Monday, January 24, 2011

One of Sarah Palin's ghostwriters posts a pro-Reagan column on her behalf over at USA Today. Update!

Nothing about this article sounds anything like Palin, so it is completely unnecessary to sit and pick it apart. (Actually it does not even sound like RAM as there is virtually NO vicious jabs at liberals or overly defensive slams against Palin critics. I assume they must have hired somebody sane to help Sister Sarah.  Ha!  They won't last long!)

It is only newsworthy in the fact that SOMEBODY is still working behind the scenes to keep a positive picture of Palin in the media.  I assume this is happening while they try to drag her from under her bed, hose her off, slap another "road kill style" wig on her head , and get ready to push her back out in front of the cameras.

Well gee why not?  I mean that worked so well the last two times they did it, right?

However I do find fault with the whole premise of this article that Ronald Reagan was "America's Lifeguard."  However rather than give anybody who wrote it attention they so desperately crave by ripping it apart, I will take this opportunity to repost Rachel Maddow's brilliant evisceration of the Reagan legacy on Real Time last Friday night. (The last time I put it up HBO made YouTube take it down, but now since it is many days later they don't care as much.  If you did not watch it last time, please watch it now as it is amazing!)

By the way, just as a public service to anybody who may believe that I am too quick to assume that Palin does not write her own articles, I would like to present you with this column from back when Palin was the Governor of Alaska that, as far as anybody can tell, was written with no help from anybody else (Except perhaps Todd and God.)  Prepare to be amazed by the eloquence and mastery of the English language from the REAL Sarah Palin. (Update: Here is an explanation for Palin's "Who's your daddy" op-ed. Once you read it you will be even MORE amazed that anybody was ignorant enough to bring Palin to the national stage.)

Update:  Unsurprisingly it appears that Palin's ghostwriter is not exactly an ethical writer either as it appears they "borrowed" the reference of Reagan as "America's Lifeguard" from an AP review of a 1998 TV documentary called "Reagan" the first segment of which was titled, you guessed it, "Lifeguard."

Gee, even when Palin hires somebody to write something to make her look smart, they end up making her look like a plagiarist.  And really, does that surprise any of us?


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    One way to keep her in the news while she deals with the Todd scandal, etc. No matter how many intelligent articles someone else posts under her name, if she throws her hat in the Presidential ring,her own party will take her down. She'd have to appear in person, speak in person, answer questions, discuss complex issues. T'aint gonna happen...her gargantuan, ignorant self-confidence has been severely cracked by blasts from all sides about her stupidity. Even stupid people get the message if its repeated often enough by enough people.

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Did you see this angry gem? The Palinites are as cranky as their leader:

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I read the article she wrote about her father. Who is that man, anyway? He didn't show up during her Alaska show, did he? From the way she talks about him, HE should have run for office if what she says is the truth. Have you met him, Gryphen?

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Check out the last few comments regarding the flag at C4P. Seems someone is not happy with never taking responsibility for Sarah's mistakes.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    This link to Palin's "Daddy" article made me vomit. I won't bother with the content, but as a former English teacher, I gotta ask Sarah:
    What is it with people not knowing the difference between the phrase:
    and the compound adjective "everyday"??? I don't think average, EVERYDAY people should be forced to employ hardcore grammar rules every DAY....
    BUT, a governor who professes her love of writing should really, really know the difference.

  6. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Good God - the obviously self-written campaign piece is just that a PIECE! My community college english instructor would have returned that with a big fat "0". It is just so hard to imagine how she graduated from college with such writing skills.

  7. Enjay in E MT12:15 PM

    She just can't stand being ignored .... like an addict, if the nation isn't talking ABOUT her (good or bad) everyday she goes into panic attacks & withdrawal.
    Any bet even Gawd hasn't been talking to her lately?

    "I wasn't mentioned on Early Show or the View" "Oprah is comming out with a family secret today" "Piper, call Grampa & tell him he abused me as a child." "Tawd - release another name, I need attention!"
    "Trig could get lost in the snow.... EVERYONE loves Trig and they will pray for us and send $$ for the search"

  8. angela12:19 PM

    Holy crap. Who's Your Daddy?

    If she had put anymore exclamation points in that article I would have believed a caffeinated seventh grader wrote it; Palin writes like a jr. high school class secretary scribbling the minutes of the last pep rally from the coffee house across the street from the school.

    And pardon me---didn't they mean who was she shilling for? Was she being obtuse or completely stupid? You never know.

  9. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Sarah Palin, Ask Men's #1 least desirable woman of 2011. She beat out Khloe Hardashian! That's something for the 1/2 term governor to be proud of!

  10. Anonymous12:27 PM

    What a hoot that article was from way back when! That has to be her real style! Goodness gracious me, what a hicksville approach - not Presidential, not even gubernatorial.

    The only reason she must have been elected is that the opposition was worse. I sure hope your next crop of candidates is better equipped to express themselves in an intelligent manner that doesn't drop the public's IQ by 30 points.

    Only people who have not follower Sarah Palin would ever believe she could write cogently about anything more sophisticated than a chicken coop - and that might be pushing it.

    Listen, I don't expect everyone to write on a college level, but I do expect political leaders - the people who control the budgets and plan policy - to at least sound as if they graduated from an accredited high school.

    Palin just doesn't measure u, and thanks to her willful ignorance and arrogance, never will.

  11. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Ok so we knew the Palin's gave all their kids off the wall names, but did you read the names of all the Heath grandkids? One of them is named HAPPY......who the hell names a child Happy. Pathetic.

  12. There's that claim again that Chuck Sr. was a "Boston marathoner." This is something I've been trying to pin down for ages. I once provoked an anguished cry from the people who stage the Boston Marathon: "Ma'am, do you have any idea HOW MANY PEOPLE just SAY they 'ran' the Boston without qualifying? Without a number? We don't even have our complete records computerized!!"

  13. Anonymous12:34 PM

    #1 - Rachel is awesome!
    #2 - And I mean all connotations - palin's writing can not be described. I never considered it before but now I realized there is no way that woman graduated from college. Not sure if she graduated from H.S. (on her own scholastic merits).

    Cheryl from NJ

  14. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I am very concerned that they are going to try and 'rewrite' Palin to move her into running in the primary for the Republican party. There is talk that the media is not going to cover her for the month of February because everyone is so sick and tired of seeing and hearing about her.

    Toad's prositute stories have been stopped - they really got very little coverage even in Alaska! It is a crummy part of their lives, but it speaks to their family values. Plus, it is obvious the report of their having marital problems was accurate quite awhile back even though publicly denied by Sarah.

    Sarah is continuing to be protected - even from the Alaska governor's office. It makes me utterly sick to my stomach.

  15. honestyingov12:40 PM

    Gryphen, This is a good tie-in to this post. RAM almost stopped Tweeting a week ago. A few retweets is all.NOW it has been 3 full days with NO tweets at all.THAT is not normal for RAM. Not even 1 tweet to the peepool to pump up the troops. WGE didn't even use RAM's and Tanmmy Bruces 'surveyor symbol ' excuse they made up and worked so hard on.
    Seriously... NO voice from RAM... You don't think she has been FIRED? There's no other reason RAM would not communicate. Howard Kurtz article last week at Daily Beast sad RAM was the #1 Advisor and 'go to ' person.With all that went down this past week... crickets from RAM.I had been tweeting Dave Weigel and Kurtz asking them THAT question.
    Seems RAM has followed the Stapleton pattern. Just wondering if she got any $$$$ to keep quiet.
    And even if RAM was not Tweeting/talking/communicating... there is no reason she would not be behind the scenes doing FB posts. That's what SarahPAC pays her for.You don't think the Palin Bus has claimed another " Hit & Run " victim...?

  16. Anonymous12:44 PM

    You know the sign of a good writer is when they liberally use exclamation points.

  17. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Wait...hold the phone. Chuck and Sally cleared rubble at the World Trade Center site? I'm calling BS, on most of the accomplishments in "Who's your Daddy", with the exception of this poorly written piece.

  18. ManxMamma12:46 PM

    Thanks for reminding me how much I love Rachel. She is amazing.

  19. Neither she nor RAM have tweeted links to the article yet. Her organization is not looking very professional.

    As a former Reagan supporter with personal ties to his administration, I've come to reject most of his political agenda. He was, however, a kind and likable human being and I detest Palin's attempt to co-opt his legacy.

    Since she's accepted a paid speaking engagement in May, I doubt she's still planning to announce her candidacy on Reagan's birthday. I suspect, though, that she's angling for an invitation to the birthday gala. If she is invited, it will only be because Murdoch is on the Reagan Library BOD. She will NOT get support from officials who served Reagan and her attendance there will not be appreciated.

  20. Gryphen you are so right. Sarah did not write that article.......way too polished.

    BTW in all the pro-Reagan love fest by the GOP, I don't see any references to the day the Challenger blew up. I happened to work for a NASA contractor here in JSC Houston.
    We will never know if the launch delays hurt Reagan's PR re:teacher in space big big presidential deal! Did the President's men pressure NASA?

    Just imagine the cost not only in lives, NASA esteem, equipment, etc.
    3 years the space program was down.

    Read more: Challenger tragedy haunts S. Carolina town after 25 years

  21. Anonymous12:54 PM

    What is really sad is that Sarah claims to have a degree in journalism. That letter is a real insult to the University of Idaho, which was supposed to have awarded her that degree. (A copy should be sent to the Dean of the Jou4rnalism School asking if that is representative of the education that they offer.) With apologies to any one who writes a Christmas letter that is longer than a single page, single spaced, I offer Sarah's essay on Daddy as that kind of writing. Pathetic.

  22. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Its probably to keep her name in the news. Those staff of her's arent in it just for love of Palin. They see future employment. They have to keep this turd floating.

  23. WalterNeff12:57 PM

    All you ever want to know about families like the Palins you can learn from the disturbing, but darkly hilarious Greek film, 'Dogtooth', a big winner at Cannes recently. It's a tough go (extremely explicit in some of its sexual imagery), but it's right on target about how far families will go to protect their world from 'the others' - You can rent it on iTunes. Gryph: please rent it and report back :-) Would love to read your take.

  24. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Even her ghostwriters can't do their own work. The lifeguard thing is plagiarized:

  25. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Her attempt at trying to make some sort of mental association between herself and some kind of legacy is grossly transparent. It might be a tad bit convincing if her actions at least slightly matched such rhetoric.

    Sarah, you're slowly washing up.

    Good riddance.

  26. Anonymous1:22 PM

    From Anonymous 1:10:

    Excellent Catch!!!

    Yep, Palin plagiarized. What a total asshole! Gryphen, you should put this as a main blog so it will get picked up by Huff Po.

  27. Oh, how I love Sarah's 'Who's Your Daddy' masterpiece. I forgot to thank you before for including it here.

    It's importance goes beyond being a fine example of her actual writing skills. It highlights one of her cognitive disabilities -- 'idea of reference' -- that we saw with her reaction to Katie Couric's 'what do you read for your worldview' question. Her brain, which she brags is 'wired differently', can take just about anything, make it personal, and then base a grudge on her misunderstanding.

  28. She didn't write that one in ADN either. Some campaign worker wrote it.

  29. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Sarah, you know he was pro-choice and raised taxes as gov of California, right?

    As president his policies lead to many mentally ill people being let out on the streets; the homeless problem exploded under his guidance...

    Those of us that know him and lived through his gov and presidency, know that he he was not a very shinning light.

  30. Gryphen, do you know what the Anchorage paper was dissing Chuck for doing, that caused her to write this?

  31. Anonymous1:40 PM


    this comment section is just one reason why I am taking my sorting/packing/Goodwill-pile-making breaks here.

    Where else can we find such a broad range of personal experience to address the daily politics?
    and you know, when I first started Googling 'Immoral Minority' your site would be about 6 or 8 down, under references to some band, now it is the very first....

    you have come a long way and are, for me at least (trying to hold down the Irish hyperbole) becoming

    I am moving in part to free up some of my SS Disability income to support efforts such as this. Expect in a month or two to get regular offerings, maybe only $10 or $15 bucks a month, but they will be there and you will be able to count on them as I count on this site.

    Blessings on the Work.


  32. Pursang1:40 PM

    RAM must have gotten put on a short leash after the blood libel gaffe. All her tweets and FB posts now have to go through someone who has at least a 7th grade education and is semi-sane.

    That leaves Bristol and Willow out so I'm assuming Trig is in charge now.

  33. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Rachel Maddow = Awesome. That man beside her was a verbal bully, and his efforts to loudly talk over her comment really made me angry. Good thing Rachel kept her cool and made her point.

    P.S. I don't think Becky will go as quietly into "retirement" as Meg Stapleton.

  34. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Gryphen, any chance you have an opinion on this statement of anon 12:39?: "Toad's prositute stories have been stopped - they really got very little coverage even in Alaska!"

    Do you agree? Have the stories been stopped?

  35. KatieAnnieOakley1:47 PM

    I believe Governor Parnell is holding up the release of the Palin Administration emails in an organized effort to protect former Governor Palin from possible prosecution from any criminal activity that may be exposed by the release of the FOIA requested emails.

    The Alaska Statute of Limitations for criminal prosecution of a former government official is TWO YEARS; if the emails are released after that elapsed time, this would make the former governor, as well as Parnell and other members of his administration and Palin appointees UN-prosecutable under that particular state statute.

    However, since this seems to be an organized effort at the state government level to suppress possible criminal activity, couldn't federal prosecution be pursued instead via the RICO Act?

    Again, the state statute of limitations would be expired, but it may be a slam-dunk to otherwise prove that this was an organized effort for all parties involved to escape that statute prosecution.

    If, indeed, an organized effort to suppress the information could be proved, this would round up Parnell, anyone involved in either administration that had a hand in any criminal activity and, of course, PALIN - statute of limitation be damned.

    After all, that IS how they finally got Al Capone - he didn't pay any taxes on his ill-gotten gains. Methinks it may be time for Parnell to cut a deal...

  36. Enjay in E MT1:47 PM

    @ Anon 12:09

    My bad, and I should know better.
    (Only 2 yrs of college lol)

    I will try to improve my everyday writing skills every day.

  37. i love that rachel maddow. she is a goddess of reason and compassion.

    that piece sarah wrote is laugable for someone who rose so high as nominee for vp of the US. scary, actually. isn't there some sort of a computer program that allows you to run a piece of writing through it and it tells you what grade level it is at? anyone know about this and feel like trying. now i am curious and will look it up and get back if i have any success...

  38. Kimosabe1:53 PM

    No! SP did not major in journalism, but in "communications", sort of a catch-all for students who can't decide on, or succeed in, a real major. My gawd, have you seen the tapes of her TV sports gig in Anchorage? What a vapid twit!

    And I call BS on her parents being in zimbawe. Nobody in their right mind would go there, the most corrupt, dysfunctional and violent nation on earth.

  39. Anonymous1:56 PM

    After Sarah Palin resigned as governor, Vanity Fair posted an edited version of her resignation speech. It begins,

    "If you watched Sarah Palin's resignation speech, you know one thing: her high-priced speechwriters moved back to the Beltway long ago. Just how poorly constructed was the governor's holiday-weekend address? We asked V.F.'s red-pencil-wielding executive literary editor,...representatives from research and copy departments, to whip it into publishable shape."

    At the time, I printed it out but now am unable to bring up the link. Maybe if I were a subscriber. Needless to say, it's a mess. Any professor I had would have flunked me for its poor quality work. I keep it to remind me of her poor communication skills.

    If anyone subscribes to Vanity Fair, maybe they can bring it up. Here's the link that is on the printout:

    It's a crying shame that this woman is still on the national political scene.

  40. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Sarah's governor campaign article needs to go to all the Palin blogs, for people like us to compare her journalistic style with what keeps appearing in USA Today, Times, Washingtom Post, etc.

    Her bots will love it tho. Their level.

  41. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Read the piece Palin wrote while Commissioner and have a couple of questions:

    "shoeing away" ???????????

    It's kind of odd how Sarah goes on and on about her dad, and you rarely, if ever her her go on about her mother? What's up with that.

    If her parents are "way too smart and way too nice" to be in politics, what does that make her- dumb and mean?

  42. The names of the other Heath grandchildren are as bad as Sarah's brood.
    Indi, McKinely,Happy, Karcher, Laudon,Keir, Heath, and Tico. (The last one hadn't been born yet, but was a boy.)

    Are all names in Alaska that stupid?

  43. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Thanks for bringing this back. I was sorry I missed it yesterday. Rachel is awesome!

  44. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Have not read the USA article, but my guess is SP is trying to massage(hic) tonight’s Lubbock, TX crowd, which still worships Reagan.

  45. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Strange I got a headache reading her words just like when I listen to her mean girls screechy voice. When will people stop trying to help polish the nasty turd? Even if they polish it to a nice shiny smooth round turd it is still a turd.

  46. for "B" @1:36 -

    The ADN was inferring that Lisa Murkowski's "daddy" was favoring Lisa by appointing her to the Senate seat (Lisa has now won the seat twice on her own).

    But silly sarah ASSumed it was all about HER and defensively wrote the defense of Chuck Heath - paranoid then, paranoid now.

  47. Anonymous2:56 PM

    There is more to the story on that link Gryphen posted. Lots more!

    Sarah mentions:

    "Dad Raised four healthy, happy kids, who are now with our spouses, happily doing our things serving Alaskans as School teacher, state trooper, nurse, dental hygienist, commercial fisherman,oil production operator, community volunteer, and coach. And one unlikely (or has been!)politician Aging athletes all I might add."

    Prior to a divorce and troopergate.

    Why this was written?

    "On July 17, 2003, the Anchorage Daily News fronted a story highlighting Murkowski’s campaign war chest, which, only seven months into her senate term, held a healthy $934,000.

    The following weekend, the Anchorage Daily News ran its regular Sunday feature, “Who’s Up, Who’s Down,” a cheers and jeers style charticle. Here were the first three items that day:
    UP - Scott Gomez: A second tour with Lord Stanley’s Cup brings heavenly days for our hometown Devil.

    UP - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Almost $1 million in the campaign kitty already, and ready to roll.

    DOWN - Would-be Murkowski rivals: Jerry Hood? Johnne Binkley? Sarah Palin? Who’s your daddy?

    The chart closed strong by noting that the Denali tourist trade was “EVEN … Freak July storm disrupts travel, but the visitors get it: Hey, this is Alaska!”

    Given its tone, location, and context, the “Who’s your daddy?” line is clearly a joke. And not only that, it’s a joke at the expense of Palin’s potential opponent, pointing out the nepotism tainting the younger Murkowski’s appointment.

    It also ran three years before the Anchorage schools forum, when Palin handed out her cri de coeur.

    Though the letter is undated, details make it clear that it was written long before the forum, probably shortly after the original item ran. For one, in a section where she describes her siblings and their spouses “all happily doing our thing serving Alaskans,” she mentions a brother in law who works as a state trooper. Palin’s sister would file for divorce from state trooper Mike Wooten in April 2005, and the rest, as they say, is history."

  48. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I love Rachel Maddow. How many people, when others are talking over them, actually can act in such a charming way that the audience practically cheers for them to give her a chance to speak? Plus she knows the facts. Just awesome.

  49. Gryphen, thanks for re-posting the Bill Maher interview. Don't know who Steve Moore is, but he came across as a cheerful dolt.

    It's frustrating that the mainstream media lump Rachel into the same pile of "opinion journalists" as O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, etc. She's unabashedly liberal, but she's quick, smart & dedicated to facts.

    My greatest wish is for vulnerable GOP followers to understand that the GOP is taking advantage of them. That the GOP LIES when they insist they are against government spending. (Saw somewhere that Michelle Bachmann's family has gotten over $250K in government farm subsidies.)

    Did you see the opening segment of Rachel's show on Friday (hosted by Chris Hayes)? It's a long clip, but Chris makes clear that the GOP lies when they say they're against expanding government (Reagan & GW Bush charts at about 7 minute mark). The GOP is only interested in cutting spending on programs that benefit people who aren't their constituents & therefore wouldn't vote for them.

  50. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Tbogg has a link to the NMMNB Palin 'borrows' Reagan as Lifeguard imagery thing too,

  51. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I had never seen homeless people until the Reagan years and then the whole AIDS crisis: the CDC was doing everything short of setting themselves on fire in front of the White House to get the Reagan Administration to take the crisis seriously. They didn't care though as they thought AIDS was only taking out gay men and Haitians. They didn't take notice of AIDS until Rock Hudson died and Elizabeth Taylor got involved, you know, Hollywood folk.
    M from MD

  52. Anonymous3:24 PM

    What the hell was she trying to say? Well, OK, it was a knock on Lisa Murkowski. I get it. But, it was so sixth grade!

    Of course she is attempting to keep her face in the news. Remember the incredibly derelict piece she wrote for the coal industry (Washington Post)? This was after she was a cheerleader for the natural gas industry for Alaska (uh, wasn't natural gas her claim to fame at the time? She probably couldn't remember who was paying the babysitter at that time ... coal? gas? coal? gas? Hmmmmm, must ask Todd ... ). And, as a degree-earning journalist she sure didn't make any attempt to use AP style for something she submitted to a paper for Gods' sake. I still think she is seriously attention deficit disorder compromised.

  53. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Would these freaks please stop dragging Reagan's corpse through their political rhetoric? He was a mediocre intellect, a decent actor, period. Still more than you can say for any Republican today, but hardly the demi-god they are trying to make out of him to cover up their total lack of ideas.

  54. laprofesora3:42 PM

    Wow. Just wow. I read the explanation behind her "Who's Your Daddy?" letter. Was she honestly stupid enough to think that comment was directed at her father? Not only incredibly thin skinned, but really, really stupid.

    And her ghostwriter DID steal the "Reagan as lifeguard" idea. Again, wow. Can I assume these people haven't heard of the internet yet? Wow.

  55. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Wholly crap! didja get to the best part, at the end, before your eyes were filled iwth tears of laughter? she said her Dad was "rich, because he continues to share the wealth." !! ;)

  56. Anonymous3:48 PM

    "Once you read it you will be even MORE amazed that anybody was ignorant enough to bring Palin to the national stage."

    I recall the first time I ever laid eyes on Bill Kristol. First thought, "Now there's a guy just begging to be punched." Just that smarmy smugness.

    After I found out about Palin...oh man.

  57. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:56 PM

    Unfortunately, where Princess Not-So-Bright's disciples are concerned, plagiarism and ghostwriting don't matter. They'll cut the USA Today article out for their Sarah Palin scrapbooks, and gush amongst themselves about how brilliant she is. Gag.

    And Rachel rules. What a rare gem she is!

  58. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Ronnie Reagan (the son) was quite PO'd at Palin just a month ago, because she kept referring to his father. He stated that there was no way in 'he**' his father would have liked her. They are complete opposites.

  59. Anonymous3:59 PM

    "I had never seen homeless people until the Reagan years"

    that's because he slashed the housing budget from 80 billion to 15 million and at the same time dumped all the mentally ill people out of the hospitals.

  60. You can use this tool to compare the writing styles:

  61. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I said it before when the 'blood libel' gaffee was made, and I think it applies to the blatant plagarism.......someone close to $carah has turned on her and is working overtime to make her look like even more of a fool ;-)

  62. Olivia4:15 PM

    Palin and her hired writers know they don't have to worry about the accuracy or legitimacy of anything put out under her name. They know that her supporters don't read the crap she puts out to the "elite" media. The bots can't read that many words all put together like that and even if they could, there are too many words that have more than one syllable along with punctuation so they wouldn't understand any of it.

  63. Do you suppose SP is related to this guy?

    “if an organised body is not in the situation and circumstances best adapted to its sustenance and propagation, then, in conceiving an indefinite variety among the individuals of that species, we must be assured, that, on the one hand, those which depart most from the best adapted constitution, will be the most liable to perish, while, on the other hand, those organised bodies, which most approach to the best constitution for the present circumstances, will be best adapted to continue, in preserving themselves and multiplying the individuals of their race”

    - James Hutton

  64. Chenagrrl4:18 PM

    I am late to the party on this, but her "Who's yer Daddy" essay says Ma and Pa Heath worked cleanup at the World Trade Center rubble pile. Is she insane? I have professional knowledge of those working down there and there were no Mr. and Mrs. American work parties on that site. As the recent vote to provide end-of-life care and medical attention for first responders and the construction workers who worked the pile indicates, that work came with real costs. To my knowledge Ma and Pa Heath are not on the disabled and dying rolls. Shameful. Shame, Shame on her.

  65. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Hideous. Then over on c4knuckleheads, I found this comment:

    Sarah Palin makes wonderful use of metaphors. If she were not a politician she should have become professional writer beyond right two books.

    I didn't know the address for that nutty website so guessed at Nope. That would be a porn site. So, really both of them are, I guess.

  66. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Is it true that her parents worked at the twin towers? I don't believe it.If it were true wouldn't they trying to get free medical coverage. They are known for getting free healthcare whenever possible.

  67. Anonymous4:26 PM

    There is an article on Huff Post about the woman harassing Andree.

    Someone commented about Todd's Hookers story not getting out - it has been on Huff Post for days and on a lot of the other sites.

    There is one now on Huff Post about Bristol having a new man and no one is giving her a break. The comments are all about her multiple pregnancies and her fake abstinence stand while living with guys. She made a fool of herself by being in the Bob and Mark radio show.

  68. Anonymous4:28 PM

    RAM is probably writing her screen play as we speak.

  69. Anonymous4:30 PM

    How can anybody stand this bitch?

  70. Anonymous4:59 PM

    She has to be the most stupid woman ever! How does anyone publish that letter, (2008) about her "daddy", which was written before 2005, in answer to the newspapers report on everyone of the candidates and how they were doing. She responds about a joke at the end which had nothing to do with her. It was obviously about Lisa M.
    "What do you read?" should have been "Do you read?".
    Amazing she got as far as she did!
    btw, Great Blog and thanks for your passion and work ethic Gryphen.

  71. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Since I wrote about the Vanity Fair piece, I Googled the link and found it's available to the viewing public.

    It's worth looking over:

  72. Anonymous5:10 PM

    curiouser @ 1:25 pm - you articulated for me what has always bothered me about Gubernatorial candidate Sarah Palin at the time. I could only sputter incredulously at the completely infantile tangent she went on.

    Gryphen, reading the analysis on Palin's immature rebuke to ADN is good, but the comment section of 2006 Alaskan voters is refreshing. We all had the same critiques and concerns of this grossly ambitious gal so painfully out of her depth, but somehow managed to flash her pearly-whites and beguile a divided electorate enough to get into office.

  73. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Assuming the Sarah wrote the "Who's your Daddy?" article, it is, for her, rather well written. with complete sentences and proper paragraphs. And it pretty much sticks to the main point throughout.

    Since she is no longer capable of speaking or writing coherently, one has to wonder what she is high on to have become so incoherent.

    Of course it also underlines the fact that she has no sense of humor, takes everything personally and loves to play martyr in public.

  74. Lidia175:52 PM

    Chenagrrl, if you have first-hand knowledge of how the clean-up proceeded there, I would zip it off to Andrew Sullivan, at minimum, if not also elsewhere. As much detail as possible!

    If what you say is true, then this patriotic Superman in-call-from-Alaska rat-killer story would very much rank as an extremely Odd Lie of Sarah Palin.

  75. Anon 5:10pm - Glad my comment helped and thanks for letting me know. I have difficulty expressing my thoughts and am never quite sure if I make sense.

  76. By now the MSM ought to have figured out that Sarah doesn't write her own stuff. Heck, she doesn't even know what "she" has written. So why do they keep printing the stuff?

  77. Anonymous6:11 PM

    En Jay in E MT:
    sorry if you thought I was calling you out for your grammar... I was talking about Palin's errors in the "Who's Your Daddy" piece. It's funny that you made the same "everyday" mistake she did. (Except, of course, that you were typing something casually, and graciously admitted your small mistake, while Bible Spice was writing for a major newspaper and would never admit to the smallest error!!!)

    I didn't notice anyone else's errors in the comments, and I promise I'm not a "grammar guru"... $arah's typos just tick me off because she tries to pass herself off as some kind of literary genius, when she can't even string a sentence together.

    Sorry for making you feel bad! :)

  78. Anonymous7:28 PM

    As a communications major, I'm embarrassed by this piece. We aren't all stupid, and those of us who studied even write well.

  79. Gasman7:40 PM

    I find it amusing that imbecile that Palin is, she's not bright enough to hire really good writers. However, the better the writer, the less it sounds like Palin. She's incoherent when she speaks extemporaneously and then her books, posts, speeches, and columns contain a vocabulary that is wholly unknown to Palin.

    When I graded lots of essays for a Humanities course that I co-taught with 2-3 other professors, we would have to grade 30-40 papers 3 times during the semester. I told the students that it made no sense at all to plagiarize a paper. If you get caught, you will fail the class and risk expulsion from school. If you swipe a great "A" level paper, you risk drawing my suspicion, and if you can find it on the web, so can I. So, the best paper you can possibly steal is a "B" or a "B-" paper, which is a grade nearly anyone could get with but a little effort. So, you risk getting discovered with all of the consequences for a single letter grade?

    So it is with Palin. Even crappy writers are in a whole other league than her. She is such a verbal stumblebum that sentences which rise to the meagre level of reasonably complete and semi-coherent couldn't possibly be hers.

    The woman hasn't had a meaningful thought in her entire life.

  80. Anonymous8:14 PM

    More Palin loose with the facts-that is not exactly the complete truth-oops are you misled?

    This is from the infamous Whose Your Daddy (which was intended to be a response to an op-ed comment int the ADN- but unfortunately was apparently NOT PUBLISHED (please correct if I'm wrong). Why was that? Perhaps she forgot to send it- OR someone did her a big favor.

    Here is a quote from Whose Your Daddy about her daddy:

    " They recently returned from their umpteenth season working on an Aleutian island where they "shoo away" birds from an airstrip so villagers' airplanes can land safely. Before that they spent their second season on Palm, volunteering for The Nature Conservancy "shoeing away" giant rats that have inhabited TNC's remote, tropical island. In between gigs they worked cleanup at the site of the World Trade Center rubble."

    Some called B.S.- and I was skeptical also too especially about the WTC bit.

    But look what has turned up:

    "By 2004, while daughter Sarah was becoming a rising star in Alaska political circles, Chuck had retired from teaching and was employed as a government trapper and wildlife specialist. He even spent time trapping rats in New York after the 2001 World Trade Center attack. He also worked as a commercial fisherman, gold miner and big game outfitter."

    So you decide- true, false or misleading?

  81. Gasman, are you a professor in New Mexico, either Albuquerque or north of there? And, if so, do you teach college? If so, would you contact me at

    I am in charge of an adult learning group in Santa Fe and we are always looking for new presenters. Thanks, phoebes-in-santa fe

  82. Aunt Snow9:25 PM

    Wow. Interesting. I had read the "who's your daddy" thing she wrote before, but had never really known the back story. So even that early on, she's making mountains out of mole-hills, misunderstanding it, take umbrage at imagined slurs.

  83. Anonymous11:44 PM

    o/t. Here is story out of Lubbock. What raised my gorge was the reporting that she was so brave, even though there was extra security and all, to come and speak out about 'Our Freedoms.'

    "She said she was impressed by Palin’s willingness to go forward with her fundraiser appearance with added security despite the recent shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona."


  84. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Making fun of the Heath grandkids' names? Seriously?

    Please, let's keep the focus on that lazy, lying grifter fraud Sarah Palin.

  85. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Typical... I'm guessing that this article was asked for a while back since she had connected herself to RR (she had to pick someone who couldn't defend themselves, ie. dead).

  86. Anonymous6:05 AM

    The Heath stuff - misleading. Employed =/= volunteer.

    The same for the working cleanup.

    Mainly because $carah framed it.

  87. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Misleading. Employed =/= volunteer. It reads that way because that the way $carah $pins it.


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