Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Laura Novak and Professor Scharlott discuss the difficulties of getting the "babygate" story into the mainstream media.

Courtesy of Laura Novak's blog:

LN: Anyway, I know that in this time since we’ve worked together, you’ve re-written your paper and pushed it out into the world a few more times. Tell us where you are with all of that. 

BS: I’ve rewritten it in magazine format. The original format was as an academic research paper, but it was in truth always more of a journalistic expose than a theoretical paper. The theory part, about the spiral of silence, was only the last five pages; the first 20 pages was an expose of Babygate. So in rewriting it, I have made its form true to its overriding original purpose: to expose the shortcomings of the press in covering Babygate, which necessitated exposing Babygate itself. 

LN: They go hand in hand don’t they? And I can say having read all the versions that you make an excellent case for both. Your writing is tight and sophisticated. And it’s also evolved as you’ve worked through the story. Explain what your goal was with that. 

BS: The rewrite is shorter, bolder, and much more forceful than the earlier paper. In the original paper, I avoided any mention of Gryphen’s “Tale of Two Trigs” theory. In the rewrite, I include that stuff. And I think the multiple Trigs idea has probably spooked some magazines from accepting the article. That does not surprise me. In April, I would not even mention in radio interviews the possibility of different babies being shown as Trig at different times. I did not have a strong sense then that that part of the story was almost certainly true and crucial to understanding what happened. But now I do feel that way. 

LN: And yet, the editors you’ve submitted to are still not biting. What kinds of things are they saying? 

BS: Here is part of a nice rejection note I got from a British publication: “Thank you for your interesting read. I am sorry but I am not sure that it is something we would take on as I would need to start from scratch to satisfy myself of all sources etc. and I am not 100% sure that even this would get to the bottom. What is needed is a whistleblower. Her daughter's doctor – or something.” The online editor of a different publication, one in the U.S., indicated he definitely would use my article, in fact would feature it, based on seeing my original paper. After I sent the revision, he decided he’d better check with his publisher, who said no. 

LN: How did you react when you heard back from both these editors? 

BS: Their reactions did not surprise me. If you haven’t really familiarized yourself with the facts surrounding the hoax, it does sound a bit surreal. 

LN: In your paper you are very critical of the press for being timid and easily manipulated by Palin. Now you sound sympathetic to those who will not accept your revised article for publication. Aren’t you being inconsistent? 

BS: Well, I need to draw a distinction. It was the press corps covering Palin in 2008 that deserves the most criticism. There were red flags back then that a hoax had probably happened. When the McCain campaign responded to the fake-birth rumors by throwing Bristol under the bus and claiming she was five months pregnant – and thus could not be Trig’s mother – the journalists’ bullshit sirens should have been blaring. (As it turns out, since more than one baby has almost certainly been displayed as Trig at different times, there’s no telling what relation Bristol has to the current “normal ears” Trig with Down syndrome.) As for current editors who are encountering much of this Babygate stuff for the first time, I can understand how they might find my revised paper on the very edge of believability, despite all the evidence I present. 

LN: So isn’t this a Catch-22: Many editors find the Babygate saga unbelievable because no one in the mainstream press has written about it, but no one in the mainstream press will write about it for fear that people will find it unbelievable? 

BS: Yep. That sums it up nicely.

There is much more and I do encourage you to to click the link at the top and read the rest at Laura's blog.

As most of you who have been visiting here at IM know all too well, this problem with being taken seriously by the MSM  is one of the most frustrating parts of this campaign to reveal, what may in fact be, one of the most amazing political hoaxes of all time.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the efforts of Brad and Laura to find a way to present the evidence in the most palatable way possible so that newspapers and periodicals will find it impossible to resist.

 I would also like all of you to know that they are not alone in their struggle to get the truth about this perplexing mystery out to the public.  Fred and his researchers have also been working their fingers to the bone trying to craft a book that will be difficult, if not impossible, for the MSM to ignore.

And toward that end they have started to carefully comb through Palin's recent email dump and discovered some very interesting inconsistencies. As many of you know, contrary to what Palin supporters and journalists at large seemed to think, there were things to discover in those emails.

I personally was able to find some very interesting emails myself which demonstrated Sarah's lack of compassion, proved she orchestrated fake letters to the editor, and convinced at least one holdout that she most likely faked her last pregnancy.

Fred and his researchers have dug even deeper, and hope to bring out some information that will impress even jaded "babygate" experts like us.

And if that was not enough to wake you up this morning, I also have a potential lead that may finally answer one of the biggest questions surrounding the "babygate" saga.

Stay tuned.


  1. Truth hurts liberals3:29 AM

    I don't see how you can say she ignored Jeremy emails, just because you found no other emails regarding it.

    When I combed through the emails, I saw a womanwho cared more about family events and spending time with them than her job. She enjoyed spa nights with the girls, her kids sporting events, snapping pics of their friends as they leave for a dance, traveling incognito to NY with daughter and spending a week relaxing, traveling to Hawaii, Mexico incognito either for vaca or friends. And even in2011, she seems to still have that mentality. It's no question Sarahs family comes first. Those who actually know her know this. Shell do anything to give her kids opportunity and a better life. And she's obviously proven shell risk further embarrasment via horrible lies/rumors to help Americans realize just how dangerous the current leaders in DC are.

    I gather she probably misses the days of playdates, quiet road trips, and just hanging out with everyone. Her charmed little life turned into a parade and, while they've adapted, I see and hear her deeply remembering the past with fondess and longing.

    But- they will still be a family at the end of the day, one that loves and supports each other. That's all Sarah could ever ask for. And does.

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I just had time to read Blade's update of her last post and thought that she had a very interesting take on why Sarah did such a poor job at faking a pregnancy. In addition, Sarah's use of lipo-dissolve is another example of her vanity and need to self-promote. That she would take shots for dissolving her fat and then call attention to and take credit for having great abs, as though it was some kind of worthy evidence of being wonder-woman, is actually evidence of how fake and shallow she is.

    Anyway, getting back to Blade's theory of how Sarah was too tender to wear her empathy belly. There may be something to that although I think that Sarah's inconsistent use was also due to her short attention span. The lipo shots may also explain why Sarah was complaining about a sore abdomen to Shailey.

  3. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Sarah Palin Shatters Her Own 2012 Candidacy Charade

    By scheduling an appearance in Missouri with Glenn Beck on October 7, Sarah Palin has destroyed the charade that she is undecided about running in 2012.

    It is a pretty safe bet that Sarah Palin isn’t going to run for president. She has no money, no campaign staff, and no organization. At this point if she ran she would be a total non-factor. The pollsters are so confident that she isn’t jumping in that they have stopped including her name in their 2012 polls, and judging from the scant non-Fox News coverage that her visit to the Iowa State Fair attracted, the television networks aren’t buying it either.

    Sarah Palin is just angling for attention. She will be in Missouri in October trying to party like it’s September 2008, while the rest of the Republican Party has moved on to choosing new leadership for 2012.


  4. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Three years ago I believed this babygate thing.

    The failure of bloggers such as this one , among others, to produce proof rather than innuendo, has convinced me the story isn't true.

    There are enough reasons to not support Palin. This isn't one of them.

    Unless you actually have some proof rather than just more teasers of upcoming stories.

    Do you?

  5. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I sure hope there's a good chance to bring this fake pregnancy to the forefront. What Sarah Palin did was wrong and what the Republican Party leadership did was even worse - helping to perpetuate her insanity. As soon as the leadership found out about the hoax they should have found some excuse to get her off the ballot. Instead they enabled her further because they thought she would get them votes. As if "disgruntled" Hillary Clinton supporters would have loved Sarah Palin!!!

  6. Heidi34:40 AM

    Thanks for highlighting Laura's post, Gryph. Next, and I know I'm speaking for many of us, could you please weigh in on the medical records Blade has revealed on her blog?


    As many have suggested in past months - once it became obvious that the MSM was never going to pick up the Babygate story in its current form - this is the new tack to take:

    The STORY is the fact that Babygate simply will not go away. That IS the story, and would make a significant media splash. Who are these bloggers doggedly pursuing a provable hoax, and who are these people literally devoting their lives to the incredibly detailed investigation? What drives this base of intrepid clue-finders? What are their goals? Why are there so many of us faithfully following and contributing to the many blogs, each with their own signature methodology and agendas? What are our theories, and what are we presenting as evidence to prove that they are valid?

    The imminently reportable story - which would pass any publication's legal department thresholds - is the fact that the bloggers simply won't let go of this. All they have to do is report, "Blogger X" submits this photo as evidence of the hoax, and "Blogger Y" corroborates, by adding the following email proof, etc., etc.

    Any media outlet reporting the "story" is entirely off the legal hook, because they would merely be reporting on the fact that a multi-national network of internet researchers has been hard at work for 3 years on a story that has solid merit and grave political import.

  7. Anonymous4:52 AM

    No matter how many folks post about Sarah and her loving brood, at the end of the day everyone knows she's just a narcissistic crazy person. I am fascinated by the psychology of Sarah and her supporters - so many delusions, so little time. It is apparent that the Palin family is completely dysfunctional and the posts trying to convince otherwise make it all the more entertaining. What will you people say when Sarah ends up in an all-night tattoo parlor shaving her head and babbling like a fool? It is clear from her behavior that a breakdown is imminent (like her other extended disappearances from the public eye - they weren't all about plastic surgery, think makeup smearing incoherence). Good luck with that Sarah.

  8. Anonymous4:56 AM

    I am still laughing at the first post!!!! That's a good one!

  9. dominicastar5:00 AM

    Is it illegal for Sean parnell and co to purposely not disclosure Palin email to save her embarrassment? If so is there a consequence to this and can the FBI get involved?

  10. Anonymous5:04 AM

    I would love to see a Palin, any Palin explain what we see in the side by side pictures.

    Everybody knows you faked it Sarah. Wouldn't you rather explain it on your terms than wait for a nurse, doctor, intern, relative, friend, or an office worker tell the world you faked it.

    Knowing Todd and your kids, somebody is going to spill the beans.

  11. Anonymous5:10 AM

    @3.29 Get real. Palin doesn't give a shit about her kids. No caring mother would have paraded her daughter around at the RNC pretending that she was five months pregnant in order to prove that Palin gave birth to Trig. BTW, where is Trig? If Palin cared more about her family (guffaw), then she shouldn't have asked to be elected to a job that she was not qualified to carry out. She did that TWICE, first time for the governor's job and the second time around she wanted the VP slot.

    Piper didn't look too happy on the first bus tour either. Sarah getting her ugly mug in front of a camera was the only thing that was important to Palin.

    As regards the MSM, I believe the gloves have already come off. Sarah's little prick tease act has worn thin. I expect the media to be susceptible to the new relevations when the McGinniss book is published. Fred's book and Nick's documentary should also help.

  12. Nancy In New York5:14 AM

    To Truth Is Republicans Kryptonite or Sarah:

    How exactly does "family come first" to Sarah in your little fantasy world? Was it evident when she paraded her pregnant daughter on stage with her humiliating her own "beloved" child on an international level to squelch rumors that she actually did not give birth to her fifth child? And speaking of her 'fifth child', what mother who supposedly puts their family first thrusts a nearly newborn special needs child out into the spotlight among germs, screaming crowds and disruption of any normal routine, for the specific purpose of using the child as a prop for political gain? What deeply concerned and loving mother has not one but two children who have engaged in criminal acts that have been dismissed or overlooked specifically because of Palin's political connections. What concerned mother lets her 16 year old daughter go on a coed camping trip in March (in Alaska!) and is than supposedly shocked when the said daughter ends up pregnant.
    Palin is for abstinence only sex education when it clearly has not worked for TWO of her very own cherished children.

    And don't get me started about Piper and dragging that poor child around like a misused prop during her latest bus to nowhere tour. Which I suppose it is a better fate than what has happened to Trig who has been missing in action since she can no longer hold him up to an audience like the opening scene in Lion King.

    If she is supposedly "missing her days of playdates and quiet road trips" than why is she such a media whore who will do or say anything and drag her kids anywhere simply to get her mug in the news?

    Seems to me Sarah (or RAM or Bristol) the only one Sarah is concerned about is Sarah. And the only thing she truly asks for is for us, the public, to continue to pay attention to her. She doesn't realize her time in the spotlight is over. Her own ignorance, over exposure and vitriol has done her in. Buy-bye Sarah, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  13. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I see the Palin Family Stalker Troll is up early. Wow. Get professional help. Seriously. In the real world Sarah Palin hates her family. That's why they weren't with her on her 2nd "bus tour". Her family hates her too. They are completely dysfunctional. They don't get along. Trust me. Bristol hates Sarah for stealing her baby. Duh, that's obvious. Bristol hates Willow because she has all the looks and no babies. Piper hates Willow because of jealously. I could go on and on. The nail in the coffin of sarah's horrible terrible sick disturbing family is the fact that Trig has DISAPPEARED and has NOT been SEEN with his "mother" in YEARS. You can't explain that. 3:29AM time to accept it and move on. The longer you hold on to the fantasy of sarah, the worse it will be for you in the end.

  14. Anonymous5:20 AM

    That's weird the bot @ 3:29am doesn't seem to mind that Tri-G has disappeared off the face of the earth. Why hasn't sarah been seen with Tri-G in YEARS? The only explanation is that he is not her child. More proof for babygate.

    Sarah: its better to admit it now then risk being exposed. This is your last chance. People are giving you the chance to reveal it on your own terms, if you pass up that opportunity they can't be responsible for the consequences. Your choice. You have until September.

  15. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Well, Bristol...I see we've eaten our wheaties this morning! Very first poster AND you managed to fill the comment with so many lies and laughable fabrications.

    Girl, you need to get off the IM and go take care of your kidS.

  16. Anonymous5:33 AM

    The "vaca" and "chillin' with family" troll from the land of "This I know" got here first again. Good morning RAM. A quick question, where's Trig? Oh, and one other--where's his birth certificate?

  17. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Anon: 3:29

    Is the half yerm governor's idea of doing anything to give her kids opportunity and a better life not encouraging them to get an education and go to college?


  18. Anonymous5:38 AM

    To Truth hurts liberals:

    If she "cared more about family events ... than her job" why would anyone want her to be president, let alone governor. Talk about welfare. Jeez.

  19. AJ Billings5:41 AM

    If those two photographs had been easily available back in 2008, and run on the front pages of national newspapers, Granny grifter would have been toast!

    It's obvious she faked the pregnancy, now we need the hard proof to make the story, and take her down into the public shaming she richly deserves. Reward money fund? I'll contribute!

    We see the Palin worshipers are here again today, also too, those who have accepted Sarah as their personal savior.

    Gryphen, It's your blog, you can let them post, of course, but lately their posts have been approaching short story lenghth of 200-400 words.

    Maybe the PAYlin fascists could be limited to a 100 word diatribe?

  20. Hey, I think the very first post is by Sarah herself. Re-read it, y'all, with that idea in mind. Look at the writing errors, the stock phrases, etc.

    As it happens, I mailed a copy of my revised paper to Sarah, and the USPS tracking software indicated it got to her Wasilla address yesterday afternoon. Is she in Wasilla now, does anyone know?

    If so, I'm imagining she read my paper and then wanted to justify to herself and the world what a good person she really is -- despite the hoax -- and wrote that maudlin stuff about her family.

  21. Anonymous5:51 AM

    It looks like the "strong happy family" troll is back from vacation.

    Did you get that hog shit wiped off your sandals yet?

  22. @3:29AM

    Truth hurts?

    I guess that explains why you avoid the truth with such consistency, Lou Sarah.

    Your travels only highlight the fact that you can never find happiness, no matter where you travel in disguise, if your soul is so dirty. What are you running from? The truth. What are you hiding? The truth.


  23. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Truth hurts liberals @ 3:20 said...

    When I combed through the emails, I saw a womanwho cared more about family events and spending time with them than her job. She enjoyed spa nights with the girls, her kids sporting events, snapping pics of their friends as they leave for a dance, traveling incognito to NY with daughter and spending a week relaxing, traveling to Hawaii, Mexico incognito either for vaca or friends. And even in2011, she seems to still have that mentality. It's no question Sarahs family comes first. Those who actually know her know this. Shell do anything to give her kids opportunity and a better life.


    Yes. All true. Especially when her ignorant cult members are paying for all of these "family fun times". She is milking it.

  24. Anonymous6:21 AM


    Nice to see that you couldn't sleep again, Sarah. lol

    Save the crap for your Sea of Pee pals. I sure hope none of your soon-to-be-ex-worshipers gets the idea to put your head on a pike once you notify them that you've just been stringing them along. Boy, there's gonna bee some pissed off C4P folks. I just hate that. lol

    P.S. Be sure to tell your boy Rick Perry hello when you endorse him.

  25. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Sarah Palin is a bad mother. She abuses her children and is an utter failure as a role model.

  26. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Maybe someone should force a whistleblower. Like sue CBJ for public fraud or something. How fast do you think she would backtrack if she were actually sued.

  27. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Sarah has finally hit rock bottom in her political career. She's got a grifting date with Glenn Beck on October 7th in St James, MO, just outside of St. Louis.

    Tickets are going fast (just like for her "hit movie", Oft-Defeated). Tickets are $20, but the C4P brainiacs are offered a special for only $97 in which they get a FREE T-shirt!!!

  28. Anonymous6:33 AM

    3:29 a.m. ....not sleeping well? You should at least wait until daytime to comment in order to help sell the "Happy family" image that no one buys and doesn't matter to us anyway. Maybe you should work on impulse-management.

  29. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Wow, @B. Scharlott: if the Palin Fairy Tale Troll at the top of the thread is Sarah Palin, she is truly functionally illiterate. There is no way she could have graduated from J School. But then, most of us don't believe Palin really did.

  30. Anonymous6:44 AM

    The Grizzled Grifter travels incognito to Hawaii AND Mexico?

    You're so full of shit. I saw those cottage cheese thighs the last time Sarah was in Hawaii and covering up her visor with a sharpee won't disguise those "runner's legs". Here's pics. Haha


    And she has to travel incognito to Mexico? WHY, you stupid ass? Who the fuck in Mexico is going to care who the hygiene-deprived, pasty white, nasty whore is amid the rest of her redneck clan?

  31. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Sarah Lou.

    It sucks to be you.

  32. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Brad.. or any one with a list of Sarah's emails

    Search them to see if Sarah in her emails combines "she and will" into shell.

    This would be a dead give away the first poster was Sarah.

  33. Anonymous6:55 AM

    @3:29 Truth hurts liberals said..."When I combed through the emails, I saw a woman who cared more about family events and spending time with them than her job."

    If that's the case then that's what she should be doing!

  34. Anonymous7:15 AM

    3:29 a.m.- If you think liberals are the only ones who can't stand Sarah Payme, then you are stuck in 2008. Most conservatives cannot stand her either. It's 2011. She ruined her brand. She have at least hired a brand manager & then LISTENED.

  35. Anonymous7:17 AM

    @3:29- what are the Jeremy e-mails?

  36. Anonymous7:28 AM


    Please wear a pair of pants next time you come to the beach, Mrs Palin. You're scaring all of the children. And the adults won't leave their hotel rooms while you're out here.

  37. Anonymous7:57 AM


    The truth only hurts those of us who have something to hide, namely Sarah Palin. Why doesn't she want the truth to see the light of day?

    And I'll join the chorus by asking

    WHERE IS TRIG??????

  38. Anonymous8:05 AM

    @3:29- what are the Jeremy e-mails?

    7:17 AM

    google Jeremy Morlock and Sarah Palin.

    April Morlock, the murderer's sister, is Bristol's BFF.

  39. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I hate Sarah Palin more than most of you here, but I gotta call you out for the "Where is Trig?" bullshit.

    She is finally being a real mother to that poor boy and keeping him out of the spotlight and letting him grow up normally with his babysitters. He is much better off at home, in a routine, than with her out on the road.

    I for one am overjoyed that he is no longer dangled over her hip, forced to listen to screaming idiots, and sucking on exhaust fumes all day.

    Where is Trig? Who cares, as long as he is not with her he is better off. Leave him alone, give her some praise for doing the right thing for a change and maybe she'll keep it up and that boy can have a normal life.

  40. Anonymous8:27 AM

    In reply to 3:29 am (nightowl?) if "Shell (sic) do anything to give her kids opportunity and a better life."

    Why doesn't she make sure they get a good education??

  41. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Of course Sarah Palin cares for her offspring.

    She is a megalomaniac, and her children are an extension of herself. She wants to protect them at any cost from the normal challenges of starting out in the world (education, attaining a real job, etc) and to shield them from the consequences of their dumb decisions.

    Pray for Trig.

  42. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Wow. rereading that middle of the night poster (3:29), I can see it has to be Sarah. Who else would be so obsessed with the minutiae of the attacks on her. Who else would put in details no one has ever heard of (Mexico?) She must do a lot of talking to the mirror at 3 am like the stepmother in Snow White. "I am the fairest one of all!" and poisoned apples for anyone who disagrees. This thing she does with talking through other people like in the faux letters to the editor and the letter from God is truly weird and disturbing.

  43. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I bet Trig and Tripp would have had a great time at the Iowa fair. I went with a friend and her three-year-old to a local fair and he had the best time on the kiddie rides and petting the animals.

  44. Toad, REALLY now, my Gramma called from Heaven..she wants her tablecloth back.
    Why aren't we hearing more about the SOAP notes and other documents received by Blade? That is HUGE! You would think the DR, from All ABout Me/You/Whatev salon would have been APPOPLECTIC about a client coming in for Lipodissolve and claiming to NOT be pregnant when she WAS(so to speak)!!!! Right? Why isn't SHE whistle blowing?!?!??!!!


  45. emrysa9:30 AM

    lol @ 3:29. delusional.

    actually, the more I read 3:29, the more it seems like someone is practicing for the big announcement that she's not going to run. working out all the excuses on blog comments, to get the perfect "oh poor poor me with the servants heart I can't serve my country because my family will be attacked and I love them too darn much and I value my time with them more than anything."

    transparent bullshit.

  46. eclecticsandra10:01 AM

    If 3:29 is Sarah, I have to feel some sadness for her. It seems that she somehow knows what she never had...a congenial relationship with her children that was fun.

    She seems to know what is normal but never could quite get there. It is sort of like the story of the PTA days when she would take credit for other mothers' baked goods. She knew what she should do but never quite did it.

    This is not someone who should have political power. She doesn't seem to understand what a leader should do and, because of that, would never be able to do it.

  47. Anonymous10:03 AM

    People, please. Have some compassion and donate a few bucks to SarahPAC so Granny Grifter can buy herself a keyboard with an apostrophe key.

  48. Anonymous10:10 AM

    @bscharlot: wow! you got it! That is her syntax. I am convinced you're right. You would know, bro. All those late nights poring over Sarah documents. Thank you. It will pay off--

    Also, way to go, sending her your paper. chances are she won't be able to read it. Are there photos she can follow?

  49. Anonymous10:50 AM

    bigest question I have:

    how did Palin/Heath clan acquire the babies called trig

  50. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Well, Sara or whoever you are at 3:29. I think most of us believe that you in fact DID care more about spending time with your family than doing your job. Everybody would like that. The difference is, you apparently DID spend more time playing with the family than doing the work required by your job; and often at the public's expense.

    Dr. Drew is a dick, but he was right in his summary of the Palin-family closeness. They are TOO close, and they don't know where one ends and the other begins. Way too many secrets.

  51. FEDUP!!!11:04 AM

    WOW! $arah, you sure are burning the candle at both ends! 3:29am...

    (I believe this is the actual $arah- look at the word salad - nobody can imitate that!)

  52. Anonymous11:10 AM

    HA! "Traveling incognito to Mexico"
    Dontcha know that NEW MEXICO is in the US??? It is one of our States, $arah - it is NOT a foreign country!

  53. Well, if that in fact is Sarah at the top (3:29 a.m.), it's hard to work up the sympathy she is trying to evoke: " I see and hear her deeply remembering the past with fondess and longing." Sarah, you've made your millions. You're set for life financially. You'll probably never have to answer in a court of law for the devious schemes you hatched. So life is good, eh?

    But I fear there is a hole in your center that you will never be able to fill. Look inward, Sarah. Start of a voyage of self-discovery. Good luck.

  54. @BScharlott, P.S. It's tempting to launch challenges to Mrs. Palin or to imagine a possible dialog, but as someone with a personality disorder, she just cannot and never will be able to "hear" you or anyone else.

    Keep reading up on these types of individuals: they never come around. You can't regard them as having normal reactions in anything. Sarah never had self-awareness and never will.

  55. Anonymous2:17 PM

    This is getting absurd! Enuf nonsense already! WHERE IS TRIG?

  56. Anonymous said...
    People, please. Have some compassion and donate a few bucks to SarahPAC so Granny Grifter can buy herself a keyboard with an apostrophe key.
    10:03 AM
    And a working space bar.

  57. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Ah yes, I remember my perfectly happy, well behaved and wonderful children with fondness. The carefree days when we enjoyed travelling without people recognizing us. the relaxing trip to Mexico, new york, hawaii with our groucho marx masks and juvenile tee shirts with stick figures and hearts. Ahh, those were the daze!

    Actually, now with Sarah's iminent fall from grace with the books, documentary, and articles about to be published, I have a feeling that the MSM will no longer be able to ignore the wild ride and faked pregnancy.
    Sarah may think she can fly under the radar, grit her teeth, and let her guard down with Perry in the race, The MSM will have a field day once her charade of "fillin the lay of the land, thinkin about the effect on my family, still considerin but too early to tell if I'll run or not",,,,, bullshit.

    Romney, T Paw, Carl Rove, etc have all been keeping their powder dry, once the gloves come off, the GOP will probably spill what they know about babygate and all the dirt on Palin will become fair game.

    Karma is funny that way.

    OT, Any news on who hacked Fox new's site announcing Our President's Assasination???? It's not been reported on in awhile, or did I miss something??


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