Saturday, January 13, 2018

On David Letterman's new Netflix show first guest Barack Obama talks dad moves and taking Malia to college.

Courtesy of Time: 

As the inaugural guest on David Letterman’s new, six-episode Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the Dad-in-chief divulged that, like most people, he sometimes has issues when it comes to assemble-yourself furniture. According to Obama, when he and the rest of the family moved in his daughter Malia into her new college digs (she’s currently a freshman at Harvard,) he was feeling pretty emotional about firstborn moving out, so Malia suggested that he help her put together a lamp that she had gotten for her desk. 

While the lamp initially appeared to be easy to put together, Obama ran into some challenges assembling it. 

“I was basically useless. Everyone had seen me crying and misting up for basically the previous three weeks, so Malia, who’s very thoughtful, she goes, ‘Dad, you know, I’ve got this lamp in this box, could you put the desk lamp together?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ It should have taken five minutes or three minutes and it had one of those little tools. It only had like four parts and I’m just sitting there, toiling at this thing for half an hour and meanwhile, Michelle has finished scrubbing and she’s organizing closets and I was just pretty pathetic.”

So I actually watched this show last night. 

I had not planned on it, but I had some free time before bed and I thought "Why not watch something pleasant before turning in?"

I'm really glad that I did.

After this year of Trump you almost forget just how charming, cool, and genuinely funny our former president was while in office.

Just hearing Obama's voice almost makes everything feel okay in the world.

Of course we know that it most certainly is not okay in the world, but he also reminds us that we have the power to correct that.

And in 2020, we most certainly will.


  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Which TriG is this?

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    dec 15th

    jan 1st

    Lots of hair growth in 2 weeks.
    Maybe there really are TriG twins.

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      We really don't care.

    2. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Please try to stay on topic. We need to have SOME nice things unsullied by the toxic stink of GOP shitholes.

    3. Anonymous4:00 PM

      OH little troll, even if you're not one but only here to get a rise out of people, PLENTY of people have DS children and love them to pieces.

      If Trig was all that and a shot of tequila, as they claim, they would have given him the tools he needed to have an honest shot in life. Not a family pet. BUZZER.

    4. Anonymous6:20 PM

      not a troll, asshole.
      Honest question.

    5. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Put your honest question on another thread, asshole.

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    So miss having President Obama in our presence on a daily basis. Would give my right arm to have him serving a third term (if only legal!) vs the idiot currently taking up space in the wh!

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I watched it, too and LOVED IT! He seemed so happy and relaxed and it was a wonderful reminder of how wonderful this man is and how lucky we were he chose to enter the world of politics.

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    NO one can match him. The Black Man in OUR White House two terms. Voted in without the underlying tactics, by the people for the people.

    I'm rather enjoying the white men butt burn that have NO clue in hell what they're doing except to erase all of it.

  6. Anonymous4:22 PM

    "And in 2020, we most certainly will."

    Such confidence, did Maddow tell you that was to be so?

    1. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Just because you need a news network to tell you how to think doesn't mean other people suffer from the same problem.

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Oh. It's the homophobic, anti-intelligence Maddow troll. Go'way $carah, you're souring the wine.

  7. ends with a slash s9:43 AM

    Dave should check in with Serror.

    She might want to right some wrongs. And also too exhibit some christian forgiveness for past wrongs.

    Ask her about sending Willer off to hair collage?

    Ask her about Toad's "snow machine accident"?

    Ask her if Treck and Shaeffer Cox are planning on being roomies sometime in the future?

    Ask her if she's waiting for a signal from gawd about running in 2020?

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Get an apology for trying to make it look like he was making dirty jokes about a child and siccing her base on him.


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