Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ousted White House adviser Stephen Bannon threatens war against moderate Republicans, but they dismiss him as "some guy with a website."

Courtesy of GQ: 

Bannon apparently has decided that his absence from the White House means that the White House is now, functionally, a Democratic one, and that he is duty-bound to either bring it to heel or, if it won't cooperate, grind it into a fine red-white-and-blue dust. It's not difficult to see why he thinks this, if you adopt the mindset of a paranoid lunatic who viewed the job he just lost as a suicide mission to see how deeply he could embed his Breitbartian worldview in this administration's DNA before being forcibly expelled by his marginally less delusional counterparts: Jared Kushner was a Democrat. Ivanka Trump was a Democrat. Gary Cohn was a Democrat. Hell, even Trump himself was a Democrat for a while, until he figured out that pandering to simmering racial resentment and unvarnished xenophobia was a more tenable political strategy than running for office on the merits of his policy positions, to the extent that any such positions exist.

Bannon is bloviating like he has the power to end careers and shape Washington politics, but that is certainly not how the rank and file Republicans view him.

Courtesy of Yahoo News

The ousted senior White House adviser may be back guiding Breitbart’s right-wing reactionary bomb-throwing, but he’s likely to find himself in the same position that left-wing sites like Daily Kos and Huffington Post occupied when Barack Obama became president in 2009, several Republicans told Yahoo News. 

“These kinds of oppositional websites are much more potent when the movement they represent is not in the White House,” said one Republican close to House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc. “Kos became irrelevant and HuffPo basically transformed itself into a mainstream news site. The reality was that Obama had a bigger megaphone than those sites. And Trump as president has a bigger megaphone and a more loyal following than Breitbart. 

“I haven’t heard any congressional Republican leaders express concern about Bannon going back to Breitbart. He’s a guy with a website. How much of a problem can a guy with a website actually be? He was much more of a problem when he had daily, hourly, access to the Oval Office,” the Ryan ally said.

Alex Conant, who worked for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 Republican presidential campaign, said that “Breitbart has targeted [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell and Ryan for years, with very limited impact. They’re both still their caucus leaders, and their support has never been stronger. 

“I don’t know what changes, except Bannon has less power today than he did a week ago,” said Conant.

Breitbart once referred to IM as a "defunct website."

That might actually soon hold true for them now as well.

Currently Breitbart is identified mainly as the home of the same kind of white supremacists that ran down a counter protester in Charlottesville, and they have now lost the thing that provided them with any real relevance, which was their editor-in-chief's White House gig.

Those are some serious currents through which to swim back to prominence and influence.

However it will be fun to watch Bannon rage against the machine, and turn on the man who brought him onto the national stage in the first place.

That second part has already started.  


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    First thought: well why didn't you do it while you were in D.C.?

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      I personally wish this deplorable the worst of luck in the future.

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Sarah Palin, Breitbart's POTUS in exile being dug up from the grave as we speak.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Think THINK. Miss "I Don't Need A Title," to do her dirty work, do you honestly think she's ever gone away?? Seriously?

      She effed up endorsement speech in Iowa, same crap Oklahoma next day where Donnie did not stand onstage next to her (handlers), and no RNC because it was "too far." THINK!

      The pic Oval office Fearsome Foursome: Trump, Nugent, Kid Rock, and her. "Come on down" for dinner?? Suddenly, Kid Rock is running for office Michigan.


    2. Anonymous5:53 PM

      If anyone buys her daily devotional, there's another! She's not about God. She's about her! Stupid TAWD and me eclipse pic. NO one saw it in Alaska, but it had to be about her!

    3. Anonymous6:30 PM

      Naw, she's just some broad with a website. Err, had a website. No more PAC for her!

    4. Anonymous6:44 PM

      She is too strung out to manage the Facebook with her name on it. She is self made defunct and then some. You can't even honestly say she is some loser broad on Facebook any longer. She's not there.

    5. Anonymous6:50 PM

      That was a real dumbsh*t pic, but no one ever equated her with having brains, "celebrity" that she thinks she is.

    6. Anonymous9:00 PM

      We saw the eclipse in AK. The clouds parted fora bit in Palmer and we saw the partial at it's fullest.

    7. Anonymous10:09 PM

      What the hell is she strung out on? May be heroin? Shrug.

    8. Anonymous10:32 PM

      Meh. Just take a look with a brain; tells you all that you need to know.

    9. Anonymous5:51 PM


  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Link where Breitbart referred to IM as defunct?

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      I don’t remember that and Breibart was entirely wrong. IM is still going strong!

    2. Anonymous6:20 PM







  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    t? Collateral Damage or REDrum?
    He" has killed more civilians during President Donald Trump's first seven months in office than in the three years it existed under his predecessor, according to the latest estimate by a U.K.-based monitor."



  5. Breitbart better be careful or it might be banned and homeless like The Daily Stormer.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      That would be wonderful. A fella can hope.

  6. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Most business owners and corporate heads are "moderate Republicans". Think about it. The largest businesses in the country rely on a conservative Congress to keep in place favorable tax laws and off-shoring loopholes.

    My family is majority "moderate Republican" meaning that a great many of us register as Independents but will vote for people in either party that will keep in place tax and financial laws that benefit us, while also voting to enrich social infrastructure for those who couldn't care less about tax laws and loopholes.

    We as a group are fiscally conservative but tend towards the liberal side of social matters. My family and I identify strongly with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's primary mission that "every life has equal value" and there is a way to be a moderate Republican and hold those values dear, all while enjoying the fiscal benefits of a Congress that might be way more socially conservative than my family is comfortable with.

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      In other words you and your family are sane reasonable folks. If only there were more like you on the right side of the aisle. Constructive dialog could be had to the benefit of our society as a whole.

  7. Anonymous6:00 PM

    OT - Federal prosecutors scale back request for info on visitors to anti-Trump website.

    Their 1st request was for 1.3m IP addresses. They have scaled it back to 200 already charged with a rioting crime.


    1. Are they checking how may of the Nazis read The Daily Stormer?

  8. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Steve Bannon’s Nationalism Is a Click-Scam Disguised as a Movement
    Nationalists and populists rise from moments where the temptations to abandon principle, policy, and that harder work of ethical governance is too strong.


    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      What is new?

  9. Anonymous6:24 PM

    The story of Donald Trump’s rally tonight in Phoenix isn’t his supposed reelection bid (it’s nothing more than an excuse to fundraise and pocket the money), or his much anticipated pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio (it’s not happening), or even the presence of Trump’s white supremacist supporters (though they’ll be there). The real story is that Trump has set this rally up as an official declaration of war against his own Republican Party.

    There’s a reason Mitch McConnell fed a story today to the New York Times about how he doesn’t think Trump is going to survive. McConnell is preemptively going on offense because he knows what Trump is about to do tonight. It’s been telegraphed by who’s set to be in attendance tonight and who isn’t. Trump has invited Kelli Ward, an extremist politician who’s challenging Senator Jeff Flake in the 2018 republican primary race. Trump is so angry at what he sees as a lack of loyalty from Republican Senators, he’s already actively (and officially) working to pick them off one by one.

    It’s why no major Republican office holders in Arizona, not Flake, not John McCain, and not even the Governor, will be in attendance tonight. None of them want to be anywhere near Trump’s big push for Kelli Ward. This marks the beginning of a civil war within the Republican Party, and it’s about to get very, very ugly.


  10. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Screaming, cursing Donald Trump has reached his breaking point on Russia

    ...And after the NYT article was published, one of its authors provided a followup via Twitter: “GOP senator calls just now, sez Trump consumed w RUSSIA” (link). This led Rachel Maddow of MSNBC to add “‘consumed’ is a vivid word.”

    So now we’re at a point where Donald Trump isn’t merely screaming and cursing about his Russia scandal; he’s screaming and cursing at the de facto leader of the Republican Party over his Russia scandal. That means Trump is completely losing it, on a level we’ve not yet seen – and he’s alienating his own party. This also means that Trump has committed obstruction of justice by asking McConnell to use his position as Senate Majority Leader to kill off the Russia probe. And McConnell responded not by cooperating, but by leaking the exchange to the New York Times. You can see where this is going.


  11. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Drunk ass POS ... remember this low-life Neanderthal brought us 'Undefeated.' The 'story' of Sarah Palin ...

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Don't forget Nick Broomfield counter point, "Sarah Palin: YOU Betcha!" I found it in a small theater in Portland when it came out. One other man and me matinee.

      Her family said one thing, those that knew who she really was and around her, in her rise to the top, said quite another.

    2. Anonymous10:58 PM

      I saw that! The lady putting on her lipstick, "Sarah Palin," and the pastor.

  12. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Live Blogging The Trump Speech


  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Watching trump fund raising and lousy actor show. It is absolutely fake fraud and he is completely off his rocker.

  14. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Ex-CIA agent starts GoFundMe to buy Twitter, delete Trump's account


  15. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Donald Trump is so mentally gone and unstable that he began his rally in Phoenix by using the Secret Service to smear protesters by claiming that the Secret Service said that not many people were protesting him outside.


  16. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Is anyone watching his Arizona rally? He is totally insane. This should be an embarrasment to all sane people.

    It's a total whine fest! The President holds a rally to whine. Make America Gag Again.

    I hope Gryphen covers this complete with video because this is what the Presidency has come to. Trump saying the secret service told him there were very few protesters, cnn is a failing network and the press is lying.

    Our President spends our tax dollars for his own propaganda and ego.He is totally delusional and if the Republicans can't see this than dog help us.

    I forced myself to watch some of it and i could not take anymore. We have a President who spends his time an energy being butt hurt. We have a President who spends his time not discussing policy or his reasoning behind it, but instead wallows in his own ego like some insecure idiot who needs constant affirmation.

    Never could i in my sixty one years ever conceive of watching this self promoting, whining and weak lack of character coming from a President Of The United States! It's appalling. There are no words left to describe the loss of dignity we must suffer due to this fool.

    Weep America, weep but never, ever give up. RESIST.

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Turning sixty end of next month, pardon me if I take a night to. Tomorrow, yes I will!

    2. Anonymous2:43 AM

      The cheering crowd is appalling too.
      How much did this rally cost in money and party damage to give a narcissist ego fix?

  17. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Trump Comes Unglued During Rally And Goes Full White Power Racist In Phoenix

    ...Trump tried to hide it. He tried to say that he wasn’t a racist. He tried to blame the media for giving a platform to racial hate groups, but at the end of the night, Trump couldn’t hold back. He had to let it out. He had to be himself, and what Donald Trump is showing himself to be is a president who is at best sympathetic to white supremacists. At worst, Trump is a racist. It was only a matter of time until Trump came unglued. He couldn’t keep up the charade.

    No one is fooled by Trump. He is what he is, and what he is is a man who has built his entire political career on support from racists.


    Trump Threatens To Close Down The Government Unless Democrats Pay For His Border Wall


    Trump Blames Obama, Not His Support Of Nazis, For Worsening US Race Relations


  18. Anonymous7:52 PM

    We have a crazy delusional actor as President.

    Seven months in and we have sunk this low and it already seems like a lifetime. America has become more divided and more weakened in this short of time. Our Allies cannot depend on or know where the hell we stand anymore.

    In seven short months we have lost our standing in the world as reliable, trusted allies.

    Can you imagine what other countries think when they see this maniac holding a rally instead of an address to the nation? Trump holds a pity party for himself while ten sailors have been killed and he has not addressed it? He spends his time butt hurt instead of doing his job and being a leader. He claimes to care about the military by wanting to send more off to Afghanistan to die with no real plan.

    The lack of caring he shows for America is beyond what we have ever seen. He is clueless, dumb, and unfit and even more important dangerous. Republicans need to get rid of him if they want to save their party, at this point how long will they let him go on? not too much longer. Mueller has to have a case so bad it can't be questioned and he will.

    1. Anonymous11:04 PM

      We used to be respected. We are no longer.

      "My dick's bigger than yours," Afghanistan speech.

      No one in his family nor congress' will lose their lives. Only innocents playing war games thinking they're "serving" when, to them, they are collateral fodder.

    2. Anonymous2:46 AM

      Taking bets..... wait for Mueller or have him killed. What will DC do?

    3. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Get Q-Tip in. When he starts dry humping, they will get Ryan. Geek is good for US. ;)

  19. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Leaks show Unite the Right attendees discussing hitting protesters with cars before Charlottesville




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