countertop grain mill. Loafs of bread will most likely go up at least by a dollar.

    1. Anonymous2:34 PM

      You're not imagining it: the rich really are hoarding economic growth


    2. You can buy bags of flour and then put them in the freezer. Flour is only good for about 6 months. You can extend that by keeping it in the refrigerator.

      I'd be more concerned about milk, eggs and butter. You can freeze all of them too. Eggs you crack and put in ziploc bags.

      Stock up on legumes, that can also be kept in the freezer. I imagine meat of every kind will also go up.

      Anything with oil will go rancid. That's why even flour needs to be refrigerated or in the freezer.

      Can or pickle your fruits and vegetables. If you can't you can stock up on canned and jarred times to tide you through.

      Yeah, we are going into survivalist mode.

    3. Anonymous3:55 PM

      What happens if there is no electricity and you don't have a generator? Some people live in small apartments and don't have much room.

    4. Anonymous4:09 PM

      @anon 3:55 pm
      Then you are fucked.
      I always used to joke about the hidden bunker on the ranch we bought, it is now fully stocked.

    5. Anonymous4:09 PM

      @Mia, whole grains are easier to keep than bagged flour.

    6. Grinding your own flour isn't as practical as storing it in a chest freezer. Even if the power goes out, it will still last pretty long and be protected from vermin.

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Fox News Is Like Porn for Aggrieved Men

    “Fox News” has “news” right there in the name. Its programming features people sitting behind desks or on chairs in artificial interior space-command landscapes lit in America-themed computer graphics. Chyrons conveying information of some kind appear below the faces of its personalities. Many people who work at Fox care deeply about reporting and contextualizing news. It certainly looks like news.

    But, in the last year and change, Fox’s work has been overshadowed by the alleged offscreen conduct of its male hosts. Fox News’s mothership has produced a baseball team’s worth of sexual harassment complaints and won zero Peabody awards.

    At this point, Fox News seems to be functioning less like a news organization with a sexism problem and more like a sexism organization with a news hobby.


  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    ‘It brings us closer to confrontation’: McCain slams Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ North Korea saber-rattling




    ‘Playing with the public’: MSNBC host worries Trump’s using ‘fire and fury’ threat to divert attention from Mueller



  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    American icon Glenn Campbell has died


    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      RIP. He may not have been aware of world affairs but he is released from the toxic energy of being in a country where Donald Trump has a leadership role. Most of his life was good and he had care when trouble came. He left it a better place and his legacy will live on.

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    The White House Is Propping Up Depressed Trump With Two Folders Of Propaganda A Day

    Donald Trump receives two folders of screen grabs, transcripts, and pictures of himself looking strong each day as the White House using the communications office to compile propaganda that makes Trump feel better.

    ...This president is so mentally broken that he requires looking pictures of himself to feel strong. Donald Trump isn’t fit to be president, but as long as Republicans maintain control of Congress and continue to enable him, America will be stuck with him until at least 2020.


  6. Anonymous2:45 PM

    This story about North Korea suddenly having a miniaturized nuclear warhead doesn’t feel right

    ...So either this new Washington Post report is wrong, or every report on this matter for the past couple years has been wrong, or someone just handed North Korea a miniaturized nuclear warhead so that Donald Trump would have an excuse to go to war with North Korea. The trouble: any of the three of these scenarios would be stunning. And yet one of these unlikely scenarios now has to be true.

    ...This new report may end up being further confirmed by the media, or solidly contradicted. But in the mean time, let’s keep a close eye on what Donald Trump and his administration do and say next. If Trump is indeed fabricating an excuse to go to war, it’ll be up to the media and the public to catch him in the act.


    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      The asshole Republicans and the generals that surround him need to be the ones to keep an eye on him and they should have found a way to get America out of harms way by removing him before this latest North Korea threat vrs threat. Two crazy leaders. North Korea is really stuck with their nut. Someone is not doing their job if American is stuck with our nut.

      Republicans and administration need to take care of the problem of Trump playing ball with another bully. Sure we can keep an eye on them but most of what they do is in the dark. If we are close enough to what gets blown up we will see that light, but it will be too late.

  7. Anonymous2:47 PM

    A brutal new CNN poll shows that nearly three-quarters of Americans feel that they can’t trust the Trump administration and more than half believe that President Trump has tarnished the stature of the U.S. presidency.

    ...However, according to the CNN poll, Trump’s bombastic communication style, which is often conducted on Twitter, is starting to become tiresome to more and more of the country. For example, 55 percent of those polled said that Trump has “lowered that stature of the office of the president,” while only 17 percent believe that he has raised it. Meanwhile, 73 percent of those polled have a hard time trusting official White House communications, with 30 percent trusting none of it and 43 percent trusting only some of it. Sixty-two percent of those polled said that Trump’s actions as president have made them less confident that he is fit for the job, compared to 31 percent who say his conduct has made them more confident.


  8. Anonymous2:50 PM

    President Donald Trump began using biblical terms when speaking about how Trump would respond to North Korea in the event that North Korea threatens the U.S. anymore. Trump can be seen in the below video, claiming that North Korea “best not make any more threats to the U.S. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” The fact that Trump used the words “fire and fury” is resonating on social media, with the “fire and fury” terms being the source of everything from political commentary to jokes. However, some on social media are calling Trump’s tough “fire and fury” talk a distraction that could lead to nuclear war fears in order to get people to stop focusing on Trump’s potential investigations concerning the Trump Model Management firm and Russian matters, as reported by the Inquisitr.

    As reported by the New York Times, Trump’s strong “fire and fury” words unleashed against North Korea were spoken from Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump crossed his arms and repeated the “fire and fury” statement twice to reporters when speaking about the North Korean leader and recent threats as North Korea criticized the U.S. and said that the country would use “physical action” to retaliate against the U.S. and other countries regarding United Nations sanctions.


    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      I question that briefing on opioids with Melania Trump posed, as if she cares anymore that she cares about cyber-bullying.

      It does make it look like he is on a working vacation. He needs a straw dog more than he needs the appearance of a working vacation.

      Instead of staying focused on a critical issue that people need attention and focus, he could go off one script and deliver larger dramatic lines. “fire and fury” oh my! Shock and awe was thought out and written also.

    2. That's because there is an evangelical minister nutjob telling Trump that God is totally okay with bombing North Korea.

  9. Anonymous2:52 PM


    This one, like the others Trump surrounds himself with, is a smug mendacious ninny. Despite her supposed credentials, the 'education' didn't take. She lies and deflects with practiced ease. Like Trump, she possesses not an iota of integrity.

  10. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Trump's lawyer is reportedly buttering up special counsel Robert Mueller at Trump's request


  11. Anonymous2:57 PM

    North Korea says its seriously considering a plan to fire nuclear-capable missiles at Guam, according to state-run media.

    A spokesman for North Korea's military told KCNA that it would carry out a pre-emptive operation if there were signs of US provocation.

    *The warning comes after President Donald Trump warned North Korea it would be met with "fire and fury" if it continued to threaten the US in a marked escalation of rhetoric.*

    The statement from North Korea mentioned using the Hwasong-12, the intermediate range missile tested in May. North Korea said at the time the missile can carry a heavy nuclear warhead, and independent analysis seems to fit with their statement.


  12. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Why North Korea would be insane to nuke the US

    Kim Jong Un, North Korea's supreme leader, may preside over the most propaganda-inundated, oppressed, and ruthless country on earth, but he's not crazy.

    In fact, under the Kim dynasty, North Korea has time and time again shown strategic thinking and cunning, essentially staying one step ahead of international efforts to curb the regime's power.

    North Korea has for decades gotten its way without a major military campaign, and without a single attack on Americans on US soil. North Korea will continue to get what it wants in a broad sense, though sanctions and isolation will slow it down.


  13. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Story with named sources is saying that Trump has been sending positive messages to Mueller. WTF?

  14. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Obama Advisor Responds To Trump’s Threat Against North Korea Like A True Leader


  15. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Trump Graffiti Blasting The President Appears Around The World


    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      "Two large murals emerged on the controversial wall that runs through Bethlehem, Israel in the West Bank. One depicts Trump putting his hand on the wall with a thought bubble that reads “I’m going to build you a brother.”
      "Trump depicted with swastikas or as Adolf Hitler is a popular motif for graffiti mocking the president and his stated “America First” ideology."

      "Protest art seen in Mexico City, Mexico, a country Trump has a tense relationship with, shows the leader with a swastika flag. The graffiti shows the EAGLE of the Mexican flag defecating on Trump’s head and below him reads the title “low-class crazy racist.”"<$HIT-upon-GIBBON

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      4:56 PM

      None of that will make the prop document that Trump sees each day.

      Bebe might be indicted or something like that. That would be interesting.

  16. Anonymous3:46 PM

    The Political Payoff of Making Whites Feel Like a Minority

    He is capitalizing both on an existing sense of threat among white voters and the opportunity to shape the way whites — because of their group membership — think of themselves.


  17. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Yeah, nice try, Gryphen, but WRONG!!

    Leading conservative paranormal economists - yes, they DO exist, Mister Bigshot! - had determined that EVERY single business in America was on the verge of bankruptcy in the third week of January this year, thanks to Obama's malchunasian policies - yes, it's a word, dummy!! LOOK IT UP!!! - and Crooked Hillary's assassination of Vince Foster. But Emperor Drumpf anticipated that economic catastrophe and initiated a prayer circle - or a circle jerk, I forget which - and saved the day!!


    DAMN IT, GRYPHEN!!!! I screwed up pretty bad this time!! I just looked up "malchunasian" and it's not even a word! I THOUGHT IT WAS A WORD!!!! But I already hit Publish and now it's too late to fix it!! Do me a solid, will ya, bro? Just fix it this one time so I don't look like such a boneheaded ERIC!!!!

    Thanks, Dude, I owe ya one!

    1. Anonymous11:57 PM

      Hah! I am amused! Thank you, JBC?


  18. Anonymous4:45 PM



    " The polls are not rigged against Trump. They are not a weapon that is being used against him. The polls are a reflection of what a representative sample of Americans think of Trump’s job performance."Between the Russia scandal and the polls, Trump is losing it, and his mental health crisis is playing out daily in 140 characters or less."

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      His mental health crisis is causing everyone else to have mental health flare ups.

      We can't go on being trapped in this zone of helplessness where there is nothing anyone can do to remove Donald J. Trump from office.

      He must go. He must go right away.

  19. Anonymous10:04 PM

    When is this eclipse that is to bring havoc?


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