Monday, July 11, 2011

What exactly is the message Sarah Palin is sending America with her Newsweek photo shoot? And is it the one she THINKS she is sending?

Finally what this country needs! A Presidential candidate they can masturbate to!

Or perhaps this pose will make you want to pull your lever and vote for me. If you get my drift. 

Or how about a saucy, windblown look? I believe this is just how Ronald Reagan pushed his breasts out to save America.

Come and get some boys...uh  I mean get some conservative common sense principles to run this country. 

Or perhaps the small town mom/ public servant is more to your liking? I can fake that too!

See? I am just like any Alaskan gal. I even just finished peeing in the fireweed.

This is my best demure pose, though it makes me look constipated. But I bet you still want me don't you? To be your President I mean!

I cannot believe that this woman believes that posing like a sex kitten is going to truly improve her political standing.  Look I am a man, and believe me I know we can be idiots sometimes, but you would have to be a complete imbecile (who was just released from prison) for this to work on you.

Personally  I am insulted. And if I were a woman, I would be doubly insulted.

The women's rights movement in this country worked for decades to FINALLY be taken seriously, and to receive equal treatment at their jobs along with their male co-workers. And this Playboy Playmate wannabe is destroying that hard work every time she portrays the female politician as a publicity seeking, dimwitted, bimbo.

(All photos courtesy of the Daily Beast.)


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    So much Photoshop. So little time.

  2. Between her and Bachmann they've set the women's movement back more than 50 years.

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Is she trying to look better than Michelle? Michelle is not giving her crown back to Sarah...

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    She apparently thinks Mrs. President and Mrs. America are synonymous.

  5. The photos scream:
    "Take me seriously! I'm sexy!".
    Also very skinny, which some consider a virtue, I guess.

    I think Palin is going to play it like this:
    Magazine love letter and sexy pics, then the propaganda film.
    Next, needle the budget talks with innuendo.
    Then, once a deal is passed, declare against it and announce that she is running.
    Let's watch!

  6. How sad. She just doesn't get it, does she. Hey, Toad, is this what you mean.......something else we can all laugh at? Scara doesn't want to be taken seriously, she just wants to be pretty.

  7. Anonymous10:44 AM

    What these photos show is that she is a narcissist willing to spend a lot of time posing like a model rather than doing important work. Not what she intended, but that will be the take away of many: pretty to look at but not a person to be taken seriously.

  8. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I cant stand this woman, but this just makes me sad.
    She's pitiful.

    And, really...that one pic sitting on the dock -
    Who hangs their foot off into the water while wearing
    running shoes??

    As a professional woman, I am appalled.
    She sets us back decades.

  9. Anonymous10:47 AM

    BARFFF!!!! How ridiculous is she?!?

  10. Anonymous10:49 AM

    But don't you see what an important breakthrough this is? Now I can segue seamlessly from Baywatch to the State of the Union address without missing a stroke!

  11. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Sarah, I know you read this, so let me speak for all of us real Americans--WE DO NOT LIKE YOU!!! WE THINK YOU ARE AN IDIOT!! PLEASE GO AWAY!!!!!!!

  12. Olivia10:50 AM

    The only thing missing is the pole.

  13. My Response to Sarah Palin10:51 AM


  14. Anonymous10:55 AM

    All I have to say,is that while those pictures may be posed like a sex kitten, Sarah Palin does not look sexy.

    She looks underweight, old & used.

    Look at her! Huge head, an aging grandma face, bony neck - and they all completely negate her silicone boobs.

  15. Anonymous10:56 AM

    She looks like a slut..

  16. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Why is a "Family Values" candidate photographed without the family? This is a scam. I think from the time she started entering beauty contests she dreamed of being a "Cover Girl" and it's finally come

  17. I see an inappropriately posed woman who claims she wants to be taken seriously.

  18. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I googled the photographer Emily Shur and her celebrity photos are Very "soft" porn. So, its obvious why Newsweek hired her as a photographer.

    Perhaps the lip closed look is supposed to say "serious," not just tired. Were these taken before the eyebrow lift?

  19. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Looks like an aging wannabe Victoria's Secret model to me...

    I agree with what someone wrote on a previous thread -- this little nonsense article was Stupid's way of threatening to get into the race and split the vote unless they pay her off and/or keep making her seem relevant. No wonder the lie about Trig's origins hasn't been exposed.

  20. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Is Sarah Palin trying out for America's Next Top Model: The over 45 cycle?!? This isn't presidential it's pathetic!

  21. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I am not an expert, but is that a wig on her head?


  22. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Craving attention to her body before it fades away. It's a sure sign of menopause. She is in the last throes of youth, everything is going south from here and she is desperate to hold on. I remember it well.

    What is sad for her, is that women come through menopause with much more awareness of themselves and the world. We may have lost our looks to a degree, but our brains carry us the rest of the way- provided we have not neglected that aspect of our persona.

  23. $arah must have been jealous when Tim Paw said that Batshit Bachmann had "sex appeal".
    So in order to one up Batshit, this is what she has done.
    Posed like a wanna-be Playboy Centerfold.

    Do you think if Playboy asked her and the price was right, she would actually do it??

  24. Anonymous11:04 AM

    That is one big-headed woman.

  25. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Come on, Gryph. Don't you remember all those "come hither" photo shoots Margaret Thatcher did? You can't be a female head of state if you're not S-E-X-Y.

    But seriously, folks, Sarah Palin is a low-class, light-weight, shallow, frivolous wannabe.

  26. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Sarah Palin is actually running for the position of Hugh Hefner's next wife.

  27. Virginia Voter11:07 AM

    Oooh, those pictures are quite TITillating, huh?

    What a package, aging face, bony chest, mismatched clothes, and huuuge boobies. Nothing says presidential like some oversized breasts. Fabulous, the mockery will make Grandma Grizzly more insane than she usually is.

  28. Anonymous11:09 AM

    She looks deranged. Even the palinbots know her breasts are fake. But sarah must be thinking: ¨What if they were real? This is what I would look like. Aren´t I vivacious? They must be real. Surely so! They are real! Look at them! Look at me!¨ No, sarah, you look like someone intent of deceiving yourself.

  29. Gryphen, you captions here, like the ones on Briskit's book signing, are hilarious.

  30. Anonymous11:10 AM

    HAHAHAHA, are these collectible posters? The rugged gal, next issue: the sexy librarian?!? LMAO!

    This woman can't be seriously thinking of running for POTUS?

    She's come undone.

  31. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I still can't get over the hilarity (and creepiness) of this comparison:

    The Demon Child of Wasilla Returns!

  32. imnofred11:11 AM

    She wants to be taken seriously in politics so she does a propaganda movie and a reality show about herself and now the wannabe model??

    When she finally fades away into obscurity, she can write a book titled "Things to do that will kill your chances for being President."

  33. Anonymous11:12 AM

    The message sarah is sending is she spends a lot of time alone, staring at herself in a full-length mirror, and striking pose after pose after pose.

    And she has been doing it since middle school.

  34. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Fake boobs, cheap wigs, anorexic body and not a thought in her (huge yet empty) head... pathetic.

  35. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Wow, she really thinks she is something doesn't she.
    Blah ha ha. what is she 12 mentally, You betcha!
    I thought her fox contract denied her interviews with other media outlets?
    She can win at bingo maybe but other than that she is a loser quitter queen, I thought she had Jury duty Blah ha ha thats right she is also a habitchual Liar.

  36. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Isn't this the same woman who was upset and called it sexist when a pic of her in running shorts was used on the cover of a previous Newsweek? And now she's posing for them again?????

  37. Anjaak11:14 AM

    I am done with the Daily Beast/Newsweek. I have been boycotting Huffpost, not I am losing DB! Where will I get my flaming liberal news!(I may still check in with Sullivan from time to time!)

    I think this election season needs more butter & salt, as the republicans fight it out.

  38. Anonymous11:15 AM

    LOL, well, at least we know she still has the "Belmont" water bra!

  39. Agree with 10:55. This does not say "sexy" to me. It says "trying WAY too hard to be sexy because I have nothing else to offer." Bobblehead, weird and not especially attractive clothes, vapid expressions, overly skinny (meth?) body with variously-sized breasts, hardened face. There's no "there" there.

  40. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I wonder if she knows she got played by the newsweek photographer? You can't deny she looks absolutely horrible in these pictures. This I know to be true. You have to admit she is an ugly woman.

  41. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Does this IDIOT think she is still in the running for Miss Alaska?

    When will we see fat ass Bristol pose like this?

  42. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Nothing says presidential gravitas like doing a spread for the Eddie Bauer Mature Pre-ops special edition catalog.

  43. Anonymous11:16 AM

    She couldn't even get work at LL Bean with that look. All tits and ass. Do people really want that in their President?

  44. Anonymous11:16 AM

    "Do you think if Playboy asked her and the price was right, she would actually do it??"

    She's too old and not blonde enough for Hefner's taste.

    Penthouse might give her a try, if not, maybe Juggs!

  45. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Wonder if the payment for Snowdrift Slut & Brisket Slut's hair extensions are paid for by the PAC? It's a permanent accessory by the two.

  46. Anonymous11:18 AM

    These pics scream, "hey, I may not have the sexy curves to fill out my pants, but check out what this cool gel bra does for the girls!"

    What they DON'T say is: Your Next President.

    How embarrassing for her and Newsweak.

    She thought the pantyhose on flag pics were sexist, but these are fine???

  47. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I rarely blog, but set one up a while ago for a place to vent.
    I hope you don't mind, but I thought you might enjoy a post I wrote on that subject back in 2008.

  48. wakeUpAmerica11:18 AM

    Surely you could have used, "Drill, Baby, drill" on at least one of those pictures.

  49. Anonymous11:19 AM

    What's really sad for her is that more people are talking about the pictures than about the ghost-written warning to actual politicians. I don't think anyone in DC is even reading her any more...let alone worrying for a second about what she thinks. Sarah, dear, you are finished...and it had nothing to do with the media, Obama, or the haters. It's all about are a loser...again.

  50. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I am depressed to learn the two reasons I like Sarah are fake and water filled.

    Sarah has BIG TITS when she needs them.

  51. Anonymous11:19 AM

    ick,ick...playboy next!!

  52. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I'm guessing she can get super bucks for some real skin. They'd sell millions of copies. Too bad we don't have a magazine with the guts to ask and pay her off.

  53. angela11:20 AM

    Uuummmm, why is her head so gigantic if there's nothing in it? She looks like one of those LOVE IS characters.

    I'm kind of embarrassed for Sarah (never thought I'd say that) because of the photos she let the photographer take of her. Who except for her bots and the politically clueless takes this sad woman seriously? And forget about her interview, that just makes me more embarrassed for her.

  54. lilly lily11:20 AM

    The fake boobies are getting bigger. She is an 32 A and these are double DD.or even triple DDD.

    I guess she is being serious, her mouth is closed.

    I think I know where the name tripp comes from now. Bristol was Tripple DDD at the nomination in Meghans McCains purloined or borrowed Empire dress.

  55. SusieQ11:21 AM

    I know, Sarah, get a job and actually DO something.

  56. Anonymous11:21 AM

    She doesn't want to actually BE president.
    She wants the ATTENTION that it generates.
    She wants to be a celebrity.
    She won't get film shoots if she's not a "presidential candidate".
    She won't get magazine spreads. No Newsweek covers. No reality TV shows. No Red Carpet events. No elite parties. No White House Correspondents dinners.
    It's her currency. It's what she trades on. It's what keeps the celebrite.
    Otherwise, she has nothing.

    She is shoplifting the American political office democratic process. She is profiting from public perception without actually running for office.
    America is letting her.

  57. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Oh, Gryphen, now she's gonna scream sexism...

    Look at me posing inappropriately but don't comment on it unless it's positive. Because I'm sexy, wait, take me seriously, see my boobs? Don't mention them, just look at them and vote for me.

  58. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Doesn't Sarah Palin have people looking out for her best interests?!? Seriously, who gave this photo-shoot the green light?

    I'm surprised Sarah Palin didn't use the "pucker up, buttercup" MySpace pose. That's the level that these photos place her.

  59. Gasman11:24 AM

    Could there possibly be a better reason to consign Newsweek to the dustbin of history?

    How is portraying Palin like the dirty old GOP man's answer to Viagra even anything close to journalism?

    Fuck Newsweek.

  60. Anonymous11:24 AM

    A dog would use her as a fire hydrant!!

    There is nothing 'sexy' looking about her. Never has been.

    Not only did she not learn anything from her 'whack-a-mole' education, or from her fake political positions as she had to hire others to carry out the work - but she didn't pay any attention to the rag mags she reads as these photos are nothing like the models and those pictures she looks at as we know she can't read.

    This is further evidence of her being devoid of a brain.

  61. The first in-the-woods photo of her in the pink top reminded me of a "Come into the woods with me, big boy," kind of pose. Very presidential.

  62. Anon 10:36AM - I agree with you. Photoshop much? it's almost cartoonish.

  63. Vanity, thy name is Sarah. My take is that she wants to believe she still "has it," whatever "it" is. These are the kinds of photos one sees in young women's Facebook albums when they are trying to get attention. So sad for someone who is supposed to be an adult to act like a teenager.

    But, good for the American people that she does this sort of thing. The more inappropriate she acts, the less chance of her being a political contender ever again.

  64. Beldar Level Conehead11:33 AM

    I like how the "windblown look" shot has her aligned vertically - Sarah Straight & Tall - but the water/horizon is tilting off to the Far Right...

    C'mon, guys, ya have to admit it's easy to see how a rapidly aging babe like this would have appealed to a crotchety 100+ year old former crash pilot like Gramps McCain. On this one, 47 is the new 55.

  65. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Wedding ring?

  66. Anonymous11:34 AM

    but you would have to be a complete imbecile (who was just released from prison) for this to work on you.


    Even Todd won't go near her stuff, he rather pay for his sex. I wonder how that make Sarah feel?

  67. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I've noticed in almost every recent photo of her she seems to need to have her shirt unbuttoned as far as she can. Hillary had a low v-neck shirt under a blazer and it was the talk of the news -- especially conservative talk shows for weeks. They said it was not appropriate.

    Yet, crickets on the horrible things she wears - never the right thing at the right place. She cannot even wear shoes the right size.

  68. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Where is her wedding ring?

  69. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Sarah Palin: pinup girl for the geriatric set. Not a contender for the presidency.

  70. laprofesora11:37 AM

    All of these photos are targeting her 'bots and have the same message:

    SEND ME THE $$$$$!!!!

  71. Anonymous11:39 AM

    The BOOBS (TM) are BACK!!

  72. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Gotta love the jowels, though!

  73. Anonymous11:39 AM

    It's obvious why the RNC had to spend $200,000 to make Granny LuLu and her family look presentable. Seriously. Doesn't Anchorage have a Nordstrom? Can't she ask a salesperson to pick out an outfit for her that would be professional? Or is she so cheap that she'd rather where a giveaway from a gym?

    This woman has absolutely no judgment. She'll fly across country in premature active labor with a known special-needs child, and she'll wear her grubbies to present herself as presidential material?

    The people who support her, just how badly do they hate America?

  74. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I'm trying to imagine the reaction of Republican women like Christie Todd Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Condolezza Rice, Olympia Snowe, etc.. if someone asked them to pose for pictures like these.

    It's funny how the above women know that poitraits of themselves need to say "polished professional woman" instead of "50% off sale on push-up bras".

  75. Anonymous11:40 AM

    "I am not an expert, but is that a wig on her head?"




    Totally looks like a (bad) wig to me.

  76. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Sarah must be ashamed of Trig. A real mother with a child like Trig would have him in at least one of her many shots.

    Maybe Sarah is trying to tell us that Trig is not her birth child?

  77. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Did she do these photos while "on jury-duty"?

  78. Anonymous11:42 AM

    It's disgusting and pathetic!
    Even with dark circles under her eyes from working her butt off and bad hair days, Hilary Clinton is much more beautiful than this mess of a woman. It's what's under that skull that matters!

  79. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Fifth photo down, two words..."Leona Hensley." The Queen of Mean

  80. Anonymous11:42 AM

    "Is she trying to look better than Michelle? Michelle is not giving her crown back to Sarah..."

    The only Michelle that is really good looking is the First Lady. She looks fit, healthy, beatiful, and put-together at all times.

  81. Anonymous11:45 AM

    COCKEYED? WIG? Didn't she lose the MISS ALASKA beauty pageant to a Beautiful, more educated, and classy woman?

  82. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Olivia said...
    The only thing missing is the pole.

    10:50 AM

    Sarah has been calling Levi all day and he told her he isn't into having sex with cadavers.

  83. Anonymous11:45 AM

    MaryB, yes, I think that Pawlenty remark about MB did it.
    No, I'm not jealous of sp, I admit she looks better than I do, but I hate that she could wield power of any degree in this country. Women, stand up to this! Even when their only comeback is that we are jealous! We have worked to hard for too many years to let this bimbo tear us down.

  84. Sarah Palin complaining that Newsweek is sexist in 3..2..1..

  85. Anonymous11:47 AM

    "Sittin' on the dock of the bay/
    "Wastin' time..."

    Forgive me, Otis! But this line also fits perfectly: "I can't do what ten people tell me to/So I guess I'll remain the same..."


  86. Oh for Pete's sake!

    She looks like she's posing for her high school senior pictures.

    Where is the one where she looks wistfully off camera with her chin in her hand? Or looks at the petals of a flower in contemplation?

    Give me a break, Newsweek. YOU SUCK!

  87. Didn't she lose the last beauty pageant she participated in? Perhaps, in her childlike mind, she is sending the message that she can win what she considers the biggest pageant ever, the one for the title of, President of the United States.

  88. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Is Sarah posing for her daddy Creepy Chuckie?

  89. Anonymous11:49 AM

    How much was she paid for this? How low can Newsweak go,they already are in the gutter.

  90. Anonymous11:54 AM

    @10:36 AM


  91. Anonymous11:54 AM

    At least she's no longer experimenting with the sleeveless look she sported late last year.

  92. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I LOVE BELDAR "it changes" CONEHEAD!! Thank you for all of the great laughs!

  93. Anonymous11:56 AM

    When are Sarah's Playboy centerfold pictures coming out?

    Will avowed "slut" Bristol ever equal Sarah's unparalleled sluttiness?

    Will Todd get off (on) that prostitute he's messing with and use these photos to pimp Sarah on Craigslist?

    So many questions, it's a shame Sarah won't provide her schedule to the press, enquiring minds want to know.

  94. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Water bra.... what's next for Sarah... a chin extension too?

  95. Anonymous11:56 AM

    OMG..can you see ANY SERIOUS woman posing for shots like this? I wonder if Newsweek had her pose this way to discredit her to Americans with a brain.

    Sarah, you've been HAD (in the most pure, conservative sense, of course)! LOL!! (What a slut!) I'm sure Willow and Piper will learn something from this.

  96. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Looks like a JCPenny 40% off summer sale circular.

  97. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Where is her wedding ring?

    11:34 AM

    Sarah is waiting for Hugh Hefner to propse so she can pull a Anna Nicole on him and get his money.

    Bristol said, "No way bitch, I seen him first!"

  98. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Frank Bailey on O'Reilly --

  99. Anonymous12:04 PM

    My Goodness!!

    What, oh what, did these pics look like BEFORE photoshop?


  100. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Sarah already paid for a photographer for her photo op with Margaret Thatcher and since Thatcher said helllll noooo... Sarah thought what the heck, I'll just pose by myself.

  101. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Somebody should have told her that gray is not her color. oh yeah, she's a maverick and does things her own way.

  102. Anonymous12:05 PM

    i thought she wore red suits that everybody copies--michelle bachman for one. why the tacky getup? can't show the boobs in the red suit?

  103. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I wonder if those old white men will send her their social security checks, she is one sick idiot to pose for these photos after Bristol has told everyone about a Palin having sex in a tent.

    These two are just selling sex.

  104. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Why does she have Shape-ups on her feet? I real runner wouldnt wear those.

  105. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn12:06 PM

    Damn, they must have worked on her for hours before the shoot. And afterwards, with a little P-shop magic.

    Or perhaps it's more recent, uh, "work"? Anyway, her wig is looking way better than the limp water rat she usually wears.

    Perhaps this is her idea of a portfolio for a future Kardashian or "Real Housewives"-style reality show? "Hey, any producers out there! Pick me, pick me!" She'd still have her sheeple fans to follow her into oblivion.

  106. Anonymous12:07 PM

    HA HA HA Sarah.....

    Wasn't Margaret Thatcher suppose to be in this photo op?

    How sad :(

  107. Baywatch Babe Palin 2012!!!

    That's the message these photos are sending. Ridiculous - for a Prez Candidate that is. Entirely appropriate for a Playboy Bunny audition, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model audition, Fashion Mag Perky Americana Gal get the point.

    Palin obviously doesn't.

  108. Anonymous12:10 PM

    The reason she looks so bad is because she wants to let her bots know that she is just one of them.

    The boobs - well, she knows those turn on all the men who can stomach her voice.

    OMG, make it stop.

  109. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I'm surprised Mrs. Palin let A Bil Maher fan take her picture.

    Or that she's an Obama supporter:

  110. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I can win? Based on these photos, I'd guess she's planning to run for Miss Wasilla know, the pageant she couldn't win when she was younger and actually semi-attractive.

    Sarah Palin is reasonably attractive for her age, but women Sarah Palin's age are typically mature enough to want to be prized for their intellect, not their bra size. Those that aren't wind up on those "Real Housewife" shows and

    About the only thing Sarah Palin is likely to win is a Raspberry for her "performance" in "The Undefeated," infomercial.

  111. emrysa12:13 PM

    hahahaa doesn't the quitter understand that when 50-year-old grannies try to pose like teen models that they just look stupid and pathetic? embarrassing. that one of her by the palin sign reeks of paranoia, surely that's not the emotion that she thought she was displaying. FAIL.

  112. The photographer is lame12:15 PM

    But she is an EPIC FAIL at both sex pussy and looking POTUS-y. Shouldn't she be sitting BEHIND A DESK, walking to A MEETING, and maybe a few poses with the kids? These look like LAME senior pics taken by an amateur. Can't Newsweek afford better?

  113. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hmmm...she looks pregnant to me. At least 7 and 1/2 months along...just like last time, with Trig.

  114. DaleinSanAngelo12:15 PM

    Maybe she is getting ready for her next career as a Walmart catalog model.

  115. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn12:15 PM

    Wait a sec...I just looked at the pix again and figured it out (forehead-palm). Her new wig 'do screams !!!BACHMANN!!!

  116. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Love how photoshop took that ugly watch off her wrist in the middle of the gray-top photos.

  117. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Freepers got the tissues and lotion ready. But when they saw the Newswek cover photo, their paranoid state overpowered the starbursts from the image.

    From the FreeRepublic (freeper) website (and these ARE plainbots!):

    "that’s an unflattering picture.
    Take a close look at it. It almost looks like a man’s face.
    I wonder if they photoshopped that to look less than flattering."
    8 posted on July 10, 2011 1:37:27 PM EDT

    "The wrists look masculine too. I’d be surprised if those scumbags didn’t Photoshop that picture."
    19 posted on July 10, 2011 1:42:13 PM EDT

    "Exactly...they doctored it. She is so beautiful in person...I have seen her up close and can attest to her gorgeousness!"
    30 posted on July 10, 2011 1:46:25 PM EDT

    "Of course they did. You don't think they want her perfect face on the cover of their biased magazine do you? We can expect all sorts of unflattering pictures of our Sarah when she runs."
    47 posted on July 10, 2011 1:53:36 PM EDT

    "Those aren’t Palin’s hands. Look closely at them. The back of the hands are extremely hairy. In all her the pictures that have her in a t-shirt, sweatshirt or casual there is no watch.
    Unless they caught her during a workout, she doesn’t wear a watch. She wears a bangle on her left wrist."
    97 posted on July 10, 2011 2:21:19 PM EDT

    MUCH MORE - they are OBSESSED with her looks, and ONLY her looks:

  118. Anonymous12:17 PM

    That 3rd picture the one with clouds all around her face and she lookimg to the side. It doesn't look real, it looks like a painting.( her features). Funny isn't it how she and brisdull are such christians they look to god for guidence. Did he tell Sarah to always use sex in her dealings pictiure and such. Did he tell brisdull to go on DWST and do all that simulated sex? Did he tell Brisdull to write her book abt things we don't need or want to know abt? I think they both think as long s you throw some sex into the mix no one is going to ask any hard questions, I guess it worked.

  119. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I am a woman and I am doubly insulted by this woman's vanity. I think she is still trying to win that beauty contest she lost decades ago.

  120. Anonymous12:19 PM

    She looks rode hard and put away wet and then molded in the closet. She really has a hard look about herself.

  121. Did anyone else notice this from the Newskweek's article online? No mention of Trig as her child...(this is the 2nd page of the article)

    "Track, the eldest son, who was deployed in Iraq during the 2008 campaign, is now married and running the family’s commercial fishing business in Alaska, living quietly out of the public eye. Willow, who turned 17 last week, seems amenable (“As long as her truck’s running, she’s fine,” Palin said), and Piper, who is 10, is a seasoned campaigner. Bristol’s all in. That leaves Todd, who sat in on part of the interview. “Do I want her to run?” he said. “It’s up to her. I mean, we’ll discuss it. But she’s definitely qualified to run this country. And she’s got a fire in the belly to serve.”

  122. Anonymous12:21 PM


  123. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Got this yet?

    $arah does have the kiss of death don't she.

    Posted it to the peepond just to see heads explod, LOL

    UK Lady.

  124. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Well, this serves her purposes to a T. It gets her attention and gets (some) people to talk about her. She thinks she looks like a sex kitten. She is loving it.

  125. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Psssst babe, you're sure aging badly!! Better get right in there and declare for POTUS before you look any older!

  126. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Only in America, that woman is an idiot.

  127. Anonymous12:27 PM

    This is a joke and these are photo-shopped, right?

  128. Is she looking to become the next face of L'Oreal or something? Maybe she wants to be the first supermodel to wear glasses?

    I look at these pictures and can't help thinking I don't want a rube in a sweatshirt running this country. I want someone that dresses and behaves professionally to represent our country. Someone that can dress appropriate to the occasion.

    I don't see that in these pics.

    The day this country makes a runner-up beauty queen the President is the day I make a permanent move to Canada or Costa Rica.

  129. You nailed it! And I am insulted that Newsweek should think this is the look of a modern professional woman.

  130. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Snowdrift appears to be being courted by the pharma company that produces 'Viagra'.

    Next pic we see of Limbaugh - be careful of his 'rocket'.

  131. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Insulted from day one.

    This is ALL about Michelle having "sex appeal"...I'd bet on it...I'd bet a LOT on it.

  132. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Sarah, you can pose and prance and preen all you want. You'll NEVER be good enough - not for anyone in the USA, in the world or in the universe.

    You'll NEVER be good enough.

  133. Anonymous12:41 PM

    There is not enough Botox in the U.S. or anything else needed to 'fix' this.

    You can't fix stupid!!!

  134. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Sarah .. you fucking whore.

    How much is Edge Sports paying you to advertise for them?

  135. Anonymous12:43 PM

    It's evident she's cheap. She still buys her wigs at Walmart!!

  136. Anonymous12:43 PM


    Good find. Why the mention of all her children but the youngest?

  137. Anonymous12:43 PM

    She's been trolling for attention with her "seductive appeal" all her life. She is the classic narcissist.

  138. Anonymous12:45 PM

    This is your funniest post in recent memory!

    One more: Her hero Margaret Thatcher lap danced her way to the top too!

  139. Anonymous12:47 PM

    See I think maybe she's trying for sex kitten but can't pull it off. She lloks awkward, tense, and distrustful, to me. Especially in the one with the antler sign.

    I am of Palin's gender and generation. The photos in the pink shirt remind me of myself at 13, being asked by my dad to pose for photos to send to Grandma, when I felt shy and ugly and didn't want to have my picture taken.

    She looks uncomfortable and out of place in her own back yard. She might think she's being sexy, but her body language is saying something else.

  140. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I only hope that Newsweek editor Tina Brown intended to display Sarah Palin's complete and utter (not to mention udder) unsuitability for high public office or the public's admiration or trust - as a woman OR a professional politician.

    Palin is laughably, ridiculously, demonstrably unqualified, and this showcases not only this truth, but also Palin's alarming lack of self-awareness and understanding of appropriateness, boundaries or taste.

  141. Anonymous12:54 PM

    The 'Dead Head' of the 'Dead Lake'

  142. Anonymous12:54 PM

    What a poser! I am speechless. Can she possibly know how stupid she looks posing for these ridiculous pictures. She doesn't want to run, she want money and fame. Skanky looking hair and makeup and falsies. Yea, she's real serious. What a freaking joke.

  143. Virginia Voter12:55 PM

    Ha, ha, ha,....

    Maker of Slim Jims responds to Sarah Palin's traumatic experience:

    Wonder if Todd digs the Monster Stick with double the beef!

    What dipshits

  144. Anonymous12:56 PM

    OK, look at the actual cover of the magazine. Yes, yes, it's photoshopped. All magazine covers are--that's not my point. I think this strange attempt at being sexy picture is supposed to divert attention away from the mess Rupert Murdoch is in right now. He's her boss, remember? After all, that is the giant headline at the top of this magazine cover. Maybe the purpose of choosing this photo is to distract so no one reads that article. "Look, look at my boobies. My giant boobies are thrust right up in your face! Look at me!" That could be the reasoning for such an undignified, unpresidential pose. Distraction, pure and simple.

  145. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Why no smile? Why the sexpot pout?

    Newsweek has some splainin' to do. That kind of spread is a little saucy for a presidential hopeful don't they think? Or sexist? Do the MEN pose in ways to say "come and get me" (not talking about texting antics). But serious good character contenders who care nothing more than working in public service and feel challenged to make a difference?

    It's like let's see Sarah posing in different Caribou Barbie poses, with complete Alaska trailblazer set. She can bend any way you want her to.

  146. Anonymous1:05 PM

    First to qualify myself. I am an avid and addicted reader of your blog for several years now. I admire your tenacity w/SP and hard work to reveal the truth and to provide this info. to the sane voters in America. As we know Sp buries herself , all the time. My one time comment to your post is the emphasis you are putting and the verbage of masturbating to her pics. We all know she uses her sexuality, however I believe it is far reaching to say she is posing as if she were in Playboy. She is in carharts for gods sake..don't give her so much power by saying she is sexually posing. As a kid my significant other thought the womens underwear in the Sears and robuck was catalog was erotic..Guys will read what they want to..these are not shameless hussy pics...And I am not defending Sp..

  147. Anonymous1:05 PM

    She has no credibility whatsoever! She will never be taken seriously, EVER! Listen carefully Sarah, you are what we call a has-been, a never-will-be, so please, get the fuck over yourself, STFU and stay your ass home. Do the right thing, admit you're in over your head (yeah right!) and finish raising your family, if they'll have you! BTW, where the fuck has Trig been? Too inconvenient for you these days? You know we know, and EVERYONE will find out sooner or later.

  148. Anonymous1:06 PM

    It's unfortunate that Fox will say critics of these photos are sexists. The fact is, as a woman, I find her need to POSE very unsettling. She needs to choose what she wants to be, for I personally will NOT let her make new rules---she cannot have it both ways, she cannot be BOTH a serious political contender AND a sexual fantasy for immature men. She must choose.

  149. I tried to imagine the outcome if the other presidential candidates offered up their own series of 'candid' come-hither, vanity shots. How many minutes would elapse before we saw the countdown to the END of their campaign?

    It might make you dizzy but look at each photo again and substitute the faces of say, Pawlenty, Cain, Paul Jr or Sr, Perry over Paylin's.
    Not recommending a Newt image unless you have time to recover from a fall-down hysterical laughing fit.

    For the bonus round, substitute some casual men's wear -- speedo/mesh tee, cargo shorts/sandals, low slung levis/wife-beater tee. See how fun this is?

    Thx Mrs P, you never fail to amaze and entertain.

  150. Anonymous1:08 PM

    FYI: Brisket is on Leno on Thursday, July 14th.

    The interesting part is Don Rickles is on that night too!!! Please let Rickles be at his best!!

  151. Anonymous1:09 PM

    The real boob is visibly posing. The fake boob[s] is visible under the sweater. Really, with all her ill gotten loot, she can't get better falsies?

  152. Anonymous1:11 PM

    She has big ugly bony hands, and she looks 65 years old now.

  153. Anonymous1:15 PM

    wonder how many of those she put up on the wall in her AZ McMansion...the deluded woman probably carries around a portfolio full of her pics for her future career as a ?? instead of pics of her kids and grandkids

  154. There is something fundamentally creepy about the disconnect between the photos and the text. Sure, Sarah's thoughtless word salad matches the vacuousness of the photos, but the context of aspirations for national office and the unsaid implication of gravitas dramatically clashes with the cheesecake photos. Going with the "outdoorsy" carhartts and the ugly shoes does not reduce the utter cheesecakiness (or general cheesiness)of those photos. My friend who met her long ago and dubbed her a chest thruster is proven right once again with these photos. Presidential? Oh please.

  155. Dis Gusted1:19 PM

    Yeay Gryphen! FINALLY - someone gets it. I haven't read the comments yet, but my biggest gripe about Palin before babygate was the fact that she blatantly uses her sex.

    The winking, the flirting, the short skirts, the FM shoes - she's disgusting. She has single handedly tried to push the woman's movement into the closet.

    She can't do anything by herself. She needs a caretaker. Her husband ran the governor's office, she just mewed and played kitten.

    Her previous photo shoot with the camel toe posing over the flag was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. She broke flag etiquette and didn't care.

    Please please put this insane girl/woman away.

  156. Anonymous1:23 PM

    She looks like a chunky old hag in this recent pic 6/11)that's not photoshopped............LOL:

  157. Dis Gusted1:24 PM

    Uuummmm, why is her head so gigantic if there's nothing in it?


    LOL just read a study that claims the wider the face the bigger the liar.

    Her head is 28 inches around - the average head is 23 inches. That is why she has the bobble head look. Way back in the beginning, someone asked her head measurements to send her a custom made cowboy hat. When the number came back as 28", everyone roared with laughter. It was definitely a custom hat - there was nothing in stock......

  158. Anonymous1:25 PM

    OK, she's said several times in public that she and her family have been threatened so, doesn't she understand that keeping herself visible like this would not help this situation. What mom would take a chance? What mom considering a public service job keeps profiling her "FACE" and "BODY" on magazines?

    She just won't stay focused on national issues; all she seems to care about are her physical attributes.

  159. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Really- all she ever wanted was attention. She ended up in politics because she stood out there. She was enabled and used by the people around her. She never had any desire to do the real work. She'll keep going because she's never satisfied- how can she when her self worth comes from outside of herself. How sad is that.

  160. Merry1:28 PM

    I have never worried about anybody important taking Palin seriously. Nobody, and I mean nobody, with a synapse gives a s%#t about this hussy.

    I have been a part of the women's movement for 45 years and I don't think Palin threatens women's progress, such as it is, at all. What threatens women's progress is John Boner, Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY), Michele Bachmann and other people in power who would deny women's rights.

    Yes, I agree, there is a lot of amateur photoshopping going on. Ick. And the photos look like they were taken with an Instamatic.

    Newsweek is to news as Weekly Reader is to reading. They don't see "presidential". They see cash. Win/win for them and SP. Newsweek has had its head up its a$$ forever.

    I loved the part about peeing in the fireweed.

    Anjaak 11:14, check out Common Dreams...totally progressive and no advertising.

    Thanks for all the laughs, everybody.

  161. Anonymous1:33 PM

    She looks like she's an inexperienced, model in a catalog for one of those less well-known clothing brands, and she's modeling rather unattractive clothing for older women.

    Especially that picture with her looking off to the side. She looks like she's afraid someone's going to throw something on her ugly pink shirt.

  162. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Wow, that is one ugly woman.

  163. Anonymous1:34 PM

    mary b @ 11:03 am said...
    "Do you think if Playboy asked her and the price was right, she would actually do it??"

    Are you kidding ?!?!?. $lithery $arah would JUMP at the chance to pose for them - wherever there's money involved, there is $lithery $arah.

  164. Anonymous1:35 PM

    It's obvious from this photo shoot that the people around $arah absolutely cannot stand her if they let her pose for a national magazine cover in baby-poo-brown work pants, barbie pink or grey hoodie, chicken-cutlet padded push-up bra and bad wig. hideous, tacky, classless. you know Cindy & Meghan McCain are laughing their well-dressed asses off at the Wassillabilly.

  165. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Is Newsweek’s Sarah Palin Cover Sexist?

    Sarah Palin is angry about the new cover of Newsweek, which uses a leggy photo of her from Runner's World. "The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now," Palin writes on, where else, her Facebook page. On the one hand, she may have a point: Why did they choose that particular photo — and not any number of other, more clothed photos — if not to demean her? On the other hand, she's the one who put on the shorts and posed for the photo in the first place, albeit for a different publication.

  166. Anonymous1:42 PM

    When I saw the pics the first time, I thought: "WTF???" When I saw them again, I again thought :"WTF???!!!!"

  167. Anonymous1:43 PM

    BTW: She sure looks like a slob there with her unkempt hair and her 'teasing' open top.

    SLUT!!! Like daughter, like mother, I guess.

  168. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Seriously Stupid Sarah, there is no need to lie about an increase in price in the 'jus plain folks' junk food of record to try to prove that Pres. Obama has tanked the economy...

  169. Irishgirl1:54 PM

    Lol. Emily Shur had a laugh with these. I studied photography for five years and there are some real crackers in these photos.

    The background is slanted in a couple of them. The picture of her with the moose antlers has a pole behind her with two wires attached to it. The wires look as if they are in fact attached to Palin. It makes her look like a puppet! Any photographer worth his/her salt will scan the background to make sure there is nothing behind the subject that will distract from the image. These are just hilarious. My tutors would have shot me for that pic of Palin in the fireweeds - it is all wrong. She looks lost!

    The photos of her in the pink top looks overexposed to me. The lighting is not right and it makes Palin look ghastly. It focuses your attention on her evil devil eyes. Heehee.

    Then there is the question of her stupid wardrobe. Who the hell matches grey with brown? Don't get me started on the shoes or the boobs.

    Finally, take a good look at her fingers in the first photo. Zoom in on them if you can. There is something radically wrong there. Too much blackberry use if you ask me. No wonder she is stuffing her fists into her pockets in some of the other pics. Her hands are not her defining features.

    I have looked at Emily Shur's website and I haven't seen anything as sloppy as these pics. My take is that Emily is not a fan.

  170. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Sarah looks like she has a stiff neck in the pink top, she has lost the sexy look.

  171. Anonymous2:00 PM

    no, never a nude shot, then the
    'real mccoys' would be evident-
    -ly missing,
    pancake palin

  172. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Were these pix taken before or after church?

  173. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Yep, she could be the older woman modeling the clothes in the Walmart Penny Saver that is stuffed in our mail boxes, the one that people throw in the trash and don't even open.

    Maybe she will move to Texas to be near Glenn Beckhead.

  174. Anonymous2:20 PM

    After watching "Princess' Kate all week here on the Canadian news..

    Her grace, her youth it is an absolute shock to see that photo of Palin..

    Goodness she's old... and no sparkle.. and theose pseudo-poses..

    Her photo says it all.. too old to be alluring..and no depth.

  175. Anonymous2:23 PM

    She is quite the tomboy without the RNC & their personal shoppers, isn't she?

    Sarah's Glamour Shots for Manly Gals posin' is, like, ironic, or somethin'. So very 1987...

    She needs to pose with a tiger. Totally. That would show the liberals how bad ass the conservative chicks are! Conservative women are tough & they scare the sissy liberal men, and the liberal women are too busy getting' their welfare checks to notice anything.

  176. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Are you SERIOUS!?? Are these photos REALLY in Newsweek?! OMG!!!!



  177. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Severely thin women have giant heads.
    This body type is known as a " Lollipop Head."
    Palin does not look healthy .
    In fact , she looks cachectic -like she has some illness
    causing her to lose
    muscle mass and weight.
    Her hair is probably very thin due to
    her obvious poor nutritional state.
    Her large and ill fitting wig only accentuates her skeletal frame.
    Her age inappropriate and sad attempts at posing seductively
    are even more pathetic
    due to her obvious ill health.

  178. Anonymous2:30 PM


    LMAO...I took another look at the puppet strings picture.

    Sarah Palin looks like a sling-shot. Someone please cue the Merry Melodies closing theme.

  179. Anonymous said...
    Good find. Why the mention of all her children but the youngest?
    12:43 PM
    He's not really hers and she no longer thinks about him, and/or she doesn't want to remind people of having a special needs child to care for and how he could be affected by her not being available to mother him due to the rigors of campaigning and (in her wondrously addled mind) governing.

    Either way, she's a horrible "mother."

  180. Anonymous said...
    mary b @ 11:03 am said...
    "Do you think if Playboy asked her and the price was right, she would actually do it??"
    Are you kidding ?!?!?. $lithery $arah would JUMP at the chance to pose for them - wherever there's money involved, there is $lithery $arah.
    1:34 PM
    And she would then whine that Playboy has always done such wonderful articles and why aren't people reading the article about her instead of focusing on the pictures. Princess I Can Too Have It Both Ways, indeed.

  181. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Yeah, I am suprised too by these pics. Where are the tough shots? (I too am embarrased for her.) That feeling is awful or is it pity.

  182. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Well THESE aren't begging for a "best caption" game, are they?!

    Fourth photo down:

    "I've got'cher Time Tested Two, I mean Truth, right heeeere"

  183. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I like the picture of Sarah in the fireweed. That may be "Alaska" but here in the lower 48, when some one is "in the weeds" in the restaurant, it means that either the kitchen or the servers can't keep up. They get behind in their orders and can't handle everything coming their way, kind of like Sarah with some ethics violations, and the only way that she could handle things was to quit.

  184. Anonymous said...
    See I think maybe she's trying for sex kitten but can't pull it off. She lloks awkward, tense, and distrustful, to me. Especially in the one with the antler sign.

    I am of Palin's gender and generation. The photos in the pink shirt remind me of myself at 13, being asked by my dad to pose for photos to send to Grandma, when I felt shy and ugly and didn't want to have my picture taken.

    She looks uncomfortable and out of place in her own back yard. She might think she's being sexy, but her body language is saying something else.
    12:47 PM
    I think you are right. For all her winkin', and blinkin', and lip-lickin', and flashing her hoo-hah, and playing off her sexuality, Palin has always seemed to me to have all the sexual warmth and eagerness of awet newspaper.

  185. Calli Pygian2:54 PM

    What a stupid wh0re (ahem, sorry ).

  186. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Have said many times, this sorry excuse of a female, is a disgrace to all women. Did she raid Willow's bag of clothes from several years ago for sexy grandma chic?

  187. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Cenk Uygur's show is discussing Town Liar and the banners read:

    Will she or won't she?


    Running on Empty!

    Love it.

  188. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Anonymous said...
    She looks rode hard and put away wet and then molded in the closet. She really has a hard look about herself.

    12:19 PM

    Until she opens her mouth and then people say what a fucking idiot that woman is.

  189. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Were these pix taken before or after church?
    2:10 PM

    CHURCH? Satan's right hand man doesn't go to church!

  190. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Anonymous said...
    FYI: Brisket is on Leno on Thursday, July 14th.

    The interesting part is Don Rickles is on that night too!!! Please let Rickles be at his best!!
    1:08 PM

    What's next? Hawking those dumb ass book at Piper's lemonade stand?

  191. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Who picked the front page photo? It was the least attractive one, so I can't imagine Palin choosing it.

  192. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The people at Conservatives for Palin LOVED the Newsweek article and the photos. They think she looms gorgeous and like the girl next door. " See, she's wearing exactly what she would wear at home."
    She's just like us!! They also seem to think she IS going to run and will announce it any day. They are delusional in their assessment of her.

  193. Anonymous3:15 PM

    2:12pm....No! We don't want Palin in Texas!!!!
    These pics are horrible, I hope Newsweek gets a lot of flack for this piece of junk.

  194. WakeUpAmerica3:21 PM

    "I'm a skank"?
    "For a good time call, 1-800-SARAH"?
    "Drill here, drill now"?
    Any of the above, all of the above.

  195. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Gag. It is indeed interesting how she works the bras to get the sort of attention she wants.
    M. from MD

  196. Anonymous3:32 PM

    "Track, the eldest son, who was deployed in Iraq during the 2008 campaign, is now married and running the family’s commercial fishing business in Alaska, living quietly out of the public eye.

    That leaves Todd, who sat in on part of the interview. “Do I want her to run?” he said. “It’s up to her. I mean, we’ll discuss it.


    Well at least Sarah stopped her big ass fib that Track is a combat vet. Sarah told everybody she raised a combat vet. The only thing Sarah raised is bull shit.

    Next is that other retard Todd, well what is it you dumb SOB?

    Which one:
    “It’s up to her.

    Or is it

    "I mean, we’ll discuss it"

    Do you even have a clue what you just said? It is either up to her or we'll discuss it you dumb fuck... not both!

    I don't fucking believe Sweet Retard Todd was co-mayor and co-governor with Retard Fake Breast Sarah. Now I understand where Retard Uneducated Bristol got her brains from.

  197. Anonymous3:38 PM

    At one point a few years ago I had to agree she was a nice looking woman but now she just looks rode hard and put away wet.....she is NOT aging well.....

  198. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Those are the ugliest tennis shoes I have ever seen.

    Are they elevator tennies?

    As least when Sarah talks about growing a pair we know she is talking about her own falsies.

    Since she was a totally flat chested biker babe just about a month ago how does she explain the instant boobs.

    I guess she figures if she can get away with an instant pregnancy she can fool the tea baggers with instant boobies.

  199. Anonymous4:00 PM

    If there is no better reason to not allow her close to the WH it is so that her trailer trash taste will not get a chance of sending out the types of Christmas cards that would follow logically from the types of photos she has allowed to be posted of herself.

    Sarah with the dead bear, with dead caribou, with dead wolf, with dead fish, with dead moose part, with dead Arizonans, with dead Lake Lucille... I strongly do not want Sarah photographed anywhere near the WH.


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