Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Donald Trump is upset that people are writing books about him.

Courtesy of The Hill: 

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur in her new book compares covering then-presidential candidate Donald Trump at campaign rallies to being "caged in the center of the arena like a modern-day Roman Coliseum." 

"They turn as one to boo at us in unison. Six thousand Trump supporters railing against 30 or so journalists — caged in the center of the arena like a modern-day Roman Coliseum," Tur wrote in "Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History." 

Trump criticized Tur during several speeches throughout the campaign, calling the then-33-year-old a "third-rate reporter," "disgraceful" and "not nice." 

At one point during the general election season in July 2016, Trump openly accused Tur of supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

If you watched any of MSNBC's coverage of the election, you could not have missed Keay Tur's excellent reporting from the very belly of the beast, the Donald Trump rallies.

She was verbally assaulted, threatened, and even stalked by Trump supporters, not to mention being verbally attacked by the presidential candidate himself.

However in Trump's eyes none of this qualifies Tur to write a book about her time on his campaign.

As evidenced by this tweet he sent not long after it was announced that Tur's book was set for release yesterday.
Of course as we know Donald Trump's version of "fake news" is any news which disagrees with his version of reality.

Personally I think the very fact that he felt the need to attack her like this just reinforces that what she wrote is something he does not want us to read. I imagine it will only help the book sales. 


  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Did Trump attempt to 'hit on' (attempt to kiss her) Katy Tur turning the campaign? Is that why he was so negative toward her because she remained professional and rejected his (grabbing) advances?


    1. Anonymous5:28 AM

      Yes, he caught her by surprise and put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on her cheek. Completely unwanted advance.

    2. Anonymous6:25 AM

      That's his M.O. --he has to hold someone down before he can attack. She knows enough about him to write that, and more. He should keep his twitter finger in its holster.

  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    I can't be the only one that looked on in absolute horror at his rallies. MAGA my keester.

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      I had the same reaction.

    2. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Me Too.

  3. Anonymous5:20 AM

    It has been very obvious from the beginning that little donnie personally attacks anyone that tells the truth about him.

  4. Just received my copy of Katy Tur's campaign-trail memoir. I've already been prepped for a cringeworthy anecdote that will appear as I read... eeuuwww.

  5. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Katy is just one soul. There are millions insulted and damaged by the sewer of don john. ALL americans should write a book on their personal damages due to this outrageous criminal liar and his lying criminal enablers. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THAT LIARS ARE NOT WINNERS.

  6. Anonymous6:14 AM

    This was going on right in front of our eyes, and yet the evangelical "Christians" supported Trump overwhelmingly. I still can't understand it.

    1. Anonymous6:52 AM

      Many evangelical "Christians" are xtian hypocrites. The religious cloak is just that, a cloak. They hide their true nature behind it. There is nothing 'holier than thou' about them. They are stupid hypocrites who take literally ancient mythology but don't live the word of Christ.

  7. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Its about time somebody break the news to rump. WE cannot imagine having a husband, brother, father or male friend like don john trump. And president of us? NOPE. He is an absolute disgusting liar, man and human.

  8. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Russian democrats voted yesterday.

  9. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Similar to Liz Taylor being upset movies are made about her. Him nor Hillary nor anyone else deserves to have people discuss their lives. It's actually the height of immorality if you really think about the creepiness it takes to do that.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Stifle it Alicia. She's writing about her own experiences.

    2. Anonymous7:55 AM

      It's He NOT Him you idiot.

    3. Anonymous8:18 AM

      6:46 How bout that crummy ass-kissing book/movie that president bannon wrote about ex-mayor palin? Oh, no problem, because it was 'favorable'.

    4. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Liz is dead!

    5. Anonymous8:50 AM

      @6:46 AM, creepiness is 'sponging off of your elderly, liberal parents while you stuff your face and troll the internet all day and night. Go find a job, stalker.

    6. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Alicia the creepy stalker would like us to listen to her thoughts on creepiness. She is well versed in this topic. She has been so creepy restraining orders have been taken out against her.

  10. Anonymous7:11 AM

    If drumph says it's fake you can bet it's true.

  11. Anonymous8:07 AM

    OT?13>"Griffith pleaded guilty to felony sexual assault earlier this year for having sex with a 13-year-old who was a patient at a teenage addiction recovery center where Griffith was an employee. A second girl at the facility also alleged that Griffith had raped her, although those charges were dropped as part of Griffith’s guilty plea."

    "“She looks and acts like she’s 18 years old,” Kaufman said during the hearing. “You should see the pictures of her and the hair and the makeup.”“How about victims as temptresses, what do you think about that?”

  12. Anonymous8:08 AM

    dRUMPf's only upset that people are writing the TRUTH about him. That means they showcase him at his worst, which is evil/vile.

    Personally, I feel he is a waste of oxygen, so would not waste my time writing a volume about him.

  13. Anonymous8:23 AM

    "Trump Is Everything the Founding Fathers Feared in a President" "the presidency has grown over two centuries into a towering central command for global decisions about War, Economy, and Justice."
    Results>“mission creep,” “sunk costs”
    "Thomas Jefferson anticipated these circumstances two centuries ago. " {200 years ago}

  14. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Trump was tweeting about Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush's book, announced yesterday.

  15. Anonymous9:15 AM

  16. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Whewwww Katy Tur is not only smart, she is young and hawt. Explains why MSNBC didn't want old Sarah Palin. By the way does anybody know who Sarah is working for? CBS? NBC? ABC? CNN? FOX? ESPN?

  17. Anonymous9:23 AM

    NBC anchor Katy Tur is smokin'.
    Thank you for sharing Gryph.
    - Mr. Lou Sarah

  18. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Katy Tur and any other women, run for the hills if you see this happening before he approaches you.

    Donald Trump: “I’ve gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her," he said on the tape. "You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

    1. Anonymous12:46 PM

      You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful

      Ivanna Trump
      Marla Maples-Trump
      Melania Trump
      Katy Tur
      Sarah Palin?

    2. Anonymous12:47 PM


    3. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Ivanka. There i fixed it for you @12:47

  19. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Katy Tur Writes About Being Kissed By Trump in Her New Book. His Response: ‘Fake News’

    “Before I know what’s happening, his hands are on my shoulders and his lips are on my cheek. My eyes widen. My body freezes. My heart stops," she wrote.


    Donald J. Trump 

    Fascinating to watch people writing books and major articles about me and yet they know nothing about me & have zero access.#FAKE NEWS!

    5:56 AM - Sep 12, 2017

  20. Anonymous12:59 PM


    The 999,999 times that #Trump has shown hatred towards women. He is putting her safety at risk and he doesn't care.

    11:18 AM - Nov 2, 2016

  21. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Maria @mariatortilla1

    #ImwithTur because no reporter should need secret service protection for reporting a presidential rally. …

    2:53 PM - Nov 2, 2016

  22. Sarah Wall-Eye Huckleberry is calling for the firing of an ESPN reporter for calling Trump a White Supremacist.

    Because, you know, they nullified the First Amendment in a meeting or something.

    Meanwhile, should we make a list of all the offensive shit Republican politicians called Barack Obama? Ones that are even still in office.


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