Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Uh oh! Did Sarah Palin accidentally endorse a pro-choice Republican?

Yesterday Palin's Facebook ghostwriter (Hi Becky!) wrote this endorsement for Karen Handel who is running for governor in Georgia.

I’m proud to lend my support to a great commonsense conservative woman running for Governor this year in the Peach State. My recent visit back to this beautiful area allowed me to meet more of the patriotic Americans who call Georgia home and who are ready for a reformer to help strengthen their families, businesses, state and, ultimately, our United States. Karen Handel is that reformer. Throughout her career in public office – from serving as Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to Georgia’s Secretary of State – Karen has brought the common sense fiscal discipline and positive change in government that is needed now more than ever. Though considered an underdog candidate (more power to her!), this pro-life, pro-Constitutionalist with a can-do attitude and a record of fighting for ethics in government is ready to serve in the Governor’s Office. She’ll balance budgets and help spur Georgia’s economy. Her plan will contribute to America’s roadmap which can benefit all of us.

Blah, blah, blah, conservative values, blah, blah, common sense, pro-Constitutionalist, blah, blah, pro-life.....wait just a minute..hmm....not so fast there Palin facebook writer!

From CNN Politics:

Less than a day after the former Alaska governor announced she is backing former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, a GOP opponent is out with a scathing campaign commercial that suggests Handel once supported abortion rights.

"She gave almost a half-million dollars to an abortion provider. And supported tax-payer benefits for gay couples. Sounds like a liberal Democrat. It's the Karen Handel you didn't know," says a new ad from John Oxendine, the state insurance commissioner who is considered the frontrunner in the race.

Specifically, the ad says that when Handel was chairman of the Fulton County Commission in 2005 she voted in favor of a $425,568 allocation for Planned Parenthood.

What?  She gave money to Planned Parenthood AND likes the gays?  Wow, she almost sounds....reasonable.  She also supports the idea of women having access to abortions in the case of incest, rape, or if the pregnancy presents a threat to the life of the mother. No way can Palin endorse somebody who is not a bat shit crazy wing nut! 

But it is too late.  She done did it!  And as we all know, Sarah Palin NEVER admits a mistake.


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    That's nothing! Palin came to Canada to give a fundraising speech for a government-funded hospital that provides abortions. Proof that the whore will compromise most any "value" she has to make a buck.

  2. Buffalo, NY7:36 AM

    She's had at least 2 abortions herself, hasn't she ?

    Got a big kick out of the "Hi Becky" thing. I take it our Gryphen has done some excellent homework and "Becky" (whoever she is) is going to be very surprised !

  3. DOH!!

    She may have intentioanlly endoresed her for the backlash result seen in other "scare the bejeebers out the the voters" endorsements. "The is no such thing as a coincidence"

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Another Palin trick--trying to appeal to pro choice woman somewhat and make them wonder. Or, just trying to stay in the news---or not researching an endorsement. She makes the news no matter what.

  5. Buffalo, I think Gryphen is referring to Rebecca Mansour, one of Sarah's known ghostwriters.


  6. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Becky writes in a more fluid, lucid style than her predecessors. However, the BS and surface-skimming content is the same. Probably can't get away from that because of the airhead who employs her.

    Still, don't know what to make of this endorsement. On one hand, I hope it was a mistake - a big mistake. On the other, perhaps the opponent is blowing smoke. I wonder why the candidate is being silent.

    Part of me cannot wait for Palin to declare. Must be how hunters feel before the season opens, right?

    I do believe everyday will bring a new revelation once Palin declares. Could be, though, she's just trying to appear as if she's running so she can spend money legitimately on one hand while raking it in with the other for herself.

    Oh, haven't seen anyone else mention this, but if Palin does run for the #1 spot, she'd better be careful who gets#2 because she expendable due to her crazy incompetence and the real power could waiting in the wings. Just saying.

  7. Her "endorsement" of Handel was hilarious, given Handel's involvement with abortion rights. Of course Oxendine is a totally corrupt tea bagger, so he is jealous.

  8. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Wow, Palin eschewed party dogma and went her own way, tacitly admitting she applies situational ethics to SOME questions where moral lines of distinction can be grayed rather than taking a black/white all-or-nothing stance.

    How f'ing depraved is that?

    Of course, completely lost to you Gryphen--and why would it be otherwise since you are generally clueless--is the fact that by doing this she now can begin to reel in moderates who believe exactly the same thing. By making such an endorsement she is demonstrating that she has more intrinsic moral plasticity than those who have branded her as a slave to fundamentalism.

    Put simply, while Palin may expect to lose the support of moral extremists in her party she will win more voters nearer the middle--which, given Obama's increasing lack of appeal to independents (now only 38% favor the man--down 18 points in less than a year ) is a tactical coup.

    Deep down, where you live, there are only two possibilities: YOU know how incredibly inept you have been with your prophesies regarding Palin (i.e.,
    touting Levy as David to her Goliath.)

    Well, I suppose Asimov's reflection on the universe applies to those who follow you as well and can be
    tweaked to say, "Not only is the deluded liberal mind
    more deluded than you believe; it is more deluded than you can imagine."

    I've seen your kind a hundred times before; like the proverbial broken clock, they can occasionally get it right but in the long betting against them is as certain a proposition that the sun will rise tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Palin doesn't care what her real positions are, just like she didn't really care if Haley in SC really cheated on her husband. She's trying to promote her "Mamma Grizzlies" brand. The only way she gets the nomination or wins (G-d forbid) in 2012 is if she convinces enough moderate women that she is one of them and not the devil incarnate. She can't moderate her views, so she will play up her "mama" credentials.

    It won't work. I have several moderate Republican friends, some who even voted for McCain, and they all can't stand her. Women of all political stripes have seen women like Palin jump to the front of the line using a pretty face and fake charm and don't appreciate it. Plus, she's forgetting that her base doesn't really like women unless they act like bullies or barmaids and they're not going to appreciate the new woman-friendly turn she's taking.

    She's such a dummy and I love it because the more she threatens the GOP establishment (which she has to keep doing if she wants to stay relevant) the more likely they are to give the Enquirer a call...

  10. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Ha ha! Read the comments on her facebook page following the endorsement. Her fans are not happy. They are slowly figuring out she has no principles.

  11. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I almost want to say, let Sarah run and win just to shove it in President Obama's lying face. Because I have faith that she could beat him and his minions. Then I think, did I just say let Sarah win?

    I'm not sure of the reasons she endorsed this woman, but in general, one can be against the idea of abortion, yet have had an abortion. We cannot promote abortions as birth control and we cannot continue to promote promiscuity. Yet we cannot outlaw abortions because of individual right and traumatic circumstances.

  12. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Flip flopping again?

  13. Anonymous1:28 PM

    11:41am must be a paid shill as pbots have never made a lucid comment on this site before or anywhere else for that matter.

  14. Libby1:28 PM

    Oxendine and Palin are two peas in a pod...Grifters Extrordinaire! If Palin helps him out of office, I might have to send her a thank you note. Never thought I'd every say that.

  15. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Anonymous 11:41 AM, are you F-in kidding me?! Palin spews the same talking points wherever she goes only adding a personal lie here and there about her past to "relate" to her audience. She has no real position other than that which will get her the most money. Her ONLY real credential is the fact that she gave birth to a DS baby and did not abort. Lose that base and she loses EVERYTHING. Most women cannot stand her because unlike horny men they see her for the lame ass she truly is. It is very telling that Palin does not have any real female friends. Only people who she can use and abuse. Say what you want about Gryphen, but I believe he is 100% on target with this woman. Lets face it, she reads this blog every day to see what is said and uncovered about her. Then she adjusts her behavior accordingly. We who read this blog every day have witnessed that numerous times. "By making such an endorsement she is demonstrating that she has more intrinsic moral plasticity than those who have branded her as a slave to fundamentalism." Moral plasticity?! She claims that she believes in no abortion EVER. Not in cases of rape, incest or to save the mother's life. Either she stands by that or she doesn't. I don't she any black, white or gray area here. Clearly you are a paid consultant asked to write such comments to help her cause. And you are an OVERPAID one at that.

  16. Anon 11:41am - Haven't seen you here for awhile. Welcome back!

    What an astute political move it would be for Sarah to move away from the Republican Party base which is mobilized around the anti-abortion issue. I look forward to what she'll pull out of her sleeve to prove her intellectual and psychological competence to the independent voters who are eagerly waiting to embrace her.

  17. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Anon 11:41 wow!! Aren't you a lovely human being. You are a negative, cynical and blind moran!! Lol !
    You think you are soooo clever but you aren't. You are bitter!

  18. Anonymous2:03 PM

    "I look forward to what she'll pull out of her sleeve to prove her intellectual and psychological competence to the independent voters who are eagerly waiting to embrace her."

    Curiouser, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat? You are asking for magic or a miracle. Intellectual and psychological competence...ha! Good one!

    I'm thinking the independent voters have figured her out a long time ago...President Obama might agree?

  19. Anonymous2:12 PM

    To Anonymous 11:41, do you not understand that your phrase meant to flatter Palin - " . . . she has more intrinsic moral plasticity . . ." does not flatter her - it exposes her for the fraud she is.

    She will sell out to whomever she thinks she can enhance her own image or career.

    That she does not integrity has long been apparent to those who have followed her for any length of time.

    You have done an excellent job of laying Palin's strategy of bait and switch. If she is such a paragon of virtue, why would she be willing to endorse anyone whose views are antithetical to her own? Her "plasticity" is one of her major flaws.

    We've only ascribed this to her non-comprehension of issues, but thanks to your eloquent and extensive comment, we see more clearly that it is due to her lack of integrity and a strong moral compass.

    Thank you for pointing that out in case any of us were in doubt about it.

  20. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Hey, Anon. 11:41 - Palin does see the world as black and white. She sees no gray. She understands no nuance.

    Like Bush 43, you are either for or against her. You either are a good, pro-life, Dominionist Christian or you're not. If you disagree with her you are labeled as a "hater."

    If she perceives an insult, she seeks revenge not reconciliation.

    If Sarah is angry, she seeks to destroy the opposition, not understand it and why she got angry. There is no depth to her thought. She reacts. She doesn't think.

    She lacks basic factual knowledge on so many crucial issues - from the basics of governmental organization, to which countries are countries not continents, what major doctrines have affected American history. No, 11:41, it is not the liberal who is making mistakes. It is Sarah who IS a mistake, a fluke and a fraud.

    I would not gloat about Sarah. She is pulling in less money than that abomination called Bachmann. She is widely ridiculed for her adolescent twitters and facebook entries. She cannot give a thoughtful, well-reasoned speech if her very soul depended upon it. She is a celebrity, not a thoughtful leader.

    Enjoy your basking in her glory because it won't be long before the general public learns firsthand how much has been hidden about and how little there is within Sarah Palin.

  21. Anon 2:03pm - "I'm thinking the independent voters have figured her out a long time ago."


    I should have written 'prove' (with quotes) or otherwise made it clear the analogy was to a BAD magician.

  22. Anonymous2:58 PM

    If the anti abortion folks were serious about the issue where were they while Bush was pres? Just something else to stay in the news. And of course media does not ask any questions. Might as well get over it, the law is not going to change.

  23. Enjay in E MT3:04 PM

    What about her endorsement of that lovely Star Parker for San Diego?The one that doesn't believe in Birth control - but has had more than 2 abortions.... multiple arrests on multiple charges..... committed fraud when used those socialistic government programs like welfare/food stamps ..... (Star too was for it before being against it!)

    Guess one of the half govs handlers told her "you can't win off the base - move mainstream"
    So now failed VP candidate wants a "do-over

    We are to forget everything she said & did the last 2 yrs so she can now be mainstream

    With You Tube, Internet, Cell Phone recordings, etc., NO DO-OVERS!!

  24. emrysa3:15 PM

    well I guess this is just more evidence that shows palin really doesn't do much research on the people she endorses.

    handel is also a quitter (quit her sec. of state position in her first term so she could focus on running for guvna). she has no "record of fighting for ethics in government" - she doesn't have much of a record at all. the 2 dudes running against her are EXACTLY what you would expect to see in this state. white hicks. oxendine is having a great time in his ads telling people how he "stopped a portion of obamacare from being implemented." the other dude wants to abolish the state income tax - in fact his ads seem to be about nothing but taxes. same. old. shit.

    I'm rooting for barnes but I don't have high hopes. atleast barnes gives a shit about people who are not like him.

  25. emrysa3:19 PM

    @ 11:41 - keep dreaming. palin win votes near the middle? hahahaa keep dreaming.

  26. womanwithsardinecan4:02 PM

    Okay, I'm convinced now. Pbots have no life. Their entire reason for existence is to troll the Internet looking for places to spew their ignorance. They know that nobody here has the slightest interest in their blathering idiocy, yet they come back again and again. There is a level of immaturity and narcissism that just astounds me. Reminds me of the young woman who crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue at me when I rolled down my window and told her that using her cell phone while driving was illegal (after she tried to cut me off at a stop sign because she wasn't paying attention). I stated a fact (illegal phone use and poor driving). She responded like a two year old. Just like the trolls around here. They have double digit IQ's and the maturity of two year olds. I feel sorry for the people who actually have to live with them or work around them. That must really suck.


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