Monday, March 28, 2011

Confirmed! William Fulton is one of the FBI informants who helped to bring Schaeffer Cox and his militia pals to justice.

The other day I was contacted out of the blue by somebody claiming to have inside information about William Fulton, Shaeffer Cox, and how the FBI gathered their evidence.

As usual I took it with a grain if salt, because individuals have tried to feed me misleading information in the past.

However I soon learned that this person was DEFINITELY somebody in the know and I had little trouble confirming their identity, and that their information was reliable.

As is usual in these cases I gathered quite bit of substantial, and fascinating information, only a portion of which I am able to share at this time.  However if you are patient, and can wait until the Cox trial is over, I have been assured this source will come out of the shadows and gladly go on the record.

One the things that I AM able to confirm is that William Fulton, aka "Drop Zone Bill," is indeed one of the FBI informants. 

As we assumed he is no longer in the state, as there are fears for the safety of both he and his family, but there is a chance he will make an appearance at the trial to testify, with protection provided by the Feds.

(Remember though the Alaska Militia may appear to be more Keystone Kops than mafia types, they are connected to a wider network of far more dangerous individuals who would relish the opportunity to silence a snitch.)

I also learned some interesting details about the case which leads me to believe that Shaeffer and his friends are S.O.L. when it comes to beating this in court. Let's just say the FBI did their homework.

Which brings me to our teabagging friend, and ex-Fulton employer, Joe Miller. According to this source, my previous characterization of Miller as somebody who right now is sitting in a pool of his own sweat, pulling on his sorry excuse for a beard, and trying to remember exactly what he might have said while in the company of his old buddy "Drop Zone Bill," was much closer to the truth than I could have previously imagined.

Let's just say the FBI is VERY thorough as well.

You know if all of this keeps up I am going to have to start putting extra time in on the treadmill just to work off all of the popcorn  I have been consuming lately.  It is like the fun never stops up here in the Last Frontier, isn't it?

P.S. As in times past all guesses as to the identity of my source will be rejected, so don't bother leaving them in the comments section. And if anybody feels the need to make any threats along with their comment, or in a direct e-mail, please know that I will be actively gathering IP addresses and sending them to my contacts with the FBI just as fast as my stubby little fingers can type them out.  Just so you know.


  1. mitch who lives in kansas11:56 AM

    Do you think that there will be any link to our gal pal $P via Miller and what he might have said to Fulton?

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    OH - I HOPE that the first commentors post would prove true...

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Nice work Gryphen ! And we really appreciate you updating your site so often. I come hear more than once a day and like the fact that more often than not I see a new story or an update. Thanks !

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be up in Alaska are working overtime to run Joe Miller out on a rail or lock him up, whatever gives them more satisfaction. I suspect he really pissed off an entire political machine in that state. If he wasn't such a lowlife, I'd almost have some sympathy for him.

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Heh heh, those tea bagging militia types in Alaska are in a quandary now. Who can they trust? And who might be another informant? I hope the FBI cast a WIDE web.


  6. California Dreamin'12:12 PM

    Ohhh...I hope they can trace Cox back to the Paylins! That would be sweet. I do hope more indictments are forthcoming!

  7. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I hope they can link Todd and Sarah to these people also. The news is reporting on Morlock ,but not connecting The Palins to him. Wish they would bring out the fact they are friends. I hope they get Miller too.

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Gryphen, maybe I'm a little slow on the uptake, but what are you hoping his association with Joe Miller will reveal beyond the damage done with the Keystone Cops routine that sunk his Senatorial chances last Fall?

    With very little help from the LSM, Joe Miller's ego and hubris was his own worst enemy. We are all just waiting for it to be the nail in his mama-maker, Sarah Palin phenomenal career as a Great Pretender.

  9. Anonymous12:16 PM

    "(Remember though the Alaska Militia may appear to be more Keystone Kops than mafia types, they are connected to a wider network of far more dangerous individuals who would relish the opportunity to silence a snitch.)"

    I wouldn't mess with these guys, they are paranoid and like to conceal AND open carry. They think they are sovereigns where the law is there to protect their abuse of the Second Amendment, not those of us normal Americans that don't have to wear their faith or patriotism on their sleeves.

  10. I forgot what I was going to write because mitch who lives in kansas (11:56 a.m.) asks a much better question!

    mitch, if I had to guess? Yes.

    Also, too, why do we never hear of any state militias or secessionist groups huddling around, plotting, in Hawai'i?

  11. angela12:26 PM

    Great post Gryphen!
    This story just gets more and more legs.

  12. Anonymous12:26 PM

    OMG...I thought it would never happen. Just a thought, it seems like it would be better for DZB to give a deposition rather than appear in court. Do you suppose the FBI started riding him after the Miller incident or was he an informant all along. Could have fooled me.

  13. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Very interesting. Do you think Todd Palin is involved with any of this due to his relationship w/Miller?

  14. cuppajoe12:28 PM

    I love your stubby little fingers.

    Please continue to keep 'em busy...all that keyboard exercise MUST be good for them.

    Just stay safe, also and too.

  15. Anonymous12:34 PM


  16. KatieAnnieOakley12:37 PM

    I think both Joe Miller AND Todd Palin may be sitting in puddles of their own making, sweat being just one component of said puddle...

    I would also guess that the FBI is making the most of their Special Officers time and energies while in the Great White North... just sayin'

  17. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Thanks for confirming what I was guessing. I had a conversation just this a.m. with another interested in this little bit of crazy theater of Cox, Miller, We both are betting that Miller will be in jail within the year.

    Let's start a betting pool on the date of indictment. I'm saying before the ice goes out on the Nenana. - Hedgewytch

  18. Anonymous12:53 PM

    to 12:13. Jeremy's associations have nothing to do with his case. Thanks for being malicious though.

  19. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Well it appears we really can't trust ANYONE associated with power in any form.

    Who do we elect in 2012?

  20. MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...
    Also, too, why do we never hear of any state militias or secessionist groups huddling around, plotting, in Hawai'i?
    12:22 PM
    Hi Mrs. TBB,
    Interestingly, when I lived in Hawaii for several years back in the 1980s, there was quite an active group of Native Hawaiians who wanted "the US out of Hawaii." The reasoning was that the US illegally took over a sovereign kingdom back in the 1890s, for the US's own convenience. However, this was a heartfelt as well as intellectual movement as I recall, and did not involve swaggering armed militants who felt they were answerable to no one.

  21. Anonymous1:12 PM


    Not to make this all about Palin, but remember when Palin accused Obama of paling around with Terroist, and alledging Obama has questionalbe associations?! Well!

    1. Her husband is a sucessionist / anti american

    2. She actively supported and even endorsed a seemily terroist for senate in Alaska

    3. She is close long term friends to a family with a murderer / running away from the scene of a accident / drug abuser. Her children are even cosy with said murderer.

    How can things get anyworse!

    Don't worry we will soon see hahahahahaha!

    Opps sorry, I was brought up to not take joy in other people misery. But Sarah you make your bed, you lie in it. Everything that is happening to you right now is all your fault, and what is coming next is YOUR OWN DOING!

  22. Woo-Hoo! This just keeps getting better and better Gryph. A great big "Good on ya mate!" from South Oz for the job you are doing.

    As soon as DZB disappeared, the papers mentioned a "Bill" as an arms dealer in Anc, and WAR being his attorney (He's repped witless protection folks before), I knew it could be none other than he.

    Joe's probably run out of undies by now with as many times as he's shit them these last coupla weeks. And SO HAS TP AND SP.

    Why? All these folk know each other, trust me on that. They all "pal around together". I was in AK from '66 to '00 and trust me when I say these whackos know all about each other.

    How far out are they? Joe Vogler, the founder of the AIP wanted to (along with secession of course) use nukes to blast away glaciers so roads could be built.

    No surprise that Vogler ended up dead by one of his own when an arms deal in FAI went wonkies.

    I suspect DZB was an informant for a while, even during Miller's campaign. Why? No charges were filed, nothing. Nada. Not even an APD or Trooper investigation. Remember, a couple of the guys he employed were active military and did not have permission to work there. I feel the FBI told AK law enforcement and some military brass not to blow his cover. It also explains how prit-near everyone knew you could buy illegals at DZ but no law enforcement ever did anything about it.

    Since the FBI seems to have really done it's homework with this one it will be very easy to tie TP and SP in to this.

    The question is... Do they want to?

  23. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Any link to Twitler and Toad?

    I felt all along it was Fulton--really.

    These guys don't consider their families when they engage in this kind of behavior (militia types).

    I don't have any sympathy for anyone who believes they're above the law and engage in criminal activities to prove it.

  24. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I didn't think that an undercover informant would be involved with a US Senate campaign in any way; but it is Alaska and Joe Miller. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

    I wonder what really was going on with the DropZone security detail. I reviewed all the campaign finance filings Joe Miller made, and I never saw a payment that I could identify for the 'security services' at the Joe Miller campaign event where Tony Hopfinger was arrested. Was this a free service? Did someone else pay for the service? Many questions no answers yet.

    That was not the only occasion where at least Fulton (looks like some of DZ type guys too- in some of the pictures) apparently provided what looked to be 'security' for Republican candidates and events.

  25. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Miller apparently on the road making a dishonest living: "giving talks" with Joe the Plumber and a third wingnut Joe.

    How the never mighty have fallen! From looking for a DC decorator to D-list grifting with the Plumber Joe!

  26. Anonymous1:31 PM

    12:53, is that you, Willow? Sarah? Bristol? You MUST learn to be more subtle!

  27. This just gets more fun every day! I love your posts and all the comments.

    Watch out for those "icebergs" Mrs. Palin, also too those terrorists, secessionests, and murderers you pal around with.

  28. Gryph, As long as it's not movie popcorn it should be ok.

    Nice work.

  29. Anonymous1:59 PM

    12:13 anon: "The news is reporting on Morlock ,but not connecting The Palins to him. Wish they would bring out the fact they are friends."

    They're too afraid she'll Twitter something mean about them, the cowards. I am not kidding, the media is sickeningly, pathetically afraid of offending the scary rightwing. Just look at how NPR rolled over because of a KNOWN FRAUDSTER'S doctored video!

    You know if Jeremy Morlock's sister was best friends with one of Obama's daughters, the press would be trumpeting this night and day.

  30. According to ADN Palin endorsed Joe Miller on June 2nd. here

    Palin wrote that Miller is a "true Commonsense Constitutional Conservative" and bold reformer who more closely shares Alaskans' values than Murkowski. Miller and Palin joined forces before, waging an unsuccessful coup attempt two years ago against Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich.

    Just guessing but I'm thinking "money"....Tea Party and most likely Sarah backers. Not sure if the Militia gave money to Joe with some promises but I do know that your Rep. Young was in cohoots with Cox.

    Gryphen I just love when you get us all going!!!

  31. O/T: Dog Sledding season roundup

    Forty-two news photographs from the Iditarod and other sled dog races in locations around the world, including races in Norway, British Columbia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Minsk, and through the Alps of France and Switzerland.

    If anyone here knows Ellen Halverson of Wasilla, there's a nice picture of her caring for her dogs' feet.

  32. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Great stuff today and always, Gryphen.

    The horror of the Rolling Stone story about keeps playing in my mind. So chilling.

  33. Anonymous2:16 PM

    "As is usual in these cases I gathered quite bit of substantial, and fascinating information, only a portion of which I am able to share at this time."

    Nobody claims to know more and tells less.

  34. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Every time I look at this punk's picture I see a waiter at Denny's...

  35. dominicastar2:31 PM


    Ya'll need to see this. Trump released his birth certificate, with less info than Obama (doesn't state the country or state he was born, infact it say's Jamaica Hospital, and it doesn't even state his sex) Anyway I pointed this out on politico - post 624. Then I was reading and I found post 612.
    #612Mar. 28, 2011 - 6:00 PM EST
    birther1957: Mar. 28, 2011 - 5:55 PM EST
    Trump can't run because he's not a natural born citizen. His certificate said Jamaica. Only a citizen.

    Were his parents citizens? Then he is a citizen, you simpering dolt.


    By the way so is Obama's Mother she was born an American Citizen lol I had to laugh my arse off at that one!

  36. Anonymous2:32 PM

    To 12:53: Didn't your mother, Twitler, famously say something about a person's "associations" coming back to haunt the person?

  37. Gryphen,
    Thanks for all you do! This is the best site within the entire internet. Every day you bring us a new adventure. Keep up the good work, you are truly appreciated.

  38. This is getting entirely too delicious for one sitting....
    Looking forward to when this all falls at the Monkey Pumped feet of SP!

    PS......"stubby little fingers can type them out”

    Chortle, Chortle. Guffaw, Guffaw!!

  39. hauksdottir2:47 PM

    Anonymous said...

    to 12:13. Jeremy's associations have nothing to do with his case. Thanks for being malicious though.

    12:53 PM

    Wrong! Wild child Morlock tortured and burned his own wife with a lit cigarette *before* his deployment to Afghanistan. While there he did every drug he could find (exactly like the drunken and drugged parties in Wasilla... including the one where Willow helped trash his family's home). And, after murdering innocent farmers and children, he and his buddies took "hunting trophies" of body parts and triumphantly grinning photographs... just like his family buddies at home in Wasilla. The only thing malicious about the matter is that Morlock is such a personal COWARD that he turned snitch to save his own hide.

    Swagger Cox is also a coward who hit his wife while she was carrying their child in her lap... while driving. He can pose like a b-list macho man in his country-club cap with machine guns in both hands, but he is still a petulant baby inside. I expect him to turn snitch as well... if he is allowed that possibility.

    Since Todd Palin was pimping out Shailey to him, Swagger Cox is undoubtedly an intimate friend.

    As for Drop Zone Bill? Another COWARD. I suspect that he didn't turn informant until *after* his thugs were photographed kidnapping and manhandling the reporter... and suddenly his operations are in the news, people are driving by his store, and reading his blog posts. He had a profitable operation and position of power within the militia communities. Then daylight struck, and he was naked in the glare.

    With investigations from the military wondering why their sworn men are swearing to overthrow the US, from federal agencies tracking firearms and explosives, the FBI questioning everybody who ever nodded good morning to him, and police scanning those photos of parading gun-carriers and identifying his thugs one by one, it was inevitable that he was going to go down hard. How much better for him to snitch on the others, before they snitched on him? Ptui! Even a rat protects his clan.

    I hope that he isn't/wasn't married.

  40. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Not only would it be great if this got connected to the Palins and Miller, don't forget -- Don Young too!! He who has been back peddling from video standing beside Cox.

    I guess Young's lawyers will continue to collect their retainers!! For them, that's a life long income stream until the man croaks!!

    Also makes you wonder about 'W.A.R.' too, being he's the one that attended to exchange the keys or paperwork of ownership or whatever it was of the store.

  41. TNbluedot3:05 PM

    Anon 1:31 - Doubt if the word "malicious" is in any Palin's vocabulary... more like a member of that slimy paliban, methinks!

  42. icstraights3:10 PM

    IMHO You should be tracking ALL IP addresses that have any stench of troll or twitler/twatler and ilk just to be extra careful!

    Thank YOU Gryph: I am donating when I get my paycheck. You need a paid vacation!

  43. Anonymous3:23 PM

    2:16 - that is not true. I think you are just trying to bait the book to see if he will bite and disclose confidential information.

    Gryphen, regardless of what you may think, is an intelligent man in whom people can place their trust. If he were to spill everything he knew prematurely, no would confide in him.

    Perhaps you did not read the other posts carefully or reflect upon them - the folks he is reporting about - the Palins included - are dangerous. He not only has to be careful to protect his sources, he has to protect himself and his daughter.

    I think what you interpret as teasing or withholding information he may not have, is simply prudence. He has not accused anyone of anything that hasn't borne fruit with the exception of the trigster scheme. That was so deftly arranged that I think it will be one of the last of the fraudulent threads to be unwound in the tapestry of lies Sarah has woven.

    Stay tuned, 2:16, I think you are going to be apologizing someday very soon. If not to Gryphen, then to the rest of us as more interviews, more indictments, and more books hit the scene. Sarah is beginning to have that burnt toast smell follow her around.

    I wonder how long it will be before her closest circle begins to dissolve.

  44. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Gryphen do the Morlocks have ties to this or any other militia group, or should I say domestic terrorist group?

  45. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:31 PM

    Just to let you know I appreciate all you do, Gryphen. Great sleuth work as always!

  46. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Thanks Gryphen! Glad you have people who trust you.

    now, the following is very concerning.....if your readers would help out by posting on this topic the women of this country who want our rights would appreciate it. Thank you.

    If this happens in AZ, it will spread. They seem to be pushing this crap in the red states. Please voice your opinions where ever you can to help stop this crap.

    This bill has passed both the house and senate and is headed to Gov. Jan Brewer's desk.

    "Sen. Linda Lopez, D-Tucson, said that's just a cover for a new restriction on abortion.

    "This is one of the most offensive, odious pieces of legislation I've ever seen,' she said.

    "It's sexist, it's racist, it's paternalistic, it's disrespectful of women's decision making and moral agency,' Lopez continued. And she chided the Republicans for pushing this legislation in the name of preventing discrimination while they have cut funds for health care and ignored "institutionalized poverty.'


    Montenegro said his legislation is not an effort to chip away at what federal courts have said is the right of women to terminate their pregnancy.

    "The intent of this bill is not to deal with abortion,' Montenegro said. "The intent of this bill is to deal with discrimination.'

    But Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said he sees the bill as a means to that end.

    "We have an obligation to protect the most innocent among us, the unborn,' he said. "Whatever we can do to limit the number of deaths of these unborn children, I'm always a 'yes' vote.'

    Pearce said the only time a woman should have a choice is when the decision is saving the life of the mother or the unborn child."

  47. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Get it, Gryph! You're one bad . . .shut yo mouth!

  48. Anonymous4:13 PM

    You know Gryphen, you've posted so many posts about this Cox guy, or Fox, or whatever his name is, and I still haven't seen you remark once on the stupid hats he wears. Maybe I just missed it. But seriously, WTF is the deal with the stupid ass 20's or 30's hat? Is he trying to make himself look older and more respectable or something? He looks like a wannabe douchebag.

  49. Anonymous4:22 PM

    If Ms morlock wants to blame someone, it should be whoever allowed her child to get away with criminal behavior. I wonder who could have possibly been in the position to get Jeremy off of numerous crimes while he was a teen in Wasilla. Same one that got all of her own children off.

  50. emrysa4:30 PM

    fascinating stuff! I find myself wondering how fulton became an informant. did the fbi have the goods on HIM and offer to drop it if he'd nark on his colleagues? could all of this been initiated by a certain senator who knew the militia was trying to gain a senate seat thru joe miller? did any of this come about because of the arrest of a prostitute who may have been forced to accept these guys as clients? yep I would like to know more!

  51. Anonymous4:43 PM

    So how long has DZB been in business? Surely he hasn't always been in cahoots with the Feds if he fricking chose WAR as his go between in the business transfer.

    I still think Fulton saw Cox as a dangerous over the edge creep capable of extreme sicko measures.

    I'm hoping he went to the Feds on his own and was not coerced by the Feds into nailing a gigantic egomaniac jerk.

    I wouldn't view DZB as a snitch, he actually did the malitia movement a favor by outting a crazy.

  52. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Gryphen, what the hell is wrong with Palin's arms in this pic? Did she draw on them way back then? or was she exposed to something?

  53. Anonymous5:04 PM

    rats tatting on rats ratting on the big cheese (SP and Toad( would be the best of outcomes in this scenario. However to get the rats to rat takes cheese and me thinks some will end up in cushy safe houses in the witness protection program. The best thing is that if Toad and Snowdrift Snooki are sent to exile it surely wouldn't be too long before she opened her mouth or fingers to be found out by those she once supported and then the proverbial shite would grease the blades of the air distributor.

  54. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Don't know how this fits in to anything, but I see AK Recorders Office filings of a Special Power of Attorney to Ross of both Fulton's homes, but he didn't deed those to anyone that I can tell.

  55. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Are you people really saying all Jeremy's friends and his siblings friends are essentially evil minded and "malicious" (to use the word of the day)?

    That is preposterous. Again, no one is responsible for a person's behavior except the person in question.

    STOP MAKING ASSOCIATIONS. You hated it when people accused Obama of supposedly associating with a terrorist (which was unnecessary btw and low), stop acting hypocritical.

    Everyday most of you prove you are no more moral than Sarah with your cattiness, middle school behavior. You are the reason blogs will never become mainstream

  56. Anonymous6:06 PM

    o/t but Trig may be the cutest child ever! He's so joyous and really loves the camera. He's so happy which is good to see.

  57. Anonymous6:44 PM

    2:31pm....I'm thinking there's a Jamaica New York, I could be wrong though

  58. Gryphen, they like to make their gun threats annonymously in blog comments more than emails to keep their IPs from being detected because they are cowards. I hope Fulton and his family are in the witness protection program, otherwise they will be easy to find. Now I am wondering if Fulton was an FBI operative all along or if they made a deal with him. These militia groups have been in the lower 48 operating for decades. I used to live in Spokane WA, they are all over that area, including Idaho. I have to wonder if the reason they came to AK was the feds were on them and they cleared out thinking they would not be monitored here. Most of the militia people feel insignificant and powerless, they are angry at the world, as well as a few clicks off from reality. Many are dumber than rocks and just follow the crazy talk. When a clever sociopath becomes their leader he can drive the paranoia to the point of eruption. Then the gang of thugs think they have right to harm others. As long as these guys remained on the fringe and were not threatening people they were just observed. Now they are getting those among their ranks elected to office and that is enormously disturbing.

  59. Anonymous7:07 PM

    @ 557...

    How much do you get paid to wander over here and make stupid noneffective insults to this blog?

  60. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Anyone defending serial killer Morlock has screws loose, including his family. I wonder how many times he raped those dead bodies?

  61. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Your courage helps make the world a better place. I'm not saying you're a saint.

  62. Anonymous8:16 PM

    5:57...another know-it-all dumbass, again who's never been to wasilla

  63. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Who's the roid head doing a Nazi salute in the photo?

    Fucking hell! An American? A bloody disgrace to the country.


  64. Anonymous10:16 PM

    9:52....the two identically dressed dudes to either side of drop zone bill would be a pair of fort richardsons' finest, moonlighting ( illegally according to their military superiors ) as carpet bagger, grifter, take whatever government handout he can get, teabagger extraordinaire, joe miller's drop zone"security team"

  65. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Will someone please explain the goofy hat on this guy? He may as well be wearing a tricorn of Revolutionary times. As it is, he looks like he is masquerading as a 1930's newsboy, yelling out the news!

  66. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Home grown terrorists and all have been associated in varying degrees with the Palins.

    Actually, Todd Palin's joining up with an organized group whose official goal is to secede from the union, smacks of treason to me.(For Todd and the entire group)

    The last time we had states try to secede from the union we had a bloody civil war.

    Jeremy Morlock is, imo, also another American terrorist.

    Many Americans have denigrated an entire religion (Islam / Muslims) based on the actions of a small portion of violent fanatics who falsely claim to represent that religion. The majority of Muslims are peaceful, every day, normal citizens and have never even met a terrorist of their own faith, so it's truly wrong to judge them based on these fanatics.

    But the Palins sure seem to be involved on a either business, social, political and / or personal levels with the militant fanatics in Alaska, don't they?

  67. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Check out this vid-- it is Maddness, "Our House"-- note it at 1:12, "Brother's got a date to keep, he can't hang around"-- and it is Mr. Cox in the hat! What happened? Did he obsess over this video?


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