Thursday, August 10, 2017

The research firm tied to the infamous Russian dossier hands over thousands of documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.
Courtesy of WaPo: 

A research firm tied to a dossier of salacious allegations involving President Donald Trump is turning over thousands of pages of documents to a congressional committee. 

That’s according to a person familiar with the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the arrangement had not yet been publicly announced. 

The firm, Fusion GPS, was turning over records Wednesday in response to a request from the Senate Judiciary Committee. The panel is one of several investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. 

The firm hired a British intelligence officer who compiled a dossier of allegations involving Trump and his ties to Russia. 

The committee also plans to hear privately from Glenn Simpson, a co-founder of the firm.

Well this is interesting.

Ever since Bill Browder accused Fusion GPS of working with the Russians to overturn the Magnitsky Act the Republicans have been working to make that connection.

According to Fusion they have nothing to hide.
However if indeed these documents contain information about the dossier, including the sources, this could open an entirely different can of worms.

In the meantime the Right Wing media is going after Fusion GPS like rabid wolves, which leads me to believe they are quite concerned with what might bubble to the surface. 

P.S. The folks at have five facts about Fusion GPS that you might find interesting.


  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Alaskan towns at risk from rising seas sound alarm as Trump pulls federal help

    Communities in danger of falling into the sea say assistance from Washington has dried up: ‘It feels like a complete abdication of responsibility on climate change’

    The US government’s withdrawal from dealing with, or even acknowledging, climate change may have provoked widespread opprobrium, but for Alaskan communities at risk of toppling into the sea, the risks are rather more personal.

    The Trump administration has moved to dismantle climate adaptation programs including the Denali Commission, an Anchorage-based agency that is crafting a plan to safeguard or relocate dozens of towns at risk from rising sea levels, storms and the winnowing away of sea ice.

    Federal assistance for these towns has been ponderous but could now grind to a halt, with even those working on the issue seemingly targeted by the administration. In July, Joel Clement, an interior department official who worked with Alaskan communities on climate adaptation, claimed he had been moved to a completely unrelated position because of the administration’s ideological hostility to the issue.

    “We were getting down to the brass tacks of relocation [of towns at risk] and now work has just stopped,” Clement told the Guardian. He has lodged an official complaint over his reassignment.

    “Without federal coordination from Washington DC, there isn’t much hope. This will take millions of dollars and will take years, and these people don’t have years. I think it’s clear I was moved because of my climate work. It feels like a complete abdication of responsibility on climate change.”

    According to the Army Corps of Engineers, 31 Alaskan communities face “imminent” existential threats from coastline erosion, flooding and other consequences of temperatures that are rising twice as quickly in the state as the global average. A handful – Kivalina, Newtok, Shishmaref and Shaktoolik – are considered in particularly perilous positions and will need to be moved.

    “It was clear from the start of the Trump administration that there was no interest in helping Alaskan communities, particularly coastal communities, adapt to climate change,” said Victoria Hermann, president of the Arctic Institute.

    “There’s now no liaison from Washington on the issue. The biggest loss has been momentum. It feels like the Obama administration was kickstarting something useful but now it has dropped dead.”

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      So sorry, Alaska...but you voted for the monster.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      by the time the russian massaged results had placed the wannabe despot drumph in the most powerful position in the world, the voting polls were still open here in AK ..

    3. Anonymous12:05 PM

      This is what America will look like if we follow Trump’s climate policies

      Trump tries to erase climate change from the Department of Agriculture
      Referring to climate change as "extreme weather" isn't enough.

    4. Anonymous3:20 PM

      " scientists from 13 federal agencies."
      "The report’s “higher emissions” scenario projects a devastating 8°F to 10°F warming over the interior of this country–and, unimaginably, upwards of 18°F over in the Arctic–by 2071 to 2100. In that case, global sea levels could rise as much as 8 feet, inundating every major coastal city in this country and around the world."
      " It was reportedly leaked to the media out of concern that the report may be censored or watered down by the administration the way other climate documents have been."
      "With the policies President Trump has embraced–where we don’t even meet the initial Paris targets and we return to promoting fossil fuels–then we face the very realistic prospect that total warming will be 4°C (7°F) or higher. And that, as the scientific literature makes clear, would be the END of modern civilization as we know it."

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Poll: Majority thinks Russia probe should include Trump finances

    A majority of Americans thinks it is fair game to look into President Trump's finances as part of the investigation into Russian election meddling, according to a new survey.

    A CNN poll conducted by SSRS found 70 percent of respondents think the Russia probe should include Trump's finances.

    A majority, 60 percent, also says the Russia probe is a serious matter, compared to 38 percent who think it is an attempt to discredit the current president.

    Americans, by a 59 percent to 31 percent margin, do not approve of the way Trump is handling the investigation, pollsters found. The president has in the past decried the Russia probe as a "witch hunt" and dismissed it as an excuse by the Democrats for losing the presidential race.

    The poll was conducted from Aug. 3 to 6 among 1,018 adults. The margin of error is 3.6 percentage points.

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Judge orders new search for Hillary Clinton's Benghazi emails

    A federal judge ordered the State Department on Tuesday to resume its search for emails and other records related to the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in which four Americans died.

    D.C. District Court Judge Amit Mehta ruled that the agency has not fulfilled its duty in properly searching for all relevant documents related to the attack in which U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans lost their lives.

    Documents may include additional communication between Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time, and her staff.

    "The court finds that State’s search was inadequate insofar as it did not search the official e-mail accounts of Secretary Clinton’s three aides, and orders State to conduct a supplemental search of those accounts," according to the ruling.

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM


    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      The judge is an Obama appointment.

    3. Anonymous3:25 PM

      The republicans were behind that mess too. It Is their agenda to lie. There is no honor in that sewer.

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I'll admit that I'm finding the Russia meddling web confusing.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

      Explore our updated, comprehensive Trump/Russia timeline — or select one of the central players in the Trump/Russia saga to see what we know about them.

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Remember when Obama said "the 1980's want their foreign policy back" in response to Romney stating that Russia, not al Qaida, was the biggest foreign threat? Good times.

  5. Anonymous9:57 AM

    White House adviser says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much

    ...A study found that in the first 13.5 years after 9/11, Muslim extremists were responsible for 50 deaths in the United States. Meanwhile, “right-wing extremists averaged 337 attacks per year in the decade after 9/11, causing a total of 254 fatalities.”

    You can listen to the entire interview below. The specific discussion of white supremacists starts at 8:39:

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      The guy is a goddamned Nazi, OF COURSE he's gonna peddle this crap.

  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Mike Pence strenuously insists, despite considerable contrary evidence, that he is not running a shadow campaign to take over as president from Donald Trump. But new reporting reveals that Pence is making preparations for a high-profile trip to Latin America with an unprecedented, presidential-level entourage.

    The State Department has reportedly submitted a request for “nearly 700” visas for the security and protocol teams accompanying Pence for his trip down south, according to diplomatic sources. Newsweek describes the size of the request as “unprecedented” for a vice presidential trip. According to one source, the Pence entourage will be larger than “the advance teams for President Barack Obama’s trip to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador combined in 2011.”

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Holy shit! The money being spent by this administration is staggering!

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM


    3. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Cotton Hill for President!

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    While Donald Trump is enjoying endless rounds of golf on his “working vacation,” his team is trying to find someone willing to assume the inevitably doomed role of White House communications director.

    It is not going well.

    “There are very few out there that would want to, honestly, serve in this White House,” a source told the Washington Examiner.

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Wait! Isn't Sarah chomping at the bit for the job?

    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      She might be if she could find her teeth.

  8. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Trump’s obsession with President Obama spins dangerously out of control

    ...“Trump wants to be Obama — held in high esteem. But, alas, Trump is Trump, and that is now and has always been trashy,” New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote in June. “Trump accrued financial wealth, but he never accrued cultural capital, at least not among the people from whom he most wanted it.”

    America dislikes Trump, and increasingly looks back wistfully at Obama’s tenure. The anxiety over this disconnect is driving Trump’s dangerous foreign policy, as he longs for the respect and adoration that Obama so easily accumulated. But he can’t have it so Trump’s reduced to lashing out via weird, obsessive tweets.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Trump is a loser. O is a winner. T is a stunted child. O is a full fledged man. T whines like a toddler. O maintains his grace and dignity NO MATTER WHAT happens.

      T is a huge piece of shit. He will NEVER be more than that. O will go on to do more great things.

  9. Anonymous10:56 AM

    GOP Senate frontrunner praises Putin — and Trump voters love it

  10. Anonymous11:43 AM

    The reason why criminal investigators are closing in on Trump is that people are talking. They aren’t telling everything that they know, but they are giving up enough information to bring investigators closer to the Trumps.

    The steady drip, drip, drip of Russia scandal revelations has been relentless. The truth is slowing emerging, and as a picture is being painted of a presidential campaign that worked with a hostile foreign power to win an election.

    If Paul Manafort ever cooperates with prosecutors, it could mean the end for the Trump presidency.

  11. Anonymous5:38 PM

    IN this link :

    I'd saypenultimate paragraph is the money one - you better believe Bob Mueller very quickly discovered who "Rhona" is or was.

  12. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Would that be Rhona Graff? The Rump's "executive assistant?"

  13. Anonymous5:59 PM

    IT's not that anyone is spilling the beans or cooperating. They don't have to. It's just that Mueller and his colleagues are phenomenal cross referencers.


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