Saturday, August 12, 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has his eye on Reince Priebus and other current and former White House staff members.

What do they want to talk to me for? I don't know nothing.
Courtesy of the New York Times:

In a sign that the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election will remain a continuing distraction for the White House, the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is in talks with the West Wing about interviewing current and former senior administration officials, including the recently ousted White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, according to three people briefed on the discussions. 

Mr. Mueller has asked the White House about specific meetings, who attended them and whether there are any notes, transcripts or documents about them, two of the people said. Among the matters Mr. Mueller wants to ask the officials about is President Trump’s decision in May to fire the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, the two people said. 

That line of questioning will be important as Mr. Mueller continues to investigate whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice in the dismissal of Mr. Comey. 

No interviews have been scheduled, but in recent weeks Mr. Mueller’s investigation has appeared to intensify. Late last month, he took the aggressive step of executing a search warrant at the Alexandria, Va., home of Paul J. Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign chairman. Legal experts say Mr. Mueller may be trying to put pressure on Mr. Manafort to cooperate with the investigation.

Oh yeah, this whole thing is heating up big time. 

And of course this is not the only investigation that seems to be narrowing in on certain targets.

As I posted earlier the congressional investigators are now looking to question Trump's personal secretary, and I have to imagine that Mueller would like to have a talk with her as well.

However I think we all know that Reince is the weak link in this chain.

That guy looks ready to crack just during interviews with Chuck Todd.

I bet after five minutes with Mueller's investigators that Priebus will be sobbing uncontrollably and giving up secrets about every person he has ever met.

P.S. Boy Sarah Palin better hurry up and take down the New York Times quickly because they are really ramping up their reporting on this so-called "witch hunt" directed at her boyfriend.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    In the am as we recieve the Moscow signal, the top secret Pandora, the electromagnetic radiation while on the laptop deleting Canadianpharmacy and hotrussian girls phishing scam junk mail from hell, on comes the info commercial, the new "trump teddy bear" info commercial. It comes on tv interrupting the news at charoletteville kkk rally to sell the new trump bear to America, hair and all. Yep. The t bear says we should have affection and love one another. Dave duke says trump and him are taking the country back. So another day of ass backwards.

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I saw a good witch holding a voodoo doll yesterday.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    The best interview may be the bannon interview and Mueller will need some holy water and truth serum for some of these con artist. Interviews and exorcisms of this mess is time consuming.

  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    ...when prosecutors and investigators begin demanding that documents be turned over (in this case the meeting transcripts), it’s often because they already have copies of those documents. Someone in the mix has already privately cut a deal and turned everything over. The documents are then requested in order to see who panics and begins destroying their own copies. That in and of itself is a crime that can then be leveraged to force them to flip on Trump.

  5. I'll bet he'll be asking about who met with the president in general. We all remember the meeting Trump had with the two Russians where he blabbed about the intel he got from Israel.

    Since the White House either isn't keeping track of visitors in a log or is refusing to make the log public, Mueller is going to be very interested in what the White House is trying to hide.

    Who would know better than Priebus.

    I hope he subpoenas Sean Spicer too. Asks him what he was told to say and what he was told NOT to say. I'll bet Spicer has dirt too.

    Loyalty is only going to go so far. We know Trump will attack and discredit them just like he's doing to Manafort. Wonder what it will take before they say "fuck him" and spill everything the know.

    1. Just read that Trump's secretary may end having to testify : everything that went to Trump went through her.

    2. Anonymous10:49 PM

      As the anti-Trump GOP insiders say: Kenosha will not save The Donald. No way.

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    This motley crew will be subpoenaed before this is over. ;)

    This looks like a meeting Jared forgot to report

    Muellar needs these documents. He may be in flight to Alaska right now.

  7. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Come on coconspirators, do tell. We as average Americans want to get on with our American lives.
    We don't want violence with the KKK. We know they are there sulking for feeling inferior. We know that Kim Jung Un is feeling small and wants the world to pay. We know Donald think he's God. We know Putin knows he is God.
    But as Americans, we just want to go to the movies on friday after a long week at work. The kids are about to go back to school. Halloween is coming. Christmas is coming. We love our holidays.
    Please, take back our country. We don't want daily mama drama from Trump Nation. Yes, yes, you are disgruntled. But you are also being played by big money people who want to own the resources of our world, and in order for them to do that they need your seeds of discontent. Don't let them have it. Back away.
    We all, will never, never truly be happy. If you were told that, you were lied to. Just accept our American way of life, and don't ask for Nirvana. It ain't there.
    I just want to live this life I've been living without all of these seeds of discontent.
    Don't encourage the racism, fascism, and whatever seeds of what evil nature we as humans harbor. It's there. Just don't feed it.
    And yes, Donald, Palin, Bannon and Putin will get theirs, and when they do, we won't be sympathetic.

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      I've had more than enough!

    2. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Speak. Smile. Thank you. ;)

    3. Anonymous10:53 PM

      I swear-- the NRA, Breitbart, the Graham Fundies, the CNP, & the KKK are all part of Russian Active Measures. They have taking their funding, & that goes for several in the GOP & Jill Stein, too. (Maybe even Bernie via Tad Devine? Dunno but have read others think so.)

  8. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Is there a major global event to rip up the t rump disclosure agreements?

  9. Anonymous6:30 PM

    $arah step up and do a job???

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      She works so hard. It really matters to boost tourism, do whatever you need to do!


  10. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Decades ago, another businessman-general combo electrified the American far-right. Michael Flynn was back in the headlines earlier this month, as special counsel Robert Mueller asked the White House for any documents on the former national security adviser. Flynn, who had to step down from his position in the wake of revelations that he had discussed lifting U.S. sanctions with the Russian ambassador, has been a continued source of scandal for the Trump administration. And yet, reports claim that President Donald Trump has been pining for his former adviser. The two, after all, are kindred spirits, who bonded over “lock her up” chants and the supposed threat posed by Islam and attacks on “establishment” leaders in both parties for failing to understand what they consider the true dangers to the homeland.


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