Saturday, September 18, 2010

Proof there is no God. Sarah Palin says "I am THE biggest proponent of the freedom of the press in this country!" And yet lightning does not strike her dead.

Let me explain this to you you ignorant sow.

Refusing to allow yourself to be interviewed by anybody who is not a groveling sycophant or a talking head from Fox News does not make you  "the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country!"

Constantly referring to the hard working journalists of this great nation as the "Lamestream media" does NOT make you "the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country!"

Having your pathetically under educated Palin-bots viciously attack ANYBODY who dares write a critical word about you does NOT make you "the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country!"

Coaching other politicians, like fellow Teabagger and anti-masturbation advocate Christine O'Donnell, to avoid ALL other media outlets except Fox News does NOT make you "the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country!"

No it does not.  It makes you the exact opposite.  But of course that will not make any difference will it?  Because the people you are talking to have taken your hatred toward the liberal blogs and the mainstream media to heart, and have learned long ago to ignore any unflattering truths they might tell about you,  haven't they? 

But do you know what Bible Spice?  There are a whole lot of new eyes being opened all over this country. And on the day that you officially announce your candidacy for the most important political job in this country, is the day that I have been assured that tongues long silenced will finally start to wag with a vengeance.  And when that happens there will be millions of Americans anxious to hear the truth about Sarah Palin.  Not the mythology promoted by the Palin-bots and Fox News, no the REAL truth.  You can call it "gutless", "limp", "impotent", or "lamestream" until you are blue in the face because it will not matter one little bit to those who are truly seeking the truth about the woman who would do ANYTHING to gain political power, including faking the birth of a Down syndrome baby.

So you keep right on building that little house of cards you have going over there on Fox News, the Palin supportive blogs, and Right Wing radio, because the sand in your hourglass is running out. One jagged little grain of sand at a time.


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Tell us how you really feel Gryphen! I love the sand in the hour glass's about time the last grain falls.

  2. angela7:02 PM

    Don't you just love it when Sarah says something that is such a blatant lie you just know she just wants to kick off her shoes and dance the dance of the chronic liar.

    Watch Sarah run from the media she loves . . . .

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I wish those who where in the 'know' would stop waiting and JUST DO IT!!!!! SPILL IT PEOPLE!!!

  4. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Wow! I don't think I've heard it put better!

  5. Anonymous7:19 PM

    You're quite vindictive today aren't you.

    The only part I completely object to is "having your pathetically under educated Palin-bots viciously attack ANYBODY who dares write a critical word about you"

    Sarah doesn't need to tell people to defend her. Her supporters have been defending her and her family since the beginning. So that was unfair. She also didn't tell anyone to ignore the media, but to do their own thing (no harm in that)

    But good luck on your mission. It only makes the world more exciting. No one likes a boring candidate. I'm pretty sure the US has proven that since the formation of the government.

  6. Trying to not barf through the video. Good god that woman is a lunatic.

  7. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Powerful post,Gryphen.

    It may just rattle Palin's carefully constructed cage.

    What's great is that she can't come after you because you are not threatening her. You are simply telling her the truth of what is coming just as a gentlemen should.

  8. It's just too surreal to hear like Palin use the words "cowards" and "gutless."

    Rachel Maddow on line one, you chickensh*t. And until you "buck up" and do an interview with anyone other than Fox News, you can shut your damn cakehole.

  9. emrysa7:25 PM

    git DOWN, gryphen!

    this quote is just more evidence that up is down, black is white in the world of palin and her dregs. I'm sure there were some in the audience who were trying not to lol at the QUITTER.

  10. Gasparilla7:50 PM

    Let's have some "freedom of the press" advocates make the Murthee-Palin witchdoctor tape widely available to the public.

    With all the other witch stories going around now, I think it is timely.

  11. Anonymous7:52 PM

    This post gives me such hope. I can't wait to see her brought down.
    And while you at it take down Brisket.


  12. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Gryphen....I send you a virtual hug and kiss. That was one of your best rants on the crazy lady that I have seen yet. She is truly delusional and our media are a bunch of sorry asses for not doing their job. Why didn't they go after her like they are now going after Christine O'Donnell?

    Keep up your good work, and again....a virtual hug. Great post!!!!

  13. Anonymous8:22 PM

    What a smug, arrogant piece of work she is. And those dummbies that sit there and applaud have they no shame.

    How dare she infer that those who disagree and write truths that she doesn't like are disrespecting the military. Well, I think everytime she hides behind the military to cover up her own failings is disrespectful not just to the military but to all Americans.

    And now could someone please tell me what these time tested truths are that she referred to.

  14. Anonymous8:25 PM

    You said it perfectly, Gryphen.

    Palin's penchant for hiding behind FX, Facebook, and Twitter is the real evidence of her feelings about the free press. As long as she can control the message and filter out any criticism of herself, she's happy with all her pre$$.

    Her jihad against the true free press is a transparent cover for her own insecurity, ignorance of the issues, and cowardice.

  15. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Eloquent, Gryphen. Thanks.

  16. Anonymous8:34 PM

    There were a lot of people not applauding. You could tell she noticed.

    Also, too - I think this is the worst she has looked in a long time. Maybe she needs another surgery? A higher dose of meds?

    Saarraahh...Christine is younger and prettier than you are...

  17. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Damn. Telling it like it is. This may be your best post yet, Gryphen.

  18. angela8:37 PM

    Anon 7:19

    Yes, Sarah does need defenders. Its how she rolls.
    She's a woman who constantly accuses men of wanting to harm her daughters. Is that sane? In Sarah World a lie and accusations always beats the truth. Or there is just some real ugly pathological problems in her background.

    She talks the grizzly crap but she's a constant whiner who runs from the real press and uses sexual innuendo to vilify people who threaten her lies. Her defenders use the same charged heinous language. Get it? Letterman wants her daughter attacked, the author next door is a pedophile, the man who wrote an article about her is limp and impotent, her daughters were threatened with rape at their old school (of course no official was notified)---and she and her so called defenders threw the same crap at Gryphen.

    You must be mightily delusional or a relative to not see just what a stupid and dangerous liar Palin is. Actually, she's just stupid. She's like a small child who thinks if they cover their eyes they've disappeared and no one can TRULY see them.

    And by the way-- If Sarah was a responsible person she would call a halt to the threats of violence that her defenders lob at her detractors. She never has. Not once. She's a dangerous lunatic. And you know that her bots would do ANYTHING she asks of them.
    Including eating their own children.

  19. Awesome Gryph Let it flow. We know the first two cards in that house are deuces.
    As Jimmie Hendricks said. "castles built in sand melt into the sea eventually"

  20. lwtjb8:45 PM

    This woman is beyond vile.

  21. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Gryphen! First off, let me say that I do believe in a loving God. I have learned over the course of my life to rely on Him and I have recieved comfort in the midst of sorrow, strength in adversity and joy from God Almighty. And even though we have different belief system as far as SP is concerned we are soooo on the same page. I think this is one of your best posts yet! It's just so hard to take SP's lies and hard....I really hope someday she gets called out on the whole absurd fabrication that is Sarah Palin.

  22. BJFinUT8:54 PM

    A big 'Hi-Five' and a BIG DITTO to Anon's comment @8:12PM!!!!!

    "Keep up your good work, and again - a virtual hug. Great post!!!"
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Gryphen, you certainly deserve lots of (virtual)hugs, kisses,'n a 'pat on the back' - so I am sending all your way, as well. :o)

    Great Post!!! You've done good, and are very appreciated.

    Thanks so much. Have a good evening.

  23. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Palin is always on the attack! SHe has to keep throwing down the smack on our national media.....Palin vers the free press is the frist war to win on the road to the White House. Any media attention is a possitive for this forked tonge demon. This demon wants the power to control more than just our nation, she wants the world at war..... she wants men on there knees.

  24. honeybabe9:08 PM

    being religious in my own way i pray for ALL TRUTH to be brought into the light of day. that is my "subversive" prayer for this situation. hopefully lots of others will join in this prayer for truth. hugs for all your good work.

  25. Anonymous9:23 PM

    7:19, i think the word you wanted is "defensive." Yes, that's the word to describe everyone else who is NOT Sarah Palin. She is the vindictive one. All her targets would be the "defensive" ones.

    Got it?

    PS - You can parse things any way you'd like. We've been watching the show for a while now and can clearly see what's going on. But thanks for trying to muddy the waters.

  26. Anonymous9:27 PM

    8:12, you are so right. Christine O'Donnell really IS getting treated as a candidate should, while Palin never was critically evaluated, with the exception of Couric and Gibson. My guess is that those in the Media have heard the stories of Palin's legendary viciousness and vindictiveness and are backing off for a while. Unfortunately, poor Christine, while still being unqualified, really is a nice woman, and less of a threat.

  27. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Watch @sarahpalinusa "the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country!" run scared from it. #p2

  28. Anjaak9:29 PM

    You think she is mad about people found out she wasn't really hunting caribou?

  29. Anonymous9:29 PM

    8:34, yes, there were many not applauding. And I believe I could see knowing looks passed between some. Yep, they are onto that cheesy fraud.

  30. Anonymous9:30 PM

    " the day that I have been assured that tongues long silenced will finally start to wag with a vengeance."


    Sighhh. When are you going to stop with all these "people that will talk" stuff? It wasn't long ago, it was going to be Levi, then Levi got put under the bus by $arah, and still nothing. Didn't Morris in the VF article say people were afraid of $arah (even when she's out of AK gov)? I really doubt if these people will perk up and talk later. Levi hasn't and he must know a lot of juicy stuff. Other than the woman in Homer with the "Worst Gov Ever" sign, there is no indication that anyone will speak out. Again the VF article. (It will be interesting to read $arah's "neighbor's" book when it's released to see if there are real attributable quotes/facts in there.)

    You've made "promises" before that so & so would say something, but nothing happened. You're making statements you can't back up and it gives false hope to those that want to see $arah go down in flames. And it fuels the bots and gives $arah time to plot defenses.

    If you know something, say it, prove it with facts, otherwise it's best not to foretell any "surprises" that may be uttered in the future by current unknowns (to us). That just helps the enemy. And her lawyer is no dummy, as you well know.

  31. Anonymous9:34 PM

    This is a preemptive strike by Sarah Palin against the media for the onslaught of "attacks" that inevitable going to come her way when she finally announces her run for president. She is trying to plant the seeds of doubt about the truth that will spew forth about her and and discredit anyone who speaks against her. Her gripe with the media has always been about that.

    She is desperately trying to convince everyone that the media is the horrible monster.

    I hope that you are right about what awaits her when she does announce that she is running for president. It will be quite entertaining to watch her try to fire at the media in every direction at once. I wait with bated breath for this event.

    She is truly desperate.

  32. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Woooohoooo! Way to tell it like it is! Love that you got the big brass shiny male parts that she seems so desperately jealous of. I don't really hate her and I don't wish her physical harm, but she is just so so willfully ignorant that she can't see how embarassing she is. She is a fool and people all over the world laugh at her and she just keeps pouring out the stupid. Well, hell, maybe I do kinda hate her. Smug, nasty, mean, deceitful, vindictive and ignorant are not very attractive traits. Thanks for your time and effort on behalf of all the sane people left in this country.

  33. Lynne9:51 PM

    It seemed in this speech that she was running out of steam. It was a rather pathetic attempt to vent about how unfairly she is being treated by the "makin' things up" media...obviously the recent Vanity Fair article still has her pissed off. She just sort of fell flat as she rehashed all the old word salad stuff. I found it kind of boring.

    I'm not aware of how much all those people paid to be there, but I don't think they got their money's worth at all. Perhaps she needs the screaming masses to inspire her.

  34. I'm sure that GOD has absolutely nothing to do with this hotmess! No, really!

    Sarah? The biggest proponent of freedom of the press? She would prefer that nobody has freedom of opinion. Gryphen Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  35. Anonymous10:09 PM



  36. I hope Sarah is catching heat for endorsing Christine O'Donnell. The same kind of heat that John McCain caught for selecting Sarah in the first place.

  37. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Sarah Jones of Politicususa tweeted tonight that the day Sarah announces her candidacy is the day the media's gloves come off.

    During the RNC Sarah was so well dressed and groomed. She really was pretty. But the last two years has taken such a toll on her looks. She has a very hard, manly look to her now. Hate, anger, and jealousy shows in her face.

    Now compare to Michelle Obama. They are the same age - only one month difference. Michelle's face exudes joy, grace, and serenity.

    Which qualities do you think of when someone says they're a Christian?

    Not to mention that Michelle looks 10 years younger than Sarah. OK - so I mentioned it.

  38. Anonymous10:24 PM

    The Iowa speech was terrible. Joe Klein did a great review of it that was very accurate. I was there- the crowd was not impressed.

    She's an insane coward and the world is starting to see it.
    She's a low class lying opportunist and Iowans saw right through her.

    And the wig was so obvious. She has lost her looks mostly because she is so bitter and angry. What a pathetic person she is. I hate liars and she is a huge liar.

    From a previous Palin fan until I got sick of her bashing the president, the media and anyone else. She offers nothing to this country. Nothing.

  39. Sarah deserved every well-crafted word, Gryphen. Bravo!

    Of course, I'm really antsy for her to be exposed now but at least she's been put on notice. It's intriguing that her recent speech in Louisville included the part about how she hid the pregnancy for 7 months. I don't believe she's brought that up since the Indiana Right to Life speech in April 2009. I don't think she's ever brought up 'Trig Truthers' at an event before Louisville. This looks like a sign that she's nervous.

    And how about her "I am HOT..." line?

  40. Anonymous10:47 PM

    This is somewhat off topic, but fun. Please check out this link. It is an interactive page, so be sure to click on the various objects, including the curtains. Seriously, it's fun.

  41. scarlet/oregon10:48 PM

    $arah's minions at C4p are upset with Margaret Carlson's latest Post that 'nails' both $arah & Chri$tine....good read...

  42. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Did anyone catch the part where she mentions the press and accountability? The camera cuts to the audience and there's a guy slugging down a drink. Hilarious!

  43. I thought Mama Grizzlies were big, bad bears and yet Palin has to be the biggest coward. In Iowa, she wouldn't even walk past the press and there were only a few members. There is a great shot of her walking halfway down the steps, she spots them and does a quick turn-around and runs back up the steps. Cowardly is putting it mildly. $arah loves the press that fawns all over her but if they tell the truth about her, then she hates them. That's the 1st amendment, $arah. Not freedom from criticism by the press!

    Gryphen, you know she WANTS to run, she NEEDS the adoration of the crowds and with events being cancelled on her, venues getting smaller and tickets not coming close to selling out most places, she's running scared. She should know that she could never truly compete because for anyone to be successful, you need knowledge. She hasn't gained any in the past two years as is evident in her speeches. But will she actually run knowing the media then has every reason to come after her and really do some vetting this time around? I doubt it.

    I hope those people will be ready to talk if she should prove me wrong. Spill your guts, Alaska, and tell the truth about $arah.

  44. Anonymous11:26 PM

    GenieO @ 10:17, COD also looks YEARS younger than Palin, yet she is what, 5 years younger at 41? While COD is also an over-her-head incompetent grifter, she has none of the vicious meanness of Sarah Palin. And it shows in her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes.

    I guess that's why I can just shake my head at Christine's nonsense without coming away with the sick feeling my stomach that Palin gives me.

  45. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Jesus! Aren't people tired of listening to Palin bitch and moan about the effing Media?

    The Media didn't tank the economy and kill all the jobs, which, in the end, is all that really matters to people.

    If she could EVER give a speech that is so packed with new ideas and details, the Media boogeyman wouldn't need to be dragged out.

  46. Anonymous11:42 PM

    As I listened, it became alarmingly clear to me that the purpose of that speech was for Sarah Palin to pout and whine about the Vanity Fair article.

    I'm sorry. Our Troops did not die for that garbage.

    Sarah Palin SHAMES this country.

  47. Anonymous12:24 AM

    The modus operandi of our infamous Half-Baked Alaskan:

    Sarah Palin is easily intimidated and her ego is easily bruised. However, she's an Alaskan-sized coward. She deals with the free press by running and hiding. She responds to any criticism with vindictiveness and lies. She'll quit and steer clear of anything that is the least bit unpleasant to her.

    Also, too, she looks the other way while her mindless puppets do her dirty work. Her minions crawl out of the ooze to punish anyone that Sarah badmouths. Sarah does nothing to stop the bullies so she is essentially endorsing the attacks by palinbots. Sarah is the supreme taskmaster to her obedient servants.

    Sarah, your taint has contaminated this whole state. Please, move away from Alaska so that it can be pristine again (like re-virgining).

  48. Anonymous1:24 AM

    She is a pig and a bully and I would not hesitate to say it to her face! She is using the microphone in Iowa to threaten folks that know all about her demons, to never come forward! All this bully has is allot of lip service and no substance!

  49. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Sarah on Trig again. She claims to have just put on layers of clothes to hide the fact that she was pregers and her staff was gracious enough not to ask her or comment on her bulking up. She looks quite skinny to me, just a few weeks before birth.

  50. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Anonymous@9:34. My thoughts exactly. No matter what the media comes up with, she'll say "didn't I tell you." "They attack me because they're liberal, they are afraid of me, they're haters, etc." She's already convinced her followers that she's a gift from God.

  51. Obama's War3:55 AM

    "And on the day that you officially announce your candidacy for the most important political job in this country, is the day that I have been assured that tongues long silenced will finally start to wag with a vengeance."

    Sarah the Kingmaker will slide through this one and the dopes that tell you "tongues long silenced will finally start to wag with a vengeance" will slip back under their rocks. The crimes and deceptions already committed were enough to wag tongues. Those who keep her secrets are a low breed like Sarah. They feed you crap and play games with America. Sarah will be like Cheney and Bush, she'll retire in wealth thanks to the long silenced tongues and their lies, omission. Dream on about your last grain of sand. Sarah is having fun. Timing matters, the severed tongue fools waited too long. Even if she would run they have her covered now.
    Obama's War

  52. Anonymous4:25 AM

    You totally called her on her b.s. Gryphen! Right after I learned about her harassing the local librarian, the next thing that turned my vote from Republican to Dem (for the first time in my life) were Mrs.TP's whining comments about how she feared for her first amendment rights when some of her more hateful rallies were criticized by the press.

    Yes, she completely does not understand the First Amendment! Or what a vice presidents duties are! I couldn't believe the ignorance she displayed.

  53. Go Gryphen, Go Gryphen, Go Gryphen...............

    Everybody together now.....

    Go Gryphen, Go Gryphen, Go Gryphen.....

    Beautifully written. I know she drives me absolutely nuts too, and it concerns me sometimes why I let her bother me so much, but protect your heart and go for a walk. We would like to have you around for a while.

  54. Anonymous4:46 AM

    I wish she'd pursue gardening...or purchasing residences elsewhere etc. I'm so sick of her.

  55. GrainneKathleen4:58 AM

    she pronounced charles krauthammer as "krau-thammer". if she wants to be more and more like a little hitler, she ha better bone up on those german pronunciations. just ask joe o'biden about her skill with ethnic names.

  56. Anonymous5:00 AM

    As an Iowan, I was pretty irritated by her BS pandering. She said something about putting on her Hawkeyes shirt and Cyclone cap, and that she has a lot in common with us.

    Anyone who knows anything about Iowa college football knows first that you don't wear both of those items together. You're a Hawk fan or you're a Cyclone fan. You can't be both.

    So not only was it superficial pandering, it showed her ignorance as well.

  57. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Did she say, "How dare you" in her speech? She addresses the media in that "how dare you" manner, accusing them of making things up, all the while for the last 2 years has made so many things up herself.

    How can someone who repeatedly lies, accuse others of lying? This isn't the mind of a sane person. Usually when a dodgy politician lies, they don't turn around and attack others of doing the same thing. They don't bring undue attention to "lying", so as not to create suspicions on themselves; at least they know how embarrassing it would be to be found lying after having accused others.

    But Sarah thrives on accusing others of the very thing that she does. It's counter-productive to bring accusations to others while behaving that same way. Does she not get that some day the truth will come out and her fall will be that much harder?

    Gryphen: There is a God. He won't allow this to go on much more, especially if it mocks His Church, one without walls and buildings but, one that represents the true Jesus, where it's said that heaven and earth shall not prevail against it, including liars, who exploit it for their own gain.

  58. Documentation and nothing Anonymous is what it is gonna take to silence Sarah. As they say, seeing is believing. The GOP, especially Karl, is good at destroying Dem candidates...and there seems to be no "feel the love" between Karl and Palin. She is almost egging him on...

    Gryphen you are a brave man and I credit you and the Alaskan bloggers for perseverance....I'm gonna take you at your we say in TX.. NO FEAR!

  59. Well that was intense Gryph- I respect the passion...

  60. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Yep, Sarah's supposed degree in Journalism with a minor in PoliSci has always been demonstrated with professional aplomb throughout her storied time in the public sector.

    Thing is, with her continually plowing through 'her' facts on her narrative (since her six-figures speech is basically the same since her VP acceptance stomp) it works. She cemented it with her pro-active 'memoir.'

    You see it in the badly spelled defense by her bots in all the blogs and online columns. What Sarah says in gospel, better than what any liberal lamestream media could ever try and explain away with vexing facts.

    Keep in up Gryphen, but I hope you pound away at your sources that to speak now, saves us all the trouble of having to slow the money-making and powerful POTUS exploratory committee machinations in a year.

    Exposing the carrying and birthing of a Down Syndrome child during her time as a young, first term Governor to gain sympathy and heroic pro-life status will surely disgust even some people on the fringe - no one likes being conned, and even if taking their money for every Palin need has not been a crime in and of itself, they are going to feel betrayed by this fraud.

  61. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Great one, Gryphen!

    Incidentally, we were comparing how relatively easy it was to find out things about Christine O'Donnell before she had stuff scrubbed. Well, in fairness, she admitted that in 2008 they weren't "professionals" (a dig at Twitler?)

    Funny how all that stuff was scrubbed from so many computers and the internet about Twitler, though. I hope she and that old reprobate McCain both rot in hell.

  62. Anonymous5:46 AM

    You know, if they wait till she declares her candidacy, they and she will say, they will do anything to discredit me.

    If people start to do it now, she will have to fight it now.

    We also have to demand that she talk to other news besides fox.

  63. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Excellent piece-every word was brilliant! I bet Palin is having a total meltdown after the voters at the Value Summit ranked Pence as the top Presidental and VP pick, and since he can't be both they'd consider Palin for second choice as VP pick. MSNBC just discussed with journalists how Palin is not presidential material, has narrowed her base due to her far right views, and has become just a media personality.

  64. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Gryph: what is happening with the revelation that it was a cousin of Mark Begich, Leslie Andrews or something like that, who saw the pregnant Bristol at the palin cabin??

    Naming names is pretty out there, have they denied this?

  65. cjumper6:00 AM

    How DARE you call her a sow! That is such slander on all porcine creatures.

    Besides, just from the sound of her, I'd have thought her more corvine.

  66. Anonymous6:06 AM

    What a crappy, crappy, crappy, did I say crappy, crappy speech! They paid money for this sophomoric and juvenile lame speech? I've listened to numerous graduation speeches given by High School students and College students that ran circles around the piece of sh$t she passes off as a speech. Oh and her strategy that she would use if SHE was head of the GOP ranks right 'up' there with her strategy regarding the Illegal Immigrants issue... which still demonstrates how lazy, uneducated, and conceited she is and is proud of it. If the GOP continues to be polite and quiet about being fleeced and manipulated by Saint Sarah and her handlers, then they deserve their pin-up grifter girl and all the embarrassment and negative consequences that she brings.

  67. Anonymous6:22 AM

    So what is her "hero" Trick or Track doing lately? To disrespect the military in the way that only she can do also slaps her son square in the face. He must be so proud.

  68. KidShalleen6:23 AM

    One of the hallmarks of Democracy has always been a "Free Press".And part of the duties of that Press has been to vet any and every candidate running for public office.
    This has pretty much always been a tenuous relationship, at best. There has, and always will be, stilted and even hateful commentaries about candidates,but somewhere within it all can be culled the truths.
    The essence of all this information, though, has always been, and must always be,access.
    When the Press loses that, the effectiveness of the democratic system is damaged.
    So why then do people like this simpleton strumpet, Sarah, think she has a right to subvert this system by promoting a side stepping of this process, while at the same time declaring herself "The largest supporter of Free Speech".
    This can, and probably is, going to be the single biggest lie she has ever foisted upon the American people, Phony pregnancies not withstanding.

  69. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Anon 10:24--You say you were a "previous Palin fan," so I am really interested in whether the many photos of a non-pregnant SP have convinced you that she was not pregnant with Trig? And when did you realize that, and how did it affect you? Did it matter to you?

    I ask this because so many (Palin fans or not) seem not to care.

    But you said "I hate liars." As I do. And the Trig non-pregnancy is the hugest example of lying and misrepresentation, not invasion of privacy or off-limits topics, IMHO. So I wonder if you could tell us how your mind's path went from being a fan to wishing her off the political scene?

    Your mind's path might help us long-term PalinHoax advocates understand why babygate has not yet brought SP down in flames. --Amy1

  70. Mitch who lives in Kansas6:49 AM

    I don't think she will run because she will have to release her medical records. Those records will show the details of her 'pregnancy". If those details are absent then problem solved. The question I have is why did she fake the pregnancy?

  71. Anonymous6:49 AM

    IMO the only reason sarah wants to run for president is because she wants to beat President Obama. She wants to run in 2012. She can't stand the fact that she came in behind a black person AGAIN! Running in 2016 or any other time would not matter as much to her. Just 2012.

  72. GA Peach6:58 AM

    I think $arah's just about reached her tipping point. I can see
    "supreme humiliation" from my house,
    bless her heart.

    “The bigger they come the harder they fall”.

  73. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I just don't believe people will come forward. If they have information that will bring her down, then why wait? I think the idea of people being able to bring her down is a myth.

  74. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Oh, Iowa is just not into you Sarah. It's clear from the way the audience "ho hummmed" her. It's over for Sarah.

    I hope they paid the sign translator a lot. I felt pity for her.

  75. Anonymous7:14 AM

    As usual I watched the vid with the sound off. Her upper lip is over botoxed. Yuck.

    A large part of the audience looks both bored and disgusted.

    Palin lacks so much when it comes to public speeching. The head bobbing habit is something most students learn to break in high school. Combine that with the nonsense she spouts and I seriously have to question the sanity of her fans.

    Keep up the good work Mr. G.


  76. Anonymous7:15 AM

    The Candidates who refuse to debate their opponents are curt from the same cloth as Sarah. They are smug, ignorant and disrespectful of the Constitution and the social contract.

    They are also saying this when they say a billionaire should pay less proportionate taxes than someone just getting by paycheck to paycheck.

  77. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Anonymous 5:00 AM

    Thank you! I choked on my coffee reading your post. I grew up in Iowa and it doesn't take much knowledge of the state to know that you are either an Iowa State fan or an Iowa fan. The two do NOT mix.

    And I would like to point out that Iowans are NOT easily duped. It sounds like she didn't go over all that well with her speech of lies and hate.

  78. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Sarah wants it both ways on those constitutional rights. She wants to freedom of speech to rile up her angry crowds (The Hounds of Hell). However, if the media reports what she says, Sarah's thin skin can't take the criticism, and she lashes out. She won't give a serious interview, and all questions have to be approved of in advance. She has already let us know that if she ever made to to an elected office again, she would not be available to the press, effectively muzzling it.

    On a bigger scale, it is really frightening to see how many people make their living by giving hate-filled speeches. They use the mixture of politics and religion to appeal to a low-information segment of our population. They really are entertainers, juicing up the crowd in order to garner tv ratings or sell their latest book (or both).

    An example would be Ann Coulter, whose act has gotten stale and whose numbers are slipping. So, we can count on Ann to say something really nasty on her next tv appearance. Christine O'Donnell is famous for appearing as an "authority" on tv talk shows, such as Politically Incorrect, when it was on the tube.

    Sarah is cashing in with the same lame, limp speech about how she gave birth to Trig, choosing life over some alternative. She has no new material, and if she did, she doesn't rehearse ahead of time. She really looks as if she is slowly going crazy. One sure sign is that no one can criticize her. No banners, no photos, no jokes, please, she's Sarah.

  79. mommom7:29 AM

    I think she is auditioning for Michael Steele's job.

  80. Dorian M8:04 AM

    Dictators cannot exercise power without control.

    To control the people; their beliefs must be controlled.
    To control the people's beliefs; the message must be controlled.
    To control the message; the media must be controlled.

    Sarah is just a temporary (ie: replaceable) mascot for powerful groups who believe they can and must establish total control at any cost.

    They play by their own rules.

    They are not concerned about truth or lies; about right or wrong, or even basic competence.

    Dictatorship is all about winning, and only winning.

    Pay attention, people.

  81. Merry8:24 AM

    Thanks, Gryphen. I needed that! We all did.
    I personally do not believe she has the cojones to come out. She knows already that she will get creamed. Her numbers just keep on falling, isolating her crowd from nearly everyone with more than one synapse. Thanks again.
    (PS: the script speed problem has stopped; good)

  82. Anjaak8:41 AM

    No offense to stroke victims, but Sarah looks like a stroke victim.

    Nerve damage from surgery?

  83. Thanks for this quote...

    “The bigger they are the harder they fall”.....

  84. @Dorian M
    You've laid it out, and there is truth in it!
    This resent crop of hubris and ignorant people who seem to have the chrisma are not concerned about truth or lies; about right or wrong, or even basic competence. It's not about principal or purpose!!
    Because they have NO character.. We don't require it evidently!We're happy letting them lead us around by our nose ring!
    Dictatorship can have any ideaology or none...MOB RULES is all about winning, and only winning.

  85. sh.t or get off the pot10:07 AM

    I'm with 9:30 PM anonymous on the "people that will talk" stuff.
    This blog has turned into a turdfest because of that kind of sensational hook. No substance but entertaining like Sarah at times. I like your passion and writing, it is just long over due on facts, naming names from the mystery sources.

    The Iowa speech was another terrible one. An untalented fraud like Sarah could have been taken out long ago. Had the cowards come forward in time, not even McCain could have prevented her demise. She is only better protected now. I wish you luck and hope I am wrong. I don't think she will announce a run or if she does she will quit before anyone can say much. With friends that have alot of control with the press, why not say you are "the biggest proponent of freedom of the press in this country!" ??? She may already know a medical record deal is set up in her favor.

    If she did fake a pregnancy, as suggested, that is fraud and criminal. What kind of Americans or Christians would wait to stop her?

  86. Randall10:29 AM

    I am THE biggest proponent of the freedom of press in this country - the lamestream media - those fuckin LIARS!

    Nobody supports the free press as much as I do - I HATE em!

    Our soldiers fight and DIE to preserve the right of the free press - and they should say what I want them to say!

    And they should have to tell the truth! ...just like I do!

    So support our free press! Thank you - NO QUESTIONS!

  87. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I watched the clip with the sound off because I didn't want to ruin a lovely Sunday morning by hearing her voice. But, I wanted to see the applause. It was lackluster.

    What I also noticed was that despite the way that she often critiques President Obama for using a teleprompter, she read this speech. Her face was turned downward for roughly the same amount of time as her eyes looked out at her audience.

    Isn't Iowa the place to wow the listeners instead of boring them with tired phrases that they're heard over and over and an even more tired presentation that shows that she doesn't care enough to learn her own material?

  88. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Oh I sure hope you are right, G: And on the day that you officially announce your candidacy for the most important political job in this country, is the day that I have been assured that tongues long silenced will finally start to wag with a vengeance.

    But frankly G, I am coming to doubt it -- just because we see no evidence of it. The Vanity Fair piece would have been a good stepping stone: going from "she's a nonstop liar and seriously disturbed" to ". . . and here's the PalinHoax -- babygate! -- to prove it."

    At least they could have shown some of the photos that prove babygate, so others could go "Hmmmmmm!?!" but they did not.

    I get more pessimistic by the day. --Amy1

  89. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Loved your comment, Anon 7:23.

  90. O'Donnell has demonstrated that there's more than one "Christian" cutie with charisma, and since SP can't offer any more than that, her star is fading fast.

    In 2008 some people thought that she could and would educate herself to the point of being a credible candidate. Two years have passed, and all can see she has not risen to the challenge. As Anon@7:23 said, she offers nothing new, while her negative traits become more visible and more and more negative history emerges. She is rapidly becoming a has-been who will be remembered as a never-was, and the dark side of America that she channels will find another vehicle.

  91. Anonymous11:59 AM

    On a good note here, I just read that 1500 people attended a tea rally with a bunch of republicans running for various positions here in OH. The reason it is good - 7000 people showed up last year. It seems that reasonable republicans are seeing through the crap & noticing that the tea baggers are crazy.

  92. Pursang12:07 PM

    For those that think Christine O'Donnell is so nice you should look at her campaign against Castle. She used a lot of gay-baiting and her intolerance will be a hallmark of her run again Chris Coons.

    She's no better than Palin. She's still has her looks but with the hate that being Palin Jr. will bring out I doubt she'll stay pretty for long.

  93. Anonymous1:34 PM

    11:21 am said "Sarah is rapidly becoming a has-been who will be remembered as a never-was, and the dark side of America that she channels will find another vehicle."

    So true. Love it!

  94. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Wow, she looks really old and haggard in that video. I wonder if the Tea Baggers reaction to their Madonna will change when she's no longer the "hottest" ex-governor.

    Botox and plastic surgery can only do so omuch. Repeated plastic surgery becomes very obvious quickly in older women.

    In addition, it's hard to campaign when you're hiding away recovering from plastic surgery.

    For a woman her age, she might look okay, but women in their 50's are not commonly regarded as "hot." That's always been such a big part of Sarah Palin's lure to these real Neanderthals and something she uses.

    Based on this video, it's not something she's going to be able to use much longer. Make-up simply is no longer enough to hide her age.

  95. Anonymous2:41 PM

    It really is bad enough listening to this lunatic speak in Palineese, but it is even worse to watch these ignorant people in her audience clap and fawn over her as though she actually said something profound. OMG how pissed off it makes me and how much I would love to slap the smirk right off her face. She is a bitch who has only one goal in mind: to make herself the most powerful female in America [who will quit in a matter of days because she doesn't want the job, she only wants the power and prestige that goes with it].

    Everyone of us needs to educate 'each and everyone' of these idiots who sit and listen to her spout her b.s. so they will not cause our country to be driven over the edge of the third world cliff that Bush stopped just short of taking us over with the economy, wars, justice dept. and every other issue of importance. Our country will not survive another republican seige!

  96. @Anon 2:41

    I can't believe that in all this time no one has dared to buy a ticket to one of her 'do's.. just to be able to get up and shout "You Lie!" like that jerk did to Pres. Obama!


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