Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A day after House Republicans declare that the Russia investigation is over and Trump is exonerated, House Democrats say "Tut tut, not so fast."

Courtesy of CNBC: 

Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said on Tuesday they would keep investigating Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, despite a decision by Republicans on the panel to shut down the probe. 

"We are going to do our best to continue our work. There are individuals who want to cooperate with our committee and share information, and will continue to do so," said representative Adam Schiff, the committee's top Democrat. 

"We will be putting together a report that will set out for the country what evidence we have seen to date," he said.

The Democrats also released a 22-page status report on the investigation, listing lines of inquiry they feel should be pursued and more than 30 witnesses the committee has still not interviewed. 

They included Reince Priebus, a former Trump White House chief of staff, and former White House spokesman Sean Spicer, as well as Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who participated in a June 2016 meeting with Trump's son Donald Jr. and other close Trump associates. 

Among the concerns in the status report were "credible allegations as to the use of Trump properties to launder money by Russian oligarchs, criminals, and regime cronies." 

It also questioned whether "candidate Trump's financial exposure via Deutsche Bank or other private loans constituted a point of leverage that Russia may have exploited and may still be using?" 

The report said the committee should request related documents and hear testimony from Deutsche Bank, "via subpoena if necessary," to evaluate such allegations.

I am not sure how much the Democrats on his committee can accomplish without support from the Republicans, but let's face it they never really had it to begin with.

However the findings of the Republicans that there was no credible evidence that the Russians had developed a preference for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton did not go down well even with some House Republicans.

Including Trey "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi" Gowdy.

Courtesy of Politico:  

A top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee distanced himself Tuesday from one of the panel's most explosive findings in its Russia investigation — that the FBI, CIA and NSA overplayed their hand when they declared Russia preferred a Donald Trump victory in the 2016 election. 

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said that the evidence gathered by the committee clearly showed Russia's disdain for Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, and was "motivated in whole or in part by a desire to harm her candidacy or undermine her Presidency had she prevailed."

I never really had any faith that this committee would find anything worthwhile anyhow, not with Trump lapdog Devin Nunes undermining the investigation. 

And I am not super stoked about the Senate investigation either. 

No the smart money is on Robert Mueller.

Mueller is laser focused on getting to the truth, and I have every confidence that he will do that very thing.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Shoes were made for walking.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    If it were the Republican party they would work this thing to bone like they did with Benghazi and Hillary's emails. But when it's them that needs investigating they go all hush.
    I hope this doesn't go away the way they want. It would be a travesty to let Donnie walk away unscathed from his treasonous affairs.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Don't inhale anything, Mueller...your name is surely on the hit list.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM


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  5. Anonymous11:31 AM

    President Donald Trump has hatched a new plan to oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions and crush Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — all while bypassing the need to ask the Senate to confirm a new attorney general.

  6. Anonymous12:24 PM

    OT: Holee Chit, Batman! The strain is taking a toll and look where the cracks are starting to appear!

    1. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Go Bristol!

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM

      "The couple were married in 2005 at Mar-A-Lago (check out the epic wedding photos here)

      and have five children.

      Donald Trump Jr.’s odd and confrontational tweets were also an issue and friends are worried about him, the report says.

      Vanessa is reportedly uncomfortable with the Trump family being in the public spotlight.

      “Vanessa is by nature is a very low-key person, and she is uncomfortable with the attention her family is getting now the Trumps are on the world stage,”
      a source told Page Six."

    3. Anonymous1:07 PM

      'I Know One'
      John Prine

  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    "Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters that he and the fellow Democrats on the committee are going to continue their investigation and look for what Russia has on Donald Trump." "Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee Democrats vow to keep investigating until they discover what Russia has on Trump."

  8. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Trump has hatched a new plan to oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions and crush Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — all while bypassing the need to ask the Senate to confirm a new attorney general.

    According to Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, Trump has discussed firing Sessions and replacing him with current Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt. Since Pruitt, unlike Sessions, has not recused himself from being involved in Russia-related matters, he would be completely free to shut down the probe.

    “Also, as an agency head and former state attorney general, Pruitt would presumably have a good shot at passing a Senate confirmation hearing,” the report notes.

    Firing McCabe, who has worked at the FBI for the past 22 years, before his retirement would cause him to lose his pension. President Donald Trump has urged Sessions to fire McCabe so he can’t collect.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      What an SOB, fire him so he can't collect his pension. I would hope McCabe would have some recourse.

      Again firing Sessions et all sounds like obstruction of justice. so try it donnie and have your bags packed.

    2. Because Trump is a cruel, vindictive piece of shit.

      I hope Sessions defies Trump, if for no reason than to give him the finger over referring to Sessions as "Mr. Magoo."

      If they do fire him, I hope he takes them to court and sues for his pension.

      Trump wants to move Pruitt from EPA to Justice and Perry from Energy to VA.

      WTF. Does he think government is a game of musical chairs? He does realize that as he votes them off the island, he has to recruit more "survivors," right?

  9. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Rand Paul HELLo:

  10. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I miss seeing Nancy Pelosi front and center. This new male spokesman (Schiff) for the party is mushy and weak sounding to me and isn't effective at all when he speaks.

  11. Anonymous3:51 PM

  12. Anonymous3:54 PM

    "“It is even more difficult to understand how the president’s lawyer managed to exceed contribution limits,” "

    1. Cant make this shit up9:19 PM

      "I am self funding and will hire the best people, not the biggest donors!"


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