Thursday, July 16, 2009

It looks like Sarah helped break the Department of Health and Social Services by forcing a competent person out and replacing them with a Palin-bot!

So I talked to my relative again this morning and asked when he thought things had gotten so difficult for the elderly in state care. He said that it was hard to put a date on it but that it seemed to him that things had really changed in the last year or year and a half.

Now that seems particularly interesting to me because of this little tidbit right here:

(Karleen) Jackson has been with the department since 2003, when she became deputy HSS commissioner in the Murkowski administration. She took over as commissioner in 2005 and was not replaced when Governor Palin took office last year. But Jackson says she recently compared notes with Palin and it was clear they had a difference of opinion. She says she offered her resignation and the governor accepted. Jackson declined to be more specific.

Now this took place on March 9, 2008. And after Jackson had cleaned out her desk, Palin replaced her with this guy:

July 24, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska - Governor Sarah Palin today announced the appointment of Bill Hogan (see above picture) as Commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services.

“I am pleased to have Bill Hogan join the cabinet,” Governor Palin said. “With his experience and five years working for the department, he can continue promoting and protecting the health and well-being of Alaskans. Bill has already started implementing priorities for the department including battling substance abuse, promoting health and wellness, continuing with health care reform, developing a plan for caring for seniors in Alaska and meeting the needs of vulnerable Alaskans.”

It appears obvious that Bill Hogan failed miserably to accomplish that last part. So much so that the Federal government had to ride in to rescue elderly Alaskans who were being left to die alone and uncared for.

So who is this Bill Hogan guy?

Hogan holds a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from State University of New York and a master of science degree in social work from West Virginia University. Hogan has served as chair of the Alaska Mental Health Board, board member of the Alaska Community Mental Health Services Association and executive director of the New York State chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Well it sounds like the guy was very qualified. So how could he have dropped the ball so badly that the Feds had to be called in?

Before joining the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services in 2003, Hogan was Chief Executive Officer of Life Quest, a private, nonprofit community mental health center located in Wasilla, Alaska.

I hate to make the accusation that every single person that comes from Wasilla is somehow unqualified, or a Sarah Palin lapdog, but I will say that if it is a person from Wasilla that she picks for a cabinet position or to head an important agency then it is a solid bet that they will jump through whatever hoop Palin holds up.

And you can find evidence of that here where Mr. Hogan explains the reason that Beverly Wooley had to leave her job as the state public health director: Hogan described Wooley as having difficulty articulating the governor's position on the abortion measure, as well as teen pregnancy prevention.

And WHAT was Wooley's terrible act of insubordination?

She intended to refer to studies from states that already had passed similar legislation, she said. Some of the research shows that, with parental involvement requirements, girls tend to get abortions later in their pregnancy, which is riskier and more expensive, she said. Other research shows fewer girls get abortions, which abortion foes like Palin likely would applaud. Wooley cautioned that the studies are small and not definitive because such laws are still fairly new.

"You let those facts speak for themselves. And truly, people will interpret those facts differently based on their own personal history and experience," said Wooley.

You see THIS is the problem with people that Sarah Palin does not hand pick from Wasilla. They rely on scientific studies to help them to make the appropriate decisions pertaining to the health and well being of the citizens of Alaska.

It is clear that Bill Hogan did not have such constraints and was free to simply do whatever Queen Ester demanded that he do. And because of that blind obedience we see how many of our elderly have suffered from lack of compassionate care.

(By the way I have not confirmed it yet, but I will bet dollars to doughnuts that Hogan was a member in good standing at Sarah's church. This whole thing smacks of the kind of broken Christianity practiced out there in the Valley.)


  1. Exactly what I was afraid of: Beverly Wooley actually intended to act in the best interests of Alaskans as state public health director. Is the state of Alaska now officially trying to wrest the title of Teen Mom Capital away from Texas??

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Am I picking up a pattern of her not getting along with women and replacing them with men?

  3. Here is quite a bit more about why Woolery left, with quotes from Bill Hogan:

  4. I have been telling people there is a class of individuals in Alaska who think they are better than everone else, their religion is the only valid one, they believe those who don't practice it don't deserve the air they breathe, they are undereducated and sometimes just plain stupid, when someone comes along who knows what they are talking about and tells them facts/information they retaliate against them. One of the things they do is called Workplace Bullying. Palin is just one of those people who got into power. I ran into a nest of them in Nome. There is a list of the best hospitals in America that came out today. I had recently worked at #2 UCLA and had worked most of my career in the Seattle area. I went to that hospital in Nome where they were not even using alcohol gel(nor washing their hands for that matter, pretty basic stuff). I told them some of the things they were doing were dangerous. They practice Workplace Bullying which it sounds like Palin has done extensively. It causes PTSD. I became very disturbed from it as I would not leave because I was concerned for the native people. I did something really stupid which involved suicide and got arrested. I then ended up in a corrupt justice systm(with quite a story to tell). I knew I had PTSD, it was very obvious. I moved three times trying to get counseling. I was misdiagnosed, but fortunately for me I had some psychiatric experience. They have a bunch of inexperience social workers who in the rural areas can be very gossipy also. They have them making complex diagnoses which is crazy. There are hardly any psychiatrists and psychologists. I finally found a good counselor in Anchorage, but I had to leave yesterday because I could not find a decent place to live. I am on disability, but I will somehow find the resources to go see him once a month. I have been screaming about this for a long time. I knew the problems and could not get help. What about those who do not have the background to fight for help? No one was listenting. I have written letters and made phone calls to no avail. This is one time I am thankful for the federal government. They have clearly done the right thing.

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Am I picking up a pattern of Palin not getting along with anyone and replacing them with alien pod people who want to live on comets when the Rapture comes?

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Weird. Wooley's so-called difficulty articulating the governor's position on the abortion measure, as well as teen pregnancy prevention, you mean Sarah caused the death of hundreds of Alaskans for the sake of her failed abortion and teen pregnancy B.S. ????

  7. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Is Life Quest the same group that got the suicide prevention grant? Is there anyone left in Wasilla who hasn't been an appointee?

  8. Anonymous11:59 AM

    If all Palin does in office is to replace good workers with subversives, isn't that a coup? She did what she intended now she can leave.

  9. Anon11:00
    Didn't you get the memo from Sarah's peenut gang?
    It's because men adore her and women, well, we are just jealous and afraid of her.
    Besides, whipped men are easier to control...just ask Todd.

  10. WakeUpAmerica12:28 PM

    Gryphen, please keep looking for that connection between Sarah's "religion" and the people she picks. It is going to come in handy eventually, I think, to show how she floods her administration with the Wasilla Taliban (Talsillaban?).

  11. It is important that this story continue. Regardless if it was a problem $P did not start, she has escalated her own little personal war against the elderly,the infirm and those at risk - causing death.

    She needs to be held accountable.

  12. Anonymous12:37 PM

    It is a weird Wasilla ALL these people go to the Queen's church? Is it the water? No integrity? No one knows about the 10 commandments? When I think of all the good, honorable people Palin has trashed, it sickens me. Her day is's coming.......

  13. Anonymous1:03 PM

    The article above states in reference to Alaska Public Health:

    "The division has about 550 employees and a budget of $100 million. It includes nurses and epidemiologists, health facility inspectors and keepers of birth and death records. Its staff members run health laboratories and try to prevent diseases like HIV and diabetes."

    I don't think that it's a coincidence that Sarah would want her Palinodes assigned to the top positions in the Public Healthcare division that keeps BIRTH and death records. Now she wouldn't want Trigs birth certificate getting in the wrong hands now wouldn't she?!

    Also keep in mind that it has been brought up before that it's possible that there is not a birth certificate for Trig in Alaska because Bristol could have given birth to him in the lower 48, like Washington State where one of her aunt's live. Now wouldn't that be something to report, Trig not having a birth certificate on file in Alaska?!


  14. wow.just wow.1:18 PM

    Heckuva job, Sarah!

    Total. Incompetent. Douchebag.

  15. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I hate to make the accusation that every private nonprofit is a front for thieves and crooks, but it happens. Where did this Hogan stooge go to high school? church?

  16. akmuffin1:53 PM

    In 2000, Wasilla's Life Quest Community Mental Health Center received a $500,000 earmark, while Palin was Mayor. I guess that was before she was anti-stimulus?

  17. SoCalWolfGal2:31 PM

    Aspiecelia@11.21 am. Thank you for sharing your story. This is is horrific. I am at this point just totally stunned. Everyday more and more is revealed of the Queen's total lack of any clue as to what her job was as Governor. This and her need to surround herself with her Wasilla sycophants has cost some Alaskan's their very lives. This is criminal and she and her minions need to answer for the deaths of these people.

    Aspiecelia, I hope you continue to get the care you need. Perhaps this doctor in Anchorage can direct you to the right authorities.

  18. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Women see through her game immediately.

    Let's not forget it took two women to expose her fraud to America: Katie Couric and Tina Fey.

  19. $arah's chickens are coming home to roost.

  20. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I posted the information this topic is based on in the previous thread about this subject.

    It is also interesting to note that the DHSS has a twitter page.

    No mention of this new report.


  21. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Speaking of Tina Fey, she's nominated for an Emmy for her imitation of $arah on Saturday Live!

  22. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Besides appointing one of her Wasillawannabes the post didn't even get filled from March 9th to July 24th? You have got to be kidding. It looks like nobody has been running the State of Alaska for quite a while, and autopilot didn't really work. (This was before the campain)


  23. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Actually I was thinking this has been a recurring theme hasn't it? - How many other posts or department heads positions did not get filled for months. I wonder how many other instances of important needs of Alaskans just fell between the cracks while no one was in charge?

  24. Anonymous @ 2:33 PM said...
    "Women see through her game immediately. Let's not forget it took two women to expose her fraud to America: Katie Couric and Tina Fey."

    Make that Intelligent independent women..."

  25. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Sarah doesn't like women, especially intelligent ones. Can't use cleavage or a little leg to get her way with them.

  26. Not filling positions is also a way to contain costs.
    Something a conservative former Gov. with little experience can crow about. Of course she will blame the deaths on others, but why isn't there an outcry from the citizens?

  27. Please don't laugh, but I was seriously tempted today, to pay for access to a site that would give me Alaska birth records. Its not much, I think around $20.00US. I read something this morning in a comment somewhere from back in Sept., that stated there was a birth record for somewhere near Wasilla for an Amber, Trig and Levi. Do you think it would be worth it for me to pay for that site...would I get the birth records for Trig that way I wonder?

  28. honestyinGov4:51 PM

    Please don't let this story be forgotten. And could you contact Shannyn to see if she could arrange to have Beverly Wooley be a guest on her Show for Saturday. People would love to hear Beverly's thoughts and opinions.
    And firing Beverly knowing that $arah was leaving (based on her lie ) is truly despicable. $arah SAID she knew she was leaving... it was not last minute...?

  29. Casey don't waste your money.

    My understanding is that the ONLY people who can get access to birth records in Alaska are the person themselves or the parents of the person.

    Say for instance Levi. And that angle is currently being explored. Just be patient.

  30. Aspiecelia, I'm glad you shared your story, though it makes me sad. I was many years with a bad boss and you're right, it's effects deepen and linger, so brava for getting help and white light to be able to continue to get the help you need.
    I feel like the whole dang country has post Bushco stress disorder, and at first that's what made me focus on Buttercup...never again! I despise her just for herself, bless her heart.

  31. Ok Gryphen..I hear you...and I will heed.

    Thank you so much for all your great writing.

  32. Anonymous5:42 PM

    O/T Gryphen, but I don't mean to be. Rachel Maddow debated Pat Buchanan; simple wow. A must see. Subject was Sotomayor.

    Oh, and you heard Tina Fey won that award, not Sarah. Bet she could govern better than Sarah, I'd win!!

  33. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Anon @1:03pm
    "I don't think that it's a coincidence that Sarah would want her Palinodes assigned to the top positions in the Public Healthcare division that keeps BIRTH and death records. Now she wouldn't want Trigs birth certificate getting in the wrong hands now wouldn't she?!"

    When the issue is discussed of seniors dying & having no care -- it shows how small minded you and others are that turn everything into this BullS**t issue about Trig. Why don't you fr|ggin' join the palinbots as you are as brain dead as they are. Fed up of reading ad nauseam stupidity.

  34. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Anon @ 5:51

    "When the issue is discussed of seniors dying & having no care -- it shows how small minded you and others are that turn everything into this BullS**t issue about Trig. Why don't you fr|ggin' join the palinbots as you are as brain dead as they are. Fed up of reading ad nauseam stupidity."

    My question to you is why the hell is the Trig Bullshit getting to you?!! You must be a palinbot because only palinbots get this angry when someone mentions Trig not being Sarah's birth child. You need anger management and need to get a fu*king life! Go back to cee4pee where bullies like you continue to have no substance.

    Seniors are dying and this is a HORRIBLE and UNTHINKABLE situation but it makes it even more horrible if these people had to die because Sarah was using her position to cover a damn deception she still thinks she can get away with.

    I HATE fu*king internet bullies. I don't get an opportunity to beat the h*ll out of them. Cowards!


  35. Thanks for the kind words. The story is much more complicated and quite a saga. It involves a drunken public defender, a corrupt judge, a stupid judge,being homeless, being accused falsely of a crime by the man who committed the crime so he could steal my property, he starved and tortured my cat while several government agencies and the governors office knew about it, maliciously prosecuted by the ADA in Nome when the state troopers had already investigated and said there was no evidence I did the crime(it happened on the Kenai Penninsula), not allowed to attend a hearing about it, wrongfully imprisoned and tortured, moved to four different prisons/jails, each time told I was going to Nome for a hearing(never happened), my medication and health care was withheld,lied to by the public defender agency about a lot of things. But, you can be proud of me I gave them a hard time every inch of the way. I volunteered in a prison in Washington and worked in two for a short time. I can not believe what goes on in the prisons here.

  36. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Related to Babygate…...I’m surprised that there hasn’t been an ethics complaint filed regarding claiming insurance benefits for baby Trig. If she claims him in her coverage she probably needs to provide evidence that he is a dependent – directly or as a dependent of a dependent (Bristol). Something like a valid birth certificate or adoption papers. If she cannot, then that would be insurance fraud. Could force the issue about providing some documentation once & for all. And given the DS diagnosis, the little guy would most certainly be needing medical services. Just sayin’……

  37. OK
    Just took a look at the announcement of Mr. Hogan to his new position.

    Did you add the "error processing his SSI file"?

    I feel so sorry for all the people who died waitingfor/receiving services and all the people who have to wait for services.

  38. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:44 AM

    Apiecelia-Maybe you could contact Rex Butler, sounds like you might have a case against SOA?

    Anon@8:19-Ethics complaints are relelated towards her ethic behavior(governing) I don't know if putting Trig on her medical would be considered a ethics violation, ins. fraud yes. Not sure how that would go...? First off if her and dud adopted Trig as I suspect they might have, he would have a brand new birth cert.
    Anon@5:42 OMG! The RM interview(if you can call it that) with Pat buchann, I wanted to throw my TV out the window! he is such a atrocious windbag! Ugh!!!!! I can't stand him. I immediately wrote MSNBC a email, he's their polical advisor or something! He is noting more than a White Racist pig!!!! These GOP bastards are "vetting" Sonia, and if it was winky up there, all she has to do is wave her naughty red monkey shoes and give a wink and boom, she would be judge dumb as rocks and they'd all take their little blue pills...sickening!

  39. Aspiecelia, I second Crystalwolf's suggestion! Butler seems to know what he's doing in Levi's case anyway...
    The saddest thing about Buchanan is there are lots more where he came my own family, for example.

  40. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Aspiecelia, There are many people who hope you are able to get attention for these problems. You are strong and have a very compelling story. Thank you.


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