Friday, September 11, 2009

The anniversary of 9-11 depresses me, so before I go out for an evening of fun with friends I thought I should leave you with a little levity tonight.

First up is David Letterman's "Top Ten Joe Wilson Excuses". You can't go wrong with Dave.

Not bad, I liked number two the best.

Now here is Craig Ferguson's opening monologue from last night's show. He dedicated virtually the whole thing to Rep. Joe Wilson and his stupidity. It starts about 2:35 in the video.

I am a huge fan of Craig Ferguson. He never fails cracks me up. Of course it may just be his accent.


  1. Just_a_Mote6:14 PM

    Hilarious! I'm also smitten with the accent and the rest of his shtick.

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Yes, Craig is a riot...and what is it that he does when he repeatedly steps forward during his monologue and seemingly hits a button?

    Just askin'...

  3. Gasman10:20 PM

    I still maintain that David Letterman and his "Great Moments In Presidential Speeches" helped to convince this country that George Bush was indeed a moron. Dave was one of the first to go after Bush in an unapologetic way by airing Bush's imbecility. The beauty of it was that it was always Bush's own unedited words, just as he delivered them.

    Craig Ferguson has also been merciless with Republican hypocrisy, but because he merely showcased W's idiocy, Dave's skit was unassailable.

    They are two of my favorite people. But, as a fellow Hoosier, I have a special fondness for Dave.

  4. Thanks for the laughs. Ferguson is a funny guy - imitates American accents flawlessly - where is he from? He sounds like a Scot, but not...

  5. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Here is an excellent project that provides a timeline for the events related to 9/11.

    Some of the most heinous involve interactions between the Bush and Bin Laden families. Others of note involve Rumsfeld and Cheney and various CIA actions that in hindsight could only have emboldened Bin Laden and Al Quaeda.

    I believe some of this still needs fact checking but the majority has already been scrutinized.

    There's an awful lot there....

  6. Anonymous3:57 AM

    I want to know how much Joe Wilson was paid and by whom to say those words....

  7. abo gato5:04 AM

    Okay, l'll say it.....he's just TOO cute too....the accent certainly doesn't hurt, but boy, is he fun to watch.....I always laugh when he gets up in the camera.

  8. Morning All!

    It sounds like there will be a bunch of crow eating, now that more and more people are saying, "There is NO WAY Sarah Palin would EVER say that about her son, it would be EVIL!"

    Uh yes, that's the point guys!
    Boy oh boy, I can't wait for the truth to finally surface.

  9. I like number 1 best.

  10. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I love Craig! It's too bad he's on so late here on the East Coast. He's adorable, funny, smart, and self-deprecating just enough. The accent? I think everyone who hears him is smitten. I know I am.

    Yay Cheese Fries!

  11. Anonymous6:01 AM

    hey, Gryph, FYI, the Arlington ISD superintendent has apologized after widespread and near-unanimous excoriation. Here's the link:
    Pat in Texas

  12. josey6:48 AM

    I saw Craig in an old movie the other day. He was great! He's only getting better!

    peninparadise- The ones that say "There is NO WAY Sarah Palin would EVER say that about her son, it would be EVIL!"
    must address the risk Todd and Sarah took when they insisted to return to Alaska on a long flight. There is a letter from someone in the medical profession who can address the careless actions of the Palins and how the Down Syndrome baby could have died. Do you think her doctor didn't know that? Did they conspire to put the baby at risk? There are too many unanswered questions.

    Evil would be trying to kill a baby right before birth. If you believe Sarah Palin was pregnant, you know that is what happened.
    It is undeniable. Why will they not discuss it. It's called guilt.


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