Thursday, December 17, 2009

You can run Sarah, but you cannot hide from the Immoral Minority.

Seriously? I write a post about Sarah not being a runner, and she decides that jogging around Hawaii, will demonstrate that I am wrong? Do you really think it is that easy?

Well since you are clearly reading this blog then perhaps I should make more important suggestions to you.

Don't run for just the sake of appearances, run for your health.

Don't treat Trig like a prop, make sure his needs are met and he is getting the therapy that he requires.

Don't drag poor Todd around in an effort to prove you are a happy family, just let him go and move on with your life.

And finally get out of politics. You are not helping.

Thank you for your visit Sarah, now put down that damn Blackberry and focus on enjoying your vacation with your family. (Oh, and get Trig's glasses, and a hat on that kid! Seriously that should be your first priority!)

Update: Okay well now I feel kinda bad.


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    What is wrong with her knee?

  2. kerryann635:18 PM

    wow, she looks really uncomfortable. Not like she's used to running on a regular basis. Shouldn't her form be a bit more relaxed if she's the constat runner she says she is?

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    now THAT is ugly!

    Look--I am 10 years older than she is. I exercise moderately. I have had no "work" beyond highlights in my hair. And I--who view myself as merely adequate looking--am far better preserved than that! She looks like crap.

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Yep, she looks serious and stiff. No wonder she has that blackberry with her constantly, she is too busy reading the blogs to focus on Trig.
    She is so predictable. After reading the blogs she makes sure she is photographed "running".
    Does she really think she is smarter than the AK bloggers? You, Palingates, Bree Palin and the Mudflats do a great job of calling her out. Keep up your good work. Here's a quote for $P, "you can fool some of the people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time"....anyway it goes something like that and I don't know who said it.

  5. glinda5:27 PM

    It looks like atrophy - It happened to me due to back problems. I had been putting all my weight on one leg for a year.
    It took TWO YEARS (after back surgery) to fix it - did lots of exercise and completed the Dublin marathon.
    This also could be due to extreme weight loss.
    She can fix it - but it will take time and work - quitting not an option, so will she do it?
    (Who am I kidding?)

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    That is a funny post.

    I know you are reading this. Please know that you are considered an imbecile by nearly everyone who has heard of you.

    You are pathetic and desperate for attention.

    You will be exposed for the fraud that you are.

  7. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Gryphen, Palin is like a puppet that you control. It's AMAZING.

  8. Anonymous5:34 PM

    S'error we know that you live a life of lies. The truth shall set you free. Let Todd go back to his girlfriend and you could go to a psych program.
    God knows you are full of shit, we know you are full of shit, now you need to know that you are full of shit.
    Seek help, take your meds & get honest.

  9. Anonymous5:34 PM

    What? No dingy...

  10. Anonymous5:35 PM

    She is now picking up her toys and going home! See what you did!

  11. Anonymous5:36 PM

    All hail Gryphen! What a gal! What would we do without you! I made my $1000 donation to your cause because of your keen insight! Gryph is God!

  12. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Is that the "redacted" McCain visor she's wearing?

  13. This could be fun. Remember when we were kids and you could dare & double dog dare? WELL...betcha can't run all the way up to Dianmond Head & back in three hours Sarah. I double dog dare you!!

    PS It's downhill on the way back.

  14. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Yikes. I am one of those who thinks Sarah is usually somewhat attractive, but ugh! She looks so bad in these photos! And now it looks like she has a lump by her left ear as well. She really should go into hiding for a while.

  15. Anonymous5:41 PM

    What's with the boobs? Look at the picture of her in the grey t-shirts and look at above pic. Does the sun make them shrink, running make them grow???

  16. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Oh, and Sarah...the one thing that Gryph forgot to mention: STOP THE DAMNED LYING for YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS NOT AT ALL PLEASED!

    You can run ~ but you cannot hide from the Lord.

    Deal with it, now, or later...

    Choice is yours ~ but the devastation and consequences are already ever-present. You will indeed reap ALL that you have sown, so ya might wanna start prayin' for crop failure.

    You betcha.

  17. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Having that Blackberry all the time is truly screwed up. I feel for her kids!!
    And Todd's poor new girlfriend. She's a great sport and the money will be worth it but come on! She is hot too! Todd is lucky-he just needs to get out.

    Sarah is a fraud in every way. It's pathetic.

    Gryphen you said you had a great Sarah story from her past and so where is it.

    And hey is that big pitty hole/deformity in Sarahs leg a scar?
    The poor gal won't look young forever and as her looks fade, watch out. We think she's a bitch now?

  18. Anonymous5:44 PM

    It appears that Sarah now owns at least two visors (the one with McCain's name blacked out) and this handsome navy number, not to mention the pink hat. They all come with "incognito" brims. (You have to provide sunglasses to comple the incognito).

    In addition to putting a hat and sunglasses on both little kids, they need serious sun block. The Hawaiian sun is not good for an 18 year old's study habits, but it is dyanmite for sun burn, which leads to skin cancer. Protect your skin, and your children's skin, too, also. Pasty Todd is old enough to take care of himself.

    I'm going to suggest something very sexist, breast enhancement. Please compare this picture of busty Sarah with the picture of Sarah on the book jacket of "Going Rogue." There is another picture of very busty Sarah-- the candid snapshot taken in the Anchorage airport as she captured holding Trig. (Sarah is wearing a navy top). She previously didn't show this high profile profile, not even when she was supposed to be "nursing" Trig right after he was born. That would have been a busty time.

    And, how much fun is it that Sarah has finally gotten all of the publicity that she has been dreaming of-- the McCain-blacked-out-visor made it to Countdown tonight, and Keith also mentioned that both the Salt Lake City Republicans and the hairdress were stiffed by Sarah. Also, a Cosco shopper couldn't buy tomatoes during Sarah's appearance; they had been removed just in case some one wanted to throw fruit at Sarah. The Cosco shopper got her tomatoes for free, thanks Sarah.

    Visorgate was also featured on those tabloid TV programs that are keeping track of Tiger's mistresses and the state of his marriage. Classy.

  19. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Just saw at politico that she quit her vacation b/c of the visor ruckus.

  20. Anonymous5:45 PM

    you really get under her skin, keep it up. That was a seriously funny picture.

  21. Anonymous5:47 PM

    The circled area looks like botched liposuction--a friend had a bad procedure years ago and still has the divot in her hip. It never filled in. Looks exactly like this.

  22. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Sarah getting the paparazzi to follow you around might have been a real mistake. They take the most unflattering pictures I've ever seen & they are everywhere. (I've see dozens of you in Hawaii & they are all bad...double chins, cellulite etc.) When you return to Alaska & Todd goes back to his girlfriend those suckers will be hiding & trying to catch him. They're in it for the money, just like you are.

  23. Anonymous5:50 PM

    If she gets a pretty swim dress or bathing suit cover up, I will feel more powerful than Barry Oh! C'mon Sarah, I know you can do it! Sears/Lands End sells some adorable tankinis...

  24. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Her knee or lower quad teardrop area looks as though it were due to a skin graft surgical procedure. Where that skin was placed is anyone's guess. But those hamstrings in the other pic were disgusting as they are definitely NOT runner's legs with all the cellulite.

  25. Anonymous5:56 PM

    If it's true that she is cutting her stay in HI, I hope somebody lets the kids know so they can tidy up the house. You know wake up the drunks,get rid of the empty beer cans.
    Also, too, I can't wait till Toad gets half her $$$ and spends it on his new girlfriend.

  26. Hmmm - all you posters referring to Todd's girlfriend - are you joking or is there a story there? Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. Gryphen,
    Now you made the runnerup quitter queen jog, LOL!! My with all that flab by her knees ahe may want to get a physical with a Dr before starting to excercise( good advise to anyone who is going to start).
    ANON at 5:49 Also too I agree with you you betcha for progressing the paps following of her we can be proactive and post at those sites. If they get hits, they'll stay on her.
    ANON at 5:41 its called a padded bra

  28. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Isn't this the second Hawaiian vacay she's bailed on? What a loser.

  29. No problem, Gryphen. Glad I was able to FINALLY contribute something.


    A very grateful reader...

  30. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I think the tanning bed is the culprit when it comes to the wrinkles and skin damage on her arms and legs. There is absolutley nothing worse for your skin than spending time in a tanning bed and she has her own private bed so you know she used it too much.

  31. Yeah I do have a post coming soon, but today I got busy and when I was ready my source was unavailable. Damn the luck.

    But don't worry, we had fun today, and I will get that post out as soon as I have all of the details.

  32. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Did we mention Trig's glasses & hearing aid. Those are most important, but of course if the poor kid has second degree burns all over his body from yesterday I guess it's a moot point.
    Aloha Hale!

  33. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Maui's Kaanapali Beach Hotel?

  34. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign6:09 PM

    She's not going home early because of the visor, but because everyone is staring at her knees and neck.

    It's winter in AK - she can come home, cover up and schedule the next surgeries while she drinks Red Bull and texts to her FB ghost writer the next snarky chapter of "Sarah the Whiner Goes Off Again - Yawn".

  35. Seems running away from responsibities is the only real running that $arah has done. She sure doesn't have the legs of an avid runner and she sure didn't run Alaska very well.
    How does however, run a dysfunctional family.
    TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN, $ARAH! Real American working moms do both, work and care for the family. It's easy really, but first, you need to actually love them more than yourself. The rest just falls into place.

  36. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I wonder if all the Asians made her uncomfortable, besides Gryph making her uncomfortable.

  37. heres a poem in honor of the quitter queen even quitting her vacay :) I suppose she quit because she would have to run every day LOL!

    sarahs madeup skin all aglow
    but in the sun it sure does show
    wrinkles and crinkles sure are evident
    on the runnerup who will never be president

  38. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Great post Gryphen

    After such a shitty day of bad news this was amazingly therapeutic.

  39. kerryann636:16 PM

    @Martha - I agree with you, she's running from the bad press about her looks, not visorgate (thanks AKM). Speaking of which, I zoomed in on the visor above, I think it's still the redacted one. You can see the shape of McC's name in the middle

  40. CrabbyPatty6:16 PM

    Oh, this is RICH. Palin QUITS her Hawaiian vacation. Priceless.

    I mean, how DARE people recognize Palin? Didn't they realize that she was incognito? Although I'm not entirely sure that Palin knows exactly what that word means .....

  41. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Hey, where are the trolls? Too buzy on TMZ etc?

  42. kerryann636:18 PM

    Oh, and the shoes? There's no mileage on those trainers, they look brand spankin new. Most runners I know wont do any serious miles on new shoes, they try to break them in s bit first.

  43. She quit a vacation? I didn't see that one coming....but I guess it's only classic Palin.

    Another classic: Playing the victim.

    A shame for Piper to not be able to enjoy this, Todd & Trig too. (Okay. Even Sarah). They should not have let the cameras or anything bug them. Just ignore them and have a good time.

    Hi Sarah from lovely Texas! Glad you read these blogs!

  44. Anonymous6:20 PM

    CR46 - that is a lot of padding!

  45. womanwithsardinecan6:22 PM

    There are lots of little rental houses tucked away from crowds. There are islands that aren't filled with crowds. She could have chosen a quiet, out of the way place to vacation in Hawaii if she really wanted to be incognito. Instead she took her very visible family out on a crowded beach in front of big hotels. Who is she kidding?

  46. 10catsinMD6:22 PM

    One of the other pictures on the linked website does not have the leg "scar" or whatever it is. I wonder if she uss somekind of makeup or filler. Remember the short skirts? Something should have shown.

    I always use a lot of body creams after sunning. Always took Liz Taylor's advice.

  47. The children's pale skin probably got fried the first day, Piper's homesick, and there's an e-mail from the school principal totaling up her absences...

    I have no proof of any of this, just playing hunches, as the simplest things often make the most sense. Also, $arah's victim complex will be fed richly and strangely by allegedly "cutting the vacation short." She never said how long she was going for in the first place, right? Another thing she quit. Not many people go to Hawai'i for "a vacation" and leave after three days unless there are reasons...

  48. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I think Martha's got it right, if she's quitting the vacation it's because of the unflattering pictures. The McCain visor black-out and t-shirt served its purpose and that was to get media attention but she got a whole lot more than she counted on. So now its "run, baby, run".

  49. Anonymous6:31 PM

    You know what is sad - Sarah came onto the national stage looking very young and in great shape (especially since her baby was only 4 mths old - cough, cough); one year later, one book later and what looks like multiple face upgrades, she looks very different than she did at the RNC and she looks much older!

    She wasn't careful with what she wished for...

  50. And while we are on the subject of the strange graft (or whatever it is) on her thigh ... in one of the other photos it appears the same thing is going on with the other thigh.

    She is really going to be pissed off at me today ... AND LOVING IT!! (as Maxwell Smart would say).

  51. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Gee, she even quits her vacation, tsk, tsk...

    What a walking drama diaster.

  52. anon at 6:41
    It just proves that makeup artist and that stylist earned every penny.

  53. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Gyphen, now you went & did it. She is taking her toys & going home.
    She can't even complete a vacation.
    Quit Quitting Quitter
    I'm betting she implodes by New Year's Eve.
    I hope there is an indictment waiting for her as she steps off the plane.

  54. Gryphen: I noticed her right leg seems more affected.The above photo bears that out also.

  55. sarah will quit you6:46 PM

    Sarah Palin: Attention Whore

  56. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Is Todd's new girlfriend the hottie from the 4 Corners Bar?

  57. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Sarah the Quitter Queen.


  58. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Mrs. TBB,
    I like your hunches. I agree. I would add that while the school may buy into the excuse that all the travel is educational, they may take a different attitude about a well publicized vacation. Wonder if anyone reported her. Wonder how she worked out whatever deal she has with the school system in the first place.

  59. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Oh good grief! Poor little yet again victim Sarah. She is not having to cut her vacation short because she couldn't go incognito and other vacationers were bothered.
    Sarah, there were other options! You could have done what other celebs do: you could have gone for one of the private housing options the hotels in HI offer; you could have worn the pink visor or bought a brand new visor for beach wear instead of the bizarrely sharpied out McCain visor; you could have stayed on one of the private beaches the hotel offers. It's nice that you are pretending to be suddenly concerned for those around you. It's hard to believe though considering the number of people you inconvenienced during your ghost book tour.
    As for cutting your vacation short, aren't you having a public book signing in Alaska the beginning of next week? Weren't you saying you needed to get ready for Christmas? Don't you have 3 other children and a grand child you left behind in Alaska who need your attention? Just how short did you cut your vacation? Considering all your gaffes over the last year, I'm having a hard time believing you'd cut short a vacation over a bizarrely defaced hat. Whatever. With you, it's always someone else's fault.

  60. Yes, inquiring minds want to know...what is this about Todd's girlfriend?

  61. Anonymous6:52 PM

    That picture looks so posed like she knows she's being photographed. I'm not one to criticize her body nor her looks but I'm critical of her lack of ethics, lies and hypocrisy. Those unflattering pictures show the "real" Scarah and she does look her age (which is normal) but the fact is she portrays herself as a "super mom" which she is not. It seems like she has this image of herself as being this together, attractive, athletic, caring, nuturing mother who does it all so easily and that she is smart enough to deal with all the problems of the world when in reality she has no clue (brainless) and it's all just one big sham. A con artist is what she really is and the sooner this con is exposed and behind bars the better off the world will be.

  62. Gryphen,
    someone posted over at Bree's that the palinbots are up in arms and also too many of there own posts that they hac=ve written at the Sea of urine have been scrubbed. You are a thorn in her side and I love it! She tried to threaten you earlier this year and you held your pajama clad ground and now you have the upper hand since you called her bluff.

  63. she's a fraud, folks6:58 PM

    Sarah Palin is pathetically insecure.

    She carries around her cell phones like a small child carries around a little doll - even on vacation!

    Now she quits her vacation and runs back to mommy.

    What a complete fraud and hoax she is.

  64. Sharon in Florida6:58 PM

    Palin doesn't miss an opportunity to whine & feel sorry for herself. "Oh poor me, I can't go anywhere w/o being recognized no matter how hard I try". Bullshit. She left because of the unflattering photos. Incidentally, in the photos, I didn't see any adoring fans clamoring around -- any who look "bothered" by paparazzi or even any clamoring for autographs. They all appeared to be ignoring her. That alone would be enough for her to pack her bags.

  65. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Anon 6:51,
    Yeah, there's that. The vacation never did seem to fit in her publicized plans. Cut short or not? Another lie? Red herring?

  66. MacAndCheeseWiz7:02 PM

    What a stark contrast to her runner's world photo set, which had she known Newsweek would use it, she would never have done them in the first place. I like how the photos have body parts circled, as if these features don't jump off the page on their own!

    Where's her "non white"berry? Oh, that's right, she packed it in her prop trunk for the trip back home.

  67. Molly7:03 PM

    Hi Mrs. Tarquin Bisquitbarrel,

    Exactly--since we don't know how long they were planning on staying anyway, she can just create a story that they are "leaving early", even if they were planning on leaving then anyway.

    Where have I heard just this scenario?? Oh, right! It was Sarah Palin, when she told reporters that she cut her TX trip short to rush back home to make sure baby Trig was not born in Texas. Or any other state between there and Alaska. In the air. On the plane.

    Gryphen, do NOT feel bad. She's just lying about this latest stuff, like usual. Poor victim-y Sarah. Not.

  68. What calling the vacation short? The expression "hoist own your own petard" comes to mind. I'm telling you Sarah, the pararazzi can be a real bitch. Do you think they'll follow you back to the compound on the dead lake? They are awful tenacious, crazy & dogged.

  69. Something is definitely not right with her skin--all over, including her arms, legs and face. I agree it is probably from the tanning bed. I have a friend who tanned almost daily for 20+ years, she is now 45 but looks more like 60. Aged, sun-damaged skin is not pretty.

  70. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Anon @ 6:31:

    Just a thought. It is said that when a person sells his/her soul, they become transparent so that the ugliness inside seeps through and shows on the surface.

    And another thought. We all know that a person has a right to do with their own life what they choose, but with parenthood comes the responsibility for the welfare of your children, while they are children.

    These are two truths that Sarah has apparently not grasped as a reality...and that is truly unfortunate for both Sarah and her children, and will ultimately be her undoing.

    Although she will, in the end, try to place blame on anyone else but herself, the earth shattering crash she makes when she tumbles off her shaky pedestal will come as no surprise to any of us.

  71. Anonymous7:06 PM

    If she really wanted to be "incognito", she should have gone to her home in Lake Lucille. Most local Alaskans aren't star struck by stars/celebrities. We have John Travolta, Clint Eastwood, others, and really we give them space. Sister Sarah would have been better off staying in Alaska...

  72. Anonymous7:07 PM

    P.S.. She could have gone snowmobiling or skiing.

  73. Oh please ... she called TMZ to follow her and photograph her. Notice in the first set of pics she is kissing Trig, frolicking with Piper, enjoying family time with Tawd and the young kids. She made the decision to visit HI upon hearing our President and First Family would be going there for the holidays AS THEY DO EVERY YEAR.

    What she did not count on was TMZ or others photographing her in less-than-flattering-angles.

    She is pissed those pictures came out and now she has the added benefit of playing the victim card again. As mentioned above, she could have really gone mufti if she wanted to but SHE NEEDS THE ATTENTION.

    What a vile person she is.

    The thing is, $arah, everyone but your bots are onto you.

    Oh, and have a lovely flight home.

  74. Anonymous7:11 PM

    this pic is not going to make her happy--what is up with that chin? She looks like a grandma for sure.

  75. get real7:11 PM

    Typical Palin.

    Run back home so you can hide behind your ghostwritten Facebook page and brainless Tweets.

    Yeah, that's leadership. Run and hide, coward.

  76. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I followed the blog for awhile since I was interested in truth regarding Sarah Palin in hopes to remove her from politics. The recent attacks on her legs, her posing, the vacation, the sharpie, etc. are really diminishing the whole cause. In fact, some of us that read the blog think she looks pretty damn good. Going after the superficial, and not sticking to the politics and ideas, makes the blog appear superficial. Trust that I am a fan who reads the blog every day. I just think the stuff about her legs is catty and small.

  77. Anonymous7:12 PM

    LOL are you seriously that paranoid that you think she's running because she read your blog? Wow, you are either giving yourself way too much credit, or are just that crazy.

  78. Her boobs come & go, exactly like her fake baby bump did. Hooters queen one day, Olive Oil the next. Can't even be consistent with her "enhancements."

    CC, I checked out your link (thanks) on faded glory. One of the comments was that although the person wasn't a Palin fan (Yah right) he thought she looked good and was glad after seeing so many plastic surgery celebrities that she's NATURAL. Bwahahahahahahah

  79. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I don’t know-

    Now she is getting hounded by a more ruthless and indiscriminate crowd- TMZ.

    This will be her death knell. They are jackals and for some reason they have turned to her. The camera that used to be her friend is turning into her enemy, and blood has been drawn. The Paparazzi could care less- but to get the picture. And in this case it is to expose Sarah.

    She is running from them and the reality of fading beauty and very visible flesh tone vulnerability.

    Aging is a process we all accept. BUT for Sarah- her very rejection of any sort of human vulnerability- is what makes her now a target to be zeroed in on.

    This one miscalculation- just the fleeting shots of her truly looking older than her stated age of 47- that will do her in. She is running from the camera as fast as she can- unless she can script the lens as well as she tries to script her lack of peer review…

    Funny… Facebook is truly an irony for her- she can’t face herself let alone her critics.

    With acknowledgments to

    Quote 9: “How sad it is! I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June. . . . If it were only the other way! If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old! For that-for that-I would give everything! Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! I would give my soul for that!” Chapter 2, pg. 29

    I set up a poll at DailyKos if you want to vote…

  80. The circled area on her thigh is not a graft donor site. I have one on my thigh and it looks nothing like that. Given that, I am getting a little tired of nitpicking her appearance. If I could have one wish it would be for proper care for her children. That, to me, is more important than anything else.

  81. Kat, she is nothing but a doxy, attention-addicted impostor.

    And her fans are a reflection of her.

  82. Anonymous7:22 PM

    The vacation bolt is to cover for the stupid sharpie visor excuse. Victimhood is Palin's usual dodge when her irrationality gets too much focus.

    The visor was stupid. The incognito line was really, really stupid. So the victimhood has to be extra splashy to compensate. For every stupid Palin blunder there is an equal and opposite victimhood.

    Palin loses at her little game when we keep the focus on the stupidity of "incognito".

  83. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Anon 7:12

    Where in the world have you guys been? Putting out fires on C4P or commenting on TMZ or one of the myraid of other tabloid sites. I'm afraid with the appearance of the paparazzi your job is going to be difficult & busy. Wonder what the photos sold for? There's money to be made on those Palins.

  84. Mrs. Palin- You have created your own hell and now you must live in it.

  85. Anonymous7:27 PM


    Wow..quite a post!

  86. Anon at 5:26, you're quoting Abe Lincoln.

    The sound you heard a couple of hours ago was the Obama camp breathing one huge sigh of relief.

  87. Oh geez... don't feel bad, Gryphen. This is what Sarah Palin does; drama, drama and more drama. It was probably all planned in advance.

    If she really wanted privacy, they would have stayed somewhere with private beaches.

  88. Anonymous7:41 PM

    She had options - considering her new "celebrity" stataus , it was naive or just plain dumb to think she could go to the beach and be incognito; she could have rented a private cottage; she could have hired body guards. She should have scheduled a book signing and she could have HC pay for the body guards. It's funny, but in the pics, do you see her being crowded or other vacationers even looking bothered by her - nope. She is making another excuse - didn't get things her way - running home.

  89. Anonymous7:41 PM

    She is like a boil on the butt of Amurika. The ugly is coming to a head.

  90. Mrs. Palin is releasing her own personal spokesperson? And WTF is the point of announcing a change in plans, anyway?

    I wonder what it will take before Sarah realizes all but her most devout fans do not believe a word she says.

  91. Remember the vacation the Palin family took in I believe 2007 when Sarah left early and Todd stayed with the kids?

    This is what Sarah the manic does. Crazy drama, 24/7.

  92. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Well thanks whoever you are- Anonymous one... :)

    I will say though that I agree with the previous poster regarding the attack on her aging appearance from so many-

    I used to look good- but don't really look "all that" anymore. I hate to bag her because of her looks. Unfortunately that has been a sail she rides / has ridden. Certainly the "less gifted by the gods" have no doubt fallen by the wayside in terms of her selection of people to associate herself with.

    What is insulting to see is a good looking woman, that knows how to flirt within the commonality of the working class, settles in for the ride to the castle, and walks alone through it's gates.

    That would be fine if that was the end of it= but the constant encores, and reminders of her insulation from her past- is what most probably galls Alaskans the most.

  93. Anonymous7:52 PM

    This won't be the first time that the Palins have cut their visit short and flown back to Alaska (The Wild Ride, LOL). And, Sarah did quit Hawaii because of the sun and the Hawaiian people (darn those minorities).

    Sarah positively thrived in the controlled setting of the 2008 campaign and her controlled book bus (and airplane) tour. Major league security, select adoring fans (costs ya the price of a couple of books and a few hours of your time).

    George W. Bush showed us that he could answer questions in a Town Hall if they screened the people and the questions and kept out any criticism and opposing points of view.

    I am guessing that Sarah is a control freak, and that she quits when she can't control things. I'm thinking of a governorship where she was actually questioned about some unethical practices. How dare you, rude people.

    And, Sarah liked the idea of being photographed on the beach with her loving family. On the beach, she couldn't control the picture taking. Please remember, devoted fans who bought books had their picture taken by Sarah's photographer, with copies for sale on the internet for a hefty price.

    Alaskans, look for some heightened security at the Alaska book signings. And ditto for the Bowling Speech or whatever speech she has planned to make big bucks. No pictures, no tape recorders, Sarah likes total control.

  94. Midnight Cajun7:52 PM

    Well, I'll bet Willow and Bristol are glad they skipped this little family vacation. Can you imagine the hissy fits the diva has been throwing? Cellulite, double chins, "faded youth," pebble skin.... Ouch. That's what happens when ya can't control whose snapping the pics.

    If she wanted privacy, she could have bought it by staying at a more exclusive resort. Obviously, she's bought into the bullshit about about her appearance and thinks she's still young and pretty. These snaps must have come as a rude shock. If she's bipolar, she's coming down off a six week mania and the depressive stage is gonna be a bitch.

  95. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Citizen Sarah just can't handle being a citizen...

  96. Midnight Cajun7:53 PM

    Sorry, that should have been "who's snapping."

  97. Anonymous7:58 PM

    @Sunshine1970, ditto to your comment.
    @the anon at 7:11, $arah's erratic behavior is important in forshadowing her ability to handle problems. She can't handle problems.

    Remember oh so long ago, last September, when McCain halted his failing campaign to dash back to Washington to attempt to make everything right, even though he had no clue what was going on? Sarah remembers that and is mimicking his behavior.
    Noone else vacationing in Hawaii is bothered by paparazzi unless the object of the paparazzi is a complete annoyance.
    Britsy Bluebell

  98. Anonymous8:00 PM

    As I recall from Levi's VF article, the last time Sarah cut short her vacation to Hawaii was during the summer of 2007. The article indicated that she left early because she and Todd had a tiff--he remained in Hawaii with the kids to finish their vacation.

    It was during that summer that she supposedly got pregnant with Triggybear. You don't suppose she is going to perform Act II, now--so that come July, she will announce that she is seven months pregnant and, then, in September pull another rabbit out of the hat. That would certainly "prove" to everyone that she hasn't lost her youth, now wouldn't it?

    Just kidding. But, I sure wouldn't put it past her.

  99. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Dang! She really is vain and simple. S'pose she just couldn't deal with the reality of ALL her cellulite being exposed before the world that she so desires to control.

    You can run sarah, but you're not getting away with it. And remember, It's Not about YOU. It never was. It's all about the hypocrisy that you wear so well ~ so go ahead and enjoy the circus that you've created while it last. It is now just a matter of time before a stunned world will SEE you for what you truly are: a fraudulent, small-minded, conceited loser and user...and Tiger will send you a "thank you" card. Welcome Back.

  100. Anonymous8:11 PM

    that was truly an exceptionally insightful post. As to attacks on her looks, were it just about anyone but her, such attacks would be over the line. It's her self portrayal of a woman who runs down scree covered hills, falls and requires stitches, but toughs it out with just a bandaid; a woman who thrashes her abs and thighs on a regular basis because "sweat is her sanity;" a woman in labor who gives a speech and flies 12 hours and drives a couple more before giving birth, so tough is she; a woman in labor who gets into a kayak and paddles madly about a lake to try to cause birth to happen on a more patriotic day, so tough is she; a woman who runs so well she challenges the POTUS to a race, so fit is she; a woman who runs marathons in 4.something hours, so fit and swift is she; a woman whose fans proclaim anyone critical of her to be "jealous, fat, ugly, undesirable, so beautiful is their modern Queen Ester. It is these, and other, self-portrayals that make such attacks fair game in my mind. She has made these issues. These are her self declared attributes -- the things that make her a qualified candidate (obviously, they don't, but that's how she presents it).
    Sorry that was so long. Truly, were it anyone else, anyone who had not made her own fitness, toughness and good looks an issue, this would be outrageous, unacceptable ad hominum attacking.

  101. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I feel so sad for Piper and Willow right now because they clearly are being affected by what is happening. I've read all of the discussions about Trig and I agree, but I can't help but wonder about these girls. Piper used to always be looking up to her mom and smiling, and now, she's never doing that. But it seems to me that her mom is never looking at her anymore, since Trig has become the new prop. It really breaks my heart. I wonder if Willow didn't want to go to Hawaii or if she wasn't invited to go as a punishment for looking bored or whatever at Elmendorff. Either way, it's sad.
    Britsy Bluebell

  102. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Anon @ 7:52
    Exactly so.

  103. I think after the face work she was feeling really good about herself. The paps took some amazingly unflattering photos which caught her completely off guard. There is not doubt she was in Hawaii for publicity. I think when she saw this crack in the door perhaps she should have proceeded more cautiously.

  104. anon at 8:12
    someone made the observation the other day about Sarah seemingly only being around the younger kids too, but they thought it was because Sarah was trying to be viewed as "young" with "young kids" vs looking like the grandma she is if the older ones are around.
    People with borderline personality disorders ( or any kind of personality disorder) use and then throw away people family or not, if someone isn't serving a purpose for them at the immediate time than they are useless to that may very well be a correct observation.

  105. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Gryph, is someone at the airport in AK?
    Gotta wonder (like Mrs TBB mentioned) if Todd and the kids sunburned beyond belief.

  106. Anonymous8:27 PM

    The news today only leads me to assume by cutting her vacation short, she never got a chance to finish reading that book she was carrying in the stroller titled...

    "It's Not About Me".

    Because's about her.

  107. Anonymous8:28 PM


    In less than 2 days has raised over 1 million dollars to campain against Leiberman. Woo hoo....that f*****has to go.

  108. I don't feel bad for her at all. She could easily have coughed up a few bucks and bought a cheap souvenir visor in Hawaii and looked like all of the other tourists. If she really wanted to go incognito, she should have left Todd, Trig and Piper at home.

    As for the running photo...that almost looks like a scar.

    I think Palin should do a little work with free weights. Have you looked at her arms?

  109. Sarah Palin,

    You are a FRAUD

  110. Complete and utter snark alert!

    Now that she's under the bus, Mega Stapledmouth's press release might read something like: "Leave her alone, how dare you? Cellulite is the new Holey Flab, oops I mean Mother!"

    I'll slap myself and go to bed now. Bad taste, I know. But oh so much fun since she's such a lying narcissist who doesn't hesitate for one second to put someone else down. Guess what Sarah? I, also, too do not hesitate for one second to put you down right back, twit.

  111. Announcing s'arahs new website: Faceliftbook

  112. I say let it alone . . . even mega million $$ celebrities (and who cares if she is or is not) have bad days. 1) She's pretty. 2) She's thin. 3) She's charming (not to be confused with snake oil) 4) Does she have an important message?

  113. FEDUP!!!9:37 PM

    Well, well, well... The Quitter quit her vacation!

    $$$arah: If you REALLY want to get into national politics, may I suggest you grow some THICKER SKIN! How would you handle any perceived slight/insult from foreign dignitaries? Would you immediately push 'the button'? I would suggest, that that should NOT be an option! Since your skin is so thin, my advice to you is simple: STAY OUT OF POLITICS ALTOGHETHER!

  114. Sorry Quiet1 - I'm so sick of Sarah's snarky, lying attacks on people which have not stopped since she showed her snotty face that I'm afraid the tide of resentment won't recede for awhile. As usual, she made it all fair game but cries foul when her tactics come back to bite her in the leg. Maybe that's where the leg hold came from! SNARK.

  115. Will the spell check fairies please come out and change "leg hold" to "leg hole" for me? Thank you.

  116. Anonymous9:46 PM

    If they are leaving Honolulu tonight their plane arrives Anchorage at 5:08 am. Any takers?

  117. SO ...

    I don't buy her 'reasons' for this "Wild Ride:the sequel" any more than I bought her 'story' for "The Wild Ride" from Dallas.

    No way she is leaving early because of a few pictures or lack of privacy! Surely she has a rich 'friend' with a house in Hawaii that they could let her grift, I mean borrow?

    Nope, I don't buy it ... something's up!

  118. Don't feel bad Gryphen. Remember she said she hadn't gotten around to doing the 'obligatory Christmas decorating".

    Well, now she's got a chance to get that done.

    And she didn't cut that much off her vacation anyway, she had to be back for her Dec 22nd book signings.

  119. She's leaving because people DIDN'T pay any attention to her. If you look at the beach shots, no one is even noticing her. My bet is that she planned this vacation to show President Obama that she has more adoring fans in his home state than he does. Epic fail. Give out many autographs $P? LOL!

    I did finally see one very brief mention of her on TV news tonight. The newscaster said she was leaving her vacation because of the uproar about her visor & showed it. He said it with a big old grin. That was it. No one here even reported that she was here. Bet that stung. Of course it's all an Obama plot. He even arranged for the paparazzi to photo shop the ugly on her in her beautiful pictures.

    Other than Gov. Lingle & some evangelicals, the majority here think she's an idiot. We don't think so - we know so. :)

  120. I think it's because Governor Lingle did NOT invite her to visit. After all, Sarah QUIT her governor's job -- probably not something Gov. Lingle would approve of, fellow-Republican or not.

    In addition, Sarah's "uncomfortable" around the "minority thing." Don't think THAT would set too well with Hawaii's governor, either. She doesn't want people saying she "pals around with quitters and racists."

  121. Its really no surprise here The McCain visor black out was an attempt to get her face in the news She wasn't "vacationing" Noone Vacations in Pro-American logo (flag shirts for her and Tawd, the Oil visor, a magic marker Mccain hat). She knew her book tour was over and possibly her World Media Coverage (yes she has a few speeches lined up) She has to stay on TV Hence the McCain cap And that worked Then her media coverage was a big joke and produced embarrassing photos So she had to do something else to stay in the spotlight but in a more bring it more positive So she up and leaves Hawaii Then leave already! Why do you have to announce why?? Why do you have to insult the media and play the victim? Just leave! But nope.. has to stay in the media spotlight The spotlight is her life blood. This is all a game to her.

  122. The running is like everything with SP - her followers will blindly believe that she runs "for her sanity" every day and everyone else knows she doesn't.

    I call bull on the cutting the vacation short crap. We saw the other hat, dipshit. Anyone with a brain can "go incognito" (ooh, spy word!). Sarah, you are a moron.

    The "If you don't love America" t-shirt said it all, folks. It's all for the moron followers who send her money. She has no intention of running for anything. Just pleasing her dupes.

  123. Its a lie.
    I think she was only planning to stay in HI a few days anyway after the tour. She created the visor fuss and then says she's leaving because of it, when it was her plan all along to leave in a few days. Or, maybe she forgot her meds stash and needs to get home.
    She is coming down off her manic phase and the crash is NOT gonna be pretty. Time to up the meds Sarah, legal or illegal.....

  124. I wonder just how much cash the Palins are burning through: plastic surgery, a huge new house, lawyer fees, entourage, paying off whomever they need to pay off, etc..

    Hell, if Nick Cage can go bankrupt...

  125. To quote Judge Judy: "Beauty fades, dumb is forever."

  126. To Sarah:


    What the heck is so important that you have you make phone calls on the BEACH?

  127. AuntieRuth, she's calling Politico! Must keep nation informed of her doings and let them know who to blame! Must call media to complain about other forms of media! It's so confusing but Sarah keeps it straight thanks to her blackberry.

  128. This episode is just another chapter in Sarah's
    "It's all about me" book. Why does she think that by wearing that particular visor it would render her invisible to the adoring hoards? Why was not Todd suitably outfitted with a visor as well? And what about the iconic visage of Trig, or his sister? All of them are equally identifiable...

    But no - the entire world was looking only for and at Sarah. Classic NPO at work. Next time Sarah, try calling Harry Potter and ask to buy his invisibility cloak. And oh..bring your wallet or at least a checkbook along.

  129. The indents on her legs are from botched inner thigh liposuction. You can see them on both thighs, in the pap photos. She did not bring running gear to HI, so she is donning all new equipment, bad idea with regard to the shoes! Her props are sunburned, all the daughters are "daddy's girls," and fire in the hole in... 5...4...3...2...

  130. this woman is so full of shit...

  131. She is able to hide for months when she is getting plastic surgery.

    Funny how that happens, hmm?

    Fraud, baby, fraud.

  132. Either you want to be a celebrity or you don't. You can't have it both ways. What an idiot to think she could just turn cameras on and off when she wants to.

    Hawaii is crawling with photographers -- not a place to fade into the crowd. TMZ daily has photos of celebs in Hawaii. Duh!

  133. I've been away for a couple days -- what's this about Tod's girlfriend? A new rumor or a guess?

  134. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:47 AM

    Well we know why she was wearing blk tights on pac-o-lies tour!!!!
    Calling the papz is something she will regret...if she thinks the bloggers are bad...hahahaha!
    The papz are relentless! They can get big $ for her au Natural pics...opsie I don't think she wanted to open that door, I can see them now camped out on Lake Lucille with telescopic lenses!!!!

  135. emrysa6:51 AM

    don't feel bad gryphen, she's totally full of shit.

    if one REALLY wants to be incognito, one doesn't wear a shirt that says "if you don't like america then get the hell out"

    sarah, if you're reading, I seriously hope you didn't think that anyone other than your fanatics would buy the line about "incognito." most people aren't as dumb as your fanatics.

  136. anon 5:41 Palin has mature breasts. When she is wearing no undergarments of halter top, she appears to have less. When fitted with a good bra, she appears to have more (you can see the bra under her top in this photo. If she had a boob job, you probably would not notice such a difference.

    Check this out...those shoes are the same ones she wore in the Runner's photos which were taken in April or May and the same pair worn in the June Auburn NY walk.

    Gryphen, they don't get too much use as the shoes look in better shape than Sarah after all that jogging.

    Sarah has warts and moles...the one on her left check, the one at the edge of her right eye..a couple of moles on her legs. Think the indentions may be the removal of some warts or moles.

  137. emrysa7:16 AM

    I think this pic has been photoshopped.

    you can't see that scar in other pics taken of her in hi.

  138. In those same set of photos, there is another interesting photo of her running with Trig in her arms on the beach and there is a strange indention near her groin area on the inside portion of left leg.

    Sorry. Hate to draw your attention to her groin area as it is an area that even Trig hasn't seen.

  139. Barbara8:31 AM

    What is the on her uppper thigh? It looks like a piece of flesh was removed then it healed over. I have a similar scar on my upper arm from a car accident. I am no fan of Palin by the way. But this comment is strictly curiousity on how her legs are so messed up. I don't even think it has to do with being unfit.


  140. Barbara8:35 AM

    Sport bras tend to make you look bigger in the chest area.

  141. Anonymous9:31 AM

    None of the photos have been photoshopped.

  142. womanwithsardinecan9:32 AM

    I am getting a bit tired of the constant attention on her body and face. Yes, ms beauty queen did bring it on herself. But this is getting a little over the top. The visor is really more interesting than what her legs look like. As my husband said (and he is really sick of Palin so him actually saying this points to the ridiculous level the visor brings her to), was there nobody in the room with her when she got out the sharpie and said I think I will black out McCain's name so I can be incognito on the beach? The explanation makes no sense, Sarah makes no sense. I just want to see stuff about her being an idiot. We all know she's a 45 year old woman trying to push back the years because much of her self image is tied up in the pageant walkin'. Old news. Getting bored with it.

  143. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Really, woman with sardine can? Palin FATIGUE? I don't believe it!

  144. Anonymous9:50 AM

    The woman in the picture barely resembles the woman on the RNC stage. What a difference 13 months makes... Fame and now her fortune have gone to her head - literally! This woman needs help!

  145. womanwithsardinecan9:56 AM

    Yes, I really am very tired of that pathetic excuse for a human being. I just want her to slither back under the slimy rock from which she issued. I really long for the days when there was something else to watch or read on the news besides health care and the quitter queen.

  146. Blooper10:18 AM

    Hey $arah! K@rma's a Bitch!!! =)

  147. crystalwolf aka caligrl10:36 AM

    Barbara said...

    Sport bras tend to make you look bigger in the chest area.
    No they don't!!! The purpose is to minimize so woman can run and have support!

  148. Anonymous3:44 PM

    It is going to be interesting to see what poor Piper is going to be like in about five years. That poor kid has been drug around all over the U.S. - out of school - will not have social skills that have developed normally - put on display, etc. She has fallen into second place now w/the the baby and I am sure it is having an effect on her. Palin should be slapped silly and reported for her lack of parenting skills. I am absolutely appalled by the woman.

  149. I'm going out on a limb and saying that that odd patch of flesh is from rapid weight loss. The skin's a little loose from losing both fat and muscle. So when you catch her in an action shot like this, it's moving around a lot.

    That's what happens when you subsist on Red Bull.

  150. Anonymous9:05 AM

    You are sick. There's more to focus on in this world than Sarah Palin.


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