Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bristol Palin attends Candies Tenth Anniversay Gala. That is Bristol, right?

Apparently Bristol trotted out her new face, her new wardrobe, and her new hair extensions in front of  the paparazzi to support the 10th anniversary of the Candies Foundation's exploitation of young women, and fake interest in fighting teen sex. (Hey I thought that Candies was no longer paying Bristol?  Is it possible she attended this for free? Ha, ha, sorry I forgot whose daughter she was.)

That's right ladies, if you teach your children that appearances are the only important way to impress the people around you, and destroy your daughter's self esteem in the process, then this is the future you can look forward to for your little girl as well.

Wait!  Was one of those pictures of Snooki from the "Jersey Shore" reality series?  And does that really even matter at this point? Because personally I just keep getting confused.

Besides if Bristol continues on this path to seeking approval, and attention, by altering her looks through surgery and then flaunting them in front of the celebrity media, how much longer can it really be before she turns up in in a photograph like this?

Remember, there was a time when Bristol was a beautiful young woman who seemed confident in her appearance, and who did not feel the need to hide behind fake tans, hair extensions, and plastic surgery.

(And yes this picture was taken AFTER she gave birth to Tripp.)

I wonder who the role model was that convinced her she needed to drastically change herself in order to feel accepted?  Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Truly, she is now the Palin formerly known as Bristol. So sad.

  2. I find this very sad.

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Snookie Kardashian.

    It's like Candie's only exists to showcase Bristol.

    Like faux conservative / special needs groups exist to pay Sarah Palin a six-figure fee for word salads.

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Bristol used to be pretty but has now ruined her looks in favor of the "Jersey" look- bouffant hair, tons of makeup and tacky clothing. If you put Bristol side by side with Snookie and asked which one is cuter I think most people would say Snookie. Why Snookie is a celeb I don't understand, but at least she has some personality and appears to truly enjoy life.

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    LOL, an online fashion mag compliments her shoes once and now we'll see it with every outfit no matter if it matches.

    That's the Palin's, no fashion sense but when they stumble on a good one, they think it applies to everything.

  6. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I just want to say something nice about Bristol...

    For a fat person, she doesn't sweat much.

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Bristol, despite your inexplicable weight gain during DWTS, your legs did look good by the end of it.

    Doesn't mean they look good now, don't want to look at your knees babe. Cover it up.

  8. Anonymous8:13 AM

    This is a bizarre and sad state of affairs.


  9. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Aside from the awful padding in her black dress at the 2008 GOP convention, she was her prettiest when we all first laid eyes on her. I hope the surgeries made her feel better. I pity the poor, ruined children of Sarah and Todd.

  10. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Bristol's plastic surgery sure made her look different.

    Unfortunately it did not make her look better - just *different*. It's very obvious that she had work done.

    The PS combined with the plastered on make-up and long ratty extensions, and the loud dress and clunky shoes, all make Bristol look a good ten years older than she really is.

    Sorry, Bristol.

  11. How sad is that? I can't imagine how much plastic is in that poor girl. It's just not healthy on so many levels.

  12. Anonymous8:17 AM

    She was a fine looking young woman. Why do you suppose she wants to look like Jay Leno?

  13. She looks beautiful in these pictures, but I still prefer her natural face, which was pretty and sweet-looking. She looks 5-10 years older now.

  14. What a mess. Words do not exist to formulate any comments. My mouth is hanging so far open in astonishment that some one could park a bus inside. Honor killings are despicable, but if she were my daughter, it might cross my mind.

  15. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Snooki has better legs.

  16. Anonymous8:22 AM

    So Candies is taking its new revamped 2011 Bristol model out for a test drive to convince the teenie boppers of the world that if you keep your legs closed and not get pregnant you too can afford to get multiple facelifts, chin extensions, hair extensions, liposuction, tummy tucks, botox and everything else to become the new symbol of virginism. The only problem is that Candies and the surgeons has yet to figure out how to upgrade the brains of its new 2011 model. They can dress her in virgin white, but there are still stains on the back seat after years of being ridden hard and put away wet.

  17. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Snistol, or is it Brooki (?) may feel like a million bucks since her surgery..but she looks more like a buck-fifty.

  18. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Considering how sexy the Candies ads are, Bristol fits right in there with their message. The truth is that they preach "no no" while Bristol's looks and the Candies ads send a different message.

    Kids, if you want to be on TV, have your picture taken, be in magazines and exploit an innocent child, follow Bristol's example. In fact, since Gryphen told us that the Palins read his blog, I would like to make a suggestion to Bristol before that book hits the bookstores this summer.

    Please look over that book again, and delete any sentence that implies that Tripp was a mistake, that you were upset by his screaming and crying (you said that he was a handful and that he kept you up at night). In fact, don't say anything that you wouldn't want him to read ten years from now. And, don't disparage his father. They might turn out to be best buddies some time in the future. Dear Bristol, follow your own advice and Think Before You Publish.

    (Who wants to take bets on whether she'll bash Levi and complain about how hard it is to be a mother?)

  19. Anonymous8:27 AM

    In the first photo, she resembles Octomom. Hopefully pretty soon she will be as irrelevant as SHE is. Is she able to take her hand off her hip for these poses, or is it permanently stuck there?

  20. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Sad thing about Bristol's new $350K look, it does not come with Tripp. Has anybody seen Tripp with his new mother?

    Tripp is happy with his nanny and Trig is happy with his nanny.

    Good thing God created nannies or the Palins off springs would have to fend for themselves in the Alaskan frontier.

    The Palins, such a wonderful Christian family.

  21. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Bristol has Lisa Rinna lips. And, that's not a good thing. Think of all of the celebrities who abused plastic surgery, and we can't recognize them any more: Joan Rivers, Mary Tyler Moore, Kenny Rogers, Meg Ryan........

  22. Anonymous8:29 AM

    In defense of going under the knife, Heidi Montag did look very attractive after her various surgeries- the humongous boobs obviously were a big mistake.

    Hooray for Hollywood!

  23. Anonymous8:30 AM

    So plastic, she is like margarine.

  24. Anonymous8:32 AM

    so sad. She looks like a tranvestite

  25. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Snooki was smart enough NOT to get pregnant, why doesn't Candies offer her the "spokesperson" position? By the time Bristol is 30, all the bad surgery will haunt her, and she will not be making the big bucks to repair it by them. She will be even more "dumpy" than she is now (does she EVER look not pregnant?) As a side not, can this girl actually CLOSE her legs, they are spread apart on every photo. Force of habit?

  26. Anonymous8:34 AM

    and this one:

  27. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Even worse pic. What in the WORLD has she done?

  28. laprofesora8:36 AM

    I know I'm repeating myself, but to me the biggest shame of all is that Brystil didn't take her $$$ and go to college. Once you get an education, NO ONE can take that away from you. Plus she would have been the first one in her family to do so which would have given her such a sense of accomplishment and pride. Now she's destined to be like her mother, always trying to sell herself when she really has nothing of value to sell, always coming up short. This whole family is devoid of values, they are an example of the worst this country has to offer.

  29. Anonymous8:36 AM

    The only thing missing on Bristol's dress is the word Mastercard or Visa or American Express.

    The Palins believe that you shouldn't leave home without your plastic on your face!

  30. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Dare I say, she looks more like Sarah than she did before the surgeries. That might be the last thing she wants to hear.

  31. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Michelle Obama Dances 'The Dougie' & 'The Running Man' At Alice Deal Middle School (VIDEO)

    Love our First Lady

  32. Snookie famous for being drunk in public (underage?), brissdull famous for being pregnant underage in public. Match made in heaven. They should do a reality TV show together. The Big Middle Finger Show, featuring the Snookie Sisters and how they tell the world to Fuck Off.

  33. Anonymous8:40 AM

    OMG! Bristol IS Snookie!

  34. angela8:40 AM

    She used to be a pretty girl with a bit of sense until her mother handed her talking points and started using her as a political prop. (Abstinence, DWTS,)

    I believe Bristol has obliterated all that used to be and become a caricature. She does look like a drag queen. I blame her idiot mother.

    And I'm sorry--THOSE SHOES DON'T MATCH THAT DRESS!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Keep feeding your minions your propaganda. Bristol is a beautiful girl, inside and out. If she were lacking in self esteem, she wouldn't constantly go out in public on a daily basis with no makeup. Why do you think she's under someones control? Thinking that proves absolutely you have no idea what you're talking about. At all.

  36. Anonymous8:50 AM

    OMG before I scrolled down I thought it was Snooki! And then you said the same thing! Hahahha, this is so poetic! Bristol and Snooki could be twins!

  37. Virginia Voter8:50 AM

    I'm pretty sure Snookie was born with those looks, and if you google some recent pictures you'll see she has lost a ton of weight.

    Bristol, on the other hand has made herself over from a pretty fresh faced teen into a 20 year old who looks like a 40 year old Real Housewife trying to be a 20 year old. Oh, the irony. The lopsided eyes might be even worse than the chin.

    BTW, I love the shoes, and the dress, just not together. Some strappy silver, black, or white heels would have looked MUCH more appropriate and on trend.

  38. Anonymous8:52 AM

    She looks the same, with a slimmer lower face. She's had no nose job and her hair is that long. She does have projects coming up. And she was recently viciously attacked at this blog for being fat and ugly. I'd say you have no one to blame but yourself and your rude readers.

  39. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Sarah Palin said Bristol has great work ethics and I agree with Sarah. It takes a lot of hard work to lay on a table while others are cutting, extending, implanting, transferring, removing, sawing, shaving, adding and shifting what God gave to you. The only problem is that the doctors can’t figure out how to implant self esteem into Bristol.

    So Bristol and the Palins would love to thank all the kiddies and parents for supporting Bristol’s hard work ethics.

    So we ask that you please keep paying for Bristol’s motivational self esteem speeches, you see Bristol is what you consider “A Work In Progress”.

    So keep those checks and money coming in and we will roll out the next revision of Bristol in about 3weeks.

  40. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I was at an event with my teenage daughter last week and there was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7, all dolled up with a strut and attitude that reeked "look at me". My daughter looked at me and said, verbatim, "Thank you for not raising me like that." Every now and then, all our hard-work in parenting gets recognized.

    Bristol doesn't resemble her former self. That is very telling. It's one thing to experiment and fine-tune our appearance for self-confidence and fun. It's another to think that your appearance makes who you are.

  41. Oh my! Are you sure she's 20!!! I guess she was tired of reading the comments about her big ass arms that she decided to cover them up this time....unfortunately she forgot to take the HOOVES off!

  42. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Bristols always had high self esteem and never felt the need for alterations. Remember that intouch article? Now that she can regularly workout, she probably felt the need to jumpstart facial weight loss. At least she looks the same basically. The only difference being a slimmer chin area. No different from breast enlargement. Actually I think the latter is worse, as it kind of proves that those people feel powerless in the sex dept.

  43. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Wow - she's aged a decade, easily.

    She looks like an aging wannabe who is desperate for attention before she hits the big 4-0. No joke.

    Maybe with some professional counseling (psychiatric, makeup, styling, whatever) she can salvage the best of her real age before it is too late.

    She looks like she'd be more successful at giving private massages. I bet she could ask for a whole 20 bucks without being asked to make change.

  44. Anonymous8:56 AM

    If she weren't confident, she wouldn't be in the spotlight on her own volition. Nor would she have chosen to go on dwts, which takes great confidence. Really?

  45. Virginia Voter8:57 AM

    Hey Gryphen, here's some recent pics of Snooki after weight loss...she says she's given up alcohol:

  46. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Isn't the appropriate outfit for a Candies abstinence celebration a ... chastity belt?

    That one-shoulder dress is tacky, she looks like the tan retiree neighbor in "Something About Mary."

    And seriously, those taupe shoes DO NOT go with anything she's yet paired them with. They are not dressy.

    If she's not going to college, then her "look" is all she has. So it's not a small thing for her to flub the fashion details and look like a rube for the cameras.

  47. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Bristol, sweetie, you do realize that people are laughing at you, don't you?

    You can change that by stopping trying to be someone you aren't.

    You can change that by going to school, proving you want to improve the inside of yourself. It is a much more becoming choice, and then no one will laugh at you.

  48. ManxMamma8:59 AM

    Anon 8:38 - Thank you for the link to the First Lady dancing. She is amazing. Perfect First Lady for the 21st century.

  49. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Bristols a sweet girl with a passion to help. Her ghost writer says people will love her story. Bristols has had a great life. Made that much richer with the ditching of Johnston baggage.

  50. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Somebody should tell Bristol not to pose sideways. If you look at the picture of the "new" Bristol posing sideways or showing her side profile, you can see that she still has her gut or is she pregnant again?

  51. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I keep having nightmares remembering Bristol's reply to the question as to whether or not she'll ever follow Sarah's footsteps into politics.

    That's what our country needs - a Snookie wannabe holding press conferences with her hand on her hip, blabbering nonsense. We already have one of those clowns in Sarah with Bachmann a close second - at least Bachmann can dress herself tastefully.

    Maybe the Palins could hire Bachmann as a stylist.

  52. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Why do momma Grizzlies let their cubs have plastic surgery?

    Guess she wanted her cub to look like a Warthog.

  53. Anonymous9:02 AM

    How is it sad? She's a happy girl, loving life. That's obvious. How can a girl be unhappy with a loving family, great mission statement, wonderful friends and healthy child?

  54. Ferry Fey9:04 AM

    What's this thing Bristol has got for white toga-style dresses? This, that one last week, the US engagement cover?

    Is she waiting for a remake of Fellini's Satyricon?

  55. TruthSeeker9:05 AM

    Anon @ 8:25am said:

    "Please look over that book again, and delete any sentence that implies that Tripp was a mistake, that you were upset by his screaming and crying (you said that he was a handful and that he kept you up at night). In fact, don't say anything that you wouldn't want him to read ten years from now. And, don't disparage his father."

    Well if Bristol takes those sentences out of her book, then her book will be filled with nothing but blank pages.

    Because what else does Bristol have to talk about in her book?

  56. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Did someone just relate a simple procedure to remove unwanted fat and honor killings? THAT just made me disrespect everyone who posts here by proxy. Gryphen, please do a side by side with comment from dwts that called Bristol a fat cow and now. People need to see the hypocrisy and what really causes girls to do this.

    O/t anyone hear more on what project Kyle and Bristol are doing?

    And if you want me to prove her friends/family had no bearing in her actions, I can. Nothing but support there for their beautiful Bristol.

  57. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn9:08 AM

    Damn! How much surgery has this child had?? And how much pressure does this put on teens with little self-esteem to try and do the same? Or feel that they'll be negatively judged by their "natural looks" if their parents aren't wealthy enough to afford it? And isn't Candies supposed to be supporting "absintence," telling teens it's OK to be themselves and not worry about sex? Oh, yeah, silly me...guess their message is "Just be a c**k tease."

    Does Bristol realize that she now faces (no pun intended) a lifetime of plastic surgery to maintain the same "look" as she matures? Not that it's a great appearance now--she's reduced herself from a unique individual to a cookie-cutter (or Snooki-cutter) tart. Way, way back--oh, maybe 30 years ago--the only plastic surgery a young girl would consider was a nose job.

    What a shallow, dumbed-down era we live in. In retrospect, I'm glad I grew up when I did!

  58. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Bristol looks like Snooki's twin. Sad.

  59. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Looks like a 40 year old trying to look 25, and instead just looking like a plastic ACME blow up doll called "Tammy Trash". And those shoes are NOT for chunky legs!

    Stupid girl. Parenting really DOES matter. Or failing that, education.

  60. emrysa9:10 AM

    who in the world would have plastic surgery to end up looking like snooki? yes, she looks like snooki. only her name is bristol hollywood!

  61. Who told her she needed a chin implant? She had a pretty (round) face, which may have hidden her chin somewhat (OK, she had a chubby face), but it's very sad looking now. Jay Leno is right. This won't age well at all.

  62. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Its not going to hurt Tripp to learn he was a mistake. He is loved and that's all he needs. Bristols ghostwriter says people will love the book and finding out who Bristol is, a girl who discovered immediately that parenting is hard and her family support was crucial to her success. That's all people need to know. People need to see that without family, single parenting is impossible. If a single parent has no one but her child, she will be unhappy forever and resent the child forever. That is her message. Turning a mistake into a lesson. That's always been her honest lesson.

  63. emrysa9:15 AM

    brisdull used to have her own unique look - yes she was chunky, yes she didn't have a chin, but she had HER OWN look - now she looks like someone else. I won't be surprised to see brisdull "go blonde" after seeing that she now looks so much like snooki.

  64. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Bristol... the "White Snookie"

  65. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Maybe Bristol can make some big bucks now being the poster child for Teens addicted to Plastic Surgery!

  66. emrysa9:18 AM

    anon @ 8:50 am sez:

    "If she were lacking in self esteem, she wouldn't constantly go out in public on a daily basis with no makeup."

    riiight, girls who are 20 years old with high self-esteem go out and get their faces completely changed. lol you probably should have read that sentence before you posted.

  67. Anonymous9:18 AM

    There's no doubt Bristol was told she was beautiful her whole life. Her friends constantly tell her that on fb and her sister defended her in that tmz conversation. However, everyone hjas something that don't like abt themselves. For bristol, its always been her chin. Even hearing "I love you" and "you're beautiful" constantly, she was still going to hate her chin. Its not like she got a new chin. She just. Removed fat on the sides to give her a chin.

  68. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I admit that I am an obsessive, compulsive Palin hater,........but Bristol's new look is starting to grow on me. And I think she appears far more confident. I think she looks quiet beautiful.I just do.

  69. Virginia Voter9:21 AM

    Oh.My.God, the anonymous Bristol Palin Fairy Tale Trolls (aka Lou Sarah & assorted other Facebook "friends" ) are out in for force again.

    Hey Fairy Tale Troll, you are outing yourself as the same person by posting the same inane bullshit over and over again...heh, heh, although I have found you immensely entertaining, in the past, you need to come up with some new material. You're boring me.


  70. Anonymous9:22 AM

    This is a country where Snooki gets 35k to speak at a top college. and a country where a loser like Levi can immorally climb the ladder to undeserved success. Its a country where we penalize people for building businesses to reach corporation level. All the while we as taxpayers are forced to financially support the lazy, welfare junkies. Its a backwards world and always will be.

  71. @ 8:50am, 8:52am, 8:55am, 8:56am... Whew my hand starting to get tired and finally 8:59am the Bristol Fairy Tale Troll is working some serious over time today!! Are you getting paid per post or what?

    Bristol has no self-esteem and yes she IS being CONTROLLED by her mother. And as far as DWTS...that was so LAST YEAR Troll.

  72. @ dmoreno56 for shame. I'm not a Palin fan by any measure but that is a horrible think to say.

  73. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Now it makes since why Bristol moved to Arizona. If you get all that plastic work done on you, it is kinda embarrassing if the only place you can go to in Wasilla dressed up is the Piggly Wiggly Super Market.

  74. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Sarah Palin must be psychic, she named her daughter Bristol which is close to Brittle and we know what happens to plastic in the cold Alaska weather, it becomes Brittle.

  75. Anonymous9:29 AM

    To the IDIOT poster here saying what a great book Bristol will write (oops meant ghostwriter will write)....

    There is NOT one person at this site that will buy the book.

    Go post over a pee pond... they will believe your bullshit and buy the crap book.

  76. Oh Good Heavens Troll @ 9:02am and 9:06am...I barely finished my last comment when you posted MORE nonsensical nonsense!! Slow down will ya'...some of us have jobs and don't sit here all day waiting for Gryphen to post like you do...PACE YOURSELF DEAR or you will have a stroke from all your defense of the girl formerly known as Bristol Marie Sherran Palin...just some friendly advice from us "rude readers".

  77. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Warning to Brisket’s plastic surgeon, you do know that Brisket does not have an education or steady job. So I hope she is paying you cash or Sarah Palin cosigned for all that work. It’s not like she bought a car, you can’t go to Wasilla and reposes her nose, chin, cheeks, botox and everything else you gave her.

  78. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I expect there's been of updating done on The Girls, too, but like her Mom Bristol's not comfortable showing cleavage. At least not yet. Next? Abdominal lipo or a tummy tuck. meow

  79. Enjay in E MT9:37 AM

    Bristol's face seems so unnatural -proportions are "off"

    She has lost the beauty she naturally possessed.

  80. They are now interchangeable...

    Snook-hag from Wasiller... doesn't rhyme much....

  81. Betsy S9:39 AM

    Is it perhaps our fault for snarking at Bristol all these years?--We have without respite called her fat, chunky, pregnant-looking or worse--and this may have created such an appalling lack of confidence or self-esteem that she just destroyed herself with a bunch of lousy plastic surgeries. In spite of her outrageous padding at the NRC, she had the look of a young Madonna, so much more beautiful than screechy SP.

  82. Anonymous9:41 AM

    "Now that she can regularly workout"

    It must have been hard to fit that in during DWTS.

  83. Okay, I think it's really awful that everyone is attacking Bristol so coldly. She is after all only 20, and let's face it, 20 year olds are not generally known for their good judgment. I also see at least four posts that I am guessing is Bristol trying to defend herself from all of this vitriol.

    I will say directly to you, Bristol, if that is you reading all of this and responding, that you were very pretty before, and you are very pretty now. It's just that you're not you anymore, and that's a damned shame. You did not need to do that to yourself.

    I hope you will break away from all of these things you are doing. There is a lot of good advice from commenters on this blog...go on to school, don't attack the father of your child, think about what Tripp may read in years to come that will be very hurtful to him, get away from your mother for God's sake, and start some healing of your own.

    I wish you well, Bristol, and I hope you can move beyond all that has happened and is happening in your life now. And good luck!

  84. she looks like Octomom meets snooki. fuck yeah!

  85. There used to be nothing wrong with Bristle's looks. She was an attractive teenager. It was her attitude that made her ugly. Now she just looks like a 27 year old plastic surgery addict with bad taste in clothes. After having Tripp she could have lived quietly, gotten an education, done some growing up. Rich mom could have paid some college tuition for her. Instead, she went on the grifter trail, kept herself in the media, and began altering her looks, probably because she never had much self esteem to start with, and that made her vulnerable to the judgments of the public that faux celebrities have to suffer. She still has no skills or self esteem, no education, apparently no plans to learn and grow and become something other than a Palin. Money and infamy aren't very beneficial to people with low self esteem and low impulse control. And now she's ugly too.

  86. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Bristol was never allowed to grow up and get to feel comfortable with who she was. She was busy rebelling against her absent mom or trying to get her attention by being a teen mom. She then was humiliated as her teen pregnancy was announced to the world on the campaign trail. She then learned how to live off the public's curiosity by selling herself to the cover of magazines and reality shows. Given what she has been through, is it any wonder she didn't like herself or feel comfortable in her own skin. It is really sad.

    Most kids are allowed to gain comfort with who they are through years in college or work. They make some mistakes, pay the price, adjust their behaviors, build relationships, etc. Bristol hasn't known normal. Is it any wonder she chose such drastic changes with plastic surgery.

    Considering that the pre-frontal lobe (decision making and impulse control) of the brain doesn't fully develop in some until age 25, it is unfortunate that she was allowed to do this to herself at twenty.

  87. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Role model? Hahahahahahaha

    No I shouldn't laugh, it's not funny anymore. Next, it will be Willow, then Piper who alters their face. How can they not do it? Once one starts, the rest will be tempted to follow suit, and surgically alter features that they think deficient.

    Bristol's lips are larger too. Is that Botox or surgically-enhanced lips? I hope she finds good friends because her identity has been lost.......her mother re-created her at the campaign and thereafter, and now Bristol has re-created her face. If she were my daughter, I would be worried about her emotional health.

  88. Buh BUY, Paid Fairy Tale Troll10:03 AM

    The Palin Fairy Tale Troll is selling Bristol's book. Hon, if I want to read fairy tales, I pick up Grimm's, Andrew Lang's, Charles Perrault's, Madame D’Aulnoy....

  89. Anonymous10:16 AM

    So glad the revirginized tramp is no longer an Alaskan. Now if only the rest of the Palins would leave.

  90. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Bristol's book is going fun for another reason. The pictures of her and Tripp won't match the girl signing the books at the book signings. They are going to have to do a rush photo shop job on Bristol's photos in the book to make her look like the current plastic model.

  91. ManxMamma10:17 AM

    Glad to see the Happy Troll working overtime.

  92. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Eyes, check (screwed up her best features)
    Chin, check (way overdone and, have to say, more than an implant, it looks like she may have had her jaw shaved down)
    Lips, check (learn something from LiLo, Jessica Simpson, Lisa Rinna and don't add shit to your lips).

    The fairy tale troll is here in full force droning on about how Bristol always felt beautiful. Sure, that's why she completely transformed her face. And, yes, she did transform her face. Anyone who can't see that is either blind, lying, or delusional.

    What Bristol doesn't realize is that what people liked about her was her girl-next-door quality and her quiet dignity (mind you, I didn't fall for any of it, but she does have her fans). Now, she's faked herself up. There will be a backlash.

    Bristol in at 14:55 of her 15 minutes. She should call up Levi quickly and try for another engagement (worth a couple of In Touch covers for the announcement and then the break up) or maybe another pregnancy (tearful admission, could get her on People). Regardless, I see a national enquirer "Bristol Palin plastic surgery disaster" headline in her future. So there's always that...

  93. Anonymous10:24 AM

    According to our neighborhood Trollie (Bristol's FB bestie), Bristol's ghost writer says everyone will LOVE Bristol's story. First, there is no ghost writer, only a co-author (unless you're suggesting Bristol needed another ghost writer to produce the parts she was supposed to write). Second, it's hardly surprising that a co-author is touting her book as a story everyone will love.

  94. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I can't recall ANYONE here ever saying Bristol was an ugly young woman, appearance-wise. Why would they? She was indisputably very pretty.

    The discussion about her mysterious physique during DWTS was also NOT about saying she had an ugly appearance, it was about the speculation that she had a growing pregnancy.

    It's too late to express regret that Bristol felt the need to do all this cosmetic stuff. I think the most likely explanation is that Bristol is easily influenced by strong personalities, and there must be people in her inner circle who encouraged her to do this. She is certainly not the only young woman in the Hollywood world who has had such procedures done. There must be some chin fad going on out there. Publicists/agents and plastic surgeons must prey on people like Bristol. She was probably overwhelmed by pressure and bad advice.

    It would be nice, now, if Bristol showed signs of wanting to do the things that so many of us have urged her to do - if she even reads these blogs (she'd have to be a complete masochist to do so, let's be honest). College, perhaps? A normal life, perhaps? That would be nice, but it's probably a fantasy at this point.

    Very, very, very sad.

  95. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Anon. 9:46 - Loved your comment. Agree, Bristol does look good with the surgery, and she looked good before as well. I hope she finds herself, finds out what's important in life, and if she's a sincere christian, and really believes, that she's loved by God. "Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close" -Psalm 27:10

  96. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The closeup picture is rather startling because you can see her chin is not even and is lumpy. I'm not kidding when I say this, but it brings to mind the bad witch's chin from the Wizard of Oz. And her eyes definitely do have that slightly wider than normal, slightly crazed look which is sometimes an unwanted effect with an eye procedure. Maybe since she's so young to have work done, the surgeon stretched things just a tad more to stretch out the time before she will need another procedure for maintenance. They will settle down after about a year, maybe, and look more natural.

    I do not feel guilty commenting about her appearance at this point. Obviously she is expecting some sort of career where she will be in the public eye and that means she has made the decision to be noticed, looked at, and discussed. Too bad she doesn't look better, just different. There's no going back now for her. That youthful look has gone poof at the ripe old age of 20.

  97. Anonymous10:32 AM

    She looks like the "Octomom."

  98. Hard to believe that is her, that person looks about 35 yrs old.

  99. ManxMamma10:43 AM

    Since there seems to be great attention to this post from the pro-Bristol fans, I would like them to note an overwhelming theme...spend some money on an EDUCATION. Without one, you're nothing. NOTHING.

  100. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Betsy said: "Is it perhaps our fault for snarking at Bristol all these years?"

    Don't think so in this case. I don't believe any of these blogs ever criticized Bristol's appearance before DWTS...she was obviously a very pretty young lady.

    The comments have always been about her weight and there has always been some understandable reason to be bewildered over her weight. She looked like a lovely sylph at her first Candie's appearance (shortly after giving birth to Tripp.) Next we see a mysteriously bloated Bristol in a filmy white one-shouldered frock posing with her "fiance" (Levi) on the cover of a magazine.

    She shows up on DWTS with a blubber belly and makes sure she is photographed licking ice-cream cones, and chowing down burgers and fries. She states at an interview with dance partner that...she would do better if she REALLY tried. Mark gives her a frustrated look.

    Like her mother she is provoking and seems intent on saying fat doesn't matter, and REAL AMERICANS don't care about a healthy diet (that's for Michelle).

    She would like to give the BIG FAT FINGER to all who don't love her, and calls kids who haven't her opportunities to make big bucks LOSERS.

    I think she invites gossip. Too bad she is even being talked about at all. But I don't think anyone ever criticized her face, and that is the thing she changed.

  101. Anonymous10:46 AM

    My mom was extremely beautiful and knew it. She also had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We children all looked like our father's side of the family who my mother berated as ugly. The emotional abuse, along with our low self esteem was hard to bear when people would compliment her on how beautiful she looked all the time. They always assumed she was lovely inside as well as outside. Only those who lived with her knew the real person.

    However, we kids never changed our looks, but I can relate to Bristol, if she had to endure the pain we did.

  102. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I saw Bristol several times in the past at the Anchorage Airport and I can tell you she was knock out beautiful! I am so sad to see this bizarre transformation. I can only hope without all the make-up she still looks like herself and she is happy to be in her own skin.

  103. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Jersey Shores, Valley Trash, there's a difference?

    A thought that just hit me, do you think that the Dominionists think if they whore out their daughters they can accelerate their "rapture"?

  104. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Sarah and Todd, you're the only two people responsible for your daughter's pathetic lack of self esteem. You are responsible for Bristol's desperate attempts to fit into society. She's remaking herself and now she's unrecognizable.

    Be accountable for once in your lives. Don't even try to blame it on the media. You did a lousy job raising your kids and you used them repeatedly them to further your careers. You caused this. You.

    Try fixing the kids still living at home before it's too late like it is for Bristol. And pray for forgiveness.

  105. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Can a person under 21 go have all that plastic surgery without a parent's permission and signature?

  106. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I think the chin is a bit too large and predict a revision in her future if it doesn't settle in. I think she looks fine straight on, but her profile is off. I do hope she doesn't do anything more though. It's a slippery slope when one starts having face altering surgeries that young.
    You know, some posters have been unkind to Bristol about her looks. Remember she does have feelings, and most likely reads this blog. Yes, she puts herself out there in the limelight, and she should expect people to analyze her looks. Every celebrity experiences this, so it's not because of "Palin Hater's". If she does have BBD, it's a very hard thing to cure, and being in the limelight is the worst thing she could haven chosen to pursue. Of course she could just be one of thousands of men and women who see a flaw in their looks and decide to fix it. I'm surprised she didn't wait a little longer though, because her face has not fully matured. I'm even more surprised that the plastic surgeon didn't tell her to come back in 5 years.

  107. Bristol would have been much better off with trying to keep Levi. She wouldn't have felt the need to do all this foolishness with him by her side. They could have raised their children together and spread some love around.

  108. Anonymous11:11 AM

    THe new Snookie Palin!

    She looks decades older and the new "Jay Leno" chin doesn't quite hid the double chin behind it.

    I feel sorry for the girl.

  109. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Okay, that does not look like Bristol; having said that, the hair looks like crap. Whomever you are, go get that mess cut and styled.

  110. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I'm sorry, maybe it's because I live in California, but I think Bristol has every right to "correct" a feature that's lacking. Her receding chin really did look bad, and I think she deserves to do whatever she wants in this regard.

    Now to see what else she's going to do.

  111. The only way to fix stupid is to get an education.

  112. Anonymous11:46 AM

    According to the Bristol fairy tale troll, everyone constantly tells Bristol she is beautiful and they post this on her facebook also too. I would say if that is true then they all know how insecure Bristol really is because there is nothing normal about telling someone constantly that they are beautiful.

  113. Anonymous11:55 AM

    My God that poor girl looks older then I do now!
    She better be careful out in that Arizona sun, her face may melt!

  114. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I'm sorry, but money cannot buy you class or style. Bristol is a nasty person. Whoever says she isn't has not been listening to her talk or reading her words. That being said, it was her CHOICE to put herself out to the public. Show some spine and earn your MONEY rather than having mommy have to grift it for you. If you are in the public eye, you will be judged. Accept it or get out of the way.

  115. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Those look like the same shoes she wore that were photograped over the weekend and put down.

    Once again, the shoes don't go w/the outfit.

    Go back to Wasilla, Bristol, w/your idiotic mother. She continues to run you down the wrong track.

  116. I still say there's a stripper pole somewhere with Bristol's name on it. Either that or she's scheduled to appear on The Bachelorette. Where else is there for her to go? Her book will sell a few thousand copies to Palin bots and she'll go on the obligatory book tour. Networks will gladly have her on because she increases ratings: those of us who watch for the trainwreck factor and her mother's mindless worshippers. Then, it's back to Wasilla or Arizona. ...Must do something to get attention... She's running out of options.

  117. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Anon 8:50, you aren't believable sorry. No 19-20 year old girl who is happy with a good sense of self has MAJOR surgery like Bristol has. I have worked with thousands of young women as a clinical psychologist. Among the very wealthy you will see girls getting maybe implants (breast) or a nose job but this??? Bristol has been butchered and you and her family being in denial does not help this young girl. Her surgeon should be sued for what he has done to her. I hope he at least insisted she have counseling before going under the knife. She had has almost every part of her face worked on and it is not natural or pretty. I feel very sorry for this young lady. It's clear she is searching.for happiness. It isn't normal for 15-16 year old girls to want to have babies at that age. Well adjusted girls are out having fun with their friends. And again well- adjusted 20 year old girls do not alter their faces.
    This is pathetic!
    Also those of you calling her fat or talking about her having sex, GROW the F up. Your comments are as inappropriate as the things Sarah says. Gryphen, I can't believe you allow comments about spreading her legs in the back seat. That goes too far and it reflects in you. What if it was your daughter???

  118. I see she is still wearing those "Ho" heels from Saturday night at the WHCD.

  119. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Well at least Snookie has good fashion sense to match her shoes with her dress.
    Oh yeah, and it's obvious that she makes sure they fit her feet instead of being 3Xs too big!

    Did Brissy not look in the mirror before she left to attend the event? To not see & realize that her shoes just didn't match her dress. Black shoes would have been much better.
    And Bristol much pack light when she travels. Those are the same shoes she wore to the W.H.Corres. dinner over the weekend.
    And they must be her Candies freebie shoes too.


  120. Bristol Palin: Being a teen mom is difficult

  121. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hey PALIN Fairy Trolls-- STOP !!!!

    Your bulls%#t portrayal of Bristol has a happy fun loving girl is nonsense and not believed by anyone.
    She has a mission statement?? What a load of garbage.
    I don't know if it's one person writing or more but you sound foolish. And I see posts like this all around the Internet.

    IT DOESN'T FOOL anyone!!

    We know from Frank Bailey that Sarah gets people to do things like this. If the Palins werent such a SCREWED up family they wouldn't need to pay people to go on the Internet and write lies. Sarah spend the money on shrinks! Bristol is in serious trouble!

    "Her face is the same , except slimmer in the chin?"
    NONSENSE!!! She HAS had her chin, mouth, nose and eyes worked on. She looks freakish. You arent helping fairy trolls, you are hurting! Get her help!

  122. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Palingates - so sad - check out the up close facial picture.

    Sad indeed.

  123. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Very off the wall, but if SP can fake a pregnancy, what about displaying a fake daughter? That's not just a makeover w/ a little corrective surgery.

  124. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Who ARE these people?
    And who cares?

    Stop promoting Bristol, Immoral Minority. Stop helping the Palins.

  125. I am convinced that it is not really her and that they are parading this look a-like until she has that baby! Seriously, who would do this? Its so bizarre. She looks like that cat woman lady who has all the plastic surgery. It is so sad.

  126. Anon 1104--Can you imagine what she is going to look like when she finally looses her baby fat, both from giving birth and from just growing up. She did not have a receding chin, she just has fat cheeks and needed to lose some weight. Once she trims down, she will look like Jay for sure.

  127. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Poor baby. She has had such a tough time according to herself. No steady job. sob. No college education. sob. Raising a child alone. sob. sob. sob. She want everyone to know what a tough job it is being a single mom. $300,000 worth of tough.

  128. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Trout lips are sooo 2000.

    'Nuff said.

  129. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Regardless of the venom that occasionally shot out of her youthful mouth, Bristol did have a sweetness that shone through when she smiled. Now all that is left is a jaded, has-been look. Way too old for her years.

    So sad.

    Shame on you Sarah for not giving Bristol the emotional support and guidance she needed. You pushed off the care and feeding of all the younger kids on her for years, and now it is showing. She is old beyond her years - not only due to the surgeries, makeup and lies that always show up on one's face. Sarah, you bear the responsibility for this tragic situation.

  130. Anonymous1:17 PM

    She still has multiple pimples covered with makeup on cheeks and nose. Odd looking sides of jaw. Sucked in looking.

  131. Anonymous1:21 PM


    Yeah, right.

  132. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Bristol, if you have a library card, seek out the following book:

    The Science of Sexy
    Bayou, Bradley

    It covers how to dress yourself regardless of your body type to find the best, most flattering fit. You can look like a million bucks without resorting to surgery, quick weight loss schemes or trying to copy someone else's style. You have a body different than Snooki, don't copy her.

    Truly, reading a book such as this can work wonders. That's why education is so important. You can find information to enhance your life and know how to implement it. I wish you well.

  133. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Does she plan to work in one of those places in Nevada where it is legal?

  134. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Hey! OT but does Bristol have a boyfriend or a fiance? Does she live in the house in Maricopa? How many children does she have? What happened to the baby that she was carrying last fall? Was the baby adopted by someone else? When she was in Haiti last December she definitely was pregnant. Good grief! Her mom was 7 1/2 months pregnant and didn't look like it in 2008 (was that Spongebob square pants that Sarah was carrying?) and then we are supposed to believe that someone who really DOES look like she is 7 1/2 months pregnant isn't? That Palin family sure is crazy like a fox. The "normal" family would have too much shame to try to pull off what Sarah just did. Please investigate that con artist pronto! May is here! Where are the emails and the Dunn, Bailey and McGuinniss books and that big-ass iceberg that we were promised was just around the next bend in the road? CRAZY!

  135. meena1:57 PM

    Instead of wasting free $ on a new face and hair extensions can't she afford to buy a decent pair of NEW shoes ?

  136. Pursang2:47 PM

    All she's missing is a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a bottle of beer in her hand and the new look will be complete.

  137. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Bristol is chunky & plastic surgery
    wasn't the answer. A careful diet,
    a hair stylist that knows how to
    compensate for a broad face - Bristol
    is the spitting image of Chuck Heath,
    & clothes that mitigate rather than
    exagerate 'trouble' spots would've been a wiser choice. She hasn't
    gone to college "yet," like she's ever going to. Though she & Sarah play the victim endlessly,they're so unfeeling towards others, I never feel sorry for them. OT - Sarah was in Alabama recently, I didn't read she donated part of her takings to the poor, desperate folks who've lost everything there in the tornados. Doubt if she'd throw a blind dog a bone.

    Sharon TN

  138. Joyce T3:42 PM

    The way I look at it, Bristol the Pistol and Mamma Grizzley are leading in the direction of Michael Jackson Wannabees - and at the rate they're going, they should be there soon. All it takes is one plastic surgery screw-up and you have arrived to the land of deformity, and there's no going back.

    And who in the hell dresses these two women? Goes to show you, no matter how much money you have, you just can't by class!

  139. Anonymous4:14 PM

    There are whores hanging out on street corers who are better dressed and better washed and coiffed.

    Bristol the shoes do not go with the beach cover up you are wearing.

  140. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Oh look! We have Anon 9:46 & Anon 10:28AM agreeing with 'it's'-self.
    Lou Sarah, please stop.

    Sharon TN

  141. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Her nic should be Nooki

  142. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Hey!, I live in NJ and I'm offended--we do NOT look like that!! If Bristol came to NJ dressed like that she'd be laughed out of town!!

  143. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I look at the pictures or Bristol and have a very sad feeling. I'm not a Bristol fan. But to see what's happened, and know it's irreversible leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. I wish it hadn't happened. I hate to see major mistakes that can't be fixed.

  144. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I want a Snookie chin I want a Snookie chin and I want it now!

  145. Anonymous7:51 PM

    So happy to see the trolls crawl out from under the bridge to defend Bristol. She's got all the time in the world to exercise- she just jump started the process by having a bit of face work done...

    I know a few single mothers, and believe me, they don't have time to pose and show off their bodies. They're far more happier and have more self esteem than this trailer tartlett, because they worked hard, lived within their means, and have their child's best interest at heart.

    Levi Johnston was "baggage"? Fer real fer real fer real? Then why did she pick him to be her baby's father. He didn't force himself on her, she chose him and consented with her God given free will.

    What could she possibly have to write about in a memoir? She's what, 20? She's an unwed mother with no higher education, one need to just look at her, read her facebook rants and they'll realize what the book's about. A Levi hate fest, she's a victim.... yadda yadda yadda...

  146. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Bristol when does your boobs grow in? Another couple of speeches will do it?

  147. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I'm always amazed that you get 23 comments on a story like the one about the State Police serving papers on the Wasilla Police Dept. but you'll get way over 100 comments on ANY post about Bri$tol. Incroyable!

  148. Sharon 4:49. I post on here all the time if you bother to read anything. I am neither a troll or "Lou Sarah" (And I'm usually polite.) However, today I say to you...fuck off!

  149. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I'm sure the plastic surgery started with getting the broken nose fixed and escalated from there. Her mom has had massive work done and it's pretty horrible considering SP is only mid-late 40's. She looks a lot older.

    Bristol looks much older as well. Maybe, in HER head, she thinks she looks good. Someone mentioned the cat lady from NY and there IS a resemblance at 19/20....OMG.

  150. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Stop it. Just stop it. Stop supporting / condoning spoiled, entitled, unproductive members of society.

    She is of absolute zero importance. For pete sake, we're talking about the daughter of a united states governor? How utterly pathetic is this.

    Remember, this is the scum that accepted a very high salary or stipend if you will, for her roll in Candies organization. An organization designed to help pregnant young women? What an absolute farce. This organization paid out only a tiny fraction of money towards helping pregnant teens.

    Stop supporting offspring of white collar trash. Is there any particular reason you feel the need to condone their actions? Such as writing a memoir? At her age, are you joking? Stop it, just stop it. Accepting nonsense like this just goes to show what simple minded fools you are to accept her actions. She's laughing all the way to the bank, at your expense.


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