Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bloggers and the Barracuda or A funny thing happened on my way to Wasilla.

Okay gang story time!

Come with me for a trip in the wayback machine. Back to the days when the waters of the Gulf of Mexico were still a beautiful turquoise blue, when Barack Obama still retained that new President smell, and when Sarah Palin was still just an angry ex-Vice Presidential nominee hating her life, hating her job, and especially, hating the media.

This incident took place during the time between the great Turkey Massacre of November 2008 and the shocking and bizarre resignation speech of July 2009. In fact the exact date was January 10, 2009, and the place was the AT&T Sports Center in Wasilla Alaska.

My friends and I had formulated an idea for a video that could be embedded on my blog, and possibly other places as well. The idea was simply to drive out to Wasilla and interview a few of the locals about their feelings concerning Sarah Palin, sort of like the Daily Show had once done.

So I, Dennis Zaki, and few other people, loaded up in my car and started the 60 mile drive from Anchorage to Wasilla. At one point during the ride I jokingly asked what we would do if we actually ran into Sarah Palin. Everybody had a good laugh at that unrealistic possibility.

If only we had known then how the day would turn out.

After arriving in Wasilla we went out onto the frozen Lake Lucille to get some still shots of the Palin house (for use in the video), visited the now iconic Mugshot Saloon (we decided it was too smoky for any good interviews), and ended up interviewing people outside of the Wasilla Wal-Mart.

We got a few interesting responses, and met a few real characters, but the weather was working against us.

Now the temperature outside was in the low twenties, but there was a fierce wind blowing that brought the temperature down several degrees whenever it kicked up, and it easily penetrated our layers of clothing and snatched away our body heat with every gust. After about an hour or so in front of the Wal-Mart we were frozen solid, and we desperately needed someplace to warm up.

It was decided that we would go to a local sports center and hopefully get permission to interview some people in a much warmer location. So off we went.

When we arrived at the AT&T Sports Center we found the parking lot jam packed with cars (Apparently there was a basketball tournament scheduled for that day), but fortunately just as we were about to give up hope and drive away a space opened up fairly close to the entrance.

After parking the vehicle some of our group went directly inside while Dennis and I unloaded the film equipment from the car.

Now unlike blogging, which requires relatively few accessories, making a film involves quite a few bulky items which must be hauled from place to place. Besides asking the actual questions and holding the microphone during interviews I also carried the tripod, and a bag or two of equipment when we moved from one destination to another. And this was how I was encumbered as Dennis held the door open for me at the sports center.

As I passed into the relative warmth inside the first set of double doors, I heard Dennis say “Oh hi, I did not expect to see YOU here!”

(Now I know some of you are WAY ahead in determining who Dennis was talking to, but bear with me as the Gryphen of 2009 catches up to you.)

I turned back to see who Dennis was talking to and watched Sarah Palin, with Willow and Piper close behind, and a handful of other people (one of who was carrying Trig) walking in through the doors behind me. Sarah warmly greeted Dennis (who had interviewed her numerous times in the past), and then walked through the second set of doors that I was holding open, and into the foyer of the sports center.

Dennis and I shot each other an incredulous look and right then I knew that our little trip to Wasilla had now gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

We found a spot to put the equipment down and Dennis told me that he wanted to ask Sarah for an interview. I believe my response was something along the lines of “Hell, no!” After all I was still an anonymous blogger and had no intention of walking up to the Governor of our state, who I had been giving the hardest time imaginable on my blog, and saying “Hi, my name is Gryphen. Do you want to do a taped interview with me?”

I might be wrong, but my best guess is that not only would I NOT get an interview, but that I would have been chased out of town by the authorities.

“Don’t worry she knows me. I have interviewed her plenty of times. And if you don’t want to give your real name we can just make up any old name for you.” Dennis replied.

I was not thrilled, but I agreed that getting an interview with Sarah, especially since she had avoiding the press lately, was not something I could expect Dennis to pass up.

So we located the basketball court that Willow’s team was playing on, and Dennis set up the equipment as I went to find the rest of our group who we had lost sight of in all of the excitement.

After I located my friends and told them what was up (which they wanted no part of) I went back to where Dennis and the camera were. By that time Dennis had already spoken to Sarah and she had agreed to be interviewed, but only after the game had reached the halftime mark.

So Dennis and I patiently stood around and discussed which questions to ask the Governor when we interviewed her. I told him I was not really interested in asking any so-called “gotcha questions” or asking her anything to make her feel uncomfortable since essentially we were invading her private time with her family.

So we agreed that I would ask something simple about people's perceptions of Wasilla after it had received so much attention during her candidacy. I also came up with a few other fairly innocuous questions, but there was one that I simply could not resist asking.

At that time the internet was abuzz with excerpts from an interview where Palin had discussed with John Ziegler her frustration over the “conspiracy” surrounding the birth of Trig, and had blamed anonymous bloggers for convincing news sources to take the story seriously. I felt that I simply could not pass up the opportunity to ask her about anonymous bloggers, especially since I was in fact an anonymous blogger. The gods of irony simply demanded that I put that in with my list of questions.

Ah, but what to call myself. Since I was still not sure about using my real name I struggled to come up with another one instead. I suggested that we use “Joey” since I have a family member named Joey and it would be easy to remember.

While we waited we watched Willow's basketball game, which seemed to go on forever. The whole time I made sure not to stare at the governor and her family so as not to make them uncomfortable.

I decided to use the restroom before the interview and went to find one. Afterward I went to assure my friends that we would be done soon and then we could head back to town.

When I arrived back at the court, where Dennis and the camera were, I saw that Dennis was engaged in a conversation with Sarah who apparently was now ready for her interview somewhat earlier than I had anticipated.

I quite literally was handed the microphone the minute I walked up, heard Dennis introduce me as “Joey”, and we were off. Here is the interview from that day.

And here is a picture taken by a friend of Dennis and myself conducting that interview.

Now I thought that the interview went pretty well and I was really glad to have it over with. (I apologize for the poor sound quality, but there was a lot of noise and since this was one of my very first interviews I kept forgetting to get the microphone near my mouth when I was the one doing talking.) However as we started to pack up our things Palin continued to hang around and began to ask questions, such as “where was I from”, and “did I have a kid on one of the teams”, and a bunch of other questions while becoming more and more agitated. I answered a few but sort of ignored the more probing ones, while gathering up the tripod and the rest of the equipment.

We finished packing things up, thanked her for the interview, and exited the building to load up the car. After we finished I left Dennis outside with the equipment and went inside to get my friends and tell them that we were ready to hit the road.

When I located them in the sports center one of my friends asked “Did you see her?”

“See who?” I asked warily.

“Sarah Palin! When you left she handed Trig to Piper and charged across the middle of the basketball court in hot pursuit of you guys!”

Uh oh!

As we walked toward the exit we kept our eyes peeled, but did not see any sign of the Governor, so I figured that maybe it was no big deal and that she had given up and decided to rejoin her kids on the basketball court.

However when I climbed into the car I asked Dennis if HE had seen Palin.

“Oh yeah” he said. “She came out with a notebook and wrote down your license plate number.”

Uh oh!

I started the engine and we left the parking lot. As we drove I kept looking to see if the Wasilla police were suddenly going to appear in my rear view mirror. However we kept assuring each other that we had really done nothing wrong and that we certainly could not be arrested for interviewing the Governor. (Though to be honest I kept hearing the dueling banjoes from Deliverance playing in my head.)

Just a few minutes after leaving the sports center Dennis’s phone rang and we all jumped.

He looked at the number and said “Frank Bailey.”

Uh oh, again!

I listened as Dennis talked to Bailey who was calling on behalf of a clearly angry and suspicious Governor Palin. When asked who I was Dennis started off saying “Joey”, but as the conversation continued he slipped a few time and used my real name, “Jesse”. Joey, Jesse, Joey, Jesse, it went back and forth several times. I kept looking over at Dennis trying to get his attention to let him know he was not sticking to the story, but he never once looked in my direction until the call was already over. (By the way we never volunteered my last name.)

(Later I would be teased mercilessly by my fellow bloggers who until today were among the very few to hear this story and who, for several months, always referred to me as “Joey-Jesse”.)

When Dennis got off the phone he said that Palin was not happy and that he probably would not be getting any more interviews with her. (He never did.)

We stopped at a little Mexican restaurant in Wasilla to get some lunch and discussed what had just happened. Because the incident had clearly upset the Governor, and we did not want to give her cause to believe she had been set up, we decided to keep this story to ourselves until some undetermined time in the future.

After what happened to Joe McGinniss I decided it was time to tell the story.  So I checked with Dennis and my other friends, who had been part of the decision to wait, and got their okay to tell all of you this bizarre tale.

Now let me just say that I have always regretted the fact that I was dishonest with Sarah Palin. Essentially it was only a small lie, and not even in the same category as the whoppers that she has been caught telling, but it was a lie nonetheless and I usually pride myself on being scrupulously honest.

However, looking back, even if I had given her my real name, it would have changed absolutely nothing. Clearly Sarah Palin was highly paranoid and whether I called myself “Joey” or “Jesse” she was still going to chase us out into that parking lot.

Now fast forward to August of 2009.

As many of you already know that was the month that I wrote the Splitsville story. After that my anonymity came to an end, resulting in death threats against me and the harassment of the people working in the elementary school where I had been employed.

The website that “outed” me has always claimed to have discovered my name on their own with their “super internet sleuthing powers”. But the fact remains that Sarah Palin wrote down my license plate number on January 10th. She certainly did not write it down just for fun, so it stands to reason that she made a call shortly afterward and discovered the name assigned to that license plate number, which would mean that from that day forward she was well aware of “Gryphen’s” true identity.

Now when Van Flein sent an e-mail threatening to sue me he used my real name and threatened to serve it “at the kindergarten where you assist or at your residence,” which means somebody gave him my name well before those idiot bloggers were unleashed.

There is of course no way to prove it, but I think the circumstantial evidence suggests that Sarah Palin herself was the one responsible for the revelation of my real name, and that the right wing blogger, who bragged about having direct contact with Sarah Palin's attorney, indirectly got it from her.

You know the funny thing is that the interview was only mildly interesting. It showed up on a few news programs, but only because she mentioned anonymous bloggers. Compared to the vast majority of interviews Sarah gave this one was pretty harmless.

So essentially she overreacted to something that ended up not being that big of a deal, just like she did when Joe McGinniss moved in next door. And isn't that a pattern we have observed over and over again with Sarah Palin?

P.S. I have made reference in the past to the fact that I suspected Trig Palin may have been, at least partially, deaf well before it was public knowledge.  This was the day that those suspicions first arose.  Go back and watch the interview again.  At the 1:23 mark there is a VERY loud buzzer which sounds. It literally made me jump, but notice that Trig, who is kind of nodding off in Sarah's arms, does not even budge.


  1. Aussie Blue Sky6:31 AM

    You have to wonder why she bothered to go to the basketball. I wonder who she's hassling.

  2. As I mentioned she was there to watch Willow's team play.

  3. mocha6:48 AM

    "Bloggers should have to use their names" What a piece of unAmerican horseshit. Once again proving that Palin is first of all paranoid and a control freak and second, she has no knowledge of American history and "The Founders" who she loves to call to mind. Her favorites? "all of them". She should know that writing criticisms of the govt and its officials under anonymous names is an American tradition going back to before the Revolution. One of the most famous, Benjamin Franklin who wrote as Busy Body, Silence Dogood and Obadiah Plainman. Hamilton wrote as Publius and Pacifus, among others. John Adams wrote as Populus and A Son of Liberty. Apparently publication of some of their writings was funded anonymously by Jefferson. So Gryph, you are carrying on a fine American tradition. By the way, Palin's in good company, the anonymous bloggers of the day drove Washington crazy too. I think if anyone threatens you again you need to seek a restraining order.

  4. mocha6:49 AM

    The Founding Fathers were bloggers too

  5. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I love it! First off, your post was funny, I could almost see you in action, what an adventure!

    But secondly..Wow, this shows just how life with Sarah must be. She over reacts for sure...She thinks she is above the law. A Queen of Sorts for sure!

  6. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Was there a smell of sulfur when you got close to her?

  7. London Bridges7:15 AM

    "So, Trigson Paxton Van Palin: What is your REAL name?"

  8. WakeUpAmerica7:34 AM

    Did you notice the "mark of the beast" on her?

  9. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Gee gyph,
    this has us laughing in the tallimat household!
    couple this with the Flea Trap lunch and yeah, coffee spew...

    frankly, I use Scarah as a study in what is NO accountably for my kids...
    Scarah is a perfect example of how not to behave.

  10. Sarah is a paranoid little bully. She is the last person I want in a position of power.

  11. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Too funny, Gryphen! I can't believe you kept this quiet all this time. Wonder what finally made her suspicious? She's certainly all smiles in the tape.

  12. Who has the capability/authority to "run the plate"? Maybe I am misinformed but I thought only law enforcement had that capability....which makes me wonder who Sarah called to do it!

  13. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I have lived all over the state including Wasilla and I can guarantee you that people that live in Wasilla think that Anchorage is a shithole. For the most part they live their for a reason. Anchorage to them is full of gangs and lowlifes who they do not want their kids or themselves around. They will shop in Anchorage but soon they will have what big box stores they want and not have to come into Anchorage or to them the big city. I have always thought that a toll gate should be put up outside Eagle River to collect in and out. That way maybe we could keep some of the real lowlife out.

  14. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I DID notice that the sleeping baby never moved when the buzzer went off. I have suspected he was deaf since the RNC. That convention clearly was above the 106 db recommended limits for human ears.

    When the pictures of the deformed ears came out, again I thought it explained a lot. The special olympics video (that has since been pulled from the internet) showed him wearing a hearing device and glasses.

  15. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Also, too,....she is fairly attractive in that video in a librarian/school marm way.

    Her looks have really gone to pot in just 2 years.

  16. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I guess Alaska has no privacy law - I believe in other states, you need probable cause for running a license plate. (But maybe that does not go for a Governor(In Name Only)...

  17. Running outside to get your plate #? That's rich. Especially considering that bloggers are so beneath her that she literally never even gives them a second thought. Given her vindictive nature and the fact that you live there, I think you can be excused for fudging your name. What happened when it came out pretty much vindicates you, anyway.

  18. laprofesora8:07 AM

    If she was so suspicious, why did she agree to the interview? All she had to do was say,"no". Oh, wait a minute, someone put a camera in her face. The media whore could never turn away from a functioning camera. The interview itself seemed pretty benign. But that's not good enough for S'Crazy, she had to stir up a controversy where there was none. Lunatic.

  19. she's a fraud8:07 AM

    Sarah Palin is a paranoid coward, liar, quitter and fraud.

    And she has NEVER followed through on any of those Van Flein lawsuit threats because a lawsuit would expose Palin through discovery, subpoenas and depositions as the fraud that she truly and absolutely is.

  20. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Sorry if this seems off topic, but it's not. My story of how I told the truth even when it hurt: We moved into an apartment rental. Had our digital cable all set up through our cable company. The digital box, which was provided by the company had a value of $500. Our contract specified that if any damage was done to it, we were responsible to pay for damages, unless a natural disaster or what was printed on the contract, as an "Act of God".

    One day, we had a lightning storm. Our power went off, and our digital box got fried. Coincidentally, our landlord had also been in our apt. right before the storm fixing an electrical panel. We weren't sure which incident caused the damage. Cable guy arrives, inspects damage, was of the opinion it was the landlord's fault. And, knowing the landlord, he would never reimburse us for the $500. So Cable Guy suggests he writes on his inspection report that it was an Act of God, even though we knew it wasn't.

    I'd been taught never to lie. A little voice told me, it's not honest. Don't do it. So, I swallowed hard, and decided to do the honest thing, asking him to change his written observation and honestly report that the blown machine was caused no doubt by the landlord's tampering with the electrical where our equipment wasn't grounded, and it fried.

    Was all distraught, expecting in a few days to get the call from cable co. telling us we owed tham $500.

    To our surprise, we got a new replacement digital box, free of charge, and didn't have to pay for damages for the old one. Why? They told me because on the fine print of the contract that "lighting" from a thunderstorm to them was NOT considered an Act of God. Go figure. So, we didn't have to pay the $500. I was honest, and it paid off.

    I decided that total honesty was the best policy. Not to say I'm perfect or haven't lied in my time, and that it's not tempting, but I got a good lesson from that.

    Back to topic. Wow, SP taking someone's license plate number. She seems bent on revenge for such a small matter. Can anyone imagine if a foreign leader got caught doing something untoward to a God-forbid "President Palin"? She'd have the world in a pile of ashes just because someone looked at her the wrong way.

  21. Oh, and if she wishes to rebut anything bloggers have published she should simply do so. The source shouldn't matter. Take for instance her faked pregnancy. If that was a lie by bloggers, proving it a lie would be simplicity itself. She wants the bloggers' names so she can target them for harassment because she can't rebut their claims.

  22. That was a great story, and the video showed Sarah in as favorable a light as I have ever seen. What on earth was she so suspicious and paranoid about? She didn't say or do anything she needed to suppress. It wasn't momentous and if aired, it would have faded from anyone's memory in about .... 5 minutes.

    What makes it momentous now is how she handled the situation. This brings to mind one of my mother's favorite sayings, "Think before you act." She has had numerous opportunities to take charge of mundane or bad situations and make them really positive. But she is stuck in negativity mode. Someone needs to reboot that girl.

    I find that it is these negatively oriented people who are attracted to the likes of ultra conservative politics and fundamentalist Christianity. Everything is doom and gloom to them. Their only hope for the future is to turn the clock back to the past.

    Now here's the really sad part of the story. Sarah has the looks and personality to attract attention. She had a successful head start in politics in Alaska. Had she chosen a moderate Republican stance on issues, she could have tried to steer the party to being more cooperative with Obama and really getting this country turned around. She would have been viewed as the one person who rescued the Republican party from slipping into madness. She could have used this time to learn and travel and rally the country to work together. She could have taught this country that Limbaugh and Beck are destroying the fabric of the country and people would have listened. She could have been viewed as a unifier and savior. She would have set herself up for a decent shot at the WH. And she would have stood a chance at being viewed favorably in the history books 50 years from now. She threw all of that away.

    I just love that phrase about when life hands you lemons...

    I'm afraid Sarah couldn't make lemonade if you handed her the Country Time Lemonade canister.

  23. You know what is interesting Gryphen? All law enforcement use NCIC (National Crime Information Center)and a state center just for statewide searches, here in Ga. it is GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center).

    With these agencies there are strict rules and guidelines how information is gathered and disseminated. Through these agencies you can find personal and other information on individuals.

    One of the rules is you can not just run names, plates, etc. with out a reason (just for the hell of it) even on yourself. There are very stiff penalties and prison time for abusing this source. Also the agency that runs these type of searches are subject to lose their license for these bogus searches and lose the equipment that essentially they need to do their jobs. They would be in a blackout. I am a certified TAC operator in Ga., you have to take a series of exams and updates yearly.

    Needless to say I am sure they are not stupid enough (well come to think of it) to admit that is what they had done. Your tag number is a source of abundant information.

  24. Anonymous8:38 AM

    What the heck could she accuse you of that day -
    she could've walked away at any point. It was a public place. Instead of addressing all the so-called
    'lies' she says are perpetuated against her, she
    just fuels the flames going all paranoid. That was
    Bailey one of her attack dogs, right? If he threatened you guys it should've been reported,
    because there's really nothing you & Dennis could've
    been charged with. Just like when that radio guy
    scammed her pretending to be the Frence pres. Gosh, I
    wish she'd go away.

    Sharon TN

  25. Anonymous8:56 AM

    GenieO, your description of what could have been makes me sad. It is true, she had many options for what to do next and chose the meanest and easiest.

    She could also have become an advocate for the disabled for real and become majorly sympathetic to many more people.

  26. angela8:58 AM

    Now that's what one of my favorite children's book authors would call the bad beginning. But one that was funny as hell.

    So Scarah has always been a paranoid—too much make-up probably. The McCain people said she trusted no one. Not even her own family. (Of course her father does have a big mouth. Has he been let out of the dungeon since he told the world that Sarah doesn't make her own decisions?)

    It's interesting that Sarah is such a paranoid and wants to know the names of bloggers. When will she tell us EVERYONE who has written her op-eds to the Washington Post, some of her less word salady and hysterical face book posts and goodness knows we'd love to know her puppeteers names?

    What do you say Gryphen, what about going for another interview with neurotic nitwit?

  27. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Excellent post Gryph!

    GenieO you made a very eloquent statement and I hope sarah plain is reading this. sarah look what you could have had if you made the right choice and vowed to help America, not yourself.

    Despite the fact palin is an incurious soul, if the right kind of people were around her they could have fashioned her into a semi-coherent person. (think W.)

    Since she chose money and selling her soul to the RNC and big oil puppet masters all is lost.
    The integrity ship sailed long ago and rammed into an iceberg that will drag her down.

  28. Anonymous9:01 AM

    @tewise......... Yes it is true there are penalties for accessing the database without a lawful reason. However, as I am sure you know these laws never apply to Palin. She would just say Bailey did it on his own without her asking him to and he would be the one in trouble. Palin NEVER accepts responsibility for anything.

  29. London Bridges9:11 AM

    Here is a topic for a post or series of posts I would like to see. Sarah Palin's sense of humor. Does she have one? I'm not talking about sadism. In private? Among friends? Among family? In public? Doe she ever make fun of herself? Her family? The stories about her ink smeared palm and bendy straws are not attempts at humor. Anyone ever see Sarah, the humorist???

  30. Anonymous9:13 AM

    So what's your point?

  31. Gryphen,

    Great job!

    Years ago, about 18 or so, I still had very young children and had just given birth. I had heard from a reliable source that my neighbor in my apt building was a child molester. It scared me to death. I had an acquaintance on the Police Force and asked him if he could run his name to see if it were true. Not to cause trouble, just to be very careful. The Officer told me that it was illegal to run some one's name through the computer without reasonable cause. He told me if he did it and was caught, he would lose his job. I don't think (at the time) it was a state thing, I think it was national. But since they passed the Patriot Act, and being a Gov. who lies, she probably could have gotten it done without any problems. Just something to think about. The Patriot Act took a lot of our freedom's and rights away. They could probably do anything and it would be legal.
    The more desperate Palin gets (and she is getting very desperate) the more dangerous and paranoid she will be. Never forget that old saying, Desperate people do desperate things.
    Watch your back in other words!
    Good luck with all the rest. And thanks for giving us an inside peek at the Paranoid Witch.

  32. Gryph, is this why you and Dennis were on the "do not admit" list at her book signing in Wasilla?

    Funny story. You asked legitimate questions. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Anonymous9:18 AM

    The Untold Truth, hiding in plain view:

    "On July 5th, Bristol Palin makes her television acting debut. The young mother of Trigg and Trip Palin, will appear on an episode of ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of an American Teenager.”

  34. Pat in MA9:23 AM

    jeez, what a psycho - all smiley and nice, and despite typical word salad, really not a controversial interview - boo to anonymous bloggers, yay to Wasilla. So what the heck made the switch in her pea brain flip to chase you guys? Paranoia much? She always reacts after the fact, and always with vindictive snark and negativity. Palinoscope has a great piece on teh stupid.

  35. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Someone else has mentioned it but it bears repeating--her looks have really gone downhill in such a short time. I can't believe how deceptively soft, pretty and pleasant she used to look.

    I love GenieO's comment above. Sarah is so evil now that it's easy to forget that she has natural gifts and talents that could have made her a positive force in the world if she had chosen to use them differently.

    Can you imagine Obama being paranoid enough to run out and write down a license plate number like that? How many times have he and other public figures been interviewed by unknown reporters? Thousands probably.

    Last thing--there was nothing threatening about that interview. If running the plate was illegal like 8:32 says, it shows how readily she uses power for personal reasons. She can never be president, can you imagine??? Reporters would be jailed and papers shut down.

    1. Anonymous5:41 AM

      She has never looked soft in the face. And why do you drag President Obama into this conversation? Palin is not even in his league.

  36. Anonymous9:30 AM

    You can actually see the point in the video where she begins to suspect she's talking to the anonymous bloggers. About 58 seconds in she licks her lips and her nostrils start to flare.

  37. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I enjoyed your story, and the way you told it. But, Gryphen, you are beating yourself up over nothing. Here are a couple of points to consider:

    1. Supposed that Dennis borrowed your car because his wasn't up to the trip to Wasilla. Running your plate was an invasion of privacy, and it, alone, is no proof that you were there or the driver. In our state, there are red light cameras (and speed cameras) which catch a photo of the offending plate as the car breezes through the intersection or speeds along the highway. The tickets are having trouble sticking in court when the owner of the car can prove that he wasn't driving the car at the time. Your car and your plate do not mean that you were there.

    2. You are much too worried about this Joey/Jessie thing. Supposed that was a nickname that was left over from childhood, and only a few close friends called you that. It was not deception. It was more dishonest of Sarah (following company talking points) to call end-of-life counseling a death panel, or any of the other misstatements that she has made. When we go to a restaurant and they ask for a name to put on the list waiting for tables, my husband gives the first name that pops into his head, rather than our real name. It's not a lie; we don't want our name called out in public.

    3. Sarah could have refused the interview by simply stating that this was a private family moment, she was there with a baby in her arms to watch her daughter's basketball game. It was her choice to accept to do the interview or not. As General McChrystal learned the hard way, once you agree to go "on the record," you had better be careful about what you say.

    4. Once Sarah agreed, she must have had second thoughts about something that she said to make her run out to catch your license plate number. Either she spoke to someone (thanks, faithful blackberry) or she realized that, once again, she said something dumb, but that was her mistake, not yours. Those are the perils of being in public office and speaking on the record. Sarah is the one who has sought her special kind of celebrity-politician status. She asked for it; she got it, and the kind of attention it attracts. (Celebrity is a bitch).

    5. What the story does show is that Sarah Palin does not belong in politics if she is going to continue to have such thin skin. A run for President would subject her to ten times the scrutiny and vetting that the McCain campaign was so casual about. She is reactive to the slightest insult or joke, yet her very actions encourage that kind of response. What did she think people would say about her when she showed up at the Belmont Stakes dressed for the Bikers' Wet T-shirt contest.

    6.From the little that I saw regarding Sarah, Todd and Troopergate, my guess is that as soon as she finished the interview, she was talking and/or texting Todd (thank you, faithful advisor) and he said, "What the Hell were you thinking? Who were those guys? You run out there and get their ID and I'll show them how we talk to the press," or words to that effect.

    What your story showed is how petty, immature and reactive Sarah Palin was, even while holding the highest office in Alaska. There was another politician who was equally paranoid, even though he was brilliant, knew a great deal about politics, foreign policy, winning and losing. That was Richard Nixon. You have shown us the reason why Sarah reacted so strongly to the presence of yet another writer taking a good look at her. She has been fooling people in Alaska and the US for a while now, and she is getting very frightened of being caught at it.

    PS Good catch at realizing the Trig has hearing issues.

  38. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Funny how Sarah wasn't carrying Trig when they entered the building, but carried him in her arms when she was doing the interview. What is it about her needing a baby shield between her when she perceives she might have to answer hard questions? What will she do when they all grow up, maybe hold a puppy, or a stuffed toy?

  39. Reminds me of when she was punked by the Canadian DJ's and when she FINALLY realized she was NOT speaking to the President of France - first thing she did was to DEMAND the call letters of the radio station.
    A smart reaction would have been to laugh and say she suspected it all along, and was just going along with the joke.
    Revenge for any sleight, real or imagined.
    It's how she rolls.

  40. Ferry Fey9:46 AM

    I've fallen asleep at rock concerts a couple of times and had little babies fall asleep under any number of loud conditions. So while Trig may indeed have hearing problems, not responding to the buzzer in the midst of a lot of white noise, is not proof of it.

  41. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I'm visiting you blog everyday.

    As a european (german), i can't understand that so many americans take SP serious, even that she was once a candidat for vice president.

  42. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Deep down Sarah knows she is a fraud. I think she would probably love to be the person GenieO describes, but she can't be because she isn't. She is a small-town girl who went from 2nd rate pageant queen to second-rate mayor to governor of a corrupt state in a very short time. She was picked by McCain in the most callous political move I have ever witnessed in my lifetime and thrust on the national stage with so much baggage and so many warts that even her witch doctor couldn't have made her whole.

    I can't even imagine how much time Palin obsesses on worrying about 'being found out'. The fact the she is 'found out' daily by the anonymous bloggers is turning her into a very sick woman who knows in her heart of hearts that eventually she will be exposed for the fraud she knows she is.

    But JJ (my new name for Gryphen...) I have a question. You say when the P-entourage walked into the arena someone else was carrying Trig, yet there he was, front and center at your interview. I'm curious if she ever held Trig during the time they were there except when you were interviewing her. Was he being used as a prop even for your interview?

  43. Forever Anonymous10:12 AM

    Well, maybe she thought Dennis was going to do the interview and with the camera rolling....she had to go with the flow......only dead fish do that, she was simmering as she smiled.

    "Oh, have we been prank? Whaats, whats the station call letters"...Oh my you could have been one of the Canadian prankster!!

    As always, she used Trig as a barrier...was it necessary to bring him to this public event?...

    Is that clip the whole interview?

    She must have felt very, very good when she was able to have your name on a secret blacklist and have "authorities" escort you out of the sport center she was signing books. The man in charge said he got your picture out the internet. I don't think so.

    Why didn't you connect that story to this one? It shows Palin lasting resentment and vindictiveness.

  44. Anonymous10:19 AM

    In this interview, I see a Sarah Palin not yet focussed on making the big dollars. It's interesting how Sarah Palin was willing to give a casual interview in Jan. 2009. Because by July 2009 she clearly had a much better idea how much she was worth on the open market.

    In Jan 2009, I'm guessing that the puppetmaster(s) had not activated their little goldmine. Brainless little Palin was frittering away her time with drop-by journalists at a school basketball game. Her self-regard has grown exponentially in just 18 months. Drug assisted no doubt.

  45. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Sarah's grudge against you and Zaki have more to do with your telling the truth about her than any one incident. Aren't we coming up on the year anniversary of "Splitsville" this summer? If there had been any teeth in Van Flein's threats, you would have posted the IM Defense Fund Trust button long ago. Sarah simply cannot bear it when someone reveals the truth about something she thought she was covering up. It's the fact that Sarah over-reacts to the slightest thing. "They are parenting their butts off," "They are not high school drop outs," "He is going to spy on Piper in her bedroom," "He is going to spy on me when I mow the lawn in my tank top with Trig strapped to my back," "We bartered for the fence."

  46. What would Reagan do?10:36 AM

    The vision of Sarah personally getting your license plate number is TERRIFIC!!!! What a hoot!!!! I would love to see a SNL skit.

    I am doing my best to imagine my former Governor doing that! Nancy took such good care of her Ronnie, she may have been the one to go to the parking lot for the info. Would Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger make a run to the parking lot if he encountered a mysterious possible anonymous blogger? Now when the Schwarzenegger's leave office will he scrub the official Office of the Governor site? Schwarzenegger gets pregnant... If a governor should be given a free reign to SCRUB THE INTERNET, Arnie is a #1 candidate although his gov photos are pretty good.

    The ROTFFLMAO factor is huge. The glimpse into her paranoia not so funny but another great piece of the whole picture of her mental health. Keep up the great work. This is classic, all the better if her small group of mindless robots can't get it. Thank you!!!!

  47. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Hey Gryphen, thanks for telling the story, & you have NOTHING to feel guilty about. You were not hard on her at all, if fact she comes across well. And basically you were anonymous, having not given your last name. So Joey, Jesse, whatever, no big deal, you did her no harm.

    She harmed herself by making a fuss over nothing. Thanks again, this will not affect your credibility whatsoever. And as I said last night, ROCK ON, Karen

  48. Anonymous10:51 AM

    In what respect Charlie?

    [About mocking Sarah Palin claiming Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy expertise] - "It's funny that [they] would take that and turn it into [she meant to try and say caricature] . . .[at this point in the interview she just gives up, you can see that she isn't even pretending to try anymore, she knows she's lost and out of her depth with Katie Couric]

    [On John McCain's 20+ record in the U.S. Senate, instances or legislation in which his maverick ways is demonstrated] - "I'll try and find some for ya and get back to ya."

    [On what magazine she reads to keep up with current events] - Any of them, all of them that have been put in front of me all these years.

    [On what Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with other than Roe V. Wade] - "In the great history of rulings in this United States, there have been many that not all American People agree with." [A specific one was not mentioned.]

    [Which founding father is your favorite?] - "All of them."

    [What lies are perpetrated on Sarah Palin and family by bloggers and the MSM?] - at the :55 mark of Gryphen's video: "I can't even begin, there are too many of them."

    She always gives generalizations, she NEVER cites specific examples. Lamestream Media, Anonymous Bloggers, everything they say is makin things up. The only truth is issued from her Facebook posts and Tweets? She thinks that cuts it for the American public? For world leaders?

    And her voice. . .oh god. You couldn't pay me six figures to sit and listen to her talk, but she remains in demand. Train wreck.

  49. anon @ 9:32 I think you are kind to try to give Gryph a pass to alleviate the guilt he mentioned. But I have a different take to share.

    I am not so pure as to never lie. I would lie to protect a secret for a surprise party or baby shower. I would lie in a heartbeat to save someone's life or protect them from harm.

    Gryph's little lie was harmless enough, but I can't see the purpose for it. I doubt that his real name would have meant anything to Sarah.

    We all know that Gryph has a heart as big as Alaska. It shows in the subjects he chooses to post about. He cares about people - all people, friends and strangers alike. He cares about the state of Alaska and his country. He cares about the environment and animals. For all his growling, Uncle Gryph is just one big Teddy Bear. And his growling is directed at those who would harm or destroy. This shows he has a genuine social conscience. But this little confession and feeling of guilt, shows he has a personal conscience as well. He really wants to do right and do it ethically. I say good for him. Don't let it get out of control, Gryph, but keep the little twinges alive - they will keep you from a repeat.

    The reason I feel this way goes back to Sarah and her religious beliefs. These are people with an agenda - to take the country and the world for God. And they have no qualms about what methods they use to get there. They are 'chosen' and if they have to lie, cheat, or steal for a higher purpose, well, that's just fine. If they can manage some personal gain along the way, it just shows that God favors them above all others.

    I like to think that we are above that deceptive and destructive way of thinking. We can choose to do right, even if it means we will fail in our mission. We will find another way. We will be the beacons of hope and when people examine our beliefs, our words, and our actions, they will find goodness and dignity.

    Obama's Audacity of Hope is a much more beautiful picture than the dominionists' vision of Armageddon.

  50. Anonymous10:56 AM

    What was she going to do, scream "Quit blogging! Quit blogging right now!" A la Ivy Frye? LOL.

  51. Anonymous10:56 AM

    So, Im pretty sure she caught onto something about 2/3 of the way through the video. her tone changed. and someone there could have known you were Gryphen and told her. the end of the interview seemed too weird to have been completely paranoia.

    it's a fun story though.

  52. Todd (not that Todd)10:56 AM

    Just 'cause I'm always picky about the details... It looks like you were at the AT&T Sports Center on the Palmer/Wasilla Highway. So the Wasilla Police Department would have no jurisdiction there. That would be the Troopers.

  53. To answer a couple of your questions.

    Yes Sarah held Trig while they watched Willow play. If I remember correctly he was passed off between Sarah, Piper, and one other female adult whose name I don't know.

    However the entire time Sarah was sitting on the sidelines she was working the two Blackberries that were glued to her hands.

    Somebody said that the fact that Trig did not respond to the buzzer was not proof that he is deaf. That is true, but what I said was that it made me suspect that he might be at least partially deaf. We now know, based on pictures of him with hearing aids and interviews, that he does indeed suffer from hearing loss.

  54. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Whew--is Sarah paranoid much?

    Her looks are going downhill (from the stress of all the deceptions and the above mentioned paranoia)?

    Ya gotta wonder what other crap she's REALLY trying to hide...

    1. Anonymous6:09 AM

      All that hatefulness, evil, meanness, nastiness, and bitterness in her heart is now showing on her face.

  55. PROOF....not all liberal bloggers run around in their underwear unlike a certain ex-gover'not.

  56. Anonymous11:21 AM

    That's our Sarah! She's takin' names and kickin' butt. The Merikan Way: Do you looooove yer Freeeedom?

  57. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Sarah has a humongous guilty conscience or she wouldn't react like this, the way she does.

  58. sjk - underwear? WTH? I thought it was pajamas.

    I have to say, some of you guys are soooo funny. I have had a full quota of chuckles today and there's still hours to go.

  59. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Very entertaining post, Gryph! The image of Palin running out to your car to copy your car tag with the music of "Dueling Banjos" in the background is priceless.

    Ah, yes. The paranoid Wasilla Hillbilly. LOL.

  60. Anonymous11:42 AM

    So you lied to Sarah Palin and obtained an interview under false pretenses .......... that's your defense?

  61. Anonymous11:51 AM

    She dumped her baby with special needs on her seven-year-old so she could run like a crazy woman across the court and outside to take down your plate number? This woman is INSANE!

  62. Anonymous11:52 AM

    The fact that Sarah would actually hold Trig in her arms during an interview (when there were a couple other people who could hold him for her) is proof positive that he is nothing but an accessory and image-booster for her.

  63. Anonymous11:52 AM

    anon 10:06 really nailed it. Sarah is so afraid of being found out that she operates near-panic mode. She fills the air with useless words, hoping that as long as she is talking, something sensible might tumble out by accident. She is intellectually lazy; she had plenty of time to study the issues and actually inform herself. As sure sign of her paranoia is the number of guards that Sarah needed to surround her and protect her from average citizens in a small California town last Friday. That, or she really misses the Secret Service protection that she enjoyed for two months at our expense.

    Gryphen's story shows how truly paranoid Sarah is, running out to the parking lot to scribble down a license plate number. Or, wiping the harmless chit-chat of teenagers on My Space over at the Johnston house. Or putting up a really big spite fence.

  64. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Freedom to Sarah is freedom to license check anyone, mile long metal fencing protection when she speeches, media control, blogger control, armed bodyguards, what's next, sniffing german shepherds and police guards arresting people who said a mean thing about her?

  65. Anonymous11:59 AM

    The one thing that I find most telling about the whole interview is at 00:28. Trig moves around and she has such a look of annoyance and disgust on her face as she "shoots him a look".
    How very sad and frightening.


  66. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Gryphen...please check out Andrew Sullivan's blog immediately! (4 PM EST).
    It's great!

  67. Anonymous12:21 PM

    "So you lied to Sarah Palin and obtained an interview under false pretenses .......... that's your defense?"

    Scarah lies everyday and obtains interviews under false pretenses every day - if it's good enough for's good enough for everyone. It's SOP for the GOP.

    IMO there were NO false pretenses by Joey/Jesse. Scarey was more than happy to take the microphone and pretend to be a mother to that little duck.

  68. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Here's a link to Andrew Sullivan's GREAT article:

  69. Agree with 12:04 - Sullivan's blog is amazing!
    "Why Does Trig Matter?"

    Sullivan even points out that if Palin's story WAS true, (flying around while in labor), it is STILL crazy town! Perfect pic of SP with little SQUARE pillow on tummy a few weeks before "delivery."

  70. angela12:24 PM

    Anon 11:58
    So you caught that annoyed look on Sarah's face too?
    I was a bit taken aback by it---(I don't know why.) This is the same
    woman who dragged a diapered shoeless baby into the cold night air
    so strangers could take pictures of him.

    It's funny how she doesn't mind complete strangers around a bus gawking at her baby, but a world renowned author with impeccable credentials spending the summer next door sends her insane.

  71. Vern @ 11:58 - I, too, noticed the look of disgust when Trig squirmed a bit. That said it ALL for me (how she feels about "her" baby).

  72. Anonymous12:35 PM

    anon @ 11:51 - I agree with everything you said except this:

    "She is intellectually lazy; she had plenty of time to study the issues and actually inform herself."

    I strongly believe she has a low IQ and a learning disability. I do NOT think she can study and learn. She just CAN'T.
    "O'Biden" and saying Reagan went to Eureka College in CA (when just weeks earlier she correctly stated Eureka, IL when she was speaking in Illinois) are just two of many examples.

  73. GenieO, I dont have PJ's anymore, so I blog mostly in my skivvies! except when at work. like now!

  74. Well Anonymous 11:42 that was a ridiculous comment but let me clear it up anyway.

    We did not lie to Palin in order to get an interview. She gave the interview to Dennis, who she had been interviewed by in the past.

    However since he wanted me to hold the microphone and ask the question, and I wanted to remain anonymous, we made up that little white lie.

    Like I said, if I had given my real name it would still have played out in exactly the same way.

  75. Anonymous12:55 PM

    The ella at 9:43 remark reminds me of one of SP's interviews during the campaign. She is sitting back in a chair, relaxed when the interviewer (Chris Mattews?) says that there are some political journalists that have written they do not believe that she has the experience or competency to be a good Vice President.

    Instead of replying with a list of her accomplishments, she suddenly leans forward and asks "WHO - WHO has written that article?" She had a smile on her face, but her tone was just furious, and the interviewer refused to give her a name. That flash of rage she showed, was one of the reasons I voted Democratic ticket for the first time in my life.

  76. GenieO, thanks so much for the put into words my first reaction to Sarah Palin...I knew nothing about her and there she was "pop" on the podium with McCain. I remember initially thinking, we(Democrats) are screwed, she appeared to have it all, the looks, sparkle, family appeal..the "it" factor perfect for a media campaign

    And then reality hit....

  77. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Wow anonymous 9:17 AM - I hope someone makes a copy of that before its discovered and taken down.

  78. Linda1:10 PM

    I am of the opinion that what you throw out there to the universe comes back to bite you in the butt eventually. It may take a long time, but I think Sarah will ultimately have a very unhappy life, the roots of which will be traced to some of her own shenanigans. I actually don't think she is having a very "happy" life right now, but I predict that it will eventually get much worse. She may even regret some of her actions someday, hard as that may be to imagine. I'm thinking 5-10 years in the future, should she live that long. Another thing I think about her is that she lives rather recklessly, which is something that can result in a premature death (no I am not threatening her, just making an observation.) There are MANY reasons she should slow down and think about what she is doing, but she does not seem to have that capacity.

  79. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Since this article was posted early AM there will probably some discussion during the day -
    Andrew Sullivan is again discussing the "Wild Ride" issue in response to a letter or comment.

    He lists three possibilities about TriG's birth.

    I suggest a 4th. Sarah was pregnant, she did have an abortion. At some point she realized that that information might come out and that she needed a cover. She needed a pregnancy and a baby.

    I suggest her story of going to Anchorage for an amnio, sneaking in the back door and using an old driver's license with her maiden name, was actually the story of her going for the abortion where using her maiden name would be more acceptable than most other medical situations, and where she would not have been filing for insurance coverage. There would be no reason for her not to file for insurance for the amnio, so why the lie about hiding her id. Amnio for an older woman with previous miscarriages and good insurance would be quite normal.

    It would also go a long way to explaining why she is so hysterical. The story of her emotional reaction to discovering she was pregnant again is true. She panicked. She had a abortion.

    St. Sarah has staked her possibility of becoming the President of the United States in large part on that lie and the faith that “prevented” her having an abortion and keeping a TriG child.

    Some where there are people who know she “acquired” a child not born to her, which she claims is her naturally born child.

    She is living every day under the sword of Damoclesian truth.

    Cicero asked
    "Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?"

    I ask, why, when Sarah repeats her mantra of pit bulls, and community organizers etc. is she not an aggressive birther repeating that issue as part of her endlessly recycled sharks?
    Why does she not continually ask for Obama’s birth certificate?

  80. emrysa1:32 PM

    hahaha, funny story gryphen! is she paranoid or WHAT? seriously that has got to be miserable to live life that way. to run out and write down a license plate number from some harmless interview - especially when she had been interviewed by zaki already and knew he was local - is really pathetic. if she wasn't such an evil nasty bitch I might feel sorry for her.

  81. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Here's a copy of the first line (thanks 9:17):

    On July 5th, Bristol Palin makes her television acting debut. The young mother of Trigg and Trip Palin, will appear on an episode of ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of an American Teenager.”

    Oops !! Somebody is going to be getting a nasty tweet or phone call - I can hear the little hamsters in sarah's head now, just going 90 miles per hour !!

  82. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Regarding the link posted by 9:17, (, read it carefully. The superb article is a satire.

  83. Anonymous1:56 PM

    ... we made up that little white lie....

    You lied to get a story. Please point me to the chapter in any journalistic ethics text that says this is okay.

  84. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I beg to differ.
    I have a personal paid subscription to an entity and I get ALL that and more.

    I do not abuse anything... this is simply public record and I pay to use it.
    -I have access to:

    -- DLs
    -- Addresses
    -- Names, others in the household
    == CRIMINAL records

    -- civil records including voting information

    -- AND marriage/divorce records.

    It is all perfectly legal. And I *do* run plates. A lot. From assholes who run a red light to assholes who leave the scene of a crime. Oh yea... I DO run the plates. And I've found them before the local PD does.

    And you point is again??

    RE: tewise said...

    You know what is interesting Gryphen? All law enforcement use NCIC (National Crime Information Center)and a state center just for statewide searches, here in Ga. it is GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center).

    With these agencies there are strict rules and guidelines how information is gathered and disseminated. Through these agencies you can find personal and other information on individuals.

    One of the rules is you can not just run names, plates, etc. with out a reason (just for the hell of it) even on yourself. There are very stiff penalties and prison time for abusing this source. Also the agency that runs these type of searches are subject to lose their license for these bogus searches and lose the equipment that essentially they need to do their jobs. They would be in a blackout.

    1. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Running plates on people who YOU CLAIM violate traffic laws, WILL GET YOU NOWHERE. YOU could lying on someone, and you word against theirs will not fly in court.

  85. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Sarah is paranoid and all the incidents need to be logged. Great post, Gryph. We see how she treats her own children and the people of Alaska when in power. She solves problems with fences and running checks on those she encounters. She is one disgusting tyrant.

    Sarah's looks are going fast. Bristol was showing some wear and a notable weight gain. It will be interesting to know how The View will deal with her new bigger self. Will they film her from the neck up only? Will she wear a scarf? Will she come right out and confront the obvious? Did she get an abortion since last May? Has she been at the gym to trim down? Has she stopped taking birth control and been re-virgined again? How often can she do re-virgin?

  86. Anonymous3:08 PM

    This seems like a legitimate ethics complaint to me. There must be a way to prove the plates were run at her command. Systems like that usually have a log where the time, username, and search/keystrokes are recorded. Is it possible to request this information?

    Request a log of all incoming calls to that office on that day and see if times and participants match.

    I'd drop a dime to Joe McGinniss about this. He's got to have made some friends in the State Trooper office by now.

    Isn't abuse of power by the executive branch against its citizens what Sarah's been talking about since Obama won...?

  87. Anonymous3:59 PM

    The funniest thing is you have a governor who is so paranoid that she's running out into a parking lot to write down someone's license number. lol Real classy.

    When I first saw her on tv with Trig at the convention I turned to my husband and said, They've drugged that poor child. This was before I knew about his disability. However when I saw her daughter with her child on a later show, I thought the same thing. JMO


  88. emrysa4:08 PM

    well damn we all know who 1:56 pm is, with the reference to "journalistic ethics text" and the reading comprehension problems.

    gryphen did not lie TO GET A STORY, as you claim. he lied about his name. but just go ahead and blow it up into something it's not - you're so good at that.

  89. Anonymous4:40 PM

    3:07 PM said... There must be a way to prove the plates were run at her command.

    I would hope so but that was in Wasilla, right? Where tyrants rule.

  90. I confess I was hoping for a more lurid tale (my imagination went wild after your tease yesterday) but I have to admit this is quite amusing and infuriating, also, too. Your experience highlights her lack of common sense and paranoid/vindictive nature.

    She brought her coy demeanor to your interview, though, much like she appeared in the Ziegler video. Oh, how I wish a forensic psychologist would analyze her body language during the first minute of that video:

    "Quite absurd is-was my interpretation of what was being said, especially about my own pregnancy, having given birth to Trig four months prior once, uh, the candidacy was announced there in August. Uhm. And frustrated, I guess, th-th-that I wasn’t believed that...yeah...Trig"

    It must have been difficult for you not to ask about Trig with Palin swaying him right in front of you.

    I do wonder how you reacted to being in her presence and making eye contact. Were you charmed (at least, before she started the questioning)?

  91. Just got a chance to read the story and well, you and Zaki kind of "punked" her! I think it's just great that she went of givin' and interview and had no idea that you were critical of her and it took her so long to figure out who you were!

    Silly Sarah, always a few beats behind the present. Life certainly gave her lemons but I've yet to see any lemonade produced!

  92. Curiouser, since you asked. I was not CHARMED by Palin per se, but I thought during the interview she was quite pleasant.

    But remember immediately after the interview she ran out and wrote down my license plate number, which meant THAT was my final impression of Governor Palin.

    If she had not done that I believe that my impression of her from our only face to face interaction would have been pretty positive.

    She actually seemed quite nice. Sadly the crazy part of her personality would not stay in it's cage until after I had driven away.

  93. Aussie Blue Sky6:19 PM

    Gryphen, I know she was at the basketball to watch Willow but instead she got manic with her Blackberries. Did you not look at Dennis' pic that I posted? I wrote a whole blog post about her mothering style based on it.

    I hope you have a much better Frank Bailey story one day. Hassling Dennis on Sarah's behalf isn't what I was hoping for. The man has a mouth and he knows how to use it.

  94. Gryphen - Ha! Your experience gives more reason to hope that she'll continue to let her true nature explode past the pleasantries and charm. I'm sure, though, that you would have continued to expose her even if she didn't botch the pleasant impression.

  95. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Sadly the crazy part of her personality would not stay in it's cage until after I had driven away.
    I saw crazy with all that swaying. The child was sleeping, no need to rock him. She was rocking herownself

    Great post Gryphen. I remember watching this in 01 of 09 and noticed the swaying then, too

  96. Anonymous said...(1:57 PM)

    I say you are a damn liar.

    You and I could go at this all day, but it is easy for you to say you can get all this information, most of that information you listed can be found in open records. Some of the other information is protected by state and fed regulations. So go sell your bullshit somewhere else I am not buying it.

    Or if you want to prove it to all that is reading this go ahead to your source and get Palin's information and submit it to a post here on this blog and Gryphen can confirm it to me, (not needed to print it) because I trust him to tell me if private information is there such as criminal history and driving history.

    But I bet you start screaming and coming up with so many reasons why you can't do it or won't do it. Until then shut up or put up. Oh and be sure to put the agencies number that are listed at the top so I can confirm you are not fibbing like some of your role models.

  97. Anonymous7:29 AM

    To anonymous 1:56, Gryphen did not lie TO GET a story. She accepted Zaki's request for an interview. Whether Gryphen called himself Joey or Jesse, had no bearing whatsoever on "getting" a sorry. He was basically an anonymous friend of Zaki, brought in to ask questions.

    If SP had an ounce of maturity, she would have realized her best option would be to shine, because she was shown in a positive light. No need to panic, normal persons would not, she is somewhat paranoid apparently. Ksren


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