Sunday, September 19, 2010

Margaret Carlson makes note that Christine O'Donnell is "more Palin" than Palin.

From the Daily Beast:

Why would Palin want an obvious knockoff hawking her wares on the shores of the Delaware? She can tolerate Mamma Grizzlies who aren't poaching her act, like Sharron Angle and Rep. Michele Bachmann. They acknowledge she's the Big Mamma. But look at O'Donnell. She used to be a dead ringer for Elaine on Seinfeld until this election. Now, she’s a mini-me of the queen of the tundra.

That's the fact Jack.  Just take a look at the picture up above put together by the AP.  Hasn't Sarah ever seen "Single White Female?"  Of course that only addresses what O'Donnell has in common with the Granny Grifter, it is the differences that Palin my find the most troubling.

Which brings up another plus. While O'Donnell has plenty to be embarrassed about, tall tales about graduating college years before she did, getting fired for running a for-profit public-relations business out of a nonprofit, she doesn't have children or pesky virtual in-laws to worry about. There will not be multiple People covers featuring her daughter and an on-again, off-again putative fiancé, Levi Johnston, no revelations that Palin turned a blind eye to Levi sleeping with Bristol while she holed up in the bedroom watching decorating shows.

Palin had to make a choice between public office and making money off her fame and so gave up the stature of the governor's office. But O'Donnell can have it both ways. She lives on fumes. Earning less than $6,000 last year, a Senate salary of $174,000 with retirement and dental will look like the king's ransom to her. If she wins, she gets both the platform and dignity of office and a cushy life.

O'Donnell also was to a TV studio born, completely unfazed when she makes bizarre remarks or speaks with a lack of substance. Palin was rattled when she couldn't remember a newspaper she'd read or a Supreme Court opinion she would change in an interview with Katie Couric. Even now, Palin can get the deer-in-the-headlights look when she doesn't know something. For instance, on Thursday night, on the Bill O'Reilly show, she couldn't remember who she'd endorsed in the New Hampshire race—even though her choice had won a nail-biter in the Granite State 24 hours earlier (no more calls; it is Kelly Ayotte, former attorney general). Palin stared blankly for what seemed an eternity.

Ouch that comparison of abilities in front of the camera has got to hurt!  I imagine that by now Palin believes she rocks in front of the camera, having been insulated by Fox News for so long.

Of course the problem with Carlson's comparison is that we now know O'Donnell has canceled her previously scheduled Sunday television appearances.  So perhaps she is not as confident in her ability to remain "unfazed" as Margaret has described.

I believe that O'Donnell's candor in past television appearances has handed her detractors, and the media, an overflowing armory of embarrassing gaffes that she may have no real defenses against and that may be used to do her campaign some serious harm. Palin also had numerous skeletons in her closet that were gleefully trotted out, and which essentially derailed the momentum that her selection initially provided the McCain campaign.  Since then Sarah has managed to attract some very gifted, and frighteningly loyal advisers that seem to pull her back from the brink of destruction right when it looks like she is about to drive her "career" off of a cliff.  I don't believe that O'Donnell has that safety net in place yet.  Though Palin tried to advise O'Donnell to stay close to Fox News, which would be the first start.

The main difference I see between Palin and O'Donnell is that Palin keeps her emotions in check, and is very mistrustful of others, and it appears that O'Donnell wears her feelings on her sleeve and still has enough naivete that it will leave her vulnerable to criticisms. 

Having said that I would caution journalists not to be too aggressive.  Palin has turned playing the victim into an art form, and if O'Donnell, with her open face and bubbly personality, adopts that strategy and breaks down on camera in response to aggressive questioning, I have to imagine that it would rally support to her in a way that Palin could not have hoped for even in her wildest fantasies. Just ask Karl Rove about that.

As for any jealousy, my best guess would be that every time Sarah sees the press fawning over this new sensation, and even when they pick her apart over her past bizarre statements, her eyes flash green with envy.  However I bet that the long suffering Todd Palin has a completely different response, and that despite O'Donnells' professed moral objections to certain "activities" that when he thinks about his wife's younger doppelganger, he pictures her like this:

And that a certain song by the Divinyls plays through his mind on a never ending loop.

By the way please read the rest of Margaret's wonderful piece linked above.  I only used a small portion for this post and there was much more worth reading I can assure you.

Update: According to a yesterday's column by Maureen Dowd, Ms. O'Donnell might have an even more fragile psyche than I first anticipated.


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    like Bill Maher on the Left
    and Sarah on the Right
    it takes a certain type of ego to want credit for the Creation of Christine.

    Mama Griz is pea-brained enough to think she can control this FrankenSarah.
    Good luck with that.

    truthfully, I highly anticipate that both of these FemBots will remain unemployed grifters for the rest of their lives.

    (p.s. yes, I like Bill Maher b/c I usually agree with his opinions, but the guy's ego is ridiculous!)

    - kellygrrrl

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Watch Your Back, Margaret Carlson.
    The P'Bots have been set loose on you.

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I read the column yesterday. Carlson got hammered by bots in the comments. You know, the usual, you're jealous, you're ugly, etc. Geezez, the bots are touchy.

    I hope journalists do NOT let up on these 2. Let them continue to play the victim. They can only do that for so long. The more they whine the more it proves that neither are Grizzlies, just whining hyenas. This bullshit of Oh, we're tough, we're feminists, we're amazing is instantly deflated when they follow it with Ooooo the lamestream media is picking on me so I'll use words like impotent and such,also, too and final death call is: I'm a grrrrlllll! LOL Please, ladies, grow up.

  4. laprofesora8:47 AM

    Joe Scarborough's opinion of COD:

    "And when we say she's good, she's better than Sarah Palin, who, quite frankly, has become less articulate as the months have rolled by, seems to have more problems expressing herself in an intelligent manner," he said.


  5. Scara gives a whole new meaning to the Queen Bee Syndrome. She is working to collect her little worker bees to surround her and keep her protected. Christine is falling perfectly inline and is gleefully bowing down to her queen by obeying her commands. Scara is probably also very lonely and needs a new girlfriend, one that will NOT challenge.

  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    While playing the victim might work with bots, most Americans cannot stand someone who plays a victim. Oh sure, they might like to watch them weep and wail, smugly thinking how much tougher they are than the whiny titty baby on TV, but when the rubber meets the road, crying like a banshee over supposed hurts makes most of us shake our collective heads and scream "buck up butter cup".
    If either one of these crazy people think crying, moaning, gnashing teeth, and playing sad sack sister will project them to the white house they have another thing coming.

  7. angela9:22 AM

    What I find so incredibly horrifying is that O'Donnell is taken seriously enough that anyone uses bandwidth or newsprint to talk about her crazy ass. Paul, Angle, Palin, Miller and O'Donnell are what happens when a small faction of an uneducated populace starts pissing themselves and the MSM pretends they are a majority of Americans--so they can have job security. Crazy sure does sell. And Margaret should know that Sarah isn't even Sarah.

    And as far as Dowd is concerned--she'd be happy if the President buck danced everyday like one of these tea bagging fools. She wants fairy glamour and inspirational speeches everyday from a man just trying to govern. Not a fan of Maureen, no matter what she says about the feather headed O'Donnell.

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Bimbo's know they have a short shelf life and are readily replaced. Sarah Palin knows her name/face will be nearly unknown within 2 years. She's franctically scurrying about trying for every scrap of applause to fend off the endless days of silence to come.

    Hopefully, along with being forgotten, the funding will evaporate so ex-bimbo will get to experience raising a special needs child on a below average income.

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    O'Donnell is stupid and bubbly, not sexy enough to earn puppet status by the power elite.

    The next Palin will be hotter, slightly smarter and OBEDIENT. She'll have an adorable brood, a reasonable acquaintance with world politics, a traceable college career, and no drug history.

    Bigger boobs? Probably.

  10. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Maybe getting the GOP back in charge would finally be the tonic to flush out the final toxins.

    This is the bunch who argue that you can't raise taxes in a recession.

    So they admit the existence of a recession which is typified by a lack of demand, hence the need for government stimulus.

    Yes, lets keep taxes lower and fight more wars. Let's cut social security and repeal health care.

    And once that's done, take a look around the world and notice how their economies are in the very same state as the US.

    So more people will be in the poverty classes, the reduction in stimulus will drive up the unemployment rate. Lack of private demand will see a drop in corporate revenues and more layoffs so the government will see even more of a drop in tax revenues.

    You say, Joe Miller, you want to cut unemployment insurance benefits...hmmm, prepare for the massive increase in crime that we're going to see as a result of the state no longer helping seniors and working, er sorry non-working Americans?

    Go for it Tea Party. Ignore history and pass your version of Utopia.

    Just remember that, as in the actions of Reagan and Bush, you own it.

  11. Randall9:53 AM

    The Mama Gristle-y and the Born-again Virgin.

  12. Anonymous10:19 AM

    They - whoever that is (!) - appear to really be going after COD. Why haven't 'they' also been doing the same thing as to Palin?

    The woman has so much baggage that hasn't even made the national news which includes: her lies - unethical behavior while being governor - disaster as mayor in Wasilla - disaster as to being the 'quitter governor' - the fact she is not a hunter or even knows how to handle or hold guns - the Wooten situation - the baby situation - her children that have gotten into mass trouble during their teen years - the fact she is no more a christian than am I - unethical as to not paying her real estate taxes when a house + had been built on recreational property in the Valley, which she and Toad never disclosed - the untruth about the delivery of the 'supposed' son all the way from Texas - and on and on and on!

    The woman is a fraud and makes me want to barf!

  13. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Gosh, that Christine is just so dang cute! Bubbly is a good adjective for her.

    What strikes me most about these two, is my reaction to them. I consider both to the unfit for the offices they seek and both to have parted company with the truth many "ions" ago. One may be a racist, don't know about the other, but both are bigots, hiding behind the Bible, their guiding light of all things fit for disdain.

    I suspect Christine may actually be smarter than Palin, but Palin has that "gutteral" instinct.

    And yet, with Christine, I feel nothing. She's unfit, ok, move on. With Sarah, I feel a very strong repulsion. The only explanation I have is that I see something so dark, so sinister, and so ugly below the surface of Sarah Palin (as if there is anything below the "surface" of Sarah Palin - she's all "surface" !) that I am unable to dismiss her.

  14. Eunice11:13 AM

    O'Donnell canceled her appearances on Sunday presumably because she's concerned about backlash from the "I used to practice witchcraft" comment. My question is, is she worried about alienating religious people or sane people?

  15. Anonymous11:15 AM

    O'Donnell just needs some reading glasses to look a little smarter, and I bet she can start attracting the speaking opportunities that were SP's territory.

    I bet Christine won't ask for bendy straws and ridiculous fees, either. Also, she is not as mean, and she can speak in complete sentences.

    Twice the crazy, for half the price.

  16. Chenagrrl11:23 AM

    I think CO'D is a creature of the moment. When the camera is on, she takes the expedient path.
    With Bill Maher, she took the risque route. (Little picnic with witch -- or was it a warlock-- on a satantic altar.) Hey, it was titillating.

    Then there was $$ to be made with the anti-masturbation club. (All that chatr about lust and him knowing how to please himself.)

    Segue to 2008 when she flew to the RNC expecting to get some klieg. ("But sat anonymous in the crowd," the report said.)

    And then suddenly there was the made for prime-time tea party, and she made the most of it.

    Make no mistake, this is about Christine, just as it is about Sarah. They will forever sound like cheerleaders pumping up the crowd for the big game with no clue to the playbook.

  17. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I haven't yet read the two articles on O'Donnell, though I plan to later this afternoon.

    However, I wanted to express one point that hit me after O'Donnell won last Tuesday. Perhaps someone has already said this, but . . . .

    It has to hit Sarah hard that Christine is only six years younger but looks decades younger than Sarah. Imagine a has-been beauty queen whose primary attraction to many followers is that she is "so pretty" but knows that in less than 48 months, she will hit 50. Sarah has apparently already gone through the expense and pain of plastic surgery knowing her looks are fading.

    Then pow - she endorses a young sparkling thing that seems to instinctively know how to play to the camera, whose dimples send signals of youth and fertility which Sarah will never again have.

    The Tea Baggers have a new sex symbol in Christine. She even giggles like a youngster. Poor Sarah, she is fighting the matron stage tooth and nail. Soon she will enter the crone stage. That must hurt a lot. But who does she have to blame for talking up Christine - herself.

    Sarah has got to be feeling a lot of pain watching someone push her off her sexy babe platform.

  18. Christine is younger than Sarah, but not by a lot. Christine is 41 and, if you believe the hype, she's a virgin.

  19. Look at Sarah's hands on that comparison photo. She has the gnarliest, bony, witchy hands! Christine's hands are smooth like buttah. A woman's age shows in many ways.

  20. Anonymous11:39 AM

    It is important to report on all the Sarah Palin clones that will come on stage. It will be an endless topic that nothing will come of. One of them will survive one day, they can't all be as messed up as the current one.

    It must chafe SP's rear end that a minority made it into the White House. She has her minority credentials as a feminist and that is a good path for her to pursue and earn some points. Not a bad strategy if you think it out. A woman's uterus and her small children should be off limits and protected by all.

    No one can call her on her endless war tactics, she is the mother of a brave combat soldier. Celebrity combat soldiers like Dr. Laura's son, Derick Schlessinger, are off limits and protected. Guilt by association is also a no brainer. It is Obama's war now.
    There was a time when rogue soldiers would have mattered and been a big news story in spite of the Pentagon. Mama Grizzlies and others just don't give a hoot what is happening to our boys at war today if they only do things like send them expensive boxes of items they can get on base. I am curious, if Biden's family, son and daughter were close to a rogue soldier, how would that go? Would they care to confront the matters at hand? Mrs. Biden cares about education, is there anything to learn from the dark side of war and war propaganda? This is an article about a former Congressman who wasn't afraid to open discussions. Anyone know why we can't move forward in a similar direction today? It looks like another important story will be for the most part ignored. How can we learn and grow from that kind of oppression? It looks like we are being set up for more senseless war. How is Sarah-I-am-the-biggest-proponent-of-the-freedom-of-the-press-in-this-country!-Palin doing when it comes to her military rhetoric. Including Post-traumatic stress disorder, homeless Vets and the high suicide rate. Did I miss something? SP has more room to have her voice heard than most, why the silence about our soldiers deepest needs? I've never heard her address the negative and the downside that happens in all wars. Do we know what leads to the worst of war crimes by otherwise ordinary soldiers? Is it their individual backgrounds, is it the culture of the military or what combination? Why is it a frightening subject for decent citizens and voters?

  21. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Yes, poor Margaret!! The palinbots are really out with their fangs and blood dripping down their faces...

    We should go give some love to her. They are delusional, nasty headcases. Just read their comments.

    Do they really think they help Sarah, because they don't.... People everywhere, left and right, are referring to Sarah as mean and nasty. Her bots just support this impression that people have her as a vindictive bitch....

  22. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Sure hope SNL gets Julia Lousi-Dreyfus and Tina Fey to do some skits.

    This could be comedy gold

  23. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Remember how Carrie Prejean touted abstinence and morality until her "solo" video was revealed? So I wonder when COD's video will surface ....

  24. I am bored with Palin and anyone who mimics her is DOA from my vantage point. Is this the best the right wing can give us? They will have to control the voting machines [Diebold anyone] to get elected. All the bantering about the new feminists in politics is pointless. They can lie to their hearts content and it will always be another cover up, standard operating procedure. Sarah Palin and the so-called Trig pregnancy is a great example of her Republican leadership. Why wouldn't others follow her? What she does works. Her motherhood gig is her best selling point.
    Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig are all off limits and she can write the history.

  25. Randall1:30 PM

    Hey Gryph, check this out from distributorcap:

    scroll down for the Talking ChrisTINA episode of the Teabag Zone's a hoot.

  26. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Now, I could be wrong, but -- do I see at least 1, or possibly 2 teleprompters?

    The 1st is just to her left on the table with a gray cover. The 2nd just to the left of the 1st one, and behind one of those chairs.

    I first noticed these objects as it seemed she spent a great deal of her babbling (talking) time, looking over in that direction - to her left -- but I could see none of the audience over that far to the left?

    Just wonderin' -- LOL

  27. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Whenever I hear religious fervor like Christine, I always think they are fighting personal demons. I assume that Christine may be attracted to women (which shouldn't be an issue) and views this as not being pure.

  28. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Naivete? At 41 years of age? I dunt t'ink so!

  29. Anonymous8:09 AM

    How do I make a good choice this election? Oh, if progressives hate it....I'm for it. Christine O'donnell should be perfect!

  30. Anonymous3:03 AM

    When a candidate advocates lower taxes, smaller government, and more liberty (the principals on which our constitutional republic was founded), why do socialist liberals panic?

    O'Donnell earnings last year are irrelevant. Her political-hack opponent hasn't earned my vote.

  31. Anonymous8:26 PM

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