Saturday, June 18, 2011

"A gnat named Levi Johnston" is how Bristol refers to the father of her child in her upcoming book. Stay classy Palin family!

From Forbes:

Bristol Palin writes in her new book of losing her virginity to boyfriend Levi Johnston on a camping trip after getting drunk for the first time on too many wine coolers.

She awoke in her tent, alone, with no memories of what had happened as Johnston "talked with his friends on the other side of the canvas." She had vowed to wait until marriage. And she had lied to her parents about where she was going.

Palin, a 20-year-old single mother and the daughter of former Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin, tells a story of "deception and disappointment" in the book, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far."

She calls him "the gnat named Levi Johnston," a self-involved slacker "who cheated on me about as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates."

But Palin, self-described as a good girl and straight-A student, had been drawn to him and his bad-boy manner from the time they met in seventh grade.

When she confronted him about their sexual encounter, he said what she wanted to hear: They wouldn't do it again until they were married.

It didn't work out that way, though Palin notes that when she got pregnant she was on birth control pills prescribed to treat her cramps. Only by the eighth home pregnancy test, she writes, was she convinced of the positive results.

When she told her parents, they were accepting, not condemning, she writes, and focused on the future, particularly her continuing education.

Johnston's reaction wasn't so reassuring: "Better be a (bleeping) boy," he declared.

 I don't know anything about Levi and Bristol's first time, nor do I want to, but I seriously doubt it was anything like this "date rape" scenario that Bristol is describing above.

As for the idea that  Bristol was against pre-marital sex, and that Levi took advantage of her innocence,  I refer you to the following video.

If you hoped that somebody else was the father when you found out you were pregnant, doesn't that sort of prove that you were cheating on the guy who IS the father?  And how does banging two guys at the same time fit in with that whole "good girl and straight-A student" image?

If you are wondering whose version to believe, let me just remind you that Bristol is the child of pathological liar, a girl who once said "abstinence is not realistic at all" right before becoming the spokesperson for abstinence,  and somebody who explained this..

dramatic change in her appearance on receiving "dental surgery."

By the way I would like to point out that the final draft of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" was supposed to be 432 pages, but when it was published it was trimmed down by 19 entire pages. This is highly unusual, and I believe it was on those pages that Sarah Palin trashed Levi, but decided not to print them for fear of retaliation.  Somehow Levi has been neutered, and now, apparently, defenseless against this new attack coming from Bristol, ostensibly because he agreed not to talk smack about her or her mother in his clearly one sided custody agreement.

And before you ask, yes I am trying to get a quote from Mercede on this subject, and will put it up when I have spoken with her.


  1. Anonymous2:17 AM

    I took birth control for my cramps; my new chin is to correct my jaw alignment; I was for abstinence before I was against it; I was "assaulted" by Levi when I was passed out (implied by your post)...sadly, the apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree.

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Oh Bristol, what have you done now? This is not going to go over well for you girl at all. You have just made yourself look more trashy and worthless in the eyes of the world and they will judge you by your nasty toxic words.

    Nobody wants to know anything about all your sexual escapades and you are going to get slammed by those that know of your wild sex days. Bristol, you should have kept your mouth shut and quit with all the lies because others are going to now know of things that you have done that was not nice at all.

    We cannot support you when you lie and try to deceive others and pretend that you are the innocent little virgin victim.

    Bristol, you might have made something of your life but yet you have decided to play victim and pretend you were an angel. You thoroughly disgust all of us here and we will not allow you to get away with all your lies. Shame on you, you are truly messed up in your own little mind.

  3. Anonymous2:23 AM

    I am SO MAD about this.

    Can't Bristol be found in contempt of court for every bad thing she says about Levi to Tripp or in public?

    Let's also not forget Mercede said unequivocally Bristol & Levi were TRYING to get pregnant. (in my opinion to "replace" the baby Sarah took from them)
    But in Bristol's new tome, she says she got pregnant while on birth control.

    During all the interviews she has done about this, when asked if they were using anything, she replies they used condoms but not regularly enough.

    Don't you think she would have MENTIONED the fact she was supposedly on "birth control", right??

    Gryphen I hope Mercede DOES talk to you. Her little stunt two weeks ago took away her cred with most of the people here. Mercede, if you're reading matter what the Palins said to you or gave you or made you sign...nome of it is valid. Tell the TRUTH Frank Bailey, you are rapidly running out of chances to have people listen to and believe you. Break the chains, Mercede.

  4. Anonymous2:35 AM

    What a load of crap. Bristol, you are so full of shit. He might have been your first time, but girl, you are lying out your ass. I know a high school party girl when I see one... because all I have to do is look in the mirror.

    Mini-me if I EVER saw one!

  5. Anonymous2:36 AM

    She's disgusting - she looks horrible and what nightmare of a mother would write that about her child's father? I feel so bad for that kid.

  6. Anonymous2:40 AM

    I don't think this is going to benefit Bristol any by talking about her sex life because I am sure 90% is all Palin lies. She is just making herself look trashier and she is going to hurt her kids in the long run.

    She sure appears and talks illiterate to maybe have been an A student.

    I have no interest at all in her little fairy tale book with crayons and believe she is only hurting her kids by going this route. The Palin family have always had lousey lawyers and advisors.

    She looks horrible with all that plastic surgery. I would not have recognized her if we came face to face. She has mutilated herself.

  7. Anonymous2:42 AM

    So now we know why Bristol left her home in Arizona and is no longer living there; she doesn't want to be confronted by her lies and is going to hide out with her grifter mama. Fox snooze, anyone.

  8. 10catsinMD3:05 AM

    There have been many comments on yours and other blogs from guys about their experience with "chinstrap." Obviously she has no plans on going back to Wasilla as the guys laughter will probably be heard echoing across the lakes.

    Sounds like they all had a blast with burger blimp. Wasn't that her reward once mentioned after a quick "truckstop."

  9. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Nice. Again, a Palin painting herself as a victim. I have to wonder too, about the birth control pill thing. If taken as prescribed, they rarely fail. Do these women never think beyond the moment? Does she not expect that their child will someday read this garbage about his father? She is trying to sell books, and like, Mommy Dearest, wouldn't know the truth if it hit her upside the head.

  10. Anonymous3:16 AM


    Looks like SP wanted to just do a phone interview with Gusty instead of in person...and also, this is on the 10th rather than the 13th. Did Gusty interview SP on BOTH of those dates?

  11. Anonymous3:21 AM

    What on earth do you suppose they are talking about in mid April 2008??

  12. Anonymous3:23 AM

    If she talks smack about Levi, isn't SHE the one breaking the custody agreement???

    Wouldn't need much proof for a judge if it's all nicely printed up in a book.

  13. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Whoa....think this is Wesley "fabric covered bump" Loy they're talking about?

  14. Anonymous3:29 AM

    I am certain Bristol did not write the book. It is surprising that the ghost writer and the publisher allowed the bashing of Levi.


  15. Anonymous3:29 AM

    G,you should add the press release Palins put out re marriage etc during the campaign.

  16. ManxMamma3:37 AM

    What a shameless,lying bitch. Shame on you Bristol.

  17. AJ Billings3:39 AM

    $arah "Queen Grifter" should damn well fear what Levi may say.

    Although I doubt the young man has had enough forethought to record the Palin family shame on paper to preserve accuracy, it's likely he remembers factual instances that could be devastating .

    I remember shortly after Snooki's DEFEAT in the 08 elections that Levi, being TV interviewed in an offhand way, remarked that he could "bring her down"

    Just what he meant by that is anyone's guess , but in those early days after Levi getting thrown under the bus he felt understandably abandoned and used by the Grifter Granny.

    Let's hope that something truly salacious comes out in his book like Granny making advances, or photos, or personal, provable knowledge of Trooper, Dairy, or other Gates.

    Go Levi!

  18. benlomond23:48 AM

    does this qualify as breaking the custody condition of not trashing either parent ?

  19. Anonymous3:53 AM

    apple didn't fall far from the bitch tree.

  20. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Just the kind of moronic drunken orgy story that you want your son, Tripp, to read and hear about from his little friends and schoolmates. Tripp is going to have a great time in middle school listening to that chapter lovingly quoted by the other kids.

    Yep, Bristol, you are carrying on the Palin family tradition of child abuse. You've even outdone Sarah Palin's "Piper Diaper" abuse.

  21. Pat in Branson4:05 AM

    Hey, I think that would mean they went camping in March. The ground is still frozen in March with "break up" (melting of the ice and snow) just barely starting. One doesn't usually go camping in a tent in April. That IS is one gives birth in DECEMBER.

  22. Anonymous4:07 AM

    remember those MySpace posts where she's bitching about her brother ratting her out for being a skanky pot smoking boozer? Sort of doesn't mesh with the "innocent" girl she's trying to re-cast herself as. Man I hope someone will blow the lid off this charade after all.

  23. Anonymous4:09 AM

    I was just browsing through the comments on the articles about Brisdull. No one believes her. Ha I hope this backfires big time. Some of the comments are mentioning that she already had a baby.

  24. Anonymous4:11 AM

    So if that was the first time, how'd Miss Abstinence Alaska get pregnant the 2d time???

    Bristol may have plenty of cash for a new chin and a house, and I'm sure that $$$ will gain her plenty of eager partners along the way, but you CAN'T buy CLASS!!!!

  25. Balzafiar4:12 AM

    Gnat, eh? Funny how things change.

    From what I've read about her over the past year or so she never appeared to be quite that choosy.

  26. Anonymous4:12 AM

    My favorite quote is "She had vowed to wait until marriage."

    Why would she vow to wait until marriage? Her grandma Sally didn't wait until marriage. Her ma Sarah didn't wait until marriage.

    Oh, wait, were Sally and Sarah date-raped in a tent, also too?

  27. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Let's also remind everyone of Bristol's Facebook comment from May of 2007 (when she was living in Juneau) that "Now my mom thinks I'm pregnant." after Sarah overheard some phone call or another.

    This does not prove she was sexually active, but it's a strong indication. Levi was NOT in Juneau with her.

    Also the "I got pregnant while on birth control pills for cramps"? I have three words for you. CROCK OF SHIT

  28. Anonymous4:18 AM

    How old is Bristol? She's a teenager ? She looks like a 40yr woman...she looks aged..

  29. FloridaDem4:20 AM

    The camping story, probably true, although I don't know what Bristol is trying to say here. Is she saying Levi had sex with her after she passed out? That would be rape. Is she saying she did it while under the influence and regretted it later? Why does she say she doesn't remember? Is she saying she had a binge blackout? I have drank a lot in my past, but I've never not remembered. Even when My (guy friend) carried me out of a bar and brought me home to sleep it off, I remembered everything. Not remembering is a blackout, and I would think you'd have to consume unbelievable amounts of alcohol for that. Wine coolers wouldn't get you there, you'd have to be sucking on tequila or something.

    Plus, Bristol was a stoner, and stoners mostly just stick with pot. It makes sense to me that she would be smoking that night with some wine coolers on the side. So what is that not remember thing? She's either lying about what she consumed, or got raped while she slept.

    I tremendously empathize with teen girls who feel pressured into having sex. There's not only pressure from the guys, but also pressure from her peers. But I hope in her book Bristol clarifies exactly what she means, and Levi comes out and tells us his story.

  30. She's a perfect kid, yet she lied to her parents about where she was going, drank(underage),was on the pill and still got pregnant?
    Straight A student that did not go to college or it appears even apply. Most smart kids know that the ticket to their long term success is a college degree. She could have stayed at home with her parents and they had a perfect situation for sitters, Trig and Tripp.
    That would have been an example to other young girls who find themselves pregnant.
    Nope, she promotes a lifestyle that she obviously did not believe in. Instead of walking the walk she just talks about it, like her mother.
    There is something definitely wrong with this picture!

  31. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Just perfect, she was on the pill for cramps. Aren't the odds of getting pregnant while on the pill extremely small, anyway?

    Probably one fabrication after another. Can't even keep the lies logically consistent in order to produce a cohesive whole.

    Who does that sound like?

    (And going so far as to call Levi a gnat? Weird. Belittling men is such a specialty in this family.)

  32. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Who needs to do 8 positive pregnancy tests before they are convinced they are pregnant?

    It's ludicrous.

    These people always say too much. It's the hallmark of lying. More detail than is necessary or believable.

  33. Anonymous4:50 AM

    She's basically accusing him of Rape. Sorry bristie, don't buy it. You were quite willing, as your mama was, as your grandma was, as your sisters are.

    What a bimbo. A rich bimbo, but a bimbo just the same.

  34. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Um, good try but Levi has repeatedly bashed Sarah which makes him NO different. The characterization of him is pretty spot on actually if you knew him then.

    Are you going to say similar things WHEN Levi trashed her family in his book?

    And why do you use Sadie? She's already lost so many friends because of blogging. Do you want her to become a leper?

  35. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Pretty demonstrative that Sarah™ is has passed on her vindictive mental illness to Bristol™. I am sure there are a number of Wasilla boys who will beg to differ on the deflowering scene - nice try Bristol™.

  36. Anonymous4:56 AM

    So far the book is pretty tame. A lot tamer than Sadie's blog. I guess when it's about the Palins from a non-Palin, trashing is fine, huh? You wouldn't have a blog otherwise.

    I can't wait for the trashy comments in 3 2 1

  37. Anonymous4:57 AM

    I would like to see her school records showing she was a straight A student. What year and what school? Was it one semester? Will we ever see them?

  38. Anonymous4:59 AM

    "No one wants to know??"

    This from a commenter who visits a blog that regularly comments on teens' sex lives????? AND makes up rumors about a poor girl being pregnant when she's not. WTH Stay classy IM sycophants.

    You all know Gryphen has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to the Palins. His goal is to destroy them which is futile because they are too strong to be destroyed.

  39. Anonymous5:00 AM

    And this was written BEFORE Levi announced his book (or his book was announced). Bristol finished the audio in April. Now it'll make any negativity and lies about her family come Sept look petty. GO BRISTOL!

    Make these bloggers look like hypocrits when they support the trashing of your mother via your loser Ex.

  40. Anon 2:23--I Agree. How is it that she can put these things in writing and no one says a peep about the court order??????? BTW--can this soap opera get any more ridiculous? OMFG--I update my husband on the goings on and he doesn't believe me that the paylins are this fucked up. "Puke", middle finger, come on......does this moron not have a ghostwriter? Have some respect for your grandparents, at least, brissdull and try to look like the adult you so desperately want to be. Can YOU, brissdull, be any more stupid?????

  41. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Maybe she did do eight pregnancy tests, one after each sexual encounter until it came up positive.

  42. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Hope the WAsilla boys who dipped into Bristol all have fun with this comic book.
    Why the gratuitious info on her being on birth control pills for cramps? Is that supposed to add to legend that Palin women are so so fertile that she got pregnant on BCP?? Gee Bristle cramps are part of womanhood ya wimp. (Also, too you need to rember to take the BCPs regularly, on time, kinda like getting up for a real JOB in the mornings. I doubt she can remember this so her pregnancies were probably a misuse of BCPs)

  43. Doesn't this violate the custody agreement?

    Also too, straight-A virgin Bristol joked a year before she became pregnant with Tripp, "Ha ha I'm a slut."

    Wouldn't abstinence be reasonable to Bristol if all it took was not going camping with a boy and drinking wine coolers?

    This is so-o-o-o-o frustrating b/c I know Levi will just take it. I wish I knew what they signed that silenced him, Sherry, and Sadie.

  44. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I dunno, back when I was a teenager, we took Midol for cramps.

    I guess being a fancy Alaskan doctor, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, knew better and prescribed birth control pills for Bristle.

    Maybe if she used Midol and a condom, she wouldn't have gotten knocked up.

  45. Chenagrrl5:11 AM

    Bristol, doll. David Hasselhoff called, he wants his chin back.

  46. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Brisket is as stupid as her mother. If her story is to be believed (BAAAWAAAHHHHHH) then SARAH AND TAWD allowed her to go winter camping, coed camping, unchaperoned. Brisket is not only a slut but a drunk. BTW if she was passed out how does she know it was Levi or did she get passed around that night.
    So either Brisket is lying or Sarah is a horrible parent. Either way it makes ALL the Palin's look bad.

  47. Anonymous5:15 AM

    She's lying about a lot of things here, obviously...but the timing of the "camping trip"? She would've gotten pregnant in April, right? Who camps in AK in April? Can someone look up the weather in April 2008? I think she is probably talking about the previous summer 2007 when she got pregnant the first time.

  48. Virginia Voter5:16 AM

    OK, first of all, WINE COOLERS? Do they even still sell those? Isn't that like an eighties kind of drink? I thought Alaskan teens were hard core, you know , meth, chugging vodka, pot, oxy. WTF? Is Bristol trying to look like a total idiot?

    So the new, official story, published in a book for all posterity is that Bristol's precious little blessing and all purpose money maker was fathered by a gnat who raped her in a tent. Awesome....that's one for Tripp's baby book.

    The problem with pathological liars like Sarah and Bristol is they don't know when to stop lying enough to make themselves beliveable. They are too delusional to even stop and reflect at how over the top their lies are.

  49. Anonymous5:16 AM

    I realize that you can camp any time of year in Alaska but I'm guessing that teens and their friends mostly go in the summer. Since she claims to have had Tripp (I still can't believe her kid's named after Todd's mistress) late in December, that would mean he was conceived in mid-April (actually, Sarah had given a mid-December due date which means an early April conception). Were they camping in April around the same time that Sarah claims to have had Trig? Or did this camping incident happen the summer before?

    You know, the last thing I would want to do is write about my sex life and open it up to discussion, but that's exactly what Bristol's done here. All to make a quick buck. She really comes across as not such a bright bulb and has taken to following in her mom's footsteps.

  50. Anonymous5:17 AM

    5:12, you are stupid. Bristol said she lied about where she was going. I like how the book is about deception because that's basically what a teen's life is. I just hope Levi doesn't keep lying just to make himself look like the good one. Because he is certainly NOT.

  51. @anon 8:47. Maybe 8 positive pregnancy tests were for 8 pregnancies. Or a double check for 4 pregnancies.

    I'm still Team Levi.

  52. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Dude, you've read a TINY excerpt of a 200 pg book. Chill and don't judge.

    And about book page numbers. They change. When this book was first listed, the page count was like 300 or something. Joe's was like 250 initially. Don't assume things that you couldn't possibly know. That's how lives are destroyed.

  53. Anonymous5:21 AM

    SHE has never mentioned birth control except for the Candies panel where she mentions the pill and explains what happened.

  54. Anonymous5:21 AM

    anon at 4 : 59

    You do realize that its BRISKET talking about her slutty sex life and drunken passed out camping trip don't you? Or will you be shocked when you buy her book. She is the same type of whore her mom and grandma were, but she was too stupid to get the guy to marry her.
    In fact, I doubt Tripp is Levi's at all, it seems if he was he would have complained about Brisket breaking the custody agreement over and over and over. I hope SarahPac as paid him well to be the "baby daddy".

  55. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Even the lowest estrogen birth control pills, which have the least protection against pregnancy are 97% effective. The odds of Brisket getting pregnant after having sex ONCE are astronomical.

  56. Anonymous5:23 AM

    A ghat is pretty tame. Gnats are annoying and cling to things. I agree with the description. Levi can't say 2 words about it. He said worse things about her family. Bristol has said she doesn't like needy guys.

  57. Anonymous5:25 AM

    This is a set up for the EASIEST article a newspaper will ever have to do. Just take the pieces from the book and print them along side screen captures from Myspace and transcripts of previous interviews Bristol has done (admitting to using condoms, but not regularly). They don't even have to leave the office or interview anybody! What a fraud!

  58. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Well, the only real evidence of Bristol's schooling is the Juneau honor roll listing in 07. Otherwise, we have no say in that. Also, there's no real proof that she was promiscuous. Assuming that is easy when there's hate in your heart. I believe Levi was the first. She was too busy for anything before that relationship. I just wish they'd all be honest and state that the relationship didn't begin until 07.

    I hope you all remember your comments here when Levi's book blasts Sarah. No different. Don't be a hypocrit. And HIS ghostwriters are Palin haters.

  59. Anonymous5:28 AM

    SO, they were camping in late March/early April? In a snow cave? Drunk out of her mind in temps near or below freezing? Having lived in cold climes, we could not tent camp comfortably, for a couple more months after that.

  60. Anonymous5:32 AM

    "...(her book) will make any negativity and lies about her family come Sept look petty....Make these bloggers look like hypocrits"

    I know you want to just throw insults out there but they really should match what you're saying.

    Hypocrite: A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

    You may think we are hypocrites, but the publishing of new books is not evidence of that.

  61. the first time she got drunk on wine coolers? please. yerafuckinidiot if you think ANYONE believes that shit.

  62. Anonymous5:33 AM

    When the day comes, I wonder how Willow will describe the trashing of the house by her and her friends and signs of alcohol and sexual activity?
    I believe that Bristol and Willow as well as Sarah in her college days were all wild and partiers.

  63. Anonymous5:36 AM

    People seem to always be raping or threatening rape on the Palin girls.

  64. Anonymous5:37 AM

    No one in Alaska goes camping in March unless your climbing Mt. McKinley. If she doesn't remember, how does she know who the father is or even that she had sex with anyone? Is she implying she was given a date rape drug since she has no memory of the incident? Liar-Liar-Liar!!!

    Time to man up Levi! Are you going to allow your son to grow up and read this bunch of BS. Maybe he's not your son and you've been paid to allow this BS story to continue..sure hope it was worth it..

  65. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Bristol's face resembles the face of the wealthy woman who had multiple plastic surgeries in order to look like a cat woman. So very sad. The girl is not even 21 yet and she has altered her face in a very unattractive way.

  66. Anonymous5:37 AM

    So they were camping just around the time that Sarah was giving birth. This gets funnier and funnier. We need to check those emails again to verify Brisdull's whereabouts.

  67. LisaB25955:37 AM

    Wow. How mature. *throws up*

    You know, I worked with a wonderful woman for five years who had an ex husband. She called him "Asshole." Really. He would call the office, she would take the call in my office, and I would leave because I did not want to be near that reaming. I didn't know the man's real name until the last year we worked together. She mentioned "Ernest" and I was like "who's that?" She laughed and said "Asshole."

    But she NEVER EVER badmouthed that man where her son could hear. He was a deadbeat loser, but he was still that boy's father. She was not going to do that to her son.

    But apparently payback is what's most important to Bristol.

  68. Anonymous5:38 AM

    straight A students go to school. Bristol did not.

  69. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Levi has repeatedly bashed Sarah which makes him NO different.


    wrong - major fail. Levi has gone out of his way to NOT disparage Sarah or Bristol.

  70. London Bridges5:39 AM

    Bristol's book not only promotes teenage sex it also promotes teenage drinking at ages 15-16.

  71. Anonymous5:40 AM

    "I just wish they'd all be honest and state that the relationship didn't begin until 07."

    COMPLETE honesty would keep people from having to guess about things.

    "I hope you all remember your comments here when Levi's book blasts Sarah. No different."

    So that means that you feel Bristol is blasting Levi in her book??

  72. Anonymous5:41 AM

    It is obvious that Bristol is not only envious of Levi but that she completely lacks a sense of self worth. People who feel good about themselves don't need to put other people down in such consistently ugly ways. It's too bad that Bristol didn't have enough support from her family and friends to keep the pretty face that she was born with, and to learn to focus on being a really good young mom instead of doing and saying just about any stupid or hurtful thing to get attention.

  73. Dis Gusted5:41 AM

    "His goal is to destroy them which is futile because they are too strong to be destroyed."

    is that like 'too big to fail"? Sorry, the Palins are already known as trash. That's all they ever will be. Go take another pill Sarah.

  74. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    5:12, you are stupid. Bristol said she lied about where she was going. I like how the book is about deception because that's basically what a teen's life is. I just hope Levi doesn't keep lying just to make himself look like the good one. Because he is certainly NOT.

    Do teens lie and try to get away with things --you betcha!
    That's why actively involved good parents VERIFY plans with whomever is supposed to be chaperoning. Still a big FAIL for the Palin's parenting.
    Sounds like there was no parenting going on, but I'm sure the Palin's were too busy running Tawd's prostitution organization to care what their children (if any are actually Tawd's) were doing.
    5:17 AM

  75. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Dude, let's face it, no matter where you fall in the whirlwind that is Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston is still a douche.

    I only know this because I work with plenty of people whose kids grew up with and went to school with him, and universally they say that he's a douchebag.

    Just sayin......

  76. Anonymous5:51 AM

    I'm loving the nonsense about being on the pill for 'cramps' in this context -- PigStool thinks it resolves that pesky little comment Sadie made about her trying to get pregnant -'how could I be tryin' if I was on the pill????' However, it makes the need for the BCP more acceptable to the nutty fundies who'll by this laughable excuse for a book 'because I needed it for cramps, not cuz I was fuckin' my brains out.'

    Two birds, one stone - but only in a silly Palin mind. Do these people truly think they'll be relevant in another five years?

  77. Anonymous5:53 AM

    MY, my, Levi's a gnat? Well I wonder what that makes you.

    And HE said you (TWO) wouldn't do it again until you're married? So are you saying all the other times, YOU did it against your will? Don't you know how to say no? Did he rape you? Did you file a police report? Were you a victim?

    And you were on birth control (for cramps...yeah, right!), but the birth control didn't work? Wow, this time you're the victim of the drug companies?

    you poor, poor thing. I'm sure the world will feel every bit as sorry for you, as they do that smarmy mother of yours.

  78. Anonymous5:54 AM

    @ 4:59, when will you all finally realize and accept that it is the Palins who are destroying themselves? They don't need any help from anyone; not Gryphen, not we commenters. They are determined to keep themselves in the spotlight, and everything they do invites scrutiny and inevitably, ridicule.

    They go through all of this, crying "victim" every chance they get, all for MONEY.

    It's not worth it. They could be doing constructive, positive things with their lives, though they might have to give up the fame.

    You know they don't want to do that. They love being celebrities.

    Whoever you are, why don't you at least give us a category re your relationship with and knowledge of the Palins - family, friend, professional associate? Are you paid to come here and say stuff?

  79. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Anonymous said...

    apple didn't fall far from the bitch tree.

    3:53 AM

    Turd does not fall far from the ass!

  80. Anonymous5:56 AM

    The excerpt describes her first time (yeah, right), and goes on to say "when she got pregnant she was on bc pills..." but to my eye it does not clearly state that she got pregnant after the first time. I read "It didn't work out that way..." as a HIGHLY glossed over admission that they did not wait until marriage to have sex again. Not that I'm inclined to believe anything that comes out of this girl's mouth, including that Levi is the father. But that would resolve the pesky detail that nobody goes tent camping in Alaska in March/April.

  81. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Not good news for the son of liar number two.

  82. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Does anyone have a date on this so called camping trip? I cannot find it.

  83. Anonymous6:00 AM

    when did Bristol tell her parents she was pregnant..If she got pregnant in April and was 6 wks along when she told them it would have been middle to late May..I thought she told them in April. This doesn't add up but that's nothing new with the lying Palins.

  84. So....if Levi is a gnat ....just what does that make his son???

  85. Dis Gusted6:03 AM

    I just wish they'd all be honest and state that the relationship didn't begin until 07.


    altho' they've been erased, Levi bragged about meeting Bristol at a party the summer of 2007.

    I believe that if there was a camping trip where Bristol got blitzed and then passed out while having sex, she was involved in a train.

    No wonder she didn't know who the father was and kept throwing that in Levi's face.

  86. emrysa6:07 AM

    oh yes, the public is certainly going to believe

    "I got pregnant the first time I had sex which was also the first time I got drunk and oh yeah I was also on birth control at the time."

    rofl how stupid does one have to be to think they can write this and people are going to believe it? seriously stupid. and she's breeding the stupid genes. scary.

  87. wine coolers = vodka
    camping trip = upstairs in my parent's house in my room
    1st time = with which boy
    I'll have to have a second reading before I interpret the rest + more ocffee. Good morning everybody!

  88. Warrior896:08 AM

    Lou Sarah and Willow and Bristol are all over this post, huh?

    The absurdity of Bristol writing an autobiography doesn't need any additional comment, but ugh! The details are really gross, and obviously untrue.

    Birth control for cramps? Yup. Exactly what you would expect for someone who explained a pregnancy as "mono."

  89. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Anonymous said...

    When the day comes, I wonder how Willow will describe the trashing of the house by her and her friends and signs of alcohol and sexual activity?
    I believe that Bristol and Willow as well as Sarah in her college days were all wild and partiers.

    5:33 AM

    You forgot about Grandma Sally Heath! She also put out before marriage.

    Grandma what's your story? Did you put out at The Coleman Inn (Coleman camping tent) too or did Chuckie take you on a fresh steaming pile of cow pie?

    Sally when you woke up did you accuse Creepy Chuckie of rape as well?

  90. MC30316:10 AM

    I'm liking the new breed of bots here, taking up for Princess Bristle. They're cute and naive. Like maybe they really believe this shit.

    It's very sweet. (vomits)

    The Palins are all about one thing and one thing only: $$$$$ and aren't above lying, fabricating and grifting to get it. Take up for them all you want, sweet but dumb bots. In the end, we will all have the last laugh on you for being so foolish.

    And btw, it's Gryphen's damn blog so if you don't like what he says or writes, don't visit. Easy as pie.

  91. Anonymous6:11 AM

    I have a question Gryphen. In the new reality show Bristol is going to film , will their child be on camera and a part of the reality show? And doesn't Levi have some say in that if he can ever grow a pair ?

  92. Anonymous6:13 AM

    2 points - she expected an 18 year old unmarried boy to be faithful - what is that about ? And why would she create a written record of why her son was a mistake ? Very trashy !

  93. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Bristol when Ben did you in your condo in Alaska, did you hear strange voices from the other side of your door?

    Don't worry, that was only Tripp reminding you to wear a condom this time!

  94. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I think Frank Bailey's book has something in it about one of the Palin kids not being able to play sports because of grades. It would be interesting if this turns out to be Brisdull.

    I am half way thru his book and it definitely worth the price.

  95. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Gryph, may want to add this to Morlock post..

    So she could go searching for random soldiers whom she did NOT know, to try and recognise for PR reasons...but hang a left to Morlock and his family. At the time, Morlock was NOT a depraved killer; he was simply a young man reaching out for help from a woman who told him at one time to think of her like a second mother.

  96. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Once again you pricked their skin as the bots are out. For gods sake gryph, you have to stop freaking out the Palin's.

    The lies of Mama are passed on to the daughter. Her story of being on BCP and using condoms (please note - those were her words) imply that she was having regular sex after her 'deflowering'. I don't but the camping, wine coolers and blackout rape story.

    Let's see. I live in MN, not even teenagers (except Eagle Scouts) go camping here in April. Even if the weather is decent there's snow and storms that can come in unannounced. Plus the ground is frozen and nights get cold. Second, the wine coolers sound so benign, sort of like she's trying to imply she brought along a long stem wine glass so she could sip. Not buying that at all. If she was blacked out she would have had to drink a twelve pack of them, or more or Levi slipped her a date rape drug. Not buying that, for one thing, wine coolers in April? Not cool. She chose wine coolers because so many of the bots probably drink them, get a little buzz and they will not think of her as hard-core. She says that's when she lost her virginity but was BCP because of cramps. As others have pointed out, there are OTC products for cramps and being on BCP works over 95% of the time unless you forget to take them (likely) and Brisket? I know you're reading this. If you are on BCP why would you bother with condoms unless you messed up with taking BCP, were worried about giving or getting and STD, or are just lying on all sides? Lastly. Saying you got pregnant the first time from being raped by the father of your child, putting that in a book that will be there for your son to read. Did you really have to go there? People will read or hear about it and that news will get back to him over and over and over again. How do you think it will go for him when he's subjected to taunting and laughter that he was conceived through rape? Did it even occur to you to protect your own son from that sort of abuse you MUST know is going to come his way? Like your mother you have no shame, will destroy anything and anyone who gets in the way of money and fame. You are as disgusting as your mother. And quit playing the victim card. You don't have the kind of power your mother has, your enemies and the people you hurt will tear you down and expose you for the lying hateful lousy mother you are.

  97. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Publicly trashing the father of your child(ren) is wrong, plain and simple.

  98. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I thought there was some type of an order or agreement that one parent would not talk crap about the other, but maybe it is ok to put it in print in a book. Maybe she is planning on home schooling for the little one, and hoping he will never learn to read her trash one day. The Palins are poison, even to there own children.

  99. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Bristol you are in every way two faced from your depths to you surface.

    Bad mouthing you child's other parent is an act of cruelty to that child, and one you may live to regret.

    Your son will almost certainly want to meet his dad. That may not happen for 15 more years, but when he does and if he sees beyond your petty hatred, you will likely loose him for ever because he will see you as a hateful liar who deprived him of his dad for his whole life.

    You act like a spoiled three year old in a 22 year old's self mutilated body. There are limits to how far that combination will carry you. And you child will sooner or later realize you are not put together right and will begin to draw away from you instinctively.

  100. Anonymous6:28 AM

    The Palins are poison, and anyone marrying or dating them should know better and deserve what they get.

  101. Anonymous6:29 AM

    tweet this video

    reveals Bristol's hypocrisy with her own action and words

  102. Anonymous6:30 AM

    8 home pregnancy tests???
    Are we beginning to realize just how deeply and for how many years Bristol has lived in the extreme end of denial?

    Like getting pregnant, Bristol, it only has to be done once.

    She also gets free medical care and could have had a professional do the Quick Test, which is exactly the same as the ones available in the drug store which are CLIA waved, meaning they are minimal skill required medical tests that can be safely and correctly performed by persons not trained, tested,and certified as Medical Laboratory Personnel.

  103. AKRNC6:30 AM

    Bristol's BC pills for cramps is as believable as her jaw surgery to correct an alignment. Both are outright lies and Bristol thinks the public will believe anything she says. WRONG!

    After your hateful message about hoping Levi wasn't the father of your unborn child, it's always been obvious that you were sexually active for quite some time and possibly what some would call promiscuous. You've really just proven how stupid the women in your family are because they don't know how to keep from getting knocked up outside of marriage. Hint-keep your friggin' legs closed.

  104. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Bristol's inability to protect and nuture her son is very troubling. Demeaning his father and pretending her son Tripp's conception was the result of a virtual "rape" by his father, while casting herself as the ever virtuous "victim," is a level of pathology that is very damaging. There will be repercussions in the future with a negative impact on Bristol's son's ability to trust and form healthy relationships, at the very least.

  105. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Levi's no prize, but he's obviously got more class than Bristol.

  106. And didn't Bristol say ON CAMERA that telling her mother was worse than labor?

  107. Tripp isn't Levi's son. What else can anyone assume unless he speaks up?

  108. Anonymous6:39 AM

    If Tripp was born in December (and no really knows), then that would mean they went camping in Alaska in March of 2008? Does anyone camp in Alaska in March?

    Also, didn't Bristol have 'mono' at this time?

  109. Anonymous6:40 AM

    So, Bristol said she had sex for the first time and then Levi promised they'd wait until they got married. So, here are out choices:

    1) Bristol only had sex once with Levi (the first time), and got pregnant with Tripp.

    2) Bristol chose to keep having consensual sex with Levi, despite her claim she wanted to wait until marriage. She later got pregnant with Tripp.

    3) Bristol continued having sex with Levi, but it wasn't consensual. He promised to wait until marriage, but lied about that and forced her. She later got pregnant with Tripp.

    Which one is it?

    [Is this where we're supposed to stop talking about the Palin children and stop talking about Bristol's sex life even though Bristol "wrote" a book on the subject?]

  110. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Bristol is going to be at the Mall of America July 9 for a book signing. I don't live too far from there. Maybe I should take a drive to Bloomington and have a little chat with her.

  111. TruthSeeker6:42 AM

    "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far."

    Curious title for a book by someone who seemed so afraid to look into her mirror, that she had to drastically change her facial features - and not for the better.

    Perhaps a better title for the book would have been: "Afraid of the Looking Glass: My Disfigurations So Far." (Or is that the title to Brizztle's sequel?)

  112. London Bridges6:42 AM

    Bristol's book not only promotes teenage sex it also promotes teenage drinking at ages 15-16.


    Who needs to do 8 positive pregnancy tests before they are convinced they are pregnant?

    It's ludicrous.

    This sound like something that a person on some kind of stoned, drug haze would do!

    no other explanation.

    Bris: Mom, can I have money so I can buy a pregnancy test?
    Sarah: sure honey!
    Hour later: Bris: Mom can I have money to buy a pregnancy test?
    Sarah: I just gave you money an hour ago.
    Bris: Oh, it's for Willow.
    Sarah: Sure sweetie!
    Another hour later. ....

  113. emrysa6:45 AM

    I agree with the person who said that the media should compare her myspace postings with what she said in her book.

    may 2007, to a boy other than levi:

    haha my mom heard what I was saying on the phone and now she thinks I'm pregnant

    or my favorite, can't remember the date but I think it was june 2007:

    haha I'm a slut call me later.

    yeah the self-proclaimed slut is now a straight-a student virgin until she got drunk for the 1st time on wine coolers while she was on birth control. hahahaa what a joke!!

  114. Pursang6:45 AM

    So after reading this I can deduce that Bristol Palin's autobiography will be classified as fiction.

    Mommy Palin's books can be classified as fiction as well so once again Bristol is following in the footsteps of her lying grifting mother.

  115. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I have personally heard Heather Bruce tearfully tell her version of how Bristol got pregnant. Supposedly it was while Bristol was under her watch... at the Bruce's cabin. No tent in sight.

    THEY ARE ALL LIARS. Everyone of them. Track's life is already "off track." Bristol is on her way to making little tramps like Lindsey Lohan look like amateurs. Willow will be in prison before she's 21.

    Fellow Alaskans, a lot of you know things. NOW is the time to out the Wasilla mafia. Maybe if both Todd and Sarah go to jail (likely in my opinion) at least Piper could go to a normal home where she might actually attend school and Trig could go where he gets proper help and care. Maybe at least those two could be saved.

    Jesse, get Mike Wooten to talk. Please. He could end this once and for all, I promise you.

  116. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Bristol I noticed you left out a part in your book where Levi was a gentleman.

    In the morning he gave you a stick of gum to get the taste out of your mouth!

    You nasty hoe!

  117. Anonymous6:49 AM

    If Levi's book isn't a tell ALL it will be a flop. Half-told tales from both sides give some new perspectives but mostly look like typical teenage drama. If Levi has the goods, THAT would be a real story.

  118. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Uhh Bristol was NOT a virgin to Levi. And she sure as shit wasn't a straight A student. Todd had to come to the office all the time and beg for her to have more time for this or one more extension on that. And her "senior" yr was a joke, we saw her in school maybe 2 or 3x a month. We were all shocked when she walked at grad bc we knew she sure did not earn the grades or do the work.

    Btw, if you consider "other" kinds of sex than "regular" sex as sex, then not only was Bristol NOT a virgin but she was..........well DEFINITELY not one. During our soph summer Bristol was referred to as "friez" behind her back, bc she blew so many guys the joke was she would ask them "do you want fries with that?"

    She also bragged about being really good at it. The oral stuff I mean. This was 2-3 yrs ago now so maybe she has changed.

    But I doubt it, cuz she knows dang well she was DEFINITELY no virgin that night camping & if there is ANY truth to the statement "it was the first time I got drunk" then it has to be followed up with "that day" or "in a green tent".

    I guess Bristol doesn't remember her "invention" which she called "the gold rush"...she would take a shot of goldshlager and immediately go to town on a guy. She bragged a LOT how she could get boys to do anything she wanted after just one gold rush.

    Hopefully lots of people who knew about her activities from 9th grade on will speak up. If even half of them do, she is going to roo the day she tried to make people believe she was a virgin with Levi.

  119. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Does she mean that she missed periods after intercourse at least 8 time or that she missed 8 consecutative periods after as single, to quote her dad "Happy Ending" and finally figured out after 8 months of missed periods that she might actually be pregnant?

    Just how stupid is this straight-A student?

    And just how stupid does she think every other sexually mature and sexually active post puberty person in the world is?

    Jeeze she is a bad at making up "tall tales" as her mom.

  120. How likely is the "first time drunk = no memory = first time sex"? I think that a real pass out for a brand new drinker happens only if the drinker is geneticaly severely disposed to alcoholism.
    Blackouts develop with advanced drinking and signal the tipping point into alcoholism.
    Sure, there are times when we wake up and don't want to think about the night before, so we back off from remembering, but that's not the same as "couldn't remember even if I tried".
    So, Bristol might be wired to be an extreme alcoholic from the get-go, or, Bristol just doesn't want to remember.
    And if she doen't want to remember, then that doesn't say much for Levi, does it?

  121. Anonymous6:54 AM

    You are telling America and all the little teeny boppers that you were so drunk you did not hear the train that night.

    Levi was the train conductor and about a dozen boys and two girls had their way with you.

  122. Is Bristol a Gleeker? The wine cooler seduction bit is straight out of first season! The captain of the cheerios and the bad boy with the mohawk??? She said she only slept with him because she had drank TOO MANY WINE COOLKERS and she was feeling fat?

  123. Anonymous6:59 AM

    So all it takes is a couple of wine coolers and you turn into your mom and grandmother?

    You telling me Creepy Chuck, Todd or Track could of given you a shot of moonshine and had their way with you and you would not remember in the morning?

  124. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Let me first say that I firmly believe that the "Wild Ride" story is false because Mama Grifter never was pregnant with Trig. BUT, many people approach that tale with the idea of "If it were true ..." then lay out the reasons that SP was endangering the lives of Trig and the passengers on the plane. So, I'm taking that same approach about Bristle's lie:

    If it were true that she was a virgin when she went on a camping trip -- she should have known that a nice girl does not go camping with a boy. We all know what happens in tents.

    If it were true that she got drunk for the first time on too many wine coolers -- I just don't see how she could have downed enough coolers to wake up with no memory of what happened in that tent.

    Hmmm, sorry, nope -- I find the story to be false!

  125. Anonymous7:02 AM

    So Bristol is saying unequivocally Levi DID have another child with someone. My understanding is that story was completely rumor based and had never been proven at all.

    Let's all comment on this tmz article and show support for Levi. He is a dolt for letting that yutz of a lawyer and schmuck of a "bodyguard" keep running his life, and he is weak for falling for Bristol & Sarah's "LET'S GET MARRIED!!!" theresjustthisonethingyougottasaytothemediafirst! "Psyche! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!"

    BUT...he was just a teenager when Quitter Queen grabbed him in her talons. Who knows what threats he's been subject to. Even though I don't agree with his choices, he is still a young man from a broken home...the proverbial David to a greedy, vindictive, malicious Goliath.

    For that reason...I am going to roll up my sleeves and defend Levi over at tmz.

  126. Anonymous7:02 AM

    You dumb shit, now you told all the horny toads in Los Angeles to wait for you after you go clubbing and you will be ripe for the picking.

  127. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Let's do a little reverse-engineering here.

    Since this child was (supposedly) born around Christmas 2008, I can only assume this camping trip happened in March.

    Isn't it a little cold to go camping in Alaska in March? Just for kicks, I looked at the historical weather data (via Weather Underground) for Juneau from March 20-27, 2008. The HIGH temperatures are as follows: 42, 40, 40, 39, 43, 44, 44, 43.

    Again, those are the HIGHS -- not the LOWS. She mentioned Levi talking through the canvas, so I assume we're dealing with tent camping here.

    Is this typical in Alaska?

  128. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Doesn't being on the pill go against evangelical, fundamentalist beliefs because of its effect on the ovum? It stops what nature intends for the act of coitus. How can any "Christians" continue to support this family between the pre-marital sex extending through 3 generations & a family-run prostitution ring?

  129. Anonymous7:07 AM

    "Bristol goes on to say Levi cheated on her constantly, coming home drunk, with hickeys on his neck. She says she finally ended things when Levi told her he got another girl pregnant and that Levi named the child Bentley, which was her first choice when they were naming Tripp."

    As reported by TMZ. WTF?

  130. Anonymous7:08 AM

    So, whatever happened to that judge's rule about not talking trash about the other party in the child custody issue?

    I don't get why Levi is so willing to let this self-appointed Valley Trash girl walk all over him w/o him responding even ONCE

  131. Anonymous7:08 AM

    "I took birth control for my cramps!"

    No dear, that may work on mommy and daddy but we aint buying it.

    You don't have cramps!

    Have You notice after your drinking binge your coochie is sore? Well that's because the hockey team scored all night and you were the net!

  132. Anonymous7:08 AM

    How can you be "pro-birth control pill" & "pro-life"?

  133. Anonymous7:12 AM

    All of you who are saying that they wouldn't have gone camping in the spring -- this excerpt does not claim that she got pregnant on that trip.

    Read further in Gryphen's article and you'll see the answer: When she confronted him about their sexual encounter, he said what she wanted to hear: They wouldn't do it again until they were married. It didn't work out that way...[lie about birth control]

  134. Anonymous7:13 AM

    So Bristol hoped that Levi was not the father of Tripp. Either she was "getting around" or she was turning Catholic and wished for an "Immaculate Conception".

    This Palin bunch will just keep lying as long as the nitwits who support them keep accepting and purchasing everything they produce.

  135. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    My favorite quote is "She had vowed to wait until marriage."
    4:12 AM

    One of the things that common sense tells a female who wants to stay a virgin is that staying sober and conscious and sewing your knees together in the presence of men is requisite. She claims straight A intelligence and then tells us how stupid she is.

    By the way if she was the lone female with a group of young males and Levi, and passed out how does she know she did not give them all permission while she was drunk or was not gang raped and that Levi actually isn't the father?
    Bristol you cannot set up that scenario and not assume your share of the responsibility.

    Next book, Bristol, where you elaborate on this story make sure that you include a gun pointed at you head forcing liquor down your throat till you passed out, or at least the date rape drug.

  136. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Can you imagine how bad her son is going to feel about himself when he reads this? You know he will, some well meaning (sarcasm) pal will shove this book under his nose and point out how much of a slut his mom is and how his dad was a jackass. Why, oh why, don't these stupid people think, just for once, beyond their own need for vengeance to the small souls they are supposed to care for. NO FUCKING way would I ever put this kind of asshattery in printed form for my child to read when they are old enough.
    Bristol you are a truly shitty person.

  137. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Can you imagine when Tripp is 16 his friends will see Bristol's book at an adult book store and will be thinking that slut gave it up in a canvas tent while the Wasilla High School student body was outside listening?

  138. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Bristol has made her cooch our business, so she can't complain when we speculate on it. If she doesn't want to be judged & gossiped about, she should keep her shit private. She sought the spotlight after election 08, and she is getting what she asked for--attention. During the election I knew the Obama girls names, and very little else, but I knew about Bristol's fornication, her missed periods, and her redneck boyfriend, etc, etc, etc... Why was I told?

  139. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Mother like daughter.

    After Bristol's cheap night out, she too is talented like Sarah at playing the flute.

  140. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Levi, you need to clear your name. Sue the bitch.

  141. Anonymous7:24 AM

    OK, we've all laughed at the obvious lies, but what about this one: "When she told her parents, they were accepting, not condemning, she writes, and focused on the future, particularly her continuing education."

    I don't see any evidence of any "continuing education." She has plenty of time because she surely doesn't have to work (well, except for those pesky reality shows that keep cropping up), plenty of money for tuition, etc. She could even take classes online. She doesn't bother.

    Nope, that claim about being focused on education is a lie, also.

  142. Anonymous7:24 AM


    What on earth do you suppose they are talking about in mid April 2008??"

    Don't know what PT is. Tom Irwin is w/ Dept of Natural Resources

  143. Ratfish7:27 AM

    Like mother, like daughter- in so many ways. Pathological liars. Petty. Mean. Vindictive.

    Sarah Palin always created a myth about eloping with Todd to save her parents money. The truth was that she was knocked up, and Track came a month "early."

    Bristol is "self-described as a good girl and straight-A student." She goes camping alone with a boy after lying to her parents about where she is going (good girl, all right). Gets drunk. Gets laid. (good girl, good girl).

    She then "awoke in her tent, alone, with no memories of what had happened." Passed out drunk. (good girls do that).

    Her memory returns (?) and she "confronted him about their sexual encounter."

    They agree not to do it again until marriage. And then they do. Again and again. All his fault. Each and every time.

    At least we are learning from the horse's mouth that Sarah Palin lied when she got Levi a haircut, a shave, and a suit, dragged him to the convention and made Bristol and him appear to be the loving couple.

    At least that lie has now been exposed.

    As well as this one: "When she told her parents, they were accepting, not condemning."

    No doubt.

  144. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Way to go, Gryph! You know you're spot ON the truth when the bots come out in force.

    What's wrong, widdle botties? Upset that rational thinking people who pay attention KNOW that "Bridstol's Journey" is nothing but a crock?

    I still can't get over that god-awful chin she "improved" herself with. CRINGE inducing.

  145. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Anon 6:20, you speak for my anger and disgust. This is just too far for lying to go. It becomes laughable, if only it weren't so breathtakingly ugly. What ugly hearts this family has. I shudder for all the children involved.

  146. Anonymous7:30 AM

    When are the Johnston's going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?!!! No amount of money or protection could be worth this kind of public humiliation. Knowing that their son/grandson/nephew will be able to read this garbage in 5 to 10 years should be enough for them to finally put their foot down.

    Do they have skeletons in their own closet they don't want revealed? WHO CARES? The Palin's have many more, and much more to lose than they do. Go to prison, if that what it takes. It's got to be a better place than under Sarah's naughty monkey heel.

    EVERYONE knows that if any of them have a tragic "accident" (say, a plane crash or mysterious fire), the Palin's will be the primary suspects.

    Levi, Bristle is going to make money telling the world "I can do anything I want to you and you can't do anything about it. Suck it up, loser!" Save whatever you have left of your dignity and DO SOMETHING!

  147. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Tell me Bristol, after putting your business out there in the streets like that... telling the world it only takes a couple of wine coolers to separate you from your panties, what mother of your future husband is going to welcome you with open arms?

    Your future husband's brothers, sister, mother and father will be looking at you and silently thinking "That's the girl who can't remember the next day who she screwed!".

    Stay classy Bristol.

  148. Anonymous7:33 AM

    "Um, good try but Levi has repeatedly bashed Sarah which makes him NO different."

    @4:54 AM

    Levi Johnston is "NO different" than then $arah Palin? Great! Thanks for confirming what we already knew: that the Palins are trashy, lying, hypocrites. So why should we believe anything a Palin says, either?

    "Um, good try." But, FAIL!

  149. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Check out The Gawker article and the comments! Levi should sue for defamation.

  150. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    And why do you use Sadie? She's already lost so many friends because of blogging. Do you want her to become a leper?
    4:54 AM

    A person doesn't generally loose "friends" by being honest and truthful, they loose casual acquaintances.
    Unless you are saying that the "friends" are being threatened by the Pllins or their "buddies" in the prostitution crime business and are too afraid to claim her as a friend.

  151. Anonymous7:35 AM

    It really is helpful that Bristol so perfectly crystalizes every horrible trait of Sarah's. The bots will go crazy having the worst of the Queen thrown in their faces by this book.

  152. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Bristol's accusation of Levi will not go well. The statement about waking up and not knowing what happened is short of accusing Levi of rape. Frankly it will not sit well with the public. Of course the zombie followers of Palin will believe it & maybe threaten Levi, however everyone else will think Bristol's accusation is very disturbing.

    The Palin family is more disgusting than I can ever imagine. How much lower can they sink.

    I don't believe Levi is Tripp's father. I have an idea who is Tripp's father. My instincts are pretty good & it has never failed me. When I look at Tripp, I see he doesn't look like Levi. Tripp has features of someone very familiar. I'm not going to say because it's too sickening.

    Levi has been too quiet, not defending himself or fighting back, because he's not Tripp's father and he knows it. He's just going along with the charade, because he cares a lot about Bristol. If the truth gets out, he knows it will hurt Bristol.

    Levi is young and naive, but perhaps this accusation will be his breaking point and hopefully he finally stand up for himself against the scumbag Palin family.

  153. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Those Palins, they'll do anything to make a buck.

    Bristol what's the next sequel to "How I Lost My Virginity For The 15th Time In My Family's Tent"?

  154. mitchethekid7:38 AM

    The Paylin's are crude, unrefined white trash. And the very worst sort of white trash. White trash with money. The entire disgusting family wallows in the deepest darkest dregs of tabloid worthy behavior. And this family has presidential ambitions? Gag me. Even the Bush twins had more class and less of a sense of entitlement than these inbreeds. I think they are in for a 220 volt shock. Hell,because of the fraud involved in $arah's home "purchase" in AZ they have to slink back to Alaska. They would be better off renting a floor at the Waldorf.

  155. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I don't know why I should care but I find this type of comment by Bristol to be terribly disturbing. So very, very mean.

  156. Anonymous7:39 AM

    I say Bristol is lying out her ass. If she were on continuous hormone pills (aka BC) she would have not ovulate at all and could not get pregnant. If she missed a pill, she'd have to double dose or just bite the bullet and have a period.
    As far as BC for cramps, my daughter has been on them for years. She takes a break, has a period (days in bed with a bucket near her head) and then resumes the pill. You take them CONTINUOUSLY, one hormone pill after another until you want to have a period. In my daughter's case, she was in HS and college, had to go to class and had her periods on days when she was home for extended times (spring break, winter breaks, summer).
    She wants a removal of her uterus in the worst way as she has not outgrown these cycles from hell.
    OTC things do NOT work for this kind of agony.

  157. Anonymous7:40 AM

    If she implying he raped her when she was out can't he sue her for defamation of character?

  158. Anonymous7:42 AM

    "So far the book is pretty tame. A lot tamer than Sadie's blog. I guess when it's about the Palins from a non-Palin, trashing is fine, huh? You wouldn't have a blog otherwise."

    I can't wait for the trashy comments in 3 2 1"

    @4:56 AM

    And, we can't wait for the next fairy troll to arrive in 3 2 1...

    "You wouldn't have a blog otherwise."

    If you don't like what's on this blog, then stop coming here. But, you're obsessed with this blog, otherwise YOU wouldn't be here! LOL!

  159. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Well, it's clear that Bristol learned one thing from her to use her child for her own profit regardless of the harm that such use may cause to the child.

    Someday Tripp will be old enough to read and will no doubt manage to find a copy of this piece of trash. Even if this was a true accounting, a caring, loving parent would NEVER put it down in writing for their child to someday read.

    It is truly shameful that Bristol has chosen to use Tripp's existence to make a buck just like her mother has used Trig's existence to achieve fame and fortune. A real mother just doesn't do that to their child.

  160. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Alrighty then! Now we know where Trig came from. That was some night!
    I believe her deflowering story as much as I believe that Sarah was pregnant for 6 weeks.
    If it makes you feel better, Bristol TM, just keep telling yourself that but it don't make it true.
    Levi! Get DNA on both of those boys, Stat!!!

  161. Anonymous7:44 AM

    The facts spoken from Bristol's own mouth or online postings, and her subsequent behavior, contradict the fiction that she is trying to sell in this book.

    Sadly, there are still Palinbots who will believe every word of it because they cannot conceive of the daughter of their beloved Sarah being anything but completely truthful, innocent and pure.

  162. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Who would want to sleep with that bitch?!! How many kids does this make now? Three? What happened to #3 last fall? We all saw her pregnant on DWTS and in Haiti. No denying.
    Hi, Bristol!!! We've got three more months to talk about you before you go all trademarkey on us

  163. Anonymous7:47 AM

    The hypocrisy is overwhelming. In Frank Bailey's book, it mentions Levi's interview with the Tyra Show, and his story of the relationship.

    "Through spokesperson Meg Stapleton, the governor responded: "Unlike Levi, we feel that the very private details of any personal relationship should be held within the sanctity of the family. We will not walk word for word through the inaccuracies in the spotlight of the media or tabloids. Suffice it to say, the interview is quite troubling. Again, it is clear to me that Levi does not have the best interest of the child in mind--only his own.""

    So writing about one's sexual relationship in a book is different HOW?

  164. Anonymous7:49 AM

    A new thread needs to be up highlighting Bristol's attempt at claiming rape Gryph.

    Include in it these documented facts!!!

    Bristol claims she gave birth to a full term Tripp her family told People at 5:30A.M. on December 27, 2008.,,20245389,00.html

    “When Did I Get Pregnant? Manually Calculating Date of Conception” shows that for that date of birth Bristol would have conceived in last couple days of March or first week in April.

    Let's assume the straight A student did not go camping on a school day and since she is a notable alumni ROTFFLAMAO

    let's pretend she went during Spring Break which in Wasilla is from March 12th through March 20th

    OFFICIAL WEATHER HISTORY RECORDS out the temp for that week at high in the low 30's and low's in the around 10 degree's

    If Levi was rubbing up against her it was to keep her ass from hypothermia. He is such a hero.

  165. Anonymous7:51 AM

    "You all know Gryphen has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to the Palins. His goal is to destroy them which is futile because they are too strong to be destroyed."

    "Anonymous@4:59 AM"

    Hi Grandma LULU...Sheesh, you are up early this morning. Unflippinbelievable!!

  166. Anonymous7:52 AM

    i thought bristol and levi were going to get married (as it was presented to american public on the RNC stage)....that they had rings and everything.

    why would he be a "gnat"? what is that in teenage speak? does that mean he wouldn't leave her alone?

    why would she pose with him on stage and later on People cover?

    does the book even begin to explain this "love" or are we left with a wine cooler one night stand?

    category: bad fiction

  167. Anonymous7:53 AM

    "No one wants to know??"

    This from a commenter who visits a blog that regularly comments on teens' sex lives????? AND makes up rumors about a poor girl being pregnant when she's not. WTH Stay classy IM sycophants.

    You all know Gryphen has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to the Palins. His goal is to destroy them which is futile because they are too strong to be destroyed."

    @4:59 AM

    "The Palins are so strong!" Oh, brother. Not you, again! The Palins are fucking WEAK! Otherwise, they wouldn't give a SHIT what the fuck some blogger was saying about them! $arah Palin is trying to destroy our President, and this country with her fucking lies, divisiveness and bullshit! That's why the majority of the people in this country can't stand HER! How are you going to come here, and tell us to "stay classy" when the Palins have no class? $arah Palin sunk HERSELF! Her poll numbers are SHIT, and she will never be POTUS! That crazy broad has no business even thinking about running for president, if she gets so wound up over a blogger! I have never seen suck freaks in my life! The Palins destroyed themselves!

  168. Anonymous7:55 AM

    In other news, Bristol was Homecoming and Prom Queen. In her Valedictorian address at her high school graduation Bristol recalled saving her classmates from the terrible fire that would have killed them all, and how she single-handedly saved the school from economic disaster with the proceeds from her alcohol and sex free parties (you didn't think people got in for free at something related to the Palins now, did you?).

    It has also been announced that Sarah Palin's miraculous Trig birth, coming as it did on the heels of her tubal ligation, and with Todd on the slopes at his oil rig job, has been deemed by her church to be a virgin birth, and the child Trig is THE second coming of Christ. From henceforth Sarah will be known as Holy Sarah, Mother of God.

    The Palins really do like to stretch the bullshit meter, don't they?

  169. Anonymous7:55 AM

    To discuss her personal sexual history, and by the nature of the thing, someone else's; and in the process to disparage the father of her child in such a public way displays an utter lack of decorum.

    Levi needs to sue for defamation and call to the stand any and all of her sexual partners.

  170. Ratfish7:55 AM

    With their about to be approved trademarks, Sarah and Bristol Palin will be marketing "Palin Panties."

    They come with one wine cooler, and two hours after putting on they create such an intense itch that you simply must pull your pants off and DO IT!

  171. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I doubt Levi was her first PRE-gnant.

  172. Anonymous7:56 AM


  173. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Seems like there is no end to all the "palin baggage." Sadly, they seem to be able to keep getting away with it. Bristol has learned a lot from her famous mother, and it's not good. Little Tripp is the one who will really suffer from this.

  174. I am stunned by how bad she looks after her pathetic plastic surgery. Good doctors know that the face you have should be altered very little when making someone a little younger or prettier. The basic face God gave you will look right, not what she asked for!

  175. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Serpent's Heart @6:41 - I suggest you bring a copy of Frank Bailey's book and cover it with the cover of Bristol's book. That way you won't have to contribute to her chin maintenance.

  176. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Look at that top picture of Bristol and tell me she doesn't look like Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers!!!

    These were kids and she's mad that Levi was young? And much much better looking than her.

  177. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Dear Bristol,

    My hope is that you will learn to love yourself the way that I love you. I can tell you still have feelings for Levi or you wouldn't feel the need to talk badly about him. I hope you will understand that I made you beautiful and you don't need any more plastic surgery, unless you want to reverse what you have done already.

    Your Heavenly Father

  178. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I have always tried to be empathetic to Bristol. Growing up with a narcissist for a mom can really screw you up. I was hoping she was getting away from her family and the lies to try to be a better person. I guess I was dead wrong and I have no sympathy for her.

    Bristol what a terrible selfish human being you are. Do you have any idea or do you care how this book will effect your son when he is older?? What you did, reaming out and lying about the father of your child is despicable.
    God knows each of your lies Bristol and you are now headed for a life of unhappiness.

    What an immature self-serving thing to do Bristol. Big mistake!!

  179. Anonymous8:13 AM

    @5:00 AM

    (Yawn) It won't work, troll. $arah Palin has spent the last 3 years trying to get Americans to love her, to no avail. Bri$tol's mother has released books, done t.v. shows, a documentary (yet to be released) etc. in order to get the "truth out," and guess what? It didn't work! Her poll numbers are still SINKING. People still don't like $arah Palin. The more people see her, the more they don't like her. It won't work for Bri$tol, either. In real life, most people don't give a shit about Bri$tol Palin, or her family, or Levi Johnston. People are sick of all of them.


    People have already noticed the hypocrisy Palin's. $arah Palin can trash the President, bloggers, and the media, and anyone on her enemies list, Bri$tol can trash Levi Johnston, some guy on a Facebook page, etc. but then the Palins cry foul when anyone "trashes" them. What an arrogant bunch they are.

  180. Anonymous8:15 AM

    So, you mean to tell me that after the 'first time' in a tent, she would not remember anything and would not know what had happened until she heard him talking to his buddies about it? You mean to tell me that you were not sore 'down there' and possibly even bleeding? Yeah. Right. And I have a street to nowhere to sell you.

  181. Olivia8:16 AM

    That first photo of her with her new chin makes her look like she has false teeth and doesn't have the bottom plate in.

  182. Anonymous8:17 AM

    "i thought bristol and levi were going to get married (as it was presented to american public on the RNC stage)....that they had rings and everything."

    If that was all a charade, why wouldn't it stand to reason that everything else they do is, too?

  183. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Although biologically possible, I still find it HIGHLY interesting that Tripp looks like neither of his parents.

  184. Anonymoose8:18 AM

    Apparently she claims that the reason they broke up after the reengagement was because Levi told her he got another girl pregnant. Is this true or more lies and slander??

  185. Anonymous8:19 AM

    @5:20 AM

    Don't judge a family that is always judging OTHER people? Whatever. Who cares how many pages the book is? The book is trash.

  186. Chenagrrl said...

    Bristol, doll. David Hasselhoff called, he wants his chin back.

    5:11 AM

    Laughed so hard at that! Maybe all those BJs she performed caused her jaw to go out of alignment. Could happen. Just like her "lost virginity story." I remember hearing that same tripe when I was younger and someone I know would get pregnant. It was always the first time or they were drunk/stoned out of their minds. (Yeah, going on a camping trip with a bunch of teenaged boys, alcohol, and drugs is a sure-fire way to hold onto your virginity - if it wasn't already gone.)

  187. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Don't be too hard on Bristol. She was a good girl. She had to lie to her parents about where she was going to protect the rest of the gang. She couldn't not put that bottle neck to her lips, cause it would make all the other drinkers uncomfortable. She couldn't very well not put out, after all the work Levi did putting up the tent and expecting a little fun. She had very little options folks.

    Face it folks, Levi is a gnat!! And good girl Bristol is just protecting her family reputation, don't cha know?

  188. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Which "Trig" is this?

  189. Anonymous8:23 AM

    "A ghat is pretty tame. Gnats are annoying and cling to things. I agree with the description. Levi can't say 2 words about it. He said worse things about her family. Bristol has said she doesn't like needy guys."

    @5:23 AM

    $arah Palin, Bri$tol, and the rest of thier family have been a giant gnat annoying America. Go away, Palins!

  190. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hot mess.

    White trash hot mess.

    Next up is an appearance on My Big Redneck Wedding?

  191. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Oh Snap! Bristol just outed herself (Thanks 5:28 and others about April camping and freezing temps!)about her first pregnancy being Trig. It all makes sense now about summer camping. Well, that's what happens when you talk too much. It was bound to happen. Thanks chinstrap!

  192. London Bridges8:28 AM

    Bristol's book not only promotes teenage sex it also promotes teenage drinking at ages 15-16.


    Who needs to do 8 positive pregnancy tests before they are convinced they are pregnant?

    It's ludicrous.

    This sound like something that a person on some kind of stoned, drug haze would do!

    no other explanation.

    Bris: Mom, can I have money so I can buy a pregnancy test?
    Sarah: sure honey!
    Hour later: Bris: Mom can I have money to buy a pregnancy test?
    Sarah: I just gave you money an hour ago.
    Bris: Oh, it's for Willow.
    Sarah: Sure sweetie!
    Another hour later. ....

  193. Anonymous8:29 AM

    LEVI: DEFEND YOUR NAME! She accused you of rape. Find a GOOD lawyer that can help you in this defamation issue.

  194. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Wow, the Palins sure are busy commenting on this story today. Gryph, you'll probably be up to 500comments on this one. Did you hit a nerve? This family can't get any more dysfunctional.

  195. Anonymous8:29 AM

    "A ghat is pretty tame. Gnats are annoying and cling to things. I agree with the description. Levi can't say 2 words about it. He said worse things about her family. Bristol has said she doesn't like needy guys."

    @5:23 AM

    "Wah! Levi did it, too!"

    But, accusing someone of rape, without any proof to back it up, isn't "pretty tame." Rape is a serious offence. Bri$tol better have proof to back it up, or her ass could end up in serious legal trouble. It's hard to believe someone from a family who is always crying wolf...

  196. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Bristol explains the chin disfigurement:

    "I was using the Preparation H just as directed for my chapped lips. I woke up the next morning and this chinny, chin chin appeared."

  197. Anonymous8:34 AM

    The Palinbots seem very upset!!

    They are calling us names!!? Lol! It just shows how low IQ stupid they are, my God!

    Levi has never once said a bad word about Brisket. His comments about Sarah were all true!

    To the person who implied they knew Levi " back then" and that Bristols description was accurate, bull shit! You don't even know these people, do you!

    Whenever the the thick skulled Palinbots start whining like they are and cutting Gryphen down, it's because they know everyone will laugh at the Palins because it's just more lies
    Yep the poor poor Palinbots put their faith in the wrong person and wrong family. Sarah has been bilking them and they are finally, well maybe getting that and they are freaking out.
    I don't feel sorry for you stupid racist fools. The Palinbots are truly a group of people to be pitied for their naivety.
    Except most of them are so nasty and stupid, I don't feel an ounce of compassion. Keep sending Sarah your social security checks. Maybe one day you will wake up and see how foolish you have been. Will you apologize to us? To Jessie? Mercedes? Frank Bailey? And every other person you have tried to destroy in the name of a false prophet?

    Sarah is the anti-Christ and Bristol and Todd are right there with her. I will pray that Piper and Willow get counseling so they don't end up like mama and satanic daughter.

  198. Anonymous8:36 AM

    "Well, the only real evidence of Bristol's schooling is the Juneau honor roll listing in 07. Otherwise, we have no say in that. Also, there's no real proof that she was promiscuous. Assuming that is easy when there's hate in your heart. I believe Levi was the first. She was too busy for anything before that relationship. I just wish they'd all be honest and state that the relationship didn't begin until 07.

    I hope you all remember your comments here when Levi's book blasts Sarah. No different. Don't be a hypocrit. And HIS ghostwriters are Palin haters."

    @5:27 AM

    I hope you remember YOUR comments here whenever the abrasive, and hateful, $arah Palin bashes the President, bloggers, the media, fake Americans, and anyone else on her shit list. The same goes with Bri$tol when she trashes Levi Johnston, or anyone. I don't care what Levi Johnston said. Two wrongs don't make a right... Unless it's the Palin's of course, right? Fucking hypocrite.

  199. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Wonder if the Chin is courting the fun die crowd?

    Basically saying Tripp is a product of rape, but she walked the walk and didn't abort him.

    Good to know that Tripp is a product of rape. Thanks for sharing.

  200. Anonymous8:44 AM

    "Dude, let's face it, no matter where you fall in the whirlwind that is Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston is still a douche.

    I only know this because I work with plenty of people whose kids grew up with and went to school with him, and universally they say that he's a douchebag.

    Just sayin......"

    @5:45 AM

    The Palins are douchbags, too. They are perfect for each other.

    Just sayin...


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