Thursday, May 19, 2011

Track Palin gets married. Well this is the Palins, so that can only mean one thing right? Not necessarily. Updated!

From People Magazine:

Sarah Palin's eldest son, Track, 22, recently married his high school sweetheart, Britta Hanson, 21, in a small ceremony in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

"Our families couldn't be happier!" the Hansons and Palins tell PEOPLE in a joint statement. "These are two hard working, humble, active, studious young adults who grew up together. We're tickled that after two decades of friendship we proudly witnessed their marriage, knowing their new life together will be blessed."

The couple will have a larger wedding celebration this winter at Alaska's Alyeska Ski Resort "when extended family and friends from the Lower 48 can travel north for a long ski weekend," says the statement from Sarah and Todd Palin and the Rev. Duane and Elizabeth Hanson.

Now I actually have NO information about whether or not Britta is following the Palin family tradition, and carrying a little Palin fetus around or not.  They have been together for some time, so perhaps they just felt it was time. (Or maybe they just felt the baby kick, and THEN knew it was time. Beats me!.)

After all it is not actually a RULE in the Palin family that it is pregnancy first, THEN marriage is it? (What am I saying?  The Palin family does not have any "rules," only secrets.)

However one does at least have to wonder WHY they quickly got married at Hatcher's Pass instead of waiting for the big wedding in Alyeska. I mean what could be the rush?  Even if the water breaks, Sarah can quickly teach Britta how to hold that damn kid in for at LEAST 12 to 14 hours, until they can get through the ceremony and then drive from Alyeska to the Mat-Su Regional Hospital. (The staff at Mat-Su are the ONLY people equipped to deliver a Palin baby, don'tcha know?)

P.S. By the way I am a little frustrated that so many of you sent this link to me, as if you were completely shocked by the news.  Don't you read my posts?  Like this one from May 7th:

(By the way Track if you are reading this congratulations on your engagement, and upcoming wedding. I am sure that you and Britta will be very happy together. Yes I know about it, but don't worry I am not going to tell anybody. Oops!)

Apparently I really DID keep it a secret.

Gee I wonder if that will get me an invite to phase two of the nuptials? I have not been to Alyeska in years!

Update: I just got off of the phone with Phil Munger who made an excellent point.

It is easy sometimes for all of us to paint the Palins with a broad brush (Lord knows Sarah and co, have given us plenty of scandalous paint to work with.), however Phil knows the Hanson family personally and says that Britta is a wonderful girl, and that Track is damn lucky to have her.

So instead of assuming that the Palins will corrupt Britta, it might very well be that Britta redeems Track, who by the way has taken the high road and avoided his mother and sister's tendency to pimp themselves out to the media at every opportunity.  Track had a lot of fairly serious difficulties growing up, but this might just be the start of a brand new life for the young man.

It is fun to speculate and take cheap shots at this cartoonish family, but let's give Track and Britta the benefit of the doubt and wish them a happy life together, hopefully as FAR from the Sarah Palin sideshow as humanly possible.

However Track, if I turn on my television and see you as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, the gloves come off!


  1. WalterNeff4:30 PM

    Start the clock

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Congratulations to the happy couple. Now, a word of advice: GET AWAY FROM THE IN-LAWS AS QUICKLY AS POSSSIBLE!

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Could this be the first Palin to get married without a bun in the oven? We’ll find out in a few months.

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    “We're tickled that after two decades of friendship we proudly witnessed their marriage, knowing their new life together will be blessed." - People Magazine.

    Unlike Grandma Sally Heath, Sarah and Bristol Palin, whose friendship with their baby’s daddy before getting impregnated was about 2 minutes at the most. Then after the nasty deed was done, they introduced themselves to each other.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Advice for Track’s new father-in-law Rev. Duane Hanson, if your church has buses, I would fence them in and keep Track out of the church bus yard, if you know what I mean.

  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    She looks a little...... Bristol Palin.

  7. With all the grifting that slut Palin has done, she can't afford to buy that kid a damn sports coat and dress pants to get married in? Talk about a picture of white trash. Track looks mad as hell so you can rest assured he's got an 18-year child support payment about to makes it entry.

  8. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I actually think that Britta may be a really nice girl. I read her blog when she was overseas and wondered why she'd be associated with the Palin's. Maybe it's that preacher's daughter falls for bad boy hoping to "save" him type of thing.

  9. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Why didn’t Track wait for a White House wedding? Their newborn child could have been the ring bearer.

  10. Virginia Voter4:37 PM

    Yup, every 21 year old girls dream wedding involves denim, and a loose fitting black top and blazer from The Limited, and a quickie weekday ceremony with her tacky millionaire in laws sporting oversized polar fleece and corsages.

    So, let me guess, little Brick will be the ring bearer at the fake winter wedding?

  11. Anonymous4:37 PM

    for the FIRST time IMO Track looks like Todd in that photo.

    Both the bride AND Sarah look

  12. Anonymous4:39 PM

    "The couple will have a larger wedding celebration this winter at Alaska's Alyeska Ski Resort "when extended family and friends from the Lower 48 can travel north for a long ski weekend,"

    Does the extended family include Shailey Tripp, Gino, Ben and Sarah's favorite.... Levi?

  13. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Weird. That is the only picture I have ever seen where Track looks at all like Todd and less like Curtis Menard. I wonder if he's gone under the knife as well. Same haircut?

    I wish them well. Poor girl. Can you imagine having Sarah as a Mother-In-Law?!

  14. Anonymous4:41 PM

    The mother of the groom looks so classy in those huge sunglasses. Why in the world take a photo with those things on? Mommy dearest thinks she is some kind of star doesn't she?

  15. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Do any of them believe in the traditional wedding dress, etc.? So weird!

  16. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Any Menards at the wedding?

  17. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Wedding celebration this winter at Alaska's Alyeska Ski Resort?

    Oh crap, what about Bristol's new chin implant in that cold Alaskan weather? Will she have a special chin warmer to keep it from freezing and becoming brittle?

  18. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Being that Track is a celebrated combat vet and all (according to Sarah), will Track wear his Combat Infantrymans Badge or any badge earned for service in combat at the winter ceremony?

  19. Okay, I apologize. Yes, I remember reading your post about the coming wedding but I didn't know if you had seen the people article.

    I know you keep up with everything but I just wanted you to look at the pictures.


  20. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Sure, Britta is at least 7 1/2 months pregnant there by the looks of it. She looks as pregnant as Sarah did sometimes at that level.
    Track sure is making a tight fist. Why so nervous?
    More unedumacated Palins getting married early and trying to eek out a living in the tundra i guess.

  21. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I for one wish him luck. Perhaps he is "The transcendent child" The title is from a great book by Lillian Rubin. One can hope some one from this horrible family survives!

  22. Anonymous4:51 PM

    lol just read Britta is now a nursing major? Can't WAIT til she does her ob rotation !!!!!

  23. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I noticed that the picture of Track and his beautiful bride is cut off at the knees. Is that because Track is still wearing his GPS ankle monitor he got from the Alaska courts?

  24. So Track was not going to flight school in Arizona as Bristol said, really now another lie.

    I hope that boy changes his last name to Menard.

  25. I must be blind. I followed the link to the May 7 post and still didn't see your note about Track's engagement.

  26. laprofesora4:56 PM

    Well that must mean Willow is next to be visited by the stork...

  27. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Anonymous said...
    She looks a little...... Bristol Palin.

    4:35 PM

    Ya got that wrong, I'm sure Track's wife was born with her chin (I hope). So that means Bristol with her new chin implant looks like Track's wife.

  28. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Any Menards at the wedding?

    4:41 PM

    Does Track count?

  29. The difference in body language between the Hanson's vs the Palins is quite interesting.

  30. I guess this is the only Palin named kid to go to college, or maybe go to college. I hope he does but I really hope these two get away from the long arm of Saree. Saree is going to be the mother-in-law from hell, I feel sorry for that new bride.

  31. Anonymous5:01 PM

    barns/yarns said...
    Okay, I apologize. Yes, I remember reading your post about the coming wedding but I didn't know if you had seen the people article.

    I know you keep up with everything but I just wanted you to look at the pictures.


    4:48 PM

    Same here Gryph : )
    - Lou Sarah

  32. Why else get married now, then again in, what, six months.

    Can she get her figure back in 3-4 months? I suppose if she is really disciplined.

    It's so hard to tell in that picture, but I will say it doesn't look like that white jacket would button in the front but the shoulders fit just fine.

    I hope they move far, far away. And I don't mean to Arizona. Where could they possibly move where they'd be left alone?

  33. Anonymous5:03 PM

    SIx months till baby.

  34. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Did Track get married so that he is eligible for Conjugal visits while he finishes his jail sentence for vandalizing those school buses?

  35. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Bristol wants to know why Track got married, this is not the 2010's. Everybody gets pregnant without getting married.

  36. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I remember your earlier post, Gryph. I paid the little nugget no nevermind because I don't give a tinker's D*MN about those kids. I just want her to never hold office again. Good luck to them.

    BTW, I watch the GVS teaser for tonight. She goes off about being e-mailed from tabloids about rumors on her kids. SO PUT OFF, she is. Oh, REALLY? SHE put them out there! How did People get THIS shot? You can't have it both ways, you poor little put upon moron!

    Listen here, Your Heinous...I know you read this blog. You want people to go by YOU and your record? We KNOW what you did as governor. We KNOW what the legislature undid of yours after you QUIT. We know the incessant lying. And the BOOKS, baby...the BOOKS out and more coming. We know who you are, and when you declare your candidacy, EVERYONE will.

  37. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Does anybody see a wedding band on Sarah's or Todd's fingers?

  38. Anonymous5:10 PM

    What happened to Willow? How come she is not in that freezing wedding picture?

    Did Dr. CBJ advise her to stay indoors with her ummm newborn mono?

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Anonymous5:11 PM

    still fighting the "elitist thAng I see.

    all classed up in jeans and such... that's nice...

    makes trailer trash weddings look classy...

    pass me a barf bag... for me having to look at that photo and for the bride... so I can pass it on...when the morning sickness sets in... or the nausea of the Palins finally makes her lose her lunch...

    the palin clan is about as LOW class as it gets...

    Sarah for Prez... omfg... there are idiots that would make that vote...

    barf bag puleeeeeeze!

  41. They had a trailer park wedding so as not to grab attention from William and Kate on their special day. This is truly a family tradition for those in the Palin/Heath Family who bother to get married. Definitely a bun in the oven.

  42. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Why does Sarah look flat chested in the wedding picture?

    Her water bra was frozen so she went natural?

    Stuffing her bra with Track's Rev-father-in-law present did not seem appropriate?

  43. Anonymous5:15 PM

    @4:40 The reason that Track now looks like Todd could be that he had his bite realigned, I mean, that he visited the guy who did Bristol's face. Everyone's comments were getting to him.

    I do love the comments "White Trash Wedding." At least we know who Sarah's fans and demographics are. Don't count on them for big donations, Sarah, they don't dress up for weddings either, that is, if they get married.

  44. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Sarah lives on the 3rd floor, Todd lives on the first floor... Where is Track and his bride going to live?

  45. Of the entire family Track is the only one I have not found lacking. Since he went into the Army he seems to be doing just fine. Personally, I wish him and his bride well.

  46. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The article never mentioned if Track has a job? Is Track following the same career path as Todd?

  47. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Too bad they are wearing jackets over their "Valley Trash" T-shirts...

    which would be truth in advertising... ummm, the valley trash part...

    Sarah was SO proud to wear it...

    SMILE Palins, you're on Candid Camera...


  48. I answered my question. Marriage licenses must be obtained prior to the wedding. They're good for 3 months. A marriage certificate is what commemorate the specific wedding date. There's no public record.

  49. Dinty5:23 PM

    I think we can officially declare the term "Knocking someone up" as outdated, and simply substitute the phrase "Proposing the Palin way".

    Please make a note of it.

  50. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Well, I'm glad for Track, who I don't even know, but glad a nice young couple are making a committment.

    Hopefully for Britta, Sarah will behave and NOT be the mother-in-law from Hell! I wouldn't want to be sucked into the Palin family vortex for all the moose meat in Sarah's freezer. Hope the kids stay far away from the family and away from the drama.

    Again, why does People have to have to be involved? Can't Sarah just let one family gathering private? How much did they get for that exclusive?

  51. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Look at Britta's parents, they're still in love. The Hansons are hugging and holding each other.

    On the other hand, Sarah and Todd looks like they are posing for a police line up.

    Sarah and Todd, that's what happens when you have to marry the girl you knocked up.

  52. I'm looking at the body language of the proud parents. Brita's mom and dad are standing close to each other (actually touching!), with their arms around one another. Also too, their smiles seem genuine, no stiffness in their pose. The grifters, however, don't really seem to be touching at all (just barely). Tawd might have his arm around her but I don't think he's actually making contact there. Finally, Scarah is leaning away from Tawd and he look's like a deer in the headlights. Just blank stare, not much of a smile (more of a grimace). She, of course, has the pageant smile working as usual. The kids look a bit nervous, which is understandable. I do wish them luck though, and will try to refrain from counting the months until Brita drops off the grid so that the bundle of joy can arrive on time. (nudge nudge - wink wink)

  53. sorry Britta, spelled your name wrong. hate when that happens.

  54. Anonymous5:32 PM

    So Track is going to attend the University of Alaska?

    What are the other four colleges does he plan to attend to get his degree in meth?

  55. Anonymous5:33 PM

    If I was Track, I would take my new wife and get the hell out of Hell.

  56. Anonymous5:35 PM

    What ever you do Britta, don't let Sarah talk you into letting her adopt your baby.

    Someday Bristol is going to hate your mother-in-law Sarah for taking Tri-G away from her.

  57. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I hate to admit it, but in that photo, Track looks like Todd.

  58. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Hahahaha. What more can I say? Holy shit what is the matter with these people? Did she have a wedding shower or is she just waiting on the baby one? Are they going to live in the married couples dorm? Don't they sell condoms in Alaska? Who's more messed up me or them? Because I can't stop watching this trainwreck.
    Hey Gryph - when is the babygate book hitting the stands? I need my life back.

  59. laprofessor - You came up with a third reason for a quickie wedding...if you're a Palin.

    I do really hope this works out for Track and hope he's able to stay out of the limelight. It looks like Sarah explains the reason for the People article in her Greta interview that airs tonight: the media was getting ready to make stuff up and she needed to set the record straight...and it's such a waste of her time. My bet is that Track had nothing to do with People mag.

  60. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Of the four women posing in the picture, Mrs. Hanson, Britta, Sarah and Todd, which one do you think is leaking fluid?

    I'm guessing it has to be one of the Palins....

  61. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Britta, you do know that the expensive wedding gift that has Todd's name on it was not bought by Todd. He does not have a job and what little money Sarah gave him, Todd spent it on Shailey Tripp.

  62. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I hope Track Jr doesn't carry the Heath lying gene.

  63. The girl is pregnant. I predict a "premature" baby born at the end of this year. Breeders... all of 'em.

  64. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I agree with Joe McGinnis on this. I have honored Track for keeping his distance with the Palin weirdness. We shouldn't be picking on him or his bride, in my opinion.

  65. Anonymous5:48 PM

    track has never seemed to be attracted to the limelight and the bs of his family for celebrity purposes. i wish him and his wife well, and hope they have the courage and brains to move far away from it all (esp ma palin) so that they may have a nice life together.

  66. Anonymous5:54 PM

    These two seem to shun the limelight so I think that this simple ceremony is rather appropriate; I have plenty of friends up here that have required us to don boots and our packs and traverse long trails for their nuptials at some off the grid cabin; had one friend get married at the Don Sheldon house up on Ruth Glacier, we all had to fly in and then x-country ski to the nuptial event.

    I think it's awesome that people choose to marry somewhere that is spectacular and special to them.

    This Britta seems polite and sweet (she was serving hot dogs with Palin on her "goodbye Governor" tour in 2009, and she was affably chatting to people while serving their food-makes me think that Track might be a better person for knowing her and perhaps isn't a 100% terrible guy. Who knows, but I wish them luck; may they be one of the 50% that make it work.

  67. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I wish Track and his new wife well. It is not his fault he has Sarah as a mother. He has been the one to not try and cash in, and it is not his fault his mother has used him.....wish the couple well.

  68. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Hard working? Studious? Is it tracks baby? I'm sure it will be premature.

  69. Gryph - Your headline is not only speculative it is pejorative - "so that can mean only one thing, right?"


    Do you have any evidence?
    I've known Duane Hanson for 28 years. I don't know Britta, but understand from friends who have been watching this relationship develop that she may be the best thing that has ever happened to Track.

    Can't you just leave it at that?

  70. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Hilarious without even trying to be!

    These folks are so hard-working that they only take an extra half hour on their lunch break to go out back and git hitched. On a Thursday.

  71. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Lowers strategically held.

  72. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Wool lookee here, the Clampetts done gone and got them sum weddin pitchers!

  73. Anonymous6:20 PM

    As good a reason as any for never even glancing at People magazine in the checkout line.

    Sarah Palin is doing pretty well at keeping herself in the news cycle. Every kid is an asset there.

  74. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I read ALL your posts every day but I missed that.

    Can you imagine having your daughter marry into that family? I wonder if the Rev and Mrs love love Sarah?

    I hope they keep their distance from the crazy one for their own sanity. I think it's funny he is described as studious. Really Sarah??? Studious??? How long ago did he graduate high school? And what has he been studying in college or is he just starting? Sarah should let her kids be who they are and stop creating myths. I feel bad for those kids.…

    So what's up with Sarah and Todd?? Is he stuck now because she's going to run for P? Whenever I think of Todd, I can't help but think of Todd laying on Shaileys massage table and he asked her to help him out.
    We know she wasn't the only one. What happened to the others? I guess the corrupt APD swept it all under the rug.

  75. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Hell yeah, I jus bee dammed! That ol' Cindy McCain shore cleenzup perty good, dont she?

  76. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Okay, I feel bad for piling on the shotgun on a mountain wedding photo. Track has tried to distance himself from crazy Sarah. Who sold the picture to People? (hint - who keeps complaining about the tabloids calling - she always throws in a tidbit of truth)Who gets the money? That's what I want to know...

  77. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Who cares? Track seems to be the only sensible person in that jacked up family. At least he has to good sense to stay out of the limelight. Maybe he inherited is good sense from his REAL FATHER.

  78. Anonymous6:24 PM

    4:41... I'm guessing a black eye from the latest can fight in the Palin kitchen

  79. Anonymous6:27 PM

    The two pictures from the People article were supplied by guess who?

    Duane and Elizabeth Hanson, Britta Hanson, Track Palin, Sarah and Todd Palin
    Courtesy The Palin Family

    Track Palin and Britta Hanson
    Courtesy The Palin Family

  80. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I guess that means he doesn't need any "pause before you play" freebies, anymore. At least there are 3 siblings that can use them.

  81. Anonymous6:34 PM

    "The couple chose December 16 for the event, when extended family and friends from the Lower 48 can travel North for a long ski weekend."

    Seven months from now -- interesting timing!

  82. Anonymous6:36 PM

    UGH!! It is a wedding and they are all wearing jeans....


  83. Read Joe McGinniss's post tonight about this marriage and probably Sarah's exploitation of it. I think it might change our jaundiced minds about Track and Britta at least. It did mine. Of course, Sarah is still Sarah and Joe simply says she should not put her children out there if she wants them to be left alone.

  84. Anonymous6:39 PM

    A picture IS worth a million words!

    Take a look at the body language!
    Mr & Mrs Hanson show body contact. The new Mrs. Palin is very concerned about holding her flowers in front of her belly. Track is standing there - the lack of any display of affection between the new couple is interesting. Scarah in her shades is leaning toward her son in a a manner that suggest more affection toward him then illustrated by any of the other couples illustrated. The question is if she is leaning TOWARD her oldest child or AWAY from her husband???

    And no Track does not look just like Todd in this picture. His face is much longer. Even longer then his mother's face. Could be he resembles a grandparent.

  85. Anonymous6:40 PM

    So if Sarah doesn't have a successful POTUS run, she may have a couple of scapegoats.

  86. Mazel tov!6:46 PM

    Congratulations to Track! May he and Britta have many happy years together!

  87. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Poor woman, for getting hooked up with that crazy assed family. Sorry britta. You could have ran.

  88. EX Cat6:50 PM

    Look, Have you people been in a coma for the last year or so? It's obvious to this godless poster that the lovely couple had to get all legal and all in time for the upcoming,,,,,wait for it,,, RAPTURE , conveniantly? scheduled for this saturday. Do you think the most benevolent baby jeebus would break up a happy and devoted family? I don't think so. I'm sure that a golden chariot will whisk away the whole damn bunch of these wierdos before any of us heathens who are left behind can even snap a photo with our phones.Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

  89. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I thought I'd already read that the happy couple was living in Arizona with a baby.

  90. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Two young people making a commitment to each other. Best of luck to them.

  91. "Premature" baby in 3, 2, 1.

  92. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Totally disagree with a few of you. Track looks like his Dad, not the guy standing beside his mother.

  93. Anonymous7:02 PM

    So mama grizzly is running the show already by calling People magazine for exclusive news on Track's marriage??? Track has managed to lay low so far and if I were him I'd be pissed off at mom for doing that! - unless of course that's whatcha want Track....mama can show you how to grift out there & make some big $$$$ off her name...especially if you have a baby soon - even more $$$ to be made off babies....look at nephew Tripp - he's a walking dollar sign.

    RED FLAGS Track RED FLAGS! Get thee the hell away from mommy before she talks you into something against your own best interest or you're next....

  94. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Why would Sarah who claims they get threats tell everyone in a magazine that the big wedding ski party is on December 16? And name the place? Is she crazy?

  95. Anonymous7:04 PM

    The People spread is another explicit example of Sarah using her children for her own purposes.
    The photos were provided by the Palin " family."

    That being said, it isn't the couples fault. I hope they choose a life away from this circus of peddling for dollars. They are a beautiful couple with a right to privacy.

  96. Let me see if I have this straight... Sarah wears a coat indoors when she's pregnant and all the other Moms-to-be are hot, and when she's outside, she doesn't wear a coat but instead she wears sunglasses in the wedding portrait?

    I wonder why they bothered with the flowers...

    ...or are those the artificial flowers that Bristol n Levi never got around to using?

    mea culpa/snark:
    Before the flying monkeys swoop in, the snark is intended ONLY for the Grifter, and certainly not Track, for whom we wish only the best with his new wife. He's certainly not responsible for his mom's behavior... not that she wouldn't thrown him under the bus just like she does with everybody else (remember Bristol had her turn at the GOP convention?).

  97. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Sarah in sunglasses in wedding photo?

    Stay Classy, Sarah.

  98. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Hilarious without even trying to be!

    These folks are so hard-working that they only take an extra half hour on their lunch break to go out back and git hitched. On a Thursday.

    6:09 PM

    After they got hitched Track went back to work.

  99. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I'm disappointed to see so many slamming the young couple. Just like anyone else you don't like (or hate, or you think is evil)you should never take it out on the kids. They don't deserve it.

    At this point, these two have not sought the limelight. They should not be attacked just because his mom is an evil hatemonger who is responsible for a disturbing new low in American politics. They deserve good wishes on their happy day. They should be given an opportunity to live their own lives.

    As Gryphen said, if they appear to be cashing in on the quitter's fame or they turn up on DWTS, they are free game.

    Let's offer best wishes to this young couple as they leave their parents and start a happy new life together.

  100. Anonymous7:13 PM record of a marriage license? Uh huh......

    I am not buying looks like they went to Carr's, bought a random dozen of roses....4 for the parents, 8 for the "bridal bouquet"...if you can call it that...fake.fake.fake.

  101. Anonymous7:13 PM

    A Palin marriage can be really romantic. Before Track and Britta said "I DO", Sarah interrupted the pastor and asked Britta and her parents to sign a "Sarah Palin Confidentiality Agreement".

  102. Anonymous7:14 PM

    It's the hypocrisy I can't stand. "Leave my children out of it. Children are off limits," but not before I make some bucks selling pictures to People.

    It would be one thing if the paparazzi were chasing Track and Britta, but sorry I think they are too busy with Maria and Arnold. If the Palins hadn't sold the picture to People nobody would be here making nasty cracks about Track.

    Sarah, get your children out of my face. The children with Todd, the children with Curtis Menard, the fake baby -- any and all of them. The only reason I'm subjected to them is because you keep pushing them in my face to make money and shore up your victimhood, while laughing all the way to the bank.

  103. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Reckon what People Mag PAID for this EXCLUSIVE! photo shoot?

    I hope she had the class to have the check made out to Track, since he had to suffer the embarrassment of having his Mother be too damn self-absorbed to even take off her goddam sunglasses for 10 seconds for her son's wedding portrait/announcement picture! What a piece of work she is!

  104. MadCityKaren7:15 PM

    Agree with Anon at 5:08PM ... Doesn't look to me as though either Scarah or Toad are wearing their wedding bands ...

  105. Anonymous7:16 PM

    This video is a must see -- it's "unflippingbelievable".

    Uncut: Palin: 'I Do Have the Fire in My Belly'

    Sarah Palin addresses the decision-making process in whether to run for president, media attacks on candidates and the state of the GOP

  106. Congratulations to the newly weds Track and Britta! Sincerely - I wish you a LONG and HAPPY marriage.

    Britta - stay away from Sarah Palin! It's about you and Track now. You guys have your own family now and you do NOT have to get caught up in the Palin circus.

    God bless you both abundantly with His grace and His presence.

  107. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I really wish the Newlyweds a happy life together. Britta is quite pretty and looks happy. It's an unusual wedding venue, but I kind of understand it. My daughter just got engaged (and we bought her wedding dress today - w00t!)but they are talking about a smallish sort of casual wedding, but still nice duds. One of my friend's daughters got married in AK on a glacier during a cruise, but she wore a long blue dress and her spouse a suit. It is a shame, with all of Palin's money, that they couldn't have thrown a nicer service for her son.

    Does anyone else think the Dec. date is weird? Who travels to AK in the middle of winter? From what I understand, it's pretty hard to get around there during that time. I mean, I'm sure it's beautiful, and I'd love to see it then but it doesn't seem practical.

    WRT the speculation, all we can do is wait and see. Mazel tov to the couple!

  108. Anonymous7:18 PM

    The palins only seem cartoonish to you because you exaggerate everything about them. You believe every rumor as if fact. Ie. Even laura novack or whatever her name and other new babygaters, they ride with the mono story as if it were real. Bristol was never out of school. (Ok until march ish of 08) which ends a school quarter. The whole 5 mos of no school is crazy and easily provable wrong. You need to get it out of your mind that trig is hers. You need to forget every rumor you've heard about them all. Most are false. Gossip is petty and undercuts real arugment.

    Yes sarah used magazines to correct untruths. She disnt start the media war. The media will always be like this. No matter the subject. If they truly felt uncomfortable, they'd vacate the limelight.

    Final note, britta and track have always been good kids. Feel happy for them. For once some heart

  109. And oh Track - I don't know much about you but I know it must be very hard to be a Palin. All the best for your marriage.

    The best (unsolicited) advice I can give you is to stay away from the media circus. DON'T go the way your sisters have gone. Live YOUR life according to your goals. Don't let anyone take over your life.

  110. Olivia7:21 PM

    A wonderful update and I agree. I always am in favor of wishing for and assuming the best outcome. This lovely girl and her normal family could be the saving grace for Track. God bless and God help them. They will need all the help they can get with Quitty McGrifter in the picture.

  111. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Great News indeed! Sarah will FINALLY have a "legitimate" grandchild, not sure if Todd has a chance, though, considering the role model Bristol has been for her sisters.
    Congratulations to the Studious, hard working couple, who managed to think up this pre-wedding announcement of a future wedding, you know, so family from the lower 48 can travel to Alaska without having the extra expense of buying winter clothes and having to buy those pesky electric engine block dipstick heater thingies. Super considerate!

    Note to happy couple- move as far away as possible, leave no forwarding address, and live a prosperous, happy life.

  112. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Best Wishes, Track & Britta! May this be the last time your names show up in People magazine.

  113. I joked earlier about counting down the months, but let's face it.....there are quite a few of us who, if we did a little addition between our parent's (or our own) wedding date and the birth date of the first child - they might come up a little short. Not a huge deal. My comment was more towards how it would be explained to the press. Is SP going to try to make Britta disappear for a while (mono can be a real b*tch) or, will the family - for once - just stick to the truth? Should be interesting to see how much the newlyweds will cooperate with SP's version of reality. From what I saw of her show, Track wasn't all that big on showing the shiny happy aspects of life with the Palins.

  114. Anonymous7:24 PM

    "I thought I'd already read that the happy couple was living in Arizona with a baby.J"
    from Anon @ 6:53 PM
    I remember seeing that info as well, not too long ago. Along with the assumption, that the baby must have been Bristol's latest addition - after DWTS. Did they adopt this new one?

    Sounds feasible to me!!! Something to wonder about, hmmm?

    I will still send this newly married couple all the best wishes, and lots good luck!!

    6:53 PM

  115. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I would love to have some insider in the publishing industry weigh in on how much the Palins received for the wedding photos.

    I'm sorry -- I feel no need to wish the newlyweds well. Live by the celebrity magazines/die by the celebrity magazines.

  116. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Why not do like normal folks and announce the engagement first, and then have the wedding 7 months later?

    Um, let's see, December 16 is on a Friday. I guess they got that part right, instead of mid-week like the wedding.

    It'll be interesting to read Sarah's made-up version of THESE events in her next book. I'm sure she did something heroic to be in this picture, just as any God-rearin', patriot-lovin, commie-hatin, libral-blastin, red-blooded all-murican pioneer Mom like her never fails to achieve cuz of her hard workin, entrepeneurin', Obama hatin' perfect self.

    Oh, wait, it's gotta be all about jobs...

  117. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Gryphen----the bride is wearing a black, loose-fitting top & holding strategically placed flowers....I guess Bristol's abstinence crusade didn't make it as far as Alaska....I'm guessing November will bring an "announcement".

  118. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Okay Anonymous at 7:18 PM, I buy that Trig doesn't belong to Bristol and she wasn't out of school for mono.

    But that doesn't answer who gave birth to Trig. Because all I know is that Sarah didn't. And I think it is insane that a sitting Governor would fake a pregnancy and even more insane that the sitting Governor who faked the pregnancy would then put herself on the national stage where people would start questioning the fake pregnancy. And it frightens me that the Republicans allowed a certifiably mentally ill person to run for Vice President.

  119. I know that most comments were probably posted before Gryph's update, but I have to say, some of these comments are unnecessarily cruel to a young couple just starting out.

    I think it's refreshing that they weren't interested in all the trappings of a traditional wedding. If they were dressed to the nines, then people would snark about the cost of her dress divided by the days they expect the marriage to last.

    I'd try to put myself in Track's shoes. He didn't ask for Sarah as a mother, has to forge his life according to his own terms. He's not an unqualified presidential wannabe, he's not fleecing naive people of their hard-earned dollars.

    I think a lot of people in the lower 48 would be thrilled to get married in such magnificent surroundings.

  120. Thanks for the update, Gryph.

  121. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I wish Track and Britta the best, and if they do have a "bun in the oven," so what? Neither of them has made hundreds of thousands promoting abstinence, so I'll respect their privacy (which they seem to value) and forgo speculation.

    Incidentally, my sister, who just celebrated her 6th anniversary, got married on a mountain in Colorado, just her and her husband, both of them in jeans, parkas, and boots. No pregnancy or pregnancy scare involved; they just wanted something simple that would be meaningful for them. They could have afforded an elaborate wedding but didn't see the point. And my Alaskan cousin got married in a church but wore Carhartts. So I don't read anything into the attire (except MovieStarSarah's sunglasses), location, or timing.

  122. Enjay in E MT7:44 PM

    Congrats & Best Wishes to the both of you!

    Marriage tip #1 - don't ever live in a town/community with either of your in-laws.

    Marriage tip #2 - respect each other

    Marriage tip #3 - be each other's best friend, in lifes highs & lows - we depend on our friends to get us through

    My mother always said "the first child can come at any time" while all others are generally nine months. And many long lasting marriages began with a bun in the oven.

  123. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Anyone else see Sarah's announcement on Greta's show tonite?

    Sarah: "I shall not seek...nor shall I accept...the nomination of my party...for Presidentof the United States... I must instead... serve as the wedding planner...for the encore version...of my son's wedding...which, incidentally,...will be the first... "proper weddin'"...this family has the past three generations.So help me God...Amen"

  124. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Everybody keeps asking why the wedding party is wearing jeans?

    Sarah tried to get People Magazine or the GOP to dress everybody and they said no and Sarah is too cheap to foot the bill. So everybody wore traditional trailer park by K-Mart.

  125. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Sorry, she does look preggers to me. And when you sell your wedding picture to People magazine and your jacket doesn't close and you pose with your bouquet strategically covering your belly, well what the hell do you expect?

    I'm sorry. I'm not of the school of leave the newlyweds alone. I'm of the school sell your wedding photos to People and people will analyze your belly.
    Track and Britta would have had to authorize the photo to People so they are fully in the game.

  126. Anonymous7:51 PM

    There was talk a month or so ago - pre-plastic surgery Bristol - that Track and Britta were holed up in Bristol's house with a new baby. Was that not so?

  127. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Sarah made everybody dress hill billy because all her shin dig clothes has Bill Clinton stains on them.

    I said Bill Clinton stains because I did not want to ruin the wedding and. all and say what's really on them.

  128. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Anon @5:03

    Where could they possibly move where they'd be left alone?

    A blue state? Come on down to Mass and hang with Joe McGinniss!

  129. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Is sexual relations outside of marriage still a mortal sin? Those "christians" are really lucky about what they pick and choose. Not like the Catholics - wait, never mind.

  130. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Wait a minute, EX cat. Are you saying that Bristol doesn't get to go to the rapture? And we're stuck with her? NOOOOO!!!!

  131. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Anonymous @ 7:18 "Britta and Track have always been good kids..." Admittedly, I know nothing about Britta. Other than that? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Good one!

  132. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Good grief. How middle school snarky can you get, Gryphen? Was this an audition for some celebrity gossip blog?

    Glad Mr. Munger was able to talk to you. If you ever want to be taken seriously as a journalist, you need to decide if you are an adult or a tween.

  133. Anonymous8:01 PM

    It is kinda weird to have a wedding in May and another git together in December.

    I smell something fishy.... Why it must be Sarah.

  134. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Re Anonymous at 8:01, Gryphen is a provocateur (and a talented writer) and that's why we love him and keep coming back.

    You mean a real journalist like Pat Dougherty or Julia O'Malley?

    We need more journalists like Gryphen.

  135. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I was under the impression our collective concern was making sure SP would never be elected to any public office and would be marginalized as a public figure.

    I fail to see to how stooping to her level serves this cause.

    Very best wishes Britta and Track.

  136. Anonymous8:27 PM


    I thought you might like to see this link and how Palin was tied into a neo-nazi case.

    "The former jury foreman testified that he began receiving text messages after White posted his information. The texts, he testified, said things like “sodomize Obama, Bomb China, kill McCain, cremated Jews, all these really upsetting things.”

    He added that none of the texts threatened his life or said, “I’m coming to get you.”

    Sanan said his client’s behavior was peanuts compared to Sarah Palin’s online antics. A so-called “hit list” of 20 politicians targeted with “rifle sights” graphics included Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona representative shot in January. The sarahpacdotcom site said, “Let’s take back the 20, together.”

    “Sarah Palin had put her on a website with a scoped and target,” Sanan said, “and nobody was charged.”"

  137. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Congrats to Britta , I sincerely hope that Track has grown up enough to deserve a nice gal like you. Incidently I got married in "biker" leathyers, the clothes do not matter but the committment does. Let's hope that Track has been around others long enough to develop what a real committment is.
    As for your hint on the 7th :) I was on vaca and away from the internet.

  138. Anonymous8:42 PM

    A December wedding event doesn't seem that odd, especially held at the Alyeska Resort; nice hotel and lots of winter activities.

    We still travel as we would any of time of the year in the winter. Road travel is open all year round; roads are plowed and often remain free of snow for months during a light snow year. Flights come and go from all of our Regional and International Airports. Family from the Lower 48 often visit for the holiday season. It's rather a myth that Alaska "shuts" down in the winter; heck winter is "our time", Alaskan's time when all of the tourists in the motorhomes are gone and the roads belong predominately to us again. Winter has it's charm and many people travel here as a winter destination, rent cars and do winter things.

  139. emrysa8:44 PM

    yeah sorry I can't jump for joy, but something tells me this is about the quitter, not her kid. she can't run again with yet another kid who's having a baby out of wedlock, can she? oh my, just imagine how that will look to her base.

  140. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Can we stop shitting all over Track & Britta? Ok, so Track benefited from Sarah's position of power. Track was a delinquent kid. It's not like he's the one bad apple. All the Palin kids are products of their upbringing.

    Can't we give him a little credit for possibly trying to change his stars? (I love that line from A Knight's Tale!) He's been keeping a low profile. He hasn't been cashing in on being a Palin kid. He could have corrected Sarah about the "combat vet" thing, but he's seen Sarah & Todd's wrath.

    I don't believe the only reason for a casual wedding is pregnancy. Here's a couple more possibilities:

    Scenario A: The parents are out of control with wedding preparations. Sarah wants a big production with the press there. The kids don't. They say "We're doing it in 2 weeks. You can come as long as you don't bring TMZ. And we're not taking any of your dirty money to make you look good."

    Scenario B: The e-mails are being released soon. There's stuff in there that will change all the Palins', Hansons' and/or Menards' lives. The kids just want a fresh start before that happens.

    If Britta is pregnant, so be it. It's hardly scandalous, considering how long they've been together, and the family history.

    As far as the "long ski weekend wedding", I buy that as much as Bristol & Levi's weddings. Considering the shit that's going to hit the fan in the next six months, I think Track & Britta will be far away from Alaska.

    Maybe in Hawaii. Mahalo, Track & Britt!

  141. Anonymous8:57 PM

    ANONYMOUS 7:10 PM said:
    At this point, these two have not sought the limelight. ...

    Sticking your wedding photo in a national magazine is certainly not shy and retiring. Brita and Track Palin chose to publicize themselves. And they can either listen to the caustic comments or ignore them... but they can't make the comments go away.

    I am sure Brita and Track have been amply compensated for the People magazine entry. Look how much Bristol made for her "I'm engaged (again)" episode.

    People magazine is a handly little ATM machine whenever the Palins are feeling they need to tank up on attention and cash.

  142. FrostyAK8:59 PM

    In contrast to the majority of you, I have never seen a picture of Track when he looked MORE LIKE Curt Menard Jr.

    I hope he and Britta will get as far from the Wicked Witch of Wasilla as possible, and live happily ever after.

  143. I wish them the best. Track looks happy in the picture, and we haven't seen much of that. I hope he has found a new, normal family where there is true love and affection. As far as I'm concerned: Congratulations! and now leave them alone since they've shown no interest in the media.

  144. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Anon @7:27:

    I'm sorry -- I feel no need to wish the newlyweds well. Live by the celebrity magazines/die by the celebrity magazines.

    That's harsh. When have you ever read about Track or Britta promoting themselves in a celebrity magazine? Ask yourself, if you had only read about it from Griffin, would you be saying "Why didn't Sarah report it to some celebrity magazine? What is she hiding?" These poor kids were damned if they do or damned if they don't allow it to be reported in People.

    So please ease up on them and wish them well outside of the spotlights.

  145. Well anyone who thinks that Britta and Track have been humping and she got knocked up better just stop thinking those evil thoughts. Here's a side view of Britta and even though she has one of Sarah's pregnontish scarves hiding her belly anyone can tell that she's not knocked up! So there! Just like everyone could tell that Sarah was knocked up when she wore her long scarves for her two month immaculate conception deception.

  146. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I appreciate the last sentiment, Gryphen. Kids make mistakes growing up, especially those with toxic parents. That being said, Track hasn't sought the spotlight and often seems to avoid it. In fact, he often seems upset with his parents' insistence that he be a part of their freak show. I seriously doubt that he cut a deal with People magazine to sell his wedding photo, but I have a good guess who did.

    Maybe I just have a soft spot for Track since he is my son's age, and my son, while gregarious and outgoing, would turn sullen and anti-social if sold to the national press. I also think of some of the really stupid stunts he pulled. On the front page of a tabloid, he would seem the perfect jackass, but in truth, he just needed that pre-frontal lobe to kick in! He is a really turning into a fine young man. I just look at him and smile.

    All the best, Track. I wish you love and happiness and escape from the Palin soap opera.

  147. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Sarah Lou @7:18, I am happy for Track & Britt. As a matter of fact, I'm having a shot of Bailey's right now in celebration. Cheers!

  148. Some people here commented Track looks like Todd in that pic. I beg to differ, he has the Menard smile.

  149. Anonymous9:37 PM

    All kidding aside, can anybody name a woman alive today that is hated more than Sarah Palin?

  150. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Please check out Joe McGinniss' blog to the left.

    He said what I was trying to say so much more eloquently (but then again, he gets paid big bucks for for writing eloquently!). And there's a nice anecdote about meeting Track.

  151. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Track and Britta never sought attention.

    How many people or family members do you personally know that has their wedding pictures in People Magazine?

    I'm sure Track and Britta knew it was going to appear and so if they want the notoriety associated with Sarah then they can accept the hatred that comes with it too.

  152. I do not want white trash married in jeans and fleece adorned with corsages in the position of power or representing the USA.

    More importantly I am sick and tired of Ms 'leave my kids alone' Palin while opportunistically using them for personal game.

  153. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Funny, My fist thought was the May 21st date of the rapture. Since I'm sure they were saving themselves till marriage, this gives them a week worth of sex before jesus comes and gets them. Have fun kids!

  154. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Please respect the privacy of the Palin Family. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to approve the Blue Jeans Wedding Pictures for People Magazine. They have a deadline and the kids need the money.

    And by the way, Track is really breaking with Palin tradition by including the parents in the picture. Sarah and Todd were quickly married, using strangers as their witnesses. Then they left flowers on the porch of her parents.

    Wait a minute. Were the parents at the wedding, or did the kids follow tradition and wed quickly at city hall. Maybe this picture was taken after the folks got their flowers, just like when Sarah and Todd got married.

  155. Anonymous10:06 PM

    To everyone claiming that Track should get a free pass because he "doesn't seek the spotlight"- did you miss him starring in the Paylin family reality show? He even had his own featured episode in which he showed himself to be a lazy SOB. He may not be as big a famewhore as his mother & sister, but he is certainly willing to cash in on the fame with the reality show and now the announcement in People. Condolences to the Hansons for now being attached to this horrid family.

  156. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Re Anon @7:27, sorry I ain't backing down.

    I subscribe to People magazine, so yeah I would have had to read about it in People magazine. (BTW, I subscribe to People because I like their movie and music reviews, but I don't intend to renew my subscription because I'm sick of seeing People's exclusive licensed photos of the Palin kids -- and that includes Track).

    You know how I would have never known about Track's wedding? If he and his mom didn't sell the picture to People.

    I guarantee you that People had a photographic release signed by Track and Britta.

    Now, when the baby due?

  157. Anonymous10:25 PM

    10:06 - I most certainly DID miss the "lazy Track" episode. I missed each and every one of those campaign ads. I say good on him for not being one of her performing monkeys.

  158. Anonymous10:27 PM

    They had to get married before the rapture.

  159. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Off topic, but come on Gryph, you have to do a piece on the Rapture this Saturday.

    Maybe that is why Sarah is so blithe about the upcoming icebergs. She knows she'll be ruling in heaven very shortly.

  160. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Track and Britta did not give quotes to People magazine. I believe that was totally set up by Sarah and yes, the kids will probably get the money for it. Track has a troubled youth, as many teenagers and he like so many others deserves to grow and make a good life for himself and others. That being said, if in the future we see him seeking publicity, outside of Sarah's influence, he is fair game. I do hope they are happy and can build a good life together despite who his mother is.

  161. Anonymous10:45 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    All kidding aside, can anybody name a woman alive today that is hated more than Sarah Palin?

    9:37 PM"

    Casey Anthony?

    Nah. Never mind.

  162. Anonymous10:55 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    Anon @7:27:

    I'm sorry -- I feel no need to wish the newlyweds well. Live by the celebrity magazines/die by the celebrity magazines.

    That's harsh. When have you ever read about Track or Britta promoting themselves in a celebrity magazine? Ask yourself, if you had only read about it from Griffin, would you be saying "Why didn't Sarah report it to some celebrity magazine? What is she hiding?" These poor kids were damned if they do or damned if they don't allow it to be reported in People.

    So please ease up on them and wish them well outside of the spotlights.

    9:17 PM"

    Why didn't her folks just put the announcement in their local newspaper? Track isn't famous, so why go to People Magazine? The bride's family usually posts the announcements. Did they want the publicity? Apparently. Now they are getting it, so I don't think anyone has room to complain. Last year it was Levi & Bristol pimping their personal shit, SSDA. Betcha T&B got big $$$. Why give an announcement to a newspaper, when you can sell the announcement to a magazine? Sarah taught him well, no?

  163. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Why bother with a little wedding now, if the big "official" ceremony will be Dec 16th at the Alyeska Resort? Well, by then the Quitter Queen will have announced her candidacy and she can use that ceremony, complete with helicopters flying overhead to get the photos, to cause a big media sensation. She can't use Trig anymore, she needs a different kid to further her so called career.

    She doesn't want her children expoited but yet she announces the date and place for the wedding? pathetic, $arah, just pathetic.

  164. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Think about it, Sarah Palin is the USA's Bin Laden. Sarah spreads hate.

    During the 2008 campain she spewed hatred towards then Senator Obama and still does today. We need to thank God nothing has happened to him and pray for the safety of the 1st family.

    This low life turd put cross hairs on the names of people and told people to reload. So to everybody who says Track has not done anything, to you and to all Palins I say "FU". That is why America hates Palins.

  165. Anonymous11:35 PM

    There are a lot of celebrities who have announced their marriage but chosen not to release a wedding photo. Track and Britta were not one of those couples. They surely must have had to sign a release for their photos to be posted. And you can bet that they NEVER would have agreed to such an "intrusion" if they were not paid well for it. So, cry me a freakin river! We have every right to question the timing, the motive, and how they look.

  166. Anonymous11:55 PM

    I'm surprised to even see Sarah there. I just get the feeling he thinks his parents are a pain in the ass.

  167. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Thanks, Gryphen, for being kind (on Round Two) to Track. You're right - they deserve the space and privacy Track so obviously craves. I wish them the best and hope they will stay close to the bride's side of the equation.

  168. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Did Quitler override Track & Britta's objections to "pimping" themselves out with that People spread?

    Who got the loot for that "exclusive"?

    I'm not always so cynical and/or skeptical, but then I remember this is the Palins.

    I just hope the young couple will run as fast as they can from Wasilla and do things their way.

  169. hauksdottir1:27 AM

    The War of the Roses.

    Red for Lancaster & white for York. Two families destroyed. It isn't the symbolism *I* would want for a happy day.

    I'm actually surprised that they bothered buying flowers, since they apparently didn't bother applying for a marriage license.

    Nor did they bother with anything celebratory, such as a pretty blouse or combed hair. The bouquet looks like a handful of loose roses (they sell them by-the-bunch at Safeway).

    Pictures deceive those who cannot read. And it takes more than a handful of flowers to create a legal bound-in-marriage contract.

  170. Anonymous1:43 AM

    She's pregnant and they will get their own reality TV show. Sure, they're nice kids, but are they going to pass up hundreds of thousands of dollars after seeing what Sarah and Bristol are making? Unlikely.

    On a serious note. Does Wasilla High have a sex education class and do these kids ever hear about birth control?

  171. Ditto 4:40

    I feel so sorry for Britta and her family.......Scara as a mother-in-law. Terrifying!!!!!! Interesting that daddy is a man of the cloth----there must be baggage in that household too.

  172. FloridaDem2:42 AM

    I have no idea and don't want to speculate too much,...but I gotta just ask, if you're a bride, even if you're having a "small ceremony" why would you choose to wear BLACK?

    I'm just sayin. We women make conscious choices with color, and it's also seasonal. Black right now not only is kinda out of season for May where I live, but it's also a very strong and serious color. It's the color of funerals, of dramatic dresses and outfits for clubbing, etc. Black can be worn in the office, but with a bright top. Black-on-Black has it's place, but the last place I'd think of is a wedding. I doubt it's even good luck, right?

    But if I was pregnant and trying to hide it, I might consider a black top and bottom, and put my hands and flower bouquet in front of my belly.

  173. Anonymous3:01 AM

    A few weeks ago one of the C'oP trolls on this board said that Track, Britta and THEIR baby were living in Arizona. I figured they were the cover for Bristol's latest addition to her brood. All I can say is that the Palin's had better prepare, I think Piper will be the worst one to try to control in this family. She looks like a handful, loves to be "on camera" and just has an "air" about her that seems like trouble.

  174. FloridaDem3:08 AM

    I went through a lot of the comments and I'm not sure why there is so much concern with protecting Track. Hey, I'm not all that snarky a person and am always about taking the high road whenever possible, but let's not turn him into a martyr. We don't know anything much about Track. He could be cool or be a total ass. So stop romanticizing him as the good Palin kid, just because you need to find

    (I think for a while we did that with Willow until her mouth showed up on FB.)

    Truth is, he sought out and was paid for a People exclusive. Any other politician's kids done that yet? Where's the People spread for Romney's sons? It's just about celebrity, that's all.

    I wish the kid the best, and his bride looks nice and normal, good for them. Just an opinion about the Menard thing, I have no idea but in both photos (Gryph's and the poster's link) I don't see that he looks much like his father.

  175. Anonymous3:14 AM

    I think Track looks more like Menard, too. I also think Britta looks a little "swollen" in the midsection.

  176. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Maybe Britta already had a baby and is post psrtum in this picture. You know, she's a nursiong student, the pregnancy could have been a project for her OB rotation.
    All the commenters sating leave them alone: Give me a break. They are in People magazine. Game on.

  177. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Re: Update

    That's what makes you a great man Gryph, not afraid to take other opinions into account and admit if you are wrong. Great Job!


  178. Anonymous3:47 AM

    How come Serror's hair is so messy and no one else's hair is blowing around or looks blown around...

    It is all suspect...but like others I heard that Track was living with gfriend in Arizona and they have a could be end times or Serror is preparing her family for whateva...

    Funny, they didn't get married in father's church, and as others have said this is not how most young women picture their wedding, jus sayin

    have a good day all

  179. Anonymous3:56 AM

    How about this scenario: Track hates his mom and he went and eloped. Palin freaked out because of the obvious loss of a big payday. She lies and says there will be a big wedding, then they all get together for a brief photo op just to shut the bitch up.


  180. LisaB25954:11 AM

    I do wish them well. Hell, I wished Bristol and Levi well, although that engagement had a shorter life than Mayfly. Sure, I felt suckered in when I discovered it was all about a magazine payday, but I'm a romantic at heart. Been happily married 23 years. If people want to take the plunge, I hope for the joy and not the heartache.

  181. London Bridges4:26 AM

    About a month ago or so, someone posted here in the comments that Track and Britta were seen in AZ caring for a baby.

    Was it theirs? Are they adopting Bristol's newest spawn in order to permit Bristol to continue her abstinence money raking in business?

  182. Kimosabe4:27 AM

    I applaud anyone who rejects the marital-industrial complex. Hatcher Pass is an awesome place for a wedding. But wear sun glasses, it's awfully bright. And Alyeska Resort is an awesome place for the party later. Best wishes to them.

  183. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Baby's probably due in Oct.- Nov. Then the December 16 wedding.

  184. LisaB25955:27 AM

    I think it's worth pointing out that Britta's father is an ELCA Lutheran minister. ELCA Lutheran is about as diametrically opposed to Assembly of God as you can get. They allow congregations to call gay ministers in committed relationships.

    I wonder if her dad did the service?

  185. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Gryphen, OT..

    Held my nose and watched the entire GVS interview of SP.

    Very curious of your take on SP's comment abt 10:33 where she says she nearly needs a 'prayer shield' up.. to deflect criticism from herself and later she comments that her family nearly needs the same 'tool'..

    I found her word salad more organized than before.... and perhaps to true believers, unfortunately... she makes sense.

    She still delivers the blows to Obama that the far right want to hear.

    Many thanks for your years of helping to reveal the truth about this toxic woman..

  186. Anonymous5:44 AM

    10:42PM. BINGO. People keep saying that Track set up the People spread. I bet he and Britta had absolutely nothing to do with it. Sarah took the family photo and did what she does, i.e. sold out her family!

  187. Anonymous5:51 AM

    8:59PM. I couldn't agree more. I think we had invasion of the trolls on many of the 'looks like Todd' posts since they realized that he is the spitting image of Menard. You will notice a few of them were quite close together in time.

    It was so obvious, I did a double take.

  188. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Britta got her high paying job from Sarah - so now Track has an income.

  189. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Contrary to the troll posts denying the obvious, Track has never looked MORE like Menard. If you take this picture and put it next to the Curtis Menard picture, there is no denying his real dad!

    By the way, just curious on the actual date of the photo. You notice that no date is given. When did Sarah return to Alaska??? Sarah appeared awfully bronze on her recent Fox appearances. She also has a large pimple below the right side of her lip in this photo. She appears to have just rolled out of bed, put a scrunchie or a crunch wrap supreme in her hair and grabbed the world's biggest damn corsage to pin on her fleece.

  190. Anonymous6:02 AM

    that picture makes me think that Bristol's newest child is going to be passed off as Track and Britta's. They've already been seen with a new baby in the AZ house.

  191. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I'm actually surprised that they bothered buying flowers, since they apparently didn't bother applying for a marriage license.


    oopsie - sounds like this is just another scam with a pretend wedding. Sarah got her picture in the magazine again though. Whoopie!!! No wedding rings for Todd and Sarah because they are divorced.

  192. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Kimosabe said...
    I applaud anyone who rejects the marital-industrial complex. Hatcher Pass is an awesome place for a wedding. But wear sun glasses, it's awfully bright. And Alyeska Resort is an awesome place for the party later. Best wishes to them.

    4:27 AM

    I see people in wedding parties in sunny California and in Hawaii wearing sun glasses outside, but those classy people take off their sun glasses to document the happy event when pictures are taken.

    When Sarah is being interviewed on FOX with lights shining on her face does she wear sunglasses?

    No, why not?

    Because FOX told you are not here to look cute.... FOX told her to take the shit off.

  193. Anonymous6:15 AM

    perhaps the marriage license is in AZ???

    nothing filed in AK.

  194. Anonymous6:16 AM

    and the bride wore white and pearls....


  195. Hauksdottir said...they apparently didn't bother applying for a marriage license.

    Haven't read all the comments here, but how do we know this?

    Possible that Track & Britta feared tabloids were going to cover them anyway so why not do it with Palin-friendly People and have some control.

    Britta has always seemed to have her act together, and Track has dated her for a long time, so I join Gryphen in wishing them the best.

  196. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Joe McGuinness and Phil Munger provide the same take on this situation, and I agree. Track and Britta didn't pimp out the nuptials to People. Think the usual suspect, Ms. Sarah and her Insane Clown Posse.

    From all reports, Britta is the best thing that ever happened to Track, and she may be the lifeline he so desperately needed to escape the Palin circus. Granted, Track was a nasty, messed up kid, going in the direction of Morlock, but seems better now. Britta and her parents may be the ones who saved him. Her parents most likely showed him unconditional love and allowed him a soft spot to land. Of course, this is all conjecture on my part.

    Many will respond that he was lazy and disrespectful on the reality show. Wouldn't know since I would never watch that mess. What I can state is if someone had forced my son to appear on a reality show that he thought was dishonest and idiotic as he watched his mom pimp out Alaska in some contrived PR moment, he would have appeared down right slap worthy!!!

    We have to ask if we would want our own sons subjected to such meanness due to terrible choices on the part of the parents? If he chooses Bristol's path, all bets are off. Until he does, let's give him, Britta and her parents a break. To do otherwise makes people appear to be taking cheap shots.

    I wish Track and Britta love and happiness. This is the first time that I've seen Track look genuinely happy!

    P.S. The similarities to Menard is uncanny in this photo. Putting this picture of Track side by side with the picture of Menard would be quite startling!

  197. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I just think it is odd, point blank. Why would anyone have a small wedding, and wait 7 months to have a bigger wedding? I could see a few weeks or month but 7 months? Isn't it easier to get around in AK in the summer or fall instead of Dec. Especiall having people come from the lower 48.That just doesn't make sense, to me anyway.

  198. Anonymous@6:28 said . . .similarities to Menard is uncanny in this photo.

    Track resembles Todd in this photo. Whatever the situation, not Track's fault, and Todd is his "real" father.

  199. Anonymous7:07 AM

    So what's the deal with Track getting out of the military so quickly?

  200. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Aren't there some really good re-hab facilities in Arizona?

    Just asking....


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