Sunday, January 10, 2010

This may sound like a strange question but DID Sarah Palin win the Miss Wasilla contest in 1984? Updated and moved up!

So I was moderating some of my comments and I came across this one from LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn:

I was sitting her with time on my hands, and did a Google News Timeline search for Miss Wasilla/The Wasilla Water Fesitval in 1984. Up springs a scan of the ADN dated 7-7-84, reporting all the dish from the Festival, including the Miss Wasilla Pageant (it was actually part of the Festival, it seems). This may be old news since I don't read all the comments on all the blogs, but someone named Katrina Mueller seems to have won the title that year, (author quote "the new Miss Wasilla") NOT SP. No mention of LaPalin at all. (I edited it for space, but you can read the whole thing under my "Mudflats wins best political blog of 2009" post.)

So I visit the link that LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn provided, which comes from the "Neighbors" section of the ADN on July 7, 1984, and I read the following: Awards for the various competitions will be provided by the new Miss Wasilla, Katrina Mueller, at 6 p.m. at the Mat-su Resort Pavilion.

So then I think WTF? Did Palin NOT win this title in 1984? And if, not how could that have not been discovered by ALL of the journalists that showed up to dig up the truth about Sarah?

To honest I am not even making any kind of assertion yet, I am just kind of sitting here stunned.

And just to make this information even more surreal. The girl who is listed as the REAL Miss Wasilla 1984, is the sister of my high school girlfriend! I shit you not!

We broke up in 1982 so I had no idea that her sister was Miss Wasilla, but the summer after we graduated they did indeed move out to Wasilla.

And just to let you know what a small place Alaska really is, THAT girlfriend was the one that I attended college in Hawaii with at the University of Hilo. The very same school that Palin attended two years later in 1982! Or did she?

Okay well now I need to look into this because I am very, very curious. Is it even possible that Palin lied about this? Well she DID lie about winning the Miss Congeniality part, and considering all of her other lies, I would not put it past her. The question is how could she not have been exposed?

If somebody finds any information which explains this I will happily post it to clear up any confusion, but as of right now I am definitely confused.

Update: Okay just to clear up a few things. In "Going Rogue" Sarah says she WON the Miss Wasilla contest (she does not definitely state which year, though she does identify it as the summer after her Freshman year of college.) and that she was "crowned second runner-up and Miss Congeniality" in the Miss Alaska contest.

Update 2: So I just talked to a friend about this subject and they asked "What did it say in Trailblazer?", which is ANOTHER Palin book that I had to force myself to read. So I checked and sure enough on P 47 it says that Sarah did indeed win the Miss Wasilla contest in 1984.

I really appreciate all of the help on this, but currently I remain just as confused as when I started.

Update 3: Sarah Palin did NOT win the Miss Wasilla contest in 1984! In this article it clearly lists "Sarah Heath" as running for the Miss Alaska contest in June 26, 1984, which was a little over a week before this article which identified Katrina Mueller as the NEW Miss Wasilla of 1984. Clearly Sarah could not be running for Miss Alaska if the Miss Wasilla contest had not even been held yet. (Here it shows the 1984 Miss Wasilla contest being held on June 30th.)

Now all of this SHOULD simply mean that everybody just assumed that Sarah Palin was Miss Wasilla in 1984, because that is when she competed in the Miss Alaska contest, when in fact she was the 1983 Miss Wasilla instead. Except then how do we explain this woman's statement?

And then something else to ponder is if people simply got the dates wrong for when Sarah Heath actually won the contest, how come she just let it stand? How come she did not correct it while she was running for VP? And how come she did not correct it in her book?

Now some may say this is a small thing, but is it? If EVERY SINGLE THING we investigate about Sarah Palin is in direct conflict with HER version of events, how is that not relevant to her political future? Or her ability to be taken seriously at ANYTHING that she does?

I am bumping this up to today because I have reached out to people who should be able to put this whole thing to rest. If, and when, I hear back I will provide another update.

Update 4: Okay now we know the truth. I just heard back from Katrina Mueller. She left me a message on Facebook. Here is the important part: "And yes, I was Miss Wasilla 1984. Sarah Palin crowned me. Funny that you saw an article."

Okay so now we know the facts. Sarah Palin was Miss Wasilla 1983, and a third runner up for Miss Alaska in 1984. There done!

Now the only questions remaining are WHY did the rest of the MSM get this wrong, and WHY did NOBODY from the Palin camp ever correct it? If you Google Miss Wasilla 1984 it only identifies Sarah as having won. That is completely unfair to Katrina who was the actual winner. So I am glad to have cleared this up, if for no other reason than that the person who won a contest should get the credit.

Update 5: Wow! Katrina has turned out to be a treasure trove of information about Palin back in her pageant days. Here is a new message I received: "Thanks for the clarification, and you are correct in the Blog that Sarah was Miss Wasilla in 1983. After giving up her crown in 1984 she competed in Miss Big Lake and won it, thereby earning a chance to compete in the 1985 Miss Alaska pageant. She won Miss Congeniality that year. I can't believe I remember all this, lol! I'll have to follow your blog. I'm not a fan of Palin either. I'll leave it at that:) Be well! Katrina" (I assume Katrina got the date that Palin won Miss Congeniality incorrect. Easy to see how she would after all of this time, and ALL of these pageants.)

Interesting so Palin DID compete in the Miss Alaska contest twice. Once in 1984 and then again in 1985. By the way it DOES appear that Palin was the current Miss Wasilla when she competed in 1984, since it looks as if the Miss Alaska contest was held before June 30, which was the date of the Miss Wasilla contest that year (See the link above). So really the only thing that turned out to be incorrect was the actual year Sarah won Miss Wasilla.

However we also learn that Palin was not as shy about entering pageants as she wants people to believe. Apparently she competed in, not one, not two, but four pageants altogether. Well now that is a lot of opportunities to practice that "fancy pageant walking" of hers.


  1. Sharon in Florida3:07 PM

    WTF?? Palin didn't win Miss Congeniality? That was one story I believed - I guess because it's inconceivable that anybody would lie about something like that. So easily checked, etc. Geez. Do the lies ever end??

  2. This just gets curiouser and curiouser. What next will come out of the rabbit hole?

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Yikes, she lies about everything. You need someone working full-time to fact check all her stories. Keep probing and digging, we all know she lies. Exposing all the little lies and putting it neatly in a book will make someone rich.

  4. nswfm3:15 PM

    Goodness, what a weekend this is turning out to be!

  5. This is really creepy, Gryphen.

    Did you ever see "Heathers"?

    In all seriousness, this woman is getting creepier by the moment with her lies and narcassism. She truly is one sick person in need of behind-they-doors therapy.

  6. Quickly........

    This was reported during the campaign.

    CNN interviewed the winner, a lovely black woman who now lives in New York I think.

    I look further.....

  7. Well what a cute little pumpkin face Miss Wasilla has. She does have a crown on & I have no idea but I thought she was runner up & a black girl won, but hey who knows maybe I'm just making it up. In Sarah's world there is no such thing as a lie. If she says she won well she won.

  8. LisaB3:25 PM

    Surely someone would have challenged her claim by now? This Kristin or her family? Alaska is a pretty small place. Palin is a great liar but why would anyone let her "steal" a title like that?

  9. Oh, and by the way, Sarah... SuhSuhSuh Saaawaaahhh... ?



    Yes.... there, riight over there, sweeeetie pie... just for you.

    Uh huh.

    Just don't break a nail there, okay, dearie.
    We want you be remain pretty you know, while you did that grave of yours.

  10. So who was entered in the Miss Alaska contest?

  11. Anonymous3:29 PM

    so what did she win in this photo if not Miss Wasilla

  12. Quiet13:30 PM

    I've always been baffled by the Miss Congeniality win, it doesn't seem in the same vein as Barracuda . . .

  13. Maybe Sarah quit after she won the pageant?

  14. But then how could she have been in the Miss Alaska pageant? The dates must be screwed up since it was so long ago.

  15. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Just checked her entry at Wickipedia. It still says she won Miss Wasilla in 1984. However, it then says she finished THIRD in the Miss Alaska pageant, receiving the Miss Congeniality award.

    So the Miss Congeniality part is clarified - wasn't as part of the Miss Wasilla pageant.

    It's kind of funny the references they cite for the Miss Wasilla win - articles that appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the St. Louis Dispatch.

  16. Sorry THIS is what I was thinking of:

    Sarah Palin congenial & 'calculating,' says nominee's Miss Alaska foe


    Tuesday, September 9th 2008, 12:45 AM

    Gill for News
    Maryline Blackburn, Miss Alaska 1984

    Sarah Palin may have been a runnerup in a Miss Alaska beauty contest, but she was a canny competitor behind that "Miss Congeniality" smile.

    So says Maryline Blackburn, the woman who won the 1984 Miss Alaska crown.

    "Sarah was very nice, but very calculating," Blackburn told the Daily News Monday. "You could tell she was always thinking, 'What's going to be my next move?' One look in her eyes, and you could see there was so much more going on."

    That said, Blackburn is voting for Democrat Barack Obama - and doesn't think Palin is ready to be vice president.

    "Can she speak about foreign policy? Can she speak about the economy?" Blackburn asked. "I want to hear what Sarah Palin has to say, as opposed with what's been written for Sarah Palin."

    Read more:

  17. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Some time ago, there was a cryptic comment at IM, asking if anyone had a picture of Curtis Menard Junior. I love an internet challenge, so I found an on-line picture of him. There was much gossip going on at the time (at Palingates) about Sarah's school girl crush on Curtis. His father was also the Palin family dentist. When Sarah and Todd were first married, they lived next door to Curtis Junior, who was named as Track's god father. The Menards were described as movers and shakers in Republican circles.

    I began to read on-line excerpts of "Trailblazer," by Lorenzo Benet, where he described how Linda Menard, the family dentist's wife suggested that Sarah enter the Miss Wasilla contest. Sarah had returned home from one of her colleges and needed money. Linda advised that even if she didn't win, it would be good experience. And the scholarship money would really come in handy. The book proudly claimed that Linda Menard mentored Sarah and helped her win the proud title of Miss Wasilla.

    I was interested in Linda Menard, now a State Senator in Alaska. I found a number of biographies of her on-line, which explained that Linda and Curtis Senior owned and organized the Miss Wasilla pageant for a number of years, including the time when Sarah won. When Linda encouraged Sarah to enter, and mentored her, it was for a contest that Linda and Curtis Senior owned and operated. That sounds like your typical Alaska politics insider stuff.

    Benet writes that Sarah was the second runner up in the Miss Alaska contest, and that she was Miss Congeniality. I always heard that Sarah lost to a the African American contestant. Second runner up is a little further back than losing to the winner.

    If you have information that contradicts this report, it comes at a very good time. Steve Schmidt will tell tales about Sarah from the 2008 McCain Campaign on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Jan.11 sees another book coming out with more insider stuff (Andrew Sullivan has an advance tidbit).

  18. WTF? Delusional suddenly sounds so sane a word to describe Miss WaSyphillis.

    Good grief. What the hell happened to the fourth estate??????

  19. Anonymous3:37 PM

    CNN interviewed the woman who won Miss ALASKA. SP did not win Miss Alaska, but she entered that contest as Miss Wasilla. Maybe she won Miss Wasilla in 83 not 84.

    PS we need updated photos from chez palin. I'm curious if the new big house is finished and I don't want to walk out on the lake ice myself to see and take photos.

  20. Country Girl3:40 PM

    2 different contests.

    Miss Wasilla and Miss Alaska. My data says she won Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska contest, but took second place in that competition.

  21. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Is it possible that she came in second but had to take over the duties of the winner? Then it would not be a lie that she was Miss Wasilla in 1984. Just a thought?

  22. honestyinGov3:41 PM

    Let me ask this question Gryph,
    Where or Who took the pic...?
    Sure, she has a crown or a tiara on but it might not be for first place.. it's not a very fancy crown.
    The Olympics show a guy on a podium with a medal around his neck. The guy with the Bronze medal looks the same as the Guy wearing the Gold. The picture isn't the whole complete Story.

    And I ask... If she won... why does it look like she is in the ' back row '..?
    It appears there is someone standing in front of he as well as the Girl to Her right has her arm in front of her as well.
    The winner is usually ' up front '...NOT behind the people.
    Questions... looking for answers. Hmmm.

  23. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I think Amy Gwin exposed this quite correctly in Aug. 08. Yet, the fluff piece in the NY Times in Oct 08 still bought the bullshit, in fact, all 3 reporters who "contributed" to the mythical story.


  24. Anonymous3:44 PM

    well, it would fit into the "feeling" I get from s.p.
    that she does her glamour girl politician act not for men.. the whole viagra rant people keep talking about
    but for women!

    Women are her enemy.
    She was always the "ugly" girl. She looked short and squatty and quite dumpy during her team years (those thighs were deadly huge in the track photo...and she was a runner?)

    I don't care if she was elementary age.. that is an ugly girl amidst the purple flowers here: 1st photo
    Cute for a parent and family members..but I remember elementary school and glasses were not cool.. and she looks quite creepy.. kids are mean

    scroll down, even the infamous Boob photos.. purty face.. but body. EEECH... not model or pageant material ..and that big toe

    I can't find the track team photo but I know you guys have seen it. Short and squatty with large thighs.
    NOT a beauty

    I think when she hit her 20's and thinned out a little, for the first time ever she felt pretty.
    But the damage was done.

    From here on out she was on a mission to be a pretty girl.
    She wears her short skirts and high heels and glossy lips.. NOT for men (heck I don't even think she likes men.. think how her and Todd never ever evah show any affection.. maybe they are both gay)
    for the women
    To feel superior to the women. When men ogle at her.. it makes her feel superior. Here I am, up on stage, with as much "sexy" gear I could find.. while you sit below me.. with YOUR MEN eyeballing my legs!
    That is what gives her power.
    She is never seen with women friends.. and all the women by her side are quite homely looking. She shakes hands with toothless wide butt fans that are women...

    This whole beauty pageant winning spiel of hers I am sure.. is just another lie. Just something else to make her feel important. For the first time ever she is someone. She is milking it for all it is worth even if she knows it is all fake. She has a pretty face.. well DID .. but from the neck down.. shudder! and she knows that. She wears the super high heels but we all know.. ANYONE with "trim" legs... which are not uncommon.. in heels like that.. LOOK good! She is not special.
    As much as she gets under my skin.. i feel her pain. She only has a couple more years until she is 50... once her looks are gone I can see her overdosing.. I know that is sad... but I really feel it. It is all she has.

  25. WakeUpAmerica3:49 PM

    I heard that she was runner-up to the young lady who was black. I never heard she won it.

  26. CGinWI3:49 PM

    Delightful as the prospect of a new lie is to contemplate, it does raise a couple of questions: where did the picture with the crown come from, and how did she end up at the Miss Alaska contest?

    I suppose it's possible that another young woman won, with Sarah in second place, and then the winner was "unable to complete her duties" so the crown went to the #2 girl.

    On the other hand, the Menards owned the pageant, and Mrs. Menard personally mentored SP through the process. So I think it would be pretty surprising if she didn't "win" (wink, wink). One of the statements in the (admittedly not verified) interesting anonymous post at Bree's said that the other girls in town didn't even know about the pageant. Is it possible that competition was by "invitation only" and that the winner was picked long before anyone strutted across a stage?

  27. Anonymous3:52 PM

    She won the local contest of Miss Wasilla, right? but was a runner-up in Miss Alaska? I believed her when she said she won Miss Congeniality with her ole smilely, perky self. Thanks for exposing another little lie from Sarah about Miss Congeniality. But I don't get it? She didn't win Miss Wasilla? Please explain, why is she wearing a crown then?

  28. justafarmer3:53 PM

    two different pageants...
    Love&knishes is talking about the Miss Wasilla contest...some of you are confusing it with the Miss Alaska/Miss Congeniality pageant.
    Gryph..maybe 1984 isn't the correct year? See if you can check for something in 1983...sometimes the local pageant winners are from the previous calendar year when they get to the state level (at least that's the case in many other states).

  29. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I was always under the belief she was THIRD runner up...

    So I had NO IDEA she was claiming the title...Winner vs. third place!!!

    I thought this was common knowledge!

    $carah! Are you making stuff up again? Sheesh.
    BTW: The plastic surgery made you look worse. No knife will help you now.
    You made the bed: LIE in it.

  30. Hey Gryph, I'm getting mightily confused here. I did a search on both Miss Wasilla and Miss Alaska and the most info I could get was:

    Miss Wasilla 1984 won by Sarah Palin who played the flute and also won Miss Congeniality.

    Miss Alaska, SP either came in second or third (may be due to confusion on first or second runner up which would be second or third) - no mention of Miss Congeniality for this pageant.

    Somehow, it seems that the winner of a pageant would not ALSO win Miss Congeniality in the same contest.

    Is this mixed up on my part?

    Of course, with Grannie O'Palin, all is confusing :)

    Keep on keeping with the great stories - and this one is really good since it is based on stuff that supposedly could be checked, but not so easy to do these days.

  31. Track's godfather could very well be Track's real father. Sarah's babies arrive in strange fashion.

  32. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Perhaps it was 1983's winner competes in the 1984 Miss Alaska?

  33. Article and photos on Sarah in the Miss Alaska pageant.

  34. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I don't have answers on this but I thought Sarah was Miss Wasilla, but then might have gotten miss congeniality in the Statewide contest. Otherwise if she didn't win Miss Wasilla, I doubt she would have been in the Statewide contest. Of course she could have been runner up Ms. Wasilla and then pulled a Tonya Harding with a tire iron therby causing Ms. Wasilla to withdraw from the state contest therby permitting Sarah to particpate in the Statewide pageant.

  35. WakeUpAmerica3:58 PM

    Wait, I got that wrong. She won Miss Wasilly-Billy and was second runner-up for Miss Alaska to the young lady who was black. Oooooh that must have hurt Miss Racist! She lied about Miss Congeniality?

  36. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Maybe the other contestants were on a "list" which prohibited their attendance. The list however, was for their own protection.

  37. She says in Going Rogue that she won in 1984. So apparently it's not a case of the wrong year being reported....

  38. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Maybe the writer of the newspaper article mistakenly named the wrong person as the winner.

  39. The interwebs have Sarah as "Miss Wasilla 1984" all over the google, even t-shirts with her tiara photo. If it turns out to be a false legend, it will be the best Sarah smack-down yet.

  40. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Article says she won Miss W. in 1982

  41. Anonymous4:08 PM This article talks about the lady that was Miss Wasilla in 1983, Bobbie Maw, and crowned Sarah in 1984, so the dates are probably just mixed up.

  42. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Please, folks, let's not forget her flute rendition of "The Homecoming." Ghastly. How anyone could win any contest of any kind with "talent" like that boggles the mind.

  43. emrysa4:14 PM

    well who wouldn't want to be miss wasilla in 1984? lol

    miss "town of 6000 people." man, that sure is some great cred.

  44. Aussie Blue4:14 PM

    Surely Gryphen you remember her being crowned Princess of the Fur Rondy in 1983 (also-ran also too)?? That's all over the internet but doesn't mention if she was first princess or second princess (let me guess).

    And last night I read that the year after she lost Miss Alaska she entered 'Miss Big Lake' but didn't place.

  45. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Gotta love it---you just can't make this stuff up.....

    An AFRICAN AMERICAN woman beat her out in the beauty contest and a new girl from HAWAII captured the heart of the guy she had a high school crush on(Curt Menard). Next we'll find out some woman named MICHELLE beat her out to be captain of the basketball team or something else.....

  46. I searched google news archives for "Sarah Heath" in 1984 and got nothing.


  47. ADN article lists Katrina Mueller as a contestant in 1981 for Miss Palmer pageant. Had Katrina Mueller moved to Wasilla by 1984?,8149790&dq=wasilla+katrina+mueller&hl=en

  48. Photo of Katrina Mueller, a Miss Palmer pageant contestant, in 1981.,847545&dq=palmer+katrina+mueller&hl=en

  49. Anonymous4:23 PM

    $P won Miss Congeniality at the Miss Alaska pageant. There is even a photo of her receiving it on the 'tubes, plus two other contestants being interviewed about it. Apparently, she did not win that title during the Miss Wasilla pageant, according the interview on the democracticunderground. To sort out whether she won Miss Wasilla in '84, you'll need to be sure that you are looking at the actual pageant that is in the Miss America pageant network.

  50. Anonymous4:25 PM

    So here's Kristina Mueller today. Pretty hot! And successful, with a real degree and everything...
    Maybe she can run for president?

  51. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I imagine she won Miss Wasilla in 1983. How else would she have made it to the Miss Alaska competition in 1984? And I think she won Miss Congeniality for Miss Alaska.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Granny Sarah had lied about it, though. She's a liar and liars lie. That's what they do.

  52. Here's the article I found for this through Google Archives...I also did a search for Sarah Heath from 1982-1990 and there's nothing there stating she won anything anywhere anytime


  53. Also curious - I can find articles about who won Miss Wasilla in 1982 and in 1984. But not 1983.

    apparently that got scrubbed,!!

  54. Is it possible that she won the Miss Wasilla title in 1983 and came third in the Miss Alaska 1984?

    I wrote a post about Kristan Cole some time ago. She was Miss Alaska 1982 and went on to represent the state in the Miss America pageant in 1983.

    Maybe the pageants don't take place in the same year.

    Didn't $arah go on about it in "Going Rogue"? She graduated from Wasilla High in 1982, went to Hawaii for one semester, transferred to Idaho, etc. Then returned with Tilly after their freshman year (1983?) and Linda Menard talked her into entering the Miss Wasilla Scholarship pageant.

    She goes on to say that the prize money paid for her tuition that fall. The following summer she progressed to the next round and was crowned second runner-up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska Scholarship Pageant.

  55. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I'm getting the feeling that this is a "red herring" like the banned book list...deliberately circulated in order to discredit bloggers who report it.

    Gryph, I'm finding only confirmations, not finding what you're finding...just sayin...trolls?

  56. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn4:31 PM

    Hey Gryphen, just got back from dinner and was surprised (and thrilled) to see that you posted the info I found! (Insert several exclamation points here). Thanks!

    For the record, a h/t has to go to Bree's blog for the commenter who inspired this. All I did was research it on Google News. After I found the ADN scan, I then went on to see how many times it was mentioned (in the past two years) that SP WON Miss Wasilla in 1984. That info is all over the place, including Wikipedia. I did re-check Google Timeline for the Miss Wasilla pageant to bracket the years 1982-1986 and came up with nothing. I think one other name was mentioned as a winner during those years, but not $arah. It appears that 1984 was the only year that the contest was held at the Water Festival, so on that point the poster at Bree's was correct. Could there have been two pageants that year, or--after I posted my comment--I thought that it's possible SP could have taken over for the winner in 1984, making her Miss Wasilla for that year. If so, why would this never have been mentioned, especially by local residents who were interviewed later on? The 1984 ADN information is still there for all to see. Just surprises me that in 1 1/2 years, this info didn't come out, or that the ADN scan was never scrubbed from the net.

    It's amazing that you dated the winner's sister! Small world.

    And yes, I do some archiving/research work to back up my hobby. Google Timeline is a great tool.

    Thanks again and lots of luck!

  57. Reported by: (Copyright 2008 by Newsroom Solutions)
    Friday, Sep 12, 2008 @04:20am CDT

    (Yuba City, CA) -- The Yuba City, California woman didn't recognize the name Sarah Palin.
    But when Diane Osborne saw Palin speak at the Republican National Convention, she recognized Sarah Heath.
    That's how Osborne knew her, before Palin was married, back in 1984 when Osborne sponsored her in the "Miss Wasilla" beauty pageant.
    Osborne now owns a floral shop in Yuba City, but in those days she had a hair salon in Palin's hometown of Wasilla.
    When Palin won the pageant, Osborne traveled with her to do her hair and makeup at the "Miss Alaska" competition, where Palin was runner-up.
    Osborne told the "Marysville Appeal-Democrat" she worked with a number of "Miss Alaska" contestants over the years, and said about Palin, quote, "She was one of the easier ones to get along with.
    She was one of the sweeter ones." And yes, Palin is getting her former hairdresser's vote.
    Osborne said, quote, "I had already made up my mind to support McCain, so Sarah's just a bonus.
    I like her better than McCain."

  58. I'm thinking Katrina Mueller was the new Miss PALMER, not Miss Wasilla, in 1984. Newspaper error?

  59. Anon@ 4:04

    I doubt if the newspaper named the wrong person. I might consider that under other circumstances, but Sarah is so notorious a liar that I have to give the newspaper the benefit of the doubt.

  60. Oh, how we love a good sleuth challenge! Thanks, Gryph!

  61. Anonymous4:37 PM

    You can get a tiara anywhere – even from a thrift shop. Wearing a tiara with a prom dress in a posed photo does not prove that one has won a beauty contest. Beauty contest winners usually are photographed wearing the diagonally placed wide ribbon that says "Miss Wasilla", "Miss Alaska", etc. In fact, I would be surprised whether, given her appearance in this photo, she was the winner of ANY beauty contest. Surely there were prettier girls in the Miss Wasilla contest – if indeed there was one in 1984.

    As to whether she was president of any high school group, a quick glance through her high school yearbook would prove or disprove such an allegation in a hurry. Why can't a Wasilla muckraker investigate that one?

    I also highly question whether she graduated from college because it is completely foreign to her character of laziness, intellectual shallowness, lack of follow-through, and instability. Journalism majors are outgoing people, especially those in radio and TV journalism. If she were a radio or TV journalism major, her classmates and teachers would have remembered her. . . . PERHAPS the story of 5 colleges in 6 years was invented by her to make it harder (or impossible) to disprove the fact that she did not get completed semester credits from any college? If she had claimed to have stayed for 4 years at a single college, disproving her graduation claim would have been much easier. Perhaps she invented the crazy, multiple-school story to cover up for the lack of substance of her claim. It's just a thought. But because of her known personality disorder and proclivity for lying, every claim/statement that she has made should be independently verified. This means disregarding all descriptions of her by any media sources that have accepted her claims at face value.

  62. dsmyre, yes it is possible that Katrina ran for Miss Palmer in 1981. Wasilla and Palmer are very close and people who live in between can identify themselves as coming from either place it seems.

    As a matter of fact I was sitting here trying to remember the conversation that she and my girlfriend had back in 1980 about her wanting to participate in a pageant. But I cannot remember any details.

    My girlfriend was a very talented singer and she may have been asking for her help, however my girlfriend was a dyed in the wool feminist and I don't think she would have approved. And yes that picture you provided IS the Katrina Mueller that I knew.

  63. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Her frizzy hair in this photo, her huge, afro-like hair in the photo when she is pregnant with Track, and Anonymous 2:17's comments (on Bree Palin's blog) about her frizzy hair all during high school cause me to wonder: does she use hair straighteners?

  64. Bobbi Mau, the woman who says she handed off the Miss Wasilla crown to Sarah Heath (in the Idaho-area Going Rogue book-signing article), was the 1982 winner.

    FWIW, says Sarah won the Miss Alaska Congeniality award in 1984.

  65. Anonymous4:54 PM


    It says that Amy Gwin, 43, claims that she won Miss Congeniality in 1984 for Miss Wasilla, not Palin.

    Sorry if someone already posted this. Didn't check all comments above yet.

  66. Aussie Blue Sky4:55 PM

    It's entirely possible to have two Miss Wasilla competitions and only one of them being affiliated with Miss Alaska (the one discreetly owned and operated by Linda Menard, with her handpicked winners).

  67. Aussie Blue5:02 PM

    regina palingates says she was Miss Wasilla 1983.

  68. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I know it is not always factual, but here is a paragraph from Wikipedia:

    She attended Hawaii Pacific University in the Fall of 1982 and North Idaho College (whose Alumni Association gave her the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award in June 2008[17]) in the Spring and Fall of 1983.[18] In 1984, after winning the Miss Wasilla pageant,[19][20] she finished third in the Miss Alaska pageant,[21][22] receiving the "Miss Congeniality" award and a college scholarship.[15]

  69. Oliva5:09 PM

    Bobbie Mau, who claimed to crown Scarah, won Miss Wasilla in 1982. Did $arah win in 1983? And Katrin in 1984?

  70. Anonymous5:11 PM

    The 1983 winner met up with Palin in Idaho during Palin's book tour (I don't remember her name); I don't remember the article but it was a big deal to the 1983 winner (she discussed passing the crown to Palin in 1984). But who won in 1985? and did Palin show up to pass the crown to the 1985 winner?

  71. AKaurora5:12 PM

    If she participated in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant, then she was likely crowned Miss Wasilla in 1983. The Wasilla Water Festival was obviously held in the summer, and I believe the Miss Alaska competition occurs around April.

  72. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:21 PM

    ADN, May 26, 1984:

    "Wasilla will salute Alaska's 25th Anniversary at this year's Wasilla Water Festival, set for the July 4 holiday weekend. Beginning with the Miss Wasilla pageant the evening of June 30 the festival continues with a parade through downtown Wasilla...",5845049&dq=miss+wasilla+pageant&hl=en

    In 1984, June 30th was a Saturday, so this was considered the July 4th holiday weekend.

    Another notice for a Miss W. pageant from a later year mentions a talent portion of the contest, so 'dis be the one and only Miss W. pageant.

    Looked up pageant affiliations and while there are several in AK, the Miss (Wasilla, Palmer, Juneau, etc.) is the level before the Miss Alaska pageant, on the way to Miss America. The winner of the Miss Alaska 1984 title was Miss South Central. Then, there's Miss Alaska Teen, Junior Miss Alaska, Miss Teenage Alaska, etc. No shortage of pageants, but not all ended up on the national stage.

    So, the 1984 winner could have been credited incorrectly in the ADN, SP could have taken over for the winner, she could have won the year before or after--or ????? Fascinating. Does anyone in AK have a program from 1984?

    Signing off...

  73. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Article by Miss Alaska 1984 winner who won over Palin. I'm having a feeling that this just burned Palin's butt way back then!!

  74. She had to have won to be able to part of the Miss Alaska contest.

  75. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Who won Miss Wasilla in 1985? Did Palin attend the 1985 event to pass the crown?

  76. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Wow, even back on 9/1/08, someone was wondering if Palin lied about being Miss Congeniality:


  77. I was taught that honesty is one of the most important qualities in life.

    If I was to catch someone lying to me I was told to always remember that I could never ever believe anything that person ever said, ever again.

    I was also taught that it would be a good thing to forgive the liar, but a better thing to never forget that they are a liar!

    It seems Grifter Palin's followers could care less that she is a chronic liar.

    WTF is up with that?

  78. Maybe the paper isn't online. My local paper's online archives don't go back into the 80's. And were a small (for CA) town.

    It seems too good to be true. Still, there are days where I doubt that this woman's NAME is "Sarah Palin", she lies so much.

  79. Anon @ 4:00 (good chuckle-thanks)

    Personally, I think it would be interesting to pursue the truth about SP's college career. I think there is something "not right" there :)

  80. True confession: I have a copy of Palin's book. I got it used, so no profits to Miss Wasilla from me.

    It says she won the Miss America version of Miss Wasilla the summer after her first year of college. She "progressed to the next round," the Miss Alaska pageant, the following summer -- so it is two different years, 1983 and 1984. (Hey, she used "progressed" correctly for once.) So in Miss Alaska 1984 she was second-runner-up, which is third place, and Miss Congeniality.

    There most certainly could have been multiple Miss Wasillas in a year, one for each line of pageants, but only one in the Miss America brand of Miss Wasilla.

    I believe she really was Miss Wasilla 1983. But she claims more: "I played my flute, and I won. In fact, I won every segment of the competition, even Miss Congeniality." (p.43)

    Someone else has claimed to have been Miss Congeniality in that Wasilla pageant (or did they claim that for the 1984 pageant?), but maybe she did win the talent, swimsuit, and evening dress competitions.

    And now she wins Liar of the Year.

  81. So she won Miss Wasilla pageant in 1983, then entered the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984 and lost. Lots of web info about the Miss Alaska pageant, but zippo on the Miss Wasilla 1983 pageant. Chuck Heath would have a scrapbook and photos of the 1983 pageant. Didn't he give an interview showing them at one time?

  82. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Here is a picture of Queen Sarah with her blue ribbon, sash, crown and flowers:

    The source is TMZ, Aug.29,2008. As for accuracy, they claim that Sarah came in second in the Miss Alaska Contest, 1984. The problem is that she was 2nd runner up, which is really coming in third, after the 1st runner up and Miss Alaska.

  83. Anonymous6:14 PM

    So is this right: it was Bobbie Mau in 1982, Sarah in 1983, and Katrina in 1984?

  84. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Kristan Cole (Sapp), Palin's partner in ATF crime, is also from Wasilla. She won Miss Alaska 1982 title having competed by way of being the winner of the Miss South Central. Appears there are various pageants in areas they live which allows them to compete in the Miss Alaska pageant. Have not seen anything that shows they then have to then compete within a regional to move on to the Miss AK.

    Also found what appears as an old picture on TMZ with the title Sarah Palin, Miss Wasilla under it but that would be TMZ writing that or someone else as she was Sarah Heath at that time.

  85. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Perhaps Sarah did not win the title, but the winner moved out of state and did not want to compete in the Miss Alaska competition. Therefore, Sarah substituted for the winner.

  86. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Here is an interview with Ms. Blackburn, the winner of Miss Alaska 1984. The interview is listed at Talking Stuff, 9/8/2008,

    Maryline Blackburn makes it very clear that Palin was 2nd runner up. She did not finish in 2nd place.
    And, we never heard this before, Sarah competed again in 1985 but didn't place!

  87. Yep, I have found documentation for Diane Molby in 1981, Bobbie Mau in 1982, and Katrina Mueller in 1984.

    Funny, I can find online mention of 1981, 1982 and 1984 but nothing mentioning Sarah Heath won in 1983. Scrub job? Why?

    And Sarah Heath was not what I'd call a pretty baby girl. Check out the Heath family photos:

  88. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Her frizzy hair in this photo, her huge, afro-like hair in the photo when she is pregnant with Track, and Anonymous 2:17's comments (on Bree Palin's blog) about her frizzy hair all during high school cause me to wonder: does she use hair straighteners?

    4:48 PM
    Probably explains why her hair is coming out now. Straighteners and flat irons can be harsh mistresses. I'm no cosmetician, but I don't think hair can just magically go from frizzy 'fro to smooth and glassy by itself.

  89. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Here is the picture of Sarah winning the Ms.Congeniality award 1984:

  90. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Completely o/t, but am I alone in thinking she looks like early Roseanne Barr in those Kool-Aid man red shirt pix of her pregnant with Track? No offense to Ms. Barr, I do love her work.

  91. Wikipedia says: "She attended Hawaii Pacific University in the Fall of 1982 and North Idaho College... in the Spring and Fall of 1983."

    So between spring and fall semesters at North Idaho College, Sarah Heath entered the Miss Wasilla 1983 pageant. She would have been 19 years old, born in February 1964. Was she officially old enough to be in the pageant?

  92. Olivia6:48 PM

    I don't think she "lied". I think the dates are just mixed up. Probably she won in 1983 and it was reported as 1984. Sloppy, yes. But by who? Well, the queen herself, I'm sure. And kind of shameful for a journalism major to get facts incorrect, especially about herself.

  93. I'm curious -- how hard can this be to check? Wasilla had a newspaper, right? Or some newspaper was covering the area. And they have archives. It's a couple of hours research at most.

    Given how easy it should be to find this out, I can't help feeling there's a real 'ick' factor on this post. Either you know the answer, or you didn't do the work.

  94. Olivia6:52 PM

    Oh, and now the Tea Party will complain how the "librals" made a moutain out of a molehill. "It was just a mix up in dates." And we will be the bad guys again.

  95. Anon @ 4:37. Here's the link on U of Idaho, stating Granny Grifter rec'd her degree in 87. U of Idaho's teams are the Vandals). I know a lot of people speculate that she didn't graduate, but I just don't see a school fudging on that.

    However, when you read the description of their journalism program, it is really communications. Looking at the department's timeline it WAS Telecommunications when Granny attended.

  96. Anonymous6:58 PM

    What I'm gleaning from all the posts here is, ahem, will try it:

    Sarah graduates from High school in 1982, goes to college, comes back to Alaska a year later. In the Summer of 1983 she wins Miss Wassila pageant. Pageant money helps her start Semester to an unknown college in the Fall of

    Then, in April of 1984, she enters the Miss Alaska Pageant, wins Miss Congeniality, and 2nd runner-up.

    Does that sound right?

  97. Anonymous6:59 PM

    FWIW, On Aug 29, 2008, The Anchorage Daily News reprinted a Oct 23, 2006 article that reports SP winning Miss Congeniality at the Miss Wasilla 1984 contest as follows:

    Along the way she competed in the Miss Alaska contest after being chosen Miss Wasilla 1984. In the Wasilla contest, she played the flute and also won the title of Miss Congeniality.

    Curt Menard, a longtime family friend who was just elected Mat-Su Borough mayor this fall, said his wife was the one who encouraged and coached Palin in the beauty contests.

  98. Oh ffs people. This was NOT the stone age. I graduated in 1986 and there is PLENTY of evidence of who did what back then.

    Is Alaska that so much IN the stone age that you don't know?

    Really... I can provide you photos of not only myself (but I won't!) of where people are in the band fag stag....

    C'mon guys --- this crap really IS that simple to clarify.


    Cameras (ooohhh, and were that elusive Vid-E-O thang!) were invented by then, don'tcha know.

    C'mon now.

  99. The way I read this, Mueller was the 1983 winner and she was there to hand awards to the 1984 contestants.

    Fortunately, a mudpuppie has her boots on the ground and she's gonna check the archives.

  100. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I just spent a good part of my life trying to find ANYTHING on Sarah Heath from 1980+ and found nothing that wasn't quoted in articles on Sarah Palin, even under the Google newspaper search.

    Was everything about her from that era scrubbed? I did find the Katrina Mueller article in the ADN during the same search when I also looked for "Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant" though.

    I wouldn't doubt there was some scrubbing done by the McCain campaign, same as they did with Wikipedia in re-editing certain "facts" about SP.

  101. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I think that this needs to be repeated again, also, too. Linda Menard encouraged Sarah to enter the Miss Wasilla contest. In "Trailblazer," Linda is credited with mentoring Sarah and helping her win. And, surprise, Linda was also the Director of the Wasilla Beauty Pageant.

    In fact, both Linda and Curtis Senior owned the pageant. They later went on to own a Mrs. Alaska contest as well.

    Other connections: Curtis Senior was Sarah's family dentist. Sarah had a school girl crush on Curtis Junior. When Sarah and Todd were first married, they lived next to Curtis Junior, who was also named Track's godfather. Curtis Jr. is said to have lectured Sarah that she belonged at home taking care of her family instead of being a political player. Soon after, Curtis died in an airplane crash. They claim that they found water in the gas line. He was an experienced pilot, but we are getting into a different arena of gossip, too far away from the beauty pageant.

    It looks like Sarah did win the Miss Wasilla contest in 1984. Later that year, she was the second runner up in the Miss Alaska contest, and also was named Ms.Congeniality. Sarah entered Miss Alaska again in 1985 but did not place. Sarah may have entered other beauty contests, but the on-line reports cannot be verified. She was lucky to have such good friend, mentor and insider as Linda Menard.

    The Menards and Palins have quite a history together, including sharing the same deep conservative religious bonds. The Nation, September 24, 2008 has a long article which describes the Palin/Menard religious connections and the rise of conservative religion in Wasilla.

  102. Anons at 4:48 6:27. Granny Grifter's pictures show she had straight hair as a child. But when she was in high school/college/a young mother perms & big hair were in. I'm from that era and remember it well. The late 70s and 80s were not a good period in fashion.

  103. PurpleAlaska7:17 PM

    If the Menards were sponsoring the begs the question: DID she actually WIN?

    But I could really care less...for this bit of trivia is truly insignificant when compared to the fraud that she's now perpetrating.

  104. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Remember how easy it is for the press to get things slightly wrong. This will be something that she can point to as "look at what those silly bloggers are trying to do now." Sometimes it is hard to research things, and sometimes dates get mixed up as well. But you all did and are doing your research -- and that's more than the Tea Party folks have done. AND not ashamed to say "Oops -- wrong information out there."

  105. Anonymous7:24 PM

    The confusion comes because the 1984 Miss Wasilla contest would most likely have been held in 1983. This is common procedure in the Miss America pageant stream. Here's a link to the a local 2010 contest being held in November 2009.

  106. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Interesting, as I was reading Washington Wire, - Palin: From Beauty Pageant to Popular Governor, is states that her family still holds ties to the Miss Alaska pageant. her husband Todd was a judge in 2008's Miss Alaska pageant. Interesting!

    And, after having concluded that Sarah must have been 1983's Miss Wasilla, I then accidentally see a post from the Coeur d'Alene, ID, paper stating that Bobbie Worley, was Miss Wasilla 1983, and that she remembers passing the crown to Sarah Heath, Miss Wasilla 1984.

    Too confusing!

  107. Anonymous7:36 PM

    But wait--there's more!

    Maryline Blackburn, the 1984 Miss AK winner, did say that Sarah Heath also was made "Miss Congeniality" but said that Sarah Heath also entered the 1985 Miss Alaska contest but didn't even place. So--how did she get into that contest? She wasn't Miss Wasilla, because obviously Katrina Mueller was. Did she compete in some other contest in AK? You don't just get to enter because you want to.

    Of course, the losing in 1985 wasn't mentioned in Going Out of My Mind.


  108. Benet (and everyone) probably got it wrong.

    It's well-documented that Palin lost in the Miss Alaska 1984 pageant. According to this article, that pageant was held in June of that year:

    If you use the Google News Archive search, you find that a Miss Wasilla pageant was scheduled for July 1, 1983:

    ...and the next year was scheduled for June 30, 1984.

    She had to have been in the 1983 pageant, and I imagine she won it, in the absence of any information or eyewitnesses telling us differently.

    Edited: LOL--just read the account above about the 1983 pageant winner recalling passing the crown to Sarah in 1984? I give up. I guess that's an eyewitness! But still, the dates as reported in the ADN are as written.

  109. ALASKA PIPELINE: Amy Gwin, 43, of University City, grew up in Alaska and competed in the Miss Wasilla, Alaska, competition in 1984 against GOP vice presidential choice Sarah Palin. Gwin said Friday that she won the Miss Congeniality award in the competition, although Palin's Wikipedia entry says she won the contest — and the Miss Congeniality award...

  110. Well, based on what @7:24 pm wrote, I still think we can safely conclude that Bobbie Mau/Worley won Miss W. in 1982 and so became "Miss W 1983"--and then Sarah won in 1983, but became "Miss W 1984". Now I need to drink wine and sleep.

  111. Did you guys catch that? "Kristan Sapp" in the pic? LOL! Beauty pageant material? Really?

    Musta been s slow year.

  112. Oops, here's the Kristan Sapp pic link:

  113. Anonymous8:06 PM

    First, this was already 'outed' in August 2008, but nobody was interested. It was in Slate, Newsweek and others.

    Newsweek interviewed Bonnie Faulk, the executive director of the Miss Alaska Scholarship Pageant. It's a stupid piece, with vapid responses. Not worth reading.

    NEWSWEEK: Is it at all a surprise to you that a former Miss Alaska runner-up might end up in the White House?

    A runner-up, not THE runner up. There are 5 finalists. They award the title and the other four are all "Runners-Up".

    From the Washington Post:
    Blackburn told us that, contrary to some reports, Palin was second runner-up, not the second-place finisher, and that Palin competed again in ‘85 but didn’t place. Everyone of course now wants to hear the nasty, catty, behind-the-scenes stories; Blackburn says there aren’t any.

    She was impressed by her former competitor’s speech (“the sarcastic lines, that’s Sarah”) but wonders if it’s enough.
    “Most girls that are in pageants, we know how to turn it on,” she said. “There’s a lot more to it than that.”

    NEWSWEEK: Palin won the Miss Congeniality title in 1984.

    Faulk didn't correct this. That would be a prize in the Miss Alaska pageant, not "Miss Wasilla".
    Too funny - in the Miss Alaska pageant, all contestants "win" a scholarship.

    There is still a Wasilla Water Festival in July. They don't have a beauty pageant. But they did at some point.
    There doesn't seem to be a "Miss Wasilla" since the mid-80s. I do know that there's a convention of awarding honorary "titles" on girls who want to represent a town in Miss Alaska and Miss Alaska USA pageants. For example, there's a "Miss Alyeska", but none of the three ladies who've claimed that title were from Girdwood or Alyeska Resort, nor has there ever been any such contest in Girdwood.
    There's a Miss Chugiak-Eagle River, Miss Birchwood, Miss Southcentral, Miss Soldotna, Miss Kenai, yadda yadda. There are no pageants that they competed in for that title.

    If Mrs. Palin competed in Miss Alaska in '84, she would've been 1983 Miss Wasilla. If there was a pageant. I think there wasn't. I think it's another rogueish lie - or she's misspoken the year.

    As far as Fur Rendezvous princess - naw. There's a Queen and it wasn't her. The only way I'm buying that one is with an official statement from the organization.
    Don't forget, she was attending North Idaho College during the Spring 1983 semester before transferring to the University of Idaho. Fur Rendezvous is in mid-February. She would have had to have been physically in Alaska in the middle of the term.

    In the final analysis, this is all crap. Honestly.
    If this woman had some other accomplishment, it wouldn't even be mentioned, much less dissected.

  114. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Kristal Sapp (maiden name) is Kristan Cole now. Won Miss Alaska title in 1982. That same Kristan Cole who owns a real estate office, whatever it is she has to do with the dairy and is the one that is in charge of distribution of the Alaska Trust Fund according to the documentation.

    Yup -- that one!!

    And Katrina Mueller is in the picture too!

  115. Anonymous9:28 PM

    In my search I came across this comment in a Palin as Miss Wasilla discussion on a website called TheFump- sorry lost the site when kitty walked across keyboard.

    Comment was:
    "One minor point of fact. Sarah Palin was not named "Miss Wasilla 1984." It was the Wasilla Public Library who named her "Miss 1984."

    Don't know what it means but I thought it was interesting.


  116. Regarding the story swirling around on the internet that a woman called Amy Gwin, who now lives in St. Louis, claimed in 2008 after Sarah Palin was nominated that SHE won the "Miss Congeniality Award" in the Miss Wasilla contest in 1984, and not Sarah Palin.

    I looked into that and it seems that the "St. Louis Post-Dispatch" retracted the story because it was incorrect - see here:

    See this comment on this page:

    "Pam Maples said...


    Pam Maples, managing editor of the Post-Dispatch here. Someone sent me a link to your post.

    There's no conspiracy to "scrub" and nothing nefarious. The source unintentionally gave Deb incorrect information. It was a case of faulty memory about something that happened 25 years ago: Ms. Gwin said she confused that pageant with another she was in back then.

    We published a correction in the newspaper on Wednesday. Online, we revised the material, as is our customary practice in such situations.

    8:17:00 PM"

  117. Forever Anonymous9:34 PM

    Oh people, let her win something. Poor woman, now I even question if Chukie is her father, she seem so different from her sisters, the family moved to AK when she was a baby and her mommy changed church.

    Oh, I believe Track is a Menard.

    Really, she can keep her crown and the sash too.

  118. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Wikipedia:is not a trustworthy site things can be changed on the site. about a year or so ago they changed the rules so if you did change or add something you had to sign that you did it.Before that anyone could go on the site and change anything they wanted to.I once followed a link their from someone who posted something,this was about a year and a half ago and by the time I went there about half an hour after the post, it was different then what was said .so i read up on it and back then yes you could change things at will and still can only now you have to list who you are when changing so people know who changed information

  119. MacAndCheeseWiz9:44 PM

    I wonder if there was fancy pageant walkin' and flute playin at the Water Festival? Miss Wasilla Pageant? Miss Alaska Pageant?

  120. kdusmdd9:47 PM

    That crown..or..not, is just nit pickin'. Let's get down to the things that really matter..Where the lies and deeds are worthy of true investigation. Like things that will put her butt in jail. Let her wear that faux crown with the orange suit. It should look very nice. I'm sure the other female inmates will bow down to her...Yeah, ya think so...LOL

  121. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Found link for "The Fump".

    This comment was left by gpherder on 9/19/2008 (it's way down on the page)

    "One minor point of fact. Sarah Palin was not named "Miss Wasilla 1984." It was the Wasilla Public Library who named her "Miss 1984."

  122. notmensa10:03 PM

    For most candidates running for National office, the process of picking apart their history (by opponents in all parties and the media) happens YEARS before. Sarah had not been vetted on a large scale as part of any previous campaign, so the process may have been more concentrated in 2007/8. However it's still nothing like the scrutiny other candidates have undergone over the years. That we cannot verify even the most basics facts in her life should be a VERY BIG RED FLAG (and not of patriotic kind).

  123. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I don't use Wikipedia for research. It's interesting to read, but all it is is a collective of information, some accurate and some opinion.

    For example, look up Suzy Chaffee, the 70s skier and Chapstick girl. It reports her as an Olympic gold medalist and 3-time World Champion. In fact, she was NOT a medalist of any kind. She had a mediocre short-lived ski career from 1968-69, was on the 1968 Grenoble Olympics ski team, placed at the bottom of the pack in the qualifiers and didn't actually race at all. None of it is true. It's just stuff that was repeated.

  124. Funny, Sarah says she doesn't need a title, but it appears she's been chasing after titles ever since she was a teen.

  125. I agree that she must have won Miss Wasilla in 1983 for the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant. I think it would be too funny if the library, which she later tried to impose her tiny impotent autocratic will on, elected her Miss 1984 or anything else.

    This was fun to get into but more important things, I hope, are coming up!

  126. Anonymous10:42 PM

    There is nothing straightforward about her. It's like how she wants everything - how she's gone to great lengths to keep her 'secrets'. From the permits for the house, to birth certs., etc., etc. But it shows how the more secrets you keep, the more you trip up trying to juggle them all. They are called lies.

  127. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I wanted to check the authenticity of the link to the ADN page with the photocopy of the newspaper pages. I checked the ADN archives. Unfortunately, ADN archive online only goes as far back as 1985.

    The local library in Wasilla (if Wasilla even has a library) may (should) have old papers on microfilm, or the ADN may have copies.

    Can anyone living in or near Wasilla check these possibilities?

  128. With Granny O'Scarah, it seems to always be one fantasy after another!

    Will we ever know the real truth???

  129. Is that supposed to be Sarah in that photo? kinda looks like she had a nose job at some point. That doesn't look like her current nose....does it?

  130. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Here is another account from someone who was in the Miss Alaska contest with her. She also has a pix of her getting the Miss Congeniality award in 1984.

    This lady was Miss Sitka and remember Sarah and her getting the award.

    Let's get back to stuff that may put her in an orange suit.

  131. Anonymous12:41 AM

    i agree...she wasn't a looker during her school years (and those are the ones that stick with people.. think of the Jerry Springer shows where people come back 20 years later "Hey Look at me NOW!" .. it makes it's mark)

    her hs photo is homely...

    even the early mayor photos are creepy...she did look cute when she was a she has her moments

    I think the crazy hair, $$ glasses and 9inch heels to make her look like she has gams is her ticket. Without those "props" she is not just ordinary but is odd looking.

    I have to hand it to her, though.. she was able to make a come back and for once in her life get attention based on her looks. Too bad that lasted 1 year. I guess 1 year of feeling good about yourself is better than none. Sigh

  132. Anonymous1:33 AM

    I don't believe this article has been posted yet in the comments. I did some google searching and found this:

    Palin's visit means reunion for Spokane woman

    Of the hundreds of people who lined up early for the Sarah Palin book signing in Coeur d'Alene, only one had a very special claim to fame: she handed over her crown to Palin in 1984.

    This is about Bobbie Maw (now Bobbie Worley)who showed up at the book signing. There is video footage included where Bobbie says she was 1983 Miss Wasilla and gave Sarah Palin the crown in 1984.

  133. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Anonymous at 9:28:

    "Miss 1984"? 1984 was the famous book by George Orwell about a future dystopia where books are re-written by the govt to fit the current political interpretation of history, i.e., "Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia" became "Eurasia has always been at war with Oceana." (Don't trust me on the exact wording, don't have the book in front of me.)

    Remember the "firing" of the librarian kerfluffle where it's alleged Palin wanted to do away with certain books and the library wouldn't comply? I don't remember the exact facts on that, but it would be enough to name Palin "Miss 1984" for it.

  134. Anonymous1:41 AM,10070560&dq=miss-alaska+1982&hl=en

    Kristan Cole, Miss Alaska 1982, with Todd's sister Kristi, Runner-up. ADN incorrectly reported "second runner-up", meaning second place.,6880194&dq=miss-alaska+1982&hl=en

  135. Anonymous1:56 AM

    5:39am in Michigan...
    Just woke up from a nightmare. In a cold sweat...
    I went to bed after reading this post. There's just something about that particular photo of her..maybe this Failin thing is finally gettin to me, and also..too..

  136. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Is it possible that this picture is still of her as a runner-up? Wouldn't the winner have an actual sash? It's a small-town pageant, so maybe they didn't have all the accessories.

    On the other hand, my hometown was about the same size and the girl chosen as the local Fair Queen each year had a sash.

    Anonymous 6:12 said:

    Here is a picture of Queen Sarah with her blue ribbon, sash, crown and flowers:

    The source is TMZ, Aug.29,2008. As for accuracy, they claim that Sarah came in second in the Miss Alaska Contest, 1984. The problem is that she was 2nd runner up, which is really coming in third, after the 1st runner up and Miss Alaska.

    6:12 PM

  137. Grifter Gryph and the rest of the girls are still showing how catty the left can be. Go on, it's your democratic right to get your claws out, but really is silly to see grown women (assuming posters here are adults) acting like this.

  138. Anonymous4:35 AM

    From a new book being released tomorrow:

    –Frustrated over the campaign following her disastrous interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin said she regretted accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination. “If I’d known everything I know now, I would not have done this,” she said. McCain’s high command, already worried about her lack of eating and drinking and fearing that she was suffering from post-partum depression, convened a conference call and discussed whether she was mentally unstable.

    Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton issued a statement in response to "Game Change" touting the former governor's own insider account.

    "The Governor's descriptions of these events are found in her book, 'Going Rogue,'” said Stapleton. “Her descriptions are accurate. She was there. These reporters were not.”

    –Before she was tapped as the vice presidential nominee, McCain’s campaign team devoted only five days to vetting Palin and her seventy-four-part questionnaire. But Palin herself only spent a few hours filling it out – an act which had “consumed weeks for other short-listers.” Ultimately, a forty-two-page vetting report of Palin was crashed by McCain’s team in a matter of 40 hours.

    -Upon finding out that McCain had tapped Palin as his running mate, Vice President Dick Cheney called it a “reckless choice,” believing the Alaska governor was unprepared for high office.

  139. Anonymous4:45 AM

    ADN June 26, 1984 states Sarah Heath was Miss Wasilla.,5572089&dq=miss+alaska&hl=en

  140. LisaB5:01 AM

    The lack of coherence regarding this doesn't surprise me.

    If Wasilla is a small town of 5,000 when Sarah is mayor, imagine how small it was in the early 80s.

    It's possible there were multiple pageants. Remember Miss USA? There may have been a feeder pageant for that one too.

    I think the Miss AK and Miss Wasilla pageants took place in different years, sort of like how the 2010 Superbowl winner is really the champion of the 2009 season.

  141. Anonymous5:13 AM

    With Kristan Cole & Sarah Heath we have the great makings of a great "B" movie:

    The Attack of the Killer Beauty Queens: On the outside, they look good! But on the INSIDE, They're PURE E-V-I-L !!!!

  142. Anonymous5:27 AM

    I have a couple friends who have either gone on the beauty pageant circuit or their daughters have. There can be several contests with very similar sounding names. Perhaps SP won a contest with a very similar sounding name?
    Also, I know a young woman who won many beauty contests that were very small to get scholarship money. She used this to get her undergrad degree and is now a physician. Most of the contests she was in had very few contestants, but she always came away with at least a couple hundred $$ in scholarship money. I used to tease my son about what his girl friend's title was that week. I always thought she was smart to do this.
    Also knew another girl who was always "winning" educational scholarships that no one else ever heard of. It later came out that it was pay back to her parents for writing the school superintendents thesis! There is all sorts of skull duggery at ALL levels.

  143. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I havent' read through all the responses, but this is what I think happened. The Wiki entry was wrong and may have been corrected. Palin won Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska pagent. Palin was Miss Wassilla 1984, but relinquished her crown mid-1984 (July)to the winner of the subsequent 1985 Miss Wassilla. The confusion lies in the July date of the pagent.

  144. Anonymous6:51 AM

    That Tea Party thing got canceled:

  145. Anon@9:56 "One minor point of fact. Sarah Palin was not named "Miss Wasilla 1984." It was the Wasilla Public Library who named her "Miss 1984."


    If the library named her "Miss 1984", I am guessing they are thinking Orwell's 1984, Big Brother and all that.

    Just my guess.

  146. Anonymous7:20 AM

    did someone post this already:

  147. In many pageant systems you can just buy in, if there's no pageant you're eligible for. And you can't tell me Miss Academic wouldn't have been willing to come home in the middle of a semester if there was an opportunity to be photographed in rhinestones involved.

    What I find curious is all this insistence that the "scholarship" money would have made the difference in her enrollment. The scholarship amount this year in my area for a pageant bigger than "Miss Wasilla" is $300. Nice, but barely pays your buy-in, and won't cover a competition-worthy dress. Her "mentor" must have had her fully funded, at the very least. I wonder why.

  148. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I really don't give a rats ass about whether she won or not, we already know she lies about everything, so whats new. I think we have BIGGER fish to fry than whether she won some stupid crown or what year it happened. Seems like a distraction to me. Just my opinion.

  149. AC,

    If the library named Palin "Ms. 1984" they were probably refering to the book, 1984 by George Orwell.
    That makes sense. AND it's funny.


  150. mocha8:36 AM

    To Cat Scratch Fever:

    Touched a nerve Sarah? It's a-Ok to get down and dirty when it's for your benefit but when the catty dirt's about you and people are ridiculing you it doesn't feel so nice does it?

  151. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Happen to watch CNN this morning,one of the presenters seem to slip up,and questioning whether Palin did actually in fact gave birth or not !Keep exposing her, if M$M are not holding her accountable, at least her questioning of her lies should start snowballing...they can't keep avoid the elephant in the reality of Granny Liar..

  152. Anonymous9:08 AM

    This subject is a tad trivial, but, it is kind of interesting that Granny Sarah doesn't have it "correct" in her memoir. You would think that she would know the year that she was actually crowned Miss Wasilla.

    What is wrong with her?

  153. Why is this hard to verify?

    All the article are based on what the fact that palin said she won.
    is this the case of,if you say things enough, they become true?

  154. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I can't read through all the comments to find if someone else has brought this to your attention. So here goes:
    From the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a brief interview with a woman who is not a Palin supporter who was in high school with her at Wasilla.

    Palin was a high school star, says schoolmate

    by - Deb Peterson


    ALASKA PIPELINE: Amy Gwin, 43, of University City, grew up in Alaska and competed in the Miss Wasilla, Alaska, competition in 1984 against GOP vice presidential choice Sarah Palin. Gwin said Friday that she (SHE MEANING GWIN OR SHE MEANING PALIN?) won the Miss Congeniality award in the competition, although Palin's Wikipedia entry says she won the contest — and the Miss Congeniality award. Gwin was a year behind Palin, now 44, at Wasilla High School, which had about 800 students. Gwin said Palin was "a high school star in a good way," a beauty who got good grades and excelled at athletics. Gwin, who was president of her class, does not recall Palin holding school office. The Wikipedia entry on Palin said she was head of the school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes and captain of the basketball team. Gwin said she was not surprised when Palin became the governor of Alaska, but is astonished that she got the GOP nod for vice president. Asked whether she would support Palin because she knows her, Gwin said: "I wouldn't support her if she was my very best friend. I support Obama and don't share any of her (Palin's) politics. She's very shallow." Gwin is the director of agency relations for the Rodgers Townsend advertising firm. Her husband, Brad Nuccio, is executive VP of the St. Louis Science Center. The couple have two children, Mia, 9, and Max, 7.

    So...someone has to get in touch with Amy Gwin in St. Louis and she can probably confirm if Palin actually did win in 1984 or if it was 1983 or perhaps...never?

  155. Anonymous9:42 AM

    (Susie here)
    In one place it states that Sarah Heath was the 2nd runner up in the 1984 Miss Alaska contest, and toward the end of the article it states that Sarah Heath was the third runner up. Which was it? And who was truly Miss Congeniality for 1984, like Sarah claims she was? The Wasilla newspaper and the ADN must have more coverage and information about this, plus, the official pageant people must have clear records to clear this up. It shouldn't be anything confidential with any of these places, so they should be able to release information without any problem.

  156. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Regarding the "buy in" the answer is yes, contestants have to pay a big entry fee or be "sponsored" to participate in beauty pageants. The real winner is the owner of the beauty pageant who makes money! Sarah's hairdresser, a woman named Osborn (?) was one of her sponsors. Who else, I wonder??? The Menards, who own the contest?

    Is there any possibility that the contest held in 1983 would be selecting the Miss Wasilla to reign in the following year, 1984. So, she could be called Miss W. of 1984 yet have been chosen in 1983.

    There is an on-line picture of Sarah winning some kind of beauty pageant. I don't think that this counts as one of her biggest lies. I would suggest the dustup with Steve Schmidt over Todd's membership in AIP or Sarah saying that she was exonerated in Troopergate when the Branchflower report says exactly the opposite are much bigger. Another whopper had to do with leaving her job as governor to "progress Alaska," when she really meant to say "progress Sarah Palin's bank account." As a long time fan of PD, I would count Sarah giving birth to Trig as the biggest whopper of all.

    Gryphen, perhaps, you will run a list of all of Sarah's lies. We will all be happy to contribute. Then, you can have a contest to pick the top ten.

  157. Okay folks PLEASE read the whole post before commenting. I already discovered the truth and updated my post.

  158. Anonymous10:03 AM

    It's like being the editor of an encyclopedia. We need to put all the statements made together in a time line and proof read for accuracy.

    Now that the actual date has been verified does this screw with her "college" dates? Ha! I have no idea, but wouldn't doubt it!

  159. It was nice of Katrina to correct the record. Palin lies so gratuitously that one can't believe her if there is any question of fact, unless somebody can come forward.

  160. However she got into the Miss Alaska thing, there there is no question she did compete in 1984. How on earth she competed in 1985 is the mystery.

    Call it the arcane mysteries of beauty pageants

    The Menards seem to have given her a leg up.

    Whatever. She may have been Miss Wasilla 1983 in spite of messed up dates in Wikipedia etc.

  161. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Off Topic- But, as Granny Sarah's house of cards fall, I hope that Levi gets more support in his custody case.

  162. Anonymous10:20 AM

    This is just another sign of how poorly vetted Sarah Palin was in 2008, and how the MSM has done nothing to factcheck her claims at ANY level.

  163. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Great link for 1984 MISS ALASKA truth.

  164. C'mon guys. Give the lady a break. How can she remember the exact year of winning the title when she can't even get her kids birthday's straight.

  165. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Am just an amateur here in trying to decipher this. But, Katrina Mueller's reply to Gryphen doesn't actually "say" that she was Miss Wasilla 1983. All she says, is that Sarah Heath crowned her (Katrina) Miss Wasilla 1984. Of course, everyone is to assume then that Sarah must have been the previous 1983 Miss Wasilla. But what she? Maybe some technicality in the pageant that's never been explained publicly?

    OK, taking my detective hat off now. Leaving it to the professionals.

  166. Third runner up?

    Third runner up/fourth place or second runner up/ third place?

    Man, I hate beauty pageants on so many levels.

  167. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Only Linda Menard could tell you, what the whole true story is on Miss Wasilla 1983, and the strange re=entry into Miss Alaska in 1985.

    As with everthing O'Paylin, O so bizarre-o.

  168. I am betting that since you have a "reign" that straddles two years (1983/1984) there might be some confusion as to what to call them.

    So since Scarah WAS Miss Wasilla in 1984, that may have been the source of the confusion.

  169. Anonymous11:04 AM

    i love your blog. i come to it every night when i get home from work. please dont stop. of all the alaskan bloggers i think you are my favorite. i love the layout and your non-stop attitude. if i didnt feel that you were in the right...i would think your crazy!!!! i have a very very strong feeling that $arah Palin is nearing the final stretch.....tick tock tick tock.

  170. Now how can we expect the media to question whether she was really pregnant or not when they won't question what year she was Miss Wasilla, when the error was plainly out there. I bet there are those in the media who know more than they've written and are waiting to get the high-sign from the Republican Party "Take Her Down". Then the floodgates are gonna open. Things that at the time didn't seem worth writing about or questioning, but when you add them all together - Iceberg.

  171. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I think that graduation photo was taken at the "Laughing Academy".

  172. Gasman12:02 PM

    How dare you, Gryphen! The TRUTH is whatever Sarah says it is. If you question this, then you are just one of those haters who is simply looking to play that old game of "gotcha" by trying to determine what the facts are.

    If you were a good point guard you'd understand that goin' with the flow is just like those liberal media elite talkin' heads would have us do; to remain on the job while the real Americans were losin' theirs. That's why we should all be quittin' our jobs; in solidarity with Joe six-pack drinkin', gun-totin' lovers of democracy who know better than to ask all those pesky questions while they are wavin' our glorious flag, supportin' our glorious troops, who are fightin' for our glorious democracy as they raise the next generation to respect real American values in the real parts of real America.

    Imagine if we all quit! THEN we'd really get some stuff done, you betcha!. Then we'd all have time to do the hard work that needs to be done. God bless America!

  173. LoveandKnishesFromBrooklyn, Andrew Sullivan linked YOU and GRYPHEN! Be still, my heart! And thank you both!

  174. 4 million Wassilaians were there according to pox noise..

  175. Ferry Fey12:28 PM

    What readers of this and other blogs covering Sarah Palin need to understand is this:

    It is not about nitpicking Sarah Palin trivia. It's about the appalling absence of fact-checking by those who should have been doing it.

    This is about understanding how poorly the media and her political opposition researched this candidate for one of the nation's highest offices. It is about how they took much of what Sarah Palin said at face value, and how independent researchers are finding out later how much of that was lies.

    This is a plea for all future candidates to be truly vetted and assessed before and while they run for political office.

    I can't stress this too strongly. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

  176. Anonymous12:39 PM

    " . . . and WHY did NOBODY from the Palin camp ever correct it?"

    Because Palin probably figured [like everything else in her life] that it didn't matter what year she stated she won; all that mattered was that she won something, sometime, somewhere. The DETAILS regarding ANY issues or events in her life are not important to her; only the fact that she puts something/anything out for media consumption is all that matters.

    So we can all assume that anything she says is NOT ACCURATE, a LIE or LIE BY OMISSION - has always been that way for her and always will be that way. In her world of unreality, the only thing that matters is that her name is in headlines [even in rag papers] or that people are talking about her like the star she believes she is!

    I for one will be so happy when she is no longer recognized as a diva of any description; when the media stops giving her any [none at all] attention when all her lies are proven against actual facts, when her FB pages are recognized for the other author who is actually penning them. It will be wonderful when all her fans understand the truth about her and they state their disillusionment on their conservative blogs. That is never gonna happen, but it is nice to dream.

  177. Remember, $P said it herself during the 2006 gubernatorial debates, when Andrew Halcro let fly with a dazzling stream of True Facts, speaking without notes, and $P said, "Does all that really matter?"

    To some of us it does.

  178. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I'm still finding it strange that in the video accompanying the article
    Palin's visit means reunion for Spokane woman

    Bobbie Worley says "I was 1983 Miss Wasilla" and "I was the outgoing Miss Wasilla, and I gave her the crown in 1984"

    On another note from the ADN article:,5572089&dq=miss+alaska&hl=en

    I learn that Juneau Representative Cathy Munoz (then Cathy Engstrom) was competing for Miss Alaska along with Sarah Palin. She was Miss Mendenhall and then Miss Juneau in 1982. I grew up in Juneau and was not aware of that tidbit of history. Of course I was a kid then and didn't pay attention to those kind of things.

    Alaska is indeed a small town!

  179. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I wonder if that person who posted the clips of Sarah from the pageant during the fall of 2008 would release the full taping - then perhaps the confusion over Miss Congeniality could be cleared up.

  180. I see that Sarah was a not-so-pretty girl who figured out a way to buy herself a pageant title. Now that she's a middle-aged grandmother, she's considered "hot" and she loves it.

    The things that hurt her feelings most are unflattering photos like the Newsweek cover closeup and the cellulite thighs Hawaii vacation photos.

  181. Anonymous3:28 PM

    How interesting: her cheekbones, chin line, nose shape and size, facial puffiness, and eyebrow shape and level have all changed since the date of this 25-year old 'pageant' photo – and all to her advantage. Are we to interpret this as just further proof of her supernatural power? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Very interesting.

  182. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Watching 60Minutes now. The teabaggers are going to go nutz.

  183. I would love to see the full taping too. In her book, Palin says her sister Molly "unearthed an old pageant video," and she quoted part of the Q&A in which a judge asks if Palin thinks a woman can be vice president.

    The part that stopped me was her answer about Alaska's best attributes. She talks about Alaska's beauty and outdoors. Then she says (allegedly): "And Alaska has amazing potential in drilling for oil on the North Slope. But unfortunately some Outsiders don't understand Alaska's potential in developing our vast natural resources."

    Perhaps my response was entirely reflexive, but I found it really hard to believe she said something like that at her age. I wasted HOURS searching online for the full pageant video. A Juneau college student named Richard Millay posted video excerpts of the swimsuit, talent, and evening gown competition in late Sept./early Oct. 2008 and was looking for the Q&A portion when YouTube took them down. Millay got the footage from his mother, who had competed as Miss Juneau when Sarah was Miss Wasilla.

    In an email interview at, Millay said he'd been mired in copyright issues--apparently Splash News was involved, whoever that is. Millay seems like a Palin supporter, based on his MySpace page.

    Of course you can still find the videos that various bloggers squirreled away, but I'd love to know what she actually said in the Q&A. The conspiracy freak in me wonders if she felt free to "quote" herself in her book, knowing the video wouldn't surface again....

  184. Myrtilla4:20 PM

    So, I'm curious, what is this?

    "A star guard at Wasilla High School, she led the Warriors to a state championship in 1982. A year later, she was named princess of the Fur Rendezvous, a winter festival in Anchorage that traces its roots to the area's fur-trapping days, said Trent Flagg, 36, whose mother was on the festival board."


    The only two references I can find to such a thing as "Princess of the Fur Rendevous" are to Palin.

    What are they referring to? Is it sort of the the "Watermelon Queens" we have down in the south? Or some precurser to a pageant?

  185. Myrtilla4:30 PM

    OK. Two seconds of googling later: The Fur Rendevous is a pageant.

    Things may have changed since 1983, but today, the princess is not the winner. The winner is the Queen.

    All the interviews from her family about the Miss Wasilla pageant have them SURPRISED that tomboy Sarah would enter a pageant. But, if this information is accurate, it was not her first pageant.

  186. I won't spoil it for anyone but I just watched 60 minutes. I can not wait for your blog on it tomorow. Then I went on a serror terror site and they still don't believe a word said. Not that I had any doubts but now I know Palin is not capable of running a fruit stand. ;-/ The President? Never make it. Even if by a horrible chance she did win she would have a nervous breakdown within the first week!


  187. McCain’s campaign team devoted only five days to vetting Palin

    Hmm after watching 60 minutes I don't think they did even that. More one lawyer did an online search.


  188. Miss Big Lake?! Tee-hee. No wonder she doesn't like to talk about it.

    And there's another lie. She told someone she was "through" with pageants when she came in third (out of only 11). Instead, she was convinced she'd win if she just tried one more time.

    How on earth did she place with that lousy flute playing for her "talent"?

  189. CGinWI6:26 PM

    So what you are saying is that she lost for Miss Alaska twice?

    Sorry this is trivial and snarky but,

    "hahahahaha, Sarah, you lost twice!"

    More seriously, this whole thing does demonstrate the horrendous difficulty of fact checking anything to do with this woman.

    No wonder I have yet to see a clear and understandable explanation of the whole Matanuska (?) dairy situation.

  190. "In her book, Palin says her sister Molly "unearthed an old pageant video," and she quoted part of the Q&A in which a judge asks if Palin thinks a woman can be vice president."

    Now, that's just an incredibly stupid thing for her to say. Who ever asks someone "can a (fill in the blank) be Vice President?" The natural question is "Can a woman be president?" I'd like to see that video myself. I bet she used "vice president" because that's what she ran for, so it was in her mind.

  191. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Much as I dislike her politics, she isn't an unattractive woman, and she wasn't an unattractive girl.

  192. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Ivy, Geraldine Ferraro was running for VP in 1984; I saw that same question asked at a pageant in my high school that year.

  193. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Why assume Katrina was wrong on the Miss Congeniality? After all, Katrina was there that year and likely to remember who won it in her competition year.

    If Palin has not mentioned the second time she was in the Miss Alaska pageant as Miss Big Lake, perhaps it was because she didn't place. So maybe rather than call attention to that loss, she just put the Miss Congeniality next to her (second) "runner up" title.

    Fewer pageants, more titles, all better in Palin's eyes.

  194. Sarah’s Night Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, on the edge of Wasilla
    Sarah stared out her window, thinking, Snow’s like vanilla . . .
    Vanilla ice cream, that is . . . and she giggled with glee,
    Like my fans on my book tour, like snow, like me.
    And how refreshing we are when the winter feels hot,
    Because Obama’s the President; Global warming it’s not!
    You see, Obama’s to blame for the economy’s state,
    He’s to blame for Al Qaeda, and when gays marry and mate.
    He’s the reason I wasn’t crowned Miss Alaska;
    Didn’t the woman who won look just like him, I’ll ask ya?
    He’s the reason that cute, perky Katy Couric attacked me;
    He’s the reason that guy throwing tomatoes nearly whacked me.
    He wants to change healthcare, impose death panels, and just maybe,
    He’s been thinking about killing my Down’s syndrome baby.
    He’s a shadow of darkness on this cold Christmas Eve night,
    He’s a shadow just hovering over my pure bright white light.
    But don’t worry my true American friends, my tea-partyin’ vanilla family;
    My path’s been foretold and the rapture is near; neither Obama nor witches can stop me!
    After selflessly resigning as governor, the liberals then screamed I’m a quitter,
    But I’m not a lame duck and they won’t keep me from, writing to you on Face Book and Twitter!
    And to you mean pajama-clad bloggers: Yes, I’m talking to Gryphen and Bree,
    And to Muckraker, Sullivan, Celtic Diva and Moore; you haven’t heard the last of me.
    Do you really think the first amendment protects you, as you write your un-American lies?
    Cease now and repent or suffer the wrath of my prayer warriors who pray for your demise.
    And now a shout of encouragement, to the non-elite media, Fox News;
    And to those who welcome the salvation, I bring to the Republican Party blues.
    Now Greta! Now, Glenn! Now Sean Hannity and Neil!
    On, Bachmann! On, Cheney! On McCain and Bill!
    To the top of the ratings charts, to the top of the polls!
    Support Sarah and SarahPAC, until Obama’s head rolls!
    The day will come when evil Democrats, will be in power no more.
    The day will come when God will say, “Sarah, open that door,”
    So Merry Christmas, real Americans! Sweet dreams until the dawn,
    Dream of 2012 and Trig playing on the White House lawn.

  195. Hey Gryphen,

    Just sent you the "Sarah's Night Before Christmas." Am not sure where "REBORN" came from. Should say JW Morgan.

  196. Mueller is hot! Still.

    Too bad s'error ain't.

  197. Anonymous7:31 AM

    There is very little on the web about Sarah being in the Miss Alaska Pageant twice. This is one of the few:

  198. Anonymous8:48 PM

    "It was the prospect of tuition money, friends said, that led her to compete as Miss Wasilla in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant — a little surprising, perhaps, since she “wasn’t a high-heels kind of girl,” as one competitor put it, and found the swimsuit competition “painful,” according to her mother.

    Still, she also vied at one point to be Miss Big Lake (a town near Wasilla), her parents said, and Ms. Bruce, her sister, recalled Ms. Palin competing in another pageant in their valley.

    In the Miss Alaska contest where Ms. Palin won second runner-up and Miss Congeniality, judges were impressed enough by her interview that in their critique of another contestant, they suggested she look to Ms. Palin’s example. (An old program shows that Ms. Palin most likely won $1,075 in scholarship money and gift certificates.)

    “She was a very sweet young lady who everybody liked,” said Maryline Blackburn, who won the contest. But Ms. Blackburn said she also saw flashes of Ms. Palin’s emerging ambition.

    “She had a look in her eye of determination, kind of a sizing people up even behind the smile,” Ms. Blackburn said. The experience seemed to bring out in her some new sense of her options — a realization, as another contestant put it, that “hey, I can do this, and maybe I can do even better.”"

  199. I suppose this doesn't matter too much anymore but I realized she actually had to have participated in at least 5 pageants.

    1) July 1st 1983- Palin wins Miss Wasilla, qualifying her for next year's Miss Alaska

    2) June 28th 1984-Palin comes in 2nd place for Miss Alaska

    3) June 30th 1984-Palin loses Miss Wasilla

    4) July 29th 1984-Palin wins Miss Big Lake, qualifying her for Miss Alaska in the next year

    5) June 22nd 1985-Palin comes in 4th or whatever at Miss Alaska


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