Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't think Sarah Palin is doing this right.

So the portrait above is from the Time Magazine Best Portraits of 2010.

Now remember I said BEST portraits.

My assumption is that this pose was intended to make her look more Presidential, but all it says to me is "Look kids!  The new governess is here from the agency, and if you screw with THIS one like you did the last one she will kill you in your sleep!"

Am I wrong, or is this another EPIC FAIL?

Now if that was not bad enough, and I believe it just might be, Palin's pal Greta Van Sucks-to-be-Palin's-pal released some heretofore unseen video of the Grizzled Mama interacting with the Haitian children.

Now for one thing, everything she says in he beginning of the clip is complete gobbledygook.  I am sorry, but I listened to it a couple of times, and it was just a bunch of words, many of them repeated several times, that really NEVER said anything.  Here is an example:

These people have had natural disasters now. The cholera outbreak, it really lets us see, opportunity to help and send a message back to those who are more privileged materially to have opportunity here to share with these who are hurting.

See what I mean? (Here is the transcript so you can check for yourself.)

Just a few minutes later in the video she DARES to chastise Bill Clinton, who has been to Haiti multiple times since the earthquake,  for taking the advice of the Secret Service and suspending a planned trip due to security concerns.  (Palin makes one trip to Haiti for a photo-op and then slams one of our ex-Presidents for not being there during the same, and ONLY,  48 hours that SHE is there? Can you spell B-I-T-C-H?)

Now I know that many of you simply HATE to watch Palin on video while being subjected to her screechy voice, but I would like you to at least fast forward to the 4:30 mark on the video and watch how stiff and uncomfortable Palin is around these children.  Her mouth keeps referring to them as "joyful," but her body language tells an entirely different story as she stands with her arms clasped to her sides as if she is absolutely terrified that one of them will actually make physical contact with her. Watch it for yourselves and tell me if I am wrong.

So if Palin wanted to convince the American voter that she understands how to deal with catastrophes and feels comfortable dealing with people from other cultures or ethnicities, I think it is pretty clear that she failed miserably.

It appears that the Palin political machine is experiencing one misfire after the other in an almost comical fashion which makes their attempts to get her message out, and to polish up her image, seem more like a "This is Spinal Tap" version of a REAL political campaign. Apparently the Palin-bots are the Keystone Kops version of  political operatives.

Is THIS where I get to say, "I told you so?"

Popcorn anyone?


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Looks to be straight out of Madame Tussaud's. . .


  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Could she look or sound any more uncomfortable being around those children. She projects absolutely no warmth or compassion as she speaks of the need for it. Her arms are stiff at her sides and send the message-"don't touch me!".

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I just want to say that Palin has a lot to learn about being a celebrity as well. What is with the horrid wig which reminds me of the wig Rene Zellwegger wore in Ruby? She spends so much money and ends up looking like that? Botox brow, wig, veins, cheney lips and a suit with lapels so wide they drown her. What a clown.

  4. Aunt Snow4:22 PM

    Wow, you're right, she does look amazingly uncomfortable. Absolutely rigid. She doesn't even turn her face toward the children except a few seconds here and there. She might as well have been green-screened in.

    And what's with being filmed with her sunglasses on all the time? Isn't that very unusual? I'm not even sure that's good media strategy for an entertainment celeb, much less someone who wants to be a political leader. How bizarre - especially because the shades are such truly shield-like shades.

    The scene where Greta was talking about the laundry, Sarah was pressed up against the car. As a matter of face (and I stopped at about 6 minutes) it seems like Greta was more eloquent and had much more to say than Sarah. I don't much care for Greta, but if this piece is supposed to add to Sarah's creds, Greta sure out-paced her.

    Sarah runs off some glib comment about disaster and political unrest as though she's familiar with either. What a joke.

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I agree with the "word salad" that she seems to be serving up. I think that every time she speaks, she's trying SO hard to sound intelligent, that she paints herself into a verbal corner and struggles to make sense at all. It's nothing but disjointed catch phrases and rhetoric. I think, however, that her hands were hanging at her sides because she was actually holding the hands of the two children to either side of her. I like the previous comment "straight out of Madame Tussaud's", that's spot on.

  6. Anonymous4:22 PM

    In the "best" portrait she is straining every nerve to look like a responsible, thoughtful person. The pitch black background! The "power" red suit. The serious look. But she fails.

    Her suit doesn't quite fit. Her talons look like she has forced herself to stop clawing at the people she hates. She can not hide her petty nature, her need to look "sexy" to sell her herself..

  7. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Horrible Time picture. Do you think she had editing rights? If not, I think she got skunked!

  8. igettit@4:24 PM

    "And a lot of aid that was planned ended up not where it should be on the frontlines where helping people, unfortunately."


  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Oh my god, what utter effing FAIL. Right Grinchy Greta, blame the Haitian government only - not an effing word about AMerican government intervention/abandonment/intervention/abandonment unwanted and wrongheaded intervention screwed up Haiti. You moron. (and by theway, Greasy Gretch with the tubby hubby - YOUR face lift is sagging.

    Children have never had presents? Huh? That plastic Chinese made junk destined to break in a day (what did they do, buy out Oriental Trading Co?)isn't much of a gift, gooberface. Of course most have had presents, just as most family's do in poverty - you make them. WHat an Ugly AMerican attitude, "the savages don't share OUR culture, therefore the savages don't have a culture. Ugh.

    But if you want REAL epic Fail, checl out $carah's loonie airlift idea

    The Haitians need infrastructure in the overcrowded camps and Port au Prince - you don't airlift the heavy equipment and piping in(shit, it would kill someone.)

    The country side wasn't devastated by the hurricane, but the roads are so bad they can't get their produce to the city.

  10. Anonymous4:26 PM

    The body of a 12 year old boy and the face of a Tranny.

  11. Anonymous4:27 PM

    As for the photo - meh, "Slutty Snooki $carah, with a touch of Lady Macbeth in the hands..

  12. Anonymous4:30 PM

    You're right, this is getting to be downright comical. Not only are these efforts clumsy and ham-handed, but they're botched as well. What I'm enjoying is the blatant fact that she's just too stupid, greedy, stubborn and arrogant to spend some of those big bucks on professionals who could get the job done, and done right. Instead we have more of her pathologies on parade AND the parade is a cringeworthy mess. If she wasn't such a horrible person to others, I might feel sorry for her. She really is her own worst enemy!

  13. Chenagrrl4:31 PM

    Is it true that she threw out her clothing? Rumors.

    SP and her loyal press agent Greta sound like the French royalty making a visit to the servants quarters.

    Sheesh! Been anywhere, besides Washington and NY, Greta?

  14. Aunt Snow4:31 PM

    Watched it again. When she comments about the babies without the diapers, she can barely keep the rising hysteria out of her voice. At 4:52 when she says "compassion" she kind of tosses her head to the side as though she smells something bad. When she's giving children presents, she wipes her hands off complusively.

    What's very odd about this clip is how little Palin is in it, and how unengaged she is when she is on camera.

    The only time she seems at all confident is in the SUV ride in - you know, when she's busy talking about things she doesn't know anything about. The minute she stops breathing that airconditioned atmosphere, she is stunned and she doesn't know what to do with herself.

  15. Anonymous4:36 PM

    She acts the same w/her own children. Do you ever see her hug Piper or the child w/disabilies? Never! What a friggin' disaster!

  16. Just when I think I've seen Sarah Palin at her most despicable, she presents herself at a new low.
    It's absolutely sickening to think that there are some people in the world that believe that Sarah Palin represents all Americans. Instead, she's a complete embarrassment to our country.
    Somebody MUST stop her ASAP!

  17. Anonymous4:41 PM

    She looks like a man in drag. And what she said made no sense, just a bunch of word salad as usual.

  18. Anonymous4:42 PM

    As a person of color, I am embarrassed that Palin would use the people of Haitin to highlight her foreign cred.

    Two things:
    1) To paraphrase Kanye West: Sarah Palin don't care about Black people. She was so uncomfortable being around those French-speaking pickaninnies you would think she was going to break out in hives. It is going to be fun to watch Sarah campaigning in Detroit and Atlanta and Naw'lins.

    2) This charity led by Billy Graham's son is a joke. The fact that they would have Fox News via Sarah Palin as a mouthpiece spits on everything they are trying to do. I don't see Sean Penn having his personal mouthpiece showing the world all the good he is doing in Haiti.

  19. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I tried, but I gave up at the joyful children mark. I can't think of anywhere kids would be less joyful than in a cholera camp. She still just babbles on.

  20. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Can she do just one thing without putting somebody else down. What an ugly witch.

  21. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Why does she keep talking about compassion, sharing, and giving to the less fortunate but only if it's another country? What about right here in our own nation? Why is what she's saying ok in Haiti but when Obama says the exact same thing here he is a facist? Hypocrisy at it's best...

    Question....is it normal to call a governor who quit two years ago "Governor Palin?" She's not governor anymore.....

  22. Anonymous4:44 PM

    This must be the serious, studious Sarah, but still Sarah has to be Sarah, and her lips are parted just so. Lick your lips, Sarah, please.

    As for Haiti, Sarah should have just shoved her hands into her pants pockets so there wouldn't be any chance to touching any of those children. Stiff, formal, more scared than charitable. Two portraits in one post. One portrait is completely fake. In the other, we catch a glimpse of the real scared Sarah in Haiti. Of course, in other Haiti photos, something else in Sarah's portraits are fake. But, that's another story.

  23. Anonymous4:45 PM

    What's with the enormous sunglasses in every Haiti picture, even when no one else is wearing shades. Is this so the kids won't see her rolling her eyes? It is very offputting to speak to someone and never see their eyes. She seems to be hiding behind them as she is clearly out of her comfort zone there among sick,poor people of color AND speakers of French. It's all too much.

  24. Anonymous4:50 PM

    God, she looks like she could eat a puppy.

    hy does she look so evil? She sure doesnt look elegant.

    There is no beauty there, just stillness.

    I hope this isnt what death looks like. But now I know what evil looks like personified.

  25. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I can only stop in for a sec, I'll read the rest of the post later, but that picture is truly scary.

    She looks mean. She looks severe. She looks hardened and ruthless.

    She looks more masculine than some men I know...

  26. Lynne4:51 PM

    I watched the entire thing with the sound turned off. What I noticed particularly was that Greta was animated and involved in what she was doing, and Sarah looked like she wanted to disappear into the woodwork and have it be over with as soon as possible.

  27. angela4:51 PM

    Interesting video. Sarah is trying to get people to believe she can stomach black people. Now Robin Roberts is going to Alaska to spend a day in the life with Sarah?! Sarah seems to be loving on black people this week.

    Of course Sarah is a racist fraud. She thinks holding her breath and hoping for a quick egress out of a poor traumatized country full of black people and faking a life to a black reporter will cleanses the stink of her true feelings.

    I guess Sarah better clean up the Klan brochures and take Dr. Laura's ni**er rant off of her answering machine before Roberts gets up there.

  28. Anonymous4:51 PM

    The sunglasses totally helped cover up her uncomfortable expression, probably staring at the nearest child, making sure he wouldn't touch her.

  29. Mark in Everett4:53 PM

    Wow, just wow - epic fail, both portrait and Greta footage. Portrait is of a dinosaur. Vid reveals someone inept, uncomfortable, and completely without a compassionate soul despite the words coming out of her mouth - that's all they were. Like she was reading from a memorized text, one she couldn't quite remember and string together properly. Keith said it best, that woman is an idiot! And yes Gryph you can say "I told you so!" .... again! Pass the popcorn.

  30. Anonymous4:53 PM

    What's out of character with the Time pic? It is so her image.

    Flag pin? Check.

    Signature RED Dress? Check.

    Flag Pin? Check.

    Lots of skin exposed? Check.

    Hint of clevage?- One button away from ecstasy if you are a male Palin lover? BIG CHECK THERE GOOD BUDDY!

    OOPS- that is spelled EXXSTASIE if you are a male Palin lover .

    Steely blue eyes? Check...Wait a minute..better just leave it at steely eyes.

    So really this is the image I think she wants to project. If it happens to titillate or intimidate some that's OK- your payin attention if that's goin on.

    If you get crosswise with her or her ambitions- you are in trouble.. That's what this picture says.

    She would be a authoritarian /totalitarian President and that is what this picture is about. Eva Peron crossed with Dick Cheney.

    Want that running anything?

  31. Anne In Texas4:53 PM

    Why in the hell did she screw around with her face? I think she looks hard/harsh and like she has been molded out of plastic. I thought she looked so much more attractive - and younger - before she jacked around with herself. She looked great during the 2008 elections and did not look her age. Now she looks so much like what she was probably trying to NOT look like.

  32. Pamela P4:54 PM

    What MicMac said - frozen and artificial like a wax figure from Madame Tussaud's.

    As for the poverty porn, it's not so much that she doesn't say anything, it's that everything she says is so banal. No insight. No real empathy. Like a program of what one is supposed to say in these situations.

    blah blah blah

    That's our Sarah.

  33. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I couldn't watch this. First off, why isn't she wearing her fucking seat belt? My dad was a radiologist and he taught me that PHYSICS WORKS.

    What a horrible example to set on video for anyone riding in an automobile.

    And the portrait? Well, I am a portrait photographer and I think it sucks. It doesn't even look like her. It looks like a take off of the "what do you geek" portraits for the library except they were better done.

    Portraits should capture the essence of the individual.....oh, wait. Sorry. If the portrait captured sarah's essence.....damn, that's a tough one. I'm glad I wasn't paid to photograph her. I'm a great retoucher, but even I can't photoshop in "decency" where it doesn't exist.

  34. scarlet/oregon4:55 PM

    "her body language tells an entirely different story"...

    You are absolutely on target with your assessment of $carah's discomfort & 'fear' when touching the children. She spoke her 'word salad' straight out of her circular thinking mind.

    What a shameful bunch of egotists from Graham to sunglass veiled $carah to stupid Greta.

    $carah was there to prostitute her image for donations to Samaritan's Purse and into Graham's deep pockets.

  35. Gasman4:56 PM

    How much PhotoShop time is required for her pics nowadays? Seems to me that the crow's feet, bags, and wrinkles are making for more and more work for the PS mouse jockeys. She's starting to show her age and it doesn't help that she's been battling with the stress that's come from trying to conceal the dysfunctional nature of her family and her own imbecility for the last two years.

    Sorry, Sarah: you're a starlet no more. Soon, even the dirty old men of the GOP won't find you to be their answer to Viagra any longer. You'll be yesterday's news. And since your looks are all that you've got to offer, why will anyone pay attention to you ever again?

  36. scarlet/oregon4:58 PM

    Forgot to mention .......

    Her Time photo makes her look like a High Priced Hooker/Escort..for rill!

  37. Anonymous5:01 PM

    The God Hates Fags Church is wrong--dead soldiers
    aren't mankind's punishment for being bad people,
    Sarah Palin is our punishment for being bad people.
    Women are punished with monthly blood for
    Eve's sin--Sarah Palin is a walking, talking,
    menstrual cycle for the world. She is our curse.
    That is why she won't go away...

  38. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Good Lord, does that woman ever dress appropriately? She could take a lesson from Greta (whom I hope was able to sue the person who butchered her face). Again we see her wearing clothing advertising something...although I have never heard of "skinnyravensports" Todd looks much better..and even Bristol and her godawful scarf is an improvement over her mother. Even the Haiti people are more dressed up than she is! Sarah surely doesn't look "professional" or "presidential".

    I will confess, I could not listen to the video but watched it on mute.....had anyone ever counted how many times her tongue protudes in a minute? I laughed so hard at how downright scared she looked the entire time those little black children were close to her. As a mother and grandmother, I would have been hugging and touching and would have really reacted to the baby....she looks like they all have major cooties and she is not touching them! What a fake!

  39. Anonymous5:04 PM

    If that dress were black she would look just like Elvira (that witchy vampire or vampy witch--take your pick!)

  40. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Funny, funny, funny. Thanks for the laughs. I can't believe how silly she looks with her arms plastered to her sides. Lord a Mercy!!

  41. Anonymous5:07 PM

    "Palin makes one trip to Haiti for a photo-op and then slams one of our ex-Presidents for not being there during the same, and ONLY, 48 hours that SHE is there? Can you spell B-I-T-C-H?" Wow...WOW... it's just not possible for her to open her mouth and not say something ignorant!! Does she think she gets a prize for now going where so many have already been, with long-term commitments and no recognition? Give it a break.

  42. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I've looked at that photo a couple of times and can't figure out what it is exactly wrong with it...it's "off" somehow. Perhaps the posture/pose?

  43. dancingthroughlife5:11 PM

    Couldn't listen, but I muted the sound and fast-forwarded. Her arms were GLUED to her sides. Had it been someone like Frankie's daughter, she would have at least put an arm around one of the kids- she knows how photo/video ops work.

    Word salad in the beginning is no surprise- nothing new. Since Fox was the only news organization there, other networks have no choice but to run their footage if they report on it- have any other networks covered it?

    That portrait is NOT flattering. As much as I don't like the woman, one has to admit that when she has her hair/wig all done up (someone else doing it for her), and a paint bucket of makeup on, she can be attractive. This is NOT one of those times. At least Hillary smiled in her official portrait- Mrs. Palin looks like she's as old as Hillary Clinton, and HIllary's more than 15 yrs older!

  44. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Frigid. The only thing missing is a swastika pin.

  45. linda5:15 PM

    the Time photo makes her look very cold and harsh. those wide, wide lapels are all the rage just now, but are not very flattering in this photo. and i don't think you're supposed to pin a broach on them -- not even the ever-present flag pin. which reminds me -- where was the flag pin on her t-shirt while in haiti? seems like it would be doubly important to be wearing that there -- might fend of the "cooties" for one thing. LOL!

  46. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Sarah's hands and neck look nasty and old. Ewwwwww.

  47. That Time pic? Somebody's been seriously outed here and she doesn't know it.

  48. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I have always known that I could not stand this woman from the first time I saw her speak at the Republican Convention in '08, but this tape and this pitiful excuse for a human being is more than I can comprehend.
    She looks absolutely terrified of the Haitians. How sad her small little world is and how pathetic this woman this "Mama Grizzly" is.

  49. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Why is it OK for the US to help Haiti, but to give anybody help in the US is just enabling a bunch of lazy no goods that isn't even smart enough to marry someone part native american so your whole family can get free government run healthcare.

  50. Anonymous5:29 PM

    She looks stiff in the portrait.

    Her hands look like cadaver claws.

    The most surreal case of rigor mortis I have ever seen.

  51. Anonymous5:29 PM

    It's true that SP looks uncomfortable with her arms straight down by her side, afraid to touch the kids. I'd say she was way over her head and it's obvious.

    Sarah pretends. That's all she's about.

    Anyone knows that poor people can't afford Pampers, and that they would be made with cut pieces of cloth. And it some cases, they don't bother at all with diapers, they go without. Sarah finally showed a side to her that the press captured on film. She can't ever take that back.

  52. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I feel like we should protect the people of Haiti, particularly the children from her. Imagine her peeking into the tent of sick people.

    She looks like she crushes the balls of little boys in that picture. There is no elegence there. And, please dont blame the picture. It is perfect.

  53. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Do you think Sarah went to Haiti, in hopes of getting pictures with Bill Clinton? That's the first thing that crossed my mind. He cancelled, but word got out Sarah was going so she couldn't?

  54. Anonymous5:37 PM

    She's standing weird, her dress doesn't fit, her hair doesn't belong to her, she has too much ugly makeup on and altogether she looks like a deer in the headlights.

  55. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Long dangly earrings and a wide portrait collar suit -- so presidential.

  56. Anonymous5:39 PM

    The portrait is so cold it chills me to the bone. She scares me - narcissists are capable of doing a heck of a lot of damage, especially when they assume the role of a snake charmer.

    Narcissists are not capable of feeling empathy either, so that explains the Haiti incidents. Narcissists know what they are supposed to say to seem empathetic, but if true empathy is not behind their words or actions, most people can eventually spot the disconnect. Lets hope Americans are paying attention more than ever now....

  57. angela5:40 PM

    Oh yeah---- and why does Sarah look like a mean man in that photo? I guess her cold ass heart is finally showing on her face. She'll be bitchin' about it in a minute when everyone starts making fun of it.

    I couldn't stand her in 2008--but at least she looked human (of course that proved to be a fallacy).

  58. Anonymous5:44 PM

    When I look back two or three years ago at the photos of Sarah, I am amazed at what a couple of years has done to her looks. She is looking hard. Predict she will be doing another round of surgery after she sees that photo.

  59. 10catsinMD5:45 PM

    I noticed the "ones" she wore to Haiti are not in the "official" picture. So very obvious.

    Red is not becoming in an official pic. Is she that stupid. Yes!

  60. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Good lord... Almost wish I could reach out to her through my screen and just hand her a damn script to read. That's just painful. It's one thing to be trite with the "we should help the less fortunate" stuff, but can't she at least make sense while saying it? You can tell seeing anything of that sort was completely new to her. Yes, Sarah, the world can be drastically different outside of the United States. You haven't even seen the surface of poverty around the world.

    Sarah (yes I know you're reading this) you are the CLASSIC example of why we shouldn't pretend to be something we're not. Just give it up. You're beyond pathetic.

  61. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Is she casting for a Night of the Demons flick in that photo? Hope so. Much more appropriate line of work for her. Just spew rabid nonsense and act like a satanic bitch. Perfect.

  62. Anonymous5:53 PM

    They must be having a circle jerk at c4p as we speak.

  63. imnofred6:01 PM

    Palin taking a jab at Bill Clinton is laughable. He is one of the most admired Presidents in recent history. Bill Clinton went to Haiti because he actually gives a damn about the people there. He was there to help, he had nothing to gain by being there.

    On the other hand, we have Sarah Palin with Fox News in tow. She was there for a photo op and to attempt to build her resume' for a Presidential run. She doesn't give a fuck about the Hatians, just about keeping her name in the news. If she cares as much as she says that she does, she should have given a substantial donation and stayed a little longer than to have a few pictures taken.

  64. Anonymous6:03 PM

    'Haunted' is the word I would choose for that picture. That's a woman running away from something.

    It looks like something that should be on the cover of a VC Andrews novel.

  65. Ripley in CT6:03 PM

    Nailed that one. I can't stand to watch her video, but I turned the sound off and skipped ahead at your prompting. Thanks. Yes, she clearly even moves her right arm away from a child that got too close.

    I hate her.

  66. Anonymous6:04 PM

    She forgot her boobies for the Time photo. Put that photo side by side with the horse race boobies. Do they come and go?

    Whoever said she's "outed" in that pic is right!

  67. Anonymous6:05 PM

    youve got to be kidding me.
    these 'gifts'...these 'presents'...
    appear to be nothing but cheap plastic crap bought in bulk from
    dollar-store left-overs.

    what a sham, all of them, you too, GVS.

  68. Ripley in CT6:08 PM

    Oh and PS: That photograph is horrible. The coat is gaping, the photoshopping is poor, her mouth!!! Her mouth!! She looks really OLD in that photo. And those gnarly hands. Ick!

  69. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Old tranny in a bad wig, jacket buttons straining at those oh-so-important boobs! This image - combined with her Haiti "I smell something bad, where are those damn wipes" images - are the perfect window into her shriveled black heart. And just in time for Christmas. That's it! She's starring in her own the remake of the Grinch, only it's the low budget horror version with the zombie bots!

  70. Anonymous6:10 PM

    and whats with this poor kids never had gifts before crap.
    people who live in the carribbean do also know how to give gifts!...it doesnt just belong to white folks from the mainland.

    did they bring water treatment kits? anything beyond cheap plastic hats...

  71. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I actually like the picture. She looks nice, and I think it conveys the more serious act that Palin desperately wishes she could put on in real life.

    Unfortunately for her, she'll only ever look presidential in 2-D. Any time there's video and she opens her mouth, it ruins any illusion of serious politics she might have had.

    Sorry, Sarah. Pictures like that are too little, too late. Everyone already sees you as the Alaskan Kardashian.

  72. Anonymous6:11 PM

    The hills are alive, with the sound of Hate.

  73. Anonymous6:11 PM

    oh jeez, she looks like Odonnells witch!

    good pic time!

  74. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Anonymous 5:10 PM said...
    I've looked at that photo a couple of times and can't figure out what it is exactly wrong with it...it's "off" somehow. Perhaps the posture/pose?

    It would be a much nicer portrait if Palin wasn't the subject.

  75. Janet in Texas6:14 PM

    That so-called "portrait" is horrible. Makes her look 25 years older and like a bad wax version. Of all the things she bitches about, I can't believe she isn't bitching loudly about THAT !!

  76. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Notice Bristol on the plane. Everybody else is in t-shirts or something cool. She's got her coat on and those damned scarves. Guess she's waiting for her stand in boyfriend to be announced before she finally admits she's PG.

    And Mrs. Todd Palin......It's funny she supposedly has compassion for everybody in Haiti, but not for Americans who are suffering and losing their homes.

    And why waste money on those cheap ass toys when what is needed is food, clean water and medical supplies? How about Samaritan's purse cut loose of some of the money they are raking in and sending down some washing machines?


  77. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Her head is HUGE!

  78. Anonymous6:21 PM

    the children are content and joyful???? WTF??? Right because living in outright squalor with the bare minimum to sustain life and the threat of a killing disease always makes me content and joyful. What an idiot!!!

  79. Anonymous6:22 PM

    You are correct. Did you notice how she was wiping her hands after handing two or three boxes of junk toys from China to the children? I saw a clip on another blog where she was frantically washing her hands in the back seat of car. Coward, and phony to the core.

  80. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I thought I had seen that suit before. Here it is!


  81. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Strange portrait with the suit jacket front bulging open. The other draft photo's must have been real disasters.

    The cleavage attempt and torso twist appear to match the Runner's World photo shoot layout. Both are immature expressions of boundless self-regard and inability to see herself as other's see her.

    Palin has not noticed yet that photographers are her biggest foes (well, after G, of course).

  82. Forever Anonymous6:28 PM

    Oh yes, inexplicable epic fail. Why is it that in everything that she is supposedly best, she fails?

    I'll let others say what's wrong with that portrait as I'm no good with words but I can tell tell you, I used to embalm bodies, it is almost impossible to close the mouth once the formaldehyde solution takes hold. also it is a challenge to give a healthy tint to white skin. Wigs are always difficult when a natural look is desired.

    And incredibly families often choose unflattering/inappropriate garments for their loved ones.

  83. She looks 15-20 years older than her real age in the TIME photo. Scary. I'd say she got punked. TIME goes under the bus now...

  84. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Just watched the video. You're right, she does look super uncomfortable. She has no idea what to say or how to conduct herself in that moment.

    Can't say I blame her entirely - being around poverty can be a really jarring experience for those who haven't seen it before. It sure does make her look un-presidential though.

  85. Anonymous6:34 PM

    She is holding the children's hands in the video. You can see it more clearly around the 4:39 mark. Never the less, she is merely using them as props and will likely be dousing in Purell as soon as the camera is off.

  86. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I don't think Palin has done ANYTHING right.

  87. AKRNC6:46 PM

    That first paragraph that you transcribed is pure nonsense. Palin just puts words together, catch phrases, and thinks they make sense. I don't think she ever learned proper sentence structure or at the very least a sentence needs a noun and a verb! Journalism Degree, my ass! No Friggin' Way that woman has a degree in Journalism!

    Those children do not look joyful and content. She says in one sentence they are joyful and then in the next sentence they are turning to them with the hope for some compassion! Which is it, $arah? Make up your mind.

    As for people coming to Haiti and seeing what is needed, many, many, many have been there and it was long before you dared to step foot in the country. Go Back To Alaska!!

  88. AKRNC6:47 PM

    How much money did SarahPAC give to Haiti? Does anyone know? If SarahPAC didn't give any, we know for damn sure that Sarah and Todd Palin didn't personally give any money to the people of Haiti.

  89. KiheiKat6:51 PM

    Portrait displays the true inner Palin - pure evil.

    In one of the other videos where they were handing out gifts, she commented her thanks to all the Samaritan Purse volunteers who packed the boxes for the children. She said they tucked bible verses into EVERY pkg and there were 8 million of them. She seemed VERY impressed by that. Were they written in French? I hate these people!!!

    She clearly hated every minute of having to be around THOSE people. And how dare they? They didn't even speak
    English. Given her mental illness, she probably thought they were saying bad things about her. Of course the fact that she can't speak it either escapes her. LOL!

  90. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Rick, the washing machines wouldn't help much - you need electricity to run those. Much of Haiti's power grid (what existed before) was done in by the earthquake. They run primarily on generators, esp. out in the countryside. Remember, they almost NEVER need heat. But it also means no refrigeration, no A/c etc.

    What would presumably be of use (temporary basis) is individual water filtration and infrastructure pipes (PVC industrial size) to carry water, as well as pumps and the equipment to put it in the ground. composting toilets have also been discussed.

    The cistern water collection FG describes is a pretty good, inexpensive, simple idea. He should deliver more of those food grade plastic barrels (with screens and seals though, to prevent malaria spread) rather than the proselytizing shoeboxes full of plastic junk.

  91. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Is she suggesting we share the wealth? She thinks she's a saint when she says it but anyone else who says it is an evil socialist.

  92. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Re the Time photo.....The Queen has no clothes.You know, all the lipstick on a pig..still a pig!Nothing there, no life.
    I see the Palinbots are spinning Sean Penn liberal gets good coverage, Palin not, Sean does not hop in for a photo op and scat..he actually does good deeds. Do you think he might be a christian, Sarah? Why, does Sarah Palin think dressing up, makes her smart? All that money and no brains to show for it. Sarah looked like a bottle of "Germ X" in Haiti.

  93. JenniferinVA7:14 PM

    Bill Clinton is a intellectual giant and she doesn't know jack shit about his efforts in Haiti. He and Hillary actually honeymooned there and he has a long history of trying to help the people and nation of Haiti. He has put in tremendous effort since the earthquake while she flies around giving 100K speeches. His Clinton Global Iniative actually raises billions and does tremendous work around the world.
    Bill Clinton traveled to Haiti with George W. Bush and Bush was so freaked out at having a Haitian touch his hand that he reached over and wiped it on Clinton's shirt! Typical republican...
    Palin should keep her yap shut when it comes to Bill Clinton and his efforts around the globe. She shouldn't talk about stuff she knows nothing about, but if that were to happen she would have to shut up and sit down.

  94. Anonymous7:17 PM

    The Times portrait is not flattering. She looks much better when she smiles. The hair looks fine, but she looks better with an up do. Her weight loss in the past 2 years makes her look harsh. Her nasolabial folds by her nose really stand out, and the hollows in her face look dark. Could just be the lighting. She looked softer and prettier 2 years ago. Women over 45 should not strive to be so artificially thin. It makes them look older. She does look a little tranny.

  95. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Wow. Very powerful.
    I think it's safe to say that Sarah was way out of her comfort zone in Haiti. Not because of the unimaginable suffering but because she does not have an important human ingredient. Empathy. It's quite fascinating to watch, and very telling that she wasn't compelled to twitter tweet and Facebook about the overwhelming experience - because it did not move her one bit, she isn't capable of owning that feeling. Interesting post, thanks.

  96. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I kept looking at the portrait since it reminded me of someone. Leona Helmsley. A cross-eyed Leona Helmsley!

  97. Actually, the picture of her is pretty good. Don't see a problem there.

    Am I really saying that?

  98. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Haven't worked up the nerve to watch the video yet - the sound of Palin's voice makes me ill. But that picture is just awful. All the middle-aged, white bots are sitting there thinking "she could be nekkid under that red jacket." Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Pullin' for Palin!"

  99. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Final note. When I watch Sarah I can't help but compare her to another young woman. This other woman visite who with AIDS patients. This young lady was warm and caring; she hugged the patients and showed genuine compassion. Nor did this woman blow her own horn.

    Palin is NO Princess Di.

  100. Anonymous7:26 PM

    something to think about...many have talked about scarah's hair/wig issues...from what i know of another friend who had this done...i think she had hair plugs or a transplant...and it's still in the process of growing in.

  101. Anonymous7:28 PM

    @6:11p.m. said,

    "The hills are alive, with the sound of Hate"

    Who are YOU talking to? Asshole.

  102. SME1317:32 PM

    The time picture is an absolute FAIL. It looks like EVIL is seeping from her through her eyes. It captured her perfectly. In my opinion the bitch is pure evil.

  103. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Maybe she is still a topic of conversation on her palinbot boards. But on the conservative boards I check out, there has been zero mention of Palin since her reality show aired.

    Zero. Nothing about the hunting fiasco. Not a word about her failed performance in this Haiti trip. Zip.

    Prior to the show, her support was diminishing - if there was a post about something she said, 20% defended her "classiness" and "superior intelligience", but the remaining 80% had fallen off the support wagon and would be calling her out. Now the silence on all topics related to Palin is just deafening.

    She is rapidly losing the vast majority of her base.

  104. Anonymous7:36 PM

    What you describe is narcissism. Narcissists don't have empathy or real emotions so the only way they can demonstrate empathy is to mimic what they've seen others do. That would explain why it doesn't seem genuine or real when coming from Palin.

  105. Wow.....I can't stop starring at the picture of those cold reptilian eyes!! The thin upper lip....any minute I keep expecting to see a lizard tongue flicker out....SHUDDER!

    She just so DAMN scary looking in this photo!

    Okay...I'm gonna just say it....she looks like Cruella Deville and not the Glenn Close kind....THE REAL CRUELLA DEVILLE. She probably has a coat made out of puppies!

  106. Anonymous7:40 PM

    mommy dearest

  107. You Know It's True7:42 PM

    The only thing this portrait is missing is 101 Dalmatians.

  108. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Maybe this is the picture she wanted shown when she is in mourning. Otherwise why would she drag her daughter, who is obviously expecting, to a country that has an outbreak of a fatal disease. Words cannot describe how low that woman will stoop.

  109. Anonymous7:44 PM

    As someone a few years older than Sarah, menopause is hitting. Her skin has aged a great deal since 2008 due to hormonal imbalance despite the recent work she had done. Some women age well at this stage. Sarah isn't. I also suspect that her hormonal imbalance brought on by perimenopause or menopause is making her persona hell on wheels. Take a nasty persona times 10, and you've got Sarah in her menopausal stage. Even keel women can become undone during this time. Imagine what it can do to someone who is a raging narcissist.

  110. Re: the portrait. Her hands show her age. She hasn't taken much care of them either. The suit doesn't fit properly and the collar is not suited to her. Its the eyes that really get me. I find them downright scary. Maybe it is the real Sarah peering out.

  111. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I read the transcript, and it seems Clinton didn't go because of the extra secret service currently required. You can bet your bippee Palin would be pissing and moaning also too if he had gone with extra secret service detail.

  112. Anonymous7:52 PM

    She looks like Cruella De Vil in that picture. Lurking behind the dark curtains, waiting to strike in a moment.

    I refuse to watch the video. As an AA, Palin's trip to Haiti really gets under my skin. The Racist bitch was there to take a dig at the President and to convince people she's not a racists.

  113. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Nice Wig.

  114. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I can't reasonably download the Haiti clip at the moment, but the Time photo is indeed a FAIL of near-biblical proportions. Apart from the fact that she looks like evil incarnate, it seems pretty clear that the reason some idiots still have the hots for her is that some idiots still have the hots for her. The whole MILF thing. Not that many of them read news magazines -- even one as worthless as Time has gotten -- but who besides a total sick-o is going to look at that photo and be turned on? Trying to impress people with your gravitas is not a winning game when 2/3 of the population know you ain't got it and the other 1/3 has the hots for you BECAUSE you ain't got it.

  115. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Okay, I watched the damn video. Thoughts:

    1. She doesn't know how to use the word "via."

    2. "This most beautiful place on the globe" and the following shot of an empty wasteland and road.

    3. Wearing sunglasses indoors. WTF?

    4. Loved the dead arms.

    I don't believe this woman has an ounce of compassion in her entire body. She's a ghoul.

  116. Anonymous8:06 PM

    At 5:57, Greta is talking and Palin is standing next to the pick-up, not directly on camera. When the cameras aren't on Palin, she feels no need to interact with the children!

  117. Gryphen, you say you have a problem making sense out of things like, "... and send a message back to those who are more privileged materially to have opportunity here to share with these who are hurting."

    Allow me to translate: "We should raise taxes on the wealthy so that everyone who isn't wealthy can have health care."


  118. meena8:19 PM

    It looks like is sucking in her tummy and grinding her teeth, end result she looks mean o'd mama

  119. meena8:20 PM

    Krauthammer latest Fox commentator to criticize Palin in the Fox 2012 Primary,
    New day @ Fox? ;)

  120. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Who's that man dressed up as Failin' Palin?

  121. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Also too, Bill Clinton has made many trips to Haiti since the earthquake. You've probably never seen news stories about these visits. Because he is there to work with the International Commission, not to stage photo ops.

  122. pursang8:30 PM

    You better watch it Palin, if your flag pin gets any bigger you'll tip over onto your pointy head.

    Another thing she needs to watch is that she looks pretty old in that picture. Her base will look elsewhere if her appearance no longer gives them that special feeling deep in their loins. So sad Sarah, age gets us all. Get all of us no matter how much money a person has to pay the surgeons.

  123. mommom8:34 PM

    Cruella Deville stood in for Palin?

  124. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Very telling that when the child was standing close beside her, Sarah still did not touch her. I don't know any woman that would not put a hand on that child's shoulder.

    Palin is just creepy. She continues to reveal just how selfish and shallow she is.

  125. Anonymous8:44 PM

    That picture look as if a mortician did her hair and makeup. Also, too.....her eyes are completely devoid of life. I hate to be so morbid, but that picture gives me the creeps.

  126. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I would seem that a pair of shoes/sandals and a doll/truck would have been a better choice than a shoe box full of plastic crap. Even a beautiful book would have been a nicer gift.

  127. Anonymous8:53 PM

    @4:26 PM
    "The body of a 12 year old boy and the face of a Tranny".(The GOP fantasy)!!!

    And you forgot "and the hands of a 100yr old witch and the eyes of a demon"...

    Good one TIMES!

  128. Anonymous8:57 PM

    That hair sure doesn't hold up to heat and movement. It's just glued with hairspray bumpit pieces and strands. Whatever was under the bump must have escaped.

  129. Enjay in E MT8:58 PM

    I also believe there is something off with the Time picture.

    As an amature photographer (scenery not portraits) I came up with a couple of thoughts. One is the backdrop - it's too close in color to her hair. Makes her pale face coming out of the "blackness" behind her. Much like a specter rising from the depths of a black pool of venom. The lighting appears be be too white-bright - washing her color out and highlighting her .... flaws.

    I think it is a valid depiction of QueenQuitter - it says a lot without saying a word.

    As far as the Haiti video - she looks about as uncomfortable as Kate did camping on the sandbar.
    Did NOT want to be there - where are the sanitary wipes - dirty - etc.

  130. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Anon 8:06 PM

    I saw that, too. There are children on the left of the frame, but Palin wasn't going anywhere near them unless the camera was on HER!

  131. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Does she wear glasses under her sunglasses? How does she do it?

  132. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Listen, this same woman told all of Kate Gosselin's children that she needed to teach their mother to fight off bears so she could return from their camping trip - alive. Can you imagine saying that to little kids about their mother? She was smiling as she was frightening the Gosselin children, also.

    This woman has no real feeling for children. She is uncomfortable around them. They have needs, she has the vague sense she should be doing something to help them or take care of them, but she just isn't feeling it - she doesn't have the time or the inclination. And that makes her even more uncomfortable because somehow she knows she should feel more towards them.

    Children freak her out. They are inconvenient to her voracious quest for power. They seem weak to her, innocent, helpless....everything she isn't and never wants to be.

    This was a pathetic attempt to seem Presidential. Not.

  133. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I think you have been "punked" $carah....Photographer Marco will have to be added to your enemies list! Yeowza....cold heart, dead eyes.......well....acually, I guess he did capture your true spirit. ;0) Have a great evening Tweety.

  134. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Anyone remember Princess Diana visiting needy children? The palpable concern, caring and warmth? Of course that came from the heart.

    Princess Diana she is NOT.

  135. It's time to stop worrying so much about Palin herself, as she is expendable. After all, if she flops another one can be found to replace her. The question is, who is forcing the media to continually ignore the reality of her, and just present her as if she was a real and serious public figure, over and over and over and....


  136. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Why didn't Sarah and posse of hate just bring shoes and items that actual victims could use? Because Sarah only thinks about what she would want, a photo op with toys.

  137. I'm uncomfortable bringing this up but her breast is very unusual. Is it flattened? It seems too wide and pointing in the wrong direction.

  138. Anonymous10:13 PM

    The Time photographer actually did a good job with this photo because it's clear he was in control of the final result, not her. As a consequence, the real Palin is looking out of the photo instead the superficial image that she likes to project.

    The real Palin in the photo? Cold, harsh, flat affect, and tense (especially in the neck and shoulders). Iceberg with talons. Great photo.

  139. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Somebody beat me to my comment. All that is missing are the 101 Dalmatians. SP looks like she is a 65 year old woman. Ladies, those tanning beds will destroy your skin. And being satan doesn't help much either.

  140. Anonymous10:55 PM

    What's missing in Sarah Palin's Time Magazine Portrait?

    1. A coffin. Sarah looks like she should be laying in a coffin, pale and sickly

    2. Sarah is missing cleavage. She has the chest of a boy.

  141. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Is Bristol okay in the video? She is missing her chin, she does not have one

  142. Anonymous11:06 PM

    I think this portrait is brilliant.

    A great portrait may reveal an inner truth about a person that would otherwise be missed. This photographer caught the cold, slightly off-kilter stare, slightly-open mouth, rapacious (and out-lined) lower smear of a lip. Her suit is ill-fitting and her long drop earrings look inappropriate.Her thick wig is obviously fake and sits too low on her head, causing her proportions of her face to look "off". And there's that neck-tension thing.

    Yes, this is Palin in a rare look at her soul, or lack of one.

    We should be hearing from her soon.

  143. Anonymous11:09 PM

    That is an excellent question Onething, and it's perfectly posed.
    "who is forcing the media to continually ignore the reality of her, and just present her as if she was a real and serious public figure, over and over and over and."

  144. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what the TIME pic reminded me of.....then the light FINALLY came on!!

    $arah looks like a new character in the "Twilight" series.

    The lighting on her face makes her look like the vampire she really is.......lol...purrrrfect....lol

  145. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Spinal Tap = S'Palin Tap, there ya go :)

  146. Anonymous12:59 AM

    a cold whiff of the crypt in the portrait.
    the body not quite fitting the clothes. the matte finish to the face.
    the soulless eyes.

  147. Anonymous1:05 AM

    I think the Haiti dress was to echo Angelina Jolie.

    Could not finish the video; she is not well and it is painful to see.

  148. George W. was "elected" twice.

    Please do not let this woman get away with this. Uncle G, please!

    The more she is shunned in public by the GOP establishment, the more determined she is to run.

    The fact that she is sitting for portraits is proof enough that she is running. (plus the TVee show & the campaigning against Obama for the last two years)

    This is getting serious. Do not let this continue any further.

    Please. I'll be your best friend.

  149. dominicastar1:58 AM

    you know I didn't see anything wrong with the picture; someone mentioned her flarred nose, so I zoomed in on her face for a close up; and my god did this photo did her an injustice.

    She looks mean and evil, with the steely eyes, flarred nose and the open lips!

    In Dominica, we have a saying:
    "Looks good from afar, but far from looking good!"

    This pertains to this photo!

  150. Anonymous2:34 AM

    The kids are joyful because they have come to associate a white person showing up with some kind of help. She could have brought soccer balls, they would have loved that.

    Also, it really disturbs me how she was dressed. She could have dressed up a little in a blouse or a collared shirt. It was disrespectful to the people in the camps.

  151. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Does Palin know any other language? (ok, I know she's still working on English) Seriously, does she even know a few words in French to say to the people in Haiti?

    Also, that photographer is a true artist. He captured the real person inside of Palin. That's a gift that few photographers possess.

    inside the beltway

  152. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Looks like Heidi Fleiss on a good day.
    High class hooker.

  153. Anonymous3:52 AM

    DISGUSTING!!!! People are starving and dying all around her and she's getting her hair and make up done. You are a sick, sick woman $carah. We are used to and expect you to exploit your own children...but the dying children of Haiti.

    Yep, $carah is going to hell.

  154. Anonymous3:55 AM

    The picture screams "sociopath".

  155. Anonymous3:56 AM

    That picture makes her look evil and even though she's probably OK with that, she can't be happy about how it makes her look OLD.

    Time Magazine is *really* going to be on her list now, I just saw on People that Time has announced their person of the year - Mark Zuckerberg. Not the quitter queen!

    Cue the sad trombone.

  156. Anonymous4:01 AM

    onething- your comment is even more chilling than this photo

  157. Anonymous4:06 AM

    That red suit is just clownish with the vents at the cuffs and of course the GIANT lapels. The lapels were the first thing I saw when I saw this picture. Add to that the long earrings and the big-ass flag pin, and she looks ridiculous. Not to mention her hair, expression, photoshopping, etc.

    This is her "presidential" look? Think about it people - this is as good as she gets.

  158. Anonymous4:47 AM

    That is a bad photo. Ha!

  159. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Onething @9:58 makes an excellent point. And asks who. I'd like to know as well.

  160. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Wow! I wonder what the other, rejected photos looked like if this is the best? She has her best "Cheney sneer" working for her.

  161. "She will kill you in your sleep!!!" Perfect, that is exactly what the picture says. I agree totally, her body language screams "don't touch me" her voice almost sounds panicky. What a sad waste of time, film, effort. Christmas Gifts--these people want water, homes, food. Not some morons looking for a photo op. It was shameful and not at all surprising--another paylin misfire.

  162. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I zoomed in on the picture after others had mentioned it. What struck me were the slightly red, glazed, glassy eyes!

    Only question that remains is....
    Is it a legal prescription or a 'homemade' one???

    She's a scary looking creature.

  163. What the hell happened to scara paylin when she was a little girl????? Her lack of compassion is almost surreal. Slammed up against the car while the people were doing their laundry????? help, converse, show you care, participate, get your hands dirty, be a HUMANE BEING. It is hard to believe this women gave birth and has children.

  164. Anonymous5:23 AM

    My family and I have participated in Operation Shoebox for years. Each of my children would choose to fill a shoebox for a child who was approximately the same age as themselves. People are asked to include soap, a washcloth, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and small toys or books.
    In addition, we always include beanie babies, small puzzles, and art supplies. Often we include bracelets or necklaces for the girls and hand carved wooden yo-yos for the boys.
    Each of my children enclosed a short letter and a picture of themselves. Several children who received the shoeboxes wrote to my children and they became pen pals over the years.
    I can't speak for what others' include in their shoebox, but I know the ones we sent contained items that were carefully chosen for them by their peers. Not cheap, plastic junk.
    I don't like Sarah Palin. I haven't from the moment I heard her hateful speech at the republican convention. I don't much care for Franklin Graham either. Have met him several times, as a family member used to work for him and his organization.

  165. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Greta, you ignorant slut, these kids are going to get the thrill of their life - these are Christmas presents!

    Oh, the kids are going to have a home of their very own to put their toys?

    Oh and Sarah, you ignorant bitch, as long as these badly damaged children have smiles on their faces, there is joy? You are an idiot. And an asshole. Stay out of this, as is your nature when it comes to humanitarian and compassionate issues.

  166. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Through the years when I experienced a superior with narcissistic tendencies, I referred to the following information written about Narcissism in Leadership and Sustainability.

    Some of the statements fit Palin to a T:
    "On the surface narcissism presents so the individual appears as confident and entitled. NARCISSISM loves and demands attention to reinforce its grandiosity. It needs to dominate and control the "space," to be "more special" than anyone else. It also needs perfection and immediate gratification to satisfy its all powerful aspect of its grandiosity. As a result, inside the individual, the narcissism feels extremely arrogant. However, underneath the surface narcissism is fragile. Disappointment and frustration threaten its grandiosity, leaving it vulnerable to feelings of shame and humiliation exacerbated by its harsh, punitive component. Along with the shame and humiliation come deep fears of annihilation which are fueled by the black and white, rigid thinking component: "if I am not perfect and all powerful, then I am nothing." The extreme fear of being found out to not be omnipotent requires the narcissism to resort to hiding its deeper nature. This act of hiding ultimately leaves the narcissistic self vulnerable to forces that have trust at their core, not fear."

    More to come!

  167. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I agree that the portrait is cold as ice, ill-fitting clothing and all. But blown-up I can't help but think that this will become a juicy pin up for those horny male Palinbots. The slight gap between the buttons is probably very arousing for them. Come to Mama Grissly my little pretties.

    As far as the Haitian photo op- there are no words that I can add. It's all been said except for mention of her personal hair stylist. Tell me again how hard it is being a single hard working Mom and having to raise an oops child. The Palin nannies sure are earning their keep this year.

    I keep seeing this mean girl scenario in my head that after the camera crew packed up their gear, Ms. Compassion quickly snatched up the all the toys in the gift boxes from under the noses of those joyful children so she could regift them in her next photo op, leaving only a personal Bible for each to cherish.

  168. Anonymous5:51 AM

    "The narcissistic defense seeks to dominate every space in which it participates both on individual and group levels. This force of narcissism is interested in, committed to, and obsessed with power and control, and it will sacrifice people and resources indiscriminately. The narcissistic defense interferes by stonewalling, intimidating, and dominating attention in group settings.

    NARCISSISM is distinguished from true leadership (which shares attention) by narcissism's use, abuse and exploitation of people, as opposed to enhancing and facilitating the value of others. Sustainability is dependent on collaborative, mutually complementary group efforts that seek to maximize benefits for the largest amount of people without exploiting each other or the integrity of the environment. This is offensive to narcissism because it is in direct contradiction to narcissism's values of dominance, exploitation and control."

  169. Anonymous5:52 AM

    "So what does narcissism do in the presence of sustainability proponents? It resists. It resists in a methodical, calculated way toward the end of either distracting, derailing, or simply stopping whatever program the sustainability contingent is seeking to implement. Character assassination, misinformation, and blocking access to funding and other resources are commonly employed methods."

  170. Anonymous5:55 AM

    More (please feel free to block the posts, Gryphen, if this is overkill!)
    "Second, many people have the fantasy that if they try hard, "do it right," be reasonable, logical, and have goodwill and a team approach, these factors will generate a positive outcome in interpersonal or group settings. This is about as deep a fantasy as one could possibly have, as it is not based in reality. Why is this? It is not based in reality because a narcissist survival is dependent on having control, or the perception of control. When a narcissist's control is challenged (and this is what efforts toward sustainability do by definition), he becomes threatened, and responds like his survival is at stake, transforming the environment into a veritable jungle. This is not the friendly environment of Mr. Rogers' neighborhood! In addition narcissism is disdainful of such attitudes (fantasies).

    A third factor which reinforces the stranglehold narcissism can have is when people are committed to being "nice" or fair, and as a result are unwilling or unprepared to hold the narcissist accountable for positions or behaviors. Finally, an unwillingness to "go for the throat," as champions do in sporting events, only allows narcissism to recycle and feed off its commitment to domination."

  171. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Reminds me of:
    "The portrait of Dorian Grey"


  172. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I noticed one other reason the red suit looks not quite right. I think it is so too big for her, they have it pinned in the back to pull it up against her middle and waist. That's spreading the lapels and making the image of almost, if you squint a little cleavage. The suit is likely 2 sizes too big. Have we ever seen this suit before? She had to have been 15-20 pounds heavier for this jacket to have fit properly. And those lapels! This is a hold-over from the early 90s. Remember Bush's lawyer,Harriet Myers , whose whole look, clothes hair makeup was like a holdover from the late 80s early 90s.

  173. Anonymous6:18 AM

    This braggart can never resist making a shot at someone if it builds her up. How dare she question Bill Clinton's commitment to Haiti? He has done more for that country both as president and through his foundation than any other political figure in the world.

    She has a mean, spiteful tongue and heart. THIS is why you don't and never will have the women's vote, Sarah Palin!

  174. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I've been struggling to identify what this portrait reminds me of... all you ladies in your 40s, is this photo not of Cathy's evil grandmother from Flowers in the Attic?

  175. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Year Sarah,
    I know you do read these comments with your Palibots: Some breakfast for Palibots.

    Women say NO WAY, NO HOW.
    You are not presidential material, and you will never let you get close to the Oval office.Just watch real mama bears kick your stupid behind.
    Like Mrs Bush said,
    We hope you stay in Alaska. She nailed it.

  176. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Now I know what that writer meant by "poverty porn." I realize that footage needs to be shown of the terrible conditions in other places of the world...but showing these children accept gifts while informing the audience they've never received gifts before...it just demeans the children and makes the charity look like smug and self-satisfied.

  177. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Let's see, you're looking out the car window at poverty and devastation and you hear the name of a former president...do you stay focused on the poverty outside or leap to use yet another opportunity to score a cheap political point?

    Guess which choice you make if you're hateful Sarah Palin.

  178. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Once again, this woman shows she can't even dress herself appropriately! A t-shirt worn loose over cargo capris? Advertising "skinny" in a country famously starving and dying? Too casual by a mile, sloppy, out of bounds with the advertising. Could she be any trashier?

    And that red jacket, where to start. That lapel style is too oversized for someone her height. Also, it further emphasizes, and not in a good way, her disproportionately huge head. And given its three large buttons and their unusually wide spacing, this type of closure was clearly not designed to be worn as a singular jacket - thus the gapping between its top button and the one at the waist (which brings to mind this question, what woman doesn't notice that kind of spacing on the garment which covers the top half of her body? and for a portrait?)

  179. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Sarah needs to borrow a scarf from her daughter to cover up that old-lady neck.

  180. Facebook Lurker6:36 AM

    He, he Sarah did make theholloywoodgossip.com's #7 finalist for Celebrity of the Year, right ABOVE Lindsey Lohan and Danielle Staub. Pretty bad to be rankes above a drug addict who did time in jail, and a Real Housewife of NJ who got fired (and also has done jail time years ago)


    I agree with all the Cruella de Ville and vampire references...Sarah kinda looks like Cruella would right after being turned.

    I've always said the Palins were like Vampires...bleed you dry and leave destruction in their wake

  181. Two main observations.

    1. Gryphen you are spot on. She is so obviously hideously uncomfortable, so much so that that was the best she could do to hide it which means she must have been even more uncomfortable than we saw. Body language doesn't lie and that for me confirms her inherent racism. She doesn't like people that look a little different to her, full stop!
    Unless, of course, they defer and apologise for their difference and claim racism doesn't exist and sell out their race by claiming the only form of racism still around is reverse racism from blacks to whites.

    2. The scene in the shelter type thing with the man trying to explain the problems etc with the witch. For
    anyone with a brain that scene should be the witchs final chance blown, really. She is ineligible for ANY form of public office here or indeed any responsible position of power. Why? She has NO intellectual curiousity whatsoever! No interest in what he was saying, no questions. She was fucking rude to him IMHO, looking around and sounding disinterested and mumbling 'yeah' and barely bothering to look when he pointed.
    She deserves a slap in the face.

    I really don't think I've ever despised anyone
    as much as this woman. She is completely worthless and disgusting. How dare she denigrate people that have been there helping many many times like Clinton! Bitch!

    I truly hate her. She is the lowest lifeform imaginable.

  182. Anonymous6:45 AM

    "Palin is NO Princess Di."

    Not to mention, but Diana visited the HIV/AIDS patients at a time when people weren't really sure how it passed. By actually hugging the patients, many people beleived that Diana was putting her life at risk. It was a very brave and compassionate act.

  183. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Cut her a break on the sunglasses. I wear glasses and have a pair of prescription sunglasses. Unless you want to carry a case, you have to make an early decision whether or not to wear the sunglasses or the regular glasses. Sometimes, you chooose wrong.
    I've walked around with my prescription sunglasses on feeling very much like a big ol' donkey, but I couldn't take them off because I didn't carry my regular glasses.
    Also, if she every wore contacts, her eyes (like mine), might be sensitive to the sun. She probably saw it was sunny, picked the sunglasses and left the regular glasses in the truck or something.

    Hey, I don't like the b---, but I won't bust her chicken neck for the glasses.

  184. Anonymous6:56 AM

    "They can be bullying and abusive in their verbal criticism, daring others to challenge their destructive communication tactics. Their underlying message contains some or all of the following: "I can intimidate you anytime I want. You are afraid to stand up to me, to challenge me. You are weak and spineless. Sometimes I will say something that I know is completely untrue or bullshit just to prove that you won't challenge me." Intimidation is used like a large boulder on a mountain road, saying "deal with me, or go down the mountain, and forget going ahead. I am the roadblock through which you must go."

  185. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Her racism is most likely what accounts for her odd choice of clothing. Why wear anything you like when you plan to to throw it all away afterward?

    I knew a woman whose mother, an elementary schoolteacher in a medium size northeast Texas town, had a separate closet for all the clothes she wore to work, because she was that racist.

  186. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Nice try Sarah,

    Your hands and neck looks 95 years, plus that hair style do not go well with your big squared face.
    Keep your girly bunks on your face. I think you look younger with them.

    However do not be mistaken, because you are very annoying to the point that I just want to scream at you in person to stop your rhetoric nosense.
    I am ashamed of being a woman because of you. You are bringing women down Sarah, stop acting like a media whore.Oops, you are already one.
    Also what's up with your friend Greta? She is another idiot who think she can make you sound and act presidential. You sound like elementary school girl speaking in the micro phone. Serious, Greta is not doing you justice, because she sounds mature and polished when she speaks in comparison with you. The contrast is too big.

    Enough of your cheap shots. You are part of the LSM ... you work for FOX right?

    Duh!!! you are part of the media..

  187. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Yeah, I'm sure that brave old gun wrangler Sarah Palin would brave Haiti without the escort of the sterile and heavily secured Samartian's Purse operation?

  188. Anonymous9:30 AM

    8.06 p.m., I noticed that too! It looked like the camera accidentally wandered for a split second to capture Palin. I thought it was telling that she was leaning against the truck, looking totally bored and unengaged.

    Also agree with the commenter who said Palin's attire is blatantly disrespectful to the people of Haiti. Greta and Franklin are wearing business casual-type clothes, which seem far more appropriate. Even Bristol is trying to hide the belly with a nice scarf rather than a hoodie. And there's ol' Sarah in her "Skinny Raven" t-shirt (I wonder if the people who own Skinny Raven are embarrassed about this).

    10:33 p.m.:
    "And being satan doesn't help much either."

  189. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Someone commented that the portrait looks like "Flowers in the Attic," which brings me back to my suspicion that the "secret that will undo Sarah Palin" has to do with incest.

    But here's the thing: the woman is a professional victim. If she suffered incest and/or sexual abuse as a child, won't this make people--possibly including liberal feminists--more sympathetic to her? As much as I loathe her as a narcissist who is doing her damned best to ruin the country I love, I'm conflicted about loathing her if some of her pathologies are the result of that kind of trauma. (Granted, I know there are people who have been through FAR worse than whatever Palin has, who have gone through therapy and come to terms with their pasts, and who are making a positive impact on the world. I also know narcissists are often born, not made.)

    The only way I see an incest/sexual abuse secret working against Palin is if she exposed her children--Bristol in particular--to the same abuser and/or did nothing to protect them from said abuser. If that's the case, it could give Bristol some pretty powerful leverage over Sarah.

  190. Aunt Snow9:47 AM

    Cut her a break on the sunglasses..... Unless you want to carry a case, you have to make an early decision whether or not to wear the sunglasses or the regular glasses. Sometimes, you chooose wrong....

    You give her too much benefit of the doubt, my friend.

    1) she did bring her regular glasses, she's wearing them in the gift-giveaway scene.

    2) this is a media appearance, not a casual trip to the store. She, her handlers, and the media (Greta's crew) should all be making decisions and choices about her appearance. Why did they make this choice?

    3) if you are speaking to a camera, you really don't need to "see" unless you're reading a prompter or cue card. And if you're doing that, you've certainly planned in advance your eyewear.

    My personal opinion? I think Sarah was so "out of her comfort zone" that she was using the shades to hide behind. I think she was freaked.

    What makes me curious is why a professional news team like FOX would let her indulge in this kind of personal fear-based tactic that is really at the odds with standard routine for political appearances. It sends a weird negative subliminal message to the viewer. Are they trying to perfect and standardize these protective tactics now, so she can go through a campaign with her shields up and it will seem normal by that time?

  191. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Martha, I like vampires more than I like Sarah Palin.

    How crazy is that. Most of the main Twilight characters are nicer people than Sarah!!

  192. Anonymous10:50 AM

    A more compassionate Sarah?


  193. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I think that the outfit Sarah picked was to give the impression that this was a working trip where she was going to get her hands dirty, not just pass out shoe boxes, and the shirt was to remind everyone that she is a runner 'cause that always gets her a pat on the back, too. She didn't actually plan on doing anything, just dressing the part.

  194. I turned the sound down so I could watch part of this. Todd anjd greta's husband look like they could care less. sarah looks frightened abd of course bristol is pregnant. 24 hours abd never left grahm's compound? Who was she giving a press conferrence to? Todd, the Haitians couldn't care less. what-a-ho

  195. Anonymous12:47 PM

    re: video sent at 10:20...

    is this the same woman? is it the meds? what can account for the behavior swings?

  196. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I'm as anti-Palin as one can get, but to be fair, at the 4:30 mark of the video, Sarah is holding the hands of the two children at her side. Go back and look at it.

  197. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I agree with the poster who said there is something "off" about the "Time" portrait. Then another said she looked like a cadaver and I had the "aha" moment: that's exactly what I was trying to figure out; it describes her perfectly.

  198. Anonymous5:57 AM

    That video is horrible, first Sarah is so incredibly uncomfortable, and bitchy. She looks worse than our former President Idiot at least he shook their hands even though he wiped his hands on President Clinton shirt after. Also at the 5:40 you see Sarah leaning against the truck looking like lets get the f out of here. They quickly get her out of view. Also where did they get those cheap ass toys? The 99 cent store. Give me a fucking break. I think hitting a can with a stick is more fun than the crap they got.


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