Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Case Against Progressive Despair.

To win, we only have to try.

If we don't stand together then we deserve to live in a country led by the likes of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum.

Or do we no longer remember how George W. Bush was able to receive enough electoral votes to allow his father's Supreme Court judges to hand him the presidency?


  1. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Sarah's new FB posting rails against the "elites" and compares their tactics to Stalin and Alinsky.

    Some of her commenters, however, are confused by what she means, want her to name these names "elites," and don't support her love for Gingrich.
    The Republican Civil War is a sight to see.

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Here's a Republican Potty poll:

    Who do you favor to get the Republican Party's nomination for president to defeat Barack Hussein Obama?

    a. Ted Bundy (looks like George W Bush)
    b. Jeffrey Dahmer
    c. John Wayne Gacy
    Offering you a choice for 2012!

  3. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Yes, any Progressives who childishly risk allowing the Executive Branch to go Republican need to reflect on the potential ramifications - and be real about it, not just fall back on idealized hypotheticals.

    Let President Obama have a second term, and then you can appeal directly to him and his administration. Push them at that time, by all means. Right now the Progressive concerns must be put aside, if you truly care about your country and the issues you hold so dear. If instead you choose to help the Republicans oust him with your negativity, or choose to withdraw from the process entirely, you need to live with the consequences should a Republican take the White House.

    O/T - Howard Fineman, in enumerating the reasons Newt Gingrich's campaign seems to already be losing steam, mentions Sarah Palin first:

  4. Anonymous4:45 AM

    The excesses and follies of the Bush Presidency must never be allowed to occur again.........

  5. jadez6:17 AM

    YOU people who buy into this nonsense that progressives have it all wrong are totally ignorant.
    because the freat progressive minds and opinions are NOT REPRESENTED in the MSM. YOU have NO IDEA what they think or what they believe because you DONT EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE.


    maddow? fraud keith/ fraud MSNBC??? all frauds.

    i could give you a hundred people to read buit i never will.

    unless you find them yourself and do so with an open mind u will never listen.
    and thats why..........YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  6. Randall7:26 AM

    Imagine if John McCain and Sarah Palin had won the election.

    Imagine what the world would be like if Newt Gingrich would win this one.

    Or Mitt Romney.

    Imagine what even only four more years of the economic policies of the Bush administration would do to what's left of the world's economy.


  7. Jadez...I guess being a "real" progressive doesn't involve taking English 101.

  8. Michelle Goldberg is a gift...a leading journalist for truth about the religious right and women's freedom. The video gives Progressives the truth about how they can achieve their objectives.

    If Progressives don't see the difference between Justice Ginsberg and Justice Thomas, then I guess there's no point in voting. They can keep plugging away within the Democratic Party while attempting to sell their ideas at the grassroots level and expand their influence or they can ignore reality and stay on the fringe of this very center to center-right nation.

  9. Anonymous9:11 AM

    That was excellent. Thanks for posting.


  10. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Another thought. Just look at how messed up the states are which elected extreme right Governors in 2010. Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, and going back a few years, Virginia.
    These should be object examples of what this whole country will be like if a Republican is elected this year. Remember, we need to re-take the House and improve our position in the Senate too.


  11. Marleycat9:30 AM

    Thanks for this post Gryph! I can only say I agree with this lady completely - Democrats and Progressives need to work together to strengthen a government that works for all American citizens, not just the rich and powerful.

    We need to take back the message of what it means to be real patriots, and what our Constitution guarantees to all citizens, what it means to rigorously maintain separation of Church and State.

    The Religious Right, the GOP/Teabaggers, and Big Money have infiltrated every level of government - local, state, and national while the Dems/Progressives have been complacent.

    We see now, clearly, how quickly the progress made in this country can be destroyed at the hands of political snake oil salesmen who actually coordinate and commit to their strategies for the long term from the bottom up! 2010 should be a lesson from which we must learn to prevent further inroads against America.

    Perhaps it's time for US to dress up as the Founding Fathers and wave the Flag as we re-educate others as to who the real Americans are, and to help them recognize when their rights are being threatened.

  12. Anonymous4:07 PM

    This will be my mantra until Jan 2013, "Republicans Cheat."

    If the Democrats don't stop giggling like little girls over how bad the Repos candidates are and take the the issues with voting and counting machines and voter suppression seriously, the Republicans will accomplish their Reichtag fire, take over the government, and it will be too late to turn the clock back.

  13. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Anonymous said...
    4:34 AM

    Or we could vote our convictions.

    Because if we do not vote our convictions we already no longer live in a free democracy

  14. Anita Winecooler8:57 PM

    Yes, many progressives are blocking the sun with one finger. They're ANGRY and MAD and TYPE IN UPPERCASE LETTERS to emphasise their dissillusionment with the vision they voted for.

    This video explains it concisely, I don't know about anyone else, I voted Candidate Obama to be President, not Jesus or Merlin.

    And you're right, all we have to do is try, because the alternative would destroy America, and the world as we know it.

  15. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Very well done. I've been griping about the "progressives" for quite some time now. I think that they haven't a clue about history or government. They seem to whine when not all of their agenda gets implemented, yet, for the most part, would never deign to call themselves "Democrats." I am a Democrat of very long standing and I am extremely proud of all that President Obama has accomplished because the obstacles from both sides, but mostly from the Republicans, have been enormous. I never thought that he could produce miracles. We live in the real world not some fantasy - mane too much ecstasy back in the 1960's. Remember the "progressives" were all for Ralph Nader in 2000 and 2004 - and we ended up with George Bush for eight years.

  16. Paul - Minnesota1:16 PM

    +1 ~physicsmom

    I live in Minnesota. I shudder to think what Minnesota would now be like if we'd gotten Emmer as the Tea Party governor. It came down to a handful of votes determining the election. Also, no matter how much national tea party rethugs whine, it was a legitimate election. Minnesota doesn't have corrupt (or corrupted results) elections.

    Same if enough Minnesotans hadn't bothered to vote and it'd still be Norm Coleman as one of Minnesota's US Senators (rather than Al Franken).

    (Now if people in her district would not re-elect Michele Bachmann again, that'd be progress as Michele didn't do anything to create jobs as she is a constant political candidate ... rather like ex-governor Tim Pawlenty was, nothing to show for his time in office other than him pandering for higher office ... which he's now doing for team Romney).

    I'll whine some about President Obama, yet I'll get out and vote again for him as I know the alternative is far worse with the tea party taliban now trying to be in power on a national level.

    Thanks for posting the video, Gryphen. Also people who are thinking of voting for Ron Paul should give him up. He's just as bad as Newt, Mitt, Frothy would be as POTUS.


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