Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Congress overwhelmingly passes resolution which condemns neo-Nazis and White Supremacists. But will Donald Trump sign it into law? Update!

Courtesy of NBC News:  

Congress has approved a resolution condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups following a white-nationalist rally in Virginia that descended into deadly violence. 

The resolution recognizes Heather Heyer, who was killed Aug. 12, and 19 other people who were injured after a car allegedly driven by a neo-Nazi slammed into a crowd of demonstrators protesting the rally in Charlottesville. It describes Heyer's death as a "domestic terrorist attack" and acknowledges two Virginia state troopers who died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protests. 

Six senators from both parties, led by both of Virginia's Democratic senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, introduced the measure, which the Senate approved unanimously Monday night. The House approved the joint resolution Tuesday by unanimous consent.

This resolution now goes to Donald Trump for his signature.

For almost any other president in history this would be a done deal.

But for Trump this might actually present a conundrum.

Does he sign the bill to prove to the world that he is not a racist POS?

Or does he refuse, because deep down he really IS a racist POS?

Update: Good news, Mike Fuckabee's daughter says that Trump will "absolutely" sign this resolution. 
I wonder if in a quiet act of defiance Trump will sleep in his KKK pjs tonight?


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I don't think a resolution is a law.

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      It isn't. It's window dressing, fake facades and shams - words which describe The Rump to a tee.

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    "“At a Las Vegas rally in July, Stone addressed a crowd of hundreds, saying the ‘jackbooted’ government had ‘lost all sense of law or morality,'” Wiles wrote. “That kind of message would likely play well again, inciting the kind of anger and vitriol that have become the hallmarks of this presidential era.”"

  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    O/T Too many names to tell you how they're involved

    -Michael Flynn
    -Jared Kushner
    -Steve Bannon
    -Trump Tower 
    -Blackwater, Erik Prince
    -Sarah Sanders
    -Rep. Trey Gowdy
    -Rep. Devin Nunes
    -Vladimir Putin
    -The crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan
    -Department of Justice
    -Intelligence Community
    -White House
    -senior Middle East official 
    -Capitol Hill
    -Washington Post
    -clandestine January meeting in the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean
    -crown prince of the United Arab Emirates 
    -Florida Rep. Tom Rooney
    -Former national security adviser Susan Rice 
    -senior Trump officials
    -House investigators 

    Exclusive: Rice told House investigators why she unmasked senior Trump officials

    By Manu Raju, Senior Congressional Reporter

    Updated 5:20 PM ET, Wed September 13, 2017

    -The crown prince arrived in New York before Trump was sworn into office

    -The Obama administration felt misled by the United Arab Emirates

    Washington (CNN)
    Former national security adviser Susan Rice privately told House investigators that she unmasked the identities of senior Trump officials to understand why the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York late last year, multiple sources told CNN.

    The New York meeting preceded a separate effort by the UAE to facilitate a back-channel communication between Russia and the incoming Trump White House.

    Must read @

    1. Anonymous2:32 PM

      The Incestuous Relationship Between Mark Burnett, Felix Sater, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin

      The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett is one of the missing links connecting Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Sarah Palin.

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      "It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the incestuous connection between Mark Burnett, Felix Sater, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin." Woo da thunk...

    3. Anonymous3:53 PM

      2:32 PM - As I've said from the start, don't think for one minute that $arah doesn't have her bony-fingered witch hands in this.

      Miss "I Don't Need A Title to do what I need to do," with her fake God devotional. She's as evil as they come.

    4. Anonymous4:30 PM

      3:53 PM - correct. Remember the pic of Mr. and Mrs. Creepy Chuck Jr. on the porch with Schaeffer Cox's militia?

      Add into that Tawd's prostitution ring ties, the Russian exotic BFF of Bristol, and likely so much more.

      Don't give us your crapola, $arah, family, and trolls; everyone KNOWS what you are.

    5. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Correction: Creepy Chuck Sr.
      Lover of "no panties to bed!"

    6. Anonymous5:05 PM

      I thought Sarah Palin was going to be leading a march for mothers in Nebraska on September 23. That's not the whole story. I don't know what the story is, but there is no march.

      This group claims Sarah Palin is a headliner. Not sure what that means. They have rented a sports and event arena and want people to come to Nebraska.

      The mystery is will the headliner and others be at the suburban arena? How will speakers appear? Electronic? In the flesh?

      If anyone wants to give them your email address and do what they tell you to do, please let us know if Sarah and speakers will be at the arena or electronically speaking as if they are marching?

      More about all this here:

    7. Anonymous7:15 PM


      Canceled right off the bat? You betcha! case file #75: Sarah Palin’s Alaska

      Sarah Palin’s Alaska was a very expensive infomercial for Palin as a politician and for Alaska tourism. Like Trump, Palin is a raging narcissist. By making Alaska the focus of the show, she can pretend that she’s doing it for a home state she identifies with so strongly that she clearly believes she is Alaska, just as Trump labors under the delusion that he is America.
      Palin’s ascendancy from obscure, first-term governor to national figure felt less like a conventional political coronation than a product launch. Palin was no mere politician. She was a brand whose elements were clear from the beginning. She was introduced as a cheerful, gun-toting, flag-waving, slang-speaking, establishment-ruffling, lefty-baiting hellcat. Palin was a self-styled “mama grizzly” whose Alaska family lived the rugged, all-American values she heralded in every folksy, incomprehensible utterance.
      Palin sold herself as the voice of the “real America,” where people hunt and fish and grow manly beards and believe in stoic self-reliance instead of looking to the government for help or engaging in the sin of identity politics. Palin wasn’t a character; she was a caricature. Tina Fey’s much-heralded version of Palin might actually have been more restrained than the real thing.

      A Month Has Passed Since Trump Declared an Opioid Emergency. What Next?

    8. Anonymous7:18 PM

      5:05 PM - I couldn't care less where or when she shows up anywhere but she'll revel in it. Baby needs attention. What a sick woman.

    9. Anonymous9:11 PM

      I don't care about any of the speakers. I am curious about what kind of racket this is.

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Good thing they left Trump's name off of the resolution condemning all those nasty racist people. He damn sure wouldn't have signed it.

  5. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Ot?" According to research collected by Everytown for Gun Safety, a majority of mass shootings ― defined as incidents where at least four people are killed, not including the perpetrator ― involve domestic violence. Between 2009 and 2016, in 54 percent of mass shootings the perpetrator shot a current or former intimate partner or family member.

    Everytown has also found that in nearly half of these cases, the perpetrator exhibited warning signs before the shooting, such as threats of violence, violations of protective orders, or evidence of ongoing substance abuse."“American gun violence is inextricably linked to domestic violence: More than half of American women killed with guns are killed by their current or former partner,”

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

  6. And there you have it.

    How very presidential.

    How very embarrassing.

    How Deplorable.

    "Mexico has withdrawn its offer of aid to US victims of Hurricane Harvey after a 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, killing 96 people.

    A statement released by Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said the aid would now be redirected to help those affected by the devastating earthquake and Hurricane Katia that wreaked havoc on home soil."

    "Mexico had pledged to offer food, generators and medical aid to Texas “as good neighbours should always do in trying times.”

    The Mexican Red Cross also sent 33 volunteers to help the relief effort in Houston.

    But the US President never formally accepted the offer and continued to attack the country on Twitter, calling the country "one of the highest crime nations in the world."

    (Because our president is a fucking ASSHOLE!)

    Mr Trump failed to offer condolences to the country after the earthquake and the separate hurricane, sparking heavy condemnation from around the world.

    Hours after rescinding the aid offer, Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray reportedly received a phone call from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

    "[Mr] Tillerson offered his condolences for the loss of life and the devastation caused by the earthquake in Mexico and from Hurricane Katia," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. “He emphasised to Foreign Secretary Videgaray that the US government stands ready to assist our neighbours in Mexico during this difficult time.”"

    Trump never bothered to offer condolences and Mexico pulled their people and rescinded their offer. THEN and only then did Tillerson offer condolences. Because I guess he still feels shame enough to step up and do it since no one else was. Certainly not the two year old Alzheimer's Nazi in the Oval Office.

    Too little. Too late. Too bad.

    We are the Deplorables in the eyes of the World.

    Trump has made us all "ugly Americans."

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      See if there is a Mexican charity to donate to. I will. Better that than some Texan who voted to put the orange shitgibbon in office.

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      that is too bad. we worked well with Mexico and i hate to see blow up, because dumpt fucked it up, along with everything he has done. it's his damn wall.

    3. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Meanwhile today Trump whined in the last week and a half no one is talking about DACA. Earth to Trump
      due to hurricanes, devestation, necessity or priority to preserve lives, evacuations, earth quake the rest of the world cared. Not Trump whining why DACA fell to wayside as worst hurricanes barreled in.

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    "“Little did I realize having cast that vote, 15 or 16 years ago, that I wasn’t just voting to go after the terrorists responsible for 9/11. I was voting for the longest war in the history of the united States of America, a war that continues to this day in Afghanistan,” said Durbin."

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Fuckabee spawn seems tohave beem hitting the Avon or Maybelline hard lately.

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      When what she really needs to do is hit the treadmill.

    2. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Scaramucci called in a hair stylist and makeup person for Huckabee Sanders or took credit for that. The flat hair parted down the middle, no makeup, frumpy clothes gave off an I don't give a fuck, lazy, unprofessional aura.

    3. Anonymous4:27 PM

      She has such a manly appearance. I don't find her particularly graceful or articulate as a woman and spokesman for Trump.

      I'm remain surprised she was picked as a public figure/spokesman for Trump. She's hurt him more than helped him!

      The Republican party goofed big time in putting her out front!

    4. No amount of make-up can fix her wall-eyes.

  9. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Of course he'll have to sign it.
    That doesn't mean he'll tone down the rhetoric.

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Correct, because it means absolutely nothing. This is not a law, but more of a suggestion thus there is no penalty for not acting within the boundaries of it.

  10. Anonymous3:02 PM

    it is unfortunate that the alt right and nazi's have right to freedom of speech. however, this is the right for all Americans, no matter how we may dissaprove of them, and i will stand by that. in other news, the alt right planned a rally here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and cancelled it in a big hurry after the other rallies went bad. maybe some are not so dumb.

  11. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hillary Clinton Torches The 'Lip Service' Of Ivanka Trump

    HuffPost - 19 hours ago

  12. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hillary Clinton: Ivanka Trump should be ‘judged’ for Trump’s ‘danger’ to America

    Hillary Clinton agrees with critics of Donald Trump when it comes to the role that his favorite child Ivanka Trump has played in his divisive exercises of presidential power.“

    Everyone associated with him…they’re either on board with that, or they’re not,” said Clinton in an interview published Tuesday — the same day of the release of her memoir “What Happened,” about the 2016 presidential election.

    .... Yes, Clinton said, Ivanka Trump, a White House special assistant, “should be judged and held accountable.”

    Since campaigning for her father and then taking a job in the White House with her husband Jared Kushner, Ivanka has tried to shed the “complicit” label attached to her in a scathing “Saturday Night Live” skit.

    In interviews or in leaks to the media, Ivanka has tried to get away with giving the impression that she’s in the White House to do good and to be a moderating force on such issues as immigration, health care, climate change, LGBTQ rights and women’s equal pay ...

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Complicit or not, I shudder to think how unhinged Trump would be without her reigning him in.

    2. Anonymous6:19 PM

      336, What happened to his wife?

    3. Anonymous3:15 AM

      Anon at 6:19 pm. I don't think the third wife's command of the English language is good enough to moderate her husband's public behavior. And she'd have to look up from her fashion magazines and pay some attention to see what's been going on.

  13. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I love the fact Trump has been boxed in and will have to sign on the dotted line. We all know he is a racist, but this will just reinforce the fact he is a fucking liar! His actions have spoken as have his well documented history of facts!

  14. Anonymous4:36 PM

    The racists have already heard from Trump. It was a thumbs up. It is all they will remember.

  15. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I just thought of Cantwell who cried learning there was a warrant out for him. The typical jail population has in,ayes of color and surely Jewish people. No wonder he was crying! He would be killed by inmates for his white supremacy hatred.

  16. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Pope Francis Makes Everything That Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Say Sound Stupid - Callista Gingrich, husband Newt. ' Lately, Pope Francis has been bluntly anti-Trump, essentially shooting down almost everything the American president says with, well, logic.'

    "While Francis didn’t address Trump by name, the implication was clear. 'Those who deny this must go to the scientists and ask them. They speak very clearly,' Francis said, once again showing his faith in science, which he has done on a number of occasions. 'These aren’t opinions pulled out of thin air. They are very clear.'"

    1. Anonymous9:13 PM

  17. Anonymous5:39 PM

    He will sign it with his fingers crossed behind his back like he did with the sanctions to Putin.
    Putin is gearing up for one of his "exercises". Wonder what the bald one is up to? He like to be covertly kgb doesn't he? Hmmmm. People pay attention. He may be trying to become God.

    1. Anonymous10:47 PM

      Korn - Got the Life

  18. Remember what I predicted about "strange fruit?" Already happening.

    Some teens tried to lynch and 8 year old in New Hampshire. Yeah. Not even a red state.

    "An 8-year-old biracial boy in New Hampshire suffered rope burns around his neck, reportedly at the hands of local teens, sparking outrage among his family members, who have categorized the incident as a “lynching.”

    The incident occurred in late August when the young boy, whose first name is Quincy, had reportedly been playing with a group of teenagers two doors down from his home in Charlotte. The teens then began calling him racial slurs and threw rocks at him, his grandmother told the Valley News. Things escalated when they grabbed rope from an old tire swing and encouraged Quincy to put it around his neck.

    “The older boys had put the ropes around their necks, and they told Quincy that it was his turn to do it,” Quincy’s mother, Cassandra Merlin, told The Root. “And Quincy got up on the table and put the rope around his neck, and another kid came up from behind him and pushed him off of the picnic table. And they walked away and left him there hanging.”"

    "Merlin said her daughter, Quincy’s younger sister who was with him at the time, began screaming for help while Quincy reportedly swung from the rope three or four times before setting himself free, according to the Valley News. No adults were nearby when the incident occurred.

    The teens fled upon Merlin’s arrival, and she rushed Quincy to a local hospital."

    "Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase initially refused to comment on the matter, but he put out a “Special Press Release” on Tuesday stating the department had opened an investigation into the incident. Investigators have not yet determined if the case warrants prosecution as a hate crime."

    Really? The racial slurs and rock throwing leading to a hanging of a biracial boy don't constitute a hate crime?

    "New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) released a statement on Tuesday calling on state police to work with local officials in resolving the case."

    OH, yeah. That doesn't warrant prosecution and resolving the case just reeks of "white washing" and in the worst way. You bet this is a white town with white cops and those were white teens. This is going to be swept under as a no harm, no foul, just kids piece of shit.

    Don't tell me this was "just playing", "boys will be boys" or "they didn't know what they were doing." The only reason they didn't succeed is they didn't know how to effectively lynch anyone. They did know enough to push him off a table with a rope around his neck. Luckily he didn't break his neck.

    There's a real art to hanging someone. Unfortunately there is also Google. It won't be long until the little darlings learn exactly how to get it right.

  19. ""

    "U.S. House lawmakers on Tuesday adopted a trio of bipartisan measures meant to rein in civil asset forfeiture, a controversial law enforcement practice that allows police to confiscate property from individuals without ever convicting them of a crime, and often without even charging them.

    In a series of unanimous voice votes, the House moved to block the implementation of a Justice Department directive earlier this year that encouraged these types of seizures. In July, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was reversing Obama-era restrictions on adoptive forfeitures, which had allowed state and local law enforcement agencies to seize property suspected of being linked to a crime, before passing the civil cases off to federal prosecutors.

    Under this process, local police agencies could evade stricter state laws on civil forfeiture by deferring to more lax federal standards. Critics saw Sessions’ directive as a threat to the growing movement to clamp down on civil forfeiture at the state level. Since 2014, more than 20 states and Washington, D.C., have passed reforms addressing the practice, often adding protections for property owners that extend far beyond those at the federal level.

    Although the DOJ’s policy change was accompanied by a handful of safeguards that officials claimed would protect against abuse, some House lawmakers were apparently not convinced. The three amendments all seek to deny federal funds to the department’s adoptive forfeiture program, effectively nullifying July’s announcement.

    The three measures are attached to a larger spending bill that is expected to be approved later this week, which would send the package to the Senate.

    Although there’s little substantive difference between the amendments, the effort brought together lawmakers from across the ideological spectrum."

    Too late for Juan.

    "University of California at Berkeley students are petitioning to have an officer removed from his post after he allegedly removed a wallet full of money from a hot dog vendor because he was operating without a license.

    University of California at Berkeley police officer Sean Aranas was caught on camera citing the hot dog vendor for selling food without a permit, at which point the officer reputedly confiscated his profits.

    The incident was caught on camera by UC Berkeley alum Martin Flores, who began filming because he felt the officer unfairly treated the hot dog vendor, known as Juan."

    “That’s not right… You’re going to take his hard-earned money? People could drink on campus on football games and no ticket, but a hardworking man selling hot dogs, earning a living, gets his money taken away, and a ticket,” Flores said to the police officer on Saturday.

    The officer responded: “He doesn’t have a permit. That’s law and order in action.”

    As an added note, students report there were other vendors who also had no licenses and were also accosted but let go with just a warning.

    But Juan had his money "confiscated."

    "And after the footage went viral, a petition was started by UC Berkeley student Vicky Zamarripa demanding to have the officer removed from duty, and has already garnered more than 13,000 signatures."

    Yeah, I hope this cop is fired.

    Juan might end up more than compensated due to a GoFundMe page.

  20. Anonymous4:14 AM


    Donald J. Trump Tweet

    No deal was made last night on DACA. Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. Would be subject to vote.

    2 hours ago ·

  21. Anonymous4:16 AM

    "No deal was made last night on DACA,"Trump tweeted.

    Trump pushes back on Dems' claims of DACA deal

    Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump pushed back Thursday morning against claims by top congressional Democrats that a deal has been reached over legislation to protect hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants and that a border-security package would not include a wall along the US-Mexico border

    Read more at:

  22. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Trump denies dreamer deal was made, tweets in defense of illegal immigrants

    41 mins ago

  23. Anonymous4:30 AM


    How come Trump didn't push back on Schumer and Pelosi claim on DACA yesterday and waited until two hours ago?

  24. Anonymous6:43 AM

  25. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Fuck-a-bee $Ting.
    "This law essentially states certain government employees -- including the president, vice president and "any other executive branch employee" -- are prohibited from influencing the employment decisions or practices of a private entity (such as ESPN) "solely on the basis of partisan political affiliation."

    Breaking this law can lead to a fine or imprisonment up to 15 years -- possibly both"


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