Monday, January 31, 2011

Alaska WTF returns!

Since I know how much all of you missed the irreverent "say anything" blog I thought I would alert you to the fact that Dirk Diggler has returned to the web.

Just click here and let him explain what happened.

Right now it is just an HTML page so if you want to leave him a message you can leave it here and he said he will check back occasionally to see your comments.


  1. meena8:35 PM

    Jon Stewart’s Only Explanation For Sarah Palin’s ‘WTF’ Moment? She’s A Russian Spy!

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Yeah! I love your blog and stop by everyday! Glad it's back online.

    Colorado follower

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Yay! I've missed Dirk and been a wee tad worried. Welcome back, Dirk, and thanks for the update, Gryphen!

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    WTF - where have you been? What happened with Reno?

  5. Enjay in E MT9:12 PM

    Glad to know it was just a virus and nothing "fatal"

  6. nswfm9:16 PM

    Welcome back! Can't wait to see your take on the news.

  7. Anonymous9:29 PM

    That pic of Trig in Tripp circa 2017 is completely classless! I can't believe you'd link to such trash.

  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    This is not a blog by Dirk Diggler. We know because he won't mention it on his site. It's by an imposter by the name of gryphen.

  9. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Our host account is offline right now and we don't know when it'll be back up. They claim it was some automated robot that killed it.

    For all of the conspiracy nuts, NO, the skanky old crusty crotch (whose husband lied to her about his hooker problem last week) had nothing to do with the website being down.

    We should be back up Tuesday. We needed the break so all is well in the end. Dirk

  10. You anonymous 9:30 just because you say something over and over again like ignoramus with Turret's syndrome it does not make it true.

    I have enough to do keeping THIS site up and running without trying to run two of them.

    I am sure there must be a blog somewhere on the internet where that kind of illogical and poorly thought out conspiracy theory is welcomed with open arms, but this is where the smart hang out so please run along and take your binky with you.

  11. SME13110:09 PM

    OT... this is a hilarious Daily show clip about Palin being a Russian spy. LOL

  12. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Welcome back a/WTF. you were missed.

    A Nonny Muss

  13. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Well this is a nice way to end the day. Alaska WTF is back, Gryphen is here and solid as a rock, the SeaofPee is whining because they have to worry about Huntsman, Romney and the whole GOP hating Sarah Palin, all while Sarah Palin scandals brew in the background with skeletons opening the closet doors from the inside.

    Better than warm milk.

  14. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Alaska WTF hurry back.

    9:30: WTF?

    Gasman you are needed.

  15. Anonymous11:00 PM

    >>Anonymous said...

    That pic of Trig in Tripp circa 2017 is completely classless! I can't believe you'd link to such trash.
    9:29 PM


    ha! of course it's classless, how could it be anything BUT classless, since we're talking about the Palins. Classless and clueless, trashy and grifting, that is the Palin clan knows. Why would it be any different for the latest additions? They will proudly carry on the Palin banner of ignorance and defiance. sadly it's about what we can expect of any of the Palin offspring (adopted, birthed or stolen).

  16. Dude Im behind you !! so glad your back on hope it stays that way missed you!!!!! thanks for the info gryphen

  17. Anonymous11:11 PM

    LOL- love it. It sure wasn't Palin responsible for taking it down with a comeback photo like that on the post!

  18. Anonymous11:38 PM

    WTF, that is one mean sorry-azz looking kitty. You have been missed by all of us and we are rocking to have you back. Stay safe and can't wait for your next post.

  19. hauksdottir11:43 PM

    That is not a addy, so perhaps Dirk Diggler is prepared to move to a new host if the present one can't get the snake out of the drain?

    Some of the sites that I visit are well-mannered, some are creative, some have carefully-chiseled essays, the latest gossip, or twisted humor. Each has a place and I miss one when it is down or the owner is on a well-deserved vacation.

    Remember that the proud heroine Eowyn thrust straight into where the Witch-King's head should have been, killing him... but her blow would not have struck without Merriadoc first hamstringing him with a spell-wrought dagger. It was a low blow, but a necessary one.

    So, keep chipping away. We don't know which blow will cause the unraveling of evil. Yet.

  20. Anonymous11:53 PM

    It's still not coming up for me. Just a Blogspot screen telling me if I'm the owner to login.

    Curious in Salzburg

  21. Anonymous12:54 AM

    That picture is hoot. LOL


  22. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I love the picture!!!! it made my night and I thank you.

  23. Welcome back Dirk. The thought did occur to me that operatives of that first amendment loving(for her) overlord wannabe played a roll in its demise.

  24. Anonymous3:05 AM

    That picture (of 2017) is hilarious! LOL. Good thing I'm at home and not at work right now, I burst out laughing. Thanks!

    R in NC

  25. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Glad to hear your blog going black was due to nothing more sinister than a technical glitch, Dirk.

    Inquiring minds want to know who collects the on the bet you lost re Palin not showing up for her speech to the gun nuts? I was almost as sure as you were that she would be a no-show. (Sigh)

  26. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Totally inappropriate photo of the kids, but prophetic.

  27. Anonymous3:54 AM

    To 9:29. I thought it was hilarious! It is AlaskaWTF so not certain what you expected.

  28. Anonymous3:56 AM

    What kind of world is it without Alaska WTF? Boring.
    And anon@9:30 Gryphen did mention it by name more than once. Your logic is infantile. Time to go change your Pull-ups.

  29. Anonymous4:00 AM

    9:30PM. Still have your panties in a knot about the blog controversy last week?? Many are still ranting and raving after the move.If that is the worst you, it is laughable. He has already been accused of so much more by the Palins.

  30. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Nice to know you will be up and running, Dirk. Your blog is snarky, hilarious, and so irreverent!

  31. Glad you are back Dirk. I promise I will comment more!!!

  32. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Alaska WTF - so glad to hear that all is okay with you and that you will be back up shortly.

    I check your blog everyday.

  33. 10catsinMD5:03 AM

    Missed you so much honey. Stay safe and warm in cold Alaska. Love your kitty He'd fit right in my household.

    Keep up the good work, err, gossip. Just the news we all want to hear.

  34. Randall5:30 AM

    Hey, Gryph...

    It's "tourette's"
    "Tourette syndrome" son has tourette syndrome.

    (with medication he's fine, thanks for asking)


  35. Ripley in CT5:32 AM

    Gryph: first it's "Tourette" syndrome. NO big deal, I knew what you meant!

    And LMFAO at "take your binky with you." That kills me :D

    Looking forward to the irreverence that is AKWTF. The people who hate it should not go there. But alas, they do. Hypocrites.

  36. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Glad he's back. I hope he didn't have to pay up on that $1000 bet....

  37. Anonymous5:54 AM

    The 2017 pic made me snort hard.


  38. Thanks for the correction on the difference between "Turret's" and Tourette syndrome.

    It was late when I typed that, and I just accepted the spellcheck correction without double checking.

    It happens.

  39. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I thought you MEANT Turret Syndrome: stick your head up, issue a pronoucement, and duck back down. Lots of that around these days.

  40. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Yay Gryphen!

  41. Anonymous6:53 AM

    glad he'll be back. WOW! you found my cat(lol)...

  42. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Glad to know Dirk will be back up and going soon.

  43. FEDUP!!!8:46 AM

    AWTF!: Glad you will be back soon! Hope you are able to prevent the same from happening in the future - because many of us here missed you!

    Uncle Gryphen: Thanks for the heads-up!

  44. Anonymous10:49 AM

    As to who the identity of Dirk Diggler at AWTF, who the fuck cares?

    The blog is incredible, wordy, and oh so spot on refreshing and we can't live without it.

    Who gives a flying fuck whether the blogger is Gryphen, cause Gryphen is awesome anyway. Maybe it's his pitbull dog named Bambi or maybe it's his cat named Puss or maybe the blogger is simply just Dirk.

    What is most important is it causes the flying monkeys to poop all over their Queen's jammies while sucking their paccies and getting all weee weee upted.

  45. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Welcome back. I'm sure it must have ground you down to miss commenting on the stuff the last few days. Now I can refresh my bookmark - IM and AWTF are my first and second sources - I was putting a lot of pressure here to do two jobs

  46. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Maybe the same dudes who took down AWTF did in Al Jazeera English - funny times

  47. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I love WTF. When he calls Palin ole crusty crotch, who doesnt believe him? Is he nasty or is he a sage? I vote sage.

  48. LilyAnn3:53 PM

    Where is AK WTF now? He posted a promise of more info on Willow's "engagement" and supposed pregnancy and has been MIA ever since!

  49. Anonymous3:17 PM

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