Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sarah Palin's ghostwriter has graduated from writing for a handful of sycophants on Facebook to trying his/her luck with the WSJ.

Interesting. It seems to me that somebody is putting a hell of a lot of effort into creating a brand new reality where Sarah Palin is not a fumbling grammar challenged buffoon, but rather a competent policy wonk that is capable of challenging President Obama on his health care reform ideas.

Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have followed that white rabbit over to this page.

How do I know that Sarah did not write this you ask? Well for one thing it actually makes sense. It is smart, well crafted, and grammatically correct. In other words Sarah Palin had little or nothing to do with it.

Need more proof? Well then read this portion:

Common sense tells us that the government's attempts to solve large problems more often create new ones. Common sense also tells us that a top-down, one-size-fits-all plan will not improve the workings of a nationwide health-care system that accounts for one-sixth of our economy. And common sense tells us to be skeptical when President Obama promises that the Democrats' proposals "will provide more stability and security to every American."

Did you catch that? The writer mentions "common sense". "Common sense" can you believe it?

You mean like the "common sense" one shows by flying 4000 miles while leaking amniotic fluid all over the damn plane before having a special needs baby in an ill equipped hospital near Palmer? Or, worse yet, lying about doing such a thing?

Or the "common sense" it shows to have your lawyer send a threatening letter to bloggers every time one of them suggests something negative about you? And then NEVER following through?

Or the "common sense" it demonstrates to pluck a young man from the middle of "dumb fuck" Alaska, dress him up like a Ken doll, parade him around and call him a member of your family, before throwing him out on his ass, and then not expecting him to talk about what he saw?

Or perhaps we are talking about the "common sense" on display when Palin suddenly declared that after two and a half years she was all done being the Governor of "nobody gives a shit" Alaska, but would still like to be considered for the job of Chief Executive of the most powerful nation on the planet?

Is that the kind of "common sense" this ghostwriter is referring to? Because if they are, then not only did Palin have NOTHING to do with this article, I seriously doubt the writer has ever even MET her.

No Sarah Palin most assuredly DID NOT write this. And you can take THAT to the bank.

And by the way the Wall Street Journal should be charged with journalistic malpractice for letting this article to be attributed to a woman who could not successfully write a grocery list without having it proofread first.


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Palin's WSJ ghostwriter piece is riddled with punctuation errors. But, it is grammatically correct, and I couldn’t find any misspelled words.

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Gryphen, I hope you see the WJS piece as the perfect opportunity to get out ahead of the Palin media machine. Stop her now. Tell what you know. As soon as possible.

  3. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I agree...no way in hell she wrote that piece. You can actually comprehend what the writer is saying. I just signed up as a fan of hers on Facebook (it pained me greatly to hit that button) just so I could banter with her worshippers.

    I have to get back on there and remove myself as a fan and go take a shower...I feel dirty! lol

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    There is some more absolutely unbelievable reading in store about Sarah Palin. Someone at Palingates has posted some of the rules and regulations regarding the Dinner With Sara Auction. You will not believe her majesty's requirements-- everything except the winner does not have to bow deeply, and exit the room facing the queen. (One does not turn their back on royalty). Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the comments or go to the Ebay thing.

  5. Former English prof7:57 PM

    Actually, there are stylistic inconsistencies all the way through the piece--embarrassingly so. I don't want to say what they are, in case someone might attempt to correct them. Suffice to say that Palin can't even consistently punctuate the main meme of the Op Ed.

    Also, who would make "Common sense" the subject of sentences, and as a refrain no less? What rhetorical flourish!

    The personification of "common sense" as a subject is something perhaps an 8th grader would do. She really needs to work with a better speechwriter FAST. Is Willow writing these for her?

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM


    The seller on eBay for the Sarah Palin dinner has no (zero) eBay feedback. Everyone who regularly buys and sells on eBay knows that if someone has zero or negative feedback, you simply don’t do business with them.

    WARNING: this may not be the real Sarah Palin. You could end up having dinner with Todd dressed up as Sarah. Be forewarned!

  7. Alaskans, has anyone seen Palin?

    The length of her absence is suspicious. Remember, a narcissist needs a constant supply of attention, etc. Her disappearance prevents her from getting her supply. So, I'm beginning to believe that her absence is not voluntary but is something beyond her control, such as a medical/mental health reason.

    I hope that she is okay.

  8. Anonymous8:36 PM

    It's one thing to have ghost writers for twitter and facebook. We can shut down Rupert's WSJ for publishing and attributing this as Palin's work when it is obviously not.

  9. Anonymous8:42 PM

    @ LisanTX,

    Self admiration--picture rooms with totally mirrored walls, floors, and ceilings. That could 'splain it.

  10. Nope - haven't seen anyone named Palin in over a month.

  11. Someone at Palindeceptions pointed out that the WSJ is owned by Murdoch and so it was more than likely that he had someone clean up and/or write this piece for Sarah.

    That does make sense considering it's a pretty good guess that she is being re-branded by him in order to make him some cash.

    This is a clever ruse to fool people into thinking that she isn't the incompetent fool we all know her to be. It will work until she has to give a speech that isn't already pre-written for her, or has to speak off the cuff, or answer questions in any in depth kind of way, as that will simply show she isn't capable of doing anything on her own.

    The problem is that people have short memories so it is up to all of us to remain not only vigilant, but to remind everyone out there just exactly who and what she truly is.

    I am not willing to take the chance that she can convince people that she deserves another chance on the national stage simply because she has a decent speech writer.

  12. Anonymous8:52 PM

    "You mean like the 'common sense' one shows by flying 4000 miles while leaking amniotic fluid all over the damn plane before having a special needs baby in an ill equipped hospital near Palmer? Or, worse yet, lying about doing such a thing?"

    Classic. Beautiful. Don't let it go. Simple common sense tells us the "wild ride" didn't happen.

    When is the truth going to come tumbling out?

  13. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I went to the official website for Ride2Recovery, the charity that benefits from the Dinner with Sarah auction. No mention of it at all on the official website, just rides to raise money.

    When I scrolled farther down Google's list, near the bottom of the first page I saw the link to the Pee-Sea. Yes, it is posted there. In addition to winning a dinner, here are some other great prizes up for aution:

    •Dinner with Sarah Palin
    •Lunch with Karl Rove
    •CSI NY set experience and wrap party with Gary Sinise
    •Behind the Ropes at a PGA event with David Farehty
    •Lunch at the Capitol with Frank Luntz
    •Meet and Greet at the Sean Hannity Show with Sean Hannity and Frank Luntz
    •Meet, Greet and Dinner with Fox Special Report with Bret Baier and Steve Hayes
    •Play’N'Stay at the World Golf Resort
    •Phil Jackson Autographed Basketball
    •Rob Lowe Autographed Dodger Jersey from the recent Hollywood Stars game

    Reads like a Conservatives Dream Come True!

    LisanTX: It is unlike Sarah to be absent and silent. Levi's article was blistering, and for the first time, there was no threat or insult. In Alaska, I think that she still could pull together a press conference to announce her Health Care Reform Plan. That would be if she wrote it and could answer questions about it.

    So, I ask the question, where do we think Sarah is? Writing her book? Dictating the book to the ghost writer? Rehab, plastic surgery, detox??? We know for sure that she is not working on health care; that's Rupert's newspaper and one of Rupert's writers.

  14. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Isn't signing your name to an article written by someone else . . .what's the word I'm looking for . . . illegal? Or would they just claim it was "edited" by someone.

  15. Anonymous9:01 PM

    The Auction with all of its conservative prizes is listed on the conservative fan site for Sarah (you know who). It is not listed on Ride 2 Recovery (yet). Maybe Karl Rove will get a higher bid than Sarah?

  16. Anonymous9:03 PM

    One reason that Sarah did not write that is this: She always refers to the government as Washington or The Fed.

  17. Anonymous9:07 PM

    anon 8:36. The only way that we can close down the WSJ is if we were the principle share holders. We are not, and Rupert Murdoch is. And, Rupert may have paid Sarah for the use of her name. After all, he is going to publish her $10.million dollar book; he is entitled to something out of the deal. So, this falls under the category of book promotion, as a post points out, to make her look smart enough to write a book.

    It is strange that on Face Book, it was signed Governor Sarah Palin. After the criticism on Keith's show (thanks, Shannyn) WSJ just gave her the byline Sarah Palin, just like a real journalist. If only those journalism teachers could see her now-- published in the WSJ.

  18. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I know this is OT, but which "white rabbit" were you refering to? The sleep induced rabbit of Alice in Wonderland, or the computer generated version in "The Matrix"? One which led along to mushroom eating and talking to cats, the other which proved that nothing is as it seems and that the right wants to keep control of your mind for its own power generating purposes...

  19. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Follow the money.

    The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch, as is, of course, Fox News. Murdoch and the Fox Network has made their fortunes by catering to the lowest common denominator, and currently is fomenting hatred in those with hate in their heart, all for some uncertain agenda. Ratings? Proof of Rupert's power?

    Any reputable newspaper would not believe Sarah Palin wrote the article in the Wall Street Journal and would refuse to print it with her byline.

    If Sarah Palin were actually interested in participating in a dialogue about health care, she would enthusiastically present herself to the media, answering questions and using her "depth of knowledge" about health care issues to help influence others and convince others that hers is the right way.

    But she won't.

    Because it's all a lie and Sarah Palin knows nothing about health care. She doesn't even know how dangerous flying 11 hours with an undiagnosed comlication of pregnancy is. Or, even worse, she does, and doesn't care.

    It is all a lie.

    Follow the money.

  20. Sarah:

    Look at LisanTX. You've made liberal bloggers worry about your physical safety and well-being. Are you happy now? We give! We give!


  21. WSJ has an e-mail contact for suggestions on content,soooooo I sent them a suggestion.If they
    read it they will not like it all.

  22. Anonymous10:03 PM

    She could be over in Eye-rack protecting the troops there, also, too.

    OMG...I just had anepiphany. With the Twitter page, Face Book, the death panels, her writing on the poor kid that got killed in Afghanistan the other day, the WSJ article, and numerous instant messages and e-mails sent to friends, I’m sure, Sarah Palin…are you ready for this…is tipping her hand …at her higher calling…God told Sarah to become a member of the media!

  23. Anonymous10:13 PM

    We all should write them!! These people-Murdich et al are animals. Liberals and progressives are sitting back letting them ruin the cance for real health care reform. Why are we doing that? When will our real revolution come? This is coming out the day before President Obamas speech on purpose! I hate these people/they are ruining our country so that in their short time on this planet, they can make and keep as much wealth as possible.

    Liberals write articles, blog and complain (no offense to anyone) but we are nit active enough, tough enough, mean enough to stop these selfish and greedy people.

    By the was, is Murdoch an American citizen? I did not know. What a hollow shell of a man-ugly on the outside and on the inside. Really ugly. And Sarah Palin is a bitch, plain and simple. This is FRAUD for a newspaper to publish that.
    Let's demand for her to come out and talk about the issues if she is so bright! That woman has no common sense! I am angry. Furious at this twisted, evil and manipulative stuff they are doing to stop health care reform.
    They are greedy capitalist pigs! Capitalism is great but not at the expense of others. These people must be stopped. It isn't funny and they are dividing and ruining our country.

    What can we do about it? Blogging and venting are not enough.

  24. BS Palin DID NOT write the piece and R. Murdock SUCKS!

  25. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Everryone should write WSJ and let them know you will not buy a paper nor will you buy anything from it's advertisers. A group like move it on . Org has to put together a campaign to boycott all WSJ advertisers to get them to pull their advertising.

    They really think we Americans are stupid and I am sick of it. Enough iscenough! Aren't you all furious they are writing things and putting her name to them?? That is deceitful and manipulative. John Kerry wrote a great rebuttal to the cap and trade article that had her name. Sarah Palin really has sold her soul to the devil!

    This nonsense is hurting people who need help. Gryphen, your sources have waited too long! Enough is enough!

    And where is Sarah? Locked in a mental hospital? Let's all write her and insist that she do interviews on this subject since she now thinks she is a health care policy expert!! Are they kidding? How stupid do they think we are! And how dare they try to ruin President Obamas address to congress. I hate these people and I will not sit by and watch them destroy this country.

  26. Someone said "This is a clever ruse by murdock"

    I consider it more like trying to take "How stupid do you think we are" to a

    "Hole Nutter Lebbel"

    I mean really, who thinks Trigs Grandmother Sarah had anything to do with this lame attempt of a fraud?! If she had to proof read this article prior to publication, murdock would be in chapter 7 before it got to print!

    The only thing she is real professional about is being a top notch Grifter!

    btw, Mr Van Fleece, if you require my legal info so you can prepare your legal documents so you can sue me on behalf of the phony, lying, quitting, theiving scum bag, lame ass excuse of a human being Sarah Palin, have Gryphen send me a email.

  27. onejrkitty10:43 PM

    THis is an excert from the Atlantic article written about Palins WSJ piece.

    I disagree with the Atlantic author because he is making the mistake of giving Palin validity. He questions that she has a ghost writer writing the WSJ article, compares it to Obama's speech writer but STILL misses the point.



    WE CANNOT "SEE" PALIN --not lately anyway-- and while the Atlantic author correctly states, Palin is a long way from her ghost writer's competence,author STILL does not recognize that Palin is NOT any better talking about "energy" or "state government" etc.


    Couric proved this and trust me, Palin has not and will not because she cannot "improve" no matter how much Murdock or anyone else tries to put her through political "finishing school."


    People fall for her "con" because people love to believe and follow those they perceive have confidence. Narcissit have confidence due to their delusional view of reality. When the shit hits the fan, like it is now for Palin, THEY AVOID ANY AND ALL SITUATIONS THAT THREATEN THEIR REALITY BUBBLE.

    Palin's reality bubble is hitting criticle mass with all she has on her plate--I will not list them all, but Todd wants a divorce, Levi is spilling the beans, the "whose yor mamma" thing is getting publicity, there is the Alaska Trust Fund legal problems and on and one.

    Palin is not lying low. Palin is hiding out. Palin is hitting her first "criticle mass" episode and they are trying to keep her head above water in case she can mentally survive this first (there will be more) breakdowns.

    Sooner or later she has to speak in public and that will show any remaining doubters, that she is NOT capable of discoursing on these issues --that in fact someone is not just "ghost"writing for her, but rather "ghost-thinking" for her.

    To say that Palin has turned into a puppet with someone else's words coming out of her mouth is not a joke, not a facetious comment. It is what she is becoming and like with the McCain, she will get tired of being told to sit down and shut up.

    She will recover enough to try and speak in public and then her second "breakdown" will follow as she fails worse than she did with Couric.

    "By implying, incidentally, that Palin gets help from a speechwriter, I mean to make an observation. Barack Obama didn't draft his op-ed, either. But, reading Obama, it's not a leap to believe that the ideas are truly his. Palin has no chops and no experience talking about health care and isn't participating in this debate; the content of her op-ed piece isn't original, and the points are points that Republicans make every day.

    This is the reality. Palin has policy credibility problems. Big ones. A few op-eds aren't going to help her. But if the media treats her as as a legitimate and influential voice today, she won't need to do the hard work that will result in her learning more about policy and actually becoming conversant in the issues that she, as a potential presidential candidate, will deal with.

    If Palin were writing about oil and energy, about her experience in state government on health care, if she were making a new argument -- then my umpiric objections would vanish."

  28. Anonymous10:48 PM

    The truth will be obvious as soon as she steps into a room with a decent interviewer. Maddow, or Williams, or heck, how about Stewart? He'd softball the interview, but just because its mean to throw things at blind people.

    Meanwhile, nobody reads my facebook on national broadcasts. I feel ignored. And I'm Anon, because that's obviously the way to get attention -- now I'll get coverage!

  29. Of course she did not write it and she did not read Dr. Emanuels work to get her quotes from his published papers either. I have been reading his material for hours. In one paragraph alone I had to look up several definitions of philosophy terminology or concepts just to understand it. Not only is it difficult to understand because he uses academicly specialized terminology and concepts it is exhauting to read. She Who Quits would have gotten tired and quit to watch TV.

  30. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Murdoch is certainly leaving his mark on American journalism. I think the WSJ's publishing of this obvious ghostwritten, or is it forgery? is certainly worthy of further discussion by the MSM not owned by Murdoch.
    They should be exposed and held accountable.

  31. allison4:07 AM

    someone needs to get all of sarah palin's word salad speeches together and mail them off en masse to all major newspapers, so they can all check for plagiarism in these ghost written things. no one in his/her right mind would believe sarah writes any of this propaganda. it's soooo frustrating!

  32. Anonymous4:29 AM

    "couldn't write a grocery list..."
    Ouch Gryphen, that was mean...

    Scarah wouldn't write a grocery list anyway, she'd send Todd to the store.

    LOL... thanks for the laughs this morning!

  33. Anonymous4:50 AM

    "If there is one single lesson that Obama and the Democrats should have learned by now, it is that it's in their best interest to ignore Palin. But like moths to a flame, they cannot help themselves. They will descend upon her Op-Ed with snark and insults, all the while inadvertently amplifying her message." (Another Black Conservative Blog)

    Thanks for playing, Dims. It's hard to resist another hit of the methampalineme, isn't it?

  34. Well, since I live in NY, I wrote Sen. Ruben Diaz about his invitation Palin to address the NY Senate about Health Care.

    It was difficult to stay on task but, I managed. I expressed my doubt(astonishment) at her ability to now write cohesive sentences on Face Book.
    I also asked that if her letter went into testimony for healthcare reform, I wanted the fact that she, as Gov. proclaimed a Health Care Decision Day, just last year. That as Gov. she is now protesting what she had preached last year.
    I'll wait to hear back and let you know.....

  35. Anonymous5:08 AM

    speaking as someone who used to get the WSJ, I hardly think that crowd is going to buy this crap. If anything, Murdoch will lose the WSJ base and appeal to the mouth breathers who watch his TV shows and read his other tabloids.

    Obviously, she sold her name to several outlets. they discovered that she can't even read from a teleprompter convincingly, so they're stuck host-writing things for her.

    She's a joke. Albeit, a bad one.

  36. Anonymous5:10 AM

    "Scarah wouldn't write a grocery list anyway, she'd send Todd to the store."

    No, apparently, she'd send one of the kids to the store (or to Taco Bell).

  37. "Did you catch that? The writer mentions "common sense". "Common sense" can you believe it?"

    You hit the nail on the head again, Gryphen.
    One more hint. She didn't use the word 'evil' even once,

  38. Anonymous5:14 AM

    "Henry Higgins" Murdoch has his hands full to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

    NO, Sarah did not write the op/ed! Writin' is hard work...almost as hard work as governin.'

  39. Anon @4:50A.M.,

    Why don't you crawl right back under that Palin rock.
    Obama and his Administration have never, ever responded to idiocy. Look up idiocy, you'll find the name Sarah Palin.

  40. Anonymous5:45 AM

    yeah, anon 4:50-- LOL. You wish Obama had responded to Her Royal Idiocy.

    He has things to do; like fixing this country after the mess you mouth-breathing morons left it in after 8 years of the guy you wanted to have a beer with.

    And now you want Scarah for POTUS.

    Your judgment has been proven faulty already. Leave the running of the country to those who read, write, and speak the English language proudly and can pronounce nuclear.

    That isn't too much to ask, now, is it?

  41. Anonymous6:23 AM

    The real proof Sarah did not write this...

    Whoever wrote this said .."President" Obama.

    I dare anyone to find anything written by Sarah that used "President". She normally just calls him Obama

  42. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Gawd. Now I see morons pointing out non-existent puntuation errors.

    Such bullshit.

    Face it. She rocked Obama again.

    What great fun!

  43. Anonymous6:47 AM

    yeah, 6:25. Keep telling yourself that. Run her in 2012. Please.

  44. Anonymous6:49 AM

    @6:25 - I guess you are so illiterate you can't see punctuation errors. It's sad. And you can't spell either.

    I have to say, the collective IQ level of Palin's supporters is dragging our country down.

  45. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Anon 4:50 - You're right. We got two choices. Ignore or comment. If we ignored, would Palin still be governor, or VP?

    If we expose Palin, sure it gives her exposure, but exposure like SHE WAS FOR DEATH PANELS BEFORE SHE WAS AGAINST, will soon dismiss her from the WSJ also. Sure, Rupert will do whatever to sell the book, but her book sales are not what concerns me.

    Gryph has exposed Palin's Alaska Death Panels, and may have even made reference to this great Alaska Dispatch piece by Amanda Coyne - Palin's Death Panel Wish http://www.alaskadispatch.com/blogs/palin-watch/1850-palins-death-panel-wish-

  46. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:39 AM

    The Queen Quitter DID NOT WRITE THIS! The same person who wrote the cap & tax on 7/14 is the one who wrote it.
    The Readability score is 27 (very hard to read)
    and grade level 10
    This is exactly the score of the cap & tax.Also,too the FB from 8/9
    The same person wrote them and its not Queen Quittypants!!
    Her scores are
    "Quitter speech"
    readability 53
    and grade level 7
    All her speeches are consistent with this.
    Its also interesting to note RAM scores are on pare with the quitter@readability 58 grade 7... so its not her either. Its someone else!
    The MSM or anyone cannot possibily take her seriously? She is absolutely NOT WRITING these pieces! Its just another Palin Fraud!!!!!
    And speaking of FRAUD....
    another thing the MSM needs to pay attention too....
    Andrew Sullivan has a great article about Levi's VF article, Alaskan bloggers are mentioned!
    "That's why clearing up this increasingly surreal set of tabloid stories matters. It's not about Palin. It's about McCain and the GOP. Did they know any of these accusations before they selected her? And how did they get the MSM to acquiesce to no press conference and no questions about this core absurdity?"

  47. I find it oddly amusing at the Sarah worshipers claiming she has "rocked" President Obama, over and over.

    Don't you find it weird that she wasn't able to do this when it mattered? Like during the presidential campaign? If she is so able to take the rug out from under his feet, why didn't she do it when it would have made a difference? Perhaps because she was (and is) really unable to make any kind of a difference? Or is it that she needs to hide out and get someone who is qualified to use a dictionary to write for her while she pretends that it is her in order for anyone (like her fans) to take her seriously?

    Sarah Palin is a fake. A Con artist of the worst kind, and it is fun to watch her fans raise her up on some kind of pedestal with all the world watching because when she is forced to speak on her own, and she will be forced to do that someday, it will all come crashing down because like she has already proven, she doesn't have a grasp of the English language, she isn't capable of understanding complex issues, and she is even less able to discuss them. She was unable to answer even the most simplistic and basic questions without sounding like an idiot, but somehow she is supposedly going to now come out and be able to discuss complex policy? Sorry, we all know that will not happen. At least not before Hell Freezes Over.

    It will be fun to watch her come crashing to earth with a resounding THUD! when it happens.

    You thought the crash and burn during the campaign was bad......this will be even more spectacular to watch!

  48. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Hi everyone,

    I just canceled my WSJ subscription over this nonsense and am switching to the Financial Times--similar content without the ideological bias, and a much better price to boot.

    Of course most public figures have drafting and editing assistance, but I don't mind that when the words and ideas are authentic to the named writer. It's the dissonance between the words and the known, established ability (or lack thereof) of the writer that in my opinion calls into question or outright destroys confidence in the overall integrity of the publishing vehicle.

    The call center agent asked why I was canceling, but did not seem surprised when I said that they were on thin ice with me after the cankles article a few months back, and Palin-as-Policy-Wonk pushed me over the edge.

  49. Anonymous11:25 AM

    The irony of this piece with SPalin's name on it... unless Bristol is enrolled in college and remains so for the next several years (allowing her to remain on her parents' health plan), she and her son probably have no access to affordable health insurance. Except maybe Medicaid... which is a govt financed health care program.

  50. crystalwolf aka caligrl11:44 AM

    Truth...Great post!
    She is a total FRAUD,FAKE & QUITTER!
    And her worshipers are too stupid to see it!
    I can't wait! :)

  51. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Now i get it: Your scathing "proof" that Gov. Palin didnt write this is that she's a poopyhead evil reich winger who you dislike.


    Obsess much??

  52. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:01 PM

    Idiot@ 2:38
    I think you obsess much. We all know Queen Quitter did not write this...but you are all content to be led by the nose by murdoch....


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