Sunday, April 15, 2018

Alaska's favorite domestic terrorist is trying to get out of prison again.

Courtesy of the SPLC: 

Schaeffer Cox, the imprisoned founder of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia, is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to review his 2012 conviction that put him in federal prison for 26 years. 

Michael Filopovic, Cox’s federal public defender, recently filed the petition seeking the Supreme Court review partly claiming lower appeals courts have issued conflicting rulings on legal issues raised in the Cox case. 

”This case … really concerns the outer limits of liability for conspiracy in the federal courts, particularly with respect to statutes involving conspiracy to murder federal officials or federal agents,” Filipovic told Alaska Public Media. 

Specifically, the defense attorney claims, the petition raised the question whether Cox’s talk about murdering government officials, who weren’t specifically identified, posed an actual threat. 

Filopovic argues that threats from Cox and his militia group would have been carried out only if the U.S. government implemented martial law, something he claims was highly unlikely.

"Look I was going to kill you if you did this thing, I even bought weapons and made plans for that very reason. But since you didn't do that thing no harm no foul, right?"

Typically I would say that Schaeffer's chances of getting out of prison were about as good as Donald Trump's chances of finding his own penis without a hand mirror and a pair of tweezers.

However we now live in strange times, where the government does not seem to even recognize terrorism if it is carried out by a white guy, and where even a scumbag like Scooter Libby can be pardoned for obstruction of justice and lying to the feds.

So who knows?


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I try my best not to ever think about Trump's penis and I really wish you wouldn't bring it up in any posts, especially one totally unrelated to the main topic. I guess that I'm weird that way.

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Do you really have to ‘ try your best’ to not think about it? Sad, bigly.

    2. Anonymous2:36 PM

      I love you 6:12. My laugh of the day.

  2. Anonymous3:53 AM

    I don't think it should matter if Cox says he and his pals would only have acted if martial law had been imposed. Their notion of "martial law" and everyone else's are probably very different. If Cox were African-American, Hispanic or Native American, he would never have a chance to get out of prison. He probably would have been killed outright.

  3. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Who's he trying to emulate in that picture? Jesus?

    Conspiracy to commit murder IS a felony, carried to fruition or not.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Like this Guy!

  4. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Idk I think he will likely remain.

  5. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I was just thinking about Xcox last week.

  6. Anonymous8:15 AM

  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Saw Schaeffer Cox in Fairbanks. My teenage daughter had a traffic incident and we were there. He was so young then. Wow. I bet he learned a few tricks in prison. Wonder how many he has recruited in there?
    Hope they don't let him out.

  8. Anonymous11:26 AM

    What about that Palin that was facing charges?

    Tark? Truck? I forget, maybe it was TARP?

    Anyway, what's the 411 on him?

  9. Anonymous1:20 PM

    "In the civil cases, Cox accuses former supporters of stealing more than $100,000 from a legal defense fund raised in his name. He seeks documents related to his criminal case through the Freedom of Information Act and sues prison guards for interfering with his legal mail and his communication with a filmmaker."
    "The civil suit names 12 defendants, including Cox’s Fairbanks supporter Maria Rensel, who testified for Cox at trial and organized a letter-writing campaign before his sentencing. The suit also names Virginia direct-mail advertising company Eberle Associates Inc., and the US~Observer, an Oregon newspaper that specializes in writing about people seeking exoneration.

    Cox says in his civil complaint that a group of his supporters including Rensel created a group called “Free Schaeffer Cox (a project of Alaskans for Liberty”) to raise a legal defense case for Cox’s appeals. By Cox’s estimation, an Eberle direct mail campaign raised more than $2 million, of which the direct-mail firm took 93 percent under terms Cox agreed to. However, Cox said the Free Schaeffer Cox group took control of his share of the money and used it without his permission to pay $100,000 to the publisher of the US~Observer. The newspaper has published two articles about Cox."
    "In a handwritten letter from Cox posted on the website this week, Cox describes Clemons as his “right hand woman” and says prison staff members are now interfering with his communication with her." In his other two lawsuits, Cox sues employees of the federal prison in Illinois where he is incarcerated. He accuses staff of illegally interfering in his correspondence with lawyers he is thinking about hiring, with U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Joshua Ligairi, a filmmaker working on a documentary about Cox called
    “Plan 241.”"


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