Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shushanna Walshe shows her true sycophantic colors by quickly providing cover for Sarah Palin after her "Blood Libel" comment yesterday.

Yesterday there was a rather huge backlash against Sarah Palin for her indefensible anti-Semitic remarks during her "Dammit stop blaming me for the shootings!" video.

This went on with Palin being raked over the coals for her insensitive and extraordinarily painful remarks by media outlets all over the world and with almost no one, even Fox News feeling comfortable enough to take her side.

But then toward the evening Shushannah Walshe rides to Queen Esther's defense.

From the Daily Beast:

Sarah Palin’s most dedicated Jewish supporters are sticking by the former Alaska governor after her comments Wednesday castigating journalists for committing what she called “blood libel.”

“The use of the term blood libel is appropriate,” said Benyamin Korn, director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, which runs Korn, a longtime Jewish journalist and activist, says his group has several hundred members. The website got off the ground in April 2010.

Because of this history, the ADL, among other Jewish groups, criticized Palin. Said its leader Abe Foxman, “[W]e wish that Palin had not invoked the phrase “blood-libel” in reference to the actions of journalists and pundits in placing blame for the shooting in Tucson on others.”

“There’s been issues raised about how can it be a blood libel if it didn’t lead to bloodshed against her because blood libel led to bloodshed against Jews. That’s not always true,” Korn said. “I would not have advised her against [using] it if anyone would have asked me. I think it is appropriate. They accused her of inciting bloodshed. Now this is preposterous.”

Korn added that opponents of Palin are “leaping for ‘gotcha’ material against her.” Palin has long spoken about her support of Israel and her love of the Jewish people. She went so far as to hang an Israeli flag in her Anchorage office when she was the governor.
Yep, there it is.

Palin has made a number of public efforts to reach out to Jewish Americans. Back in September, she sent greetings through her Facebook page during the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. She even dropped a little Hebrew on her fans. For Palin, embracing America’s Jews is part of her message of strong American support for Israel. As she wrote, “To our Jewish friends and neighbors on this Rosh Hashanah, may you be inscribed in the Book of Life. And for our friends in Israel, know that the American people will continue to stand with you in this New Year as you strive for peace and security.”

So you there you have it.  According to Ms. Walshe's reporting Sarah made a simple verbal misstep but other than that she is totally down with her Jewish brothers and sisters.


This from an article, dated January 2010, called "Why Jews hate Palin" by Jennifer Rubin:

While Palin enjoys support from some prominent Jewish conservatives, it is not an exaggeration to say that, more so than any other major political figure in recent memory (with the possible exception of Patrick J. Buchanan), she rubs Jews the wrong way. In a September 2008 poll by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Jews disapproved of Palin as the pick for McCain’s vice-presidential running mate by a 54 to 37 percent margin. (By contrast, 73 percent approved of the selection of Joseph Biden as Obama’s.) Ask an average American Jew about Palin and you are likely to get a nonverbal response—a shiver, a shudder, a roll of the eyes, or a guffaw. Naomi Wolf, the feminist writer, sputtered that Palin was the “FrankenBarbie of the Rove-Cheney cabal,” articulating the mixture of contempt and fear that seemed to grip many Jewish women. The disdain is palpable and largely emotional. While 78 percent of American Jews voted for the Obama-Biden ticket, it is fair to say that most did not harbor animosity toward or contempt for Senator John McCain; the same cannot be said of their view of Palin.

And Palin's anti-Semitic attitude reaches even as far back to her days running for Mayor of Wasilla, when she used the Jew-y sounding last name of her opponent to not only defeat him but to try and destroy his reputation completely.

From Salon:

The Wasilla mayor's seat is nonpartisan, and Mayor Stein, a former city planner who had held the post for nine years, ran a businesslike campaign that stressed his experience and competency. But Palin ignited the traditionally low-key race with scorching social issues, injecting "God, guns and abortion into the race -- things that had nothing to do with being mayor of a small town," according to Tigner.

Palin's mayoral campaign rode the wave of conservative, evangelical fervor that was sweeping Alaska in the '90s. Suddenly candidates' social values, not their ability to manage the roads and sewer systems, were dominating the debate. "Sarah and I were both Republicans, but this was an entirely new slant to local politics -- much more aggressive than anything I'd ever seen," said Stein, looking back at the election that put Palin on the political map.

There was a knife-sharp, personal edge to Palin's campaign that many locals found disturbing, particularly because of the warm relationship between Palin and Stein before the race.

"I called Sarah's campaign for mayor the end of the age of innocence in Wasilla," said Carney.

Even though Palin knew that Stein is a Protestant Christian, from a Pennsylvania Dutch background, her campaign began circulating the word that she would be "Wasilla's first Christian mayor." Some of Stein's supporters interpreted this as an attempt to portray Stein as Jewish in the heavily evangelical community. Stein himself, an eminently reasonable and reflective man, thinks "they were redefining Christianity to mean born-agains."

The Palin campaign also started another vicious whisper campaign, spreading the word that Stein and his wife -- who had chosen to keep her own last name when they were married -- were not legally wed. Again, Palinsper campaign, spreading the word that Stein and his wife -- who had chosen to keep her own last name when they were married -- were not legally wed. Again, Palin knew the truth, Stein said, but chose to muddy the waters. "We actually had to produce our marriage certificate," recalled Stein, whose wife died of breast cancer in 2005 without ever reconciling with Palin.

You see it is ridiculous for the Jewish community, and certain star struck journalists, to allow themselves to be fooled by Sarah Palin's miniature Israel flag stuck carelessly by her office window, or her occasional Facebook posts, or her feigned support of Israel demonstrated by urging Obama to bomb the crap out of Iran.  She does not care two shits about the Jewish community.

She only cares about Sarah. And if it helps her cause to appear to be a friend to he Jewish community and Israel, well then by God that's exactly how she will appear!

Of course it might be even be a little more complicated than that.

You see Palin's old spiritual guru was one Mary Glazier, who is closely associated with the New Apostolic Reformation that have a rather interesting belief about the future relationship between the Chistians and the Jews.

Shifts in eschatology mean changes in activism. In plain English, the current trend removes theological restraints and mandates humans to move the hands of the prophetic clock themselves. This includes support for aggressive proselytizing and Messianic ministries. Only Messianic, or evangelized Jews are necessary in this end times scenario in order to bring about the 1000 year Christian utopia or Millennium. Most New Apostolic media still includes the dispensational-based prophecy of "hunters" who will persecute Jews and lead to a "second" or "final Holocaust" forcing the remaining Jewish communities of the world to flee to Israel. This was the meaning of the fishers and hunters reference in Hagee's now infamous sermon quote, which was unfortunately almost completely disregarded by most pundits. In the New Apostolic narrative, born again Christians will not watch from the grandstands of heaven, but still be on earth to shelter these fleeing Jews. They believe that that out of gratitude to a new generation of "Righteous Gentiles" those fleeing Jews will convert in mass numbers and that this will help to bring about the prerequisite condition for the Millennium.

So in other words, Sister Sarah supports Israel and the Jewish community because she needs them to one day deny their amazing  heritage, and  the religious belief of their ancestors, to become born again Christians and help usher in a new "Christian Utopia." How is THAT for religious tolerance?

Too bad the Jewish people who are ignorant enough to support Sarah Palin, and the ex-Fox news reporter who serves as her apologist, did not bother to stop and do their homework.


  1. Any Jew with half a brain and a modicum of self-esteem and self-awareness knows the truth about Sarah Palin and most of today's Republicans. "Jewish Republican" is about as odd to me as "Black Republican" or "Gay Republican".

    Jews are traditionally Democrats and liberals because we know that's where our "safety" lies.

  2. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Well hot damn, Gryphen, you sure did your homework! Wow, just wow. It's insidious how she has these journalists going to bat for her when she fucks up, and she did, fuck up, badly...critically. She's already a has-been in a number of articles out there...she's being passed by and it must drive her more bonkers than she already is. And now with President Obama having garnered the acclaim he has for his remarkable speech bringing the nation together, she has to be fuming! How DARE he outshine her Majesty. Puts a smile on my face!

  3. Sarah Palin "supports" Israel for one reason. As an evangelical, she believes that Jesus will return to the state of Israel and therefore it must continue to exist. At that time, evangelicals believe Jews will convert to Christianity. Those who don't will perish. This isn't truly a supportive attitude towards Jews as Jews. Anyway, Shushanna Walshe has always gushed unrealistically about Palin. If I see her on TV, I change the channel, and when I read her articles on HuffPo, I'm embarrassed that any "journalist" can be so naive.

  4. Gasman1:51 PM

    Google the term "blood libel" and see what pops up. Discounting the references to Palin's recent usage of the word, EVERY citation of the term refers to its anti Semitic meaning. There does not appear to be ANY OTHER accepted meaning from any source, other than Palin and her apologists.

    These attempts to try and paint her usage as innocent and appropriate are insulting beyond measure. Palin is either a bald-faced Jew hating bigot, or she is too fucking stupid to know what the term meant. It could also be that she is both.

    What is beyond dispute is that Palin is an ignoramus. She is incapable of making a subject and predicate agree in nearly every sentence she clumsily tries to form. I could easily believe that she simply did not have any understanding of what the term meant. I also believe that she wrote next to nothing contained in the apologia. Therefore, her ghostwriter(s) are also either bigots or morons. Again, could be both.

    After this stunning turn of bigoted stupidity, Palin will sure be a big hit in Israel. Maybe she could pass out ham sandwiches to folks while she tries to explain herself. "Hey, I LOVE Jews! Honestly! Why, I'm persecuted JUST like you are! Who wants some more bacon?"

    Sarah Palin: thicker than shit, but with less charm than the shit.

  5. Again great post and great information. Once again I'll be posting this all over the internet:)

  6. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Have you heard the bullshit that Alan Dershowitz says it's okay for Palin to use "blood libel" so we should all just back off? He's just trying to get his name in print.

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    OMG, the Twitter is tweeting full blast on the TwitterQuitter!

  8. sewnup1:59 PM

    Jude has it right and your "Bullshit" hits it right on the head. She couldn't identify a Jew unless he had a nametag that said "Jew" on it. She just covets the Israeli good will, for exactly the reason/s Jude laid out. Pro-Israel when she identifies the country (she's made several gaffes by not even recognizing at times that someone was referring to Israel) but pro-Jew? Not by any measure I've seen. It's the exact stance of all the evangelicals I've known (too many). They're primed to stand up for Israel as the physical return point for Jesus.

  9. Anonymous2:00 PM

    The flag looks more like she got it as a stir stick in a drink. Probably got it at a multi-cultural event - not given to her with any significant meaning.

    Shushannah Walshe - being she write's 98% of the Beast articles on Palin and her family - she's not different than many - she too is a panty sniffer.

  10. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Great post. Informative.

    O/T: They are still fawning all over SP and her speech on her Facebook page.


  11. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I just caught the end of Chris Matthews and the talk was that she's just appealing to her base to solidify them for her primary bid. Please Gryph, don't let up on those "icebergs"!

  12. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Thank you Gryphen.

    I heard S. Hannity say today, does anyone care that Palin is getting lots of death threats?

    Nope, and I doubt she is.

    And, I suspect she has been out of the limelight because she was getting plastic surgery again. Pretty soon only her mouth will move, if that isnt the way it is now.

    We are Jewish. We fear her because we know this type of person. A born again Hitler.

  13. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Gryphen, I owe you dinner next time you are in DC.

  14. Anonymous2:14 PM

    He..He... Love to be in the compound today. I bet they're at Defcon 4. Sarah screeching ... find Toad .... He's at tranny's will rub ya. Get willow to the clinic and where the hell's Bristol and her kids... Has Dobson picked up that retarded one yet? Piper, put down the meth pipe mommy's not done yet.....

  15. Before we all get caught up in the upcoming primary season, it’s important to realize that we’re all on the same team. That's a big reason why I like so much.

  16. From President Obama's remarks at the Tucson memorial service:

    "'s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we're talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds," he said.

    It struck me upon reading this today, the stark contrast. The stark contrast from the other speech posted yesterday morning.

    I'm amazed in a way that is difficult to articulate.

    We are so blessed with President Obama.

  17. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I wonder what Shushanna gets from writing positive pieces on Palin. Most writers are for hire. Most would be happy to freelance or ghost write for someone. Does the Palin machine slip a few bucks to Ms. Walsh?

  18. Gasman @1:51PM,

    I absolutely agree. Every word - well said.

  19. I love Israel so much i am willing to send Sarah there permanently.
    All in favor raise your hand.

  20. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Not a Jew but I have lived with a Jew for over 30 years. I have close ties with the Jewish community. I do not know ONE Jew who supports Mrs. Palin. You can always find some sell out in any group who will say whatever you want them to say. It doesn't make them the spoksperson for the entire group.

  21. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Thank you, thank you for doing your research on this. The Mary Glazier connect is extremely important and keeps getting missed. Palin does believe she is the chosen one, and that a select group of Jews are her Dominionists ticket to Rapture. Please write more.

  22. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Oh, joy! Palin will appear on Hannity of Monday evening. The poor thing doesn't know when to stop.

  23. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Paliban appearing on Hannity on Monday -- Well whoopeeshit. That's another puff piece:

    Hannity gives her the answers within his questions which he he probably provides to her for pre-screening.

  24. Shushanna Walshe is just trying to sell her pro-Palin book. I am trying to sell the antidote to the disease. Walshe used to work at Fox, but I didn't. One of us will never tell the truth about Palin.

  25. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Jews are supposed to support justice. Politicians in the pocket of corporations and private prisons are against Jewish values.

  26. Anonymous2:32 PM

    2:18pm. I am not on any team involving Romney or Pence.

  27. Well this jew (and all of her family) have a strong dislike for Sarah Palin. I refuse to say hate, because we're classy like that.

    PS, nice research!

  28. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Well of COURSE Jews for Palin is going to defend her! They've got a stake in this. How silly to use them for a cover. The diabolical basis for Sarah's support of Israel is chilling.

    I wish more of the mainstream media would dissect and analyze this angle on her 'religious' background story. I know that in 2008 it was explored by some publications, but it would be a great idea to revisit that information, NOW, as she foolhardedly 'plows through that open door' that SHE sees in front of her (that more and more people are noticing is becoming a brick wall).

    All of the vetting that happened in 2008 needs to be re-visited and re-examined in a new light.

  29. Anonymous2:34 PM


    There is a Jewish group that backed Sarah Palin use of her hurtful words. Were these Jewish people right off the street? NO! These are Jewish people - Jewish Palinbots already part of a Palin fan club formed prior to her insensitive comments. So their backing of her insensitive comments has no merit. They are just like teabaggers, no matter what she says, they won't turn on her. Proof of the group is in the post shown below.

    “The use of the term blood libel is appropriate,” said Benyamin Korn, director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, which runs Korn, a longtime Jewish journalist and activist, says his group has several hundred members. The website got off the ground in April 2010.

  30. Anonymous2:34 PM

    1:56. LOL!! Thank you!

  31. Anonymous2:39 PM



    Republican Resigns
    Cites threats from Teabaggers

    Turns out he's Black and AZ Rethugs don't do Black Teabaggers.

    In an e-mail sent a few hours after Saturday’s massacre in Tucso, Miller told state GOP Chairman Randy Pullen he was quitting: “Today my wife of 20 yrs asked me to. I think that my Precinct Committee members will shoot at our home? So with this being said I am stepping down from
    LD20GOP Chairman…I will make a full statement on Monday.”

    The newly-elected Dist. 20 Republican secretary, Sophia Johnson, first vice chairman Roger Dickinson and Jeff Kolb, the former district spokesman, also quit. “This singular focus on ‘getting’ Anthony (Miller)
    was one of the main reasons I chose to resign,” Kolb said in an e-mail. Kolb confirmed the e-mail.


    Looks like we may be in for a replay of the WILD WEST
    governing style if things get heated.


  32. claire2:42 PM

    As much as I agree that Palin's love of Jews and Israel is related solely to their part as cast of characters in the gripping End-of-Days mini-series starring Sarah Palin as heroine, it is not my view that her use of the term "blood libel" was intended to be anti-Semitic. I believe that, in typical Sarah victim hood, she used it to describe her own plight resulting from liberal criticism. That ill-conceived and insensitive bit of hubris is appalling all by itself.

  33. angela2:43 PM

    Bullshit indeed.

    I'm reminded of the African American tea bagger who had to resign the other day in Arizona because his "fellows" began harassing him, for purportedly voting for McCain instead of Hayworth. I guess it got ugly and their was some serious N word action. Of course the loser said he didn't think it was racial. He was more upset that they called him a RINO.

    There will always be people willing to suck up to what they believe is power in spite of cultural and even religious bigotry visited upon them.

    Walshe is pitiful.

  34. Anonymous2:46 PM

    President Palin to Jewish Person:
    Will you go to Israel?

    Jewish Person: No. I am happy here.

    Palin: Will you convert and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?

    Jewish Person: No. I am happy with my religion.

    Palin: Tawd!!! Enemy of the State! Take him to the camp.

  35. erica from dallas2:49 PM

    If the Tea Party thinks the Methodists aren't Christian enough,I can only imagine what they are whispering about the Jews.
    They want their Christian prayer in public schools,boycott businesses that say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.
    I can't count the times I have heard recently that we re a Christian country founded on Christian principles.
    Sarah is part of this oppressive mob.And for you Mormons and Catholics and think you are safe if they want to criticize the Methodists?
    I read sometime ago Sarah's church supports Israel because it is somehow tied into their prophecy but the Jews aren't a part of it.I am not even sure Sarah believes the Blood Libel was false.And does Wasilla even have a large Jewish population.
    Oh I see Jude 1;48 answered one of my points.Thank you Jude.
    I am wondering if some of these people with guns for protection are really planning for the over throw of our government by force"2nd ammendment remedy"

  36. Anonymous2:51 PM

    watch for a new refrigerator to be delivered to the compound soon!!!

  37. California Dreamin'2:53 PM

    I've probably posted the link to this video before, but it relates directly to why evangelicals support Israel:

    Interestingly, convicted felon Tom DeLay is at the beginning of this video!

    I was thinking about Scarah's speech last night and how incredibly stupid she was to use the term "blood libel". Maybe she got punked by a new speech writer who wanted to help bring her down??? It would be interesting to know for sure....

  38. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I just saw this interesting statement sent out by Bristol on twitter (I am pretty sure this is her account) check it out

    "No, that's not true. The original intent of the house was to kick off a presidential run to be announced this spring."

    about 5 hours ago via Twitter for Android

  39. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Now Palin is going to be on Hannity Monday night, so he will kiss the Queen of Mean again.

  40. Anonymous2:56 PM

    "It is being suggested that the scope of the Tucson situation is simply beyond Palin's limited skill set. And when you compare Palin's response to the uplifting speech we heard from our president last night, well, you can draw your own conclusions."

  41. Anonymous3:01 PM

    In TX, we just had an election for TX House speaker. The man who won was Republican Joe Straus. He is Jewish. It was a bitter battle with Sraus, moderate, and a Tea Party person.

    From reports, Straus received many threats from the Tea Party and some of those were because he was Jewish. The Tea Party showed up the day of the election, rowdy and with their Don't Tread on Me signs.

    They did not win. The Tea Party was defeated. Straus won.

    I am telling this because I thought someone might like to hear of a Tea Party defeat and because of Palin's insult to Jewish people.

    Texas does have some crazy politicians but Palin, and her ilk, have made it far, far worse. In fact, she has ruined much in politics in my opinion. (I live in Dallas county which is blue--which thrills me.)

  42. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Learning a lot and agree with most.. but lets not forget that us talking among ourselves is not going to keep her or others like her from an office in our government.. we must all vote and convince the other like minded to vote too.

  43. Anonymous3:02 PM

    And this one from Willow

    @Bristol_Palin you two need to cool it.
    4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Bristol_Palin

  44. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Hey Sarah, did you see the crosseye'd opossom? Remind you of the image you see when looking in a mirror?

  45. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Political 2:18

    You took the wrong exit off the highway. You want the next exit to Paliban and the Panty Sniffers.

  46. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Not sure Palin and family even go to church anymore, believe all this Israel stuff and born again christianity is just talking points for her base.

  47. As a recovering Catholic and pure Shiksa, the phrase "blood libel' is one I would no more use than I'd say to an African American colleague, "Whassup N*****?"
    Sarah Palin's only plausible connection to Jews or Israel is her awareness that Israel is the only true ally we have in the Middle East region, so she thinks of it as militarily exploitable.
    A Jew who supports Palin is like a PETA member who owns a fur salon.

  48. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Palin is a sociopath. Appearing to befriend and support people is her sole survival skill. Palin would hug Obama himself if it would somehow get her the presidency.

    __Any__ group, e.g. teabagger, fundie, 2nd amendment-er, homemaker, military, that swallows Palin's lies deserves what happens to them.

    I much prefer the Palin that's spewing terms like "blood libel" than a controlled middle of the road Palin. Exposing her mental instability is much easier when her wingnut side is being paraded by her idiot handlers.

  49. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Anon 2:55

    It's been said many times here and elsewhere, it's not hers. And either is the other of her sister's.

  50. Anonymous3:17 PM

    How about tossing a little Yiddish in her direction?

    Because she's about as fine an example of a Meshuggener as you'll ever find.

  51. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Conversation with Palin and Jewish Person Part II

    Pres. Palin in black push-up bra and see-through white sweater: "Have you seen anything to change your mind about going to Israel?" (tongue flick)

    Jewish Person: "No, I am happy here with my family."

    Pres. Palin (agitated tongue flicking): "Will you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior then?"

    Jewish Person: "No, I am happy being a Jew, like my Father and his Father."

    Pres. Palin extends Trig to Jewish Person: "Trig loves you Jewish Person. Do you hate Trig?"

    Jewish Person: "No, I dont hate him"

    Pres. Palin: "Well, Jesus made Trig and if you dont love Jesus, you dont love Trig, and that means you want him to go before the Death panels. You would like that wouldnt you?"

    Jewish Person "Nooo, I never said that.."

    Pres. Palin: "I have an Israeli flag..."

    Jewish Person: "And, I have a mother too so I have been guilt-tripped by the best!"

    Pres. Palin: Tawd!!! Jewish Person is threatening to eat my baabee!

    Deja vu all over again.

  52. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Since Sarah's so into flags maybe she should move the flag over to the left side before the video tapes another hate speech. I noticed in her speech yesterday, she has it displayed on the right. One would think that a person who thinks she's presidential material would be aware of flag etiquette, even on who drapes the flag over her body. Sarah is a disgrace on many levels.

  53. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Oh, Gryphen, you just never disappoint. Thank you for keeping this business of the Christianist Dominionists in front of the discussion.


  54. I think the Grisly $PayMe meant to claim "blood-guiltiness" (now watch her minions take this up as the next excuse).

    Ok, bear with me. She may have heard someone use the term blood libel in the recent few days ... BUT ...

    Their new house in the Wasilla compound has a parapet. Scripture says to build a parapet upon your house to prevent blood guiltiness if someone should die because of your actions [Deuteronomy 22:8]

    So I'm claiming that $Palin has magical thinking: that she has known for some time her invective is or would be blamed for violent results at a point in the future.

    Thus the building of the parapet, therefore she is not guilty of the blood shed of a girl the same age as her daughter Piper, she is not guilty of the other deaths, and she is not guilty of the injured; even though she knew it would happen some day. See, she built the parapet, so godd already forgave her, so-thus-and-so, she has not sinned.

    Will the Grisly $arah correct her course?

    I honestly don't believe she can: the guns-and-target concept is all she has to offer.

  55. meena3:24 PM


    Cafferty File: Palin's reaction to Tucson massacre end her chances of being president?

  56. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Luckily they are a small number. A few hundred members?? I mentioned this in a recent comment here. You did a really good job Gryphen!
    I have thought of showing that group these things about Palin but I'm convinced it wouldn't make much of a difference. Palinbots seem really set in their ways.

    Did you see the Fox article I Put the link to in your last post? Fox says she is getting violent tweets. What a shame the authors didn't look at the right wing threats against Obama.

  57. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Shushanne Walsh is a media whore and shameless self-promoter, who is making her living off of Sarah Palin - she's an ex-Fox staffer so it's not surprising. Her stories are mostly fluff pieces that generate a lot of online hits and get her on CNN, BBC, etc, which she promotes on Facebook. I believe she was - until yesterday - gunning to be the communications director should Palin run for president.

    By the way, as a New York Jew I can tell you that there are a surprising number of Jewish republicans. Many rich Jews tend to be socially liberal but fiscally conservative (Michael Bloomberg, for example) and cast their votes depending on taxes and Israel. I cannot tell you how many Jews I know who voted for George Bush - TWICE - because he was a "friend of Israel." However, what did he really do make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

  58. Lisabeth3:34 PM

    Karen Zipdrive, that was hysterical!!!! Your part about the PETA member who owns a fur salon!

    And ugh ugh ugh, she's going to be on Hannity? I have just loved having a vacation from her vitriol. I hope she's not coming back full force.

  59. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Haha! JewsforSarah has one member--Korn.

    The site has no feedback mechanism except emailing him. He's all by his self-hating self.

  60. Anonymous3:38 PM

    We Jews value intelligence, education, and being a mench (a good, mature human being)which is why the majority of us supported President Obama. The schmucks that like Palin pheeh.

  61. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Conversation between Palin and Chuck

    Palin: "Daddy, everyone is so mean!"

    Chuck: "Oh honey, except for a couple of kikes, all of the jews love you."

  62. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Great speech by Sarah yeaterday.

    Obummer still covering up the fact
    That the ultraliberal pot smoker Loughner
    Shot Rep Giffords because she is a blue dog.

  63. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Like other religions, both Christians and Jews have extremists. Shushanna Walshe isn't dumb, she supports the Evangelicals like Graham and Palin. No one can claim it is that people aren't doing their research at this point. The people who support Palin, they know what she is about. They choose not to report it to the public. American exceptionalism and elitists to the max. Everyone else is beneath them and can't get into their club or heaven.

    Years ago I had a friend who was in with Evangelicals. I saw up close some of what they were at that time. It is plausible that the word "blood libel" is common speak among some closed groups. Those Evangelicals are all about having their own secret language, they know the secrets of Biblical interpretations, you'll only know if you give up your life to them, they say it is faith in God. They actually convince people they will go to hell if they don't accept what they say. Jews can be victims like anyone else. A converted Jew will be more effective if they don't admit in public they are collecting souls for Jesus, so they act only Jewish. Strong independent Jews are a threat. Palin knew exactly what she was saying and doing. She knows who she was targeting. I don't believe this was her idea alone. It was a well thought out and concerted effort by all her backers and her large staff.

    I once saw something about young neo-nazis and radical right wing groups in Israel. They are everywhere.

    Jude is right.

  64. Anonymous3:53 PM

    My theory: Have Palin tell her bots to back off the threats and they will disappear.

  65. Anonymous3:59 PM

    It must be nice for you to sit back and let others across the country carry the SP-demolition ball for a while.

    During the Pres. campaign it came out that Sarah had said, in a group, watching the Democratic convention outcome, "Black Sambo beat the bitch!" I got a good look at who she is right then, and everything following has confirmed it. Finally the country's catching on.

  66. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Now Palin is going to be on Hannity Monday night, so he will kiss the Queen of Mean again.

    2:55 PM


    They will talk about how Jewish people are supporting her. FOX won't tell you it is the Jewish I Love Sarah Palinbots who are backing her. There is an organized group of Jewish people who backed her prior to her stupid ass comment. FOX will keep it general and say Jewish people support her, but like I said, it is an organized I Luv Sarah group. I wonder if SarahPac gave them money: "Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin", which runs

  67. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I heard S. Hannity say today, does anyone care that Palin is getting lots of death threats?

    The problem with crying wolf is that people stop paying attention. TMZ just reported on a recycled "stalker" the FBI had said is not a threat and they are watching him. She doesn't have any verification of the previous times she claimed there were problems, she brings things up that seem to be timed for her political advantage.

    All politicians have threats, I would think that would include Palin. I would like a world where no one was threatened, I don't like that for anyone. None of Palins are verified and she keeps crying wolf. Whether it is Shusshanna, Hannity, Palin or any of her supporters, it is still without back up and sounds like a sick person who needs attention or wants to manipulate.

    The only people that pay attention to her nonsense are as crazy as she is.

  68. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Now the media is reporting, through Politico and Inside Edition that death threats against Palin are at an all time high, "according to her aide". Oh yes, that's the normal reaction people have after a tragic mass murder...Not!

    It's another ridiculous lie by "one of her aides" and the media shouldn't even cover it. Remember the Palin camp's claim that the 19 y.o. stalker was coming to AK when the crosshairs map was first discussed in connection with the AZ shooting?
    What a joke her group is!

    When will they stop with the pathetic diversionary tactics just to keep her in the spotlight? Palin is toast no matter what happens and there is no sympathy or victimhood cries left for her.

  69. Lisabeth4:06 PM

    Take a look at this article and video. It's amazing actually.

    What Palin should have said during her speech. It's funny!!!

  70. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Dunn's book is to be released April 12th... can't wait!

    Her obsession with becoming President is endangering many people's lives.

    Geez. Will someone come forward and get her locked up/treatment or whatever. Just Off the national stage. Pronto.

  71. It's hard for me to believe that there are any Jews uneducated enough to support her. Rather blasphemous if I might add.

  72. Anonymous4:17 PM

    This video is 7 minutes long, but so well spoken. The CEO of Media Matters brings it home to SP, without even getting into the 'blood libel' debate. The last minute and a half or so are not to be missed.


  73. Anonymous4:19 PM

    But really , how ironic that she smeared Stein with false allegations about co-habitating, yet she has raised 1 or more unmarried pregnant minors.

    People of Wasilla, please take her down.

  74. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Jews for palin = Jews for Jesus.

    Not a bad thing, but not a Jewish thing either.

  75. Anonymous4:26 PM

    You know, poor Sarah is done/cooked/. She has a future as a fishpicker .... but wait ... Todd split for his transexual massage guy/girl.

    Can't wait for the Gov's e-mails ..

  76. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Where is Geoffrey Dunne's book? I hope he doesn't move back the schedule to allow for the latest lies from Quitter's pie hole.

  77. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Her parents must be very proud.

  78. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Well you know if she's gonna be on Hannity next week she'll play the 'Death threats' card to the max. 'Feel sorry for me, poor little me. I didn't do anything wrong, why do these people hate me so much, I'm just trying to 'serve' the American people, you betcha, yeah sure, also.'

    She's desperate to get back into the media cycle, so she'll be all prepared to complain and bitch and moan and cry victim and Sean will nurse it along for the ratings, feeding her every possible emotionally provocative hook for her to take and run with. And she'll get her jabs in on President Obama, and probably Mrs. Obama too, if she has the chance.

    And it's not out of the realm of possibility for her to use Hannity's show to launch her run for the White House, he's just the cheerleader for it. And with all this bad, bad press, she's probably anxious to get in front of those 'adoring' crowds that she imagines are waiting for her.

    What a loser.

  79. Anonymous4:36 PM

    No matter how Shushanna and all the other protectors of Palin try and spin her nonsense this tragedy has affected many people.

    It will be a ripple effect. The people in this town can know vouch for the what violent rhetoric does.

    6 people dead, and 14 others injured. They all have family and friends. Schools, business, employers......

    This whole town could go against Palin time will tell. Lawsuits will be filed and there could be lots of people trying to sue Palin for her maps and talk.

    It is going to be a long haul for Palin. She is so demented she can be President. And truly she never will be. So she will just wreck havoc on the country and people of the country.

    That is all she will be able to achieve destroying people and things. She is a destroyer and that is ALL she is and will ever BE.

    Sarah "The Destroyer" Palin. And the people that follow her are the same. They are angry bitter unhappy souls that like to fight and destroy.

  80. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Wait, isnt her advisor Fred Malek a good friend to the Jews too? I understand that he broke bread with them during the Nixon administration?

  81. onething4:57 PM

    Well now. Try as I might, I cannot see any antisemitic remarks, nor can I see why it is absolutely verboten for anyone to use the term blood libel in any circumstance except perhaps a history lesson. It seems that everyone has gone hysterically mad.

    Have people in the media just been waiting in the wings for the slightest excuse to turn on her like a mob of pirhanas? They must have been given the signal, the go-ahead some weeks ago as suddenly the same media which continually picked her up and handed her credibility back to her every time she dropped it, is now turning on her.

    I wish it would occur for real reasons, not this non sequitur.

    And people. So easily manipulated. The media told you to be upset and you jump. Of all the things Sarah has done! This is a non starter.

  82. SmallAxe4:58 PM

    I think it's more complicated than you bring up Gryphen. Check this out from Prof. Juan Cole (Mid-East Expert) he breaks it down on the Christian Zionist angle, and says they got it from the Netanyahu and the Likud party on the far right of Israel, more of that shadowy Dominionist crap you've brought up before. I think it comes from her key advisor Randy Scheunemen(sp?) that fascist. Check this out:

  83. Anonymous5:02 PM

    "I heard S. Hannity say today, does anyone care that Palin is getting lots of death threats?"

    I'd care if she had cared when Obama got death threats at her rallies.

  84. Respected people in the Jewish community like Dershowitz and Foxman (Anti-Defamation League) are purposefully not making an issue of this. Think about it: if Palin doesn't get to run in the national election for President and the "blood libel" controversy was held to be the pivotal moment of derailing her bid for the presidency, she's set it up that the Jews can be blamed! So, my vote is that Palin's use of "blood libel" is calculating and that this motive is transparent to Dershowitz and Foxman.

  85. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Thanks for the heads up for a Palin interview. I'll remember to mute if I do any channel surfing. I'll check the internet to hear about which cheesy fake set she uses and how big are the flags? Humongous USA, tiny friends o jews. The reports on her hear gear and neck are always interesting, got to keep up with her fashionista side. Will she be able to keep her voice as regulated like she did on the video they took days to manufacture? I hope that covered all that makes her so important.

    Don't forget to become a TAM and find out all the secret stuff only the members can hear.

  86. Anonymous5:26 PM

    If SP enjoys the support of EVERY Conservative Jewish voter, that's fine with me. In my experience, there aren't that many of them.

    Phoebes in Santa Fe has it right.

  87. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Once again what does that phrase mean to the neo-nazi community?

    Aren't they more the typical Palin supporter then your ordinary person of the Jewish faith?

  88. First, if SP is receiving death threats, why is she not contacting the authorities? Second, is it really a good idea for her to have another pity party on MLK day?

  89. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Yes, having people make fun of your TV show IS something like losing all your family in a pogrom!

  90. If Sarah is receiving death threats, how are people communicating them to her?

  91. Anonymous3:38 AM

    The Jews that support Palin do so for two reasons:
    1. They think she's "better" for Israel.
    2. They are racist.

    Gentiles do not have a monopoly on stupid.

    inside the beltway

  92. claire4:19 AM

    Onething, it's not merely the use of the word that has people condemning her. You have totally missed the point. In the context of the Tucson tradgedy, in addition to the inappropriate timing and tone of her message, the content was obviously self-serving. Add in using a word that implies horrific suffering.... well, Palin's grasp at victimhood was really so over the line, even the Media, that had been, up to now, carefully guarding her credibility, was compelled to say "Enough!"

    The contrast with the President's speech was painful.


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