Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NRA spokesperson very angry that the media describes guns as "weapons." I'm sorry, what?

Courtesy of Media Matters:  

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): When it comes to media bias, it is often the little things that matter most. Seemingly innocuous phrases designed to sway your opinion. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently wrote an article about campus carry taking effect in Georgia and the controversy surrounding it. But it's their use of the word weapon that has me bewildered. The reporter uses “weapons” in place of firearms or guns so many times, it just becomes bizarre. Here, "Fears of gun owners getting drunk and firing their weapons." I firmly believe she uses the phrase weapons over firearms in an effort to scare the uninformed. But then I realized Georgia calls their concealed carry permits a “weapons carry license.” I don’t like that name at all. To me, the military carries weapons, guns carried for offensive purposes. I carry a firearm, a tool used for self-defense. To me, it is actually a very important distinction. By Georgia, a state rich in firearms history, using the term weapons in an official capacity, it hurts the perception of law-abiding gun ownership. The media already has it out for us, why give them more ammunition? 

Okay it is one thing to claim that guns are perfectly safe in the hands of the average American, a claim which I continue to dispute, however to claim that they are not a weapon completely defies logic.

The NRA has for decades now attempted to convince people that guns are simply tools similar to a crowbar or a knife, meaning that though they COULD take a life, they're actual purpose is to do something else entirely.

In the case of a crowbar it would be to pry something apart, and a knife is used to cut food or perhaps rope, but there really is NO other purpose that a gun serves than to take a life.

When these folks claim that a gun is a tool for self protection they avoid the fact that it only protects if an assailant believes they are in danger of being injured or killed by the WEAPON, or are in fact injured or killed by the WEAPON.

It is the very fact that they own a weapon capable of injuring or killing which is supposed to keep the owner safe.

Of course statistics do not actually support that assertion, but that is an entirely different conversation.

But before we can have that conversation at the very least we should agree on what we are talking about, and that is that guns are in fact weapons. Weapons which are designed to kill, and that is all they are designed to do.


  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    The NRA would love for there to be a civil war in the country so they could sell weapons to both sides.

    1. Anonymous3:53 AM


    2. Anonymous4:00 AM

      "In Plano, Texas on Monday an estranged husband killed his exwife and 7 of her friends with a baby's pacifier". There, does that sound better snowflake?

    3. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Here’s what you need to know:
      1. Hight’s Wife Filed for Divorce in July & She Told Her Mother That He Was Violent With Her Twice, Including a Time When He Slammed Her Face Into a Wall

    4. Anonymous7:38 AM

      a WEAPON incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force"
      "a WEAPON from which bullets or shells (= explosive containers) are fired through a metal tube"
      ALL GUN$!

  2. Did this clown ever serve in the military?

    One of the first thing a new recruit learns is: "This is my weapon."

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Did he graduate from middle school?

  3. Grey One talks sass3:15 AM

    A quick search on Google gave me this:
    weap·on ˈwepən/ noun
    • a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. "nuclear weapons"
    • a means of gaining an advantage or defending oneself in a conflict or contest. "resignation threats had long been a weapon in his armory"

    A couple of thoughts came to mind (before coffee even!)

    - If Mr NRA Spokesperson is protecting themselves with a firearm then they are using a freaking weapon.

    - To deny a firearm is a 'weapon' is disingenuous at best and scary propaganda crap at the worst. Words have meaning. Do not forget or the propaganda wins.

    - I don't thing the best of Mr Grant from the NRA. Then again, I believe the leadership of the NRA wants a national Gunfight at the OK Corral. I've no idea how they think it would be great for their bottom line. Honestly, it's as if none of the folks at the NRA ever read history.

    - If a firearm or gun is not a weapon what other uses does it have? Even a sword can be used for something besides killing. A rifle, revolver, or gun? Killing is their business. That is why they were designed. To state anything else is pure stupidity.

    My late husband owned many weapons - old Marines tend to sleep with them. While I follow Rule number 9 ( always carry a knife) I won't use a firearm. I KNOW it will be taken from me (old Marine husband taught me a lot!) Somethings simply are what they are. I'm not anti firearm, just want people to be clear about what it is they are talking about. Mr NRA spokesperson is foolish and will get many innocents killed.

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      I threaten a man who didn't live in the house and was hanging out in our basement. you just don't wanna tangle with an angry 290 pound woman with a rapier(sword,17th century) not to forget, i know how to use it and it is sharp. have't seen him lately-not even around the neighbourhood. we do have homeless shelters here, but drugs and booze are not welcome.

    2. Grey One talks sass6:31 PM

      1:44 A rapier? Nice! I have dogs too. They keep the ick away. And I'm crazy. Folk don't want to mess with old, tired, and crazy, nosireebob. :D

  4. Anonymous3:33 AM

    I lost track: when is Scarah's "moms on parade" gig? Did it already happen? Was she a no show?

    1. Anonymous5:46 AM

      'Since the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. there has been a huge groundswell among the mothers of our nation hungering for the opportunity to share a much different message—one of hope, goodness, and decency. On September 23, HomeMakers for America is holding a Mom's March for America to do just that. Sarah Palin will join Candy Carson (wife of Dr. Ben Carson), Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and several other moms, speaking at the march.'

      Sarah Palin to Speak at Mom’s March for America—A National Gathering of Mothers Raising the Bar for Truth and Decency

    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      We will mercifully be out of the country that day. I'll miss reading or listening to tidbits of Sarah Palin's caterwauling in defense of her hero, Trump. Will the third wife be doing the march; she's a mother too. The people organizing this "march" have no idea why we women, and many men and children, marched around the world in January.

    3. Dang straight, Beaglemom. Aiways a straight shooter- no pun intended.

    4. Anonymous8:19 AM

      The third wife will go to Toronto for the Invictus Games, Sept. 23-30. Uber prestige. The first lady, third wife will lead the United States’ delegation of 90 atheletes. Not some minor deal about marching mothers with has beens like that woman on Facebook that is now history with only her legacy remaining.

      The has been forgotten woman's first daughter will surely be her activist self and marching with the mothers.

      First daughter is a mother and needs all the publicity she can get. You know Daily Mail will let her fans know when she has a hang nail.

      Has-been's first daughter won't let motherhood down. She just returned from accompanying a man that plays her husband on social media to something like a paintball sport game for snipers. If she will be there for sniping she will be there for mothering and marching.

      IT'S AN ADVENTURE RACE WITH GUNS. Not weapons, guns.

    5. Anonymous9:27 AM

      The internet ghosts did it!

      While reading of the mother's march, this popped up...
      Good question.

    6. Anonymous1:19 PM

      This must be a gigantic deal. I had no idea, wonder why they didn't promote it more? Bristol doesn't even need to leave her pool in Texas to do her part. I didn't realize they were trying to out do the January marches. Where all will they be marching across the country?

      "Organizer Kimberly Fletcher, the president and founder of Homemakers for America, said she wants the cultural march to counteract what she says is “radical feminist” messaging. Fletcher’s group is partnering with conservative, faith-based and constitutional advocacy groups for the event. Organizers have cast it as opposite in many ways from the January Women’s Marches around the country.
      She’s also encouraging women from other states to participate via live feeds.'This is a movement. It’s not just a one-day event,” Fletcher said. “We’re going to continue to build this community and support one another as we lift and shape the nation.'"

      I missed this when grandma was supporting her daughter before birth of the last girl.

      'Bristol Palin is just a week away from her due date, but that isn't stopping the expectant mom from spending some quality time with her two children. The 26-year-old took to Instagram to share a video of herself out for a walk with her mother, Sarah Palin, and her eight-year-old son, Tripp, on Monday, as well as an adorable picture of her one-year-old daughter Sailor Grace the following day.

      In the past few weeks leading up to her due date, Bristol and her husband Dakota Meyer have been living a suburb of Austin, Texas, with their daughter Sailor and her son Tripp, her only child with her ex-fiance Levi Johnston.' 2 May 2017 Read more:

    7. Anonymous1:53 PM

      i an NOT a housewife. i don't clean and cook all day while hubby gets to live in the real world. that is what these women are all about. i had a woman at my church cry because the little girls in her girl scout group wanted to be doctors an in the air force. it never occurred to her that they still wanted to get married and have kids. where do these stupid women come from? a woman can be so much more now.

    8. Anonymous2:06 PM

      I hope Sarah tells us what it's like to act like the mother of her grandson. That's some, like, double-mother credit there for sure!

    9. Anonymous2:07 PM

      "Sarah Palin to Headline National Mom's March" It is not even a march.


      It's a poorly launched whatever it is. You might know Sarah Palin would headline with those that are so confused. Angry sounding, good thing, no guns or weapons.

      Why didn't Sarah help poor Kimberly Fletcher, Executive Director & event organizer of the Moms March for America, is the wife of a retired Air Force officer, mother of 8 children, and president and founder of Homemakers for America?
      Kimberly could have used a half decent publicist. Sarah could have shared her link to Daily Mail and a good writer that could have put her message across.

      "Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this page and would like it removed please contact"

      SOURCE HomeMakers for America

      Sarah Palin Joins List of Power Moms at National Gathering of Mothers for truth, family, freedom

      "The Declaration of Mothers is the standard and foundation for the march. Thousands of moms in more than 3,000 cities in every state in America have signed the Declaration proclaiming truth is self-evident, family matters, and freedom is worth fighting for. A National Map of Light keeps track of how many mothers have signed the Declaration of Mothers and are joining the march in heart and spirit to recognize the powerful influence of mothers and stand united for truth, family, freedom and the U.S. Constitution which protects the divine, inherent rights of mothers.

      Mom's March for America isn't a physical march walking down the street, shouting, and carrying signs. It is a cultural march toward a higher standard of decency, civility, and liberty."

      What will they do? March on Facebook? Emails? Twitter? These are mothers that sound like they are reviled by a physical march walking down the street, shouting, and carrying signs. They are too cultural? With a higher standard of decency, civility, and liberty? By damn, they will prove with 1,000s in every state who sign a Declaration.
      Sarah Palin is going to headline the signings? How does that work?

    10. Anonymous3:19 PM

      September 23rd in the Heartland of America and Across the Nation! Three Easy Ways to Join the March

      The March will be broadcast live. Info on how to access the live broadcast will announced prior to the march. The "For More Info on local events CLICK HERE" says "Oops! That page can’t be found."
      "See Video."
      I don't know anyone that will give them their email and I have no idea what this could cost.

      The Ralston Arena, also called the Ralston Sports and Event Center, is an arena located in Ralston, Nebraska, a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska. This would be where you can see the speeches in person. You can walk into an arena but no walking down a street, shouting or sign carrying.

      Capacity: 4,356 - (End Stage Concert); 4,600 - (NCAA Div I Basketball); 4,000 - (USHL Hockey)

      Virtual crimes leave more fingerprints.
      Future events: Get The Led Out Friday, September 15
      79 year old Kenny Rogers on his final world tour will be at the The Ralston Arena, December

    11. Anonymous6:13 PM

      They are on Facebook. I doubt Russia would be proud.

      FACEBOOK: Moms March for America


      Mom's March for America raised $70

  5. Anonymous4:19 AM

    As far as I am concerned these nuts running around with AK 47s “to defend themselves” are carrying WEAPONS.

    Does he want different types of permits to distinguish weapons from firearms :) Has he ever heard of a theasarus?

    What about my constitutional right not to be killed because of some nut that resolves everything by pulling a gun?

    1. Anonymous6:38 AM

      As long as the gun nut are shooting at each other and leaving the unarmed civilians alone then have at it.

    2. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Collateral damage is just a myth. Or is it another liberal hoax?


    Disgruntled ex-hubby used ordinary household appliance to murder 8 people including his disgruntled ex-wife. Good thing he didn't have an actual WEAPON.

    I'll bet neighbors and survivors thought ordinary household murder appliance made too much noise for everyday use. Maybe it was a weapons-grade appliance.

    1. This is Texas.

      You telling me none of the victims was "a good guy with a gun?"

      Gee, I guess that old excuse is a bunch of bull hockey.

  7. Anonymous5:38 AM



  8. Profound revelation, we spend BILLIONS looking for life beyond our little mote of dust we live on, desperate to find life as it has become. Back here on earth and in this country alone, America possesses 300,000,000 plus guns. These items are designed to only take life in many forms, and to think in our minds, we are an enlightened society. We need better education then this in this country, our leaders are failing us.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      the guns are not going away until the Vulcans arrive.

  9. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Gun or weapon?
    'I could have been a statistic'

  10. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Why do students need to carry _____ (whatever you call it)? Will they be hunting rabbits? Is it so dangerous, they need protection? Without better mental health attention and care, the possibilty of a sniper or massacre is pertinent and students think they must be prepared to kill? (that is like quasi-military and those are weapons) Is it a fashion, vanity choice? A way to impress others? Their parents tell them to carry and obey? All of it?

    Granted, host Grant Stinchfield does not like the word weapons. He should be more clear about this or he sounds like he is biased just wanting to manipulate and form opinions of others.

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      don't bring up anything that remotely sounds like gun control, or the crazies will find you.

  11. Anonymous8:00 AM

  12. Anonymous8:11 AM

    "“I’m going to strip you naked and whip you like the slave you are,” Parnell said in one message, according to investigators.

    A public post made two hours before the slaying reads, “You were warned,” among a series of posts that show support for President Donald Trump.""“You know what kind of gun this is, BOY?” Parnell said, according to Briggs.
    “It is a Glock 40."
    "“Sammie was being so calm,” Briggs told the Star-Telegram. “He just shot my bro in the face and burned off.”"

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      "Clay County sheriff’s deputy Robert Belt was dressed in full uniform when he made comments Sept. 5 over the school bus intercom as the student boarded and sat down,"
      "No f*ggot activity will be permitted on this bus,” Belt said, according to witnesses. “In my Bible it states that ‘f*ggots will burn in hell,’ and I will not condone it.”
      "as required in the Code of Conduct, the school system expects all of our employees to maintain a safe and healthy environment, free from harassment, intimidation, bullying, and free from bias and discrimination.”
      "Belt continues to drive a school bus part-time and work full-time as a deputy, the social media post said.

      He ran unsuccessfully for Clay County sheriff last year, and he was named in a civil rights lawsuit eight years ago."

    2. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Lucky for the Seattle Seahawk star that it wasn't weapons!

      'It's un-American what happened to me, having guns drawn on me' Read more:

  13. Anonymous8:57 AM

    NRA needs to fire that Stinch ass and find a new host.

  14. This is good-

    Her dad, who is a lawyer in Texas, claims she didn't intend to use her WEAPON to kill the homeless man because she closed her eyes and drilled him dead center in the brisket and then fled the scene.

    Closing one's eyes before hosing down a homeless man is probably taught by the Non-Regulated Asshats.

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      she just wanted to hurt him, (daddy, oh daddy!!! i didn't mean to kill him! i just thought he'd make good target pratice! i don't want to go to jail!get me out of this!SOB!!!

  15. Anonymous11:25 AM

  16. Anonymous1:31 PM

    oh, the guns are here to protect us.toddler finds loaded gun on bed. bye bye toddler. what did your 2 year old do that he needed to be killed for? IF YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO HAVE A GUN KEEP IT UN LOADED AND HIDDEN FROM CHILDREN.

    1. Unloaded, trigger locked and locked in a gun safe. Hidden is never good enough.

  17. Anonymous1:52 PM

    At Drudge, his headline for the current story on the AGAIN sad story of the school shooting near Spokane has 'shooting' in scare that an NRA thing? not call what a gun does 'shoot'?

    1. I guess it's an "alleged shooting" until someone proves it really happened.

      Next thing you know, they'll be referring to these as "fake shootings."


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