Saturday, September 17, 2011

Obamacare is working. Shh, don't tell the Republicans, it will just make their heads explode.

Courtesy of The New Republic:

Republicans made a lot of arguments against the Affordable Care Act. But perhaps none were as effective, or as seemingly plausible, as their contention that their new law would cripple Medicare Advantage. 

New evidence suggests -- surprise! -- that the argument was wrong.

Medicare Advantage is the program that gives seniors the option of enrolling in private insurance rather than the traditional, government-run program. The government pays the insurers a flat fee, per enrollee; in return, the insurers provide coverage, sometimes including benefits that traditional Medicare does not. Overall, about one in four seniors belongs to such plans. 

The policy rationale for Medicare Advantage is two-fold: To give seniors more options and to introduce some private-sector competition. The idea is that private insurers might be able to be more innovative or offer certain combinations of services that some seniors would prefer. But, for much of its history, the program (formerly known as Medicare-plus-choice) was also a form of corporate welfare.

Non-partisan studies, by the likes of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, suggested that the government was paying the insurers too much. 

The architects of the Affordable Care Act decided, quite sensibly, to reduce those extra subsidies and use the money to offset part of the law’s cost. That’s when the Republicans, and their allies, pounced. Taking money away from the insurers, they claimed, would force insurers to charge more, limit their offerings, or pull out of the market altogether. 

It was a reasonable proposition; that’s more or less what happened back in the late 1990s, the first time government reduced the overpayments. (I argued, and still believe, such a trade-off would be worthwhile.) But new information, just released from the administration, suggests those predictions haven’t come true. 

On the contrary, the Department of Health and Human Services announced on Thursday that premiums for the plans are down and enrollment is up, well above the official projections. As the Kaiser Family Foundation has reported, this is actually the second year in a row premiums have declined. (According to HHS, premiums in 2012 will be 11.5 percent below what they were in 2010.) Meanwhile, all Medicare beneficiaries can now get preventative care without co-payments. And their exposure to prescription drug bills have declined, because the new health law is closing the infamous “donut hole” in coverage. 

So, in short, Medicare Advantage plans are becoming cheaper, slightly more people are enrolling in them, and everybody on Medicare -- even seniors in the traditional government-run program -- has better coverage than they did before.

And don't forget that the many of the most important, and positive changes, have not even taken place yet.

For instance check out what is in store in 2014:


Prohibiting Discrimination Due to Pre-Existing Conditions or Gender. The law implements strong reforms that prohibit insurance companies from refusing to sell coverage or renew policies because of an individual’s pre-existing conditions. Also, in the individual and small group market, the law eliminates the ability of insurance companies to charge higher rates due to gender or health status. Effective January 1, 2014. Learn more about protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions. 

Eliminating Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage. The law prohibits new plans and existing group plans from imposing annual dollar limits on the amount of coverage an individual may receive. Effective January 1, 2014. Learn how the law will phase out annual limits by 2014. 

Ensuring Coverage for Individuals Participating in Clinical Trials. Insurers will be prohibited from dropping or limiting coverage because an individual chooses to participate in a clinical trial. Applies to all clinical trials that treat cancer or other life-threatening diseases. Effective January 1, 2014. 

You keep this in mind at all times. The Republicans do not attack "Obamacare" because it will NOT work.  They attack it because they are terrified that it WILL work.

If you always remember that it will give you the tools you will need to out argue any neo-con piece of garbage that tries to convince you that your President is not working to BETTER the lives of Americans.

And if you are unconvinced of that yourself then perhaps you need to read about this Des Moines couple's experience.

Before I close this post let me leave with a portion lifted from the last eye opening paragraph from the article cited above:

But by the time the next president is sworn in, enough people will have experienced the protections and benefits it offers that no elected official would risk his or her standing by rescinding it.


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    UGHHHHH I hate stupid people who physically can't use their brains.

    I just heard someone say "I vote democrat because they help poor people."

    Duhhhh, you, sir are an idiot. And you obviously have very little faith in human beings if you think people need others to help them.

    I abhor this segment of society.

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    You are correct. The GOP is scared "Obamacare" will work because they thought their decades long plan of ending medicare totally was close to becoming reality.

    Dear GOP keep your hands OFF my Dad's medicare and off my uterus!

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    High it comes...


    Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I can stop sounding like a Teabagger and make sense...

    People objected to the taxes on healthcare in the plan but there's already taxes on healthcare's called, the 25 percent of Americans don't have healthcare and that number keeps going up Tax. Catchy title, I know.

    If you think that hospitals don't pass along the cost of taking care of the uninsured onto the insured, then you're crazy. And, what, another few thousand people lose their healthcare every day? That means that the rate of this special little tax will be going up every year. Healthcare costs were already going up 8-10 percent a year...10 years of that, and costs are double.

    Now, funny little fact, healthcare is the second biggest thing that the federal government spends money on. This bill...yeah, the American people needed it to keep healthcare costs low...but the government needed it EVEN MORE...because, duh, the costs get passed along to Medicare, too. This bill wasn't some socialist conspiracy to spread was a pragmatic solution to a terrible governmental problem.

    The problem is that American have gotten lazy. That last paragraph -- yeah, no one will read it. And the fact that the bill takes that long to explain means that no one will bother REALLY understanding it meaning that it is automatically scary and, hence, we got a shrill, disgusting harpy screeching about death panels and everyone eating it up with a spoon. The affordable care act was the best thing this country has done in a decade to take care of itself...But the majority of people were too lazy to understand.

    Obama's problem is that he doesn't try to sell in soundbytes. Which is also what makes him great. Our country is big, our problems are huge...they can't be solved with smug little platitudes like drill, baby, drill...


  4. "The Republicans do not attack "Obamacare" because it will NOT work. They attack it because they are terrified that it WILL work."

    Yep. Thanks, G, for laying it all out.

    But can you blame me for wishing a few of those useless heads would explode?!

    Also, too, Anon238 has a new post up. Yum!

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Off topic but loved this post on a Washington Post blog.

    jsw56 wrote:

    Hello my fellow Americans. When is it alright for a "Sports Reporter" , (even if she is an intern), assigned to cover the "Great Alaskan Shootout" involving "College Players", to then while on "ASSIGNMENT", solicit sex from one of the "college" players by taking him to her sister's "college" dorm room? How dare you so-called "Palin" supporters refuse to look at truth. The player in question, former University of Michigan star Glen Rice, has admitted in today's "Miami Herald" that the incident di...See Mored take place when he was 20 and Palin was 23. Now, are you (Palin supporter), saying that she can do no wrong? Are you saying that since she was just "Nine" months from marrying her so-called High School sweetheart Todd, that this is alright? Are you then saying it's completely ethical for a sportscaster to solicit sex from the subject of her/his interview? Then it's a sad commentary on "ethics" in our country. And for you to want such an unethical person to possibly be the head of the U-S government, then I have to question your ability to utilize "critical thinking" in your thought process. You don't have to be conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat to know right from wrong. This is something we are supposed to grasp during our "Elementary school" years. Open your eyes please to the truth of what is. Surely there is a better choice for America than a selfish, unethical shrew to be POTUS. Please my fellow Americans...WAKE UP!!

    Now that says it all!

  6. I get so angry when the teabaggers state let the churches help the sick like they used to do before medicare. Don't they realize that 60 years ago the people didn't live as long, and there was no where near as many of us. I wonder how many did not get help from the "churches" because they were too proud to ask for help, and that is why we did not live as long. We should not have to ask for help in this country, and this is not an entitlement we pay into it.

  7. Sally in MI6:54 PM

    That is why they were so opposed to single payer in the first place: it covers everyone and LOWERS costs. They couldn't let Obama win that one...he would have not only won in 2012; he'd have probably won in 2016 by acclamation of the people! The GOP would rather scream socialism and marxism and muslimism and birtherisms all night than actually do anything for the people of this country. Instead of trying to actually make us somewhat as modern as other industrialized nations, they'd rather demonize Obama and every blessed idea he has, fight like hell to make sure none is implemented,and convince as many morons with guns as they can that Obama hates them, hates Israel, hates America, and hates democracy. That's a lot of hate for a guy who bonds with children in 10 seconds flat. Thankfully, more and more Americans are seeing the light, and it is not being held by the Koch Brothers and Fox.

  8. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I posted this article on my FB page. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Ask Ron Paul about his campaign manager who died $400,000 in debt and left it to his elderly mom to pay off the costs-- all because his pre-existing condition meant he couldn't get insurance.

    That's Libertarian!

  10. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Anon238 is back!

  11. angela7:08 PM

    Thanks Anon 6:10

    I just sent more money to the DCCC thanks to you. It is people like you that remind me what a cold bunch of Neanderthals have popped up the last couple of years.

    I am with you with the abhorrence. Only its aimed at people like you.

  12. Anonymous7:10 PM


    Where is Anon 238's new post? It's virtually impossible to find where I last saw their string of notes. Link please?

    Mr. Grypen, can you add an UPDATE kind of thingy to their posts. You work so fast, the last post I read with an Anon 238's message was during the fake run photo-op. Do you know how long ago that was based upon your rapid fire posting time? Sheesh!

    Where is the new post?
    Please advise.

  13. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Tell 'em. I want to see their heads explode.

  14. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Yet the Great Americans continue to vote against their best interests. This is why the work bloggers (such as yourself) do is so important - spread the truth to effect change. I am really looking forward to reading the media failure angle in The Rogue, as I find their selling of Sarah as legitimate to be journalism malpractice. Thanks for all you do - I heart September so far.

  15. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Thanks for this post, reading that couple's story really hit home. I have a relative that's been on hemodyalyis for nine years. It's gruelling and very taxing on the patient and the family. She's widowed and on medicare. Before the Health Plan Reform Bill came into existance, she was in the donut hole in three months, she had to pay a seventy five dollar co pay per treatment, which occurs three times a week, four hours by the machine. 900 bucks a month, not including medicine, visits to the nephrologist, cardiologist, vein specialist and primary doctor.

    Guess what her Church offered? Prayers
    Guess what Jewish Family Services provided?
    A ride to and from treatment, dr visits
    Bath rails and a shower seat
    weekly nurse visits
    meals, if she needed them
    utility bill help, if she needed them
    Medical assistace once she was in the donut hole.
    Social Workers, Care co-ordinators, and councelling for her and her family.

    No one in my family is Jewish.

    Now that the bill is starting to take effect, the co-pays are ten bucks a treatment, she doesn't have to worry about the donut hole, meds that weren't covered before, are.
    She can live with her disease, cope better knowing help is available, and can afford to buy silly things like fuel and food without depending on charity.
    Thanks for the Prayers, Catholic Church! Shame they're not accepted as legal tender.

    Thank You, President Obama, for getting what you could get passed despite the GOP's "Die quicker" plan.

    This is America, we're not line items on a bill to be crossed off, we're people who deserve better.

  16. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Where is the new Anon238 post. Can not find it.

    I just love President Obama. No wonder Republicans have fought his Health Care Bill.

  17. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Anon 6:31 Thanks for posting that comment on Washington Post.

  18. Anonymous8:00 PM

    The same guy ( Dick Armey) who thought up "Hillarycare" thought up "Obamacare." He's funded by insurance cos.
    He is paid to stop Americans from getting affordable healthcare. Oh yeah. He's GOP.

  19. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Sweeet! Anon 'MeAgain' has a juicy post not to be missed!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello all. I'm finally home and couldn't be more thrilled. I'm re-acclimating, finishing some things for work, unpacking, and so on. Very much looking forward to collaborating with Gryphen this coming week.

    I just wanted to drop a few notes because SO much has been going on. Sarah is in an acutely manic state and I think her mind must be like a pressure cooker these days. Todd did NOT know about the Rice incident and Sarah had no idea it would ever come up again. (hardy har har, I said "come up again" ;)

    Anyway, Todd is PISSED. Way more so at Sarah than Joe. Todd also was not at all pleased with the "statement" Sarah's team put out. (penned by Rebecca Mansour) They didn't even run it by Todd before sending it out. He was very angry, saying not only did it not sound like him at all, but that all people were going to get out of it is "I make my wife mow the lawn".

    Much more to say on these issues about what is and will be coming out in books and other avenues, but that's for another day.

    One thing I just found out over the weekend--I was asking my person from Sarah's circle why the hell I'd heard about Willow tooling around in a seventy thousand dollar SUV. Last I knew, Sarah and Todd were determined not to have another PR fiasco courtesy of Willow and were really trying to toe the line with her...including telling her she needed to get a job if she wanted a car. They said if she saved a certain percentage they would foot the rest. (I guess that's "toeing the line" in the land of Palin)

    Well miss Willow decided to play dirty, probably because that's all she sees everyone else in her family doing. She basically demanded the use of her vehicle of choice "or else". Todd called her bluff--"or else what?"

    Turns out Willow came up with a pretty grown up threat. "I bet lots of people would be interested to hear whose purse I really found an ultrasound picture in".

    I think Bristol's Trig pregnancy might have been "outed" very late, and by Willow who was snooping through Bristol's purse.

    Have a great night, everyone. More (oh so much more, thank you Mr. McGinnis) soon.

    5:42 PM

  20. Anonymous, of course, I disagree. I tend to think you are the idiot, but I guess it is all perspective, isn't it?

    Anonymous, very well said. I could not have put it better myself.

    Anonymous, some paragraphs would be appreciated.

    Hiaa. I'm Larry. This is my brother Darryl and this is m'other brother Darryl.

  21. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I used to pay no attention to U.S. politics, but got into it all, when the fight about healthcare started, a few years back.

    Living in Canada, and being an insurance agent, I know a lot about how the system works...and it was PATHETIC to witness the blatant mindwiping that went on, fueled by a network billing itself as "fair and balanced" but in reality is a propaganda spewing monster.

    In 2007, enough people knew of the ripoff that "health insurance" was, that 70% of Americans were demanding reform.

    Flash ahead just two years, and those same people would be seen interviewed on the street, saying such absurd things as: "I don't want anyone messing with my health care, its fine just as it is--I've never been sick a day in my life!"

    Does that help to understand why people in every other country think Americans are stupid?

    Especially as it was SO OBVIOUS that their opinions were easily molded by the money spent by the health insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, and others who stood to lose financially, had the U.S. been able to allow its citizens the type of reasonable care as most other civilized countries enjoy.

    Now, nearly everyone hates "Obamacare." If you ask them what aspect of it bothers them the most, their only answer is "All of it," because they haven't got the slightest idea of what actually got passed, so cannot come up with any real criticism of it.

    While it is "better than nothing" it was clawed at by the congress, especially those members in the pocket of the big interests, until it was a toothless glob of near nothingness.

    Meanwhile, I hear from a friend who is protected by the Federal healthcare plan, that its better even, than the Canadian version...and it is what all members of congress and their families get, for free. No WONDER they could have cared less what the "common folk" ended up with!

    ONE DAY this mean-spirited outcome will be revealed to the American public...along with many other facts obscured by those who manipulate the easily misled. It remains to be seen just how angry it will make them.

  22. eva marie8:27 PM

    Where can I find anon238's comments?


  23. Anonymous8:53 PM

    >>>Sarah is in an acutely manic state and I think her mind must be like a pressure cooker these days. Todd did NOT know about the Rice incident and Sarah had no idea it would ever come up again. (hardy har har, I said "come up again" ;)

    Anyway, Todd is PISSED. Way more so at Sarah than Joe. Todd also was not at all pleased with the "statement" Sarah's team put out. (penned by Rebecca Mansour) They didn't even run it by Todd before sending it out.

    Well, what do you know, yet ANOTHER lie perpetuated by Sarah. But man, it's music to my ears to hear that Sarah's losing it. And RAM is in the picture? Hmmmmm. These posts are just delicious and I cannot wait until Jesse and Anon238 MeAgain put the hammer down on this bunch. What is the MOST fun of all is that TODD DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT RICE! That just lets you know the level of honesty in THAT marriage. Har de har har is all I can say. This week should be one for the books, as they say and I cannot wait for the details. Yum.

  24. I am a recently retired ICD-9 Medical Coder and insurance biller. I can tell you that the private insurers that provide the OPTIONAL insurance called Medicare Advantage previously received 12% higher reimbursement rate than regular Medicare providers. That means that under the Trillion dollar Republican Medicare Reform Act of 2003, these private insurers were PROMISED 12% more in Medicare money to provide Medicare Advantage that high rate is what was breaking the Medicare budget. The PPACA has changed that. Now, these greedy private insurers will now receive what other providers receive in reimbursements.
    I would also like to mention that this administration has gone after Medicare fraud and recovered Billions of dollars in back payments and people who committed the fraud have gone to JAIL.
    Whereas, the former administration actually encouraged fraud, it not only paid the R's crony friends but it broke the Medicare budget so it would be insolvent sooner and they could privatize it.

  25. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Bristol's reality show has been totally re-vamped - TRIPP is now the star. Poor kid - what a life.

    "Bristol Palin's New Reality Show: Viewers Will Watch Baby Tripp Grow Up!"

  26. Anonymous9:21 PM

    For anyone looking for the newest bombshell from Anon238, it is to be found here! The best of all, Todd had NO CLUE about Sarah's dalliance with Mr. Rice those many years ago...and he is PISSED. Music to my ears!

  27. Moongal6, thanks. I wish you would post that on conservative sites everywhere.

  28. Smirnonn9:39 PM

    Interesting post!

    2 quick comments:

    "Todd also was not at all pleased with the "statement" Sarah's team put out. (penned by Rebecca Mansour)"

    If I were Todd I wouldn't be pleased at all - about ANYTHING at this point (Hey, man, you can still get out and re-boot your life). But I thought RAM was out of the picture??!?!?!???

    "Last I knew, Sarah and Todd were determined not to have another PR fiasco courtesy of Willow and were really trying to toe the line with her..."

    This statement really interested me. Anon238 said "toe," not "tow" the line. A lot of people confuse the usage and meaning of the phrase and replace "toe" with "tow." Shows yet again that Anon238 has some writing chops.....

  29. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I don't attend or belong to any church. For that matter, I am not a Christian or any other flavor of religion, so exactly what church am I suppose to get all this financial assistance from in the event of a major medical crisis?

  30. Anonymous9:41 PM

    thanks G for reminding us just how much Obamacare is going to help the average American. I'm looking forward to getting old enough for Medicare but in the mean time I'm glad I'll get the protections of Obamacare soon.

    We can't let the Insurer owned GOP try and scare us about these reforms. Rather, let's elect more Progressives to Congress to improve Obamacare in the future. Our lives depend upon that.

  31. Anonymous9:41 PM

    If Tripp is the little star of the new TV show, I hope that the strict California labor laws are being followed regarding how much time he is on camera. It's a job, and his money has to be deposited in his own untouchable account (Jackie Cougan law).

  32. Anonymous9:42 PM

    "I abhor this segment of society."

    Which segment of society are you referring to? The ones who may have had some bad luck and need some help? I'm fortunate that I haven't needed it, but I am glad it's there in a real pinch. Lucky for you, even heartless people can qualify, if their situation warrants.

    I abhore you.

  33. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I LOVE our President and his family. He truly loves America and is working hard for us.

    By the way Twit Twat Tweeting Sarah, you're going to be SOOO jealous of this it might bring you out of hiding in your catatonic corner to come out with another hate rant against Our President. So put this in your meth pipe and smoke it!:

    Obama Twitter Following Tops 10 Million

    President Obama’s following on Twitter topped 10 million people for the first time this week, capping months of steady gains on the social network despite sagging approval ratings in the polls.

    @BarackObama is now the third-most-followed Twitter user in the world, according to Twitter Counter, which tracks the social network’s 14 million users.

    Only celebrity pop artists Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber eclipse the president, with 13.5 million followers and 12.6 million followers, respectively. Obama is immediately trailed in the standings by Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears.

    The closest politician to Obama in the rankings is former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who ranks 149th with 2.1 million followers.

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has the most Twitter followers of any of Obama’s potential 2012 Republican challengers, with 1.3 million.

    An Obama campaign aide said the 10-million follower milestone, while “not earth shattering,” is a “new and exciting” development for supporters who have been hungry for some good news.

    To mark the occasion, the campaign website is hawking a “limited edition” T-shirt for Twitter followers that lists the president’s first-term accomplishments with hashtags.

  34. Don't forget the other "big" one, kids can stay on their parent's medical until they are 26. The 18-26 age group are the only ones whose uninsured numbers did not go up last year. As the Grandmother/ great aunt etc. of a number in this category, I am so glad. Jobs are so hard to find for this group.

  35. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Thank you for always posting positive and good news about our President!!!

  36. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Our president is a long term visionary. He can see way down the road and has the faith and patience to wait out his choices and decisions. And OVER and OVER again he is absolutely correct in his judgements. Case in point, the auto industry, the healthcare bill, the stimulus, the recovery act, all of these take time and time has shown that he is a wise, seasoned and well thought man who is highly committed to the well being of this country. Scares the shit out of the GOP who really never imagined his capability and strength of character. I will be forever satisfied with my choice for President in 2008 and will be again in 2012. And would be in 2016 if it were possible.

    And as each day passes, I am deeply thankful that we dodged the McPalin bullet. Can you even imagine the horror this country would be living right now? Can you even imagine these messed up kids in the White House? Can you even imagine Sarah having one of her meltdowns on the International Stage? Can you even imagine the shutdown of free speech, the enemy lists, the free reign of terror by the most vindictive person in the history of politics with a full arsenal at her fingertips? My stomach turns.

    I am full of appreciation for our President for so many things.

    As well I am full of appreciation of the courage and commitment that Jesse and the other bloggers and journalists who have laid their reputations on the line and have not stopped in their task of stopping this poor excuse of a family dead in their tracks to destroy this country for their own gain and for the gain of their corporate masters.

    Yep, it's gonna be a rockin' week and more as the cards begin to fall, the shit hits the fan, the jig is up, the chickens come home to roost and Madame Karma is the STAR attraction.

  37. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Oh THIS is some news...Looks like from Anon238's post that Willow is about to become a HUGE problem. That little minx is about to make her parents dance to her tune BIGTIME.

    It was predicted and now it is a reality. Those kids will be the ones who finally spill the most potent beans on each other and their parents, you just watch.

    It'll first show up through a facebook post, but it will get widespread, wildfire coverage throughout the net, twitter will pick it up and voila, you've got everyone but the MSM talking about the most sordid and vile cons that these people have pulled. The tension is building, someone's gonna slip up, it's just a matter of time.

    Isn't that just so special?

  38. WakeUpAmerica10:31 PM

    OT, but why would you link with LeadDogAlaska (aka Tara Jollie)? Here is one of her comments about Sarah:

    "...I soon discovered Sarah worked longer and harder than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I especially liked her work ethic because it mirrors my own. She is free-spirited, generous of heart, funny, spontaneous and, most importantly, fearless."

    It seems really odd that her blog would be on your blog roll.

  39. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I also too appreciate your positive postings of our President Obama who is one of the most outstanding leaders of all time.

  40. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Remember when whatsername - Mrs. Pro Life Abstinence? - came up with death panels?

    don't hear from her so much

  41. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Anonymous said...

    UGHHHHH I hate stupid people who physically can't use their brains.

    I just heard someone say "I vote democrat because they help poor people."

    Duhhhh, you, sir are an idiot. And you obviously have very little faith in human beings if you think people need others to help them.

    I abhor this segment of society.

    6:10 PM

    Have you been in an earthquake? have you been in a hurricane? Have you had to deal with raging wildfires?

    Every Repub in those areas hit by disasters have their hands out.

    You are I guess a 'Christian', sorry to let you know, but Jesus was a RAGING commie; FREE healthcare, FREE food, confronted the moneychangers on ripping people off with their MONOPOLY.

    Their is a very special place in hell for blaphemes like you.

    IF there is a hell of course.

  42. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Thank you President Obama, and I vote DEM cause they support humanity.

  43. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I agree with WakeUpAmerica, get rid of LeadDog on your 'Alaska blogs and Websites'on the blog roll! She is a complete fool!

    She loves Sarah and cried when she quit being Gove..

    We don't need this CRAP!

  44. Anonymous11:40 PM

    "I abhor this segment of society.

    6:10 PM"

    Hello Mr. Invincible muthafuka


  45. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Hi Todd!

    I have this funny picture in my head. Sarah Palin's purse with a chihuahua in it except that it has your face on it. What a bullying wee wee wussy you are.


See Todd, this is what happens when you wanted a divorce a long time ago but quit your "thug" union job with BP to hang around with Sarah for her money all so you could get a new snow mobile and travel and stay in fancy hotels.


How was that surprise for you finding out you weren't the first dude after all.....good lot it did you beating up the only black kid in highschool 4 years your junior. Payback is a biatch ain't it?


Oh yeah, you were pissed off at the sexual innuendo statement the "palin camp" made up for you. I would be too. It made you look like a creepy asshole still agreeing with your wife how everyone is out to rape her, your gum-chewing ignorant, homophobic daughters. How proud were you of Bristol simulating sex on the floor on DWTS?


Your gravy train is OVER. Sleep on the couch of the devil's house and this is what you get. Your "statement" palin's camp made up for you was just so overly sexual and makes you and the "wife" look all the more pitiful. We all know she put on a show just for Joe so she could turn around & label him a pedophile.

    Talk about your juvenile reactions backfiring! If I were you I'd be hunting for a new job and being really nice to the kids - especially Willow who's got the goods on ya! The new car will help for now but who knows what the future holds. Your own daughter has you by the balls too. She learned it from her MOTHER.

    Karma is a devil ain't it?

 You are a traitor and secessionist and pal around with radical racists. It's not nice to try and fool REAL Americans!

  46. Anonymous1:14 AM

    FYI: Anon 238 is posting at IM's August 23rd, 2011 post starting "More About Nick Broomfield's documentary "Sarah Palin-You Betcha.." post.. go there and then Bookmark the page to find it easily in the future.

    Note: comments are now on page 2.

    Even my old laptop has the bookmark function at the top of the 'page'

    Why does Anon238 post there? She/he feels comfortable doing that, having posted there the first time & and I for one surely respect that.

    And thanks to Anon238 and Jesse, who has continued IM through the worst of times and now the best of times.

    Many thanks...

  47. Anonymous1:51 AM

    UUGGHH!! I hate stupid people who "physically" use their brains.

  48. Anonymous2:03 AM

    "me again" posts here:

    PS-if the link isn't working, check for spaces. Sometimes they pop up. They show up as "%20" in bad links.

  49. eva marie4:55 AM

    I'm afraid the correct word is in fact "toe", toe the line.

  50. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Anon 2:38 posts in an older post. Bookmark this url You may have to scroll up a bit to find it. You want to go to the newest comments and then scroll up.

    As more people post, this book mark will become 'old' i.e. out of range, but you can still use it by just going to the very bottom of the comments and select 'newest' . Then save that as your latest bookmark. There might be an easier method to use that someone can share.

  51. Elizabeth said...

    Don't forget the other "big" one, kids can stay on their parent's medical until they are 26. The 18-26 age group are the only ones whose uninsured numbers did not go up last year. As the Grandmother/ great aunt etc. of a number in this category, I am so glad. Jobs are so hard to find for this group.
    9:53 PM
    You are absolutely correct, Elizabeth. This has been a godsend for my daughter. Or maybe I should say Obamasend.

    My representative, who is a physician! and a republican, voted against the bill.

    I guess his oath to Grover Norquist was more important than his Hippocratic oath.

  52. Anonymous said...
    UGHHHHH I hate stupid people who physically can't use their brains.
    I just heard someone say "I vote democrat because they help poor people."
    Duhhhh, you, sir are an idiot. And you obviously have very little faith in human beings if you think people need others to help them.
    I abhor this segment of society.
    6:10 PM
    Wait a minute, you horrid human, we keep being told by republicans that people should seek help from their churches and neighbors. I guess you would be the neighbor who would tell someone in need to eff off.

    This is for you:

    You might also want to check out:

  53. Anonymous said...
    I don't attend or belong to any church. For that matter, I am not a Christian or any other flavor of religion, so exactly what church am I suppose to get all this financial assistance from in the event of a major medical crisis?
    9:40 PM
    You make an excellent point, Anonymous.

    For that matter, what if your friends, neighbors, and fellow congregants are all in perilous financial straits due to a poor economy and only one local industry or employer?

    And as we have seen from the first commenter, what if those friends, neighbors, and congregants choose to sit in judgment as to who they are willing to help?

    I am very much fed up with uneducated and ignorant louts who believe that there is no difference between a complex, crowded, and technologically advanced and complicated society of 300 million people and a relatively small number of individuals rattling around a sparsely settled continent (I do not mean to ignore the presence of a large number of Native Americans who were already here in functional societies of their own).

  54. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Count me as one of the many being helped by Obamacare. My 18-year-old college son is still on our healthcare policy, and I am extremely grateful for this.

    And re: the anon insider's new posting, Willow has just become my favorite Palin. Take your parents for everything they have, Willow! You have learned grifting from the best. You're the one who should probably have a reality show, not your dull sister. Oh, and the fact that Bristol's show is being re-tooled to star Tripp instead of her proves that anon insider has been telling us the truth, and that Bristol has been bombing in audience testing.

  55. Medicare coverage has improved in the lower 48 and provider services have improved in Anchorage. It is unchanged in rural Alaska. If anyone knows of a Medicare Advantage plan in Alaska please let me know because I did quite a bit of research and could not find one. I had one a couple years ago and the company pulled out of Alaska suddenly.

  56. Chenagrrl3:27 PM

    It is wonderful that O-care is working. I am excited to get the rest of it implemented. My 22 yo son, who graduated from Berkeley and now is doing research part time to get his resume ready for grad school, would not have medical care, if it weren't for Obama Care.

  57. Chenagrrl3:29 PM

    Anonymous 6:15 High horse . . .

    Obama care hasn't been implemented yet, that is what the GOPrs are afraid of.

  58. Chenagrrl3:42 PM

    Anon 9:40. Most of the mainstream religions in the U.S. have charitable arms. Google any of the names and there will be a social service hit. In my dealings with all of them, (names vary by community) none asked for a membership card. That, of course, is the point of giving.


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