Friday, January 27, 2012

I almost forgot to post this. Diane Sawyer's interview with President Obama from last night.

Obama addresses the GOP candidates (And their lies), the Jan Brewer confrontation, the rescuing of hostage Jessica Buchanan by Seal Team Six, and how confident he is about his chances of reelection, among other topics. (Spoiler alert: He is VERY confident.)

Also if you want to read a copy of the letter that started the whole brouhaha on the airport tarmac in Arizona you can see it below courtesy of the Huffington Post.


It is not easy to read as apparently she wrote it long hand, and her handwriting is not the best.

I will refrain from postulating whether it was written while imbibing in liquid refreshment or not.

P.S. By the way did anybody notice how "thin skinned" the President was during his interview with Sawyer? Yeah, I didn't think so.


  1. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I still haven't figured out what the purpose of the letter was.
    Why invite some one who is already there?

    The self congratulatory part, which is the major part of the letter sure looks like part of a PR stunt, as does her confrontational behavior.

    It is extremely undiplomatic and down right tacky to disrespect the office of the POTUS with a high school level stunt like that.

    Jan Brewer just a another white trash Republican who disrespects the majority of American voters.

  2. Anita Winecooler5:17 PM

    Compare his interview with the photo on the tarmac, he was calm both times.

    I found this on HP from reading the letter - sounds like McCain thinks President Obama has a "prickly personality" because of a similar incident with Bobby Jindal. Mc Cain, also thinks we should still be in Iraq, spending lives, limbs, and blood, but look who he picked for VP. The man's a disgrace.

    Haven't read the earlier posts, excuse me if it's a repeat.

    Brewer and McCain seem to live in an alternate universe. Diane Sawyer, always shows the office of the President, especially President Obama, because she understands the gravitas of the office, and that President Obama EARNS respect.

  3. angela5:30 PM

    Who the hell hand-writes letters anymore?
    This idiot woman must have an elevated sense of her
    abilities. Who could read this shit?

    What serious patience the President has . . .

  4. Olivia5:44 PM

    P.S. By the way did anybody notice how "thin skinned" the President was during his interview with Sawyer? Yeah, I didn't think so.

    Yeah, but was he "uppity"? Didn't think so either.

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    O/T (sort of)

    Thought you might enjoy this:

    "WASHINGTON -- What happened to Newt Gingrich? Less than a week after Gingrich's stunning triumph in South Carolina, air is leaking from his momentarily front-running campaign faster than a parade balloon's after Thanksgiving.

    Besides the obvious fact that the new combat-enabled, armored-up Mitt Romney clobbered Gingrich last night, are there other reasons? Yes, based on conversations with Republican and campaign insiders here and in Florida:

    The Palin Factor. Some D.C.-based establishment types were preparing to reconcile themselves to former House Speaker Gingrich, if not outright endorse him, before or after the South Carolina primary last week. But according to one such insider, who asked not to be identified because of her prominent corporate lobbying role, Gingrich fatally said on Jan. 18 -- three days before the primary -- that he would offer former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a "major role in the next administration if I'm president." That one statement scared the accept-Newt, Republican-establishment types. "That sure did it for me, and I think for a lot of other people in town," the lobbyist said."

  6. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Anonymous said...

    I still haven't figured out what the purpose of the letter was.
    Why invite some one who is already there?
    I think I read she wanted to invite him to talk about the border or go to the border itself. That was when POTUS reminded her she LIED in her book about her last meeting with him....hence the wagging of the skeleton finger!
    Disrespectful just like her BFF Palin Both _UNTS!

  7. Anonymous6:04 PM

    5:45... thanks for sharing.

    I vacillate between feeling confident that Prez O has the election in the bag and being scared witless that something flukey will happen and we'll end up with the GOP circus leading the country in this continued time of need.

  8. WOW! What a great interview... FYI...the link to the transcript is from Jan 25, 2010.

    President Obama is so head and shoulders above those clowns running on the Repub side! Just compare "Milt's" interview with Bret Baier a while know the one where "Milt" was so "thin skin" that he was virtually transparent throughout the conversation!

    I loved how he blew off Gov "Burntface" alcoholic attack at the airport...he waved her away like a bothersome fly!

    I loved how Diane tip toed around the "Food stamp President" charge by "Fig" Newton...did she really think that President Obama was going to call Gingrich a "racist gasbag"...I mean really Diane!

    He is to cool for the Republicans..that's why they are trying to say he's "prickly" and "thin skin"...they're hoping that shit sticks!

    Remember how they tried to portray him as an "angry black man" during the 08" campaign....look how that turned out!HAH!

  9. Anonymous6:13 PM

    The POTUS Surge Grows: Obama Leads Romney By 8 In Michigan

    Mitt Romney is in jeopardy of losing to President Obama in the very state he was born in. A new EPIC-MRA poll finds that Obama leads Romney 48%-40% in Michigan.

    The latest EPIC-MRA poll found that President Obama has gained 13 points in the state over the past two months. In November, Romney led Obama, 46%-41%, but today those numbers have reversed and the president now has a 48%-40% lead. The same dynamic that is powering Obama’s resurgence nationally is also at work in Michigan.

    As more Michiganders believe the economy is improving, their support is moving towards Obama. Those who believe that the economy is improving now support Obama, 52%-40%. Just as we have seen in other polls, Mitt Romney’s support among Independents has collapsed. In November, Romney led with Independents, 41%-34. This number has completely reversed itself, as President Obama now leads 42%-32%.

    ...If Mitt Romney can’t win the state that he was born, then he really is unelectable. The whole crux of Romney’s electability argument was that he could win Michigan, and win nationally with Independents. Both of these points are turning into dust.

    President Obama is gaining momentum while Mitt Romney is falling apart. A lot can change between now and November, but it is becoming impossible to overlook the American electorate’s noticeable shift in mood towards reelecting Barack Obama.

  10. Anonymous6:15 PM

    On MSNBC, it took Elizabeth Warren less than a half a minute to define and destroy Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney.

    The clip of Elizabeth Warren’s take down of Mitt Romney:

  11. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Brew was just trying grab some headlines. What a "ho," as my kids would say.

  12. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Busy day for our President, including meeting with a previous president and his (not nutty) son.

    A terrific collection of cartoons, the one with Jan Brewer is spot on!

  13. Anonymous6:47 PM

    need Otis as translator.

  14. Linda Arizona6:59 PM

    "Turned Arizona around"?! Snort. I live here and this state is struggling and the citizens are not doing that well. She must mean, turned Arizona around and heading back to the 19th century. She certainly turns many a stomach here in Tucson.

    She's an idiot and a puppet.

    I saw a great photo recently of Gabby Giffords (wearing a red suit) hugging President Obama next to a photo of Brewer (also in a red outfit) wagging her disrespectful finger in President Obama's face. It was a great visual for understanding the state of Arizona and the duality of behavior and perspectives between the northern region and the southern.

    P. S. Thank you, Gryphen, for being so thoughtful.

  15. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Who is supposed to be able to read that chicken scratch from Governor Otis? I could hardly get beyond the first graf.

  16. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Better go check out Palin Place. Shailey's book is out and it's a shocker! Do not have anything in your mouth when you read it. Sarah is not going to be happy. Please pick her Newt! :-)

  17. Anonymous7:10 PM

    And since the incident with Jan Brewer got mentioned in this interview, this article about her seems relevant.

  18. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Bill Maher & Panel Battle Over Gov. Jan Brewer-President Obama Confrontation

    Martin Bashir identified the moment as part of a pattern over the past few years of conservatives attempting to make Obama out to seem more radical and liberal than he actually is. Kennedy tried to accuse liberals like Maher of holding a double standard, and if the same thing happened to Bush, they would be applauding. Maher disagreed, saying that he believes a certain level of respect should be given to the office of the presidency. Republican Dana Rohrabacher shot back, asking what Brewer said that was so horrible.

    Bashir brought up the remarks Brewer made to the press after her initial meeting with the president almost two years ago, and how in her statement she described their meeting as cordial, but in the passage of her memoir that’s gotten so much attention, she describes it much differently, as if Obama was being condescending. Maher quipped, “It’s very hard not to be condescending when you’re explaining something to an idiot.”

  19. hedgewytch7:40 PM

    Damn, but its nice to see a President that is actually able to behave like a mature, reasonable adult.

  20. Anonymous7:53 PM

    "Otis" may have been a little under the influence during her confrontation with Obama.

  21. Anonymous8:13 PM

    That violent , vile, base bitch Brewer, is getting way too much attention.

  22. Anonymous8:14 PM

    lovely pic

  23. Anonymous8:40 PM

    As they often do, the right is trying to make it look like Sarah is some sort of brilliant political mover and shaker, plotting out her genius for her CPAC speech. God, the wishful thinking is truly pathetic.


    Palin: These cannibals in the GOP establishment are employing leftist tactics

    This is smart politics from Palin by any measure: Gingrich has fallen far enough behind Romney in Florida that no one expects a comeback now, especially after last night’s debate washout. If he does come back, she’ll get tons of credit for making this last-minute pitch for him. If he doesn’t, no one will blame her for not being able to work an eleventh-hour miracle. Meanwhile, this sets her up perfectly for her big CPAC speech a few weeks from now and then for the rest of the campaign as a populist foil for Romney if he’s the nominee. In theory Gingrich should play that role as the vanquished opponent, but Palin’s a much bigger draw and seems more willing than even Newt is to treat the race as a pure “establishment versus grassroots” death struggle. Imagine how eager the media will be to hear from her during the general when, not if, Romney starts to inch back towards the center to try to capture independents from Obama.

  24. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Not only did Jan Brewer hand write that letter in such a casual manner (it looks like a high school girl's writing! with all of those exclamation points!). She saved a copy of her letter. I think that when the governor writes to the president, a few manners should be involved. They are not such casual good friends to warrant a personal note. Besides, protocol would have Brewer's people contact the people at the White House in charge of scheduling-- so this was a stunt, a PR stunt.

    Brewer did it to set up the President, and hype sales of her book. She did it to call attention to herself so she could tell the real conservatives in AZ that she sure told off that guy who goes around acting like he is president or something.

    Her behavior was a disgrace. It is not the way that someone in high office should act. And, if anyone handed Brewer a personal note, she would scold them and tell them to contact her secretary or administrative assistant. If anyone stuck their finger in her face, we could hear her hollering all the way from Arizona.

    This is a woman calling out for attention. And, she picked a terrible way to go about it. Two mayors were present and said that the president was not threatening. The people with the weakest egos have to do something like this to try to make themselves feel more important.

  25. Seems the Gov might not have been entirely forthcoming about the events on the tarmac ... what?! You're not surprised?

  26. Anonymous9:22 PM

    It's a little old, but still highly applicable, and if you missed it, the article is from the german press discussing the GOP, and it is brutal.

    What an embarrassment for this country these 'Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses' are and this writer takes them to task in a big way!,1518,800850,00.html

  27. Anonymous9:25 PM

    After watching these debates I remain an Obama supporter because he is sensitive to women and middle class issues and because he gives me a sense of calm in this hyper irrational world. There's a storm brewing and I feel safe with his steady hand at the wheel. He doesn't rush to judgement and tries to play fair. I fully trust his intelligen­­­ce and I really feel he's a president for the 99%, even though some of his actions contradict that. I believe that Obama's second term will be very different that his first. He will be the hero of the working class for sure.

    Always remember that we elected him because he is intelligen­­t. And remember how he took out OBL with the best poker face we've ever seen. I have no doubt that he has many things up his sleeve. We may not know what they are or understand them, but I fully trust the man.

    I've been following politics for over 50 years and I feel that Obama is the best man for the job at this point in time. There is not a single republican candidate that deserves the kind of respect that Obama does but doesn't get.

  28. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Well, I sure hope, that the President is correct, and that the election is in his pocket. Just remember, the Dems have NOT fixed our voting machines - Diebolt STILL exists and is doing its damage all over the country during elections...

  29. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Oh how I love to listen to President Obama, it's so calming and reassuring when I see his sincerity and genuine heart.

    SP has opened the floodgates from goofyland and it appears to be endless.

    The more I see of this crew of the GOP clown car debate the higher I see Obama's approval go up. They've moved him almost to the point of being unbeatable­.

    Watching the debates is like watching a session of the WWF. These guys roll around in the mud together, swear death to one another, get all sweaty and red-faced, then kiss and make up when the cameras are gone. Like lawyers after a court case, they are frenemies to the end. Whomever wins will take a victory lap, then offer up the sincerest of eulogies for the vanquished­. The only difference between these particular profession­al politician­s and profession­al wrestlers is that the WWF makes no bones about it's "theatrica­l hysteria".

  30. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Anita Winecooler said...
    Compare his interview with the photo on the tarmac, he was calm both times.

    I found this on HP from reading the letter - sounds like McCain thinks President Obama has a "prickly personality" because of a similar incident with Bobby Jindal. Mc Cain, also thinks we should still be in Iraq, spending lives, limbs, and blood, but look who he picked for VP. The man's a disgrace.

    Haven't read the earlier posts, excuse me if it's a repeat.

    Brewer and McCain seem to live in an alternate universe. Diane Sawyer, always shows the office of the President, especially President Obama, because she understands the gravitas of the office, and that President Obama EARNS respect.



    Anonymous said...
    Everybody forgot about that motherfucking son of a bitch John McCain who brought that ignorant dumbass retarded backwoods skanky old don't know shit scamming fuck wad Sarah Palin and her fucked up grifting uneducated whoring trailer park family into our lives.

    That piece of shit McCain should fucking quit his job and get the fuck out of politics and Washington DC!

    John we didn't forget you started this bull shit.

    Whew...... I said what I had to say and now I can go to sleep!

    One more fuck you to Sarah, the Palins, John and to the McCains.
    11:13 PM

  31. Brewski is a perfect match to lead the second brigade of Flying Monkey Dive Bombers that are for sure coming to descend on the rest of humanity as soon as Sister Awful Wig gets the final orders from Franklin Graham..

    When that happens, millions of trench-mouthed, smelly, limping, knarly old broads climb onto their brooms and fly off to meet up with the rest of the squadrons headed for the Whitehouse... THEN, that other thing happens... F-16's... All done.

  32. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Anonymous said...

    lovely pic
    8:14 PM
    thank you so much! That is a lovely pic without words...
    so much more than the "angry muffin from wasilla" can ever hope for...

  33. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Book review – “Looking for Inspiration” by Shailey M Tripp (2011)

    ...That book, “Looking for Inspiration” is Shailey’s most personal story. It’s far more personal than any recounting of sex acts with strangers could be. In this short book, Shay gives an honest account of troubled familial relationships. Details of sex for hire might sell, but if you’d rather pick up something that stirs the compassionate side of you, I recommend “Looking for Inspiration.” It’s only 32 pages and that includes the “Special sneak Preview” of Shailey Tripp’s next book.

    I’m going to give you a snippet from that Preview. I don’t think anyone else in Babygate bloggery has told you what’s in “Looking for Inspiration;” what follows is from page 30.

    “One officer was introduced and I was told this was his bust. I asked him his name and when he spoke I looked closer. He was a former client; a sexual client. Then I noticed two FBI guys there who were also former clients. No way in hell I was going to say anything now. I knew this was serious.”

  34. Amy in Juneau10:23 PM

    Thanks for posting this portion of the interview. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I love his smile!!! He is so calm, cool and collected. In his speech, he is steady & sure. I am so excited to work again on the grassroots efforts to get President Obama elected for his second term. I will hand write post cards and letters, once more, to fellow Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio & Indiana, urging them to vote for the man who we can trust, the man who will work for us, Barack Obama.

    Ps, whenever I see Brewer, all I can think of is the Crypt Keeper and that shrieky freaky laugh.

  35. After Brewer delivered d-letter I'm sure he was wondering how do I tell her it will take me an hour to decipher this odd handwriting and another hour to figure out the point.

    Any handwriting experts out there? Likely no surprises, her sorry mental state and false sense of importance has been on full display since she screeched onto the scene.

  36. Anonymous10:54 PM

    barack obama lives in UTOPIA , the foul, fetid "No-Place" where millions and millions of innocent men, women, and children during the crazed course of the bloody twentieth century perished on the false and sinister and sanguinary "altar" of a dream to build a "better" world based not on the LORD, not on REALITY, not on FREEDOM, but on A LIE!!!!

    In contrast to Obama:

    SARAH, a real lady, LIVES IN ALASKA; she lives in the bright, bracing Great Land; she lives on the wondrous and wonderful Final Frontier. I even talked about this in the interview. She spoke about what ordinary people do; she spoke about raising kids; she spoke about running businesses. She said, "Life happens."

  37. It sure looks like President Obama is taking the high road, and he is wonderful!!

    Obama 2012!!!

  38. Anonymous11:28 PM


    The Pea Pond is asking for $20.12 for $arahPAC, since it is 3rd anniversary of the family slush fund. I noted many are still sending in rolls of pennies, since that is all they have left to donate. And they wear their donation as some kind of badge of fealty to their messiah.

    Beyond sad.

  39. Anonymous12:21 AM

    There are schools in AZ that are only in session for four days a week. It's bad there. Brewer is disrespectful and a disgrace.

  40. Anonymous12:28 AM

    """"SARAH, a real lady, LIVES IN ALASKA; she lives in the bright, bracing Great Land; she lives on the wondrous and wonderful Final Frontier. I even talked about this in the interview. She spoke about what ordinary people do; she spoke about raising kids; she spoke about running businesses. She said, "Life happens."
    10:54 PM""""

    She lives in Alaska,the child and spousal abuse capitol of the United States,a bright bracing land where young Native American girls look forward to being raped by their grandfather,then their cousins and father,before living a life of alcoholism,that ends in the highest rate of suicide in America.No wonder she quit her job to fleece her followers,she made no impact what so ever on the lives of these endangered girls.

  41. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Brewer is a totally disrespectful, uneducated, and totally ignorant governor. Like someone else we know.

    I noticed that HuffPo seems to be getting the readers it deserves: the ignorati of the right-wing.

  42. Anonymous2:58 AM

    She said 'thin skinned' but she meant 'dark skinned. I'm just saying.

  43. Anonymous4:43 AM

    The usual Fox News suspects are spinning this story as though Jan Brewer's account is etched in stone truth. They so much want to believe that she was humiliated by an uppity President. It's insane.

    This little drama along with others has shown a disturbing trend. But President Obama through it all has shown himself to be above this fray, above the plotting, scheming, and disrespectful treatment. He has the thickest skin and has shown incredible restraint, the kind that my mom used to say "he/she has the patience of a saint".

  44. Anon@10:54, get a grip. Your lunacy is showing. BTW, Alaska is at least as fucked up as other fucked up states, so lay off with the GREAT LAND crap. I lived there. eyeroll.

    And if your comment was satire, great job! You sound truly insane.

  45. Anonymous6:14 AM

    O/T sort of. Have I missed Palin's bold support of Jan Brewer's disrespect of President Obama this week? Or has Palin been silent about it? If silent, then I'm wondering if Palin and Gov. "Otis" Brewer are no longer BFFs? Brisdull's AZ house is now for rent or for sale and I don't hear about Palin spending time in her AZ hacienda? If Sarah doesn't stand up for somebody disrespecting President Obama, I'm going to be very suspicious of the reason.

    Did Gov. Jan roll up the welcome mat after the Tucson tragedy?

  46. Anonymous7:24 AM

    9:25 pm. I agree. President Obama has such a confident and calming manner. He is the best possible president for this much-troubled country at this time.

    OBAMA 2012

  47. 2 Mayors Say Obama 'Wasn't Tense At All' During Brewer Encounter

    She forgot there were two eyewitnesses standing right there, one Dem mayor and one Rep mayor.

  48. Marleycat8:51 AM

    Hey Sarah and the paid Sarah Clone - @10:54 PM - did you not read already (or look at the polls) = that virtually ALL people in America (and the whole world, for that matter) abhor you and what you stand for? Most of us throughout the world recognize her stupidity, profound ignorance, and lack of values/morals of any kind, except that which lines her own pocket and gives her power to DOMINATE other human beings.

    Why does she want to dominate other human beings? Is it because she would like to establish equal rights for all, or to improve the lives of others, to give them FREEDOM, or a religious creed that shows compassion and humanity to all? NO - her NEO-NAZI SKINHEAD RACIST Christian extremist platform is solely for the purpose of preying on the weak, naive, and gullible - to send her their last $$$. Every word out of her stupid mouth is about violence and hate and gimme more $$$!

    She and her followers are nothing more than extremely dangerous profoundly ignorant idiots. The world thought we killed Hitler and his monstrous ideology - but we see that it lives on in the new Satan of modern times, your Queen Esther of the GREAT LAND (and the rest of her terrorist cult).

    I'll take living in that fetid No Place UTOPIA any day with President Obama who is the best President this country has had in many years, and I would choose to live in HELL before I'd live in HEAVEN with the likes of the FAKE Christians like Palin. I don't think Sarah Palin is going to Heaven though - God has pegged her already as the Satan she is and barred the door!

    I know this because God has spoken to me and reassured me Sarah and her followers are going to hell to be with their mentor - Adolf Hitler! BTW - funny thing that your God speaks to me, an atheist, every day and not you. God told me - Fear not, Jesus and I have a plan to deal with these fake evangelical criminals and soon their shit is going to hit the fan!

  49. FEDUP!!!9:07 AM

    O/T to this topic, but wanted to show it:

    2nd Mayor Says Obama ‘Wasn’t Tense At All’ During Brewer Encounter

    "She said Obama walked away from her while she was in mid-sentence and even told one Phoenix television station she felt “a little bit threatened” by the encounter."

    A 'little bit threatened'??? I guess she should be - she was caught in the act of lying (in her book), and was told so by someone - our PRESIDENT, for crying out loud! - who is straight-forward and looks you in the eye when he talks to you.

    A liar does not like to be looked in the eyes... especially not by (GASP!) a BLACK man!

  50. Anonymous10:29 AM

    We gave Brewer that is suppose to have a booze problem and Palin who is known to do various type drugs! Such fine examples for other women to follow! (Tongue in cheek!)

    The majority in Alaska cannot fathom Palin and I'll wager it is getting to be like that in AZ regarding the woman who has been in the sun too much.

  51. Calli2:52 PM

    Oh, god I detest Diane Sawyer.


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