Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah Palin continues to mythologize the birth of her most important prop.

Here is Palin giving her God/Trig/freedom speech in Louisville, Kentucky.

Palin again trots out the old chestnut that the reason she hid her pregnancy was because of the "old sourdoughs" in Alaska judging their first female Governor harshly for getting knocked up on the job. (By the way she sometimes refers to these potential male naysayers as "Neanderthals", something I am sure the men of Alaska find fairly insulting.)

Immediately afterward is her first reference to God.  She makes ten of them altogether in this less than five minute clip. There are also a few scattered references to the "Lord", "Him", and "He" in the place of God as well. In Palin's view of the world EVERY SINGLE thing that happens is directly controlled by God, and  neither science nor mankind are given credit for ANY of the advances made in our society.  It is as if she sees all of mankind as nothing more than marionettes' whose every string is controlled by forces outside of their control.

I wonder if that philosophy is what allows her  to lie with such impunity, since she has convinced herself that God is putting those words into her mouth and therefore they cannot be considered lies.

I say that because almost immediately Palin does indeed begin to make statements that are absolutely false.  She claims that she had an ultrasound when in fact she never had one for Trig, because she was never pregnant with him.  After making that statement she then adds tons of detail about the doctor noticing a thicker neck (In her book this was attributed to the technician who performed the ultrasound, not the doctor), and that she magically remembered that such a thing might indicate Trig was going to be born with Down's syndrome.

I have dealt with numerous liars in my life, and a clear indication that somebody is bullshitting you is that they add tons of unnecessary minutia to make their story sound more credible. Of coures the built in consequence to such a practice is that it makes it very hard to keep all of the details straight.  Which would account for the fact that Sarah's Trig stories are NEVER exactly the same.

Then later Palin uses this story for what it seems to have been invented to do, and that is to PROVE her dedication to the Pro-Life movement beyond a shadow of any reasonable doubt.  How could ANYBODY not believe that Sarah Palin lives and breathes the Pro-Life philosophy after, at 44 years of age, she gave birth to a child with a difficulty that would have convinced many other less dedicated women to terminate their pregnancy? (Don't forget that Sarah announced her pregnancy the day AFTER John McCain was chosen as the Republican nominee.)

Around the 4:00 mark Palin makes a remark which must make sense to people who live outside of Alaska and that is that she was able to conceal her pregnancy for seven months because it was winter time in Alaska and so she just kept adding layers. As if that, and the reluctance of her staff to point out that she was "chunking up", explains why NOBODY realized she was pregnant until after she told them.

Well let me explain to those of you in the "Lower 48" that in Alaska we do NOT wear our winter clothes inside of our buildings as a rule.  Sure if we are going to stay for just a few minutes we might leave our coats on, but if we were in our office working we would strip off our heavy winter coats and be left wearing the same regular type of clothing that anybody else would wear. We DO have heated buildings you know.

So in other words Palin's staff would have seen her numerous times without all of her "layers" to hide any potential baby bump.  And if you are still unconvinced that she is lying then take a look at this picture from right after she announced her pregnancy and judge for yourself.

(I changed the picture because it was pointed out that my previous choice was actually before Palin announced her pregnancy.  This picture is from March 14, which is only eight days after Palin made her big announcement.)

So is her pregnancy hidden by "layers" of clothing in THIS picture? Do YOU see the "chunking  up" she alludes to in her speech?

Like I said the entire speech is just chock full of fabrications from the fertile imagination of an extremely unhinged woman. And she continues to get away with it because the media that she arrogantly refers to as "Lamestream" has failed to do their jobs.  Which I guess proves her point that they are indeed "lame."

I believe I have said this before but it bears repeating.  I have heard from numerous sources, that even Sarah's own family was not aware of her "pregnancy" until after she announced it to the media.  In fact according to three separate sources Bristol was no more in the loop about her mother's plans than anybody else, with the possible, but nor definite, exception of Todd.

So ask yourself, HOW does a woman hide her pregnancy for SEVEN months in a house full of young girls, who must see each other in various stages of undress constantly?  Simply put, she could not! Why do YOU think she keeps little Piper Palin with her at all times?

So let me quickly go down the list and address what I imagine will be your follow up questions to this post. 
  • Is Trig Bristol's child? No, from everything I have heard and seen I don't believe that is the case.
  • Where did he come from? I am not yet sure.
  • Did Bristol have another child before Tripp?  I believe she did, but I have not been able to pin down the dates.
  • Are there people who know these answers absolutely? Yes, but only a very small handful and they are not talking to ANYBODY on the record right now.
  • Will this story ever be told in a way that will make it impossible for the American people to ignore?  I certainly hope so.
  • Are any of the authors of upcoming Palin books going to address "babygate?" My official response is that I know NOTHING about what any of these books might contain.
P.S. For those who want to listen to the entire speech that this video was taken from you can find it at a great blog called Bareefoot and Progressive.


  1. akbright12:18 PM

    It is hard to believe Sarah's Dad taught science. Maybe the importance of 'facts' was not emphasized in their home.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    In that picture... her face, hands arms and belly are NOT pregnant.... I know from experience that you don't just get pregnant in your belly LOL you get pregnant ALL OVER!!!! her cute shoes still fit at 8 months (according to her)

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I think Bristol is Trig's birth mother.

  4. Virginia Voter12:29 PM

    I have been reading your blog for over two years now Gryphen, mainly because of babygate. ANYONE, and I mean anyone who has ever gotten pregnant and given birth can not possibly believe Sarah's Trig fairytale. It is simply inhumanly possible...everything from hiding her seventh pregnancy for seven months, the jackets indoors, the square pillow pictures, the wild ride, and the nonexistent maternity leave all defy reality,nature,logic and sanity.

    The proof is in black and white...not only do we have pictures of a very non pregnant supposedly seven month pregnant Sarah, but we have hundreds of emails and schedules that were realesed which never once mention Sarah's labor, delivery, or a doctor's appointment.

    Now we also have Bristol giving interviews with Leno and Hannity saying she didn't go to her prom because she was pregnant, which we again have proved that she was not pregnant for her senior prom, and only two-three weeks pregnant for prom in 08.

    This is the theory I have been going with. So I think Bristol (unknown father) gave birth prematurely to the Ruffled ear baby in winter of 08...Ruffles was named Tripp by Bristol. Ruffles died, disappeared or something, and Sarah wrangled herself up a DS infant (who we now know as Trig)to pass off as her own since she already faked the pregnancy. It's the only thing that makes sense. Do I have the story right?

  5. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I think Bristol is Trig's birth mother.

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Palin & Tea Baggers have no plan.

    Saying no is not a plan.

  7. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Whether $arah gave birth or not to Tri-G, she is lying about the ultrasound and many other things regarding the pregnancy. I happen to be a believer that Tri-G is not hers. But the lies are still lies.
    How do I know?
    I gave birth to my 5th child in my early 40's and was considered a high risk pregnancy. My pregnancy was considered a much higher risk than $arah's would have been.
    The biggest thing that stands out to me is the story(s) about the ultrasound. Even if she were pregnant, she would NOT have had any definitive results while she was on the damn table. Usually, a tech gives the ultrasound and has a Doctor read it. Even if it were a Doctor who gave the ultrasound, he would not have made any comments on it until he studied the results. A Preemie can also be born with a 'thick neck'. That doesn't mean shit during an ultrasound.
    If the tech or Doctor saw something that may have raised their eyebrows or alarmed them in any way, they would have ordered even more tests before commenting. I'm sure they would not have wanted to be sued by the Gov. of the state for commenting without being sure.
    I had a slew of tests done. Many ultrasounds, an amnio, and some others. Turns out my 5th child was healthy. I also was only insured by the State program for under income Mothers. If I had had the Insurance Palin had, you know damn well they would have been even MORE cautious! She is a bald faced liar! Anyone who has had a child over the age of 35 usually has an amnio. Especially if it is high risk. Everybody, regardless of age, has at least a few ultrasounds. It's just the way things are done these days. For good reason, I might add.
    If she was really expecting a Baby with Downs, they would have done many more tests. They also would have recommended the Family come in and talk to Doctors and urge them to ask questions in order to prepare themselves and to give Tri-G the proper treatment and attention. I cannot believe that Alaska would be so behind the times. If it went the way $arah claims (in her many different stories) that would put Alaska in a terrible light.
    Tri-G cannot possibly be her child. If he were, she would at the very least know what they do with a pregnant woman at that age. She is lying.

    mary b

  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    So you personally think Bristol got pregnant (prob by johnny) and lost it. She felt so much anguish that she had the replace it? That would make sense. I don't believe all the rumors of intense fighting between sarah and bristol. I truly think she used levi. Then felt like she needed to make it work for tripp. I don't think sarah was beind the 08 post election split. It would look bad for her. Plus there are happy solo pics of bristol. And bristol was hardly with tripp when he was born. I don't think she was ready to be a mom but I think she's grown into it well. and I'm proud of what she's doing.
    She was the typical rebellious teen who dated bad boys, ignored parental warnings and rules and got knocked up.

    Have you listened to her interview with tammy bruce

  9. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Gryphen, If you compare her statement about the doctor and the ultrasound to what she wrote in her book, it is a completely different story! Another sign of her lying.....

    I don't know why i still think Trig is Bristols. But, I just hope the truth comes out no matter what it is.

  10. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I agree that Trig is #1 prop. Track is fighting for our freedoms, including of the press, he is a close second. Bristol is a chip off the old block and her prop status is without question in the Mama Grizzly way. Willow is under the radar. Piper is young and an angelic prop that truly is off limits at this time.

  11. laprofesora12:53 PM

    It may be a dumb question, but WHY did she bring this up again??? Isn't it old news? It sounds like she's still trying to convince us that this is the truth. It seems very suspicious that she would bring this up out of thin air.

  12. Michelle B.12:56 PM

    "She was the typical rebellious teen who dated bad boys, ignored parental warnings and rules and got knocked up."

    If Johnny Chandler is a 'bad boy' why are they still close? Like the Morlock family the Chandler/Underwood family are still close to the Palins.

  13. laprofesora12:57 PM

    PS Wasn't this a fundraiser for Rand Paul? If that's true, it makes it even more bizarre that she was talking about the birth of her youngest child. Why wasn't she talking about Paul??? (even though we know everything revolves around HER)

  14. Anonymous12:59 PM

    If Palin believes our planet is 6,000 yrs. old, why is she going on about Neanderthals?

  15. GrainneKathleen1:00 PM

    great commentary, gryph, and also great commentary at barefoot and progressive.
    the thought that people payed good money, let alone wasted valuable time to hear this drivel in its entirety blows my mind.
    i love the part about being able to conceal a pregnancy because sarah lives in a place with cold winters. i live in maine - not quite as cold as alaska - and i am close friends with quite a few mid-wives, and so i associate with a lot of gals of various ages and durations of pregnancy. even with the fleeciest of coats on, whether inside or outside a building i can tell a 7 months pregnant woman from one whose uterus is uninhabited at the moment. even if she i not very "chunked up" you can tell by her posture and gait and the way her legs spread out. any woman in the audience should know this story of hers is bullshit. even in the mid-west the winters are cold enough for people to do a little comparative research. the difference between us and them is that they don't want to know the truth about sarah.
    can't we get these folks who know the palin's skeletons into some kind of witness protection from barracudas program? i'd be more than willing to have them live with my family if they spilled their guts - we have plenty of room. sound good anyone with serious info? we live on a lake, and it's not a dead one...

  16. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I also think Bristol was pregnant twice. I knew a teenager who lost one baby and then immediately became pregnant and gave birth to a second. It happens more than you can imagine. I also think this is one reason Sarah Palin is nuts. She lost her mind a long time ago and some people simply refused to notice.

  17. Anonymous1:07 PM

    All the little lies won't count. No one will come forward with facts or truth "UNTIL." It does not matter how serious the crimes or about the children that are involved. No one that can do anything gives a darn about the on going agony of the children involved with a hoax or crimes. They are obviously also fake Christians like the Palins. They may not like the Palins but they aren't that different. I'd like to see them all behind bars where they belong.

    12:43 PM,

    Where is the link to the Tammy Bruce interview? Tammy Bruce has been lying and covering for Repubs for years. She is a propaganda star at that game.

  18. GrainneKathleen1:12 PM

    mary b @12:40 pm, you make very good observations. sarah's story is so superficial, it would be laughable if she hadn't gotten away with it thus far.

  19. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I just wish one time that someone would ask this dolt how exactly 'having' a special needs child is a qualification for anything, much less high office. Instead of getting an MBA or Ph.D. should people just have a baby to qualify for any job they want? I'm sure the board of directors for Hewlett Packard or Daimler Chrysler would laugh heartily if someone came to them for a CEO job and the crux of their resume is proof that they can reproduce.

    My mother's had three daughters, so can she run for a high office just on that basis alone? Hell, she's got the uterine cred down and she'd have one up on Stupid Sarah just on the basis that none of us made her a grandma before we took our cap and gown pictures!

    I'm just so tired of this ignorant female and her ilk acting as if Trig is the first child ever to be born with Down Syndrome -- and that only right wing nut cases knowingly give birth to DS kids. Having a child and raising a child are two incredibly different things.

  20. GrainneKathleen1:16 PM

    whoops, p.s.: can you include the funny new video of sarah doing a u-ee to avoid two - count 'em, TWO! - members of the lamestream media at the rand paul speech. it cracks me up, and i think others woulf enjoy it.

  21. emrysa1:16 PM

    I still think the simplest explanation is the answer.

    trig is bristols, and sarah took him on (not for insurance reasons as I thought 2 years ago, but) to have a chance at the vp nomination. we all know at this point that sarah knew there were people pulling for her to be the vp back in 2007. as stupid as sarah is, she knew that if it was revealed that her 17 year-old just had a baby she never would have gotten that nomination. never. imo that's the whole reason she took on trig. and gave him that fucking name. the "retarded" baby. that is a seriously sick woman.

    gryphen it is my understanding that picture of palin is from super tuesday, 1 month before she announced her pregnancy. please correct me if I am wrong. but even if it is super tuesday, that puts her at 6 months here. sorry, one of my clients is 6 months preg right now, and there's absolutely no way that palin is 6 months in this pic. it's not physically possible.

  22. angela1:16 PM

    I have never known ANY public figure use their "children" like Sarah Palin does. I do believe she is a narcissistic sociopath. If all she has to tie her to her base is the probable fiction that she is peddling about her being "special" because she bore poor Trig— she will slay anyone to protect the myth of her mothering . . . Even though at the same time she had a drug addicted troubled son and pregnant teen daughter . . . In that atmosphere most women her age would have protected themselves against pregnancy. Like Todd said "I wonder how she even gets pregnant."

    Levi might be goofy and naive but I think he told the truth about the sleeping arrangements at the Palin home. Cause let's face it, he was a lodger there himself.

  23. laprofesora1:24 PM

    Apologies, I think I mixed up two different appearances in Kentucky. But Paylin is still Lady Coo-Coo.

  24. Anonymous1:24 PM

    My feeling is she was pregnant, but she knew it was a Down's Syndrome baby. That's why she flew out of state late in her pregnancy, and even though she was leaking amniotic fluid, she flew home and upon landing drove all the way to Wasilla--she wanted to compromise this child's life. Was she hoping the baby would maybe not make it? That's what I've always thought.

  25. Anonymous1:25 PM

    The Wasilla former friends of Palin are not going to spill their guts. They have children and their lives are tangled up with Palins. Even good kids smoke, drink or hang out with the Wasilla bad and the vandals. The Republican parents with good kids may have been part of those cover ups. Republicans with children who play with the Palins are not going to spill anything. They would have to confront their own parenting and truths about how children are raised in the Valley would come out. No one will ever open up about what they know about the Trig pregnancy. Stop being fooled. They are covering their own arses or those of their near and dear. Not even Sadie can or will actually open up and I think she is one of the best Wasilla Republicans.

    Look at the example of the parents when the Morlock house was vandalized and Willow got by with $30,000 in damages. It will be the same thing over and over. There are people who string Gryph along. He is doing his best, but he can't reveal sources. He wants to believe the good Republican actors and they take advantage of his goodness. Nothing is going to change, the myth lives on to be the 'truth' of tomorrow. Our gift to future generations.

  26. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I have to respectfully disagree with 12:21. Many women who are pregnant do not gain weight all over. In fact, thin, fit women oftentimes ONLY show the pregnancy in their bellies. However, that's if they aren't retaining fluid and no, not all pregnant women do get swollen due to retained fluids. I had 4 babies and never had any swelling. A friend of mine had no swelling in her first pregnancy but did in her second. All women and all pregnancies are different.

    Anyway, going by Palin's Super Woman story, she would have had the "basketball under the shirt look" IF she had been pregnant. She most definitely would have looked extremely pregnant at 7 mos. The picture that Gryphen posts here is not that of a woman who is pregnant with her 5th child. No way, no how. Look at her midsection compared to that of the woman with whom she's speaking. They look the same! Sarah Palin really is like a kid who covers her eyes and thinks that nobody can see her since she can't see anybody.

  27. Anonymous1:29 PM

    *I just wish one time that someone would ask this dolt how exactly 'having' a special needs child is a qualification for anything...*

    It is only a qualification if you have money and political clout behind you. People like Palin are created, it is not only her myth.

  28. Anonymous1:58 PM

    @1;16 #1, add to the insanity that Palin does have a DS child (adopted or otherwise) and has ZERO meaningful involvement with or positive impact on special needs organizations and causes! Very, very strange and, imo, telling. There's a reason why she isn't "going there".

    Secondly, to 1:16 #2, has the U-turn video been shown or discussed in the dreaded lamestream media yet? Sure hope so. That video is absolutely hilarious! Coward! Mama Grizzly my azz.

  29. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Excellent post Gryph. I am of the belief that the Trig we see today is not Bristols son but that Bristol did give birth to another baby (possibly the ruffled ear baby) and that Sarah found Trig for the specific purpose to both cover for the earlier Bristol pregnancy and also to provide pro-life cred. I do not believe that Sarah was pregnant...just too many conflicting stories from Palin and a lot of great investigative work done by Gryph, Palingates and others that confirms dates, pics, etc.

    And just to echo what other mothers here on IM have stated about pregnancy in later life; amnio is no picnic to undergo, most pregnant women start to experience major physical changes in the last trimester that can't be ignored...frequent need to empty the bladder, discomfort sleeping or finding a comfortable position to sit, some fluid retention in the lower extremities, back pain and certainly during labor some major wincing! There is absolutely no way that the wild ride ever took place...absolutely no way. The woman lies for her own gain and at some point someone is going to come forward to flesh it out. I just hope its before 2012. Too often the truth comes out long after the person has passed on or done the damage. Hang in there Gryph, et al...we need you more than ever!

  30. Anonymous1:58 PM

    There was a baby swap..... Why BP's baby transformed into Trig is a big mystery. Sarah needed a shield that would take the media pressure off of her from Trooper gate, and the poor showing at the job of being gov. for AK.

    SP figured that Trig would get her into the national poor me, lookie at me, great me, and vote for me category.

    These lies are very deep and as such take a long time for the shit to surface.

    DO you think Bristol was drinking alcohol for her first child? Maybe there was another problem child that didn't make it to the light of day, or another Palin bot saved the day and swapped babies.

  31. Anonymous2:07 PM

    She's sure got her panties in a wad that the press is reporting what she recommended to O"Donnell. Her exact words were "speak through Fox." Not speak only to Fox, but that's what she meant, it came across loud and clear and now she's all ticked off that the media is reporting it that way. It was as much the context as the words and she knows it's going to be almost impossible to walk it back other than to twitter-whine "they're misquoting me, poor me".

  32. Kingmakers are Mythmakers2:07 PM

    Sarah Palin is doing everything perfect. Her horrible speeches and all the screech just gives her more mythology. She has not announced running for president of anything, she is in the Kingmaker category at this time. Why wouldn't she be a Mythmaker? If we don't like what she represents or is about in politics why don't we try to improve our voting system? You know they will accept a half ass medical record from candidates. Look at all the PAC tricks. It is too easy to get by with crime as it is now. Who set that up?

  33. In Iowa, Palin Skips Candidate Routine
    "The reception Ms. Palin received on Friday evening from a crowd of 1,500 people was enthusiastic and polite. She was greeted and sent on her way with standing ovations. But she did not carry the crowd with her through the entire 33-minute speech. When she talked about the beauty of the Tea Party movement, the party activists in the room barely responded.

    There are few more sophisticated or demanding political audiences than in Iowa or New Hampshire, where the road to the White House traditionally begins. It is often not the speeches that are most remembered, but rather the face-to-face time where a voter can shake a visiting candidate’s hand, ask a question and get a gut-level feeling about whether he — or she — would make a good president."

    Does she sound like a serious candidate or someone who wants to keep their name in the news as a power player? I know she likes to go rogue, RAM and her team may believe in her, but can she be so rogue as to ignore the people of Iowa?

  34. Anonymous2:35 PM


    That voice that you're hearing in your head is NOT god.

    Take a breath and take your meds.

    Try to see past yourself and for once, give your kids a break; the ones you birthed and the one you acquired.

    Proceed at the risk of knowing that someday your lies will catch up to you, Mommy Dearest.

  35. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Since we're up to v11.0 on this fish tale, it would be awesome if someone with more talent and more patience than I could create a chart with all the various tales Stupid has pulled out of her ass in telling and re-telling the Story of Trig. Perhaps this person could create something with dates and links to speeches, interviews or articles where she 'massages' the details of her story.

    Since no one outside of a few brave bloggers calls her out on her BS about her alleged last pregnancy, she'll probably get more bold and begin telling people she wished on a God-shaped star for a baby boy and the next morning a fluffy white stork delivered him while she was eating her moose pancakes.

    The nuts who hang on to her every word believe each version as gospel anyway, so why not this one?

  36. Randall2:46 PM

    The FIRST thing that comes to mind when she finds out she's pregnant is:
    she might get criticism from those old sourdoughs so: LIE! ("...don't tell anybody" - a lie of omission)

    She finds out at three months that not only is she pregnant - but pregnant with a DS baby...
    and at that point her choice is simple: come clean with the people she works with, the people who elected her, her family - it would be the decent thing to do, being a good Christian. she continues to deceive everyone (except Todd and God).

    Isn't she bragging about how she lied to EVERYONE (except Todd and God) for seven months?

    Isn't she admitting - almost bragging - to the crowd that if it's in her interest - she'll lie to you without a second thought?

  37. Anonymous2:49 PM

    OT but coming soon Mama Grizzly proof of unity and healthy functioning family with women that can do it all. Bristol's family support on DWTS TV. How odd if Sarah, Todd, Chuck, Chuck, Heather, Molly, cousins, Willow and Piper are her only support.

    Track Palin is the most important one to prove how close they are. If only Bristol can learn what her older brother is doing for work these days. What happened that they can't talk about? It is said he is going to be in a Reality TV show or a documentary for Sarah Palin's Alaska. Celebrity stars have been launched on lesser shows. Track is no longer the guy that wants to be out of the spotlight if he is willing to be in a TV show. Showing them ALL TOGETHER in the audience of DWTS is the best publicity to promote the TLC show. Track MUST participate, not only for Bristol, also Sarah's Ak will benefit.

  38. London Bridges2:57 PM

    Is Sarah a white supremecist? Or merely a cyst?

  39. Anonymous2:58 PM

    2:07, Palin get simple logic, but, fortunately for her, neither do her fans.

    If one speaks only THROUGH Fox, it stands to reason that they are only speaking TO Fox.

    If one is speaking to ALL, then those discussions will be transmitted THROUGH ALL.

    To make such a distinction is irrelevant.

  40. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Gryph - I agree with your assessment that only a few know the truth of Palin's most deceptive lie.

    Yet, I also know that it doesn't mean that you and many others are giving up the effort to find a way to expose the truth about Sarah Palin and her lies, big and small.

    We know that she is:

    (a) Deeply sick


    (b) Simply greedy and self-serving

    But either way she has no place in shaping the discourse of this nation or this world.

    On a daily basis, she finds a way to further her own agenda (whatever it is) and that is damaging to her family, this state, the nation and the world.

    Thank you for being a part of the pushback and doing what is within you ability and resources to bust the myths that she tries to create and perpetuate.

  41. Anonymous3:07 PM

    You can't have a "wild ride" if you weren't pregnant (but you can lie and say you did!), and SP was not pregnant. Take another look.

    Emrysa 1:16, I agree with your scenario. It makes makes the most sense: "trig is bristols, and sarah took him on (not for insurance reasons as I thought 2 years ago, but) to have a chance at the vp nomination. we all know at this point that sarah knew there were people pulling for her to be the vp back in 2007. as stupid as sarah is, she knew that if it was revealed that her 17 year-old just had a baby she never would have gotten that nomination. never. imo that's the whole reason she took on trig. and gave him that fucking name. the "retarded" baby. that is a seriously sick woman."

  42. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I still think the fire at the Wasilla church was set deliberately to burn any adoption records related to Trig.

  43. Anonymous3:17 PM

    2:07, Palin DOESN'T get simple logic, but, fortunately for her, neither do her fans.

    If one speaks only THROUGH Fox, it stands to reason that they are speaking only TO Fox.

    If one is speaking to ALL, then those discussions will be transmitted THROUGH ALL.

  44. I agree w/emrysa that the simplest explanation is the answer. But to me, the simplest explanation is that neither Sarah nor Bristol gave birth to the toddler we now know as Trig.

    It is extremely rare for a healthy late teen to give birth to a DS baby. It is much more likely that drugs and alcohol would produce birth defects, health problems and/or a premature birth.

    I think that is what we see in the ruffled ear baby. I think that baby is Bristol's. I also think that baby was named Trig, after an uncle of Todd's, just like they said. But while that baby was under medical care, I think someone in the medical community asked about the unusual name and commented that Trig is also an obsolete name for DS. I think that triggered a light bulb moment in Sarah's head that evolved into a plan to fake a pregnancy, adopt a DS baby and pass him off as her own. She had the means to pull this off with her connections with Dr. CBJ and also, Franklin Graham, who has easy access to a world wide network of churches, schools, and orphanages. This scenario fits perfectly with the timing of McCain winning the nomination, and previous interest and rumors of Sarah being considered for the VP slot. She thought Bristol was going to blow it for her, but she managed to turn it in her favor by hiding Bristol and Trig#1, and rolling out Trig#2 as her own to squelch pregnant Bristol rumors and elevate herself as having those all important pro-life creds.

    I have no idea what has become of Trig#1. I do remember reading early on that someone said the real story behind the Trig mystery was heart-breakingly sad. He may have been given up for adoption. He may have passed away from health issues, SIDS, or even that sling we've seen often enough. But I'm inclined to think he isn't in the picture anymore.

  45. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I was in Alaska on a business trip one October several years ago. Don't remember the temps, maybe in the 20s or 30s, but I distinctly remember that every building I entered was stiflingly HOT -- the thermostats must have been set at 80 degrees or more. I wore a wool pantsuit for my main presentation and I thought I was going to faint.

  46. God,Trig, freedom and apple pie3:55 PM

    ......DO you think Bristol was drinking alcohol for her first child?

    It is pretty obvious that Bristol was a party girl, drinking alcohol and more before Track called her a c*** after Ben Barber. If Johnny Chandler was a baby daddy to a Bristol baby it is almost impossible that Bristol was not into heavy drinking. Just ask anyone who can talk in the Valley about Johnny. Sadie adores him, her lips are sealed. He is still in with the old crowd but he did go out of state. Gee, I wonder why. He is someone no one really wants to talk about in any depth. Why is that?

    There are a few that know the truth and a few more that could lead to the truth about Palin babies. Neither will come forward. The Palin secrets are safe in spite of all the courageous work that has been done by Gryph and others.

  47. Anonymous4:00 PM

    "I have no idea what has become of Trig#1. I do remember reading early on that someone said the real story behind the Trig mystery was heart-breakingly sad. He may have been given up for adoption. He may have passed away from health issues, SIDS, or even that sling we've seen often enough. But I'm inclined to think he isn't in the picture anymore."

    It is one thing to cover up for Bristol, Track or Willow but to cover up a dead baby. McCain would be on board for that? He has to know, he's been an ace at cover up his whole life.

  48. akbright - But her dad was also a coach. So many HS coaches who teach are coaches first and they are just stuck in some slot to teach no matter their teaching credentials. From the first I felt this was the case with Chuck Heath.

  49. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Let's amend emrysa's scenario: "sarah . . . knew that if it was revealed that her 17 year-old just had a baby she never would have gotten that nomination."

    All the rest of emrysa's scenario seems correct to me, but let's just amend the part quoted above to read more like this: "sarah . . . knew that if it was revealed that her 17-year-old just had a baby that had SEVERE BIRTH DEFECTS DUE TO DRUG/ALCOHOL ABUSE, she never would have gotten that nomination."

  50. Gryphen - Don't you want a photo of Sarah from BEFORE Mar. 5 while she was supposedly hiding the pregnancy?

    I recently put together a comparison of the Super Tuesday photo and her previous pregnancy with Piper. The difference is striking, although I don't know how others will see it. At 6lb2oz, Trig was on track for being a bigger newborn than Piper. There's no way she wouldn't have shown.

    Thank you so much for this post, especially, for the update on where you stand as to this mystery/fraud.

  51. London Bridges4:40 PM

    How about this person's very mysterious death? If someone wants to say, yeah, yeah, he was a drugee and overdosed. One of the favorite ways of taking someone out is to administer an overdose to someone against their will. He died on his 18th birthday in PA?

    Can someone from Wasilla talk about him???

    Tyree Graham Obituary
    Published in from June 5 to June 7, 2008
    First 25 of 186 words: Wasilla resident Tyree Sean Graham, 18, died May 29, 2008, in Annville, Pa. A service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Family Christian...

  52. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Consider this scenario:

    Palin was already vetted by the Fundies in 2006 and earlier.

    Then, the NeoCons visit Alaska and give their blessings and advice on the VP nomination in early summer of 2007 (see Jane Mayer's Oct 27, 2008 article in the New Yorker --" The Insiders: How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin.")

    Was an "Annunciation Scene" part of these early meetings one wonders? (" Sarah, God has chosen you to accept a very special child and the vice-presidential nomination.")

    Either McCain or Romney would need this special-child/Madonna help with the base should either be the nominee. And this is the price the Fundies exact for their support of either man (each with his own questionable right-to-life credibility.)

    It would be an incredible coincidence if Bristol were able to produce a special DS child made-to- order for Sarah -- although perhaps an IVF implantation of a DS embryo could have been arranged, making poor Bristol into an actual "mother duck."

    Or perhaps Bristol just happened to get pregnant in the summer of 2007, providing a cover story in the event Sarah's false pregnancy somehow came out. ("She did it to protect her daughter.")

    Another interesting "coincidence" involves Tri-G's middle name: "Paxson."

    Yes, I know, the Palins snowmobile at a place called Paxson, but do a Google search on the name "Paxson" and "McCain," and see what a long, sordid story of ethical and political compromise emerges. Coincidence?

    It now seems some sort of "modified limited hang-out" may be in the works. Sarah is sounding VERY defensive.

    Her usefulness to the GOP has come into question with the COD primary win, but the political ramifications of involvement a her pregnancy plot by members of our government and punditocracy would be too horrible to contemplate, so the narrative will probably be that the baby is Bristol's, adopted by Sarah to spare her daughter the shame of it all.

    If Sarah's Tri-G story does begin to unravel, we should demand the whole truth -- beginning with independently verifiable DNA tests all around.

  53. I, too, agree with emrysa. Bristol gave bith to Trig and Sarah faked it to project the image of the perfect, beautiful family.

    Also, I don't think anyone knew Trig had d/s. All signs were of a healthy full-term (not premie) baby. That's why Dr. CBJ allowed his birth at Mat-Su Hospital.

    The e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., that I keep posting about, is evidence admissible in a court of law. It tells us Sarah sent claims for the payment of a newborn on approximately April 18, 2008...just like she told the ADN.

    It baffles me that no one will talk about the e-mail...

  54. Anonymous5:47 PM

    The March 14 photo shows a women that will bear a 6+ pound baby in exactly 35 days.... in Sarah Palin's fantasy only. Palin lies because she is mentally unstable.

    Whenever and from whomever Trig was obtained is probably unimportant. Sarah Palin ineptly fabricated a pregnancy because it could be used to obtain power. She can't even admit she's terrible at faking things, so the Trig myth creeps into speech after speech.

    I personally know GUYS who could fake a pregnancy better than Palin.

  55. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I would imagine that Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson who hears these different stories is extremely nervous every time Palin speaks on this issue, if she was involved in Trig's prenatal care.

    If SP tells a different rendition of this story, soon the medical staff depicted in Sarah's book and speeches (unnamed) are going to be awfully anxious. This "technician" who supposedly gave the ultrasound, or this "doctor" who gave the ultrasound would have to be afraid to be identified as these Alaska towns are not very big and everyone knows someone. If they were accidentally identified, questions would be asked of them as to why they did things a certain way. It would be as if one of us who worked at a specific job at a hospital on a certain shift run (with documented records of which shifts we were working at) and reading about ourselves having given Sarah Palin a blood test, for example, or an ultrasound, or a specific treatment and we knew it wasn't true. Being written in a book no less, and being repeatedly said in speeches across the USA.

    She doesn't seem to care that these "anecdotes" if untrue, would hurt innocent workers of their good reputations. And if the Trig story (ultrasound story) was true, it still could identify the medical staffer who performs these ultrasounds, and tar the reputation of the clinic or hospital, if the book revealed certain techniques that were not supposed to be handled in certain lackadaisical manner.

    Of course a good writer (Lynn Vincent) should have researched all these stories and had them confirmed by the people that are mentioned in the book, right?

  56. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Let's assume the Trig birth account and Sarah's claim that he is hers is not true for a moment. Could she be so attention-craved that she might try to sabotage her story (Trig is hers) because everyone believes her, and like a child who gets bored with always being enabled, wants to dare people to find out the truth? Some pathological liars might try to send "signals" or clues to people, hoping they'll find out the liar's story isn't true. They enjoy being chased, and enjoy watching people try to dissect their schemes. They get a thrill.

    If Sarah truly is hiding and making the Trig story up, why would she repeatedly talk about it, in speeches, and change small details, each time she tells the story. Usually a person who wishes to get away with something doesn't keep bringing that scheme up in public. And one would think she'd be extremely careful to keep her story straight if she wanted to protect her story.

    Just a thought, that she seems to relish talking about it all the time, with embellishments, and inconsistencies and it doesn't seem to bother her one bit, almost like she's baiting them to pick up on the subtle clues.

    I know it sounds like a movie plot, but just wondering.

  57. Anonymous6:21 PM

    "Is Trig Bristol's child? No, from everything I have heard and seen I don't believe that is the case."

    Gryphen, can you give us more specific about what you have heard and seen that leads you to believe Bristol is not Trig's mother? Many people believe that she is.

    If you believe Bristol is not Trig's mother, then you must have some idea about who is, and what the real story is.

    Please share.

  58. Anonymous6:54 PM

    "Can someone from Wasilla talk about him??? Tyree Graham."

    London Bridges...

    No, never. Tyree is another insider from the Bristol Lake House and party days. The Chandlers loved him, but not enough to talk the truth about his afflictions or times and events. Tyree and Johnny were lost boys with inebriated youths, they could always claim they blacked out. All these people are covering up something, most more than Sarah and Bristol baby information or observations. The parents have to play like good responsible parents, that means they would not leave teens alone to party as they did. They would not have ignored all the drugs and drinking and engaged in cover ups. The ones that don't know the inside, inside info do know plenty and do know who knows more. They can't talk about any of it or they lose status and friends in the area and more. The local Republicans are all over monitoring through their teens and what teens can or can't say or do in regard to all this. Even the so called "good" Republican teens and the "good Republican parents are not going to be the ones to give up anything about life up there. They are taught the rhetoric from an early age. They can say they love God and their family, their family is the best and all that we've heard over and over. They are all programmed to help with lies and they will destroy life as we know it before any truth comes from their frozen lips.

    The Morlocks are another example of suppress information about the real life of Wasilla.

    Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson does not get nervous about how many tales Sarah Palin uses about the pregnancy story. Dr. Cathy is confident about the cover up like they all are. This is nothing, don't forget John McCain's Navy and political careers and his treatment of P.O.W.'s. We would have to change the system if we want to clean up how politicians operate or who or why they can get silence.

    Love her or hate her. If you are from Alaska don't blow the cover on the Palin myth machine, that is the bottom line.

  59. Anonymous7:01 PM

    To 3:55 and all those who claim the secrets will never come out:

    What is it that they say about a secret among 3 people? Two of them are dead.

    The secrets will come out. They always do.

  60. Anonymous7:33 PM

    "Of course a good writer (Lynn Vincent) should have researched all these stories and had them confirmed by the people that are mentioned in the book, right?"

    when questioned whether she did any fact checking, Vincent admitted that she did not do any. She claimed that she never doubted Sarah's word and couldn't believe she would lie and so did not do any research.

  61. Anonymous7:40 PM

    "I still think the fire at the Wasilla church was set deliberately to burn any adoption records related to Trig."

    The arson may have been to destroy birth records, but I'm almost positive SP never adopted any TriGs. He is a borrowed prop brought out for cameras only.

  62. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Ginger - there's numerous things about Palin people ignore. That's the problem. The way I see it is:
    Bistol is a non-entity. She adds nothing & she takes nothing away -
    the magazine spread, DWTS, her drama
    with Levi are diversions to generate Palin publicity.
    Track didn't 'fight for our freedom,'
    he was in a protected unit who saw
    no combat from the time he was in Iraq. Someone who knew posted the
    info. on this blog awhile ago. The fact that he served such a short time
    is another question no one talks about.
    Trig. To the people who are 'willing to take a bullet' for what's-her-name
    it won't matter where or how she
    acquired him or how sordid the circumstances thereof, or that he's
    used as a prop. That she adopted him or whatever she did, qualifies her for sainthood. Maybe we should consentrate on Sarah's financial shenanigans or who she needs to be constantly in touch with that require
    her to carry 2 blackberries. Even the pope, the queen & the president don't carry 2!
    My personal favorite thing no one talks about not even her evangelical
    supporters, is that she's flashed the
    2-horn baphomet satanic hand sign
    (& she wasn't at a longhorn TX football game when she did it)
    & not a peep out of any of them.
    Could someone remind me please, who's
    word we are relying on that she's a

    Sharon TN

  63. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Well the one secret is not a secret any more, no matter who says what, or fails to, in Wasilla: SP was not pregnant with Trig. The photos of her unpregnant body weeks and days before delivery prove that even better than an eyewitness's account would.

    Cognitive dissonance: people usually try to figure out when two perfectly obvious things don't correspond, are at odds with each other. Like claiming repeatedly to have delivered a baby when photos show you were not pregnant right before the delivery date. People usually exhibit some curiosity about conflicting data like that.

    But not in this case. SP is getting away with it. I guess the elephant in the room is just so hard to believe that the MSM and others are in denial. But the elephant (the nonpregnant body) is real, it's right there in well-documented photos.

    Yes we want to know the surrounding circumstances (like who gave birth to Trig and how he was acquired by SP) but they are not crucial to the basic truth: SP hoaxed a nation. Babygate.

  64. Current SOA health insurance enrollment procedures do NOT require a birth certificate for a natural child. So why did Sarah get an email from Dept. of Health & Benefits saying they needed Trig's BC?

    There are 2 possible answers that could be trouble:
    1. BC's were required in 2008 to add a newborn to a health insurance polity and Sarah changed the requirement. (ethics violation?)

    2. BC's weren't required in 2008 proving Trig was not Sarah's natural child.

    What am I missing? This seems so easy.

    Does anyone know an SOA employee who would have the history of the insurance requirement or know how to submit an information request to the state?

  65. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Can Sadie shed any light on this? I know she wrote that Trig isn't Bristol's- but i would seem to me that she would know who really gave birth to him. After all, she visited him after SP had "given birth" to him in the hospital. It just seems like we're missing the obvious. I can't see an entire town keeping a secret like this- especially Levi. I think he would have thrown SP under the bus on this subject if there were something to tell. Why dish out all the other dirt and leave that out? Now I'm not saying that I believe her BS, but I think it might be stretching a little to have a huge conspiracy theory for this poor kid. Maybe she really was pregnant and just didn't care if he didn't make it after she found out about the DS. But can someone please answer why Sadie hasn't been more vocal about this?

  66. Anonymous11:02 PM

    If I were you, I wouldn't continue to bring up teenage deaths. It happens far more than it should all over the country, no matter the area or quality of life.

    At my school, one guy died from huffing an air conditioner or something, one from spray paint, a couple from cancer, one on her 16th bday. It happens. Many kids die in car accidents. I went to a pretty perfect school, with 100% grad rate and college attendance every year and alums go on to work in the white house and as assts to Congressmen - one even Michelle O's.

    It doesn't matter where you grow up. Shit happens everywhere.
    Oh there's a pic online with Bristol in it with someone (Tyree maybe) the pic is captioned RIP

  67. Anonymous11:20 PM

    The secrets will come out. They always do.
    7:01 PM

    How do you know secrets always come out if they are secrets? If you are satisfied with what has come out in rumors and to the satisfaction of some, you can say Sarah's secrets are out now. If you mean the secrets are revealed and verified with testimony and facts, no that will not be. The Palin secrets will remain buried for a long time in that regard. If they do come out it is doubtful it will be in your lifetime. The Palin credibility will remain intact like McCain's credibility remains intact. I don't believe Cheney or Bush are innocent, but their credibility remains intact. They will all secure their position in history to their liking no matter what I think about them.

  68. Anonymous3:11 AM

    "If Sarah truly is hiding and making the Trig story up, why would she repeatedly talk about it, in speeches, and change small details, each time she tells the story."

    Because Sarah loves the fact that she got away with faking her pregnancy. She doesn't concern herself with the small details, so she makes up the story each time she tells it to suit her mood at the moment.

    The thing I find hard to believe is that people in AK continue to cover for her, especially now that she seems hell-bent on running for president. Alaskans, you need to do everything in your power to take this pathological liar down before she ends up in the White House!!

  69. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I'm wondering if, because of her Native heritage, Bristol could have given birth to her first child at the Native Hospital. Could DS Trig also have been "aquired" there?

    I've always thought Trig looks at least part Native. Even in the picture where the Heaths are holding him at the hospital, he has the dark coloring and facial characteristics that give him a (for lack of a better term) Yupik look.

  70. Gosh Gryphen,

    You are right. She is working really hard to answer the points of the pregnancy that are out there and suspicious--looks really guilty. Those poor people. It was more of a justifying confessional than a speech. She is the most shallow person I have ever seen. I wish someone would ask the audience if they believe her stories and how do they justify the details with their reality. EX: "Sir, do you believe that the governor wore coats inside her office during her work day? Do you find that behavior normal, sir?" Excuse me miss, do you believe the professed mama grizzly would give a rats ass about the fact that she might be criticized for being pregnant, at her age, by the professional men surrounding her in the state? Does that not conflict with her message of stand up and be heard? Gee, Sarah, which side of your mouth should we listen to?

  71. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Anony@12:49 Piper is off limits?

    No! She is a mean girl in training. Have you seen the pictures of this little angel using the finger @ people?? Give her just a couple of years, she will top Bristol or Willow. she is at ma ma's side all the time, learning all mama has, to teach.

  72. Anonymous6:20 AM

    To the folks on IMM:
    Just the fact this child of sarah's weight was 6.9oz and supposed to be two months early, tells me this, is a lie. a six pound baby is considered to be a full term........,.

  73. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I firmly believe that Bristol gave birth to Ruffles. She hid the pregnancy as long as she could (how many times have we heard about teens secretly giving birth) and continued to party the entire time. Levi was not the father. I have no clue what happened to that baby. Trig was adopted to help Palin's pro-life cred.


  74. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Wow! Great info here. I think the truth is in here.
    For anon 1:25 who says Wasillians will never tell the truth. We know and don't care. Whatever little hellhole secrets you need to protect up there - have at it. Sarah is outing the story herself because she is certifiably pathologically mentally ill. She can't keep her stories straight. But, they will come out and all the professionals at Matsu hospital and CBJ should be very very very nervous.
    I think J Chandler is the dad of Barstools first baby who had FAS. I dont know where he is now. Tri_g is a DS replacement and he ABSOLUTELY was named for Down Syndrome. If you want to name him Tryge, name him Tryge. Not Tri_g.His name is an absolute total narrative :
    Tri_-G Paxson Van Palin. The retarded child cooked up by Paxson made Sarah the VP (candidate). The Annunciation that happened when the Oosterdam docked in Juneau probably included her getting a Tri_g like Gina Louden. Low and behold Barstool conveniently got pregnant will a FAS baby to complicate the mix. It all fell into place so nicely for Sarah. Tri_g isn't really Barstools, but it creates the confusion, but still the adoption of a DS child was in the works from summer 07.To complicate things even further, maybe Sarah really WAS pregnant at some point with a child that wasn't Todds so there is that to throw into the mix. She could have ,lost it or whited it out. The important thing to know is that in her sick mind, Sarah thinks she is safe. But she isn't.
    Again I say, the true circumstances are a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma "
    And it will be solved, revealed known.

  75. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Sarah flaunts her XXness. Call it woman-ness or feminine-ness or sexyness or what ever, Sarah uses her gender very overtly. She is even trying to redefine the term feminist to be modeled on her, by debasing it to the level of the "easy girl" in the office who giggles, and wiggles and flirts, and does no work.

    She flaunts her multiple pregnancies so it is totally illogical for her to hide her last pregnancy. Especially in the light of how she flaunts and uses the child of that pregnancy as a passive aggressive political weapon.

    If her presumed fear of the attitude of men toward her would deteriorate if she were pregnant(in reality a pregnancy makes her "unavailable" where with no pregnancy she can still flirt, and wink to great effect. Some how I doubt her overt "come on" works as well during pregnancy.)then why get pregnant while in office, or why not go ahead with the abortion.

    Since she did neither of the last two, her logic of blaming her duplicity on Alaskan males just doesn't hold water.

  76. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Does Sarah have a duller life than people who spend time on random blogs speculating about other people's lives? I think not. She has a pretty great life, she loves her work, she is enjoying family time and watching her kid get ready for Homecoming etc, she will enjoy seeing her amazing daughter conquer her own fears about performing live. Yep, She's living a pretty normal life as far as i'm concerned. k im done. been a blast reading about yalls intense fascination and lack of life. See you all in 2012

  77. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I keep coming back to the Amnio.
    Sarah says she went to Anchorage for the Amnio, and because she was so ashamed (why as a married woman ashamed??) she snuck in the back door and used her id from when she was single - Sarah Heath.

    That causes all sorts of problems:
    A very out of date id, probably expired driver’s license.
    She might be recognized as the Governor.
    The name on the license would not match the name on the physician’s order, which would be necessary for the test to be done.
    She could not claim state insurance under her maiden name. (Would the grifter pay out of pocket?)
    Her home address would be wrong.
    Her marital status would be wrong. (She would have to claim an out of wedlock pregnancy for Sarah Heath, unemployed.)
    How could she pay, except with cash, and not reveal her real name?

  78. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Pt three of Amnio Clinic

    I work in a hospital lab. Here is what would happen if Sarah Palin, carrying a physician’s order for an Amniocentesis, or more likely coming for an appointment following a faxed physician’s order. The order would have Sarah Palin’s name, current address, social security, date of birth phone number, insurance carrier and number, and the physician’s name etc, and possibly the physicians id number, and the order for the Amnio.
    A woman named Sarah Heath, with an out of date id, possibly a photo of a younger woman, wrong address, wrong phone number, probably no SS# or DOB, absent or incorrect insurance information, says she has come to have the Amnio ordered for Sarah Palin.

    Nobody would lay a hand on Sarah Heath with the questionable id. Especially they would not stick a needle into her pregnant belly, with its slight risk of miscarriage, until everything, and I mean everything about her identity etc., was in perfect accord with the physician’s order.

    Sory for the bits and pieces but the program said it had over 4K HTML whatevers and would put it up.

  79. imnofred12:36 PM

    Sarah Palin talking about herself at a Rand Paul fundraiser, who would have figured????

  80. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Am I the only one who thinks her CONSTANT repetition of the "I'm pro-life because I didn't abort the DS baby" theme is really indicative of a deep-seated prejudice against people with mental and physical disabilities? To me it's in keeping with Levi's comments, which I believe, about her referring to Trig as "the retarded one."

    I've read some very thoughtful, powerful comments on various message boards by women with DS children. Obviously, there are pro-choice women out there who have decided to give birth to DS babies. No, really, SP, being pro-choice doesn't equate to automatically aborting a fetus if you find out there's something wrong! Who woulda thunk?!

    Not only that, but they aren't busy pointing out how virtuous they are for having these babies, maybe because they seem to love their children, learn from and enjoy them, and don't presuppose that other people might look on their DS child as a liability. They seem focused on doing what they can for their children, on the daily challenges and rewards.

    Of course SP wouldn't know about those because she's so far removed from Trig's daily existence.

    I'll tell you something else: Trig--who's being raised with pro-life Mommy who uses him as a prop, who gets hauled around in public without his hearing aids and glasses, who doesn't seem to be receiving the specialized care he needs--got a MUCH worse deal than any loved, valued, well-cared-for DS (or other) child of a pro-choice Mommy.

  81. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Although I've never had an amnio I've had medical tests but have never been asked to show an ID for the procedures. I have just been asked to verbally verify my information and sometimes show my insurance card, so I don't know if things are done differently in AK, but that "detail" sounds fishy.

    Also the fact that Palin admits to trying to change her identity and to hiding a pregnancy for 7 months(even though both are likely lies), shows that she is accustomed to committing scams and sees nothing wrong with them.

  82. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Tyree Graham was my younger brother. Please if you have any respect, STOP posting about him.


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